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The Constellation (Library of Congress)

Starts with Sept 1832


Jan 5, 1833, vol 4 no 17, “Various, that the mind of desultory man, studious of change and pleased with novelty, may be indulted” Pub every Saturday at Merchants Exchange and Broadway, Eustis Prescott and Co. Subscription

  1. 129 Observer, for the Constellation, writes on criticism as exhib in our periodical works. Requires scholar, sound judg, knowmen and manners and respect the public taste even when it opposes his own. Don’t dip pen in gall, or praise false wit and vulgar humor. Writers today try to discover faults, pens guided by infl of feeling, catch floating trivila errors, say anything prejudicial, can’t discover the hidden gem. P. 130 Like the Knick. C Kean overacts. 133 monuments to Scott 135 New England Society noticed, Webster spoke. 136 Beaut monument to Bishop Hobart in Trinity

Jan 12 no 18 notices Heath’s book of Beauty, artists illus LEL

Jan 19 supports Dunlap benefit, excerpts the Atlas and C&E; Hemans

Jan 26 155, “Fine Arts” Peabody’s recd Brit Nat Gall, describes plates, engraver has superior manner, masaterly engraving. Lovers of FA shd get. Signed L.

Feb 2 Recollections of an Octogenearian fr NY Standard. 168 has Calhoun’s resolutions on the tariff.

Feb 9. Feb 17 177 Monument to Washington: Ely Moore addressed assembly, awakened soul of feeling, give portion of the speech. Some say no artificial aid to memory needed. Monument is to show the citizens of NY do not forget claims he has on their love, evidence of our skill and patriotism. Etc.

Feb 23 184 Arch of Titus poem. 189 John Martin and Imaginary Pictures—an engr fr his illus of Milton, realize her idea of a palace only in these pictures. Miss Arundel says lscapes have same magificent spirit of poetry as Coleridge; shd illus Arabian nights or Lucullus at supper. “the Olympian Jupiter” magicians in marble, taste of Grecian people for the beaut, artists considered beauty as the first object and so surpassed all others. Supports tribute to Dunlap

Mar 2  195 article on western character fr  Hall’s Western Monthly Mag

Mar 9 Mrs Norton poem, excerpt fr Western Mo Mag on Danl Boon. 204 reports on Dunlap tribute that address from GP Morris read, David Hosack chaired committee. 207 Character of the Press in London, astonishing want of principle pervades

Mar 16. Mar 23. Mostly all fr British papers.

Apr 6. Swinburne joins as publisher. Apr 13. 241 “Titian” poem fr Croly praises 246 describes apartments of Queen of Belgium, itemize luxurious appointments inclu 4 ptgs by Parmagiano, Calude, le Brun

Apr 20  249 “Panton Betew the Picture Dealer” from Nollekens and His Times, large slouched hat with a close round crown, brilliant ring.

Apr 27. May 4. 265 “ugliness” generally indication of a humorous and witty mind 269 Lithography Sennefelder has succeded in taking impressions of oil ptgs

May 11 273 poem by Bryant, on a mountain simile 276 present number of Knick, too many caricatures, low taste  278 “The Fine Arts” fr the Knick on the benefits and participants of the art lottery, including Robt Fulton

May 18 deplorable factory system fr Atlas  May 25. Puffs Audubon. 293 NY as it is, in 1833, John Disturnell, guide to the city. Sigourney on monument to mother of GW 295 “Flag of the Union” circular fr Charleston to execute a ptg of scene in Mexico, protecting the people


Jun 1 293 fr The NY Atlas, “The Veiled Picture”  Scottish lscape, sublime and pict blended in union with beaut 301 origin of word miniatures. Supports Bunker Hill monument

Jun 8 Likes School for Scandal at the Park. Jun 15  Jun 22 disapproves of soldiers behavior on the battery at the welcome for the President

Jun 29 July 6 343 Lives of Brit Artists, concluding volume, excerpts. Covers President’s tour of country. July 13 Knick shd proofread Jul 20 355 supprts colonization Jul 27 363 extract fr Catlin letter fr Com Advertiser

Aug 3 374 fr Western Mo Mag a story abt a Black patriot in Martinique (wouldn’t join a slave revolt?)  Aug 10 Aug 17 Aug 24 (published now by Prescott, Swinborne & Co393 “Genius in the Blues” recd last eve note fr McDonald Clarke the mad poet, addressed Dear Southworth, asks for loan of clothes, off to give a lecture on Love and Matrimony. Genius is erratic. Squandered fortune relieving others. Fr Providence Gazette 396 Jack Downing letters

