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America's Own

NYHS bound volume America's Own: A Journal devoted to the working classes, firemen and general Lit

Strong did the masthead. Edm B Child ed and ES Manning Assoc ed, 3 cents a week, nothing offensive to morality of Franklin, indep of party or sect, will advance working classes

Apr 14 1849 the first issue, 6 columns, fairly small, 4 pages, 45 Chatham st.

            p2 M (Manning?) argues the Sun only aids wealthy, not labor. p3 Mary Mervyn of ladies protection society (Child had edited defunct Lady's Own); another letter asks for equal pay with men. excerpts Gemotice fr Spirit of the Times. Notice Forrest, Chanfrau, Julia Dean. Like Zadoc Pratt. Runs a story on the first page, a western tale. (later have Geo Lippard)

April 21 symp to Ned Buntline, defends him and his paper, a terror to evil doers. Defends masthead, it is a working woman, not a fashionable one 28 Child's story or True Sketches of City Life includes newsboys in front of the HErald office, warm hearted merchants, street ed. p2 in a libel suit with Fielding S Gant of NY Tract House, charged him with treating girls employed there in ungentlemanly manner. OW Holmes poem.

May 5 newsboys in story heroically help firemen. p2 points to sophistry in Hunt's Merchants Mag, usu able and candid. office now 58 Chatham st. Libel laws serve the rich. Praises Lippard as a real reformer. Want Homestead exemption. Don't love Forrest. Symp to Macready. 12 Child's tale describes book folder's home, needlework, portrait, Geo Washington. notices oddfellows, Buntline's libel case agst Miss Crean. Has a Yankee dialect story. Astor Place a disgrace, in favor of Macready performing. 19 Slaughter at Astor Place: Mayor and police chief should resign, citizens who said he should play are culpable, authorities should prohibit performance. Gant withdrew his suit as women showed up at court prepared to testify. Westervelt's yard pays ok because they have to. 26 Sun ignored indep press on Astor massacre, supported Woodhull because he would enlarge the battery. True Sun fearless. Mixed report on WH Webb, low wages.

June 2 stories of destitutute in NY. Holden's Mag abounds with gems, view of Lake George. Scientific American ed by a Scotchman, any rln to James G Bennett?, has a connection with the Sun--have common interests, attacks Sun especially. Likes Benj H Day though. Townsend ad for sasparilla.9 C Edw Lester at odd fellows celeb. Likes the Washingtonian. 16 v crit of reformers who only want to help those at a distance, or punish individuals; like Genl Gaines, like Mike Walsh in Sunday Dispatch,e ditors there are cowards. Doane very bad. 23 liked Polk. Notice racy Paul Pry. Like James Harper and Order of United Americans. 30 Brisbane's address to mechanics much applauded. infernal machines--must reduce worker hours. v crit of major genl Sandford, fr the riots.

July 7 crit of Hughes for being anti Roman republic, dispiriting news, but spark of freedom won't be quenched. Bryant poem on the crowded street. 14 opposed to prohibition/Sunday laws 21 excerpt Magoon, praise him, used to listen in his church in the west, doesnt have false pride, formerly a mechanic. Chanfrau--NY asit is revived. 28 Church cry agst secret societies is a humbug

Aug 4 Wilmost proviso dustup, real need is for land reform. threaten to expose the Rock Boys (short boys). Freeman' s J is anti Repub. Chas Swain poem. 11 urge symp with foreign mechanics. Love Tom Moore poet. Their female writer MM also writing about seamstresses in Trib. 18 praise C Donnavan and James Horn's spicy Inveterate, 123 Fulton, $2 year, Jack Brace a contrib. symp to Judson/Buntline, married English woman in Trinity, and his espousal of Order of UA caused all his troubles 25 defends clerks.

