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Art Auction and Other Catalogs at AAS


Catalogue of the Pictures forming the Collection of the Works fo the Old Masters, with alist of the engravings, now being exhib at the Gallery of the Lyceum Bldg, 563 Broadway, 2nd edition.  NY Geo F Nesbitt, Stationer and Printer, Wall and Water sts, 1849.  Collection is of Gideon Nye.  free to artists who want to sketch.

            -cover has quotes fr Ruskin, Reynolds, Mrs Jameson and Sir Edm Head on the importance of old masters and collecting them, respect for the ancients is salvation, without fixed authority of antiquity, art would be swept away by fashion or novelty or faction, gd examples purify taste, better brighter times are at hand, but won’t come by attempt to pull down old masters from their place

            concludes w/quote fr Frederika Bremer on enterprise founded on noble and true principles always growing; inside back page more fr Head, on hidden Murilos, the impossibility of successfully deceptive copies, John Burnet on old masters being part of Academy instruction, Jameson again on Alston’s feeling for Old masters’ individuality, from WBS Taylor on the superiority of British coll of ptgs, and

            an extract fr The Times, showing need to answer our libelers--I don’t really understand it, avarice is behind old masters in nation of traders not refinement and happiness?

            -extract fr Sermon recently deliv in city, The Church’s Duty and World’s Necessity, which includes Art, art is moral, religious art is ok, art inspires the Beaut, not necessarily sensualize, idealize race.


Catalog opens with several pages of defense of old masters, than gives press notices for Nye’s collection as exhib last year (now has been enlarged), then the cat of ptgs and engr more than 700, for which he doesn’t give name of Engravers, tho says they are among most celebrated, Desnoyers etc, just name of artist/old master


Catalog Intro, The Mission of Ptg, etc.: extracts fr Opie’s Lectures, on arts of design as empire of the heart; fr Vixcount Mahon at Manchester Athenaeum in 1848, on the greatness of Greece (mentioned by Opie too), as a trading nation, in art, Athens as our model, wealth gained in industry shd enrich city with art, lit, science. Extract fr Chas F Hoffmann, on NY as center of lit science and art; Miss Sedgwick on glories of Italian art galleries; J Bayard Taylor on Italian old masters sustaining livelihood of whole cities, false utilitarianism to not appreciate beauty which works to spiritualize human nature, and on Opie, on art as gd for tourism.


Then Literary World notes J Vanderlyn article in C&E, responding to flippant paragraph in another paper contemptuous of Old Masters, says scorn of them is result of ignorance, need public galleries to show them.  Then reprints the Vanderlyn article, Dec 29, 1848 p. 7-11:

            -V begins by saying modern artists have as much skill, talents as old ones.  He likes Leutze and Delaroche and Danby as much as ones in the Louvre.

            -but wrong to dispute supremacy and rep of them. empty boasting or gasconading to say we are as gd, when we don’t offer same support to arts, sentiment deadended by trade, work under a disadvantage to those supported by Xtianity and Princes, noble incentives not money, love of fame.  no state support, no public galleries.  Praises value and worth of gd copies (vs the bad ones that pervert taste)


Press Notices:

Demo Review, Aug 1848, p. 13-14, Raphael Titian, Rubens, Murillo, it’s not their technical skill, nor handicraft, but expression of soul that raises spectator’s mind to God; the masses seek recreation such amusements. Govt shd buy it and make Lyceum Gall free.

            bargainer in spirit of mart asks if this coll of Old Masters is worth our money? proof is in sight of them, and in testimony of Capt. Payne, late of English service, accomplished amateur artist and connoisseur, assists priv individs forming collections in Europe.  how did it get here? respectable proprietor, legit.


Home J, responding to Dem Review: agrees that govt shd buy best specimens of greatest masters to promote art.  In a separate piece, adds, perfect gems in their way, possess many traits of masters attributed to, beauties will grow.


Lit World, April 22, 1848:p. 14-15 market overstocked with old master pictures, really third rate copies, fr continental dealers, introd with pompous epithets of connoisseurship, puffs and a fashionable auction.  Prejudice created agst old pictures, akin to quack meds.  editorial duty then to note genuine merit, coll in Europe by gman with view of forming a public gall.  even if not originals, they are so decidedly marked with characteristics of those to whom they are ascribed, they adequately represent the school of ea. 


Evening Post: go to obtain idea of manner of grt artists.

C&E: far superior to any recent similar coll.

The Day Book: p. 16-17  genius skill, highest order of excellence, rare beauties.  no reason to doubt they are veritable works, many peculiar excellencies of color and expr must be beyond most skillful professional copyist.


Musical Times, June: p. 17 genuine coll will advance taste for pure and true in Art, teach many to detect true fr false, to judge betw sober natural tints of old and flashy glaring coloring of modern schl, teach young artists to avoid Quixotic experiments lead to mental confusion and wild theorizing and that produce abortion in Art.


Various Articles on Art:
Lit World of May, just before Opera Hse bought by Niblo: urges it be made into museum and library, a Pantheon, rival Bosotn, super-rich neighborhood of twenty millions of wealth in five minutes walk of it, p. 19


“From an English National Work” but applicable to US: last civ nation to foster FAs, native genius, but recently bought Elgin found Nat Gall.  uninitiated admirers of pictures rather easily pleased by any vivid imitation of nature, whatever is striking or pleasing in appearance sure to receive their approbation, lscapes, portraits and homely subjects.  Need public support to get higher conceptions, improvement, instruction, epic, dramatic rather than pastoral and complimentary, force our artists to become great. p. 20

            -scene of Bunker’s Hill, p. 21, grandly conceived by Trumbull, fired many a bosom with patriotism


Restoration of Old Ptgs, by Fielding: it IS possible to do; many old pictures still hidden


Catalog:  invites enlightened crit, as true must be disting fr false, before Art can attain hi position. doesn’t pretend infallibility, assistance of gmen fr abroad whose judgment he tested for accuracy, testimony fr documents, has corrected the cat, and where doubts, given to a school. 

            103 pictures listed, Dutch lscape, French genre, Ruisdael Chardin Holbein, Coypel etc.  gives some comments on the artist, some descriptions of their typical style, some points of connoisseurship, some really long excerpts from art histories. Jordaens, Domenichino, Raphael, Ribera, Rembrandt, Dou, Metzu, Parmigianino, Bartolomeo, Poussin, Teniers, Guido, Murillo, Van Dyck, Steen, Wilson, Titian etc Velazquez Honthorst Brouwer Greuze Hogarth

            includes testimony of Henry Peters Gray, who studied in Europe, Capt Payne, as to whether it is an original. 


A Descriptive Catalogue of the Celebrated Gallery of Paintings, Including Specimens of the First Class, Lately from France, and Owned by the Countess De Besson.  Open for a Short Time, at the American Academy of Fine Arts, Barclay St. NY T& C Wood, Stationers, 18 Wall St, 1837


Gives fairly detailed descriptions, pointing to the connoisseur’s interests as well as to subject, terror and destruction pervade, resemblance to Raphael and Poussin, effect of armour is wonderful, attitude exquisite, draperies, execution, expression vividly depict their different feelings, well grouped, design simple and beautiful, coloring worthy of Titian or Lorraine, name of artist and dates, and the cost (from $1500 to most around $3000, highest $8000; some of the copies by baroque artists are identified as such and were purchased for $3-400) as well as sometimes the cost where it was supposedly purchased, as in Rome.  Basically all 17th century.