Aug 31 401 publishers Swinburne and Rogers announce that Wm T Porter, editor of Spirit of the Times and the New Yorker, will now be editor of Constellation.  Also regularly publish peter Simple’s narrative 404 Davy Crockett

Sept 7 413 like the Knick under Flint, manliness refreshing after wishy-washy lucubrations from periodicals



Constellation now incorporates the Merchants’ Intelligencer “utile dulci”, a select weekly journal of polite lit, genl news, and mercantile info. 175 Broadway, where the Atlas is pub too by Swinborne, Rogers & Co. Eustis Prescott, ed of Merchants Intellg,will superintend that dept. Circulation of 3000

5th volume, no 35, Sat May 10, 1834

transl fr Life of Petrarah, excerpt fr Silliman’s journal, Knick is much improved under Lewis Gaylord Clark with his brother, Standard died but late editors starting the NY times, unpromising, call it Hard Times at once! P. 5.  Puffs Clinton lunch


Need to get Sat May 17!! (NAD review no 1)

May 24

  1. 1 “A Review of the National Academy of Design with Remarks upon Archit Sculpt and Ptg By a Virtuoso, No. II” Ptg a species of writing, same end, expression of ideas, akin to Creation since arises fr nothing.Advantage of ptr over poet, anecdote of Caracci, advantage over sculpture. Ptr must have ardour, enthusiasm, pure love, feelings for sublime and beaut, poetic sensibility, brilliant fancy, fire of inspiration, warm emotion, good heart, elevate mind. Nature shd be guide. Lots of classical anecdotes, Joshua Reynolds. Education also necessary, teaches line of delicacy which separates elegance fr vulgarity. Classic attainments necessary. Serious duty of criticism, not only the production of the artist, but also the productions of pseudo critics.
  2. 5 editor AD Paterson says no one is pledged in politics at paper. Notices the tapestry versions of Raphael’s cartoons near St Paul’s church in broadway, splendid performances, universal consent masterpieces, have seen the designs in England and executions here are accurate. Describes 2 scenes, St Paul Preaching, grandest repres of a public orator, and Christ delivering the Keys. Likes Mrs Wood at the Park. At the Bowery, Booth a good King Lear, up with Macready, and Forrest (Thespis). Notes a McDonald Clarke Love Lecture at Clinton Hall


Need to get Say May 31st! (NAD review no 3)


June 7, Office 13 Ann Street now.

Review of NAD continues, p. 1 but no. IV:

No 20 Portrait of Rev H Morton by Inman, one fo the first portrait painters in the country, fine talent and good taste, this ptg a fine effort but not his finest, doesn’t add to his rep. 21 Port of a Lady, S Watson, some merit indrwg of this picture, but coloring is too cold, backgrd harsh  22 Lscape on Hudson River, RW Weir, truly a fine production as to genl effect, but when viewed in its detail, picture is faulty. Clouding whhen viewed sufficinetly near to give effect to the small objects, betrays the palette and the pencil, the same faults observable in the midddle grd and very forcibly on the foregrd. Sky finely blended, distance and air tone v pleasing. Parterre betw middle and foregrds v natural. Effect would be much increased by glazing down the over-brilliant parts. Production adds to rather than diminishes his rep as a talented and tasteful artist, tho can’t agree with an evening journal that he is the “pupil of Poussin and of Claude Lorraine” and we wonder that he’s not been called the pupil of Titian, or Titian himself, inasmuch as he copied the “daughter” of the original in the fig of one of his portraits, No 33.


JJ Hanks, 23 Fruit Piece, drwg and coloring gd, composition too barren, needs foliage, 2-3 scattered leaves would have sanctioned the appearance of the fruit as being newly plucked.