Sept 1 p2 Merchants Day Book, new paper, little influ except among those who fatten off labor of the toiler, article on sewing girls, reprinted in Sunday Mercury read by middling classes. Says symp with them is wasted, want to reduce American girls to condition of new foreigners. Not anti semitic? 8 like McGee's Nation 22 enlarged, new masthead, 1835 burning of the Exchange, battle scene with mechanics as soldiers (constitution prominent), men and women workers. Penn Acad prizes for artists. Excerpt Dow Junior. Support Alfred Carson. 29 engr of Mississ boatmen. ES Manning leaving as editor, friendly though. OUght to educate women. Charles Holden died, generous, mourn him. Take from HErald? though don't say so charge that Astor Place riot was good for stocks, as per C&E, massacre reassured silk stocking gentry. Notices death of Israel Post in Panama

Oct 6 note Stephen H Branch lecture on California, graphic, but not inviting to go. spicy Clarion ed by MJ Smith. 13 Parsons E Day the new associate editor. Buntline convicted in the Astor trials by testimony of his sworn enemies. Lola MOntes a vile prostitute. Sun Herald J of Commerce and others are attacking Fire companies, as is a filthy sheet conducted by a little English Jew brought a caricature forward, woodcut destitute of pith and design.  20 Astor riot the fault of aristo of both parties, codfish and genuine, wedded to English law. Notes Worker's Journal weekly, Tobitt and Manning, 3 cents a week, 9 Spruce st, Manning formerly here. Printers happy that Island City died. NY HErald detestable, to know what happened with Judson read Knickerbocker.notice Am Inst fair. 27 concerned Townsend is reducing wages to girls

Nov 3 more agst Townsend. Art Unions: intl and Am, uningenuous war, humbug and art about them, favoritism 10 portrait of Henry Inman. p2 Sunday Atlas story on OUA says they are Native American and Demos exceed Whigs in it, gets it wrong. Eliza Cook poem. 17 Thorwaldsen gets lots of money. Hope parties will break up. Poe's Raven.


Dec 1 labor needs to form unions. ES Manning back working for thepaper with incidents and doings about towns, aristo employers, outdoor agent. Puff Evers moving Pano of NY. Crit of Belmont and Perry marriage. 8 Sun is hostile to Judson, editor attacks Sun owners as immoral. excerpt Sci Am on hammer as symb of mechanics. had poem symp to horrors of housekeeping.



Jan 5 crit of Mrs Beman's shirt making estab. 12 like Ham Fish. 19 support Merc Lib. 26 crit ofAU as a lottery. Like Parke Godwin lecture.

Feb 2 like Andrews Life In NY, new weekly 6 cents 9 model artists are indecent, if HErald and Sunday Papers were sincere, wouldn't take their ads. TW Whitley lecture.From Home J, a French Art union that involves marriage.  16 likes Gaillerdet, ed of Courrier 23 covers newsboy mtg of 8000 in the Park, Sun Herald and Morning Star pub their call for free

Mar 2 satire of a loafer. praise Paulding chapter of OUA 16 TB Read poem on celestial army 23 Fowler and Wells 30 excerpt Spirit of the Times

Apr 6 think Forrest wrong in divorce. Ellet's sketches of revolutionary women. 13 Cora Montgomery story. pro DC wash mon. Now more symp to Forrest, crit of hi society, Willis a fop, anti upper tendom. neutral obit for Calhoun, admired his character. 20 attacks Carlyle. HJ Raymond supported land reform. 27 James Aldrich poem, Mad abt Herald's opposition to Homestead. satire of market reports. Patriotism--no demand. Talent--no credit allowed. Willis vindicates Mrs Forrest the way he did Onderdonk. Ornamental and banner ptg ads.

May 4 Wash Irving story. Harper's trying for a monopoly. black borders for a fireman's death. 11 engr of tea party in Boston, accomp a story. p2 labor and the ny press. Leggett poem. 18 engr anti-Inquisition. calls ministers black coats, anti slavery would have died if not for mob spirit. Mocks Noah, and AGricola writes countering Noah's arguments agst land reform


June 1 supports Cuba filibusters, women's rights, and Thomas L Nichols' Water Cure. Editor lived in Cinti I think. 8 anecdote of the Greek Slave as a chambermaid. Quarrels with Burns of Dispatch over card attacking America's Own, and defending the Rock boys, accuses him of drinking 22 defends xtian socialists agst Bennett, Agricola attacks Sunday Mercury 29 Carlyle on battle of monmouth. Forrest cowardly attack on Willis.