            -names include Annibal Caracci (maybe qualified by suggestion that it is School of Bologna), Eustache Le Sueur, Caravaggio, Giulio Romano, Guercino, Maratti, mostly Italian, a few Dutch for still life, interiors, lscapes

            -Biblical, mythological, landscapes, battles

Catalogue of Works by the Late Henry Inman; with a Biographical Sketch, Exhibition, for the Benefit of his Widow and Family, at the Art-Union Rms, 322 Broadway, NY: Van NOrden & King, 42 William Street, 1846, 25 cents


The General Committee includes Thom Cummings, FW Edmonds, Aber Cozzens, James Mapes, Chas Leupp, Wm Bryant, Jon Sturges, D Huntington, Chas F Hoffman, James Dekay, Edm Simpson, DC Colden, SL Griswold, S Draper, WF Havemeyer, James Brady, Jacob Little, John McKeon, John Ridner, Chas a Stetson, Geo P Morris, John L O’Sullivan, James Watson Webb, LG Clark, Wm T Porter, Francis Hall, Wm Hoppin, AB Durand, RB Fosdick, Geo W Austin, Ogden Haggerty, Henry T Tuckerman, WP Jones, Shegogue, Edw Curtis, Chas P Clinch, Henry Stebbins, Robt Launitz, De Witt Bloodgood, John Gourlay, JW Francis MD, Gulian C Verplanck, Anthony Bleecker, Wm Waddell, John W Edmonds, CC Moore, Wm Lawrence, PM Wetmore, MO Roberts, Henry J Raymond, JD Campbell, WT Whittemore, Nath Pearce, James T Brady, Fred Vultee, J Prescott Hall, Wm Hallett, TW Tucker, James Phalen, Hugh Maxwell, Geo Hatch, RG White, RR Ward, Robt H Morris, Chas Edwards, TW Cuming, WG King, Chas Livingston,EH Ludlow, Childs fr Phila, JFD Prudhomme, Geo Allen, Benj Jarvis, John Keese, JD Bradner, Benj R Winthrop, ABM Benedict and EC Benedict, John L Stephens, Chas McVean, Saml Parmly, Saml Ward, John L Morton, James Harper, Wm S Conely, Dr Bartlett, John Ewen, Geo W Taylore, Latrobe of Baltimore, James N Wells, Duncan Pell, AD Paterson, D Embury, MDe Laforest,FJ Betts, Eleazer Parmly, Wm McCoun, WF Ladd, Wm B Crosby


true lover of Art find exhib sufficient to illustrate versatile, ready and noble genius.  Gives funeral notices:  fr Excelsior:  parents early settlers of Utica, abt 1812 moved to NY, anecdote fr Dunlap, 1813 Wertmuller’s celeb picture of Danae at Mr Jarvis’s rms in Murray st, 7 yrs apprentice (turned down West Point), in his first effort at copying beaten by mulatto boy grinding paints.  fellow pupil with TS Cummings.  miniatures considered second only to Malbone, but demand for large portraits led him to give it up.  on estab of NAD, elected Vice President.  variety of styles praised by Sully, fine lscape, beaut group, Indians, etc.  Tried litho, suited for reproducing free spirited pencil drawings of heads.  rep grew fr oil compositions illust pop works of fiction.  1834 back in NY, studio in heart of city, noted quickness of exec, frank and winning address, seize most natural and characteristic expression, banished formality and constraint, charm of manner and character in sket in Sargent’s Mag two yrs ago by HT Tuckerman, “a day among Artists.”  Quotes from it, would know genius at a glance, long hair, air, smile, lines of mental activity, intellectual, most versatile of Amer limners, discrim sympathy, the German school interests him, possesses a superb Danae by a modern German ptr.  delight in his cabinet pictures, speedily sold, but at last Acad Exhib, two boys playing mumble peg, exuberant juvenility, most happy touch of Nature, bring back the days of boyhood like magic, buoyant air of careless enjoyment, benign old gmen stop and smile, mostalgia.

            likes one of first trophies, youthful production, felicitous and promising, Rip Van Winkle, or picture of a patrician and a rustic, two boys combative, awed by third, Wash as a boy.  HI a poet too, alludes in last stanza to his Rotunda commission, beam of hope that will save him from bankruptcy (speculated in 36), but too sick to work on it, slandered that he never intended to finish it.  went to England, Wordsworth sd most decided man of genius fr America, new Euro fame with patronage in port ptg to support family and leisure to finish grt picture under the best advantages, but returned to die.  some of his best things done for subsistence in his last year, rapid, vigorous powers


NY Spirit of the Times:  illust the genius of his country, ennobled any station, graced any circle, enthusiastic and lofty impulses, gifted by nature, brilliant imag teemed with images of grandeur and beauty. loved fishing. genial.  Praise him as companion as much as anything else.


NY Evening Gazette: Huntington will transfer fine compos of Inman’s Settlement of KY to larger canvass, with permission of Congress; NY Evening Post agrees it’s a liberal offer, as so much of the fee has already been paid.  H would treat subj successfully.


Baltimore Western Continent: first port ptr of last 20 yrs, alw striking likenesses, but also subjects elevated and idealized, sitter and soul, with scars of adam’s fall glossed over, peculiar attribute to seize best traits and lines, in easy bold rapid manner, pencil often visible in most finished picts.  few lscapes gems by friends, tinting delicate harmonious, conception faithful and pleasing as Truth itself.


Albany Argus has poem by HRS, poetic skill and art, gentle heart;  Evening Mirror has poem too by FLW, gay lscape where his fancy pondered.



Port of Col Johnson, owned by J Richards, of Chief Justice Jones and Martin Van Buren by Jas. L Graham, Chief Justice Marshall for Law Libr in Phila, T Sully, WF Ladd owns Port of Lady, NMrs Fish owns Port of late Col Fish, port of Wordsworth, Wm P Jones owns his last picture, October Afternoon, the NY Evening Gazette calls thoroughly American, shows a district schoolhouse with children just released, blithe and buoyant, in valley of Hudson of Ichabod Crane, negro grins, hint of a mill, autumnal, beauty and character. Prof Mapes. Dr Mott for NY Hospital, Port of late Henry Eckford, Genl Morton for John L Morton, late Bishop Moore for AM Cozzens, Col Crosby for HH Stevens, Port of Col Webb, crayon of Wm T Porter, Port of Chas F Hoffman for HT Tuckerman, Port of late Col Rutgers for Wm B Crosby, Jacob Arker for Jacob Little, News-boy for Jona Sturgis, Mumble the Peg for EL Carey (Hoffman wrote story for The Gift of 1844), Bishop White for Jas McMurtrie, Staten Island scene for JQ Jones, CG Childs Boyhood of GW, Chief Justice Nelson for Wm P Hallett, T BAbbington Macauley for Carey, Bishop Delancey for St James Ch Phila, The Young Rustic for Julia Sands, Lake of Dismal Swamp for J Inman, Fitz Green Halleck for Clinch, Horace Binney for J Cadwallader, Rip Van Winkle awaking for RS Crittenden, De Witt Clinton for Childs, unfinished port of exMayor Harper for city of NY, CJ Ingersoll for library, Port of MacKenzie for J Bolton, Mle Augusta for Wm T Porter, Stephen Price for Edw Simpson


