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Daily News (Weekly News and National Democrat)

New York Daily News 1855-1857 NYHS

Gideon J Tucker, Ed, McIntire & Parsons pub, 129 Nassau st, one cent, May 7 1855 first issue in volume. By 1856 Tucker is off the masthead. Weekly National Demo is their paper.

Demo paper, opposed to fanaticism, including Beecher.

Anti prohibitory law and Seward Know-Nothing admin, spiritualism a humbug. Mocks Mayor Wood, war upon women arresting poor ones brutally, unfortunate and homeless. Likes Sunday Leader ed Abijah Ingraham and Joseph T Sweet


4 poem Mona Lisa by Mary Hosford fr Derby press, mona lisas of the soul.

Press is infected by literary cockneyism, toadeater or sneering

Think both Marcy and Wood are fungi of Demos

Skipped July-August 1855

September starts with 15th

17 opposed to both Free Soil and Know Nothings. Like the Dispatch. Sunday Atlas organ of strikers, bruisers, hounds, short boys, rock boys and other delectable pugilistic associations of young gmen who sell their strength and courage as a prostitute does her beauty. Letter supports Am Inst Fair.

27 critical of JT Headley, now a Know Nothing, praises Henry Wise of VA!


NY National Democrat NYHS, Gideon J tucker, ed Sept 8 1855 (the weekly version of the NY Daily News, 7 cents a week), 127 Nassau, $1.50/yr

WMC Hosmer poem fr Home J

Sept 15 et al Oct ticket is anti-abolitionist, anti-nativist, anti-Maine law. Nov Wm Wallace poem. hostile to Free Soilers. Dec 1 p. 6 critics in C&E and Mirror cutting up Longfellow’s Indian poem, CL Richter in Broome st doing monument to T jefferson, talent and taste


starts with Feb 16. has had several stories/poems on the white slave  skips to Mar 15, Apr 5 Fitz Greene Halleck poem. pro Central Park Apr 12, 19 sketch of Melville 26 another poem on beggar child. May 3 Geo P mMorris poem, Beranger’s last song, monument to Henry Clay 10 p.3 On Elliott’s Portrait of Bryant, For the NY Daily News, We die and pass away, enough to despair, But the Poet and the Painter came! and throw off death’s eclipse. blest Magician who can fix forever the fleeting image. Truth like a prophet dwells in his eyes. Sketch of Cooper. May 17 like Barnum and Brougham 24,31 likes Jerrold

June 7 1856 supports Butler’s attack on Sumner. pro buccanneers in Nicaragua and Central America. p. 4 reviews exhibition Fine Arts, Paintings, etc in Brooklyn: praiseworthy exhib at Brooklyn, exceeds in merit anything in this country for years, English and native artists, including Gignoux, Cropsey, W Ramsey, L Lang, George Jones, Kensett, Mount, E White, Wm Hart, Shattuck, Oertel GA Baker Thos Doughty, woodville, T Chapman, Durand, S Colman jr, GH Hale, C Elliott, Huntington, Geo Fuller, HP Gray, A Fisher, Casilear, TH Carpenter, RW Hubbard. More elevated character than the Dusseldorf collection. Don't squander millions on foreign copies of so called Old Masters, nothing in them but dubious reputation of copies. Original merits of these gentlemen, or watercolors by Wanderforde or Hill, or oiils of Hart Hall Baker or White etc should be called for by our wealthy capitalists.

            Talent, unless popular or praised by the mass, remains hidden and obscure, few discriminating minds or people who judge for themselves, little or nothing is thought beaut worthy or meritorious unless endorsed by those in elevated positions. Majority of people rather than rely on themselves prefer taking opinion of a statesman or a poet as to the merits of a ptg rather than depend upon the taste of an amateur or an artist as to its real worth! It’s this sort of judgment that often decorates the walls of the wealthy, magnif frames ornamenting the vilest trash and the most worthless daubs, wealthy thus betray their lack of education and true refinement. Pictures like everything else want to be studied, easy, will always repay.

June 14 1856 last issue they have


Big fans of politician Dickinson.

Notice Putnam’s regularly.


Skipped fr October-March 1856

March 1856

19 Gov Myron Clark burned in effigy. Likes Yankee Notions and Young America 21 defends Barnum and Matsell. Wants a Central Park. Defends George Sand.