July 6 obit for Wm Burns, principal editor of Sunday Dispatch, talented, brilliant writer, endearing quality of head and heart, only 31. Notices Wm Walcutt doing design for victim of Hague st explosion. 20 black borders for Zack Taylor. excerpt Dickens household j. 27 ruins of America--the Indians.

Aug 3 suspicious of Fillmore working for the capitalists 10 wishes king of sandwich islands would send missionaries here, near Trinity church at wall street 24 hate Abbot Lawrence, admire Webster

Sept 7 would like Isaac P Walker Wisconsin senator for president, man of the people 14 notes John INman's death, had been with Comm since 1834 14 paper enlarges, new more alleg masthead, Rio Grande to Aroostook, state arms in center, Tudor Horton artist, Indians reflect on civiliz. Expands coverage of firemen. 28 oppose the bigotry and fanaticism of Ned Buntline's paper, but think he was unjustly accused, but care not about religion. Jenny Lind visited the office, sang Epes Sargent's Salutation to America, land of the beaut land of the free (song competing for $200 prize)

Oct 12 anecdote of Silas Wright. 19 New-Yorker is new penny daily, Carlos D Stuart ed excellent lit writer and journalist, RC Webster business. Turner made lots of money on ptgs. 26 Fernando Wood responds to Indust Congress questionairre, generally supportive. Noftices Hiram Powers grand alleg fig of America, diadem beneath feet, cap of Liberty, fasces indic that justice is foundation of free commonwealth, for Washington

Nov 2 support Castle Garden Union mtg? perhaps just sarcastic, think it serves the capitalists, as evidenced by their hire of Capt Rynders and other bullies to keep the peace, includes JG Bennett among them 23 front is engr of Walcutt's monument to Hague victim. p4 Epes Sargeant poem on labor.

Dec 7 crit of paid fire dept, anecdote of Murillo and unknown painter 14 p1 Eliz Oakes Smith story the Young Artist. p2 history of slavery, not the result of climate, but profit alone. Oppose Whitney's rrd. 21 Parsons Day withdrawing fr business partnership of paper with Edmund B Child and Henry C Child to travel but will write letters 28 anecdote of Van Dyke. Like Bethune. People bring lunches to Nat Gall in London.


no 1851-2


1853 NYHS bound volume--new masthead, still has page for fireman's journal, but now companion for home circle, instruction and amusement, Childs brothers publishers, Edmund the editor. New subhead is devoted to progress, lit, arts, sciences, amusement and genl misc



1 Chas Mackay story, Fanny Fern sd to be sister of NP Willis. obit for Greenough, doesn't comment on his work, just lists them, eminent for personal and intellectual endowments. excerpts Knick. 15 praises Eclectic, Edwin Plummer replaced by EP Weston, doesn't have horrible pirate stories but pleasing. LIkes Illus Mag of aRt. TB Read poem. 22 profile of Hamblin, didn't know him personally (JR) but admired, even by HErald at end. True Flag has good looking editor, mocks him. Satisfied Putnam's contents are of a standard character; has taken the subscription list of the Am Whig Review, which was excellent 29 Longfellow, excerpts Park Benjamin

Feb 5 likes NY Daguerreotyped in Putnam's (Cook?) 19 anecdote of Hogarth. story of Grey Lady, or Soldier and the Painter. 26 very much admire TF Meagher as man and republican

March 5 editor denounced corruption in common council, Alderman Denman read us aloud, described in Herald. We try to break up gangs of organized ruffians, they pub a card in Sunday papers denouncing us (short boys again, I think). Like Wm Fry. 12 cites Putnam's crit of Mrs EDEN Southworth. Mrs EC Judson poem. 19 hostile to Uncle tom and Stowe, but has James Redpath on women as part of a series of articles for the journal as Ason O'Faust. also Lewis Cass on Indians. still has Lippard.

