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vol 3 has review of Acad Design 1859 p134, MVV writes, Tuckerman, OJ Victor, Belle Brittan, sketch of Briggs, Bellows, Osgood on Crawford, Church’s Heart of the Andes, profile of Edw Everett, HK Brown on literary curiosities, martyrdom of Huss review, women artists, HC Victor writes, Briggs authored the sketch of Page on 217, 218 editor’s plea for American Art, Ruskin on cheap pics, sketch of Sonntag, Alice Cary, Venus of Page, Washington Art Commission, Laura Elner, Willis, profile of Palmer, America of Hiram Powers, peale on Washington, profile of Tait, James Hart, late Mrs Dassell, profile Wm Hart, Tait, Oertel, Remb Peale, Sonntag (best Saxon blood, patron was Magoon and his Prog of Civ based on Bryant poem, worked on pano of Paradise Lost shown at Barnum’s did scene ptg, Evangeline, doesn’t mention Duncanson. Profile of Blauvelt, born in NY 1823, abecdite if choosing Luther reading the Bible, would not sell, so covered it with Paddy just arrived fr Cork, which was a hit. Am AU a steady patron, has been lithod, emigrants old negroes, stage drivers, delicacy of feeling and undertone of humor and pathos


Mar 1857 p 86 profiles Metta Victoria Fuller, b 1831, at 17 a favorite of Home J as Singing Sybil, Geo H Derby published a book of her poems, published her Mormon Wives, moral of polygamy, in 1856 married OJ Victor of Ohio

  1. 96 gives Emerson’s speech on beauty


June 1857 p131 writes to correspondent in St Paul that going to hae Spencer’s Shake Hands, will like it even better than exquis Day dreamer p. 132 notes sale of Greek Slave at Merchants Exchange, excerpted fr Trib. also notice of Talbot’s lscapes Sons of Noah, tenth chapter of Genesis, Division of the Earth.

  1. 116 American Ptrs: their errors in regard to nationality, art in our century must be utilitarian, not decorative but painter must chastise folly, strangle immorality, etc, have dominion over passions of masses of body politic, our artists forget importance of nationality, need to do Am history not buy works of foreigners undisting for taste or delicacy. Critics err by praising old masters, never seen by popular mass. Lscape most successful, need to enlist symp response, as happens in martyrdom of Huss, simple man defies thunders of authority, our artists must not be inert


Sept 1857, p 161 bought the Duss coll fr Boker, leaving due to domestic troubles, will include some of its pics in distrib, as well as commissions fr Lilly Spencer, Jerome Thompson, Talbot, Harting and other eminent artists, also Greek slave


Dec 1857 p53-64 Supplement gives history of the Cosmo, with nice illus of Duss gallery, in first year dispensed Greek Slave, Sonntag, Frankenstein etc; Second year the Genoa Crucifix, Powers of Wash and Franklin, Sonntag, Buchanan Read, Beard, Hasting, Flagg; Third year, Palmer, busts of Clay Calhoun and Webster by Muller, Day Dreamer and Kiss me if you dare by Lilly Spencer, old masters. Starting 4th year, bought back Greek slave, ordered new engraving of Manifest Destiny, a $5 picture, by Solomon eng by English Lemon. Has list of premiums, Powers and Spencer on first page, also How Tempting (maid of 17 holding up bunches of grapes), Spencer don't touch, child of 7 reaches for basket of fruit, Spencer’s Mirth or Milton’s Lallegro and her version of Penseroso, Talbot Summer, transported to summer of fancy land, Autumn, Talbot among best of our lscape ptrs,  Jerome Thompson going to Mill, Leutze Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn tyrant and victim, Hasenclever, Lessing’s Trial of Huss the companion to his Martyrdom, orig Trial is in Frankfurt, this is a copy for Cosmo, Van Schendel’s Fish market at night, Geo Hall lady going west, a Bingham, a few Chapman, a Sonntag

            p47 consolidated Emerson’s and Putnam’s promising, not flippant


1858 Mar-Jun p.148 Acad of Design exhib, so much has been said, not inclined to do so, press notices of equivocal character, contradictory estimates even more than on virtue in politicians, have read articles not criticisms in Trib, Times, Albion etc, one praises, another slurs, not willing to agree. Public somewhat relied on these paper estimates, but ought not to have any confidence in such stupidity and assumption. Papers employ “highly competent” young man who chiefly has insolence and vanity (he calls indep) to do the fine arts, and they are done with a vengeance, patronising, trifling, ignorant of art’s requisites and principles. Public should judge for itself. Talbot’s Pictures: series of large pics, illus sacred history, division of the earth, first scene in Asia at the foundation of the Assyrian empire, second in Egypt at her glory then shorn of it by invading armies of Babylon, as foretold by Hebrew prophets, third in Greece at highest civ and refinement. Clear and luminous in color, bold and free in design, firm in execution, will be a great triumph