J Frothingham, Portrait of WC Bryant, Esq (gives NA designation to the artists), no 24, an excellent ptg and a gd likeness, with perseverance artist can reach goal of excellence. 25 Port of a child in bed, C Mayr, shoulders are too broad for head, figure generally out of drwg, nor would hair be in such a beaut regularity in bed, tho fault may be fond mother not artist. 26 Potrait of S Swartwout, Esq, Frothingham, gd likeness and fine ptg, yet not so brilliant as his head of Bryant. 27 View of Prot Burying Grd, Rome, T Cole, v interesting pict, as in title, location of mortal remains of the American traveller whose classic taste led him from his home. On right is pyramidal tomb of Caius Lestius, the Epicurean, in distance is tower of Caecelia Metella, Priestess of Lanuvium. Time selected for view v happy, strongly demo fine taste of the artist, waning moon (the crescent moon of the Am Monthly) just casting forth, struggling for supremacy with sun, who retreats fr unequal conflcit, earth conscious of mighty struggle, twilight, all in fine keeping with the subject, the execution of which is difficult, so greater credit to artist for success. Faults are in the middlegrd and distance, both cld partake more of obscurity. 28 Head of a Deer T Cole, a natural drwg, coloring equally so. 29 Country School-house, a winter scene, JH Shegog, unworthy of a place in any exhib. 30 Port of a Gman, C Mayr, outline rather harsh, thos some credit must be allowed for the coloring. 31 Port of a Lady, W Swain, hard outline, coloring too cold. 32 Port of a Gman, C Mayr, drwg creditable, same fault as in No 30 by him tho. 33 Port of a Lady, RW Weir, picture without doubt appears to be a parody upon the splendid Titian’s Daughter. Has reversed the body, placed in upraised hands of lady a vase instead of a casket. Find the line of beauty much distorted in the change, appears also that the head of the lady takes an extra turn, for it is out of drwg compared with the position of her body, clare obscure and coloring are highly creditable to the true rep of the ptr

34  Port of a Lady S Watson, wants freshness of color, which if added to its present effect, might prove a pleasing picture. 35 3 Marys at the Sepulchre, G Cooke, title is misnomer, only 2 at sepulchre, nor is time represented the time of action, the palpable moonlight introd for an effect, as a contrast to the angel, gained nothing by sacrificing scriptural record. Has produced a v fine contrast, and glory emanating from angel v beaut, but more harmony in the picture to represent dawn. Merit of time and action now rests on his own taste and judgment. Otherwise adds to rep of Cooke whose productions of a classic nature have generally given satisfaction.

36 Sunset view on the Catskill, T Cole, splendid effort, justified in using the most unqualified term of admiration, decideddly a chef d’ouevre, unsurpassed even unequalled by any artist on our side of the Atlantic. The living light, glowing sunset, so brilliant as to dazzle eyes of beholder from observance of minor objects. This is nature--   2 powers are presented with nearly equal force, beauty and brilliancy of nature, and art that can produce semblance of so much splendor. Pict well worthy the cabinet of its high minded and  liberal owner, generosity only equalled by his taste and refinement.


Story titled The Unwedded Mother, and one on Old Maids (Sedgwick). Knick p. 7 had bad nurses, crammed it with bad aliment, now bids farewll to quackery, its article on peace societies a dream of philanthropist not waking verity of the observer, whole picture is not faithful representation of men. Peep at Washington one-sided, essay on Talleyrand lacks candor, reminiscence lacks interest. Poetry v gd. Praises cheap ed of Scott, edition of Cobbett has too much rancor agst authority, demagog. His writings on bullion v contradictory. “Mr. Cole’s Grand Picture of The Angels Appearing to the Shepherds,” at Gallery in Barclay st, an honor to our school of art as to conception and execution. Contrived a pict as admirable in its qual of lscape by night as that of a historical pict, wide extent, fore and middlegrd are shepherds, in beaut and correct persp, in backgrd is Bethlehem with ruins of temple on a  height in fine relief. Splendid radiance around angel 6 and idea which suggested the fig and its drapery is sufficient to stamp Cole as a genius of no common order. Likes decorum of responses of shepherds. Beams of star reflected fr water and road is beyond description magnificent, effect of compound light. Story comprehensive, complete, notwithstanding the diversity fos cene and variety of incident, a unity, breadth and spirit, work of a painter par excellence. Deserves to be visited.

Also on p. 6 criticizes lack of support for Italian opera, highly useful, the place where we stand most on our gentility, we dress, we cultivate politesse, we feel it distingues, work on our manners and national behavior, give us a higher polish. Like Power and Placide at Park, Fisher over acts.


June 14

5 praises Mechanics Mag, tho without specificity except woodcuts are correct, Ladies Mag is a dismal blotting book. Kentuckian in NY: whether we have a lit of our own has been humoroulsy and rancorously agitated, but if variety of incident, originality of feeling and expression, peculiarity of scene and of moral and political feature with almost unbounded liberty of expresssion, can produce a natl lit, we have it. This work shows how scenes appear to a native of KY, and how he appears to them, plot meagre, humor thin, but many shrewd remarks, author a man of the world. Ok with Repub of Letters, Am Mo Mag seems superior, Atlantic Club Book has list of NY writers. Park, likes Kembles, hopes manager won’t present Major Jack Downing again which despite Hackett is most paltry and vulgar attempt at humor we’ve seen. 7 clinton lunch advertises, as do Tapestries of Raphael at City Saloon Room


June 21 1834

  1. 1 Review of NAD continues No V.:

37 Breakfast Horn, SA Mount, v indiff prod for so talented an artist. 38 Port of a Gman, JF Hanks, wants softness, harmony. 39 The Torn Hat, port of boy and dog, JH Shegog, more successful in this subj which has merit than in his effort at lscape, his 29 country school.