Apr 9 NP Willis poem. still is a labor paper, but lost its optimism. Loves Putnam's, Humboldt. 23 Stowe is unAmerican, worshipped by Brit 30 takes Wm King VP obit fr Trib

May 7 note that Clark Mills in addition to statue of GW, working on group of stalwart Indian, monstrous buffalo, graceful elk and fleet wild horse, types of passing away before resistless advance of white man and school house. Mentions Ik Marvel. still supports women's rights. Whittier poem.  21 Mexicans should go for annexation.28 excerpt JT Headley, note pictorial Bro Jonathan is patriotic and historical.

June 11 likes Seba Smith and Oakes Smith's Weekly Budget. Edw Everett. 18 Chanfrau's Mose demoralizing, don't go. 25 like Sunday Courier. still quarrel with Sunday Mercury

July 2 praise Sunday Atlas, best of sunday papers. has fake Af Am woman writer. 16 puffs Bayard Taylor, Stoddard. Italian indolence, says laborers paint Madonnas, little daubs for the peasants, every one possesses a bad picture, but an ill furnished house and insufficient clothing. Our middle classes enjoy reproductive industry, Italian admirer of aesthetic excellence knows nothing of comforts of home, dreary room in some old palazzo, tottering cradle and crazy bad. Connoisseur of Titian, but a Chippewa as far as man of business, backwoodsman on Missouri better appreciates the useful arts. Manufactures, lit and politics excluded fr people engrossed with beauties of design, and at any disruption, rush to extremes, irrational. 23rd p2 Crystal Palace,mostly about the building, Henry Greenough brother of the sculptor did decorations, lives in Italy, tried to decorate construction rather than construct decoration, oil colors, bronze and gold, cream inside, with red blue and yellow on ornament, matching ceilings. Monte Lilla did interior of dome, radiating sun and stars. No mechanics actually honored there. Price should be lower. 30 James Redpath on Plebeian theater for Trib, read fr Bowery stage, caused uch excitement, class of editors cater to depraved taste and uphold theater in all its immoralities, but advocate for their reform, prohibit plays of Jack Shepard etc, Franklin Museum is blasphemous, blacks and whites sit together, minstrel shows, model artistes include Greek Slave and grand tableau in honor of the US (Washington's portrait part of an earlier act), no women in audience.  John Neal poem, Men of the North, awake!

Aug 6 Putnam's entirely orig, has letter fr Hiram Powers. Very down on Corner Groceries as leading youth astray. 13 praise Uncle Tom at National theater; writer very anti-slavery. 20 defend Redpath on the theater's evils, Sunday Atlas criticizes model artists like he does, then puffs them the next week, Burkhardt the theater and music reporter for the Sunday Dispatch was denied admission to a place because he crit rather than puffed, even if he paid for his ticket. Redpath challenged manager of Bowery. Need impartial crit. Eliza Cook on Topsy's song, humanity forever.

Sept 17 critical of Harper's on Cliff st for plagiarizing for their monthly, Times defends them. Support Maine law I think. Loves William North, Redpath's friend, ed of US Review. Archit article in Putnam's. Pimps are powerful politically. 24 Broadway by gaslight--critical of Trinity as for the rich. Notes tearing down of Geo 3 statue in Bowling green, and the rock fountain. Defend Alfred Carson fr Congressman Tweed, who Carson disparaged in his 1850 report.