Patrons: Ferris Pell, H Stebbins, President D Duer, Jas. Phalen, T Wade, Geo Buckham, E Parmly, James Lenox, NY Gallery of Arts (Port of Ld Chancelllor Cottenham), CM Leupp, R Goelet, Wm  H Falls, Morris Robinson, O Haggerty, FR Tillou, Mrs Leacraft, Mrs Christholm, AD Patterson, Mrs Hicks, BC Buckstone, Mrs Lawrence, EL Carey (the Mask), CL Livingston, Ball Hughes, E Dunnigan, JJ Audubon, Wm P Hallett, Chas Edwards, PM Wetmore, Francis Hall, Edm Simpson, T Dixon, J Haviland, J Batelle, Geo Duer, JH Martin, GE Hoffman, Mrs TS Patterson, WF Ladd, John Nelson,  JR Clark, D Embury, LW Kipp, John Megary, JL O’Sullivan family group


scenes fr Wordsworth, Byron, Moore, Street, Sterne, Sprague, Sparks’ life of GW, Macbeth, Tales of my Landlord


Wm H powell’s Historical Picture of the Discovery of the Mississippi, by De Soto, ad 1541, prepared by Henri L Stuart.  NY Baker, Godwin & Co Printers, Nassau and Spruce streets 1855


Rotunda illust most impt incidents in progressive devt of our country, all Amer artists, joint committee of selection, named Chapman, Weir, Vanderlyn and Inman, subjects chosen by artists?  After Inman died, Congress voted on applicants, over sixty, til one was chosen, Wm H Powell, native of city of NY, fave pupil of Inman, unanimous in Senate, hardly a dissenter in House (198 of 212).  joint committee of Jefferson Davis, John Y Mason, Mr Pierce of Maryland, JQ Adams, T Butler King, Preston of VA, Adams as chair , to confer on subj.  several sketches submitted, who unanimously adopted De Soto as more impt in magnitude of its results than any other open to an original pencil.

            -in chrono order it follows Columbus, De Soto opens a might empire to exploration and civ, which will become part of our natl territory.  of suitable importance? long line of cities on banks, tide of commerce, conclusive answer.


wholesale assertion that other than Trumbull’s, none of the pictures have a national bearing, artists have illustrated precisely the starting point of our most celeb historians, and have rigidly followed the text.


Bio: b 1820, age 7 moved to Cinti, has resided in NYC since his marriage in 1840, studio 765 Broadway. f r mom executes most diff compositions with rapidity and skill.  1835 became known for illust of Sir Walter Scott, then Byron, did 4 alleg picts for theatre at Cinti, facile pencil, attn of Nich Longworth, gave letters of intro and credit to Nich Biddle, Caleb and Herman Cope fo Phila, and Thom Sully, who sent him to Inman

            1838 first two ports at NAD, much encouragement fr wealthy influential, Brevoort, Phil Hone, Henry Cowing, Dr E Parmly.

            studied Nature herself, visited all the best schools of ptg.  Pawn Broker exhib 1844, fine pict, originality and power, bought by Cheves, son of Senator and former Pres of Bank of US. 

            1845 went to Euro, spent most time in Rome, studied anat  persp compos costume, necessary to success in higher banches of ptg, ambition.  His Young Shepherd give by Western AU as first prize, did other Italian themed genre pictures.

            went to DC, exhib Columbus in library of Capitol, leading journals praised inclu W Irving, swayed Congress.

            1848 back to Euro, did Funeral Solemnities to De Soto, sentimen impressive character, lithod by Goupil, and ports of celeb men of France, Eugene Sue, Dumas, Lamartine, Abdel Kader etc

            transfers v effect seen in nature, gazing, imposs to suppress belief one is beholding scene itself, colors with bold yet delicate hand, vigorous yet soft and rounded outlines, atmospheri effects peculiar to Western World


The Picture: group planting cross in right foregrd illust how true and sincere was relig sentiment of that age, Priest went with Conqueror with emblems of Euro civiliz,  Corresp grp in left foregrd hauls up cannon;  need smoke fr cannon of soldier as well as incense from the priest to illustrate spirit of 16th c.  historical details most faithfully preserved.

            DeSoto sits center, Arab horse abounded in Spain (Powell bases it on Abdel-Kader’s horse), brought to New World, military camp materials nearby.  Attitude sublime bcause natural, not moment of first or second glance, but comprehending gaze, limitless scene of future empire, doesn’t even see Indians.  Following him is Confessor expressing gratitude towards heaven, young cavalier type of chivalry of Spain, standard bearers and men representing a separate class, position, idea, giving signif to the group, and forest of lances.

            Indians: maidens cast on ground, grace gentleness of Madonna, startled fawn, chiefs full of spirit fire daring erect, older men more politic and peaceful, youngest the Uncas of Cooper, outwardly submissive, haughty pride and dignity and sternness of Indian Apollo.

            glorious lscape, canoes, purple shores, lodges picturewsque relief, emblem of savage life


Ptg is broad, comprehensive, complete, universal, savage and civilized, exact and graphic, appropriate.  Men of taste may differ regard to arrangement of groups, tone of picture, distrib of light and shade, but these things don’t decide its intrinsic value nor impair its moral effect, they are the matter of the individuality of the ptr.  test of style of grt historical ptg is ptg’s genl effect on a refined mind, must come to standard of poetry, of inspiring corresponding feeling to a sight of scene itself, and also give what is necessary to understand the meaning of the scene.  No other of recent picts ptd for Govt have accomplished this; Trumbull did, but he did portraits, little room for ideal art.

            -gets anatomy right, figures stand out fr canvass as distinct as if marble; costumes not too gorgeous, but in period and appropriate to ea character’s class.  Ea fig of 60 represents a type of a class.

            -Moorish servant alludes to fall of Grenada, fashion of age to put conquered in menial service, nod to Irving


moral atmosphere (tone,spirit, sentiment):  poetic tendency of Powell;s genius proclivity for ideal, write in verse, warm sensibility to genial, luxurious, soft delicate in phys world.  but no sacrifice of sternest reality, soldier wounded, ignores others--suggestive of hero of San Jacinto (Sam Houston!).  best Paris ptrs approved itshonest truth, facts in style of ideal, but stamps composition as a creation.  No artist grt fr mere delineation of nature, but nature as in lights and shades of heaven/the ideal, or merely a copyist.  believe Prescott would say Powell has done what he did, a complete illust of spirit of the age.