40 Port Lady, C Mayr, not so gd as some others by him, hardness seems the prevailing faults in “Public portraits of Private persons.” 41 The Titans Goblet, T Cole, magnitude the chief feature in this truly novel composition, coloring is praiseworthy, execution difficult, artit highly successful. 42 Sm port of Gman, SA Mount, adds to rep. 43 Hellgate fr Ward’s Island, looking towards NY, G Cooke, view v correct, but coloring is too gaudy for our country, more the Mediterranean than NY. Difficult to represent the Sun, Claude justly celebrated for, and other than perfect success must be unpleasant to observer, such is the feeling here and doubly so when call to mind this artist’s splendid copy of Claude. 44 Edie Ochiltree, a head, S Watson, a v gd imitation of an old ptg. 45 Port of a Gman, J Whitehorne, neglect by port ptrs of chiaaroscuro, without which can’t reach above mediocrity, recommend it to him, so gifted an artist shouldn’t remain average

46 Port of G Jones (actor at Bowery) in character of Carwin, fr JH Payne’s play of Therese,  A Smith, Associate, the best fr the pencil of this talented artist who needs encouragement, injured by being placed over the glaring coloring of no 43 (Cooke’s lscape) which may add to depth of shadow in Smith’s, yet takes from the warm and well managed light. Attitude and bearing are correct, likeness equally so, though features are too old, because shows him in his role. Successful in every pt of view. 47 Port of an Infant, J Gauntt, title shd have been “An Infant Production of the Art.” 48 Ital lscape, Mrs. A C, merit of no common order, chief fault a heaviness or dullness for bright air of Italy, talent of this lady seems hid under veil of modesty, recommend cast aside. 49 Long Island, a Farmer husking corn, WS Mount, drwg and detail excellent, coloring of corn v natural, fig fr its ease was a skeleton fr nature, if not, artist deserves great credit for his success. Fault of this ptg and a glaring one with this artist is the unnatural blue sky, so much as to destroy all appearance of atmosphere. 50 Boy on the Fence, Ws Mount, prefer this pict to the preceeding on account of its greater simplicity, drg more difficult but artist equally successful. Fault is same as the last

51 Lscape, AB Durand, ptg has procured for him with his other efforts, enviable title of Genius, upheld not only by other writers on the Fine Arts but by his productions as a Portrait, Figure or Lscape ptr, highest approbation, and first Engraver. Picture has great merit in composition, detail, coloring, call attn of young artists to close study of beaut foliage in middle foregrd, gives effect to aerial perspective so conspicuous here. Defects of ptg are want of atmosphere betw fregrd foliage and mtn on right, also a coldness in air-tone, which may be attrib togaudy coloring of other ptgs around it than to its own defect. Artist can’t know what force of color may be near his own, some accordingly produce a gaudiness, others, fall into coldness.

52 Port Lady G Winter. We dislike this pict as regards composition and coloring, in former Lady has been placed in an attitude devoid of grace or beatuy, the latter its sombreness that detracts fr otherwise gd points. 53 Full length port of Gov Throop, RW Weir, gd likeness, but will bear a comparison w/others in City Hall? Not his best production. 54  Tornado, G Miller, Assoc. coloring best part, design v bold, but composition defective, wind wld have dash’d storm torrent into mist, while air needs destruction’s splinters to give terror to grandeur. Defects in a powerful delineation. 55 Port of Rev Mr Jackson, G Winter, faults which we noticed in 52, Port of a Lady, are here too. 56 Ports of Ldy and 2 Children, G Cooke, pleased to see more atmosphere than is visible in thi s pict, were the over brilliant tints glazed down, be more pleasing. Chief fault of this artist’s exhib pictures is gaudiness of color. 57 Port of a Lady Sleeping, G Flagg, we dislikethe unpleasant look of th Lady, dreaming rather than sleeping, but pict speaks loudly for talent of v young artist, anxious for his success.


5 reviews another Cobbett, likes NY As It Is, Am Mo Mag has Morals for the people that is vulgar ins tyle, mere verbiage, dull poetry, others gd. “Grand Pictures by Panini” Thurs were present at private sale of 4 grand pictures of Monuments of ancient and modern rome, decidedly ches d’ouevres, St Peter’s and imaginary galleries, somewhat similar in plan to that of Morse’s Gallery of the Louvre. V effective, masterly style, at Academy Barclay St open to public, please fancy of mere visitor not only taste of conoisseur.

