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Dispatch (Sunday Dispatch, Universe)

NYPL misc reel Wilson & Co.’s Dispatch, Dec 7 1844, Cheapest Newspaper in the World. The masthead looks a lot like the one in Brother Jonathan, editor in his room surrounded by mail and papers, but globe is much more prominent and printer estting type behind him. 25 cents a year, A Complete family newspaper, instruction with amusement, monthly. 55,000 subscribers. 162 Nassau st. Published by BH Day and JG Wilson. 1 has pic of newsboys parading with Brother jonathan. Also port of John Lorimer Graham, postmaster, quit Demos in 1840 to join Harrison and Tyler, who made him postmaster, and he took its advertising fr mercantiles to penny press, which brought abuse on him, Old Sun delighted and Aurora thrilled, but when he gave advertising to the True Sun, grand attack             critical of clubs Wilson & Co’s Weekly dispatch, Cheapest Newspaper in the World, 50 cents/yr, April 22, 1850, 15 Spruce st. Age of panoramas, geography.   Sunday Dispatch 3 cents—has huge masthead Vol1 no. 1 Dec 7 1845, 26 Ann St, williamson, Burns & Watson p.2 Ring up! Difficult to get a bold, manly, honest opinion fr an editor. Don’t ask for patronage.             In Bowery is a hall in which there is raffling for poultry on Sat night and regular preaching on Sunday, who makes such a fuss abt poultry raffles in the papers?             Party editors look at a polit doc as party artists look at a pic—in diff lights. The results are amusingly absurd. But there is a true light in which to survey pics and messages. In the light of nationality, Mr Polk’s communication appears to great advantage. Progessive democracy, glimpse of an empire, soul springs into the twentieth century.             Ea of firm of editors over six feet tall. Like the Sun, pro free public baths   Dec 14 missing. Dec 21 1845 doing a series on Sam Houston Dec 28 “young America” first generation  reared whole lif under discip of repub truth, first race of republicans entire in birth origin education and experience, ea man isin some sense the Republic himself, fr Cornelius Mathews             p.2 our countryman Lockwood winning laurels abroad, a week ago mentioned his ptgs for Baltimore, artists of Munich comoplimented him. Self-taught. Robinson, an adopted citizen at the Trib, challenged Levin in congress on naturalization; fight betw Cornelius Mathews and Clarke of Knick over natl lit. Likes Golden Rule, and Bloodgood’s Morning telegraph. Likes, defends Bohemian Girl fr music critics. 4 running series on Scenes and Sights in NY, brings up as an alternative to hells the coll of ptgs on Broadway, partic upper rms of Soc Lib, crude and not much to eye of connoiseur, bu best we have and some worth looking at. One pleased me much was interview bets GW and Harvey Birch, hero of Cooper’s Spy. The eye of the fash gman, with his gold-rimmed glass, or of the listlessly dawdling lady, wld cast a supercilious glance upon the two figs and then wantder to some more romantic theme; but for me, I gazed long and earnestly upon them!” blood hasten, throb true, head more erect, transcripts of hallowed dead, carried back to contest, well to keep that age alive.   Jan 4 1846 missing Jan 11 1846—publishes letter fr John Smith Jr of Arkansas, mocks Cornelius Mathews, p. 2 likes Willis pub by Redfield, and praises an anti-masturbation treatise as essential reading Jan 18 1846 notice of Inman’s death, had divine fire Jan 25 John Smith critical of C Edwards Lester 2 Sam Morse’s brother Sidney runs the Observer, a godly paper, won’t run telegraph on Sundays. Thom Dunn English quitting the Aristidean, had been ed at Aurora, the organ of Tyler’s postmaster. Feb 1 mocks Fowler and phreno, our press will weep to learn that our newsboys either boast of their licentiousness, or else tantalize those whose native modesty is not yet wholly effaced, of their failure.” Can it be that these the itinerants of literature have thus fallen victims? McLachlin an editor at Mirror. v critical of Calhoun, Waddy Thompson his slave for years, a blight curse and plague to So Carolina,   Feb 8 1846 p.2 John McKeon nominated for Da, anti Van Buren as head of Calhoun wing, but turned to Genl Cass and he and John Mumford revived the Standard on Cass; behalf.             Anti-Trinity church, citadel of Puseyites, Onderdonk its governor, wealth and influ directed agst his opponents, but he was suspended bcause he was a Puseyite and that’s why legistlature is asked to attack Trinity’s wealth Feb 15 missing Feb 22 puffs Dick’s Last Supper; Anthony’s dags March 1 compares Lester to Park Benjaming (Bro Jon briefly, then New World) as humbuggers; defends Restell (as has Herald, advertised there and in the Sun) March 7 missing March 15 p. 1 NY Union newspaper a Tyler paper of the John L Graham clique, with Ogden Hoffman, Robt Wetmore, Edw Curtis, with Paul George running it, tho Noah was its editor. At same time, professedly neutral Aurora was in trouble, they merged ousting George and Noah, and Aurora became a Tyler paper, Thom Dunn English hired to conduct it eventually, p. 2 praises Miss Beecher on women March 22 Tyler thought the Aurora stupid tho English puffed poetry of his son Robt, wanted Herald to be his organ; thinks Poe is vain March 29 Tyler led astray by his son, author of his political ruin. Nathaniel T Parmelee inDec 1840 became one of Herald’s correspondents, a Whig, tho former Demo, and Parmelee in exchange for supporting admin got insider secrets. Tylers suggested he start his own paper, with Willis, but called up wrath of Herald, and Noah at Union ordered not to offend Bennett. Willis slyly puffed Robt Tyler in NY Weekly Mirror (but likes him) (signed Horace Walpole)   April 5 1846 April 12 dislikes clubs. Powers, the sculptor: engaged by Bishop Purcell to do cherubs for cathedral. In 1836 engaged for a Calhoun statue, but before paid he quit the Whigs and subscribers refused. Mocks John O’Sullivan. Robinson did gd litho of Wesley. April 19 missing. April 26 puffs Titian’s Venus. Defends Forrest. Love Typee May 3 1846 Manning going to publish Athenaeum, an artist imported by Henry Wyckhoff to superintend his pictorial paper. Hope city will ignore Trinity’s cries re descration May 10: letter fr SS Southworth that conflict betw Lester and Benjamin is calculated to injure Powers; Morning News is publishing Benjamin’s side May 17; next two are missing June 7, 14: editors grew up with freeman Hunt in south Boston; notes case betw Webb ad D Francis Bacon, author of Munchausen story in Am Review re how Polk was elected, and spoke of Webb. Likes Robinson’s litho of rat killing a dog, with striking portraits of men about town. Thinks prints of war are wretched. Boston can’t detect humbug—Ivory Christ and a fake Death ona Pale Horse. Likes Cushman, Sivori. Dislike Webster, an incubus on Whigs. June 21 C&E sincere in denunciation of Gen Taylor? Plot to embarrass Polk? June 28 maybe on English’s side in fight with Poe.   July 5 1846—symp to Mormons, victims of bigotry. Gratified by Randolph Rogers sculp, self taught artist of Michigan, Byron true touch of artist, more expression than in any head for a long time. Robinson litho of gen’l Scott superb. July 12 has Ned Buntline’s new explanatory modern dictionary (satire) July 19 critical of Epes Sargent as amiable but unsuccessful as writer. July 26 missing   August 2 1846 Monument Assoc, pretty considerabls swindle, large amt of money contrib, where is the man who issued certificates at Fair of 1844? Sun offering reward for recovery. Mocks City Editor of Trib several times Aug 9 doesn’t admire Miss fuller or transcendentalism. Puffs various dag artists. Aug 16. Aug 23, seem to like Headley. Defines independent criticism in the theater as the result of losing advertising or printing, as when Simpson shifted ads to Herald the indep crit moved to C&E Aug 30   Sept 6 1846 crit of Genl Gaines. Sept 13. 20 likes saitres of Saxe, who is also amateur artist. 27 notes Wm H Lewis no longer assoc with Dispatch. Admires Stewart’s new store.   Oct 11: free exhibitions, sure to be patronised, a coll of daubs that a sign-paitner would refuse will draw large numbers of both sexes to talk learnedly of the old masters. What was sd to be an orig Reynolds was exhib a few yrs ago and thousands went, sold for $1000, turned out to be nothing but a centre of a Fr platter. (don’t get auction ads). Lots on glories of Am Inst Fair esp the dags. Yankee Doodle not funny. No Am Rev very crit of Wiley & Putnam’s series of Library of Am Bks, trashes Mathews, Poe and Headley Oct 18 just pub by Williamson and Burns. Praise Sivori. Oct 25 p. 1 Vanderlyn’s Columbus: Paris corresp of Boston Courier, gives description, hi praise truthfulness in grouping and expression, have an active life. P. 2 doesn’t think State Constitution an improvement. Thinks state shld fund free public concerts and art galleries.   November 1 1846 Judge Edmonds is anti-slavery. Nov 8 Foster is editor of Yankee Doodle and editor of City Items dept at Trib, very amiable man. Owned a share three years ago in Sunday Morning News, killed it..  Forrest dinner at NY Hotel.   LOC bound volume Sunday Dispatch starts Dec 6, 1846, three cents, new volume, AJ Williamson and Wm Burns, no pretence of neutrality in politics or lit, incompatible with honesty in a public journal. motto a flag-draped Excelsior, shield.             support capital punishment, running One of the Mysteries of New York Dec 12 Wh H Herbert’s dedication to Prof Anthon, humbug and gaggery p. 2 also lists catalog of Am AU Dec 20 complains abt Yankee Doodle out of the Trib office, wears his collar up like a Briton, cites OW Holmes on collars down. Am AU distrib, org praised for supporting the arts, every man in it subj to indictment, Davi Hale let Tabernacle for gambling house, Colden and Knapp, Bryant who presided, artists and audience, unlawful business 27 Peoples’ Art Union on Broadway flourishing, fifty cents and no blanks, draw something every time, a friend got oil ptg in beaut frame worth ten dollars.   1847 (volume continues) Jan 3 praise Mirror under Fuller. Judy (a satirical mag they like) attacking NE char; Puritans are estimated as freedom of conscience, fanatics, but better than British, were actually enterprising men looking for fish, freedom of conscience second to commercial speculation. Those who sneer at NE char should properly appreciate and admire the devotion and sublimity which Weir has concentrated into the faces of the group on the Mayflower 10 p1 advocate of land reform LHR writes. Defends James T Brady agst Mirror. 17 satire on church goers. Clinton Hall has a hotel, Fowler and Wells, Oddfellows, Merc Lib, Hone presided, praised bust by Clevenger, praises its art books, liberal collection, gets all papers inclu Art Union, ornamented with pics and statuaary. Mirror minus Willis and Morris no longer organ of ten thous.. they’re advertising Tom Pepper. 24 Foster leaving city items of Trib to do Yankee Doodle fulltime. Seem reversed on capital punishment. Panic is putting money in Beach’s pocket. Labree ed NY Illustrated, Hoffman, Mrs Osgood, others contrib. Admire Geo Sand, Ferd Pinto. Feb 7 1847 Acad of Med a humbug. p2 Lit World is a poor version of the London Athenaum, Trib says supported by large publishing companies, need impartial editors to make people think Wiley & Putnam and Appletons have books, like a patent med doctor buying a paper for puffs. So Duyckinck attack Geo Sand violently; not published by their presses, but by Redfield, the bookman of Clinton hall. Critical of Whigs trying to hurt war effort. snipe at Ny Gall of FA, no attendance. Feb 14 has letter fr Veritas, accusing fresco painter involved in a big adultery trial of it being a pattern, is not married to Mrs B though they live together, husb hires him to do ceilings, sees wife daily, gives her presents, lies trick her from her home as he did the French lady he lives with Feb 21 Bennett’s libel suit. NYU entirely worthless. lots on Odd fellows. Feb 28 mocks Morris for selfpromotion in Home J, likes poetess wife of engraver Mrs N Orr. Like weekly Omnibus, Williams & Bro pub. Mocks Tupper and Wiley. Mar 7 prefers Mrs Bennett’s letters to Marg Fuller’s Mar 14 really opposed to capital punishment, earlier must have been satirical, notice Ram’s Horn, temperate tone, sorry his symp is with the Mexicans, influ by Greeley. Like Mapes, and Halleck vol fr Appletons illu by Huntington, Durand, Leutze and Edmonds. fine arts: Cath church the great patron of the arts after the Greeks, Brown did a bas relief for Dr Seabury’s church highly spoken of hope to see even a Methodist church with fine pics Mar 21 p2 attacks Lit World for crit of NAD not doing more for art ed, written by artist who robs other artists to make money compares him to theater critic (RG White?) Mar 28 covers Fourierists somewhat satirically, but not bad; bored by controversy in Trib and C&E. notice Melville April 4 lit commpared to art criticism. p2 Comm Adv so pro British it doesn’t care why famine in Ireland, J of Commerce blames it on Catholics Apr 11 Strong doing their engr. defend Onderdonk. schemers inclu Mirror and C&E nominate Taylor, have no idea of his politics, ghost of Nativists active. Fine Arts: demo country, delightful is made universal, Redfield doing Chapman’s drawng book, further diffuse Apr 18 Winchester joined the Oddfellows as a business speculation trying to secure members subscriptions, seeking patronage. Griswold a lit humbug, as scissors ed on Bro Jon did nothing worthwhile orig. Anglo American ed by a Scotsman is patronising, cosmopolite thinks Americans infinitely far behind Apr 25 booksellers hired Duyckinck to puff,  like fair and impartial criticism, but allowed Cornelius mathews to write, so was fired. Answers Q of how Academy of Design got its name, have designs on pocketbooks, avoid it altogether May 2 1847 NAD: a swindle, mostlly portraits of the vulgar. Robinson has scandalously libertine caricature based on Mrs Bennett’s letters. Crit of Geo bancroft. Young america imposed on, votes stolen. May 9 don’t think much of temperance speaker Gough. NAD p2: mocks Peele, W Hiubbard, Elliott’s Bouck well enough, and Glass’ Cromwell gets his character right, honest and stout not overly pious May 16 went to abolitionist mtg, hissed Garrison for traitor to Union, but Fred Douglas not an American, purchased by the British to do injury to country they hate. Foster in Phila loves Sully, wish eyes he falls in love with were here at NAD instead of Eve’s after being bamboozled by the serpent, has left Yankee Doodle. No NAD review, no ad. Applegate ad. May 23 p2 discontinue NAD notices, not worth it, exhib of what they rejected would draw, NY Gall of FA meritorious. Am Lit Gazette new title of weekly Mirror, praise his new independence in his review of Melville and attack on the missionaries May 30 boycott Cunard because of abolit, support free schools, approves of Beach in Mexico, makes up with Hiram Fuller, likes Tammay dem Elijah Purdy   June 6 1847 (masthead for some time been more elab, with alleg goddesses, scene of harbor). will be enlarging. Tom Corwin burned in effigy at Buena Vista, Greeley put him up to it. Courier and J of Commerce agst free school because scared it will destroy Columbia and NYU. Art Union flourishing, new and spacious gallery, with exception of the bad taste, or gross favoritism shown in the selection of pictures, we approve v highly of the institution. NAD has decided that no pic exhib elsewhere shall be in their exhibs, very little danger of that before or after 13 blacks ok in natural position as servants 20 has elab new masthead, same one as in NY Dispatch of mid50s July 4 happy that Wash monument in this city is going to go ahead, to be in Hamilton Sq, NAD donates; NYU mocked 11 True Sun had satire of NYU they republished, didn’t realize Prof Smith was the black janitor of the U Jul 18 v crit of C Edw Lester, consul in Genoa 25 liked Joseph C Neal, in Engl pd $25,000 for a Leonardo Martyrdom of Sebastian, when starvation, pestilence, crime and poverty, infanticide move through country Aug 1 hope Seward won’t be invited to eulogize O’Connell, too small a man for one so great; J of Commerce attacks paupers as living off rest, Dispatch counters it is the idle dissolute paupers of fash society who do. notices Stanley the artist. Aug 8 romance in real life, set in NAD gallery, portrait in the second room appeals to sentimental, lap filled with flowers, young people attracted to it. Providence has appointed us to fix Mexico. Aug 15 Richd G White, aka Private Gman, aka Brooklyn Giraffe, is author of expose of Puffer Hopkins in C&E, one humbug set to expose another. Mirror also quarreling with RGW. Aug 22 relig paper attacks Mrs Sand (!) for loose company, painters, political editors. C Mathews amiable, don’t like his books, Foster ex-doodle regrets change in tone and char of his mag now that he’s gone Aug 29 liked Silas Wright pretty well, would have been Demo nominee for Pres if lived; publish charges that a firm won’t pay women for coloring engravings, need protection. CA Dana City Items writer our favorite city items, enlarged sympathies and wide collar of Brook farm, approve his ideas for Five Points. Powers Greek Slave, unnecessary but useful chain, v beaut and highly finished, short of the ideal and below the actual but agreeable associations, not a v hi aim, but a Wordsworth in poetry. Rams Horn attacking Noah. Conflict with Mathews goes back to 1845. Sept 5 1847 more Onderdonk. W Wallace poems regularly. Sept 12 National Reformers on land, we agree with their objects, but shouldn’t mingle abolitionism and oppos to war with Mexico, bad policy. Wish Noah and Lyon’s relig paper success. 19 cover defalcation in Odd fellows, Lippard accuses Headley of plagiarism in Mirror, both do blood and thunder Sept 26 defends Greek Slave from complaints re nudity, equates Renwick’s architecture with Cornelius Mathews, are conservative in granite if nothing else, hope won’t be another Bowling green ftn, prefer classicl orders for Free Academy bldg. Emerson’s eccentric verse redeemed by soul beaming thru it, but not Renwick’s churches. John Inman and Robert E West, twiddling nincompoops, for Commercial Advertiser and Columbian.Park Godwin noble. really? Notices approvingly Collyer’s model artists, real artists’ models, attractive exhibition Oct 3 1847 Nativism dissolving with its organ, the Evening gazette. Park Benj restarting New World, wish another name, old one not respectable, anti slavery and Wm H Herbert his present editorial associate also inclined to abolitionism, double price of Dispatch, same size. Willis and Morris partnering to write play for Edw Forrest prize, Lippard and Headley, Cornelius and his next friend, Inman and West, raymond of courier and man smoking in omnibus, Duyckinck and man who read Mound Builders, suggest fitting subj is rise and decline of Nat Am Party. trib attacking melville and Omoo, tho Greeley liked it. Courier, J of Commerce and Express have rat printers. Collyer v pop, fascinating, nothing to offend chaste imagination. Mocks Mrs Kirkland and Greek Slave a little. Oct 10 first page has illus of Christy’s minstrels. Has huge Bro Jonathan ad, pub by Wilson & Co., illus of the war, which Dispatch supports. Am Inst fair a swindle, abortion, hope reform ticket. Nature and Art: gman go daily to NAD to compare carefully made up forms of their female aquaintances with the natural proportions of Powers’ statue. The ladies who patronize the bustle estab in Broadway, vote nature a bore. Fig leaf proprieties: whispered that writer of immodest articles in Commercial on nudity of Grk Slave was a reg attendant at Niblo’s, and a devoted admirer of the dancing of Mdme Javelli and Blangy. Visited Quidor’s copies of Christ Healing the Sick, Death on Pale horse, and left without having received any higher appreciation of the subjs of these pics than we previously entertained. AD Paterson ed of Anglo-American died, Scotch genial and fair lit abilities. Two races are incompatible, blacks should not vote. Brandeth (pills) a Demo. Chas F Hoffman at Lit World is a wit, hasn’t read the book he reviews (Davis’ revelations, which for some reason Dispatch loves), it isn’t advertised by Lit World’s publishers. Art Union new gallery, artists authors editors at opening, coll has pics of great merit, Genl Wetmore toasted. Greek Slave still agitating bosoms of the fastidious, suggest garter, dressing it one day a week, Puritans and Comm Adv. 17  chance for handsome fellows to get an honest living, Acad of Des advertises for well-formed men, to model for sketches of artists and sculptors. The Item of Trib (Dana) assures us that not one in a thous can see the real sentiment and beauty of the Grk Sl, he being the one of course who can see it. The J of Commerce, taking this for granted, doubts the propriety of the exhib. Man that exhibits the Grk slave has favorite aphorisms, last joke of defunct Yankee Doodle was on statue rotating on its pedestal, why is the greek slave like the earth, because it turns on its axis at least once a day. Yankee Doodle? Dead, publisher lost $5000, started by Foster, we condemned it as not funny and surly, after 6 mo went to Cornelius and got worse. Don't want temperance mixed with politics. Abolit a humbug, old not new. Acad of Med a humbug. Cooper’s latest novel supports US expansion to Pacific. Wash monument: Eve Post censures plan of Thomas exhib at Am Inst, but not the one committee has adopted, hope site chosen not by speculators in real estate, but city authorities wrong to not permit fire companies to join cornerstone ceremonies. Oct 24 Old Hunkers rule Trinity. Americans should build a monument to Wash in NYC and elsewhere, but don’t approve of Pollard’s plan. Alex Everett died, bro of Edw, but a Demo, admire his intellect. Meiggs Wakeman and Co of Am Inst not treating it as a pub charity, but for own support. J of Commerce says Wash mon a humbug—remains to be seen, but patriotism of 100,000 is no humbug. Trib says Pollard plan not fixed upon, hope there is art, genius and patriotism to give us monument worthy of NYC; his plan will give us a steeple without a church. Gen Morris ode to it was Gothic to match, not classic. Press unified that Gothic plan is a bad one, by the time it is built the location will be central, only redeeming feature of plan is it won’t be finished in our lifetime, give us Chinese, Hindoo, Turkish, Egyptian, Aztec, anything but Gothic, leave that for the churches, the most appropriate style would be one corresp with the Croton reservoirs Oct 31 cover has view of Iranistan, Barnum’s oriental villa. Am Inst wasting public money. Wash Mon in trouble, no one likes the plan, grotesque, no Vandal will make Wash a Goth, not even Chinese so inappropriate, belongs to the dark ages, the feudal system, and the church, Wash opposed to these Gothic institutions. Need Am artist to give us a plan that is orig without being absurd. Several ladies left model artistes before curtain raised on David’s Rape of the Sabines. Grk Sl question solved, those who can look w/o offense may do so, those who can’t, may stay away.   Nov 7 1847 Charming lounge, art union pic gall fashionable, gems of art, lovely women. Whigs won state. Bennett in Herald says Powers’ statue better than Venus of Praxitiles. J of Commerce ed wouldn’t like her better if dressed in contemp costume, too low cut. Model artists moving to Palmo’s. Nov 21 new monthly mag ed Henry James, $3, with Ripley, Godwin, Dana, Channing, transcendentalists associationist fourierites swedenborgians unitarians, men of ability, but will have small circulation Nov 28 death of Wm Applegate, 17 Ann st, 42, sudden. View Church of the Puritans, passed miserable cellars and garrets of poverty and misery, $500,000 on outrageous architectural abortion on Union square could have been spent in more xtian  manner than on this eyesore, 200 dwellings. gew gaw palaces, aristo churches. Young Italy supporting Piux 9. Sun pub new plan for Wash monument, Corinthian column, on pedestal supported by 13 more, with statue of Liberty on top instead of Wash. Elegant, better than the steeple, but too much like the one for DC. Must be originality. Mirror endeavoring to define its position on politics, as nearly as we can make out, it is out and out Whig, going for free trade and a National bank, for the war and agst Clay’s speech, for Gen Taylor; an anti bank, anti tariff Whig. Nothing like defining one’s position. Last issue in the volume.   NYPL Misc) The Universe, A Cosmopolitan Hebdomadal, only $1/yr, devoted to lit, science arts, history, bio, anecdotes, amusements, adventures; and intelligence, metropolitan, national and Cosmo. Three cents. “No pent up Continent contracts our Powers; But the whole boundless Universe is Ours.” Williamson & Burns, publishers, 41 Ann st November 13, 1847 2 still critical of Am Inst, won’t show their books, as Mirror recommended, tho a public institution. Rev JT Headley and Rev RW Griswold fighting over Chas F Hoffman, Baker of this city, and others. “Charming Lounge” the new pic gall of the AU has become one of the most fashionable lounges in the city. It is really a delightful gallery—comfortably warmed, well lighted, and containing some gems of art; to say nothing of the lovely women…             support Onderdonk. Wants to see the suppressed passages of “Mrs JGB’s” charming but mutilated letters in the Herald. Want someone to bring us her letter on the Venus de Medici, republish it to give lie to Bennett says is the opinion of a lady travelling in Italy about the Greek Slave. If we remember rightly, Mrs JGB was so overpowered by the Venus, she sat down and cried for half an hour. Now unless she was so much affected because the Venus looks like the mother of a family of thirty years of age, she ought to cry at least an hour and a half by Trinity clock whenever she sees the Greek Slave, and faint in the bargain.             Wanted: A respectable gman who has seen Pope Pius IX, to look at the pretended port of the excellent Pontiff, now exhibiting here, and say whether it bears the slightest resemblance to the original. One or two of the papers pronounce it a humbug, which it v likely is, for in th epic line there is no lack of humbug. But if correct, thousands will go see it.   New York Universe: An Independent Journal of the Times, AJ Williamson, 22 Beekman ST, same motto, no pent up continent contracts etc, $2/yr, 6 cents. Masthead has sun, moon, stars, curve of earth and oceans. June 3, 1854 vol 9, no 26.   LOC bound volume Dec 5 1847-1848, vol 3, no 1 Dec 5 has wm Wallace poem on Greenwood cemetery fr Kirkland’s Union mag. Praise Matteson’s design of Mex battle in pictorial Bro Jon, engr by J Orr. Praise Mrs Gove, Art Union should adopt London plan not leave Council to select the pictures; high art is not a conservator of the public morals; like Wallace’s design for Wash mon best, pyramid with hall of statuary, pillar with corn leaf and palmetto, a great globe on which Wash stands on Americas, for Hamilton square. v crit of Herald. 12 attack on Am Inst. “gallant old bachelor” of Brooklyn Eagle on schoolgirls visiting Greek Slave, enraptured, Dispatch says progress from shrieking at legs, squeamish mock modesty, reign of Art has begun; praise Mrs Pelby’s scriptural wax statuary. Am Inst a public institution not acting as a charity; contemplate progress and destiny of our country, glory onward and upward, Excelsior of NY, land filling with books, pics, statues, refining influ of hi art and civ, newspapers and periodicals spread knowl, inventions. 19 musical articles of herald written by a Frenchman, Dana is hostile to Herald. praises Am phreno j. Fine Art Nudities: Eden or licentiousness, taste for classic art ennobling, or debasing? Taste for the antique/classic/naked seems to grow, nation getting refined very fast, pics indecent in past exposed in eleg shops in Broadway, copies of statues sold, painters do flesh not satin, living statues everywhere, hire females thru newsp ads, need a public discussion of whether this is good. London Sunday Dispatch is radical demoratic. yeoman farmer only indep man, next are mechanics and artisans, but encroachments of capital and machinery threatening the latter. Need landowners. Am Inst directors eating at public expense, giving foreign products premiums. A Social Contrast: get our most vivid ideas by opposing beauty to deformituy, rich to poor, light to dark, look to England for these contrasts of palace and hovel. 26 calls Cunard line nigger steamers. crit of Pollard’s Wash mon, misrepresents his character by a Gothic structure, rude type of a rude time, dissimilar to intent of Am rev, meaningless steeple. Vulgar dollar reality involved in this scheme, association to build it is like that worthless concern, the Am Inst, a few men will waste the money. Industrious carman will pay his dollar, but need mechanics and laborers to setp forward and do it themselves. model artists—urge mayor and chief of police to visit Pinteux’s to see them, listen to comments and crit of the audiences, think classic groupings need more incident, police should break them up. Accuse Greeley of a kind of trason for opposing Mex war; Senator Dix supporting army. John Donkey will fail. Historians and novelists and Webster and New England society urge that settlement of Massachusetts were impelled by relig motive, rights of conscience, relig enthusiasm, pious fanaticism, relig freedom their great object. Absurd. Puritans were fishermen, men of business. Urge relig toleration. Toast at dinner drunk with champagne by Rev JT Headley, think Griswold and Ingraham should have joined him. Hale ought to have to take out a license for Tabernacle. p3 like Buntline’s mysteries and miseries of NY (think maybe exaggerates). 1848 Jan 2 mocks RG White as music crit of C&E. notice death of Mike Walsh’s Sub 9 have port by Elton of Pius 9, he has awakened Italy p2 more on Wash mon, Pollard’s plan is subj to change, won’t be built, need mon that embodies a great republic, a progressive situation, ought to organize anew and invite design competition. attack on Mrs Bennett, she is pretty, clever, as per her crits on Venus and Greek Slave, a connoisseur of the arts, writes to instruct ladies of NY. Mocks her origins, doesn’t dress as a lady, not pretty, England hates the US, except for Americans who slander their country like Fred Douglas. News of the World a new weekly. 16 p1 huge portrait and attack on Bennett as blackmailer, makes him look Jewish; lists his libel cases, origin of feud with David Graham jr p2 Buntline turned down a bribe fr gaming house. Plainsfield bank a mess. Corcoran gave $5000 to Irish relief, generous to employees. Dislikes Acad of Med. Odd fellows rally around Stout for Wash mon. Like Wallace’s too. Talbot Watts publishing Cruikshank. 23 p1 continues with libel lawsuits agst Bennett, portrait of Mrs Bennett as a music teacher p2 gives account of Bennett’s suit agst Dispatch. Matteson, Duyckinck great in Kirkland’s Union, Park Benj too. Slavery will be eradicated by climate. Critical of spending money multiplying churches, not on poor. 30 praises Edgar A Poe as a gman with genius and ability giving a lecture; attacks Fred Douglass. ok to attack Mrs Bennett as she has a public character, robinson even illus her letters fr Europe, cites Bennett in 1843 that attacks on her were a way of putting down the Herald and its attacks on the scoundrel bankers, financiers, speculators and bankrupts that chequer society here. More on model artists Collyer, created revival in fine art, not just for fifty cent crowd, but for sixpence. Bennett—attack on Noah, Attree’s complete devotion.   Feb 1848 6 support president. ton more on Bennett, DA during Beach libel trial (agst Mrs Bennett) was a friend of both Beach and Bennett, and a political foe of Noah, New World agrees with Dispatch. clever editor Fuller of Eve Mirror condemns Herald’s attacks on Taylor party. Jumps to 20. glad Harbinger is noticing Redfield, the physiognomy doctor. p2 lots more on Bennett, no one will testify that he accepts blackmail. brief mention of Wash mon, model artists to be suppressed by legislature, but difficult to regulate this, ladies with arms bare at opera, while model artists dressed, so to speak, what constitutes indecent exposure, and a law already exists about indecency. Motives of audience vary. But what principle in legal censorship of public exhib, who decides how much drapery? Bennett suing Hughes for libel in Freeman’s J, funny after all his abuse. don’t like Cornelius Mathews or the Elephant, supports Zionism, brooklyn eagle is witty. [Indep order of Odd Fellowswas white, Grand United Order was black; similarly Prince Hall Masonry was black) 27 satire of Mrs Bennett, inside mocks her for writing about the lower classes around town who used to give music lessons herself. also dislikes Rev Headley and Lippard. mocks Morris and Willis. glad Forrest is retiring, tho good in his day. more on Bennett, mockingly praises Henry Wickoff, wealth and highly cultivated mind, Bennett and Attree attacked his paper the Republic as an alien, Dispatch thought it had a galaxy of talent working for it, exposed how Herald victimized Ellsler Macready and others, but died, ghost left with Mademoiselle Epes Sargeant to sing requiem to Whig party. p4 McDonald Clarke, re his monument, erected by fake friends, critical of it, when they didn’t help him when alive, poem   March 1848 5 like Fuller’s recent letters fr Wash in Eve Mirror. Bacon in Whig Day book goes for Clay, accused election of Polk as result of conspiracy, may not alw be correct in his opinions. If Aldermen put down model artists, will have to regulate ballet dancers, studios of our painters shop windows in Broadway. critical of moral legislation advoc by Trib. 12 lots more on model artists about to be suppressed, intro by Collyer at same time as Greek Slave, mass of the public preferred nature to art, but tableaux vivans had been seen here before, it was revival of art with sculpture that gave the models popularity. J of commerce and others said statue was a beaut Florentine, so public thinking that coies might be faulty it was safer to look at originals, crowded Collyer. Both were advertised in papers. Ought not to condemn patrons, at least will subdue morbid curiosity, people will look on ea other as men and women. likes Washingtonian 19 admire Bishop Doane, wouldn’t assail him. colored model artists in black silk tights. mocks Rubens in coll of old masters at Lyceum, Lot and his Daughters, pic of merit if not a Rubens, discrepant oysters on table, where did they come from, Sodom pickled? 26 model artists had to choose betw starvation and shame, describes their arrest. Bennett doesn’t underst Fourierism, gets his ideas on it fr Express editorials, says it has caused every rebellion in world, it’s actually true now in France, which Greeley points out. Puff Banvard. running illus of women workers, cap maker, flower maker,etc   April 2 p4 Am Art by Dewey Fay, we’ve made lots of progress, have natural resources, but not a truly great people, just rich and powerful, no Athens intellectually. and it continues p1 of Apr 9, the French have done the most for art thanks to Napoleon, Livingston and Vanderlyn as founders of Acad FA in NYC, Fulton too. Ptgs have disappeared. V’s Rotunda. p2 notices opening of NAD, few poor ones, the painful and ridic did not overpower the beaut. Godwin’s hostility to the war at Fourierist mtg hissed, in attendance Freeman Hunt, Page the artist, Cassius Clay, Grain, Godwin, Greeley, Ripley. Ought to break up the land monopoly. 16 mocks Page’s Ruth as puzzle to connoisseurs, bilious backgrd, prefer Cole, don’t wonder Naomi backed out. advocates for associated labor, communism tho is oppressive, despotism to all but mediocrity, Association (Fourier) tho is in harmony with man and nature. Death penalty is disgusting barbarity. Devoe hat puff re NAD. notices Walcott the artist doing pics of church militant and triumphant. Willis says ok to see Count d’Orsay’s portraits. progress of race is forward, to organize industry, even tho most men are under incubus of habit, like the gnarled oak of a century old, can’t be bent, must be broken, and laments that these men are swept away by revolutions are out of place, huma rights must advance. p4 Am Art contd, now signed Pericles (JK Fisher?), miserable daubs palmed off as works of old masters, unworthy contempt, need to listen to artists in Europe, not quacks. Justifies old masters, can’t acquire knowl by own unaided perception, study of them elevates ideas corrects taste, origs and copies good. 23 p2 NAD, last year execrable, young Powell and Powers brilliant successes woke them up. Noble ptg by Doughty, grew upon us over time, wild and savage scene of Solitude, first repulsed by cold and sombre tone, chaotic pile of green verdure without order or design, but informing spirit there, don’t like deer, but grand stillness of primeval forest, astonishing minuteness, vast amphitheatre, awful presence. Hope will be bought for good price. crit of Wakeman of Am Inst. Notices Robinson’s new caricature estab on Park Row. 2 fine pics by Mount and Weir auctioned Tuesday, gman coll, see ad 30 puffs Lyceum old masters. more in series advocating Fourierism. Anelli’s ital ptgs worth connoisseurs, disting Italian, taste guaranty of excellence. critical of Hutchinsons. Swedenborgians covered in their series on Religions of the World, his divine revelations well authenticated, knew impt secrets. p4 Am Art: city govt hired eminent native artists for ports of Governors, Mayors, some presidents and other great men, army and navy heroes many ptd by Jarvis, creditable to the limner, a Sully, Trumbull. City helpful to artists, ought to have more govt encouragement, inclu travel to Euro, for Weir learned painstaking labor necessary to express ideas clearly (Tuckerman quoted)   May 7 p2 NAD on VG Audubon, lscape near Harlem in summer, peculiar excellence versus flash and flaring style of Rossiter on oppos wall, great releif, unpretending, no made up effects, homely simplicity, plain matter of fact, but when eye has become fevered by unnatural straining for effect so common elsewhere, becomes pleasurable,in its absolutenaturalness and old friends, fallen cedar, no sportsman can look without closing his hand on imag gun. Does not idealise, makes them real, strict and literal copy on the spot, no meretricious effects, hope this and Doughty promise more just taste for native scenes, pics and artists. Accomp and amiable crit of FA are beside themselves with admiration of queen Vic by Count d’Orsay, think he would be annoyed by the way Willis has commended his work as extraord, emphasizing their friendship, amusing toadyism, but has many faults, lscape, horse bungling combo of Pegasus and a draft horse, but Queen well placed in saddle. humbug of old pics re Boydell’s plates purchased here, and a proprietor of a collection who puffs them. Puffs old masters. Valentine Mott jr fighting in Sicily. Working classes of world must struggle to own machines and land, or will have hard time of it as machines take over. 14 ed of Cinti Herald, Mathews, a Fourierist, in town for big mtg with Channing et al. John Neal writing for them and Union mag. puffs Lyceum old masters again, reminds them to warn about humbug of antiquities in art, our snob aristo, have travelled, think they are connoisseurs, too mean to buy at home, deserve to be fleeced for running after faded glory, encourage native art instead. NAD review focuses on Huntington, have been much noticed, praises sounded by hack critics, has a lucky mediocrity of talent that avoids offense, no formidable originaltiy, laboriously finished, lack masc. energy in conception and treatment, coloring chaste but feeble, flesh of women reminds us of sentim boarding school miss in tableau of Madonna,tone unoffendingly neutral, striking reality in his pics, but such a reality. Craven and emascualated taste that selects Huntington’s subjects, Lady Jane Gray and fat fair faced feminines of Brit royalty, sickly inspiration. Fourierism objected to because new, but actually carries out principles already at work. 21 complaint in Darwinian style about pictures not evolving, if artists would not emulate than no green and yellow embellishments in Academies and Unions, if men have come up thru monkeys, their pics should progress too. Exhib of Old Ptgs at Lyceum, appeals to public patronage in an unusual manner calculated to disarm crit, wealthy gman of Mass disinterested coll (in catalog), hopes it will be purchased for nucleus of gall in NYC, Dispatch points to his self interest. Moses Grinnell supposed to contribute, patron to be given financial acknowl of his public spirit. Why do Gothamites permit pay for inferior at best old masters, while young ptrs suffer? only abt 5 pics of any legit merit in this coll. Signed W. Going down broadway, diff thing to diff people, young lady sees fashions and young men, a dog going down the street seems diff to boy who owns him and girl fr NAD, who sees shop windows and lockets and spaniel, she worries about dog killers, tears start to her eyes, he is well cared for, not like poor sick dogs who drink blood, but he may be bitten by sick dog, and go mad too, dangerous to have mad dogs and madmen in the world, bite their fellows, laws don’t cure it. approve mag Nineteenth Century. R Major does their engr in series on women’s jobs. Robinson caricature of Genl Scott and Marcy, Scott beating Marcy, Herald is a base and low caricature with ridicule and wit directed at sacred, one of their corresp has been satirized by Robinson, as has Bennett. 28 want free baths, think best way is to introduce Croton into every dwelling and repeal ordinance agst bathing at piers, city won’t build public baths won’t even give poor man a chance to work for his living. Gall of Art Union open, Hinckley, Richards, Wenzler, Leutze and Huntington, but Matteson’s Salem witch craft attracts most attn, puffs one of his prints too, pub by John Neale on Carmine st, engr by Sadd, of First Prayer in Congress. Like Meagher, Young Ireland and John Mitchell   June 25 1848 admire Lola Montes engr in Broadway shop windows, doing more for art than all the academies. have been running a very long historical series on condition of women, too, and seem to articulate women’s rights issues including July 16 suffrage. model artists ok in England. They had their dog killed by the dog law. pro land reform. 23 profile Meagher, artist is Wm Roberts 30 Herald is opposed to French Revolution as fourierists, hostile to labor   Aug 1848 6 sad abt death of Horatio S Bartlett of Utica, of the Sun and True Sun, insanity. praise Hanington’s creation of the world. 13 critical of NY in Slices for condemning Sunday excursions, don't make laws for your neighbor. Ned Buntline is new Geo W Dixon Aug 20 Annual Swindle of the Am Inst 27 p1 the washerwoman. p2 Plainsfield bank fully redeeming their notes. Van Buren and anti slavery or free soil diff than Abolition.expose press releases of Am Inst., sublime humbug. Comm Adv and Express are British papers, hostile to Ireland.   to Sept 1848 10 p2 notices fr Cinti sculptor Jones, bust of Genl Taylor, hear it’s a masterpiece, Picayune says rare and beaut. Taylor has written a letter to Buntline! Odd fellows are white only? more attacks on Am Inst. 17 crit of Vanity Fair, but excerpt it. Frederick L West sold out of Sunday Atlas, wrote about local matters and theater. Herrick and Ropes are printers, started Aurora which supported Tyler and so they got offices in Custom House still have today. SS Southworth aka John Smith Jr of Arkansas replaces West as principal editor, also has a Custom House office he got thru Henry Wise/Tyler. All are Demos, Herrick and ropes have alw been Tammany. Southworth was a friend of Clay to 1833, but became his enemy. 24 Schnellpost also condemns Am Inst, pumpkins and daubs and bad dags. Sun has ad for faultless form to be model artist troupe. Bennett and polka?   Oct 1848 1 lists papers NOT paid to puff Am Inst fair, mostly Dem except for Day Book, very critical of paying for editorial notices written by press agents. Papers which are indep include Scientific American, J of Commerce, Day Book, best evening paper in NY, Evening Post, only one in the Globe, Sun may not have been bought, Herald hasn’t puffed it. 8 more on Am Inst, issued their catalog, fewer exhibits and fewer contributors, 600 participants have opened their eyes to its humbuggery, will continue to try to reform it.so exhib have finest specimens of ptg, statuary, engraving, etc, the product of Am genius and skill, not popped corn. Ned Buntline, a fast and furious reformer, new paper Buntline’s Own, met him thru Horn (author is Mr. B) used Park Benjamin’s Mail as vehicle for his attack on Commod Perry, failed. Dispatch likes Matsell a lot. Ad for a dag that invokes rage for art on the walls. 15 Burton’s drama with Herald reporter levying blackmail, Bennett has no social life, dead and buried; praise Walcutt’s plan for Wash monument 22 p1 have view of new Odd Fellows Hall, and p2 on Wash mon office with designs inside it, choice of the committee is ugliest, Egyptian obelisk is beaut but doesn’t strike us as fitting, note Frazee’s Temple of Liberty a fine work of art and approp but modest drwg of Walcutt orig and approp would be a monument of Wash, the Nation and the Age, finest work of human art and genius. 29 praises Frederick Grain’s new Pano of Mexico at Stoppani hall, Art Union crowded with pics and visitors, Napoleon by Delaroche draws as does Goupil. Mrs Spencer extraord genius, just arrived, May Queen and fruit piece, choices works at 614 Broadway, portraits of ladies and children v beaut. Nov 1848 5 advocate strongly for trade associations, favors battery enlarge with a monument to Wash, every embellishment pays a great city, adds to value of property around it, attracts visitors. Fine Arts: NAD has male and female pupils in classes. Art Union crowded with people and pics, promptly bought two of Spencer’s ptgs mentioned last week, at her price, would be fortunate to get more. Among gems at AU is Colyer crayon, clever young artist, quite the rage, Mrs Hildreth of Boston too. Mayor and Common Council going to see Delaroche, Trib Items hopes it will nerve them for their impt duties. Goupil has gems. 12 Express doesn’t pay their printers standard wage. Fine Arts: Darley’s illus of Irving great, no rival, Walcutt, a highly promising artist also illus Tupper’s proverbial philos, a classic taste, fertile fancy, heroic and battle pieces v effective. Sketch club and Art Re Union  mtg, last year at NAD was unusually gd. Wish Delaroche’s Napoleon would stay until NAD for sake of comparison to its simple grandeur and deep beauty. Supported Greeley in the election, a land reformer and Fourierist. 26 critical of NAD rejecting students and only admitting married men to life school, notices Intl AU plan. critical of both Forrest and Macready as creating trouble. last issue.   LOC new volume Dec 3 1848 Alice Cary poem, p. 2 Our Fourth Volume: we are radical in extremest degree, work for something better than this vaunted civiliz, no ignorance, pauperism, dictators, but believe in humanity, a gd time coming, aristo of merit, diffus of knowl             The Arts, painter Osgood we learn fr Trib is ptg ports and writing bio, has had v interesting scenes, modesty won’t let him give them fully.             We statd that none but married men admitted to life school of Acad, somebody in Trib denies this but does not state that it is fr the female life school that all but married men are excluded.             Describes Beach retirement dinner bringing press togethet, inclu Fred Hudson of Herald, our old school fellow, Raymond of the Courier, our cousin Bangs, Richard Adams Locke, Sam Nichols of Sunday Mercury, Thaddeus W Meighan of Sunday Age, Burckhardt of Schnellpost. Crit of Trib hypocrisy supporting arrests of prostitutes (model artists); Goupil and Delaroche and lots others adveritse Dec 10 AJ Duganne Unsold Lands poem on p1. p2 likes Melville, long tirade agst Southworth of the Atlas, they have published them, he had feuded with Daniels of C&E. The Arts—free gall of Intl AU open,liberal plan, also notes Am AU crowded, growth of humanity perceptible in growing taste for the arts. Robb’s Grk Sl exhib for benefit of asylum for destitute females. How charmingly appropriate!             The clever critic of the Trib agrees with us in our estimate of the remark genius of our new female ptr, Mrs Lily Martyn Spencer, gives her credit for “natural powers, of a high and unusual order,” “breadth of light and shade, force of expression, and great power of foreshortening,” and says “some of her faces are of truly celestial beauty, and there is a freedom and vigor of design in many of her sketches really startling. Fisherman’s wife and children on the sea shore, is comparatively free of faults, and is absolutely a ptg of immense power, touch and beauty.” The princip fig he pronounces “as pure, sweet and joyous a piece of nature we remember to have seen transfixed to canvass.” This is hi and some may think extrav praise, Mrs Spencer has her faults, where is the artist free from them, and we agree with Trib that in a comparatively short period she may produce “ptgs of great and unqual excellence>” only needs proper encouragement to do honor to Am art   Dec 24, p1 The Cook. New England Celeb, very critical of Pilgrims as men of their age, intolerant compared to Dutch. Am Inst mtg, mentioned in minutes a discussion on whether to prosecute a certain paper for libelling the officials in charging that they were knaves. One of venerable fogies of institution wanted a libel lawsuit, but laid aside. Applaud them for realizing in trials truth is taken in evidence. Warning to scribblers, will expose cliques who are delighed by ea other and aided by certain publishers foist vapid productions, engravings, paid for puffs in the newspapers; fill public ear with weak washy, lack a daisical nonsense and Della Cruscan twattle.             Cora Montgomery corresp for them too. Trade protectionism gd. V crit of NY Acad of Med., inclu V Mott. Missing Dec 31st, when they mocked the lit clique that meets at Ann Lynch’s salon.   1849 same volume Jan 7. critiqued Rufus Griswold a couple of years ago. Likes the Oddfellows. Notices Herald’s frantic puffing of Lester at the Broadway. The Arts: notices distrib, pictures won’t lose value, Intl AU Jan 14 Merc Lib, mtg, publish letter fr gmen as capable and worthy, don’t descend to personalities of the regulars, who have dragged in Savings Bank. Vote opposition ticket. Praise Beecher for bolting Puritanism. Like Fanny Osgood’s letter on the lions. Brady’s advertises.   Jan 21 Friendly to C Edwards Lester, anecdote of Leo and Francis I. symp to Beach in libel suit. Congress should buy Geo Catlin’s Indian gallery. Jan 28 support C Edw Lester’s idea for a paper to spur intl copyright; notices Horn’s rrd gazette (Horn intro’d them to Buntline). Paul Duggan prof of drwg at Free Acad   Feb 11 long letter fr Mike Walsh crit of House of Refuge. have engr of Hyer and Sullivan stripped for fight. Feb 18 Lotteries, love, art, religion: degree of turpitude in any crime depends not on the offense but on the station of the offender, law is lenient to politician over private citizen, justice wide awake to faults of powerless, blindfolded for the wesalthy. Crime also depends on number of those doing it, and their intent, might can elevate into right, and to do evil that good may come seems praiseworthy nowadays. Gambling a great sin, but inexpedient to punish Wall st as it does ordinary man; police arrest lottery dealers, but art has recourse to it. wish AU success, and if lotteries are essential, no objection, but how is it diff than the gambling that is prosecuted, other than being disguised? Bazaars also kindred. Lester allied with Herald and humbug. Fry at Opera Hse doing a gd job. 25 Bennett has spent winter assailing Fry and opera, Fry suing him for $20,000. Stephen Branch letter to Mike Walsh published, Walsh critical of him. Dana lecturing on Woman, hostile to her leaving her sphere, unnatural independence, she would become angular and hard. Dispatch seems critical of Dana’s position. McDonald Clarke poem, Critical of corseting; trashes C Edwards Lester’s play at the Broadway theatre. Doesn’t seem to care for Fremont.   March 4 backs Fry agst the Herald. Mike Walsh often writes. Likes Dr. Redfield. Real Whigs didn’t vote for Taylor, they wanted Clay: corrupt ones like Webb did, now seek office   March 11 1849 Abuses of the Art Union: in fine arts as in politics, lit, the drama and the law, a great deal of paltry injustice and pitiful favoritism, genius won’t stoop to toady. But artist unlike rest doesn’t have chance to reach multitude with his perseverance, and even intellig men ignorant or deluded re fine arts. No man is instinctively a judge of the fine arts, many palaces in city decorated with ptgs of hi merit, but if depended on own taste in their selection without cue of price wld have more likely purchased flashy daubs of gaudy sign ptr than sterling pics on which their unfounded claims to reliable judgment are based. Buy pics as libraries, hunger after a spurious reputaton. These are the kind of men who to a great extent govern the art Union, on their action depends fame and bread of man, ear of ea has been sought and obtained by a small-potato clique of mean and meagre-minded knaves who belong to a profession they disgrace by servility             This clique, composed of artists, control the Au in all their decisions, who won’t expose them fr vanity. We have heard several instances of most gross and glaring wrong on men whose abilities are of the highest order fr their own lips. Begin to think AU is at present conducted a most sad and superlative humbug, must correct abuses. Such an institu shld be under control of men with professional rep.             like Ingraham’s Amer Statesman, sad about Chas Fenno Hoffman, knew him only by sight, gentle and loveable face. p4 Chas Mackay poem on early closing for clerks. March 18 excerpts bits on 4 great sculps of antiquity fr Prov J, inclu Medici Venus. Orr and Townsend pano. Avery has also done some of their cuts, Thom D Strong advertises his valentines. p4 account of Chevalier d’eon. 25 likes Genio Scott. more on land reform. ex Herald reporter defends model artists entrepreneur, puffs Lyceum gall. Praises Orr and Townsend pano of Hudson.   April 1 1849, notices Art Union’s engravings; Hillyard’s pano of Hudson better than Banvard, had earlier noticed Loomis’ Cuba. James Brown doing the designs for the engr now. 8 John Audubon went with Webb on expedition west. John Nugent a DC corresp for Herald, libel suit, defendant is Fuller of Mirror, Nugent won 6 cents. Herald and Trib also in a suit? Puffs Lyceum gallery , finest ever, old masters 15 Era pub by Picton, Benj Constable and David Russel Lee. West, former ed at Atlas, now with Col Whitney in Sunday News; Examiner by Henry Arcularius (dad a Demo) Jr and Joseph A Scoville. like Yankee Blade. 22 reviews Melville’s Mardi 29 supports Bishop Doane of NJ (don’t see it) May 6 Ned Judson’s paper sued $2000 for libelling James Bennett’s sister in law Crean. Likes Holden’s. May 13 old Hunker ticket of Am Inst got elected, the opposition ticket would have been a disgrace. not too critical of Forrest in the riots. Notices Intl AU. May 20 has engr of riot at Astor hse p1, approves of decision to fire at rioters 27 Mike Walsh says paid miscreants got up the riot Jun 10 Walsh’s third letter, but editors now disagree with his attack on the authorities in rln to Astor riots, don’t revive cant of poor agst the rich, wrong to say mob should override the law. Walter Whitman and Mirror 17 Hoffman poem, p2 critical of partisanship. Mike Walsh in letter (published in another paper) attacks Burns in his white hat, lining him up with Greeley and Stuart (of the Sun, I think). Praises Mathews of the Yankee Blade. Notes that Foster and Park benjamin have new first rate paper, Metropolis. Defends Doane as just a poor business man.   AAS: Weekly Universe, A\Williamson & Burns, 4 cents May 19, 1849, May  26, 1849 has engr of Riot at Astor House. anti-mob. hostile to Old Hunker ticket taken over Am Inst. Beranger and Eliza Cook poems. Glad Forrest denies involvement in riot. June 2, engr of steamship disaster, letter fr Mike Walsh on riot, and snippet on Art of Spain (not much lscape). June 9 Quaker week in NY engr of them on the street, June 16, rebuts Walsh’s letters; Whitman of Brooklyn Freeman urges Thom H Benton for Pres., and Evening Mirror responds, Phreno J advertises, snippet on conventionality of Last Judgement. June 23, June 30 Bryant poem, likes Margaret Fuller, death of Polk, praises him   July 7 1849 engr of Kossuth, Bayard Taylor young handsome poet surrounded by literary women needs to get away fr them (still harping on lit clique around Miss Lynch?) July 14, 21, 28 engr of Irish expulsion fr Ireland. Aug 4 engr still on Ireland, anecdote of origins of Mount’s Bargaining for a Horse, benevolence of a patron. Dunnel doing wood engr on 2nd page of Potter’s field. Aug 11, 18 engr of female gold leaf packer Aug 25 the school Marm, Weekes and Avery designers   Sept 1 1849 engr of female pocket book maker, J Brown Sept 8 Fancy Box Maker, Sept 15, Suspender maker, p. 4 snippet praising Greenough’s Rescue. 22 Bazaar Tender, James Brown design. 29 Chair painter, Am Inst fair is farce and swindle, old fogies; p3 Whitman, Art Union rooms praised. Oct 6 The Embroidress, Bacon of Day Book says Minister Poussin brought leman with him to Washington   June 17 Mathews is ed of Yankee Blade last fouryears; GG Foster and Park Benjamin started Metropolis June 24 Margaret Fuller is the * of the Tribune. Mocks Harvard. Defends Polk in his obit July 1 port of Kossuth, mocks Bayard Taylor as part of charming coterie of literary pettcoats (around Anne Lynch) July 8 Bangs, the “Items” of the Globe becoming a Mormon? Quarrel with Trib over Sunday laws July 29 likes Horn’s Inveterate, and Simeon Draper as one of Ten Governors. editorial corresp fr Newburgh, sees a Claude out his window (sort of), Great Painter putting last touches to picture, clouds in fantastic shapes, brace of rainbows like forgiving smile on face of angry god, huge mtns, chafing billows, goreous rays into water, a voice nearby exclaimed, a Claude! I was obliged to him for giving me the name of the artist. Aug 12 like Maretzek; Herald has suddenly turned on Strakosch Aug 26 like Melville, and have been following Wm Thompson “the Confidence Man” (Burton also did a play of that name). Buntline’s unauthorized bio coming out. Approve Casali’s European American. Sept 2 notices AM Art Union which has a huge ad listing all the ptgs for distrib, admirable institution, foster native talent, suscribers receive value of their tickets in the engraving Sept 9 has all year been doing an illus series on women’s jobs, constantly praising Hoboken. p. 4 excerpt on Greenough’s group for capitol of backwoodsman a great acquisition, letter fr Am gentlemen, noble bearing of husband, ferocity of savage etc. 16 Old Hunkers and Barnburners agree to support one ticket. critical of Geo Catlin, most patriotic of Am patriots, refused every crowned head of Europe, returns with his aboriginal traps. Congress won’t buy but Mex has a premium on scalps and may find a market there. 23 Art Union rms a delightful lounge for pretty girls. C Edwards Lester raising a fund for Euro exiles, commend it, prefer he’s not in charge. Prep underway for Am Inst farce and swindle, the Fair, old fogies filching money, Stephen Branch lecturing on Calif, will be amusing, ad; Whitman retired fr Freeman, praise him. Sept 30 Charles Carrol Leeds is occasional contrib and secy for NY Lit Soc Oct 7 notice Demo paper the Republic; p.3 thou satirizing Am Inst Fair have a blurb A Gem on Blondell among the pics at the Fair, best ptr of ladies except Sully, his Jessica fr Shakespeare a perfect gem. WN Dunnel (Dunnell?) also doing engravings. Oct 14 Young America blunders by mixing abolit with free land position. Mocks the Trib’s obit of Poe p4 Whitman’s letter fr a traveling Bachelor who makes fun of Trib in them a little, notices arrest of Model Artists Oct 21 Am Inst puffs a species of Peter Funkism, mocks the Bubble, the Inveterate is dead, Paumanok 28 Paumanok no 3, Freeman Hunt running as a Demo, notices panos, Chapman’s drwg bk advertises. Adventures of Tom Stapleton. Francis Bacon of Day book sueing for libel Stimpson of Merchants Day Book Nov 4 glad Brady won prize at Am Inst. Bubble is gone. Attacks Cornelius Mathews. 11 has circulation stats for Sunday press, mentions Thomas Picton of Sunday Era. Evers mammoth pano Nov 18 Sunday press ads, corresp attacks Noah’s paper, Dispatch critical of anti semitism. Nov 25 (last in volume) notices Attree’s death with symp, reviews Chapman’s drwg bk, great, also Melville. told Lester Intl copyright law a humbug. Like Chas a Dana. didn’t like Attree.   Dec 2 1849 Has squib on Powers and marriage. Adventures of Tom Stapleton Dec 9 missing. Dec 16 Bryant and Wm Leggett poem. Money and talent behind new daily News. Mott stabbed Acad of Med? 23 Am AU met, crowded, no room except for officers, gives Wetmore’s speech. Notices Intl AU too. Dec 30 Xtian Purity of Heart, NY Recorder, Baptist paper copied a Xtian Advocate bit on Grk Slave, saying that this indecent sculp is to be purchased by the Smithsonian, hope its funds won’t be prosituted to such a purpose, only hall worthy of it would be windowless one. To the pure all things are pure, conduct evinces corrupt turn of mind.             We have repeatedly seen Powers’s Grk Slave and in company of ladies, admiration and dlight, no thoughts but tend to soften, refine and elevate, gross indeed heart who can’t view port of heavenly innocence without lascivious. Editors of relig papers judge others by themselves, gd the community not influ by narrow bigotry   Jan 6 1850 Stopped in a moment to look at Mount’s last best work, Just in Tune, handsome rustic beau with gold ring and fancy neckcloth giving final twang to violin for a country dance, a gd head and pic, for engr in Paris. Sins in Am Architecture, Italian villas, Parthenon for our Custom Hse, poetical design for banks on Wall St, confectioner’s Broadway theater Jan 13 Merc Lib Assoc annual mtg, opposition ticket advertises. Poe will survive his terrible editors.pano of Am Scenery.Jan 20 Geo W Putnam poem on Associations of Workingmen; Richd Adams Locke on 19th c, praise Clark Mills, planners of Astor Riot escape justice and a few misguided followers jailed. Follows accusations of Wetmore default.             p.2 “Age Cannot Wither Her?” In visiting a free xhib of art lately open, which we praise for influ of art popularized, puzzled by alleg fr a French ptr professing to signify America, a female on horseback, she sinking into an engulfing tomb or rock and waves.             During time Willis in HJ was abusing as we have shown in former articles the artistes of the opera, Maretzek had a note which he pub and they reprint, what value of his crit or sincerity as a man. Reviews Foster’s  by Gaslight, he’s the Items and Slicer of the Trib, gives bk gd review. Jan. 27   Feb 3 1850 Beranger poem. Mocks codfish aristo at Fireman’s ball. Defends Maretzek agst Willis’ anti-semitism. Feb 10 ongoing illus story is attacking trust and insurance companies, as rotten. War on the News-Boys, they meet this week, to answer Hope Chapel crowd. Don't symp with onslaught on poor newsboys, but won’t meddle with them, can use the Sunday money. Feb 17 praises Clay. Comm Advert and Express call poor newsboys dirty vagabonds, declare war, but without them would be nothing. Gives text of newsboy mtg. Feb 24   March 3 1850 not interested in intl copyright. March 17. Take Mrs Forrest’s side. Critical of credit system blurb on p. 4. March 24. Mar 31.   AAS Universe: skips to Feb 9, 1850, has a series on the history of the 19th century by Richard Adams Locke, critical of codfish aristo for going to Fire Man’s Ball at Astor hse and not surrendering their hats. Adventures of Tom Stapleton. Feb 16, TC Boyd engr for story, crit of war on newsboys. Feb 23 praises Clay v highly, more Mike Walsh letters March 2 1850, 9, symp to Forrest’s wife, hostile to intl copyright. Mar 16 likes Webster’s response to Calhoun. Mar 23, 30   March 11 1850 (1849???) Abuses of the Art Union: in fine arts as inpolitics, lit, the drama and the law, a great deal of paltry injustice and pitiful favoritism, genius won’t stoop to toady. But artist unlike rest doesn’t have chance to reach multitude with his perseverance, and even intellig men ignorant or deluded re fine arts. No man is instinctively a judge of the fine arts, many palaces in city decorated with ptgs of hi merit, but if depended on own taste in their selection without cue of price wld have more likely purchased flashy daubs of gaudy sign ptr than sterling pics on which their unfounded claims to reliable judgment are based. Buy pics as libraries, hunger after a spurious reputaton. These are the kind of men who to a great extent govern the art Union, on their action depends fame and bread of man, ear of ea has been sought and obtained by a small-potato clique of mean and meagre-minded knaves who belong to a profession they disgrace by servility             This clique, composed of artists, control the Au in all their decisions, who won’t expose them fr vanity. We have heard several instances of most gross and glaring wrong on men whose abilities are of the highest order fr their own lips. Begin to think AU is at present conducted a most sad and superlative humbug, must correct abuses. Such an institu shld be under control of men with professional rep.   April 7 1850: notes Calhoun’s death. Notes problems of new penny papers, Republic, News, failed; Morning Star ok bcause run by practical printers. V crit of Webster. April 14 missing April 21. 28. Approves of workers forming protective societies. Am Inst at Tricks again, thought this humbug of a granny assoc would do better in selection of officers, farce of election, hangers on nominated ea other by voice, then choosing managers of puppet-show, personal language re a caucus of suckers and hunkers. Inst doesn’t have two years to live, a Peter Funk show.   AAS Universe: April 6 TC Boyd cartoon of poor seamstress. brief notice of Calhoun’s death. apr 20 lady edits the commercial advertiser Apr 13 very very hostile to Webster as a candidate of cottonocracy, blocked Clay. Apr 27. May 4 1850 supports protective societies/trades unions. May 11 puffs Tom Stapleton. p3 excerpt from Headley’s on Americans defrauded in Italy by fake old masters, p. 4 Meeting of the Loafers with illus of decrepit man. May 18 Boyd Life at the Park, interviews Chinese lady at the Museum; promises next week NAD review w/illus of new rooms. dry goods clerks appeal for shorter hours. May 25, Boyd’s Life at Fulton Market, and original crit of Talbot. Praises Fanny Osgood, just died.   NYPL misc: Wilson & Co’s Weekly dispatch, Cheapest Newspaper in the World, 50 cents/yr, April 22, 1850, 15 Spruce st. Age of panoramas, geography.   May 5 1850 1 Am artists now inEuro inclu James Stillman, promise as lscape ptr. Moved to 61 Ann st, circ 16,000. Very anti-black. Gives Corn Mathews a pretty gd review for new bk May12 supports the Compromise and Eugene Sue May 19 p. 1 Fanny Osgood poem, notes her death inside, where praises Eugene Sue’s success in France. American Art=Jesse Talbot. One who has been much abt NY still gets astonished at our v respectable and well to do people allow worsted to be pulled over their moral, mental and physical vision, for politicians, books, actors, wine, patent meds, exhib and sales of ptgs. A great treat to visit a Broadway pic auction.             Judgment of our cits at large on art no poorer than judgment of other citizens, but behind it is a deep appreciation that generally settles precedence in Art as it ought to be—artists may be dead by then             Several Am ptrs stand among first raters, Allston, West, Cole, Jesse Talbot and Huntington. Talbot least pushing.             Some yrs ago saw The Happy Valley fr Rasselas, still ind rwg rm of gman in Fifth Ave, with minor faults v remarkable beauty. Coloring lavishly rich and varied, pretty intense light, exuberantly warm, Nature full of glowing blood, Earth vitality in manifold forms, tropics.             Rockland Lake for Boston token ’42, Indian Hunting Grds belongs to Prof Mason, identical with Am Scenery, goes on to list others, inclu v beaut works gained approval of most fastidious and pop, Pilgrim’s Prog exhib at Nat Acad. Thom Tileston owns his White Mtns, also exhib at Acad, so does Colt of Paterson, Falls of the Passaic eg             Like best his later pieces, the Startled Deer, and large ideal Indian Woods now in his studio in Post’s Bldg, union of simplicity boldness and purity. Work is subdued and modified, never overdone and garish.             Spends months in nature, better than Euro, working on series of three pictures. 2 critical of Seward, sad abt Fanny   May 26 1850 symp with Cuba, shouldn’t support Spain. P. 4 engr of New Rms of NAD, 663 Broadway, gives history of it, current exhib of 400 artworks by long list.   AAS Universe: June 1 1850 Boyd’s Sunday sports includes baseball, disapproves of siding with Spain agst Cuba. p. 4 has same series as appeared in Dispatch on NAD. June 8 p4 second illus of NAD. June 15 The Battery with caricatured black man, unending series on missionaries, mocks Griswold. June 22 p. 2 ban grocery rumselling. NAD review continues, no illus. June 29, death of Wm burns, p. 4 NAD with engr   June 2 1850 p. 4 second article with illust: Artists have queer fancies and eccentricities as this room proves, fifth or middle room with view into fourth, which is for statuary, why our artist commences at end rather than first room, is his business. But will start there.             4th gallery is HKBrown with 4 exceptions, Brackett’s bust of Allston, capital and beaut, Mozier, Piatti, and JJ Ives of Scott.             Of Brown’s, the Seasons bas reliefs v beaut in conception, compos and exec, also his Statue of Hope contmplating Immortality, all his works give us pleasure and satisf. Bust of Bryant and Young Girl show capabilities equally great in strongly marked manly expression and graces of soft and beaut.             Fifth Gallery, first pic attracts eye is 250 Velvet Sack, AW Twitchell. A great deal of pretence abt this pic, but faulty in conception, want of harmony in rlns of colors strikes most paifully. Lady’s elbow seems sunken into rock or bank she’s leaning, blue and green contrasts anything but pleasing.             255 261 Ports by TS Cummings, of Jervis the engr and wife of candy celeb, lady by far the best, flesh excellent, other too warm and fiery.             265 Terriers, WJ Hays, beaut drwn colored, but floor out of drwg, coloring backgrd very badly chosen.             266 Sailor’s Wife, Mrs Dassel, compos gd and ingenious, but drwg v bad, some excellent pts in regard to ccoloring 272 Southern Nurse and Child, CW Jarvis, v bad and in every respect unwothty of an artist of pretension             270 Lady, AH Wenzler, excellent, drapery esp gd.             Kitchurn Castle, Scotland, WW Wotherspoon 271, fr nature and v beaut marked improvement.             275 Susquehanna, TA Richards, gradually stepping into first rank, but large brwn dead tree in middle of pic is not altogether in place, at least now with so much foliage             279 Lady, Shegogue, rather be excused fr commenting on this             282 Fairies Play, C Mayr, bad imitation of a gd pic in Dusseldorf gall.             283 Lady, Jared B Flagg, unworthy of our friend’s rep, gd in drwg, but pointless and meaningless in all else.             284 Young Poetess, HP Gray, capital pic in his peculiar Titiani style, eyes however much too large even to express fine frenzy. 290 RevDr Stone, by same, excellent and much superior to 283. 293 355 276 Lady and Gmen, CE Elliott, admiration of all his ports ine xhib, great as former were, these surpass in delicacy warmth and truthfulness of coloring, very few rank with hhim 289 H Muller Storm on Dalmatra, excellent pts and effects, tho color of water in foregrd not altogether correct.             301 Gman, Alex Edouard, compos and accessories gd, drwg v faulty 306 Ben Ledi, Cropsey, one of prettiest little gems in exhib Tambourine Girl, L Lang, 307, head v beaut, entire pic except bust which is too large excellent.             Lady CC Ingham 315, charming and expressive face,a dmirably ptd 318 Pres Taylor, JR Lambdin, not compllimentary, among worst pics in exhib 294 Three Mile Run, Geo Inness, no improvement on former works, cow same material as foregrd 321 Innocenza, Shegogue, what animal ha little Innocenza near her, is it on the bank, her lap or suspended in air, and what is she sitting on? Arm farthest off is thickest. 339 Cup of Cold Water etc Huntington, excellent and beaut in coloring as usual, but figs all old acquaintances of him 344 Catskills Kensett, finest lscape so far seen 345 Gman, EA May, v gd 346 Lady, JB Stearns, v gd coloring accessories, but lady very tall 349 Twilight, FE Church, gd pic and one of best by him 358 Waterfall Catskills, TA Richards, fine little pic tho sameness in color of rocks not exactly true to nature   June 9, 1850 p. 2 NAD 25th annual exhib, 3rd article             Pleased with progress in art shown by exhib. Best is that v best by young artists, unknown to fame, no NA by name, liberality of Academicians, while a few stiffnecked and dignified old fogies whose portraits of gmen and ladies only recd notice because of NA on name kept works entirely out of exhib. Comparisons might be too oderous. Hope will increase number of academicians. Second gallery:             85 Dassell’s Widow’s last child, head v excellent but entire pic cold and hard             86 and 159 Lscape Compos and View in Orange Cty, JH Cafferty, no one has made greater advances, these two excellent, gd taste and cleverness in compos, tree in foregrd attracts attn and well managed glimpses of sunshine a v fine effect, other excellent perrsp             92 Lady GW Flagg, well ptd but too extensively blue. Arm v beaut             93 Child, GA Baker, animated and graceful, head excellent and well shaped.             97 Clarendon VT TE Church has several much better here 98 and 112, Karpaths by Julius Kummer and Alps by W Heine, seem companion pics, some v gd pts, but both too darkly deeply beautifully blue             Dismal Swamp Gignoux, 99 fine warm effective             100 Cathedral Palermo, Costelli, perfect ind rwg, labored and beaut indetail, yet wanting in effect 102 Queen Catherine Edwin White, excellent in all but faces, which are very homely 103 Mother and Child portrait, LM Spencer, drapery and accessories excellent, also the arms and hands, but heads not by any means equal to rest 105 117 Ports of Ldy by TS Cummings, of same lady, equally excellent, 117 in warmth of tone and gd coloring 104 Amiens Cathedral, Henry Gritten,e xcellently finished, carefully and delicately ptd, artist of great genius and talent tho never seen his works 107 Rev HW Beecher, T Wightman, what large hands persons like him are apt to have 108 West Branch of Delaware, TA Richards, pretty, natural looking 111 On the Wing, W Ransay, finest pic of its class in entire exhib, can fid no fault in it 123 Love in the Country JB Stearns, Both figs have swallowed pokers, v stiff and out of drwg in accessories. Cow v small and shed v long 127 New Furniture, C Mayr, funny pic this, is it not,  ladies? 129 Moonlight composition, GL Brown, v fine, beaut sky 131 Lscape, Thos Doughty, as usual 134 Death of Abel, CP Cranch, foregrd v beaut ptd esp palm trees, whole effect of pic is gd, tho don’t like copper colored mtns 137 First Ship JB Stearns, doesn’t add to his fame 138 Thanatopsis, Durand, one of the greatest and most beaut lscapes and worthy of artist’s hi rep 136 140 Ladies, Ingham, minutely finished and effective as all his are but as usual too waxy to please long 142 Wood Scene Van de Venter, effect of light admirably managed, trees in foregrd too scraggy 145 Kaaterskill Clove, SR Gifford, many gd points, but don’t admire foregrd, squirrel a v large one 146 Myrrha, Jos Ames, a v fair pic 149 First Lesson in Dancing, J Carlin, humorous but not gd 152 Pilgrims discovering second ship, TP Rossiter, rocks and dresses both made of satin, figs also badly drawn 153 Apple of Contention JH Cafferty v clever sort of pic, gd in many pts, tho his lscapes please us better in compos as well as ptg 155 Lady CL Heyde, excellent profile, lights superbly managed, tho shady parts a little muddy   June 16 1850 p. 2 NAD 4th article Correction: Heyde’s pic was by Thos Hicks. Third Gallery is smallest but most interesting, many gems:             162 Hicks Fete Champtere, v close imitation of mod Fr style, pretty coloring, tolerably correct drwg, no other merit             RW Weirs sketches of chess, nicely finished 164 Lace Maker and 169 Glass of Beer, T Greilans, pair fine cabinet pics with close finish of best of same class of Dusseldorf 165 Bella Romano, A Edward, best of his here 171 Orphans Louis Somers, v clever  expression of the boys face just been weeping v fine, backgrd and accessories all demand our admiration, figs v gd tho by no means equal to accessories, tone of entire seems to us too low 176 Child Ingham, doubt ever so white a child, waxy and meaningless appearance, fine fat baby but doubt truth to nature 186 Intelligence Office, W Henry Burr, v gd local pic 178 Morning Delaware Trout Creek JB Beaumont, v poor affair, out of place 182 Summer in KY, TW Whitley, bold free and clever sketch, v offhand but gd 187 Marine view, JH Cafferty, much merit in little ptg 188 Holy Thoughts, JBFlagg, the best of his half dozen 192 Napoleon at island, Alex E Christie, alw knew he had a large head, but had no idea. Looks like one of the b’hoys dressed a la militaire 195 Mini lady, Shumway, beaut 198  View on Esopus Crk, Durand, must be gd, tho we admire this less than most, monotonous even and universal green pervading, detracts fr its merits. 199 206 H Muller delcaration of love and rupture, Tyrolean subjects fine effect coloring, somewhat stiffly drawn 201 News fr the gold diggings, WS Mount, attracted considerable newspaper attn, ptd to order of McElrath of Trib, as all his similar pics are, beuat in grouping and drwg, yet unaccountable and remarkable absence of effect in it rare in him. Are forced to think he kept Trib in minds eye more than effect of his pic. If he cld have placed “the responsible” in that same old white coat in the backgrd instead of the other fig, might have added 202 Winter, Gignoux, v gd 203 Infant Hercules, AW Rutherford, decided improvement 208 Newsboy, SR Spencer, glorious pic, face and fig sufficient to immortalize the artist. Shld prefer a plain backgrd, but posters etc evidently taken fr walls of old Park theatre suppose it is all right and will please the million 211 The Two Culprits, Edmonds, another admirable pic, face of boy receiving punishment esp gd as is entire ptg 216 autumnal study CP Cranch one of his best 217 Doune Castle JT Cropsey, v clever little pic, carefully and minutely finished 221 Artists studio, Jerome Thompson, friend has improved colorign, plent of room for more. Drwg v faulty and spoils gd effects of ingenious grouping. 229 Market Scene candle light, Von Schendel, gem again and again, can’t find a fault, most lovely in Acad, can’t particularize when whole is so beaut 233 study of rocks, Kensett, elab and beaut exec work of art 234 Jilt, Hubner, v nicely colored 240 Huguenots going to Worship, Rossiter, v gaudy in coloring,f isg apppear fr ten to twelve feet in length, doubtful dressed in silks and satins to cross river 218 Grandfather’s Visit, JG Clonney, for sale, may find a purchaser, no telling, tastes differ so much 243 Fruits and Flowers, Wolff, v gd indeed, remarkably few fruit and flower pics this yr.   June 23 1850 note death of Wm Burns, one of the publishers. Publish Willis-Andrew Stevens letter over Forrest assault in Washington Square, suggest Herald partly to blame 4 NAD 1st rm, more striking than any other, can see in illus large cathedral looking port of Pio Nino, plus Gray’s full length of Gov Young (Trib whig), in brief notices omit all pics with no especial merit, leave commonplace or mediocre affairs to take care of themselves.             View of Florence, CP Cranch, no doubt a correct view and perhaps true to nature, but air of regularity and coldness destroys all its effect 2 and 15 Children with Pets, Shegogue, no amendments to our formerly expressed opinion of his pics. 9 and 71 Gmen are in every respect far superior to his baby pics, shld have fewer silly compos ptgs and more solid portraits 8 Gman, Huntington, extremely well ptd head 10 Child’s Passage, JT Peele, heavenly clouds look like smoke fr a steamboat chimney when pitch or pine is burned, but remarkably well ptd and grouped 11 Schroon Lake, Durand, full of pleasing beauties, too many to particularize 12 Hagar and Ishmael, Cogetti, hard pic, but beaut drwn, full of fine action and expr 14 Gman, JH Cafferty worthy sexton of Grace Church, gd ptg and likeness 16 26 24 PP Duggan Gmen, lump three portraits tho deserve separate treatment, sketchy bold dash abt his works, stronger indic of genius than minute coloring or elab obrained effects, yet may be too much of this pleasing freedom. Still in hist or alleg ptgs, qual of immense effect and greatest advantage to artist. Friend Geo Loder 44 badly hung admired by every visitor. 26 excellent head. 18 Romano HP Gray, beaut tone and expr of simplicity pervading, much admire, arms stand out in drwg and coloring 19 Forest Scenes Paul Webber, subj well chosen, tone true to nature, foregrd a little too warm and extravagantly colored, but belongs among most meritorious. Been to spot in Frankfort Germ 20 23 24 Self ports by Cafferty Elliott and Bogle, all are excellent 27 Solitude Pontine Marshes, Cropsey, full of his usual variegated and elab touches, but still wanting effect, sky v hard and v blue 28 Arabian Astrologer L Lang, v fine pic tho can’t admire stern expression of Princess’ face nor posit of astrologer 29 Pope Piux 9 Jos Ames, for various bishops in US, v clever, solemn tone thruout, benev look strikes beholder, left arm a little too long 30 Pic Nic Jerome Thompson, better coloring than ever saw fr him, but usual faults indrwg, table is long enuf for 300 picnicers, spot seems expressly made for it 31 King Lear DM Carter, v v hard, without harmoy, effect or chiarascuro 33 Ital family, H ienrich, v fine indeed esp female in changeable sil dress in foregrd 35 lady, Cafferty best port by him, hung badly, flesh and drapery excellently ptd 38 Drink of Milk JT Peele, full of strong cotnrasts would tell much better were not so crowded, well drawn and colored 42 Gra Mtn Vt FE Church, far fr doing him great credit, dust fr road is made of fire like the explos of a volcano, while light wagon seems ten yards long, rest of lscape as gd as his usually are 43 Early Winter Thos Doughty, a muddy transition state, neither one thing nor the other 46 Lscape Summer Durand, best light pic in exhib, bright and beaut  sunshine 47 Gov Young HP Gray v fair full length port but no more in spite of pretentious size 52 Coast Storm, one of the best if not the best marines ever in Acad 56 Telemaclius, Marsiglia, scarcely worth a notice 57 Hicks fine port, lower part of face out of drwg 50 Child, Alanson Fisher, portrait of a 3-ply carpet and chair to which child is unimpt accessory 61 Cupid seeking, J Carlin, unworthy a place 62 Hudson R R Howel, a poor affair 66 View on Hudson, Boutelle, beaut sunset scene w/glowing sky, one of best bits of sky in exhib 73 Judah’s appeal, MED Brown, require a column to crit this pic as it deserves, has many v beaut pts esp ptg of flesh, a few faults in drwg. Don’t admire intro of two naked boys in foregrd, detract much fr general merits 78 View Poughkeepsie, Thom Thompson, marine views so superior to lscapes, shouldn’t attempt latter, this view altogether bad, one everlasting green thru out 79 Lady Jared B Flagg, clean pretty port and that is all, lacks effect Duty of everyone to visit admirable exhib, objects of Acad not selfish but truly natl nature, schools are free, liberal admision to all educ institutions   June 30 1850 Records swindling of Indians, takes Willis’ side in assault with Forrest. Condemns disgusting practice of dog killing. Recommends registration instead. Support Matsell. TC Boyd their artist.   July 7 p. 4 letter to ed. On Greeley’s opposition to free academy, thinks it shld be open to all, ought to not teach latin but sciences and arts, fr Member of the Board of Ed July 14 women’s rights would unsex them. Eulogy for Genl Taylor. Daughter of ex-manager Mitchell of the Olympic is widow of Bengough, the artist, who died in city without a penny Jul 21 support Firemen, crit of all monopolies but want regulation of butcher shops, hooray for Garibaldi, agree with Greeley ought to discontinue dead languages Aug 4 James Gregg Wilson d, pub New Yorker with Greeley, then NY Whig and Empire State, started Bro Jonathan and joined Benj Day in a firm under his name. J of Commerce attacking crying newsp on Sunday, Dispatch says only annoys canting hypocrites, boys go where they sell papers, which means churches.  Wax Figures: Brower, the sculptor, have alw had a dislike of wax figs, partic of class for travelling museums, libels on art and human nature, eyes of delicate maiden and ahrdened sinner precisely alike, usu arranged in coffin like boxes, covered with drapery unpictque, agonised faces give efidence of phys pain fr rod holding them upright, back of boxes ptd to permit display as groups, or to form bedsteads for the murdered. Describes a group that were manuf by Brower of NY whose chief douvre was the Span Inquis in 1820 Broadway. Brower called himself a sculptor and made a bust of Maj Noah, colored to the life, and fr a cast of Pres Jackson. Signed M.   AAS Universe: July 6 1850, symp to Indians, being swindled, lied about. Covers Forrest/Willis affair, not too symp to Forrest. approve of officers of Mechanics Institute, especially Zadoc Pratt (Horace Greeley also elected). mocks Wm Henry Herbert.. July 13 p2 cartoon mocking Herald re Model Artists. p4 long letter to editor fr member of Board of Ed unhappy with Greeley’s position re Free Acad. July 20 hostile to women’s rights. July 27   Aug 3 1850, cartoon of News Boys, second column by The Gate Keeper on Brooklyn, anti blue laws, continues “lights and shadees” Aug 10 1850 p4 Whitman poem Resurgemus. Aug 17 approves of honor given to Genl Scott; calls the GW monumen in this city an “abortion” p2, p. 3 literary criticism, includes TB Read, imitates old poets to support his family. Aug 24 poverty is treated as a crime in this country; in favor of land reform, all men have a right in it   Sept 7 1850 p2 notices death of John Inman, lit ed at Harper’s too, member of NAD; Sept 14, 21, 28 p4 scheme for houses of the poor (projects) Oct 5 satires of Am Inst contiue. Oct 12  states must be allowed to get rid of slavery at their own pace. Oct 26 run a EugeneSue story; Mumford revies the Standard, and CD Stuart starts the New Yorker. supports John Graham agst Bennett. Nov 2, 9 recovery of Powers statue of Calhoun. CF Hoffman story. Nov 16 Calhoun statue is magnificent. Nov 23 critical of Whitney’s rrd, Bro Jonathan advertises, Dec 7 p2 will fill Monthly Cosmopolite subscriptions; praise of Powers andCrawford current works Dec 14 crit of Greeley for supporting Whitney. Dec 21, 28   Sept 8 1850 Notices opening of Art Union exhib, with Jenny Lind at private show, practice of exhib works not for distrib, Courier says now will be labelled, some people last year did think the Marriage of Washington et al last yr were intended for lottery. Lots on Lind elsewhere. Sept 22 long satire of exhib of Am Inst, giant pumpkins and ornamented eggs. Poe’s Literati truthful. Garibaldi great, Paez of Cuba not. Very happy re Compromise bill, disapp. In Seward.   Dig at Bayard Taylor, as like Griswold and Barnum, humbug? Fuller and Greeley only reluctantly supported Taylor; Mirror don’t like Seward. Races can’t live together. Oct 20 Eugene Sue story. Ok with Headly. Defends Demo DA candidate Graham agst Herald. Supports Union mtg despite commercial interests behind it. Anti-Fernando Wood. Think spiritualism is silly. Dislikes Asa Whitney’s rrd scheme. Ends Nov. 24.   December 1 1850 new volume Has cartoons now, political and otherwise. Opposes Whitney’s rrd scheme, attacks the Trib and Express on it. Notices Celio, Powers, Crawford. Critical of Ital opera subscription system, of hurt citizens in riots not getting compensation 8 lots of praise for TD Rice 15 support the Homestead Art Union; Am Art Union advertises   1851 AAS Universe: Jan 11, 1851, crit of John Fremont. Skips to Jan 25. Feb 1, skips to March 15, then to Aug 16, last issue.   January 12 Forrest is an injured woman, prefers Edwin to NP Willis. Running a Eugene Sue story. Feb 2 a bleeding picture, NYorker ed by Wm Fairman now, a clerk in mayor’s office and a writer for the press, pano of Ireland exhib. 9 crit of Willis 23 Richd Adams Locke on American medals. Talbot Watts advert. P. 4 beware of distinction. March Supports Geo Wilkes in a libel case (later regrets the Herald’s attacks on him) 16 not a fan of Mcready’s speeches. Thinks Freeman’s Journal is awful. Likes John Howard Payne. Notes Mayhew and Kingsley. Loves Jenny Lind. 30 Death of Noah, truly benevolent. April 5 crit of Webster; notes death of John M Moore, Irish md dau of Alderman Brady, with Willis in Corsair, apt writer, an editor of Brother Jonathan abt 1840, also Evening Tattler and Sunday Times, Morning Chronicle of 1843, published cheap books too. 13 Approves of article crit of Webster in Am Whig Rev, likes Clay much better; Trial of anatomical museum for indecency, jury found only its ads were a nuisance Has a good series on World’s Fair—Frank Bellew doing the illustrations May 1851 18 p. 2 recounts a tryst at the Art Union, husband discovers them, may file for divorce, literary gman involved who writes very moralistically 25 Art Union is getting to be a mere advertising concern for a few of its managers, number of subscribers falling off, don’t like to pay for advertising the business ofa  few individuals. President and his cabinet—Webster touring separately; quote the remarks of a somewhat celebrated sculptor of this city, who was chiselling out a bust of Webster, foreigner inquired who it was, sculptor replied that it was the likeness of one of the most corrupt men of the age; a man destitute of aevery moral principle that adorns human nature; and he added, were it not that the individ had been brought up and educated in cultivated society, he would no doubt have been a murderer. June 1 p. 4 Corresp re World’s Fair Ellosud is author: statuary in Crystal Palace is gigantic, multitude gather around Greek Slave, quiet modest beauty makes them forget that it is nude, but the relig papers here are already down on filthy profane and Popish exhib of naked men and women, Geo Rochfort Clarke a silly but influential personage has denounced the pics and sculps as indecency, blasphemy and idolatry. Commissioners may put trowsers on the Wounded Indian and petticoats on the Greek Slave. US enjoys enviable admiration in these two sculptures, but little else worthy of us 22 continues argument that Am Inst is a mammoth humbug, does nothing for labor July 6 ok with women’s dress reform. 13 crit of Harper’s for just reproducing English scissorings without acknowl source. TC Boyd their illus has an ad, will design and engrave all kinds of humorous sketches on wood; Brady’s Nat Gall of Dags lists likenenesses of eminent men which includesJF Cooper, Bryant, John J Audubon, Geo P Morris, Noah, Silas Wright and all the usu politicians, Henry Inman, Thom Cole, Huntington, Durand, Elliott, Robt Weir, healy, Cropsey, HK Brown, W Kneeland, Thos Cummings. 20 fr Geo Wilkes, mocking description of Queen Vic as a nonentity August 3 missing. 31 critical of Griswold and Van Vleet (taking over the Day Book, pub by Stimson) September 21 notices Cooper’s death 28 notices Haas dags. Black borders for? Likes Father Mathew. Supports new daily Natl Demo. October 19 Healy’s Great Union picture advertises, as does the Napoleon Gallery November, puffs Gurney’s and Gleasons’s, defends Lola Montes no worse than Elssler. 16 praises Leutze’s GW crossing the delaware (advertises), crowds going; critical of Union Safety Comm, likes Greelye’s writings on Euro. 23 last issue in volume 30 Am Insti—complaints of partiality, not surprised. Herald of the Union another new paper, relative of late White Man’s Newspaper, ed by astonishing C Edwards Lester. Portrait of Kossuth by Gould taken at Kutayha is at gallery of Washington Crossing the Delaware, visited by 15,000 people; Barnum’s pano illus by Hall of Crystal Palace is v gd; Am Art Union: institution making enemies among artists by course of its managers, one complains: spent their money on half dozen of so pet artists and so have none left, won’t have an investigation, all artists fr Pres of NAD on down consider it unfit to advance true interests, those who are patronized are kept quiet but all are truculent. December 7 praise Truthteller and Irish American. Describes the painted banners and decorations for Kossuth. 21 long attack on Webb for his hostility to Kossuth, Emperor of Austria bought him   1852 January 4 Prof Duggan and the Arts of Design at Free Academy, 500 pupils, has collected casts, urge their importance in education to compete with France. Am Art Union—true cause of its failure in manner of conducting affairs, for purpose of a little special advertising, a monthly Bulletin pub at great expense, that did no good to anyone except the bookselling managers advertised in its pages. Should have spent money for publishing on legit advertising in papers read by the people. 11 EP Willis (bro of NP) attacked by Lola in Herald; Am Artists’ Assoc will distrib pics, entirely under management of artists, handsome list of prizes, open gallery 410 Broadway February 1 critical of Orville Dewey, panders to aristocracy, don’t need to educ labor. Forrest case: critical of the divorce laws. 29 likes Scoville’s Pick, the Lantern, and the Reveille March 14 praises Joseph’s NY Aristo, w/illus by Boyd; notices Delaroche’s Napoleon 28 p. 1 anecdote of fresco ptrs, one saved the other fr fall fr scaffolding by disfiguring his picture   April 25 1852 Temple of Graces (model artists) above Niblo’s advertises, I don’t see NAD ad. But p. 2 “An Hour at the Academy of Design,” the principal feature is a fine rep of portraits, some of it superb, better than Euro, Elliott’s rich and glowing pics take the lead, , but crowded by similar style of GA Baker, also ones by Jesse Talbot, FG Wright, Blondell, Carpenter and others.             Prob the pic of the exhib is Hicks’ full length of Gov Fish, splendid, worthy of this proud city such are the works, so warm and fervent and under the manifest control of hi principles, that our young Am students shld scan closely.             The sculp of native born child of genius, ED Palmer, is an Am triumph! 2 heads and busts make us want more, ripe fruit of performances.             Desire to give a cheering word to this young scion of NY, spur him to hi scope of his talent and grand and pure art.             Listlessness that attends exhib of most sculp never affects us when looking at Palmer’s, so delicately true to the finest modulations of nautre, and so conveys that unnameable something called sentiment. Go onward and upward.             Gd lscapes by Durand, Kensett, CL Heyde, Gignoux and others, a Germ named Wandersforde has 2 wonderful pics, Vespers and Pass of Glencoe, never seene ffects of depth, sombre shadow and transp receding distances more masterly.             But lscape dept in mass is by no means what Am are capable of, Why was notTalbot’s Encampment of the Desert and other lately finished work of the highest class in art by various artists, Page among others, secured? The managers will say bcause they were not sent to it, but managers ought to make some stir to procure first rate pieces. NA shd not only be medium for bringing young artists before the public, which it does with an indulgent hand,b ut also exponent of best phases of art all over the republic.             Doesn’t do this at present except for portraits, must be more enterprising.             To young artists, greatest general deficiency all thru these galleries except 15-16 superb portraits, is premeditated deficiency of fervor and warmth. Many of the pics are coolly correct, but blood in their veins moves by rote, languidly, tamely, not jets fr the heart, in spasms, the real scarlet, charged, to the full. Let Eilliott’s heads be your text, and apply his spirit to your lscapes and other compositions. That would not be nature, you say, and you purpose to copy nature. To copy nature—ah, if you only could.             This sad mistake—this fear of overwhelming with too much luxuriance, because it is not, in the real objects, apparent to the superficial vision—is hung up in multiplied forms thru every one of these six galleries. It is the rock where most of the young ptrs dash, and persist in dashing. WW May 1852 2, p. 2 The NA, letter to the editor in response to corresp WW: several v just exceptions may be taken to his article, in art, the just and true journalist must ever carefully avoid personal likings and dislikings, must only have eye on merit of subject, not the artist             fully agree with WW as to fine coll of ports on wall, but not subseq remarks. Late yrs a fash grumble re abundance of ports, that’s our strength, so that’s why so many, very title implies close study of nature, truthfulness of coloring, strict attn to tone and char. Point with pride in this exhib to compos of Leutze, Rossiter, Huntington, Baker, Thompson and others, whom our friend WW seems so strangely to have overlooked. These artists are all port ptrs, nor are their hist or compos pics aught else but a combo of ports, a branch of art, which another wiseacre (he of the Mirror) calls ‘but a step above sign ptg.’             Jesse Talbot enjoys esp favor and patronage of WW, and after giving Elliot due credit for masterly, quickly brings in Talbot, Wright, Blondell, Carpenter etc for excellent ports. I have seen some v creditable productions of Talbot, but the only head he has in this exhib is below mediocrity. Of the others, we shld only pick out Wright, whose very fair pics shld deserve a space in a ltd notice, while Rossiter, Pratt, Cafferty and Fuller etc seem entirely to have escaped notice. Hick’s pic of Gov Fish is rich, brilliant and almost gaudy as far as head, but we shld not recommend bad drwg of legs, seem wrongly fitted to the body, nor second hand muddy and Chatham streetish appearance of the old clothes upon him, for study to young artists.             Come we to lscapes, astonished our friend shld have overlooked Cropsy, Church, Johnston, Richards, Gifford, Muleer and others, while includes v mediocre affairs of Heyde in his list, and here we have Talbot’s Encampment thrust at us as among other works of the highest class of art. Says WW, complaining of absence of said great work, that managers ought to be more active, which is absurd. What artist can properly go to a brother artist and urge him to send more pictures? WW’s remarks might be applicable to the Art Union, but unjust to Academy.             Word more re queer contradiction in our friend’s closing remarks, charges wholesale young artists with coldness, want of fervor and warmth, and recommends Elliot’s heads—better to send them to same school where he learend to paint. Won’t learn to copy nature by ascending to 4th floor of AU bldgs to his rooms and get your nature or spirit for the same. 9 offices moved to 25 Ann st; symp to Bishop Doane, notices NY Sketch Club  annual mtg at Robert Sinclairs, display of sketches of the past season, some v meritorious, 50 gmen members and honorary, sixth anniv, Cafferty reelected pres. June 13 Paris corresp ‘E’ writes of sale of Marshal Soult’s pic galleries, Murillo’s conception went for $117,000 in compet betw French and span govts, will go to Louvre; Czar bought St Peter etc and other hi prices. France could have better spent the money, Louvre already the finest collection; Soult stole the pic during the war with Spain along with the rest. The annual Salon as gd as formerly, artists deterred by unsettled state of things. 27 notice of a Chinese artist on ideals of female beauty July 4—anecdote of Hogarth getting the better of miserly patron. Skipped rest of July and August. September 5 AU property—managers can keep the pics. 19 defends Burkhart, theater and music crit for the paper, fr accus by Ullmann, agent for Mdme Sontag, of taking bribes to puff artists. Oct 10 Abijah Ingraham is retiring fr National Democrat, and Duff Green taking over, sorry to lose him fr the ranks November 7, editor voted for Scott. Ends with Nov 21, defends theaters fr blue laws. Next volume picks up on the 28th. Praises Peter Cooper’s Union school. Pruden’s bust of Henry Clay bought by city a truthful work of art, animated, in his last term in Senate, pd $1650!, Eve Post objects to price and obscurity of artist December 1852 5 modest praise of Fry’s lectures on music. 19 Sale of the Am AU pics despite forced auction sale realized nearly their cost, proves institution’s beneficial influence   1853 Skipped Jan/Feb March 6—doesn't’ think much of Rev Wainwright. CB Burkhardt, their critic, is also critic for the Albion. 13 Rev Saml Osgood a freethinker, influ by Germans. 20 praises Wood’s minstrels, not just buffoonery, music with a science. NY Times advertises. April 11 supports Young Am foreign policy and expansionism. Rev Hawks a connoisseur of ptg and sculp; rational sermons. Likes Fanny Fern 17 Opening of NAD, fewer pics, more by younger artists, lscape well represented, choice gems fr Durand, Cropsey, Church, Richards etc. Elliott as usual magnif portraits, as have Cafferty, Baker and Lang, most lovely full lenth of yougn German lady by Lang will be genl admiration, as weill gd hunting pieces by Tait (promised to review in more detail) May 1 NAD advertising 8 missing. 15 NY Sketch Club annual mtg, Cafferty, JC Hazan, TD Jones the sculptor, Chapman officers, held at studios of Cafferty, Blauvelt, blondell and Brush, all adjoin. Like the idea of an artists’ fund like the dramatic or musical one. NAD advertises. 22 Am Sculpture notices Mills  proposes doing the capture of a buffalo by Comance Indians for square in DC, and other Am subjects; we have had quite enough heathen myth and imag images in marble; has been visiting Rockies June 4, crit of G Putnam and Crystal Palace contract. Bruce family of poets published extensively 26 pro-Park.   AAS Universe: Scattered issues start July 1 1853, new masthead, bimonthly, just AJ Williamson, HUGE, runs Pulpit Sketches, Rabbi Raphall, letter fr an oysterman in dialect. July 15 has Fanny Fern. Aug 15 1853, to Sept 1, 15. Oct 1 p3 sculptors and copyright, 15. Nov 1 not a fan of Boucicault, runs Yankee Hill’s autobio. Dec 3, p3 response to crit of Powell’s DeSoto. Dec 10 p.4  Sketches of City Life: The Lady and the Artist by Huon. Franklin Pierce’s msg. Dec 17 Lady and the Artist contiues. welcome Mitchell and Meagher’s new paper. Dec 24.   Skipped July and August, Sept issues missing September 25 starts; Oct 16 notices Goupil’s engr of GW crossing Del. Nov 6 doesn’t love UT Cabin at the National. Next volume starts with Nov 27. Office now 22 Beekman st. December 4 takes the side of the Times agst the Herald in regards to Boucicault’s plagiarism, Herald defends; p. 4 original, Sketches of City Life, The Lady and the Artist, by Huon, or Conventional Restraints and Social distinctions, charitable impov artist negotiates with picture dealer who gets $300 for a pic and artist $25, drops in at the Art Union with a literary friend who just got an article accepted at Godey’s. Quite a large company in Art Union, a few really gd pics, hero has one, a wild romantic lscape softened by the exquis harmony of the design; love interest asks where he ptd, fr his boyhood in West virginia, fr nature; she knew it was fr heart as well as fancy. Had studied in Florence and Rome. Fortunes are reversed; they find solace in Florence. 25 has bio of Solon Robinson, joined Trib in 1853 as ag editor, written by JES   AAS Universe: Jan 7 1854, Jan 21, Hot Corn the new Uncle Tom. Jan 28 Mitchell ok with slavery. Nature and International Law grant us the right to colonize, no more Gadsden treaties, just move in. Feb 4, 11,18 does not support Douglas’ nebraska bill 25 more leaves fr YA dictionary p1, Crystal Palace a failure and a Wall street scam, p. 2 Washington correspondent on Smithsonian. March 4 1854, 11, 18, 25. April 1 1854, 8 gives Mech Inst lect by Dr Alexander Jones, 15 Peerings fr Trinity Steeple, the Artist, p. 1 (has supported Trinity agst street thru graveyard). Abijah Ingraham writes his expose of city corruption. Apr 22 p3 Thomas Jones, the sculptor. Apr 29 Wm Baker satire poem Almighty Dollar, story on the Upper Crust, Gilded. May 6 1854, p. 3 Lockwood, and NAD; 13 p3 works of art Crystal Palace; 27   (NYPL Misc) New York Universe: An Independent Journal of the Times, AJ Williamson, 22 Beekman ST, same motto, no pent up continent contracts etc, $2/yr, 6 cents. Masthead has sun, moon, stars, curve of earth and oceans. June 3, 1854 vol 9, no 26.   1854 January 1 digs at the Atlas, it is a party paper and Dispatch is not. Jan. 22 p. 1 Maine Law won’t promote either temperance or morals. Jan 29 supports Hot Corn v. Morals, author agst press, C&E, Express and Herald; HW Beecher is supporting Pease and Hot Corn. Redpath also attacking Pease in long letter in Express. Feb 5 p. 4 joke re Am ptr did lscape so wintery he caught a cold sitting next to it. Hostility to Hot Corn tied to hostility to Pease of the mission, try to bring him down. Feb 12, Herald, Express, J of Commerce and Times all say Five Points much better than it used to be, Robinson exaggerates; the old fogies of the relig press also have turned against it, because they imagined that public opinion, as demanded and represented in Wall st, required them to do so to restore their waning respectability. Hostile to Kansas Nebraska act. Feb 19 DC corresp Junius calls the Smithsonian a vile abortion, gingerbread design, gloomy, finicking,  miserably cramped fancy bird cage, internal management of its affairs in strict keeping with the construction, crammed full of obsolete Latin,  and scientific terms unintelligible to anyone except a few fogy profs, doesn’t diffuse knowledge.city govt has changed but not reformed, from frying pan into fire. Crystal Palace a splendid failure, , thanks to Wall st management; admires Am dags March. April 2—raising price to 4 cents. Herald says Mike Walsh is our DC corresp, they don’t quite deny it. 9 p. 1 Peerings fr Trinity Steeple, The Artist, no. 5, original, 25 yr old supporting a family, starving, graceful, womanly, intellectual, 2 large lscapes with old master tints mellowing them, working on a portrait of his wife as a Madonna and child, lowly birth in N Hampshire, eloped, pts portraits, rich only want famous artists, went to work as a clerk, wealthy doctor and his friends rescue him April 16 NAD advertising, “Thomas D. Jones, the Sculptor” glad to see him getting public attn for his group for the Welsh contrib to the Wash Monum on exhib at his rms 300 Broadway, a gem in its way, and journalists have been commenting, we noticed it briefly but will speak more in detail. Stonecutter, family emigrated fr NY to Ohio, in Cinti got Clevenger’s studio which had housed TB Read and EA Brackett, did monuments, then a bust, then a colossal one of Harrison, thena hi relief of the resurrection, a commission fr firemen for one in wood from life, the whigs o Ohio sent him to Clay, also did Gen Marion, worked for cathedral in Cinti, did Corwin for whigs again as well as Taylor, then one fr LA for Cass then Michigan for Scott, then came to NY. Here did the medallion of Clay in 1852, also did one of CC Wright, T Addison Richards, GW, Queen Vic, Webster, Julia Dean, Wm Walcutt, Archibishop Hughes.             Of these works unusual boldness of conception, and freedom and accuracy of execution, in Cass and Taylor esp nicety of detail and finish, Cass without a superior among American busts, brilliant medallions. Group for Monument has a nude Genius of Liberty, tiara, Bible, Eagle, Welsh harp, lib cap, mechanic in repose with emblems, femake fig of Industry and dog for Fidelity, natural alleg of growth of nations fr dog and distaff thru arts to freedom and peace. Gives us American faces, Liberty is a little Grecian, but others purely Am, predominant intellectuality, mechanics and housewives. Genius and skill. 4 gleaningsof gossip, by a new contributor, mentions Burns’ large ptg of GW’s entrance into NY, feel we’re there, eye rests on chief actor, multitude of details, impression of his presence. Capitol requires more worthy ptgs than certain of those there now.   April 30 statue of Henry Clay, p. 2 Lockwood’s ptg of the Last Judgment, visited his studio in Newark, near 1500 figures, epic, spent a couple of hours. 17 x 27 feet, sky scene, august ideal, 8 years of toil, discarded horrors of old conception, given us a rejoicing pic. At right are racces of men, Caucasian, Asiatic, Indian, Maylay and Negro, alleg of religion, grand central fig of lower part is Washington awakened by an angel and rising, by his side a female slave her fetters broken and an angel comforting her. Holy fmaily down to grandchildren gathered and smiling. Ancient artists and philos and more alleg and saints, Satan and the vices, including a crowned Oppression. Great and harmonious whole, no crowding, delicately judged tints. Single figs are nearly perfect forms, nude in every conceiveable posture, abounds in masterly effects of foreshortenings.             The Caucasian is worthy to stand by Dubufe’s Eve, GW, Rage, magnif angels, Angel of Death doesn’t seem right as a female, woman produces rather than destroys, the male man is the slayer. But death not natural to man, so prominent character is still Destroyer rather than Mercy. But ptg will elevate Am art, extraord merits.   April 30 NAD: closed last Tues, but if no time for general crit, can allude to pics invite special notice. In dept of hist and compos, Huntington, E Schwartze, JB Stearns and EH May require attn. Huntington’s Gd Samaritan is nice compos, harmoniously colored, but does not tell its story, any other title wld answer just as well, absence of scriptural char that wld make us mistake it for any other oriental fancy piece. Schwartz’s Puritan and Monk 304 tho small, remarkable for vigor and fine bold expression. Stearns 2 fine Am pics, Washington the Farmer 348 and his Death bed 352 which deserve all the praise our cotemporaries have awarded. May’s 17 Cardinal Mazarin tells story better than any other of the kind, regret gave Briune the Secy such badly drwn hands and dispropo head.             Fine lscapes by Durand as usual, Cropsey, Kensett, Casilear, Church, Richards, Wm Hart and a few others, and some v indiff and inferior ones by Brewarton, Stone and other unmentionables. Among Durand’s great 7, 39 Strawberrying and 356 Primeval Forest (illus portion of Bryant’s Forest hymn), latter deep poetic meaning and beauty enchant us. Cropsey 4 fine pics, 35 and 328 could fill a column of praise. Kensett esp 42, strong char and bold Am pic, his others not above the par of his usual cleverness. Casilear charming 306 rich lovely in all effects, Church just 64 and 124, both v fine, T Addison Richards several capital ones make up in fine poetic conception and expression what they may lack in vigor and force, 10 and 14 his best yet. Wm Hart’s Peace and Plenty 103 glorious, like to say a great deal.             6 or 8 fine ports by Elliott, but all know his merits. Group of children 13 and 3 ports by GA Baker, 13 the best of its kind on the walls. Cafferty second to none, wish he had a composition or lscape, 76, 91 and port of Chas Gaynor excellent. Hicks vast number of portraits, HW Beecher the best, and Cropsey the worst, none astonishing by their superiority. FTL Boyle has many, cabinet 284 esp worthy as is 396 fine effects of light and shade.             Alanson Fisher also some fine p, Mrs HB Stowe, but his 351 is his best, imitates Elliott a little too closely. J Kyle cabinet ports, of artists Dallas and Boyle best. Shegogue’s infants not as gd as Tuttle’s, the toy man’s, crying baby dolls they seem intended to represent, ought to put wooden wheels on his fawns, lambs or little dogs. Stone’s Mantilla is beaut finished, also several excellent compos groups of Jerome Thompson’s genre, season pic portraying Am life praiseworthy in coception and exec. Blondell’s 2 ports, one of Cornelius Mathews, evidence improvement.             JA Dallas drwgs, ideality, admire richness of imag. At closing, artists privately gave Durand a set of silver plate.             NY Sketch Club met at Jerome Thompson’s on Fourth st, fine sketches by Kyle, Miss Kyle, Cafferty, Dallas, Ransom, Hart, CA Thompson and others, on the seasons. Another mtg at JY Brush, and Mrs. Greatorex, a female member.   May 14 p. 2 describes Barnum’s efforts to make the Crystal Palace attractive, get loans of private art, mentions sculptures by Crawford, Rogers, Mozier, Bartolini; old master copies, HP Gray his Wages of War, another artist? Columbus before the Council. Nebraska-Kansas bill will destroy the Democratic party. 28 crit of Eve Post’s attack on Cora Montgomery; like newsboys’ lodging house Aug 13 1854 p. 1 story on Italian Image Vendors, seems familiar, poor exiles, plaster cast copies of great works of genius, imitated so truthfully, sold so cheaply, and so pure and beaut in themselves, often wondered are not more prosperous, give an air of refinement to humblest apt, for a very trifle, wonder women not better customers Sept. Oct 1—Young America writes letter to ed crit of Trib for supporting old fogy whigs Grinnell and Minturn, who were part of corrupt city politics going back to Glentworth Oct 15 Art Matters: NY Sketch Club at Cafferty’s, poem by Campbell chosen by Chapman as the subject, W Walcutt back, James F Otis honorary member now at NO Picayune, J Dallas, Mrs Greatorex, John McLennan, A Ransom, Mary Kyle, DC Hitchcock, W Hart, F Boyle, Whitney, (Whitley?), James Thom, Blondell and others, highly meritorious   Have gotten rid of their illustrations and cartoons (and masthead changed again) 22 Wide Awake Gift and Know Nothing Token pub by JC Derby, advertises, with impressive list of contributors, engravings ofSpirit of 76 and Webster, etc., gets a positive review.  New Party of anti-hand-shakers: in the United States Review, “A Gno-nuthin” pronounces it a trap etc and wants a new party to come up with something else. Advertisement fr Williams, Stevens & Williams for Landseer ptg Nov 19—last issue in the volume. Can’t quite tell what they think of the Know-Nothings, but they hate Fernando Wood. Mention they’ve already noticed JC Derby’s Newsboy, but they like it and excerpt it.   AAS Universe: Nov 25 1854, Dec 2 1854, then to Dec 23, 1854, smaller size, no illus. in masthead, more pages, Dec 30, praises Merc Lib, 100,000 or more out of employment, blame corrupt system of paper money, bankers and brokers 1855 Jan 7, 13, 20, praises Mayor Wood’s last msg; likes Gurney’s and Brady’s dags Feb 3, 10 Works of Old Masters coll by RW Meade in Rotunda of DC, admried by connoisseurs. Feb 17 p. 8 NY Sketch Club, have been a tolerably constant visitor for a number of years, at house of Julia Dean. p4 Home Journal, expositor and mouthpiece of fashionable life, organ of Puppydom, Broadway belle less refined; suggests women correspondents are hi class prostitutes. Men of sense taste and refinement can discover the lady beneath a shilling calico dress. Feb 24 last issue. 1855   LOC Bound volume NYDispatch, Dec 2 1855 first issue, Excelsior motto, $2 year, 4 cents ea, 22 Beekman st, masthead has view of harbor and rrd. Paris corresp is three *** in a triangle. Dec 9 hostile to mayor F Wood, Alderman Briggs (Know Nothin) and his priv secty  Stephen H Branch expose Matsell as born in England. anti-clerical. poor shld be able to divorce like rich. 15 crit of Reform gentry, anti-Democratic ideas. book publishers pay book critics to read manuscripts and then they give good reviews in their dailies 30 Fred Douglass joke about Frank Pierce. lots of Dow jr. 1856 Jan 6 Chas B Burkhardt now a pub and proprietor, has been an editor here for past 7 years, tho just one Dept, now will be broader, Williamson still there. On newsp editors, most write for a class, confirm them in their follies and errors, build up castes and draw sectarian lines, little sphere of darkness not on car of progress, only recently an indep free spoken journal could survive without depending on class sect or party (Times?) . R writes on politics 13 notice Doughty’s seriously ill, 316 Greenwich; still comparing gambling crackdowns to stockbrokers Feb 1856 3 supports Walker’s filibusters in Nicaragua, notices Herald’s support of Geo Law, wonders where Edw Everett is. support new city charter, Herald and Courier dont 17 praise Frank Leslie, orig story by the 14th of July on The Transformation, or the Painter’s Wife. like decimal system. Mar 2 maybe don't care much for Rufus Griswold. very hostile to Republicans. Ok with Fillmore. Mar 30 Gov Myron Clark feeble. Apr 6  Putnam’s improving with every issue, honest and fearless, no sectional feeling. Whitman review. Apr 13 not a friend to Azariah Flagg big Bleecker auction ads, I don’t see NAD 20 Geo G foster died in phila, author of light novels, paragraphists, genius but lacked stability, own worst enemy. series on problems among the Masons. 27 Leslie’s port of Buchanan great, but he is an ally of Wood, looks bad. don’t shave, Beecher preaching agst beards. James Jones now at NY Clipper, wide awake businessman. Mocks editor of Pathfinder in friendly way. May 4 like Knick, Putnam’s and US mag, which is pub by Emerson May 11 other supporters of Genl Walker inclu Gideon J Tucker, Geo Wilkes, Moses Beach. Trib is in service of British. excerpts Branch’s memoirs. 25 promote settlement in Nebraska. Picayune good, has Brougham. Illuminated NY Monthly pub Hewet has large print in oil colors, endorsed by Elliott, Frothingham and others. No excuse for outrage on Sumner, will strengthen Northern fanaticism instead of exposing Sumner as a coward and a blackguard June 8 1856 now that Bennett is back from Europe, his paper denounces F Wood instead of supporting him, Dispatch is vindicated in its opposition. support the Cryst Pal Jun 15 sonnet to William Etty p1. Pierce Douglas admin was worst, imbecile, and Buchanan will embrace its platforms. Fillmore not popular, fatal to nominate him. Want a Unionist party with Everett at head. 22 Scott lost because he disavowed Americanism; there are a lot of them, Same problem in 1856 as in 1852, Whigs tried to compete with Dems for adopted citizen vote, but failed, and in doing so drove out of its ranks the nativists, who will vote for Fillmore even tho they liked Fremont and anti-slavery, ensuring Buchanan elected. Art Matters: p5 Delaroche’s Marie Antoinette at Goupil, public benefactors, greatest ptrs, noble tragedy, heroine unmindful of scorn of rabble, seems towalk toward ou, still queen, types of the populace, this his best. Carew’s Descent fr the Cross at Cryst Pal, had been broken repaired.  Editors loved Clay. July 6  1856 gets documents fr Washington fr Hon Thomas R Whitney 13 Geo Law has gone over to Fremont. Praises Brougham, J C Haney and Frank Bellew at Levison’s Picayune. Long article attacking Trib for sneering at Crawford’s Washington going to Richmond, VA. Mirror puts Dispatch down as Buchanan, but both Dem and Repub are sectional parties, only alternative for Unionist is Fillmore, tho we dislike slavery. Branch is also writing in the Times. Has female corresp LE, also Bell Bramble. 27 ok with female doctors Aug 10 1856 Age is Fillmore campaign paper, they approve; North is the aggressor with its compromises. Irish Am defends Wood Aug 17 CBB vacations at White Sulphur Springs. favor coed educ, but stillneed rod 24 critical of Express’ mean to Germans. Notices first issue of  Cosmo Art J 31 Putnam’s only truly Am mag; like Ann Stephens new monthly. Learned fogies, no progressive among them no Young Am met at syracuse (spiritualism?). Porter and Wilkes starting Porter’s spirit of the Times, piquant. Brady’s puffs are headed Modern Art, he rejects the old masters. has a weekly Gossip section. Sept: lots of Nebraska promos; Desmond a reg contrib has poem on loss of Charter Oak Sept 21 long praise p1 of new school of design for women, work for women Sept 28 Hamiliton Fish came out for Fremont instead of Fillmore, betrayed Whigs Oct 12 1856 started publishing the Daily Dispatch. Oct 26 Duganne poem with Strong illus, pro Fillmore. J of Commerce supports Wood, editor hung around city hall to get rrd spec passed. Has occasional small Am Inst notices. Nov 16 last issue in volume.     1856-57, Library of Congress bound volume starts with November 23, 1856, Williamson, Burkhardt & co.             suggests Bennett of Herald hates the Dispatch. P. 5 notices Wm Gilmore Simms lecture at Chapin’s church on So Carolina during the revolution, and more recent political discussions, spirit of the discourse was gratuitous and unwise, says in recent election the Northern men sacrificed so much of feeling and elected the candidate of a corrupt democracy for fear of the alterante being a sectionalist, Simms wrong to see North involved in disparaging south. Notes Richard Dana lecture onBurke was good too. Also a letter critical of Sunday Law in Union Square, small children running in the park not permitted.             Nov 30 p. 1 still likes Knickerbocker, gives Geo Wm Curtis a gd review, writes for Putnam’s which it also approves of. Dislikes Live Oak George Law. Has a column Gossip With and For Ladies. Critical of New England reformers, women suffrage (esp Trib which won’t hire women), Laura Keene’s Theater, which just had EGP Wilkins’ local play Young New York, critic dramatist for the Herald. A local piece, stirring and amusing, blows at hypocrisy of the age. 6 Art Matters Has various items mostly from other papers, Antique Pictures: public are taught to look with delight upon murky old masters, with dismally-demoniac trees, and dull waters of lead, colorless and like ice; upon rocks that make geologists wonder…Thousands are given for uncomfortable Dutch sunlights; but if you are shown a transcript of day itself, with the purple shadow across the mtns, and across the still lake, you know nothing of it (nor do you ever observe the colors when you are actually in nature, putting your feet in the waters, or watching the sunset) And you are a judge of landscpae, forsooth. So it is that the world is taught to think of nature, as seen thru other men’s eyes, without reference to their own original power of perfection, and much natural beauty is lost. December 1856 7 p. 1 The Book of Wall Street, a poem, attacking Trinity’s tower as an architectural abortion, intensely vast spire, points to its Wall street parish, Trinity lifts itself out from society, with true aristocratic piety, pews of satin, puseyitic cassocks, choice monopolies, genteel religion, was loyal to King George, and proclaiemd Geo Wash a rebel, it would be to slander it to measure by a plebeian standard, what matters that its real estate investments are to rum and prostitutes.             Approves Chevalier Henry Wikoff’s new bk. 6 poem for Dispatch by Mary E M’Ginty a regular contributor Lines on a Miniature, cheers oru spirit in its loneliest hour; Art Matters is mostly Mr Palmer’s Marbles, n a republic like ours the disciples of the fine arts have not, as is generally supposed, the same opportunities of royal patronage, yet republics produce great masters in sculpture. Painter must flatter patron, his historical pic must accord with reigning sovereign and put favorite in promient foregrd position, and show a victory, even a lscape with “our” country-seat or chateau in the distance must contain a flattering allusion to the gracious patron. In a republic, the patron is not royalty but retired rumseller, who has built a brown stone front palace in the Fifth Avenue, and has brought three counterfeit Rubens from the continent. However much a genius, painter is cramped by these considerations, materially or etherially given the almost only road to fame. Sculptor’s path is different, commissions for busts of living patrons are the exceptions, he is not cabind cribbd confind, can be a disciple of Nature.             Saw ED Palmer’s marbles for first and only time at 548 Broadway over Dr Chapin’s church, has never been abroad and need never go. Connoisseurs and pedants will say his works are not classical. Heaven forfend. What if his moulding does not agree with reat and wise Flaxman’s rules, or nose not after Michaelangelo, or shoulder after Cellini or back at variance with Canova, should not value or admire them any the less, when we see and love living beings just like them every day. There is not a face nor a form in his coll that is not familiar to us, an idealized portrait, a thing of life and joy. Snub nose on a child, sadly smiling woman, the very opposite of so-called classicality, yet we love, because we have often met with them in nature in our walks thru life. We have gazed on most glorious works in Europe, scrupulously artistic correctness, but just marble, no counterparts in nature.             Proud reflection for Ams that two of greatest of living disciples of sister arts, painting and Sculp, have attained position without leaving native soil, Charles Elliot, perhaps best port ptr living, and Palmer second to no sculptor living in geniality, taste and faithfulness to nature. (better than Powers, who in Florence became hard and cold, if more classically correct)             Anecdote of Gilbert Stuart, ardent towards women. December 14. Likes Porter’s Spirit of the Times. Thinks Meagher is too radical. P. 6 Art Matters, More about Palmer, Cosmo Art J has a notice of AD Palmer, gives anecdote re his patron. Notice of Paul Delaroche’s death fr Daily Times, displeased with our present society, so positive and so realist. Dec 21 basically supports General Walker. Charter Oak ornaments of gold advertise. P. 6 Art Matters: Palmer excerpt fr a letter on Brown’s equestrian statue of GW, noble, expressive effect in dense fog, veiling bldgs in backgrd, but stages et al supplied cannon’s roar, most impressive. Squib from Home J on importance of pictrues in a room, pictures are loopholes of escapte to the soul Dec 28 p. 5 Art Matters: Darley’s mag a source of pleasure, publisher Redfield 34 Beekman st, work of purely American art, living outliens of Darley. Meritz Retzsch only one he can be compared to. Long praise of all its qualities, gift book. 1857 January 7 praises Home J, Morris, Willis and Aldrich. Jan 11 p. 4 That $500 Portrait—Money for Nothing. Elliot is ptg, so says common report, a port of Mayor Wood for City Hall, $500 not too much for a gd port by Elliott but altogether too much for the subj, and may be regarded as money wasted. Not to mention anything of the variety of portraits of the model Mayor, which may be gathered fromm dead walls and extracted from the caricature pages of mags and newspapers, so as to form ane xtensive collection without cost, there is already one port of that immaculate official in the City Hall which has cost enuf.             Some of our readers will remember v large pic by Frnech artist, Etex, at Crystal Palace, an alleg triumph of Am, introduced heads of our leading patriots,s tatesmen and artists, which was presented to the city and now is in Governor’s Rm at City Hall. Among canonized is Fernando Wood, occupying place that was held by Benj West, the first of Am ptrs. No one knows exactly how such a remarkable transformation took place, West now instead of handling pallet and pencils, busied with the bunkum vetoes and bogus cntracts of the Mayoralty. Those who ascribe metamorphosis to an artist hired by his Honor himself, but at any rate, protest against $500 on another one of our last whitewasher. 6 Art Matters Albion’s print of Florence Nightingale was drawn by JB Wandesforde. Highly flattering likeness, moral value. Excerpts from Home J more praise of progress in art, the Palmer marbles and Darley book; also notice Kensett, Church doing best Niagara ever, Gignoux, Rossiter at 3 Bod s pano of Christian charity, Huntington and Coleman, Addison Richards writing on Art in Am for London AJ and studio in NY U where teaches ladies, White, Leutze, Ives, Laurence, Wenzler, Gray, Ransom, Fagnani, Jules Golman. Dispatch adds that THE Am port ptr Elliott just finished magnif port of our friend Porter of the Spirit.             Excerpts fr Wash Star on frescoes in Senate Navy Comm rooms.   Jan 18 critical of Republican party, calls them unfortunate, p. 7 Art Matters takes fr an English paper discussion of Wm Gibson’s colored Venus Jan 25 p.1 satire The Age of Wood continues, gog and magog are Jewish bankers on Wall st. p. 7 Art Matters takes fr Daily Times a review of receipts of NAD annual exhibs, Times asks if management has fallen into the hands of fogies, but Dispatch says just the opposite, been taken out of their hands. Decline in receipts due to smaller rooms, need a new bldg. Also excerpts an artist complaining all our best ptrs are in foregin lands, no public gallery.  Winterhalter does labored portraits of imperial family.   Feb 1: Crawford, Powers (fr Liverpool paper) America is being undermined by Pres Pierce. Preston Brooks dead, don’t bring up Sumner. Feb 8 Police Gazette now under Lexow supports F Wood. Feb 22 discusses exposure of Hudson, author of money articles for Herald, as having used his columns to puff a fraudulent concern that he was involved in. (Herald had been accusing the Times of doing this) 6 Art Matters excerpts fr Boston transcript, singling out AH Wenzler as being unlike other trade oriented ptrs in NY, cherishes high ideals, gives the illus of distance not by persp lines but ggradation of tints, you imag yourselves gazing thru an open window on an actual scene, a scientific triumph. Also the Home J on Mozier, and Hosmer in Evening Post; New Orleans being critical of artist Etex; Leutze in Germ doing Chas II and Milton   March 8: p. 2 Art Matters: NY Gall of FA going to Hist Soc; Ary Scheffer won’t exhibit publicly in France anymore but his Christus Consolatus in his studio, Trumbull’s GW more martial than Stuart’s with its maternal mouth, caused by his false teeth; TW Whitley returned fr Euro doing large views of castles of Warwich and Conway, fr Home J. p. 4 satisfied with Buchanan’s inaug address. March 22 p. 4 Day Book is Wood’s organ, has been attacking Alderman Herrick, must be feuding. Rrds and Sunday Observance: q of laws prohibiting work and trade brought up again by movement in Brooklyn allowing rail cars to run, Dispatch points out Jewish only one in divine command, US forbids estab of national relig; minorities have rights too. Toleration is key, let every man do just as he pleases, so long as he respects the rights of his neighbor. Has illus of scene in Reformed Dutch Church in Williamsburgh, of Rev Dr ES Porter attributing laxity of classes in observance of institution to the infidel tone of many publications of the day, esp the Sunday peapers, and read aloud fr the NY Dispatch, holding it by a pair of tongs to express his disgust, a Dispatch fr regions of darkness on the other side of the water. Expect to sell a thous extra copies. 7 Meta Gray for Dispatch, Result of a Visit to the Pic Gallery. Two cousins go into Gallery of the Art Union, crowd stood spell bound before beaut works of art, Ella a gay lively girl strolled around laughing and talking regardless of great masters, while depressed Irene mechanically followed; two young men deeply engrossed in lovely face on canvass before them, Ella’s musical lugh encouarged them to flirt, led to love. March 29 p.1 Phila corresp on law agst importation of immoral prints and statuary, a dealer here worried about fine French lithos for barrooms, fear they will be confiscated. Who will decide when the arts reach the point of indecency? In Wilmington an Ital image vender arrested for outrage of public morals because sold plaster casts of Greek Slave, and Palmer’s Indian girl wld prob share same fate. Boston voted Titian’s Venus an indecency and whole columns abt Dubufe’s Adam and Eve, blue-nosed species   April 5, p. 4 praises LF Tasistro, critical of Archbishop Hughes. P. 7 Art Matters: Wm P Wright commissioned Baker, Huntington, Hicks and Rossiter to do series on arists, scientists, literary mena nd merchants of our country, 9 x 14 ft, to be exhib and engr. John Genin hatter and owner of St. Nich hotel purchased Powers’ America, sorry govt didn’t get in DC, but happy for liberal gman. Chas Robb of New Orleans buying Eve and Calhoun fr Angellini. Edwin White for Maryland doing a ptg. Kaulbach noticed, Winterhalter fired, Edw Everett speaking in Lexington for Henry Clay monument. Excerpts Crayon on architects assoc. April 26 p. 1 Art Matters: Huntington ptg port Durand for Century Club; Powell been chosen to do Perry’s Victory for Ohio state house; Talbot the artist on a series of lscapes of The Sons of Noah, three large pics of Shem, Ham Japhet and their descendants and prog of human civiliz under each. TS Cummings school closed for this session. Crawford dying, Boker closing Duss.             Hostile now to Mornonism, a disguise for political powerseekers; new excise and license laws on liquors should put low dens out of business, help quell more stringent laws 8 Palmer marbles advertise, Dusseldorf gallery, no NAD.   May 3 Beecher now ok with theater. May 17 p. 3 Art Matters: Mr Church’s Niagara: perhaps the most wonderful and meritorious pic ever prod’d on this continent, at Messrs Williams & Stevens. Scores, but until we saw his, enver felt that any pic was Niagara on canvass, didn’t believe art could do comparative justice to it. Congratulate him on this great Am achievement.             Have seen more pretentious pics by Am as well as English mod artists, but they were ideal, alleg and coseq unreal, even Martin’s great tableaux despite exquis tone impress us more with nightmare and unreal char than sense of truth and nature.             Scarcely worthwhile to analyze, everybody will go, must be seen, requires no connoisseur’s skill to feel its beauties. Such a rainbow never before on canvass, melts, beats Claude Lorraine. Paid $5000, si going to England. Excerpts Crayon description.             Stone the sculptor working for US govt on Hancock, Page’s Venus in Boston, Lessing, Paul Akers, Thom’s brownstone statue of GW ona  pedestal in Park in front of city hall             Critical of Keene’s, Am drama a pretty pass, Boucicaulted, plagiarism May 24 1857 p. 1 Art Matters: NAD             Our first visit gave us pleasure, not disposed to criticism, tho did not arise fr undue proportion of fine pics, but fr very visible tokens of improvement, artistic Young America is fast advancing, Many old names whose inferior productions were wont to take best positions are absent, new names pushed them aside, and while one otr two of our greater reputations have if not advanced not retrogrades, and some almost new men promise fair and hi future standing.             Some doz more or less grand works in port, male heads of Elliott and Cafferty deserve special mention on score of powerful handling, vigorous intention, and fine color. Elliott less care now visible than formerly, perhaps feeling too secure of his hi position. One of Cafferty’s is most masculine evidences of his talent yet seen. Some two doz capital lscapes, and 30-40 good ones. Church, Durand, Richards, Kensett, Shattuck, the Harts, Gignoux and Casilear.  In dramatic ptg, Leutze stands almost alone, tho one clev pic by White, which if he were new might give us great hopes. 2 or 3 others of varying excellence, scriptural and historical next to nothing because world of Am connoisseurship does not patronise these branches. Rossiter has a few home subjects of mixed quality, and two or three other conversational pieces. Hunting scenes of Tait, Gray Baker, Schlegel, Huntington, Lazarus, Thompson, Irving, Hovemeyer and Rowse (crayon) contrib value.             But after these are counted, list of gd and tolerable paintings hanging in the exhib presents but a scanty proportion.             ? reckoning it must be confessed that we are dealing with a spirit of  exemplary liberality; they? hundred and fifty. The remainder, we must candidly state,  vary from indifferent to bad, from bad to worse and from worst to some of the worst paintings we have ever seen haning in an Exhibition Rm.             What was it then ? entering the Gallery, that for a time we completely forgot to criticize, and paused lost in admiration?             In the First Rm, on the left hand, and as we believe in the centre, hangs a Landscape. It is called the Andes of the Ecuador, 23, and is ptd by FC Church. The position of the ptr is on a rising grd, the time abt noon, or somewhat later, he gazes on the mighty range of country, for upon ? the sun, which is positively dazzling. As you gaze upon it, your senses are literally steeped in sunshine. Yet there is no undue familiarity of color either in conception or execution of this gorgeously tropical scene, not even so gaily and brilliantly colored as his Falls of Niagara at Williams & Stevens.             Faint and delicare gray haze covers mountainous range, sun dazzles thru somewhat dense atmosphere, positive bit of color in admirably ptd palm tree, grad distrib thru lower portion, whole of details admirably indicated, Church one of the very first of mod lscape ptrs. This canvass worth three times price of admission.             Another work 143 by him in Second rm, but singularly inferior to it, doubt ptd recently by him, calls Autumn and distrib red, yellow and brown with great prodigality and little judgment.             Sixth rm E Leutze, tho scarcely ranked as a work of art with Andes of Equador, takes so decidedly precedence of everything of same kind, look at it next—473 The Summons. In brighter portion a family party, in nearer gloomier half a cavalier staggerin back, fr summons. Merits of compos v great, color not positive, but contrast betw gloom and sunshine admirably managed, shadow chill in tone. Drwg of figs careful and gd but not extraord so, and whole fo detail sedulously and well rendered, while family is a clever bit of fresh and sunny tone. But not as striking as 50, tho it is infinitely more faulty, also more remarkable.             Rose of Alhambra by Wash Irving also marked by two distinct effects, interior of chapel with monks, group of females, tale well told tho female figs somewhat stiff and ungainly. Skill effects of candlelight and broad daylight, details excellent. 4 death of Patrick Lynch, who with Wm L Cole in 1849 started the Irish American. Bennett is predicting an economic smash.   May 31 1857 missing L   June 7 1857 p. 1 Art Matters:NAD             Leutze’s are the most complete figure ptgs, tho far from those with greatest promise. A fine artist, no cavil, but not the equal of Europeans like Scheffer, Delaroche, Kaulbach or Vernet. But some of our artists with youth and energy will go farther than he has done.             Edwin White one pic of size and pretension, a great amount of the right kind of element, very narrowly escapes being a fine work of art. 406 First NE Tgiving, idea v simple, compos excellent but for exceeding stiffness of principal, conspic in red surcoat, color object to as well as disliked by Puritans and requires he use stronger colors in other draperies than plausible. White’s style of exec—he prefers a bolder and larger style of handling where Leutze elaborates tho this does not betray him into feebleness, but White’s falls into coarseness and nudity of brush, also in 34 the Piferari, a fine bit of sober color but handling and drwg slovenly in the extreme, Hagar 520 richly and gravely colored has no right on score of drwg or finish to be anything more than a sketch. Of michaelAngelo in the study of Titian, the man who composed Tgiving might have put this subj together more effectively. But v capital color, sufficiency of gd and telling expression.             If JT Peele young, will go far. 399 Sound of the Shell is all but an exceedingly clever ptg, wants only a little better drwg, a little finer color, a trifle more feeling in its manner and some faint idea of breadth. His Little Red Riding Hood 244 a hacknied subj otherwise a capital little ptg; he can paint daylight.             Hunt’s canvases v fine, justify praise and hopes. 39 Fountain 70 Sheep Pasture 88 Bouquetiere 519 Belated Kid. Enter a remonstrance on his fatal mannerism which must slaughter his chances of great success if does not guard agst its retrograde tendencies. Finel and chastely conceived subjects, drawn and colored, vicious affectation of an antique simplicity which has shown itself among small section of the Roman ptrs and ddevd itself in England and Germ under name of Pre-Raph school. Hunt doesn't fall into any of more grotesque absurdities of the unconventional conventionalities of this gang in art or that formerly characterized them, but his formally graceful and somewhat scantily folded draperies, his linear composition, his brown tone and his f tone and his flesh tones with his apparently (for it is not really so) feeble handling, all partake of their character. If we had seen Belated Kid or just one of his canvases alone, not ohave noticed, but every one of his ptgs bears such a close fmaily resemblance to the others that see it. No man can become a great ptr who patterns himself upon another, or a style, perhaps he has improved on it, but tact and mannerism won’t stop him being forgotten.             DM Carter, The O’Donoghue, 280,  compare to 260 Covering the retreat fr Breed’s Hill, this ptg the most ambitious abomination in whole gallery, nearly all its figs stolen consciously or unconsciously. But when a ptr plagiarizes compos in whole or part, shld disguise his cribbings, or give them fine color, light  shade and relief. None of these for his enforced loans, crowded on ea other, jostled to front. Needs study, learn tact in concealing his deficiency in originality, eschew this class of ptg. `Geo Hall Shakespere’s Reverie 82, clever piece of mechanical ptga dn color, but this is all, has yet to study drwg, no idea of compos, every principal fig and every fig has his or her face turned towards spec, no pt of union betw slumbering poet and his creations, need Puck or Ariel as a link betw dreaming mind and bodies. Too purely imag for Hall, he has talent to do better, but not in this style, his port 466 is a clever little pic.             One v bad hist ptg fr Irving, 185, Sir Thomas More, compos linear, conventional, coloring dead. But his 57 the Grandfather is v clever. Should swap where they are hung.             Hovemeyer’s Expulsion fr Eden 24, don’t waste a second glance. Such subjs ought to be barred, to paint Godhead is simply gross and impious impertinence, esp when ptr does not possess highest grade of genius. Martin’s Creation failed fr incapacity of art to answer conceptions of Deity. Michelangelo failed. How shld Hovemeyer succeed? But in ptg the nude, cleanliness of tone requisite, compatible with gravity, and the flesh in this is absolutely dirty, nor enuf anatomical knowl.             Angel v badly drawn, as is left hand and arm of Jehovah, hips thighs and body of Eve clumsy in extreme. Little or no expression, Adam and Eve and Jehovah stolen, 24 most lamentable failure in whole gallery.             75 GC Lambdin, Our sweetest songs, one fo the best ptgs in exhib, simply touchingly told, little composition in this and what there is cannot be considered wonderful. Color gd and sober, too strong a red dress, drwg tho scarcely first rate is v excellent. Merit is in its conception, ample for story, exec inferior to this. If young will go far despite 121, poor but well meant, depends on tone, simply hot, Twilight Talk.             Vautier clever little 30, Landlord and Beggar, tho last seems a customer. Mix of Dutch and French, excellent in color and expression             Chapman v carefully ptd studies Ital, 163 best, feebly but clearly handled if this class of finish can be called handling,e xcessively warm in color, peasant well drawn, not true of child in 43. Wants more substance.             20 Reminiscences of Lake Mahopse Louis Lang tho not faultless, pleasant, color exceed gay luminous, exec slight. Name oddly chosen, a reminscence of a number of pretty girls not well drawn, save one leaning agst tree with bent finger on her lips, have so frequently made her acquaintance. 542 a little gd color, nothing else. La Bella Cantatrice 93, a port, size of subj, meretriciosuly gay nature of coloring, and excessively bad drwg, one of his prevailing characteristics. His smallest ptg a port 46 The Cousins, fresh and pure, his best work, as 469 The Carol Book his worst, drwg expr color light shade alike bad.             Large fr Jerome Thompson 126, Recreation, cool even chilly tone, slight manner of ptg lscape, looks half finished, figs weak, only merit ptd fr nature v carefully.             Have scant relish for Rossiter as an artist, but admit his talent, does all genres, in all scale. 5 Primitive Life, Indians spearing salmon, some gd color, but not much attn to nature or movement. 31 some gd color, drwg heavy. In Modern Christianity a v brightly flavored attempt at Hogarthian, has done better. 98 capital and his best, Georgeoni and her Companions, Venetian, lazy Ital sunshine, feel we are floating in a gondola. Legs of cavalier wooden, who cares. Scowl of monk at women excellent, the bit of shadow, moral or otherwise, all sunshine wants. Warmth and sunshine also liberal in 163 Wise and Foolish Virgins, took a prize at Paris, on such a sultry day, can’t admit the virgin without a parasol to have any claim to wisdom. Compos is worth nothing. Nor taste of artist who makes a mix of ancient Lais and modern Lorette, but well handled in particulalry heated tone, head of negro boy capitally refined truth.             Country Post office 220 much more successful as well as 61, excellent, carefully drawn, warm pure and fresh in color, daylight, almost too pretty. Heads meant to express less, so better, more natural. Distance a clever bit of ptg. 287 City Post Office not nearly so gd, a companion, but wants compos, deficient in drwg. Dolce far Niente gd bit afternoon sunlight 510 with admirably ptd lscape and awkward red drapery in center. When Rossiter fancies his ptgs too warm cools them by addition of warmer color, unsuccessful. Ancient Christianity 540 charming little pic If better drwg, singularly oddly composed, fig seated not in scale.             Port by Lazarus spoke of in preceding article, 489 by him, May and December, latter v cleverly ptd and backgrd capital, May not buoyant enough and out of drwg, but almost among best. White od ress too positive.             Prof Tormer v Dutch Ital life, 423, finish fully equal to Gerard Dow, too hard in exec, nor is tone equal.             V indiff imitation of Chas Landseer by Ehninger 443 who partners with Mignot on Foray, 484, lscape in portions is splendid, esp foregrd, lichen covered rock rarely seen more perfect. Tho  Ehninger’s figs are gd, overweighted by his companion. His 538 Michaelangelo and his masterpiece, some gd coor, fair ptg.             Tait progresses, 26 Deerhunting on lakes is cleverest sproting pic yet seen in Acad, but for color of backgrd and water excessively thin intone even higher praise. Shriks no labor on finish, augury of progress. Make a sensation in Europe. 16 not as good, 224, 234, 403 517 sm pics Am game all excellent studies. Dining Out a fox and grouse clever, but scarcely so gd, the size of  nature and texture of hair not so well as feathers in this size, expression of fox capital.             May’s ptg of Peasant Girl Frascate clever study too much in modern Roman manner, 67. Many worse ptgs have better places.             A clever indication wanting finish 112, Rebel among the Royalists.             Remonstrance with hanging comm for not refusing to hand such ptgs as 236 and 241, tho by Associates. Audubon only one pic, Hays has 5, not one really gd. 278 is v like a Bull Terrier, but can be like and yet be bad. Dead game in 284 fairly ptd, but backgrd wretched in taste. Justice on part of hanging comm despite Trib’s puffing would serve Hays and teach him to acquire more art and less mechanism.             Bull 258 Verboechoven cleverly rendered, tho lscape hard enamelly, ought not be hung as residence not known, exhib only to please owner. Same for Couturier’s sketch Fowls 223, artist in Paris, canvas has merit. Also GWA Jenkins sent in Huggins’ Lion and Boa 416 which have seen before, address is in London.             Few sm ptgs of average merit: Touchstone 450 bright sketch man’s profile, particolored fool’s cap. EG Sintzenich of London bright little Aquile Prisodle and Apollos, heads gd, female supernumerary hard and unmeaning, 539. Christ by Oertel 506 careful study, has little meaning. Hunting Party in the Woods 525, figs spotted. Time to Go 531 compos poor.   June 14—didn’t see an article., or an ad. June 21 1857 (has a defense of spiritualism written by a corresp) 3 NAD:             Durand if not our first lscape ptr, among 3 or 4 of best, lscapes far greater average of excellence than ports and fig, tho also a prodigiously larger amount of trash.Everyone imagines he or she can paint a lscape. Even abominable port requires skill at likeness. Even Carter can’t dispense with proportions in ptg figs. Recommend excluding certain proportions in ea category and converting to an Ice Cream Saloon.             38 Lake Hamlet Durand’s best, capital, distanc charming, fresh yet warm color, golden foliage too strong wants tone, and compos partakes of his usual formality, foliage more freely—but may be hypercriticism. 132 Esopus Creek not its equal, too green and dead in color, wants strength, yet as alw gracefully firmly pencilled. Studies are class we prefer seeing in ptr’s studio, modest color in exhib loses, these are clever but unfinished. Lscape 229 too green, EW Durand, taste for green prob a relative, 426 Scene in Hudson, scarcely tolerable.             Hart’s Study of a Sumac perfectly charming 535, his others lack similar merit, want attn to nature. His lighter green s not true, esp in trees, char of falseness to his ptgs. Aspires for boldness in exec. James Hart one of finest lscapes, 65 Summer afternoon, true and careful whole, superbly felt distance, delicious foliage, professional cattle, cld have additional strenght in foregrd and less green/ Dislikes studies fr nature not finished.             Homeward bound amateur 108 cleverly touched, sky excellent.             Church’s 522 View on Madalen, not as clever as Andes fine, somewhat hard, fresh pure and gd.             Clever study sunset EW Nichols 523, but rest of ptg not as good as sky.             Mignot v superior lscapes, 281 526 Autumn superior to Church’s of that name, true sparkling breadth not sacrificed to gorgeous colors. Susquehanna grave sober shadow brigh tsparkling sky, firs tell capitally, greens far fr black. Manner and color.             Wotherspoon Roman subj style and color, not remarkable for excellence, 240 hotly unpleasant in tone.             Cropsey not as good as formerly. 191 Warwick Castle exceedingly unpleasant ptg, very unfinished look of hardness, villainous trees, castle literal without being natural, don’t literally copy nature. Church, Hart, Durand true to nature, Cropsey is literal, his 70 Mt Jefferson  has feeling for Autumn, could have been good. Seasons—clever snow, Summer sharp and odd, Autumn not lumious. Expected more.             Gignoux not progressed. Seven Falls 476 v brilliant and telling,c old, looks solid and real, great merit, masculine firmness and verve balance minute care, never leaden. Vigorously ptd sparkling winter 427 Saguenay, too much in style of theatrical scene ptg, makes lscapes near look tame and poor.             Kensett White mtn Scenery large 13, warm praise, don’t like as well as Hart or Durand, but like Andes difficult to name a fault, color fine, deetails able and masterly, warm and rich tone. 482 by him wants force in foregrd, 72 clever sketch only. 453 Coast Scenery briliant, water hard but color true.             Williamson’s Cloud effect and Passing Storm, both singular, playithing clouds, outrageously absurd canvases, shld go ahead in his own way. Hanging Comm shld skip for three years, wait til he has achieved discretion.             Wm Heine no future, dirty green sky, boa constrictor truk in 18; has six pics.             H Carmiencke Afternoon has great promise, color fine wants refinement, exec too hard, fine effect in Coast scene badly ptd, late afternoon comical bit of truth.             Shell study proper place would be in ptg room, but better than his others.             JW Hill fine big of nature sluggish stream,, deliciously detailed, fresh in color. JH Hillgd watercolor sketch rendered in oils. Colman study, only merits are well made out detail and color. His Midsummer 217 fancifull coll of wigs on barber’s blocks doing duty for trees. HG Durrie’s Winter 209, why let unptd corners hang in exhib rm, and for the rest has not sufficient merits, his other 272 are merely stereotypes of snow scenes, which reduplicate themselves every year without abatement.             Rondell lots of wretched lscapes, the best 254 scarcely gd.             Sm canvas GH Boughton Robin 417 delightful to young ladies and children. Old Homestead clever  with green sky 411, 120 Sere and Yellow Leaf pleasnatly touched, color too warm.             Warren’s 445 Old Jigger clever, strong flavor of English Edw Cooke, name implies a beat. GL Brown overweights himself in 442 Venice by moonlight honorary members too apt to do this.             Large T Addison Richards fails only in qual of light, 239 Mtn Lake, v firm hand, vigorous, broad and free exec, remonstrate on carelessness of feeling for farm, smaller pics great grace and refinement.             Moran Newcastle, 180 weak in color but good, Lscape and Buffaloes Coleman large ptg of some pretence and v little comparative merit. Gd lscape modeled ons tyle of color of JD Harding, by Tennant, 545, English artist, ought not be hung. Wms & Stevens also bad taste in ending pics by Lanman, 102 and 122, leave in their show rooms. 530 Duupresson we’ve seen in Broadway, old, not a refuge.  Loorals ptgs exhib, he can paint, but why send these?             172 Nightfall in Wilderness Stillman’s best in feeling and exec, deserves better position, curious effect deliciously conceived, v true and natural. His 44 fine tone, 76 and 99 bad, 166 faithful but weak, Kearsage Brook, and another of this subj we say nothing.             HD Martin Sawe;s ravine clever sketch, also his 156.              Casilear Homeward Bound 248 well conceived, solidly freshly ptd, water too hard but in motion, his others all clever esp tone, trees too heavy.             G Hall’s Sweet peas best flower ptg. Shattuck’s Autumn Flowers 233 capital study, his others too feeble in tone, if careful and cleer, trees like brooms or brushes.             Thorndike, some fancifully nice color, Dana’s not equal in exec to idea, Dix fresh, Hotchkiss green weed, care, lscape CP Cranch 440 fine tone and feeling, sober color, H White’s porch 496 shld not have been hung, glaringly bad. Ranney cattle 494 approaches excellence, need less smooth handling, hides look porcelain. RW Hubbard 212 cleer bit of greenish tone.             Rowse magnif. Lawrence fortunate in choice of subjects, Van Buren and Bryant. Interesting drwg by JM Falconer, 321, House where Thom Jefferson wrote, not badly touched in.   June 28 p. 1 Art Matters, Art’s Triumph, sale of Powers’ Greek Slave at auction in Merchants Exchange, attract a  mtoley company, Leeds took five minutes, sold for $6000 to Metropolitan Art Assoc, Art triumphed over Mammon             Anecdote of ptg of seizure for rent. Wm Gibson. Remb Peale. Statue of GW for No Carolina. Rejects Prohibition fanatics. Anti dogs. Likes the Scalpel   July 12 1857 p. 2 Wm Colopy Desmond, A Ramble in Union Square, for the Dispatch, group at base of equestrian statue of GW, Irish rustics, bronze stted reminds me of celeb St Mark, may stand a comparison, belle asks who gman on horse back is, surely not Duke of Wellington or King Wm of Orange. Fixes glasses, bad Latin, says General Alexander, the Trojan on Bucephalus, who conquered world. A young blood with mustachios and tight trousers corrects him, it’s one who shipped all of them, Gen Washington. Goes on to observe other groups.   August 1857 9 notices Scottish American, new newspaper. P. 4 Am Inst now to occupy decrepit Crystal Palace, place falling into total decay, ruining statuary. Aug 16 p. 2  HHT for Dispatch, The Painter Outwitted, artist of some notoriety in city of B---as a foreigner with long grasy locks and air of nonchalance, passed as gman competing with an insurance agent named James Madison for girl. Aug 23 p. 2 Art Matters: works of Am artists at French exhib, CP Cranch, May, Leon Job, WM PW Dana. Niagara by Church in London. Extract on Hiram Powers, Miss Hosmer, and J of Commerce Florence corresp speaks on true policy of Am artist, that Italy is full of them, undoubted genius, ought to go home and create orig Am school, founded in our glorious institutions, our unrestricted freedom, inliberty vs law, irrepressible activity, break bondage to Italy and past, return to glorious native mtns, voices of freedom on every side, not cramp their genius. Healy and Cropsy doing well. 4 Thackeray lost election as liberal on Sunday laws. Death of Eugene Sue, made throne totter Aug 30 p. 3 Art Matters  Reviews Laborde, who wants to suppress the Academy. Mentions various artists’ whereabouts. Wm Page is visiting US. Huntington doing ports fo rThe Scientific Men of the Country. Palmer’s Design for capitol extension pediments a triumph, Puritan history, Preacher and soldier, pioneer, savage, etc.             Death of Griswold, Times obit highly eulogistic; bitter enemy of Poe, Dispatch not too admiring.   September 6 1857 p. 4 not unsymp to “poor Indian” but doubts any reforms will be made Sept 13 p. 4 Herald is now Wood’s organ. obit for Jacob A Dallas, well known artist resident here last 9 years, panos of Fremont’s route to Cal, two Pilgrim’s prog, another one of Calif, and panos of City of NY and Miss Riv, ptd in conj with father in law Joseph Kyle and other artists. Pres of NY Sketch Club, illus for Harper Putnam and Leslie, and large publishing houses. Two yrs ago md Mary F Kyle, an artist and poet. TB Thorp of Leslie’s gave a tribute at funeral. One of our best alleg artists, genius of hi order. Sept 20 more supportive of women’s rights, esp in the arts. P. 4 Akerman’s Venus’ Miscellany obscene books part of trade in city, flash publications cried by urchins, spasmodic justice only.   Temple of liberty device on New Era was freemason.   October 1857 25 p. 8 Art Matters: Rosa Bonheur’s horse fair; confess until v recently had prejudce agst female ptgs, shortcomings twofold, too delicate half fearful or almost uncertain handling of brush and absence of vigor, gives women’s lscapes or compositions an enervated if not cold aspect. Fault less perceptible in still life, where delicacy and careful diffidence often more succesful in fidelity to nature than heavier and rougher handling of male artist. Second is want of endurance in finishing a large or pretentious work, shows she wearied of her work and so neglected some points here or there.             Wms &Stevens overcame all these prejudices. Magnif drwg, masterly, quaint and orig compos, pure yet somewhat cold color, superbly masculine and vigorous handling, grand ptg proves higher walks are as open to her as what naturalists call the higher gender. Seriously, invaluable exhib, has faults of harmless Gallicism of manner and slovenliness in portions of the drwg, but great merits, singularly varied compos and very able, quaintly and apparently carelessly arranged form, boldness freedom and verve in brush reminds of Delacroix but less coarse. Nothing finer than color of white horse in center, and muscular arm of rider with averted face etc. Unequaled by women, thruout grand.             Exhib of Works of Brit and French Mod Schools of Ptg in new rms of NAD on Tenth st, inferior to old rms, finest and most remarkable specimens of preRapha, Holman Hunt’s Light of the World, F Madox Brown’s King Lear and other prominent artists, watercolors also v gd.             At old rms of Art Union French school, the Bonheurs, Couture, Dubufe, EP Frere, Isabey, Meissonier’s attraction Chess Players, P Rousseau, Scheffer, Vernet.             Canvas at Pecocke & Johnson’s view of Union Sq with Wash statue, Rosenberg, unexpected but clever, German school, care and precision, hi key of tone, really excellent esp persp, great nerve and firmness. Author not painter.   November 1 1857 p.1 Art Matters, Death of Crawford, his genius eminently progressive; new port of GW maybe by Wertmuller; Geo Innes a lscape ptr in India st Brooklyn attempted to commit suicide on Tues by taking strychnine, pumped out in time to save his life, pressure in money market sd to be the cause             Death of Augustus L Krauth, of NY Mercury, died. Nov 15 has been crit of both Burton’s and Keene’s for putting on shows that better belong at a museum. Last issue.   1859-60, Lib of Congress volume starts Nov 19, 1859, 8 pages now. p.1 has column “Masonic Matters” and a Ladies Column on last page. p. 3 Wood has Mozart hall nomination for Mayor in defiance of Tammany, will win,has a perfect political organization. Art Matters: not easy to own a great picture or sculptor, but if just want to see them, as good as Aspinwalls, Belmonts etc, shop windwos of Williams & Stevens, Goupils, Schaus, Bryan Gall, Hist Soc, ateliers of Rossiter, Leutze, