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Anglo African (Weekly Anglo African)

Weekly Anglo-African 4 cents Thos Hamilton weekly 48 Beekman st, $2 year, vol 1 no 1 Jul 23 1859. Prospectus, need to advocate for ourselves, especial organ for our own thoughts and truths of right and justice fr our own standpoint, clear light, have been groping in mists and vapors of uncertainty, shipwrecked, point the right path, oppose error and wrong.

YMCA won’t battle for what’s right; cut for the world


R storrs Willis poem. Excerpt a lot fr Aglo African Magazine, in August has the Picture gallery story. letter saying neither Repubs nor Dems are any good. editorial against the Herald.


Bryant poem

Nov 5 Washington correspondent describes monument to Rev John F Cook, marble column

Dec 3 Mobile Mercury mentions Alabama Ag Society premium to eT Page for portrait of FS Lyon,natural gifr, o instruction. Dec 10 black borders for John Brown, point out flaws in Beecher’s abolitionism in comparison. Wish for a monument to him, of stone, SR Scottron jr, still borders on 17th and 24th. ad for Boston and Lyon’s Gallery, 4 Beach st, for beaut pictures, DR Hutchison also has ambrotypes of Brown


Herald says traffic falling off at Stewart’s from souther trade, but he is a Celt like O’Conor, Mitchell and Meagher, servile blood is affinity for slaveholders, so he is a plantation master on Broadway, abusive and insulting to his clerks. Oberlin erecting a monument to those who died at Harpers Ferry.

Feb Herald is the chief of the satanic press

Mar 3 Sunday Times has a hostile article Feb 20, Democratic paper, had read it with pleasure for many years even when genial Noah held its helms, interesting, but negrophobia.

Bayard Taylor account.

April 7 a Negro capitalist saved the Herald back in the 30s when it was going to go under

May 12 describes Demo convention as a  minstrel show. Frances Ellen Watkins their main poet. Chas Swain.

June 30 Japanese ambassadors aren’t considered colored?