April 1856

Dusseldorf gallery advertises. Critical of Gayler’s Taking the Chances at Burton’s tired of libels on our domestic life, an Am author, “tarnation” school of drama

Ends with April 8.


New York Weekly News and National Democrat, Gideon J Tucker, ed, pub McIntire and Parsons, $1.50 year, 102 Nassau it’s the weekly version of the Daily News (Tammay official paper)

July 12, 1856, first issue in LOC bound volume, portrait of Washington, farewell address to citizens by birth or choice. Supports Buchanan and Breckenridge for Pres, has Bryant poem Seventy-six, wishes brain that composed it could today remember that spirit

            p.3 Inaug of bronze equestrian sstatue, give all the orations, fundrasers, raining but gd crowd, Bethune, procession

  1. 4 Herald attacking us. They got James Harper’s bigoted Nat Am party into office, then advocated Pierce in 1852, then took ground with the Hards (Hard Shells). 1854 took side of Know Nothing order, urged Hards to unite with Silver Greys to strike down Pierce and Seward. 1855 it went Soft, charging Hards with joining Know Nothings, then went Black Republican, ally of Times, Trib, Eve Post and Courier and Enquirer.

            Herald thought it owned the demo party, but Daily News spoiling its market, so changed. Why do Demos still advertise in it?

  1. 5 Empire club, mass mtg with James T Brady, John Van Buren, Rynders p. 6 party that forced Maine Law and Gov Clark behind Fremont
  2. 7 has stuff on Grape Culture in Cincinnati, Nich Longworth. Imaginatory Daguerreotypes by Phoebus, of Charles B Burckhardt. Met Porter at Shades, Halleck’s favorite resting place, saw Spanish looking gmen, dark beard and moustache, born Richmand 1801, educ in Germany, hostile to the English, quarreled with Bennett over Mdme Vestris and whether she padded her legs, editor and proprietor of Sunday Dispatch, worked on the Lantern, married well


Wm Ross Wallace poem

Jul 26 long descr of Tennyson. mostly just attacks the Herald. likes Spencer Cone’s Dem Rev. hostile to British, Live Oak Geo Law. Aug 9 times attacks Meagher and Mitchell. Law is also supporting Fremont Aug 23 p3 poem praising Brown’s statue of Washington, will keep its equipoise amid the tempest

Sept 13 has portraits of Buchanan and Breck. JW Bell still demo printer

Sept 20 p.1 Dion Boucicault, Our Ambrotypes: the son of an émigré noble, became banker in dublin, Dion born 37 years ago, studied with Dr Lardner, Punch a cockney paper. Spent his inheritance, became an actor, wrote London Assurance, Mdme Vestris, father of modern comedy, with Brougham and others, clever retorts, millinery, furniture, life of the fashionable, he expects to be paid for his work, writes by science of playcraft nt genius, no soliloquy, poetry or metaphor, but striking situations, every line necessary, Cahs Kean an atrocious charlatan, but v successful at Wallack’s. Disappointed that F Wood packed the mayoralty nomination. Banner of Liberty is for Buchanan. Sept 27 notices Am Inst in Cryst Pal, Genin there p7 Robt C Winthrop on inaug of Franklin statue. real enthus for Vestris. Oct 4 p8 Stephen H Branch on Know Nothing and anti Matsell platform skips to Oct `18 Tom Corwin of OH against Fremont Nov 1 Derby and Jackson Cotton is King, Douglas Jerrold attacking Beecher Stowe, ambrodtype is Halleck. Wilkins is Micawber of NY Herald. Nov 8 1 Wm McMasters eminent young artist, port of Buchanan. Bleecker ran agst Wood. love Knick. long attack by Clarence on Puritanism. to Nov 22 p2 praises Cornelius Mathews Broadway and the Bowery at Brougham’s

Dow Jr, like Sterling Morton

Jan 10 1857 last issue


NYPL Misc. Reel: New York Daily News, Dec 12 1856, vol 2 no 205, 102 Nassau, McIntire and Parsons, 2 cents.

p.1 The Unveiling of the Washington Statue in Union Square, by Wm Ross Wallace (a fave of Fuller too I think), poem is dedicated to the men who paid for it, inclu August Belmont, Ham Fish, Robt Minturn, Lenox, Sturgis, Leupp, Lorillard, Wm Wetmore, Astor. Democratic Republican party is paper’s allegiance