  1. 6 Raphael bio in context of recent exhumation, contradicting claims of St Luke’s to have his skull (and showing errors of subseq phrenologists)


June 28 1834

  1. 1 Review of NAD, no. V:

58 Minstrel’s return fr the War, Wm Page, creditable to the talent of the artist, tho we dislike the angular fig of the Minstrel, coloring too brilliant. 58 Lscape WM Oddie, chief fault is want of force, the like defect in No 11 by same gman. “pauvre cheval” in foregrd better for skeletal Quixote than fleshbound Italian brigand, but still claims compliment in our remarks on 11.

60 Sea Piece, J Pringle, hardness abt this nautical scene detracts fr its good points, shd consult W Birch. His best view is the Packet Ship St andrew, late in Merchants’ Exchange.

61 Sailors playing Cards, t Thompson, by this specimen, artist must in future “speak by the card, or equivocation will undo him” 62 Port of L da Ponte, P Coppman, gd likeness, tho not so dignified as the orig. 63 Port of a gman, JH Kimberly, mediocrity. 64 Port of John Shephard, SA Mount, artist’s forte is not port ptg. 65 Lscape, W Bailey, Deficient alike in coloring, drwg and archit knowledge. 66 Composition, WB Oddie, v indiff production. 67 Port of a Lady, J Freeman, NA, meritorious pict, flesh tone v natural and head ing d keeping, tho defect in drwg of throat. 68 Full length port of a Lady, Morse, beaut effort fr respected President a highly talented and finished production, chiaroscuro admirable and reflected lights worthy of closest study as are drapery and foreshortening of lower limbs. High finish perceptble on instant, esp architecture, vase of flower, general detail. A rare gem.

69 Port of exPres Madison, ptd for Geo P Morris by Durand, family says is best likeness of him extant, strengthens our compliment in remarks on No 51.

70 Port of Wm Fuller, J Whitehorn, gd resemblance, ptg indiff. 71 The Tyrolian Kirchwechfest, or Kiermess, I Pebst, little talent and less interest. 72 Port of Girl and Dove, JH Shegog, pict of Torn Hat is far before this one. 73 West Pt, below Ft Putnam, G Cooke, remarks earlier on exhib picts by this artist apply with equal force. 74 Port Ldy JF Hanks, gd frame, well gilt, neatly jointed, to be had in quantities, apply Messrs Parker & Clover.

75 Ariel, C Ingham, chief merit is finish of fig, drapery is too heavy,, shd have been gossamer. Title is fairy spirit, features represent singer Mrs Austin, but won’t criticize likeness, but as repres of Shakespeare’s character a failure. Flowers she treads on petrified not to have sunk beneath heavy limbs. Ingham’s Ariel, not Shakespeare’s.

76 Turk C Mayr, grace sadly deficient. 77 Mother and child, WS Mount, a neat composition hto a hasty ptg. 78 Lscape T Cole, pict illus those beaut lines fr Byron’s Parisina, fine production, composition a vacsimile of pets imagination, depicted with force demo the master power of this artist in conception and execution of diff subjs.

79 Port of Gman, Morse, drwg of head stand out in bold relief v correct, quality acquired by close incessant application, coloring however the force and brilliancy of the tints in the backgrd detract fr harmony of the principal obj.

80 Boy and Hobby Horse, J Whitehorn, hope this Horse is not the Hobby of the artist, advise him to consult Homer, find how unsuccessful he has been in representing the base descendant of the Trojan wooden conqueror

81 Port Ldy C Ingham. No artist in the country has approached the high elaborate finish of ports by this ptr. Fault may be too highly finished, thereby too idealzing women. As with Apollo, so with women, we are content to gaze upon her features as she is, don’t wish that she shld be obscured within the complexioned veil of Man’s ideality

  1. 4 Combe despite phrenology has beaut observations and reflections on human nature. P. 5 Cooper’s Letter to his Countrymen, controversy around it strongly colored by party. Prefer he separate his fiction fr his political writings.
  2. 5 Exhib of 4 Magnif ptgs by Paninni, captivating by lamplight, by day value rises, describes them. Imagined view of a classical gallery contains miniature works of antiquity, etc.