Historical Materials:  figs represent 6 distinct classes, priest, cavalier, page, horseman, footman laborer, and also Indian men and women.  truthfully represented?  will composition bear comparison with facts? gives footnotes in Bancroft, Irving, La Vega, Portuguese Relation, Beidma, then gives able endorsement fr NY Tribune June 11, 1853, in form of a historical acct of the event, which characterizes H de Soto as wealthy, hi rank, ambitious of outdoing Pizarro et al, puts on spectacle for Indians of planting the cross to show xtian prayers can bring rain


Opinions of the Press:  NY Trib Paris Corresp says it is acclaimed in ordeal of French crit, the severest and justest that exist, fashionable come to visit, nobility, men of art, combines all the elements in perfection of a genuine hist ptg.  Jullien, disting lithog, offered Powell 500 francs for priv of litho, same price to Vernet.


London Art J in a crit on Amer art, whole shows powerful exec, gd observation and knowl of historic art, excellent drwg and brilliant coloring that will mellow with age


NY Daily Times Dec 2 1853, Our Natl Ptgs, subjects like this of things that opened way for our civiliz, import for our reflections on the origin and growth of republican fortunes in this hemisphere, have a peculiar rln to Anglo Saxon memories/Amer progress, taste and feelings of our natl mind and being, what circumstances were necessary for our advance to pwer


NY Herlad Oct 2 1853:  compos, grouping, drwg, costumes, coloring, lights shades, charmingly harmonious and true, historically and to nature.  tout ensemble full of life, spirit, chivalry, poetry and beauty, nothing awkward, heavy or strained, easy tho intensely graphic and spirited.  figs not colossal size like others.


National Intelligencer, Dec 20, 1853, non political election picked Powell.  9 yrs earlier, NP Willis had sd he deserved a pallet of gold for work at NAD.  labor giving and diff, but truer and grander style invented by mod genius, bare fact clothed with beauty; easy to paint a battle or subj appealing to grt human passions, but essentially quiescent subj must be elevated and ennobled.  savage contrast with civiliz, pride of Apain, sublimity and luxuriance of Amer nature, symbolical representation where faithful delineation of fact would not suffice, thus successful rendering of great ideas of the submission of Indian tribes, thanks to religion’s alliance with force.


Descriptive Catalogue of the Bunyan Tableaux, Albany NY: J Munsell, 1856, new ed.

            Artists: May (figs), Kyle (lscape), Dallas, Paul Duggan, Selous, Cropsey (Land of Beulah), Darley, Huntington

            Cites: C&E (notes new ed fr Putnam, elegantly illust); the Evangelist (many ptgs well conceived and beaut drawn; C&E doesn’t address style, other than saying exec is creditable), Comm Advert (pano of so purely ideal a subj a gd idea? justness of designs generally, excellence of ptg, likes Land of Beulah); Evening Post (fidelity to nature, degree of taste); Home Journal (agrees Land of Beulah truly admirable); Tribune (finest in artistic sense pano in city, fr first artists); Picayune (finest work of art ever); Protestant Churchman (happily conceived, spirit and truthfulness, beaut exec); Presbyterian (masterly skill, effect, Ld Beulah); Churchman (skill, beauties, gorgeous exquisitiely managed, charmed harmonious coloring graceful forms);  Albion (bold imaginings, masterly execution of beaut and terrible in lscape, horribly grotesque and delicately spiritualized in form and fig, laborious and spirited); J of Commerce; Lit World (better than predecessors, common appeal to idle curiosity, the tourist, not the imagination, Kyle strange wondrous unearthly, fine sympathy from May; notes also a design by Church. gaudy color, want of softness in places, but eloquent as Henry Clay or Jenny Lind)

            poem by Mrs Ellet, accomp of our female writers, impromptu sonnet, genius shadows truth sublime, union of ptr and poetry

            South Carolinian; Charleston Courier; Richmond Enquirer (artist highly commends, wonderful conceptions of genius, heart elevated by moral beauty) Com (commercial advertiser?)lots of ladies there, glad interested in Fine Arts, shd wield pencil, accord with their delicate taste


Catalogue of Ptgs in Private Gall of Nicholas Dean, NY, April 1847, NY: Reed & Cunningham Printers, 9 Spruce st.

            preface notes owner careful not to claim originality for any picture except on grds amounting nearly to certainty, many marked unknown even where little doubt exists;  like handwriting, diff to copy peculiar manner without detection.  Owner has not been in Europe, has visited few private colls in this country.  No painted in bits for restoration.

            A little quirkier in the descriptions.  A Girl feeding her Canary Bird, is the “Modern Dutch school, of no merit. Artist unknown.”  notes of two small Flemish schl ptgs that they are old, and despite size, valuable fr beaut coloring and elab finish; he likes minute finish, tho observes of one modern artist that it is “painted with great freedom”.  Most of the pictures seem Dutch/No Europe, either 17th c or recent.  Says of one “probably a copy, though a very old one” and re a signed Heda, “great merit, tho some doubt exists in the mind of the owner whether it be not an old copy.”  Notes when it is by a living artist.  Notes that a pair of ptgs by an 18th century Dutch artist were shown at Amer Art Union, and their provenance in gallery of Baron Gottner.  Thinks he has an orig Van Dyck Port of Chas I, beyond all doubt.  Notes when a ptg is early in an artist’s (who has since become famous) career; or when an artist has recently died.  Notes when a more modern artist approaches (deceives even gd judges) a 17th c master.  For an Ostade, suggests it has been stolen fr some Euro Gall.  For another Cites Reynolds’ judgment, for another (Honoria nursing her Father in prison, figs size of life) says pronounced by judges one of the best historical pictures in the country.  Calls two supposed Hobbema landscapes the best he has ever seen--maybe figs by Ostade.  “believed to be a genuine old Teniers”  Praises when a ptg conveys a “well told story.”  Notes when a disagreeable sub is made attractive, a pleasing pict produced fr unpromising materials, under masterly treatment.  Notes when signed, notes whose work is scarce, generally offers his own personal judgments on them.

            Almost all the ptgs are Dutch, a few Italian (copies), a few French.

            A few Americans:  Stewart Watson, Phila, a stable interior, drunken scene.  J Harvey, a scene of Elliott preaching to Indians near Boston, a perfect copy of the surrounding scene and Oak Tree.  Talbot, view on the Hudson, “a good picture”.  WS Mount, Boy sitting ona Fence, backgrd, a Cornfield, light on the face, and figure beaut managed, 1833.  T Birch, one of our best marine ptrs, Marine 1844.

