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The Artist

The Artist: A Monthly Lady’s Book, F Quarre

Sept 1842: fashion, illustrated, lit, arts. Park Benjamin writes about “Our Debut”, better to have courtesy and manners than intellect or character, Artist invites you to visit his studio and gallery. Our illus will have color. gives history of color in art, Venetian school etc. all men have seeds of good taste, can know polite arts, ought not to be diffident in our judgments, defer toomuch to artists, who are all implicit admirers of a partic school or slave to a favorite manner, so are prejudiced in contemp true beauty, only admire styles like theirs. At first, novice likes extravagance over justness and false beauties to true, monstorssities of Rubens or theatricals of Guido, grows more chaste, turns to mellow tints ofTitian and eleg of Raphael. Has Allston’s story The Spanish Maid, Mrs Norton, D’Orsay, transl fr French. Tennyson, Epes Sargent, James Aldrich, Seba Smith, a poem composed at Greenwood, Anna Mowatt on death of Dr Channing, story of Sculptor of Avignon. Dec Merc Lib Assoc, Park Benj poem on degraded drama presented.


Sigourney. on uses of the daguerreotype. Chas Swain. Wm Wallace’s Michael Angelo’s Dream. Ends with May 1843. Wm Wallace poem to James R Whiting


Pub with support from Bennett/Herald