Not enthusiastic abt Mrs Austin at Park. Ad on same page for auction at Acad of FA of valuable coll of oil ptgs by celeb Masters, ancient and modern


July 5 1834 Constellation

p.1 Review of NAD continues

82 Port of Gman, T Sully, nothing to attract partic attn, tho sketch is fr a master.

83 Old Oaken Bucket, FS Agate, compos illus lines fr Woodworth, is v pleasing genl approbation, brilliancy of light in foregrd would have sanctioned a brighter sky, or effect attained by glazing down the lustre of the foliage, wld have added to tout ensemble

84 Port of a Surveyor, C Mayr, brilliant effect abt the head chief merit of it. 85 Port of Gman, J Whitehorne, want of atmosphere v discernible, as also the harmony of colors, but not devoid of merit. 86 Columbus submitting his views, S Watson, subj has greatest interest to Americans, artist shd be conversant with spanish history, but has failed to portray it, tho ptg which is of the Leslie school has merit fo a high order, it is deficient in finshi and execution. Best character is haughty and doubting King, tho question propriety of his standing, courtesy to his queen but not to a subject like Columbus who he thinks more a visionary than a truthteller, and doubly question that Columbus is sitting in royal presence. His character too subservient, in shadow and corner, and not a likeness to his busts or medals; Queen too petite and fragile to withstand war thos she donned cuirass and witnessed battle strife, composition suggests King has submitted his views to Isabella and Columbus who sit perusing charts, while King seems to await their mandate. Archit also faulty, column an inverted obelisk. Minute crit bcause artist possesses talents of no common order.

87 Murder of the Princes in the Tower, G Flagg, composition for artist of 17 astonishing, depth and tone of color too, except the gaudiness of bed drapery. Better than his Falstaff playing King, but Shakespeare too powerful for so young a man to portray, it is the completion of an artist’s ambition to the commencement. Entreat him to pursue profession with industry, natural genius.

88 Italian Scene, Composition, Cole, ptg together with Sunset no 36 has placed him on an unequalled unapproached eminence, no other ptg has beauty and clearness of atmosphere as this one.

89 Port of a lady, J Whitehorne, ddrwg of head and fig seem correct, tho right hand is deficient; prefer this to no 85; 90 Full length port of two ladies, Durand versatile, composition simple so pleasing, drwg v correct, likeness excellent.

91 Dead Able, Cole, knowl of anatomy plus beaut specimen of flesh coloring. 92 Prisoners of Chillon, W Page, claireobscure is most meritorious part, composition meagre compared with description by poet of Newstead Abbey

93 port of Gman, S Watson, gd portrait, strongly depicting talent of artist; 94  Port of Ldy in Spanish Dress, G Cooke, prefer drwg to No 56, tho same faults as in No 43 and 73.

95 The Fine Arts, G Marsiglia, more pleasing with less brilliancy of coloring and breadth of light. Features bear too close a resemblance to ea other to be sufficiently discernable, need shadow on fig in right as relief to entire composition

96 FS Agate, Port of an Artist, has characteristics of excellence in his no. 13. 97 Port of a Ldy A Smith, not the best effort by talented gman, drapery best part. 98 Port Lady Durand, does not reach quality of 69 or 90. 99 After Dinner, WT Mount, excellent, replete with nature and simplicity, coloring gd, drwg correct,

100 Port of Gman, GW Twibill, Jr, only picture by this talented artist, but congratulate him on being hired by City to paint port of exmayor G Lee, deserves compliment.

101 Study fr Nature, T Cruikshanks, highly talented effort; 101 Port of Gman, JK Fisher, diversity of color destroys intent of artist; 102 T Thompson Packet Ships within the Hook, drwg correct, but wants finish detail. 104 The Artist’s Brother, ED Marchant, sadly deficient in warmth and tone of color; 105 Port of Gman by SB Hutchins has same defects as previous one. 106  Highland Scene, TK Wharton, view newrly orrect, but lacks atmospherical effect. 107 Sea Piece Miss Breton, v beaut, effect v brilliant, colors harmoniously blended, her best ptg here. 108 Holy Family Prof Naecke of Dresden, beaut tone, delightful, compos harmonious, finish of highest description. 109 Nymphs and Satyr, J Shaw,, too grotesque for the subj, foliage of foregrd trees like a perpendicular field of barlye, newly scattered, only pleasing effect is atmosphere in middle distance. 110 Port Gman, JK Fisher, peculiar faults of this artist strongly depicted. 111 Packet Ships in narrows, T Thomposon, better disposition of light and shade than 103, tho has same principal defects. 112 Port Gman, ED Marchant, nothing particular to recommend it other than individuality of countenance. 113 Rocks of Calvados, Miss Breton, not as meritorious as 107, tho v pleasing and effective. 114 Port Gman, JH Kimberty, refer this artist to the works of Inman for contemplation. 115 Engraving of Rev John Power, SH Gimber, merit, but injured by so near to splendid effort by W Danforth. 116 Lscape TK Wharton, v pleasing production. 117 Wood engravings, JA Adams, not the best by this highly talented artist, compare to the Capitol. 118 Engraving Uncle Toby after Leslie’s Picture, MT Danforth, splendid effort, native artists, Durand says splendid. 199 Historical Design for a NY Washingotn Monument, G Jones, late of American Theater, Bowery, writer in American Monthly speaking of this design, shows his lack of knowledge of architecture and sculpture, critical of proportions making it seem giant. Corrects him that design is only 136 feet high. Excuse magazine writer, must have been moonstruck, transferred him sight, language and all, to the Potestant Burying Ground at Rome (vide his criticism) and being incensed at this Turk like behavior christened full moon the crescent moon.  Merit of a design lies in effect at first sight, detail to be examined minutely later; composition is key not finish. Describes a classical pillar, with an Egyptian base.

