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The Constitution (Library of Congress)

45 Ann St, AR Crain & Co., one cent. Masthead is the ship, with banners saying Don’t give up the ship, Whigs do your duty. Encouraging yearly ads.


Vol 1 no. 18 Sept 20 1834

The American Whig has merged with the Penny Daily Gazette to form the Constitution.

Whig reading rooms in the 14th and 8th Wards.

  1. 1 All a statement by WW Tindall in rebuttal to accusations in The Jeffersonian (Hill, Devoe, Childs is the printer; formerly it was the Democratic Chronicle) of trying to bribe them with money of the US Bank. P. 2 in favor of Seward for Governor and Silas Stilwell for Lieut, agree with Courier that they are the People’s candidates, while Marcy and Tracy are the Regency’s Candidates. Admire DeWitt Clinton.

Jokey column “Theatre Royal—Tammany Hall” are producing a popular sequel Usurpation or Things as they Are (sequel to The Magician or a Despotic Govt Restored), with editors of the Post and Times as clowns engaged at considerable expense. Ed. Of Truth Teller will also appear. Cockfighting and bullbaiting will gratify patrons’ taste. P. 4 Mrs Hemans poem


Vol 1 no 32 Tues Oct 7 1834. Gives O’Connell speech, p. 2 label Marcy not Seward as the bank candidate. General Whig reading room for city is at Concert Hall on Broadway. RN White engraver on wood ad. Miss Landon poem

Oct 8 1834 Patrick Henry letter to Van Buren. P. 2 critical of Tammany Hall’s claim that the Whigs were just the Federalists, points to many Federalists who joined the Democrats, including Josiah Ogden Hoffman, judge. P3 story abt Wm E Frothingham, lad of 12, sentenced for trying to kill his cousin who slept with him. Family Magazine ad. Poem fr Sigourney and Falconer p.4

Oct 9 excerpt a Knick poem.

Oct 10 LEL poem

Oct 11

Oct 13 more stuff with an Irish slant. P. 4 NP Willis’ Tom Fane fr New Mo Mag

Oct 14, p.2 critical of Ely Moore for joining Tammany, betraying mechanics. Anecdote of boy on steamboat selling penny Jeffersonian, why not sell Constiution, Eagle or Whig Papers? Boy said dad would lose his office

Oct 15 critical of Cobbett. Hannah More poem. Oct 16 p. 2 report on Whigs mechanics mtg at Masonic Hall. Oct 17 p.1 travels in the Interminable West, Oct 18 p.2 defends Courier against numberless complaints of its hostility to the Irish, but it is a sin of the editor, not the party

Tues Oct 21, Oct. 22, p. 2 defends Whigs against imputation of aristocracy, points to worse among Dems. Letter from Cato

Oct 23 p. 3 ad for Jarvis F Hanks, Ornamental sign painter 80 Wm st. p. 4 fr The New Yorker and fr the Metropolian.

Oct 27, p. 1 appeal to sailors to vote Whigs. P. 3 JS Redfield also at 45 Ann st advertises the Family Mag’s “Portrait of Matthias the Impostor” fr an orig drawing

Oct 29 Tammany is atheist. P. 4 “The Picturesque” from Harpers’ Visits and Sketches by Jameson includes a independent yeoman’s idea of it—he says country is fine, beautiful, splended, but Jameson doesn’t see anything picturesque, yeoman says soil when you turn it up you can have something for your pains, the fine soil makes the fine country

Oct 30 Great Whig Mtg at Masonic Hall p. 2 included John H Beach, Joseph Hoxie, urged voting for G Verplanck, Ogden Hoffman, Hamilton Fish, Isaac odell; James Watson Webb addressed. P. 3 worried re too dangerous competition betw steamboats. The Age is too harsh on Thompson, an advocate of abolition. Cautiosly p. 4 promotes Texas, fr Courier & Enquirer

Oct 31 p. 2 critical of Evening Post as false friend of Irish