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Copway's American Indian

Copway’s Amer Indian, Aug 23, 1851, letters fr Florence mention grp of figs fr chisel of Greenough for capital at DC, a woman and child rescued fr an Indian, a type of triumph of civ over barbarism, completed, on its way, artist also expected, noble group, hi rep of artist


Copway’s American Indian, Sept 6, 1851, p. 4 Advertisements for Phreno J and Water Cure J, all the hotels, all the daguerreotypers (Root, JM Clark, Gurney’s, MM Lawrence, Brady, ) picture framers and looking glasses, also Wms Stevens and Wms Art Repository

  1. 3 Art News, Kellogg’s picture of Genl Scott been placed in Governor’s Room of City Hall, also those of Genl Taylor, and Gen Paez, by Vanderlyn. JF Cafferty busy on pict representing dismissal fo acountry school, a work add to his already extended fame, a port of late Major Noah now on his easel.  CH Blauvelt two excellent designs, one of first vote of an adopted citizen,t he other of the Hungarian patriot leaving Europe, grt improvement in style.  Jacob Dallas, talented designer, busy illust. Cornelius Matthews’ Chanticleer.  Jesse Talbot largelscape, Tait’s Washington at engraver, J Kyle fine portraits, cabinet full length of Manuel M Noah much attn and commendation, grt merit, style pleasing, trust will become pop, in such matters Ryle has no rival.  his two ptgs of California emigrant life highly spoken of.

Cranch, Cropsey, Kensett, Church and Boutelle sketching across country.  Elliott recovering his late accident, will begin likeness of Webster.

            Hitchcock, Wright, Carpenter, Greene, Collyer, etc, busy on portraits, Collyer’s Crayon sketches, faultless, becoming v popular.

            Beman & Case depot for flint ware, Broadway and Prince st, really beaut, variety of objects (lions, horses, cows, boys, girls.  adverisement in paper.

  1. 4 JH Richardson on Fulton st advertises as engraver, Dauguerreotypes get own separate subheading, includes JM Clark, Brady, Root, Gurney, and MM Lawrence


NY misc Copway’s Am Indian, July 10 1851, endorsed by John Neal, Cooper, Simms