            And several by John James, a living artist of this city, who he really likes, and gives a lot of info on, from 1822 to 1842, lived in Quebec doing Brit officer portraits, but capital pictures of Com. Perry and others in the Gov’s rm at City Hall, for which Jarvis was pd and gets the credit, were drawn and heads painted by James, whose modesty and diffidence kept him in backgrd, while Jarvis with his dashing manners and well told stories took all the public attn and most business.  Owner of James’ head of a lady and a copy of G Stuart’s Portrait of Capt James Lawrence, with a testimonial by Mrs Lawrence, believes James ranks second only to Gilbert Stuart, brilliancy and permanency of his coloring, perfect drawing, prominent defects in many of our artists.  “There is now in this city a portrait painter destined, if he lives, unless he neglects the cultivation of his powers, to surpass all his predecessors, inclu Stuart.” p. 14



Sculpture: Tam O’Shanter, Souter Johnny, the Landlord and Landlady, Executed by Mr James Thom, and Illustrative of Tam O’Shanter, A Tale, by Robert Burns.  New York: Printed by J Booth & Sons, 147 Fulton St, 1833.

            sole object of these remarks are to show connection betw Poetry of Burns and Sculpture of Thom, to explain some things to visitors that might otherwise escape attn

            Tam and Souter based on real individs, but the landlord and landlady imagined, descriptive of a class; so too has sculptor treated them

            cut ea out of one solid block of free stone, without model of drawing, just unerring accuracy of his own eye.  not properly works of art, drafts fr nature by pure unaided efforts of genius


then gives reviews fr English and Amer Press: the Athenaeum:  emphasizes difficulty of task, not copying, but limning shape that called by fancy floats before mind, historical portraiture of airy personages of verse, embodied sentiments.  rustic humor.  know these statues have given little pleasure to academy-bred artists, consider them beneath dignity of true sculpture, admire Agamemnon and despise Thersites.  We love them because they raise mirthful emotions, Falstaff and Hogarth not Raphael.  not monumental nor heroic, but better for it, land groans with mediocrity in marble, glad to see original genius, works in his own spirit.

            yet Thom has much to learn, exec below merit of conceptions, fingers coarse and shapeless, faces hard and inflexible, bodies a little stiff, fr want of sufficient skill of hands.  Shd start with clay models, to acquire art of communicating softness to his flesh.  But many cld carve more gracefully, few capable of conceiving such images of social glee and rustic merriment.

            Morning Chronicle likes contrasting characters of the group.  compliment that his works adorn every shop and almost every house in the country, ornaments of chimney pieces and patterns of China, the Italian castmakers in the city have made favorite models, artist has copied nature rather than other sculptures.  compares to bestsellers of Scott.

            Atlas: merit not in minute finishing of detail, as in extraordinary nature and ease in position of figs, perfectly plebeian, never submitted to surveillance of dancing master, rough truth

            Star: stonemason, wonderful proficiency, details finished


From the American Press:

Courier & Enquirer: novelty in design, first time sculpture produced comic effect, don’t have weight of stone, powers of fancy conjured up beyond most happy conceptions

NY Mirror, agrees effect on viewer is to make you smile and laugh in spite of yourself, irresistible effect

Monthly Mag, NY American, Albion, Mercantile and Advocate, New Yorker, NY Gazette, Constellation, Evening Post

            includes poem tribute fr NY American, better than schools of Chantrey or Canova or Greece or Rome, to give eternity to honest mirth




Catalogue of Bks, Drawings, Ptgs, Engravings and Statuary of late William A Colman, Collector and Dealer in Rare Bks and Works of Art, by Cooley & Keese, 304 Broadway, April 10 forward, 1850

            inside cover is ad for Saml Colman, publisher.

Fine Arts begin p. 196, 7th Day Morning sale, water colors, engravings, books on fine arts, and principally old master oils.  (book called Poets of America, illus by one of her Painters, ed John Keese, NY 1840).  Seems to be mostly folios of engravings.


EB Corwin estate sale, Nov 10. 1856, Bangs, Brother & Co, at trade sale rms, 13 Park row.  Catalog with annotations of prices and buyers sent by Hannah Corwin to Geo Livermore in Cambridge.   Hardly any oil ptgs.  A Copy of Titian’s Venus on ivory sold to Fisk, $25, AJ Davis bought a river scene, a big relig ptg by Wm Brough.  But a HUGE number of engravings.  Of the “modern” engravings, a head of Kossuth, an Uncle Tom, Jenny Lind, Crystal Palace, etc.  Of the other, mostly after old masters, but listed by name of engraver.  From 4001, to 5218, all engravings.  Lots of portraits of contemporaries.

            -newspaper clippings call him a viruosi and antiquarian.  Chas B Norton bought a lot, for institutions and others.  He was principal clerk in the Chemical Bank


Leeds House

Henry H Leeds, 23 Nassau St

Catalogue of…


The Paintings in the Private Gallery of Chas De la Forest, Consul General of  France, April 25, 1849, 24 West 15th St, in gallery.  Mostly indisputable old masters, but also some fine specimens of eminent Amer Artists.  Annotations give prices.  Relig subjs sell high.

            Miss Jane Cawse, December and May, English school, $33.50?  A Correggio Marriage of St Cath fr Paff’s coll, $42.50.  Annelli female head, $11. Velasquez goes for $51.  Stewart Watson, living artist, favorite Horse of Lord D’Orsey, $44.  JF Birch Lscape, doesn’t need connoisseur to appreciate.  A Rubens goes for $230.   A Ferdinand Perrot, for $400, recently died.  A Rembrandt in Paff’s collection, misattributed by him, $75.  Others are also fr Paff’s coll, and Des Noyes? collection.

            A couple are illustrated, Cignani’s Cleopatra, a colleague of Guido, goes for $500.  A Gignoux 62.50.  An Isabey fr coll of W Bryan of this city, bought in Paris 2000 francs, for consummate amateur.

            WS Mount, Social Enjoyments after Dinner, serenity, harmony, one port of artist, 62.50 (more than a Holbein entombment!) Also his Boy resting on a Fence, hat in right hand, looking somewhat sand, distance a storm rising, American Teniers, 62.50.   RM Weir, St Peter and Paul sketches, done up on a large scale for an amateur of this city, ptd at Rome, proof of ability at composition, $40 ea.  Also a sketch for his Landing of the Pilgrims, finely modeled, color excellent, $22.  JE Chapman’s pretty picture of a Freshet, was engr by Henchelwood in 1837, fine specimen, $47.50.  Quite a few Gignoux, in the 20s.


Richly Sculptured Vases, Statuary, Fancy Goods, Etc, sold May 26 & 28, 1852, at the sales room, 8 Wall St.  No names of sculptors given, except for a few works after Canova.  groups of dogs, classical subjects, other animals, religious subjects


Paintings & Works of Art…of JP Beaumont, exhib at his studio, 518 Broadway, sold Oct 28, 1856.  Handwritten note that the original portrait by late Henry Inman of Fitz G Halleck is contained in this coll.  There’s also a D Huntington NA lscape, a Forster 1853 Fruit, but otherwise mostly foreign, Dutch German Flemish Dusseldorf Italian, modern and old; Cantineau Fruit Vendor and Village Politician


A Private Collection of Fine Old Oil Paintings etc…property of Connoisseur leaving for Europe, Nov 21, 1856.  Annotations put x (by sold?) and give prices for others.  Lots of works attributed to English, Dutch and Italian schools.  Cover prominently mentions a Large Landscape by (American Artist) Hinckley.

