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Ballot Box

Ballot Box, Wrong Voting will Neutralize our Moral Suasion Against Slavery, and Render it Contemptible. J Leavitt & N Southard, editors. 1 cent, 131 Nassau st

Vol 1 no 25, Oct 31, 1840


The Cedar is the Birney symbol; writes that when the strong but perishable Hickory, the lithe and ostentatious elm, and the soft and deceitful buckeye shall have rotted into oblivion, Cedar will tower aloft. Tippecanoe and Tyler too (Clay, Webster and Rives) are servile to the slave Power; vote for Gerrit Smith not Gov Seward. Addresses voters of color, Israelites, voluntary citizens, young men, Whigs, temperance men, Democrats, Irishmen, Friends of the Common Law, and Citizens of the Union