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American Metropolitan Magazine

American Metropolitan Magazine, Jan 1, 1849. Introductory says everything in it will be original, written for them. Have Sedgwick Brougham, C Edwards Lester Child, Embury Headley Ann Stephens, Fanny Osgood.

            Editorial p. 48, The Fine Arts, Art union drwg, Cole’s glorious poems. Other valuable prizes, best ever, many mediocrity, few positively bad, atrocities with no redeeming feature, tho subj of engr chosen with little judgment, and picture has too many palpable faults in drwg, compos and persp to say nothing of lack of character and sentiment. But capital outlines by Darley.


Am Metrop Mag, Feb 1 1849

Has EF Ellet, Simms, Tuckerman, TS Arthur, Park Benjamin. Editorial, p. 110, design for one of our engravings of mtg of Andre and Arnold by Stearns. Paul Duggan does wood eng designs, prof in Free Academy. Other design is TH Matteson. Alfred Jones and Ritchie engravings.

            Fine Arts: Cole’s pics went to journeyman printer in Binghampton, hope Art Union won’t try to repurchase, making money more an object with subscribers than Art, direct money to artists. Recommend Western Art Union imitate its procedures. Phila not so successful. Exhib of Delaroche’s great pic of Napoleon closed without profit to artist, noble work little appreciated, too much in advance of time, have not yet learned to love beauty of simplicity, tinsel and claptrap must be mixed in to make a work popular. Predict Dubuffe Adam And Eve far more successful, hope not as successful as before, degrade art in sensual. Protest the merely nude.

            For NAD exhib, Huntington a large pic of Marys at the Sepulchre, more in manner of his best since Mercy’s Dream, Durand fine lscapes, Matteson capital domestic pic, story told by ptg, cherry ripe lips, Stearns on Marriage of Wash, Rossiter’s Return of Dove to ark has left, White on life of Luther, Kensett some excellent lscapes.