            Preparing for Conquest, Lilly M Spencer, $53.  An undoubted Wilkie went for $33, The Clubist.  An undoubted cabinet lscape by Gainsborough for $97.50, and elaborately finished Gem of Dutch Fair, orig, framed, D Teniers, $135.

            Lots of celebrities, Queen Victoria, Duke of Wellington, Sir Walter Scott’s Monument, Scott the tragedian, Rice the comedian, lots of English lscapes, Dutch marines and still lifes, dogs and horses, Portrait ofPierce the Sculptor and Cook the Painter, Dutch interiors.  The Flower Girl, original by Passmore of London.  T Hicks’ Italian Peasants, Gignoux’s Indian Path, relig subjects mostly by Italians, engravings and copies


A Valuable collection of water color paintings…by the late Joseph Helf, April 9, 1857. trained in Munich, came to US 1850, work remarkable for boldness of touch, purity, vigor of tone, perfect accuracy of drawing, colorist disting for strength and transparency of aerial distances, v first of modern ptrs.  Bio by EIC (EJ Cook, 614 Broadway)

            annotations give prices and one name, Ely, a purchaser?  prices vary considerably.  Scenery is Italian, Tyrolean and American, with a few portraits and studies and figures


A Splendid Private Gallery of Costly Oil Paintings…of AE Douglass, Esq, March 26 1857. planning to go abroad for permanent residence. cat. owned by Gordon Ford.  selected with view to priv gratification over 15 yrs as choice specimens of Modern and Native Art, culled for such as have highest quality and character.  mostly framed.

            B Morin, Koekoek, JF Cropsey (21 pts, mostly lscape), Kruseman, A Paix, Scholking, Alexander, GD Brewerton, Flemish, SD Shattuck, Alphonse, After Mieris, L Lang, Frankenstein, V Eeckhout, Wm Hart, Wm Ranney, Schidoni, Greuze, J Ostade, Zeitter, Akkersdyck, T Doughty, CP Cranch, Wm Oddie, Thom Cole, JF Kensett, R Wilson, Van Groetveldt, Knip, Spieswig, T Creswick RA, E Post, Van Duyckens, Raoux, JH Lazarus, Leclerc, The Newsboy, Geo H Hall, Wm Shayer, C Stanfield, Giblert Stuart ports of Madison and Monroe.

            Bronzes only two names given, Vassei marble bust of Heloise, and Mene, dogs after a duck.


Of the other artists, he often has more than one by them.


Splendid Coll of Costly Oil Ptgs…being the Private Gall of JM Burt, Nov 5, 1857, at galleries.  American artists include Wm Hart, Morse, JH Hill, Wm Ranney, Oddie, Hoffman, JH Cafferty the Stolen Boy, C Nahl two Flower Girls, Cropsey, T Cole  sketch, JF Kensett, Geo INness, DWC Boutelle, Doughty, Gignoux, Chas L Elliott Kosmos, Geo Flagg’s Fanny Kemble Butler, JW Casilear, Durand, S Colman, FE Church, JM Hart, AD Shattuck, Gifford, Seitz, an Amateur, Leutze, Helf, Corbould port of Jenny Lind, Bonfield, Rowbotham

            the Europeans include a Vernet, Poelemburg, Fragonard, Brower, Lancret, Brussels artists, Paris artists, Antwerp, Dusseldorf.  a Turner watercolor.

            often more than one by ea artist, usu several; often some lines of poetry attached.  To Chas Elliott’s Kosmos, Whitman line “If you see a good deal remarkable in me…” Also Wordsworth for a Kensett, James Thomson for Durand, Saml Butler for Nahl, Philip James Bailey for Boutelle


Large and Valuable Coll of Fine European and Other Pictures, Nov 18 and 19, 1857, at gallery 23 Nassau st.  First day’s sale is mostly Dutch, old and modern.  Second day includes engravings, and Port of Geo Loder by Cafferty, of Charity by Paradice of Phila, a Port of GF Cook, several landscapes by by TW Whitley, a Cropsey, Doughty, some English pictures, an American Artist’s picture First-born, Sheggoe, Dusseldorf names, copies


Magnificent Oil Ptgs…sold at store of HR Dieseldorff & Co, 691 Broadway. (A Dieseldorff has a ptg in the sale).  Seghers, A Schaffer, one after Rosa Bonheur, after Landseer, other copies of old masters, lots of English school, Munich, Vienna, Brussels, Holland, Dusseldorf, France Italy


Artists Patriotic Fund, Catalogue of a Large and Valuable Coll of Pictures Contributed by the Artists of New York to the General Patriotic Fund, support families of soldiers.  May 29, 1861, Rotunda of Merchants’ Exchange, where on exhib free.  new printer, Bloom & Smith.

            E Terry, WS Haseltine, JD Barrow, J Carlin, JA Suydam, WL Sontag, JM Falconer, AD Shattuck, J Brevoort, Wm Hart, J Inman, Black your Boots, Sir?” JW Casilear, Gignoux Nebraska, WH Beard Reflection, T Hicks Gipsey Girl, V Colyer Studies Neglected, GQ Thorndike, L Lang, RM Staigg, EW Nichols, RW Hubbard, AF Bellows, E Johnson, JS Jameson, CF Blauvelt, C Agilvie, A Bierstadt, CG Thompson, Mignot, E White, L Lang, JF Kensett, GG Brown, WO Stone, HP Gray, GA Baker, HA Loop, JM Hart, S Colman, AB Durand, D Huntington, SW Rowse, AW Warren, T Hicks’ Edwin Booth, FOC Darley, lots of Ritchie engravings, CC Griswold, E Benson, GG Fish, AH Wenzler, JH Ehninger, T Whitredge, J McEntee, GH Boughton, A Jones, SE Whiston, E Saintin, J McLenna, A Wust, W Bradford, JA Parker Jr, WJ Boardman, MFHde Haas, A Von Beest, DM Carter, W Pearson, M Gernum, T LeClear, Arabian Nights, JH Hill, AF Tait, Amateur, Potter, Mrs HD Field, Young Jewess, WT Mathew, A Ransom, Freeman, Rome (Donkeys) T Villers, Carmiencke, Col TB Thorpe, JH Wright, WH Powell, A Berger, Rondell, EE Parmelee, RJ Patterson, JH Cafferty Fancy Head, Raynor, WJ Oddie, M Louise Wagner, Banvard, Frankenstein, FB Carpenter Port of Secy Chase, EDE Greene, GH Hall


Catalogue of the First Fall Exhib of the works of Modern Artists, at the Apollo Gallery, 410 Broadway, NY, 1838, Audit vocatus Apollo.  JM Marsh, Printer, 5 Eldridge st.

            James Herring gives preface, the object of his establishment is to provide Artists a depot for temp exhib, and a resort for lovers of Art, rich variety of subjects for study or sale.  Regular fall exhib, 1st Sept, then abt 1 Jan, mixed coll of subjs, new and old, will form a new Exhib.  Rooms also avail for novelities in the Arts, but the Artists of the country are never to be excluded, their interests are to be promoted.  Books on arts and sciences and history, partic Amer History, also coll for sale.  Artists and friends give it a fair trial will prove satisfactory, won’t mature right away.

