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Broadway Belle

Broadway Belle Nov 6 1858, Geo Thompson ed, two cents, still ed 1855. attacks loafers

Broadway Belle of Jan 8 1855, p. 1 story includes husband’s jealousy inspired by a miniature. p. 2 a speech fr Mose on Hard times, and “a contrast” in city life betw the homeless and a brothel, above mantel large ptg of Don Juan, Haidee and Lambro, elsewhere fine ptg of ancient ruins, nothing improper to a drawing rm of 5th avenue aristo

            Likes the Atlas.

Jan 29 1855 p. 1 Our Picture Gallery contrasts upper ten and lower twenty, fifth avenue man with his mistress, worker helps her undress, p. 2 has picture of the Newsboy, and poem by one of em, crying Times and Herald, but on Fridays the Belle, with the fancy news.  supports a buy American boycott (p. 3?) by the ladies, and the Young America a smart little weekly at Albany

Feb 19 1855, Prescott Harris takes over? has bought out the Whip.  Thompson still editor.

Mar 12 1855, Engraving p. 1 shows fashionable families together reading it, mostly women, but kids too.  Plan to issue The Bower Boy, since Belle is now more expensive, ed Miss Lizzie Du Vance.  p. 4 ha some thing about Harris’ sporting life in America, ed by LC Grimes, 102 Nassau, editor, compares himself to Young America, progressive and willing to try, energy  (Belle is at 298 Broadway)

            sold at steps of the Astor Hse.  they also publish the Wag [The Wag, or Literary Earthquake, two cents, Elton’s, 1840?  woodcut of a literary conversation betw theatrical bluestockings, including Cushman.  not a fan of Hale and J of C or Noah]

Artist who does their engravings is also author of Ten Days in the Tombs? also author of the Locket

AAS racy reel