  1. 6 new issue of New England mag bad.

Continues description of Paninni ptgs, the view of modern Rome if you haven’t been there has the least interesting associations (they are an advertiser)

  1. 7 notes Bryant’s departure for Europe, poet of highest rep, as journalist not vulgar or personal, his department creditable. “Horatio Greenough” success that waits on sedate genius. Busts of Washington, lafayette, Byron, the colossal Washington has been sent in a plan to govt. Supportive.


July 12, 1834

  1. 1 Review of NAD continues, with note by Virtuoso that writer is on his way to Europe to pursue study of his profession and the Fine arts, will finish the review in next number.

120 Port Gman, JF Hanks, v indiff. 121 Port Gman, P Coppman, prob likeness, but doesn't merit further comment. 122 Miniature port of infant, Mrs. Seager, v pleasing and creditable, fault is in faintness of coloring. 123 Miniature lscape, Mrs AC, drwg nearly correct, but wanting in force of color. 124 Tea Party, Mrs AC, far preferable to previous in interest, nature and coloring, figure in left corner peculiarly graceful. 125 Miniature port gman, JJ Mapes, not devoid of merit, tho lacks necessary ease indispensable requisitte in composition of gd picture. 126 & 127 East and West front views of Bath Church, G Miller, both highest order, drwg, persp, coloring admirable, air tone deficient in atmosphere, detracts from otherwise perfection of efforts, confer great credit on rep of talented artist. 128 Westminster Abbey, Robson, chef d’ouevre, artist of first character for water color, worthy of master, blending colors so exquisitely executed that appear effect of oil. Foreshortening admirable, time in keeping with subj, setting sun, mirrored waters, cloudless majesty over mighty dead, image of Scott, twilight melancholy of a funeral hall.

129, 130 JG Clonney, gd finish, tho deficient in force. 131 Miniature port lady, Miss C Deming, fr pencil of a lady, further the deponent sayeth not. 123 Port Commodore Rogers, Jw Jarvis, excellent repres of commander, tho wanting brilliancy and relief. 133 Port Gman, J Gauntt, another on list of indiff portraits. 134 J Pringle, Messrs Smith and Co Ship yard, coloring bad, persp too, force of color on American flag destroys foregrd. 135 J Pringle, Packet Ship Matilda and pilot boat, coldness of tone and bad coloring renders it anything but pleasing. 136 J Pringle, US frigate Hudson, getting underway, far superior to 134 and 135, more creditable to have one good picture than a dozen indiff. 137 Design for St Paul’s Church portico on Broadway, AJ Davis, classical architect of design has shown a vast improvement in façade, much to be desired. Judgment here not according to caprice, but undeniable rules of architecture, perfect ideas of proportion from classical architecture, Vitruvius laws. Present façade violates those proportions, and its decorations are of most depraved examples of Italian archit found in City hall and domestic dwellings, but deserve severe reprehension. As taste becomes diffused, these crude, barbarous and expensive absurdities will be exploded. Davis proposes correct classical proportions.

138 Study fr Nature, O Oakley,merit as a sketch, not a study. 139 View of Quarantine Ground, WJ Bennett, view v correct, shipping too, high merit as water color, original of a noted engraving by same gifted artist. 140 Mtn Scene, G Miller, fine specimen of clare obscure in watercolor, delightful morceau. 141 View in Amiens, G Oakley, Associate, meritorious in drwg and coloring, tho latter appertains to gaudiness. 142 Port Gman, chalk, S Watson, sketch possesses great freedom, and from its case, a gd likeness


  1. 5 “The Last of the Jacobites” describes a relics of the party, Alexander Halket, a merchant, lived in a hotel, room hung with number of portraits of latter members of house of Stuart, himself always affecting airs of an aristocrat, declaiming about upstart pride. Some rascally picture dealer imposed on him a nondescript daub asa likeness of Queen Mary, hung in place of honor, exhib to his guests, many of whom were like him too blidly attached to show of antiquity to suspect the cheat. One activated by unhappy spirit of connoisseurship undeceived him, convinced him it was hated Elizabeth—Halket responded by turning his back to her at table to show his contempt
  2. 6 very critical of abolitionists, slavery bad, but abolition worse. Likes Knick pretty well, glad EFE (woman) is writing for them. Guy Rivers good. Exhib of Figs in Wax Works at the Museum, Broadway and Anthony, rational amusements, specimens of art, ingenuity displayed in wax work, some great skill and fine discrim. Daytime as a curiosity, nighttime for more impressive spectacle
  3. 7 excerpts fr NY Times of Thursday, Abolitionists again Defeated, mtg at Chatham Chapel, but prevented by assembled crowd.

Riot at Bowery when Abraham Curtis deposed that Mr Farren there had spoken disrespectfully of the UsS at a hotel on Saturdya night, Farren contracited. Forrest was appearing in Metamora, crowd occupied stage demanding Farren’s discharge, Forrest applauded, Hamblin rejected, lobby doors broken women jumped from windows. Mob formed not long after at house of Tappan, destroyed contents.


July 19

  1. 6 protest now agst rioters and anti-abolitionists. City authorities supine, shd repress, bring offenders to punishment. Public press also forms public morals, is to blame, vilify adversaries. Mad at vandalism to ship Constitution, need to enforce and obey laws. City authorities need to clean streets. P. 7 Am Mo Mag gets mixed review, tho they admire its editor. Cornerstone laid for Astor’s hotel.


July 26

  1. 1 bio og actor George Jones, praises his design for a Washington Monument, skill taste and thought, elegant amusement for hin
  2. 7 approves of cheap publications of lit, editor Paterson also editing Oriental Library, new weekly periodical


August 2

  1. 7 Mechanics Mag too interested in phrenology, otherwise gd for industrious people, Knick gd esp poetry. “The Fine Arts—Vanderlyn” rejoice that Congress grants him additional $1500 for his full length port of GW in Rotunda, one of our greatest historical ptrs, unites grace of Guido schl of drwg with rich coloring of Titian and Rubens, rep abroad, hope Congress will ask him for a series of historical illustrative ptgs, traces of his genius perpetuated in memorable incidents of revolution or colonial struggles, before he gets too old


Aug 9

  1. 4 Notes on Life of Late Sir Thom Lawrence. Disagrees with Allan Cunningham that art imitates nature, so shd be judged by nature. Man must be removed v far from a state of nature before he can admire anything in art but the monstrous, the distorted, and the glaring. Even in civilized society, strong and violent contrasts, and extremes bordering on the absurd excite much admiration, not exclusively among the vulgar and illiterate. To appreciate art requires a peculiar faculty, not extensively bestwoed, and must be cultivated. Lawrence humble birth, bad w/money, not a connoisseur, benevolent

p.6 Mirror pub portraits of Presidents, likenesses excellent, credit to artists. Am Mo Mag still bad. New England Mag becoming too provincial and partisan.


Aug 19 (16)

  1. 8 (2) Glimpses of Lafayette includes meeting with widow of Benjamin Constant, his friend, shows Constant’s bust in marble executed by a celeb Parisian artist, preserved under a glass cover ona console, little model of a monumental statue roposed to his memory, aroused her emotions
  2. 6 editor announces Constellation and Atlas will cease at end of month, replaced by NY Literary Gazette, mostly reviews

critical of a newspaper editor, professing to be Whig, so principles of liberality and dissemiantion of knowledge, who disdains cheap literature, from sourness of poor reception of his own stories

Aug 23

p.6 criticizes city authorities for not acting to suppress new disorders, public press for not attacking lawbreakers, but ea paltry cabal giving personal abuse to its political adversaries, fear re anarchy.


The Constellation, May 25, 1833, Prescott, Swinborne and  Co.


  1. Rosenberg designed their masthead in 1859 with allegory at an easel, Geo Roberts ed and pub, July 4 issue also features Buchanan portrait and Edw Everett, quotes Ross Wallace line (and later his ode to Webster), HW Beecher port too, praises Bonner’s Ledger. Parks Benjamin, Sylvanus Cobb, other writers; has portrait of a fireman, and of Crawford’s statue, images of Trib and Times, and of Humboldt, a frolic in the plantation. V crit of Geo Sands. Has portraits of Greeley and Bennett.