            Supplement p153, 4th year. p. 134-6, long crit of terrible foreign painters of Capitol, blame Meigs


Sept 1858 p. 209, leading NY journal pub synopsis of Kellogg’s pamphlet on Powers, unjust, need to give both sides of the story. Louisa Lander commission for Cooper. Jesse Talbot first in list of landscape painters discussed in Our Artists and their Whereabouts, glad our painters feel it is requisite to go to country to paint, shall get an Am school of Art fr it, catch spirit and majesty of divine lscape. Talbot working in Noah’s sons, but also Indian’s Last Gaze at sunset in west, vigorous, grace and power. Mrs Spencer in new studio in Newark, in premises of Lockwood where ptd big canvas. Chas Blauvelt in Johnson’s Bldg tenth st, his Warming up at Acad much attn, his counterfeit bill to be engr in London one of best. Harts. Gignoux’s Niag won’t suffer fr comparison with Church


Dec 1858 Editor OJ Victor, Character in scenery, illus with Huntington, Americans admire English rural life and Alps, but apathetic toward US. Church and Gignoux showed stupendous sublimity of Niagara, so we’re not indiff, true for a few other places, but a lot of noble scenery left, need artist to show us its excellence. Most scenery is picturesque, as shown by Huntington, repose, grace, soft rich foliage gentle, harmonizing, Nature’s loving aspect. Talbot’s on the Juniata is the quiet and peaceful touched with awe, unifying beaut and grand, quotes Bayard Taylor on Penn scenery, then Kensett on Catskills a v pop subj at Academy exhibitions, everlasting streama nd inevitable hill, a sameness in them. Plea for cultural nationalism, o what is Amer in char, sentiment and signif, too great study of the old masters to neglect of Nature and people and life around them. Years to bring out distinctive Am element in art expression.


Mar 1859 p. 85 Art Resources, reviews current exhibs, doesn’t think Aspinwall’s old master works exciting, Murillo’s Immac Conception not one of his best, costly


Domestic Art Gossip p87, TB Read returned, back in Cinti, then back to Italy, now in NY, exquis composition, Spirit of the Waterfall, poet’s sensibility, describes it, Tenth st studio, Huntington back and in Appleton’s, Durand Kensett and Rossiter will have superb pics, Kensett an Old Father Oak, Rossiter and Mignot doing Washington. Stillman’s Longfellow. Church and Palmer go to Europe, Palmer named a child after Church. Casilear, Shattuck, Blauvelt ill, Hubbard, Bellows Elm Tree by the Bridge, Tait, Harts, Jesse Talbot Thom and Bellows being purchased as prizes for Cosmo, Sonntag’s Dream of Italy lots of attn. Powers’ statue of Webster to go in vestibule of court house. HK Brown bust of Genl Scott, Breckenridge.


Jun 1859 Church’s Heart of the Andes p133, finest lscape ever ptd in country, not a mere lscape, a composition, a Poem not a trnaslation like the Niag, realms of ideality, successful, Laura Elmer tribute

  1. 134 Nat Acad exhib has disappointed, 800 works, only 20 of second class, only first class possibly Johnson’s Southern life, a first class character piece. 70 pics of third class, rest are crudities, lacking fish, defects, imperfect conception, coarse. Hicks has failed, Elliott less satisf than usual, Rossiter and Cropsey extremely unsatisf, Stillman a mere burlesque, only Dix and Bellows of young advance. Holding sill are Harts, Casilear, Tait, Hays, Gifford, Huntington,, Kensett, Sonntag, Durand, Mignot, Shattuck, Jerome Thompson. Academy pales before Heart of the Andes. Need fewer ptgs. ArtCommission: approve of Buchanan’s nomations, justice to art, arrested misapplic of public money in cheap, trad, tawdry and unmeaning ornamentation of Euro dec ptrs, art sadly caric at Wash. Commissions get there by private and personal or polit favor. Houdon’s bronze Jefferson only respectable sculp in public grounds, before the White hse. Mills’ Jackson monument of Am audacity, work of a boy, Jackson a wooden toy fig
  2. 121 profile of Chas F Briggs, wrote for Demo Rev under o Sullivan, after Broadway J became assoc ed of Evening Mirror, while also editing Holden’s Dollar Mag. Edited for Geo P Putnam books on statesmenb and poets, started Putnam’s with Curtis and Godwin and was responsible editor for first two years, declined after he left it. soon after Raymond elected Lieut Gov, Briggs hired at Times as assoc ed and still there, total editor when Raymond is absent, but still edits a weekly and contrib elsewhere, inclu Ledger. p. 122 Albert F Bellows