            Most of the paintings are copies by American artists, eg JB Ord copies a Murillo Spanish beggar and a  Greuze, Geo Cookie copies a Flink, Corregio, Raphael Rosa, Chapman a Michaelangelo self portrait and lots of other artist self portraits; Trumbull variation on a Titian Cleopatra--Trumbull fixed the arms, which might have belonged to a blacksmith. W Wulmer copy of Potter, an English lscape ptr.  Stewart Watson copy of Guido.

            Herring urges our citizens to employ our own Artists to copy old masters instead of foreigners, do finest copies that remain unsold, while Amateurs give large prices for fictitious originals.


260 pictures listed in catalog.


            Non-copies: JG Chapman, Prince of Palermo, Self Portait of GPA Healy, debut self portrait of T Lehman.  Joseph Kyle port of TB Welch, Self Portrait of J Herring, self portrait of Chas B king, a Chapman portrait full length of Davy Crockett.  CB King a army officer portrait, D Huntington a portrait, JG Leutze Port of Tennessee Senator Hugh White, engr by Dodson, for Natl Port Gall, ptd for James B Longacre, not for sale.  Geo Cooke, Port of VA Senator Wm Rives, not for sale.  Geo Cooke Port NP Tallmage, Senator fr NY, to be lithod by Fenderich, [pub with bio, not for sale

            Chapman did a Christ Healing, Trumbull a Susannah and the Elders, RM Sully a Miranda, Chas B King’s Grandfather’s Hobby (engr both in Euro and US, not for sale), Robt Street a Savior.  FR Spencer has a Port of Chancellor Kent, engr by Durant, for the Natl Port Gallery, not for sale.  Geo Cooke has a Port of Wm King, Alabama Senator, for UNChapel Hill, not for sale

            JH Beard, Old Drunkard, not for sale, doubly interesting to readers of Martineau, new field of art opening in grt West, Cinti

            J Williams, Joan of Arc in prison, W Warner Port of a lady not a fair specimen of his capabilities, does v beaut fancy ports which sold to a Southern gmen.  Jerome Thompson, Port of Ldy, well drwn and graceful.  FR Spencer, Port of Lady, true to nature, without apparent effort.  R Street, Port of Artist’s daughter, managed with grt skill, masses of light and shadow.  R Street the Sentinel (a dog).  R Warren, Bower of Hymen.  R Sully, The Truant.  CG Thompson Portrait.  G Marsiglia, Magdalen.  MJ De Franca, Madonna and Child, grt harmony sweetness delicacy graceful.  H Bryant Port of Gman.  F Grain lscape (Euro).  Gh Comegys, Indian’s retreat, grt originality, dreams his sketches, high rank.  CVer Bryck, Radish Girl.  Waldo & Jewett, Port.  Joseph Kyle, Holy Family.  JK Fisher, Entombment, 1831.

            J Pringle, Wreck of Steam Packet Home. Robt J Curtis, Port of Osceola, ptd at Charleston, lent by Capt Trathan.  RM Sully, port of Indian Girl, fr life.


And lots more. JG Chapman doing a historical scene for John Glover, engr for Picturesque Illustrations of Amer History.  Other artists contributing:  T Birch, T Doughty, G Harvey, DH Barker, JH Shegogue, D Huntington, J Hagen, J Shaw, FS Agate (Genevra), WH Russel Smith, J Crawley, J Faurs for Wm H Draper of this city. W Warner.  Miss Chosson (the sick sister). T Chapman, GR Bonfield, RW Weir, Parker, ADO Browere, GW Conarroe, JB White. TB Ashton.  a Hillyard lent by JP Ridner.  J Quidor, a Knickerbocker scene.  Wm Dunlap.  GR Bonfield, JC Ward, Geo Mortimer, SV Clevenger (Wm Harrison bust).  John King, Hiram Powers bust. WR Smith, WJ Bennett, S Watson, C Fenderich, SH Gimber, JB Forrest, F Coates, J Sartain.  Remb Peale still life. Joshua Shaw.  JR Bleecker. RE Launitz. J Stearns. WE Wall (second picture listed of Natural Bridge in VA).  DL Brown, G Linen.  FS Agate’s Old Oaken Bucket.  A Fisher, H Gray, F Williams, S Doughty, JW Dodge miniature, etc.


Praises Doughty’s loose foliage, air and tone in all his pictures perfectly true to nature, 10.  Praises White’s Marion’s swamp encampment as one of best cabinet pictures of Amer hist ever, expressions finely expressed, scenery perfectly characteristic.  Calls a portrait of revolutionary war soldier a fine, free, richly colored head.


Gives list of names and places of residence of Artists exhibited, 1838:

            (I’m leaving out the non-New Yorkers)


FS Agate, 25 Walker St. 2 ptgs

DR Barker, Broadway 2 ptgs

WJ Bennett, no address, 1

JR Bleecker, Amateur, NY, 2 picts

ADO Browere, Boradway and Anthony st, 1

H Bryant, 411 Broadway, 3

JW Casilear, engr, NY 1

Fred Coates, Lscape ptr and teacher, Warren st, 1

A Dick, eng, Fulton st, 1

JW Dodge, miniatures, White st, 2

T Doughty, 16 Walker st, 12

Wm Dunlap, Greenwich Lane, 2

J Kenrick Fisher, 76 Orchard st, 2

James Frothingham, 48 Vesey st, 219

Stephen H Gimber, engr and ptr, 2 Benson st, 2

F Grain, Painter and Teacher, 39 Lispenard st, 1

H Gray, 18 Bank st, 1

Geo Harvey, now in Europe, 2

J Herring, 389 Broadway, 2

Miss Ann Hall, miniatures, Broadway @ Bond st, 2

Hillyard, 1

George H Hite, Miniature Painter, Asotr House, NY, 2

Daniel Huntington, 44 Vesey st, 4

W Jewett, Wooster St, 1

Robt Launitz, Broadway, 1

T Lehman, 136 Wooster st, 2

Geo Linen, 166 Elm st, 2

G Marsiglia, 414 Broadway, 2

E Mooney, 26 Reade st, 232

Geo d Mortimer, sculptor, Broadway, 1

  1. (amateur), NY, 2

J Pringle, Brooklyn, 2.

John Quidor, Painter Fancy Subjects, Lewis st, 1.

J H Shegogue, Franklin st, 4.

WR Smith,4

Fred Spencer, Canal st, 3

J Stearns, 29 Madison st, 1

CG Thompson, U of NY, 3

Jerome Thompson, Walker st, 1

C Ver Bryck, 2

FL Vultee (amateur), 1

Waldo & Jewett, Cortland st, 2

Robt Weir, West Point, 1.

F Wms, amateur, 1.