Oct 1 Democrats have degenerated. Whigs will awake. Continues walking up Broadway, mentions NAD, hotels churches etc. We are an indep paper, not a neutral one. Redpath writes as JR. 8 Cornelius Mathews Pen  and Ink pano is neat and interesting. HW Herbert prob v gd. 22 likes Lynch's Irish American 16,000 circulation, fearless, defends Meagher, opposes bigoted sheets like the Freeman's J, Shepherd of the Valley, doesn't truckle to Catholic church. Curtis & Richards 1 Murray St Ladies Paper, 6 cents $2 year, moral and high toned, object to extend industrial sphere of women, ensure compensation for her work, elevate womanly character, types of paper all set by women, woman has no place in printing office. First use of women to set type in office of a paper whose proprietor refused to pay journeyman scale, editor of Ladies Paper was formeman of that office and a former member of the Printers Union. Women are brought in to reduce wages. Women ought to leave workshops and enter those suited to their character. 29 critical of Times for moralizing about prizefighting, and publishing the details; partisan attacks on Carson also fr Trib. NY Reformer is a spiritualist paper he likes.


Nov 5  Hawthorne on women's rights, should stay in their sphere. Sunday Mercury has been bought out by anti-Carson forces. 12 vote for City Reform party. hostile to TD McGee and his paper.

Dec 3 hostile to Bedini. Cahtarine Beecher story. Truth Teller now ed by Major Denman, assisted by Frederick Duggan, has new life, popular liberty perhaps. 17 Hot Corn sd to be meritorious (Solon Robinson pieces are in their paper) 31 v hostile to Bishop Hughes, as is Trib, Raymond knows nothing of Know Nothings, object is to perpetuate principles of Washington and prevent schools fr being governed by Pope



Jan 28 Headley on Perry's victory. John Mitchel betrayed liberty. Redpath on Carlyle.

Feb 4 Trib countered Boucicault's argument on limiting women's sphere, queen victoria 11 Express writer attacking Pease, it's James Redpath, Pease a member of Beecher's church in Brooklyn, no longer part of Methodist mission who estab Five Points, Methodists mostly are ones attacking him. Hot Corn sold for his benefit. 18 Redpath defends Geo Sand 25 Finley Johnson a regular poet and writer is now coeditor. obit for Geo Lippard.

Mar 5 Seba Smith poem on Wash crossing Delaware. newspaper has gotten more sentimental, less actual reforms, more stories of match girls and street sweepers and newsboys.  18 LOVE Emerson, man of Truth, so Expediency Journalists discover nothing in him,a harbinger of the better day 25 Winnie Woodfern on Two portraits, one of a poet

May Nathan Nisbet does their temperance column. Finley is traveling. Love Julia Dean. 13 editorial critical of Irish presumption. Praise an Amer daily paper, Amer in tone, Amer in prnciple, ed by an Amer and pub by Amer, doesn't court Germ or Irish, NY Daily budget, by H Farrington, 36 Ann st.  20 defends KNow Nothings. notices Antioch.

June 3 praises able Caleb Lyon, indep of NY in Congress in polygamy debate, condemning paganism 10 praise Benton's memoir, condemns expedient press, need indep Am papers, anti Catholic 17 Herald says 50,000 emigrants landed in NY last month 24 counters Michael Doheny, he is not English but a New England fr puritans. WE Robinson tries to convince people that all great men were Celts, Saxons inferior. White felt hats are Wide Awake hats? hats of the KNow nothings?. Wm Ross Wallace poem on the True Am Cit, history of Simon Kenton. Have become totally Know Nothing paper.

July 15 Wm R Wallace speaks at Native Am july 4th. Letters to Times have been assailing Child with adverse foreign communications, he publishes replies in Express 29 Bryant's 76. True Nat Demo is softshell locofoco, expresses nativist dislike of hard John McKeon, NY Evangelist also supports Native Am. 29 praises city hall plan by Buckman architects, American, approved by Express, unlike English who did Cryst Pal. Budget failed so Henry Harrington and Lewis now issuing National Standard. Young America new monthly, ed David Crawford and BW Hitchcock, fifty cents per year.