Dec 1859 Supplement, p 245-254, in 5th year, dropped the magazines, just costly engraving and Art J, Herring’s Village Blacksmith, next will be Shakespeare and his Friends. Premiums include This Little Pig went to Market, Bellows Homeside View of War, Tait Young Grouse, Huntington lscape, gem, cabinet work in best style, Cropsey, Harts, Geo Hall one of our best illus of character, Spencer Childhood’s sports, dandelion, Spencer’s Bashful model, partially nude little girl, Spencer’s Veiled Beauty of 18 coquettish, Spencer’s King Lear, Sonntag, CP Cranch fave artist and poet, Talbot Lake Champlain and others inclu view on Juniata, Saco, White Mtns, Hudson highlands, Passaic, Oertel, Sonntag, Thom, multiples of Thom, Tait, bellows, Oertel, Sonntag, Talbot

  1. 214 Harriet Hosmer bio, visited NY in 1858 stayed with Rev Bellows who wrote about her for Leslie’s, p217 bio of Wm Page p. 233 Venus of Page at Duss gall, quote review fr Sunday Times, very human and womanly, warm tone, gauzy sunshine, queenly, nude but chaste
  2. 236 Huss’ martyrdom, Christian martyr’s spirit, sealed reformation, purified church, fr Phila Enquirer. p236 Exhib of Foreign pics of French and British


Mar 1860 p33 Mills statue of Washington, gives Mills’ explanatory remarks. p. 34 satirizes Artists Receptions, just for artists to be praised by pretty women and long bearded men, white gloves, good society etiquette, say something artistic, “a delightful commingling of the largest elements of chiaroscuro with the spiritual apprehensions and material perfectness,” or “full of the elab touches of true genius and the individualities of the palette.”.  Certain class of critics who do the art itemising for some ‘leading’ daily and otherwise newspapers minister to artists egotism and vanity with incompetent opinions. Receptions not particulalrly useful, too much perfume.

  1. 35 last year’s NAD a failure. W Stillman contrib article on Am sculp, hostile to Powers, and to crawford, likes HK Brown; editor note says it doesn’t express our own views, but gives this class of art judges a hearing


Jun 1860, p84 Lit notices, mentions Godwin’s history of France, if we have a Walt whitman of egotism and drivel, the English nation have his equal in Tupper, most insufferable lit spoonies alw excepting the said Whitman the world ever did see

Sept 1860 don't care for Church’s Twilight, though it is praised by the press since he has a name, mere piece of scene painting. Maybe Heart of the Andes his best work. spencer working hard. Last Acad exhib pics of NY street life, newsboys etc, some v gd, Gignoux accord to Trib going to do Fulton Market

            Duganne has poem or story

  1. 81 NAD has gotten little attn fr press, excellence above last year, but editors disappointed that “leading” artists not there. Pleased so many females, classes Bonheur, Hosmer and Spencer together, lists others, likes animal ptrs too, marines, struck by Bierstadt, McEntee, Martin Heade and others. Don’t admire Leutze, Lang, May, but Johnson’s exquis mt vernon, local subjects almost assume air of nationality, Mount, Eaton Dana, gallery of street life, miss Blauvelt. No Hicks, Church, Kensett, Rossiter Mrs Spencer Cropsey or Cranch. Acad has old fogy management.
  2. 66 An Art Homily by James T Brady


Dec 1860 Women of the South by Mary Forrest, Derby and Jackson. p180 when Putnam’s started, approached success of Atlantic, but fell into hands of clique of younger race of authors, lost supremacy of early issues, later history covered with failure, make us wish to forget it. Mocks Chevlier Wykhoff, I think.

  1. 185 mocks Tenth st artists trying to catch attn of Prince, likes Elliot resisting deputation of influential citizens asking him to bump the Prince up his list of orders. Admire Vanity Fair, Stedman’s poem on Prince in it


Cosmo AJ Huntington ptgs Dec 1860, freedom and recless certainty of expression, versus rude, painfully elaborated, janitor of 1834


Mar 1861 has bio of Lander. Like Blanche d’Artois. p. 25 bio of Charles G Leland, who took charge of Vanity Fair, was interested in carlyle and transcendentalists, read them all, converted as a young enthusiast,  has footnote, Emerson’s philosophy truly a pretense, a profound egotism, pantheism, worship of the sensuous, as in his article on Worship in Conduct of Life, which reads so much like Walt Whitman’s “poems” on the conduct of life a to offer a solution of the mystery of Mr Emrson’s characterizing Mr Whitman one of the poets of all time—a new-born star.

            Leland traveled in Europe, studied art, active in 1848, met Griswold and coedited Intl Mag doing foreign dept, also for sartain’s, edited Barnum and Beach’s illus paper with Griswold again, sole editor after Griswold retired. in 1845 wrote for Knick, ran Graham’s 1857-8, published Heine, fall of 1859 back in NY still write for Knick as Mace Slooper