Phila:  TB Ashton, Thomas Birch of Phila has 8 ptgs; Bonfield 3.  Joseph Kyle is still in Phila, 4. Bingham, 1. Comegys, 1.  Conarroe, 2.   De Franca, 4. Dodson, 1.  JB Forrest, 4.  Jos Ord, 2. Parker, 1. Remb Peale, 1. Raph Peale, 1.  James Peale, 4. J Sartain, 2.  Joshua Shaw, 3.  WT Russell Smith, 3.  Robt Street, 4. Thom Sully, 1.  Wm Warner, 2. H Warren, 4.  Thom Welch, 2. J Wms, 1. W Winner, 1.


JG Chapman of DC has 35!  Geo Cooke of DC has 23! Chas B King, 5; Chas Frederich, 2.

Miss Chosson, student in Paris, has 2; J Faurs is in Italy. JN Laugier, engraver, in Paris, 1.  WG Wall, Dublin, Ireland, 1. Stewart Watson, in Europe, 11.  W Wulmer, amateur? London, 1.


Boston: F Alexander, 2. Alvan Clark, 2.  Alvan Fisher, 1. GPA Healy, 1.


Clevenger, Beard, Cinti.


Crawley, Norfolk; Curtis, Charleston. John King, New Orleans, 1.  JG Leutze is still in Fredericksburgh VA, 2.  Robt M Sully, Richmond VA 4. John B White, Amateur, Charleston, 1.


J Hagen, Troy.  Trumbull, New Haven, 2.  Jacob C Ward, Bloomfield, NJ, 1.


Miniatures of W Page, and C Harding, by Alvan Clark; F Alexander did port of MRs SJ Hale


Politicians represented:

David Crockett (Chapman)

Chancellor Kent, jurist (FR Spencer, NPG)

Sen Alabama Wm King (Cooke, UNC)

Sen Tenn Hugh L White (Leutze; Longacre; NPG)

Sen VA Wm C Rives (Cooke)

Sen NY NP Tallmadge (Cooke)

View of Montpelier, seat of James Madison (Chapman)

View of Mt Vernon (Chapman, for Picturesque Illustrations)

Congressman Cilley of Maine (G Cooke) !

Wm G Harrison (Clevenger)

Sen Missouri, LF Linn (C Fenderich)

Tomb of Jefferson (Cooke)

View of DC fr Shooters Hill, nr Alexandria (Chapman)

MC VA, Henry Wise (Cooke)

Frigate Constitution entering NY Harbor (Pringle)

Sen Missouri Thom Benton (Fenderich)


Apollo Association for the Promotion of the Fine Arts in the US.  Catalogue of the Sixth Exhibition, at Clinton Hall, 1840.  NY:Saml Adams, printer, 59 Gold st. 25 cents (as was 1838)


Notice to artists:  exhib begins sept, closes end of Dec.  works of art for next exhib, opens early Jan, may be sent starting mid December.  Works intended for sale only may be sent at any time.  letters etc send to John P Ridner, Superintendent.


Officers for 1840:  John w Francis, MD Pres.  John P Newsmith, Augustus Greele, John P Ridner, John H Austen (auctioneer?) Wm L Morris, TN Campbell, E Parmly, Prosper M Wetmore, Danl Elliot, John R Murray, Benj Nathan, Paul Spofford, PR Brinckerhoff, Joshua N Perkins, AM Cozzens, Geo Bruce, John H Gourlie, James Herring.


No comments now on the artists or style, some identifications of subjects or attached poetic lines.  Showing now a lot more old masters lent by patrons like J Peters, or Campbell & Greig, SM Chester, H Colyer, John Rolfe.  Also quite a few lent by Boston Atheneum.


Lots and lots of copies, engravings too, as earlier.  164 listed.


Names, places of Living Artists:

VG Audubon, 86 White st, 3.

E Brackett, Granite Bldg, 2

F Basham, 594 Broadway

Lewis P Clover, 39 Walker st, 1

EC Coates, 67 Murray st, 4

AJ Davis, NYU, 2

Thom Doughty, 486 Houston st, 1

CL Elliott, 75 Franklin st, 2

James Frothingham, 48 Vesey st, 1

Alanson Fisher, 57 Bayard st, 2

Henry P Gray, 192 Fulton st, 2

Grunewald, 4

Geo Harvey, Granite Bldg, 1

SS Harding, 297 ½ Broadway, 1

John Hagen, 15 Centre St, 3.

Robt Havell, 172 Fulton st, 3

WK Hewitt, 1

Danl Huntington, 44 Vesey st, 2

WS Jewitt, NYU, 2.

PP Lawson, 2 Mercer st 1

G Marsiglia, 414 Broadway, 1

JA McDougal, 11 Park pl, 1

WS Mount, LI, 1

Wm Page, 9th ave, 4

FW Philip, Broadway and Chambers sts, 3

Robt Powers, Brooklyn, 1

J Pringle, Brooklyn, 1

Wm H Powell, 9 Park pl, 1

J Rolfe, Brooklyn, 2

Junius Stearns, 49 James st, 2

G Saunders, 163 Broadway, 1

CG Thompson, NYU 2

Mrs E Unkart, Brooklyn, 2

Wm Vredenburgh, Brooklyn? 2

Robt Weir, 1

J Whiteborne, 53 Walker st, 1.


Phila: T Birch, 5. GR Bonfield, 2.  MJ De Franca, 1.  EG Leutze, 1. C Mayr,? 3.  PF Rothermel, 3.  Russel Smith, 1; Mrs Russel Smith, 1.  Thom Sully, 2. Joshua Shaw, 1. Sartain, 1. Jesse Talbot, ? 2.  Isaac Wms, 1.  Wm Winner, 2. H Wilson, ?, 2. AM Walker, 3.

Boston: W Allston, 2.  F Alexander, 1.  TM Burnham, 1. Chester Harding, 1. R Salmon, 1.


South:  Amateur, Charleston, 1.  WJ Hubard, VA, 1. Miss MS Legare, Charleston 2.


DC: JG Chapman, 3.  Miss AC Cooper, ? 1.  C Deas, ? 1.  W Franquinet, 2


Near NY: JA Borron, Yorkville, 2.  Thom Cole, Catskill, 1.  Jacob C Ward, Bloomfield NJ 3.


Some of the patrons:

EW Barnum owns an Elliott Gman.  PR Brinckerhoff an artist unknown Rape of Proserpine and de Heem, and a Diana by Cortona, a Morland.  a G Endicott owns a Frothingham port of Rev Orville Dewey and WJ Hubard’s port of Henry Clay.  John P Ridner owns 3 Page portraits.  R Gilmor owns self port of Jarvis, the artist. Park Benjamin owns an SS Harding Port.  JA Adams owns a View of hq of Gen Washington in NY by Weir (for engraving prob) as well as Mount’s Sportsman’s Last Visit.  Mrs Unkart’s ptgs owned by E Unkart.  FW Edmonds owns a Geo Miller composition lscape and a Wm Page portrait.  AR Wetmore and Boorman both own a Talbot.  Sartain sent a mezzotint of Henry Clay after George Linen. Edw Bracket did a bust of Rufus Dawes and Gen Harrison.