Aug 12 praise Jacob W Barker for mayor. Casali's Crusader is great, Gavazzi a regular contributor. Story of the Two Artists 19 support A Oakey Hall for DA 19 Child went to anti Nebraska mtg at the Park, Bryant and Kingsland there, tried to get a resolution thru agst Nebraska bill, but also agst Republican convention. dont want to have the Union disturbed, want to just preserve Missouri compromise, cites Farewell address. Duganne poem on the Working Man

Sept 2 Thomas R Whitney formerly ed of Sunday News, then the Republic, a State Senator, Whigs won't support him, self aggrandizing 9 Elihu Burritt, Gaylord Clark 16 puffs Remb Lockwood's ptg, As Americans, may well be proud of it 23 review of Lockwood, WE Robinson and Wm Walcott made remarks; it advertises. Mechanics and working people oppose John Genin as a candidate for Mayor. 30 v crit of Seward, more on Lockwood. Loves Purdy's National (Mowatt). fr Trib on Jesuits responsible for worship of Virgin Oct 14 notices Lockwood 21 Geo H Andrews of C&E running for Congress. Jefferson a KNow NOthing. Mozier in Rome statue of Truth, female fig with sword, points to mask, gathers garments to avoid Falsehood, helmet emblems of wisdom and lily. Genin was supporting John J Herrick for mayor, but now supports Barker 18 no supporter of Pierce, but often cites Mike Walsh's attacks on the soft demos. Excerpts Mirror's praise of MOnument to the Pilgrims, though real monument is everywhere. Also cites NY Observer, but still has Greeley and Grace Greenwood 25 cites Morse on Lafayette warning agst Popery destroying Am. Sunday Atlas hostile to Nat Am. p4 publish Duganne's Prize ode on Greek slave

Dec 2 want Sam Houston for PRes ok with Mrs EDEN Southworth. Lots on the revolutionary era. 9 Sam is not an old fogy. Is James G Bennett a Know nothing? he says he is, Herald rebuked John Mitchel. Long excerpt fr Dispatch in favor of an American party that won't cater to foreign. Praises Doesticks, expelled fr Michigan for belonging to a secret society. Brace on newsboys. Thomas Shankland now a co-editor. 16 Artist and the Painter: model torn apart by dogs so painter could get truthful depiction of Milo of Cortona (present day) 23 long tirade about degeneracy of present day, we have forsaken god. Herald awful, only supports Know NOthing because Trib doesn't, Trib is honest and hostile to Hughes. Three stars (two on top) writing for them on politics. anecdote of Stuart and Washington



Jan 13 denies that Know Nothings are anti-slavery but says Young America doesn't support fugitive slave bill, or extension of slavery (Neb bill). Fernando Wood is good, agree with him re city charter. Excerpts Bishop Doane on proUnion; Beecher in favor of women's suffrage 27 repugnant that HErald trying to claim Know Nothing party, descendants of Pilgrims. Who is Fanny Fern--her husb Eldredge was cashier of Merchant's Bank, widowed, divorced

Feb 10 Know Nothings too conservative re Union for Beecher. Child sole editor again. Still likes Seward.

March 10 Duff Green endorsing Nat Am. Puffs JR Smith's pano. 24 murder of Wm Poole an outrage 31 v crit of WE Robinson formerly of Trib. approve Mechanics Institute

Apr 14 Silas Wright anecdote 21 claims Young America. support sabbath, Bible in schools

May 12 likes Geo W Clinton as VP for Sam Houston 19 Geo Law is not a mechanic, an unprincipled adventurer. More on Lockwood and his new acad of art, time we became American in our art. Erastus Brooks battling Hughes. A little critical of Putnam's

June 2 mocks Times as non-committal. Crit of abolitionists for not caring about white workers. 16 mocks Herald supporting geo Law for PRes. editor is a bachelor. long article on Barnum's baby show. 23 Dick Tinto in the Times mocks made up sacred places and relics in Italy 30 cites NY Picayune

July 7 editor is an old Jacksonian, but also loved Clay. Geo Law bought the Demo Review and put it under Geo Saunders to help Stephen Douglas (and is now supporting Law). Nor is he popular, James Brooks beat him in an election 14 Flag of Freedom new paper WMF Coxson and RW Seage, Young America, a good time is coming. 21 last issue.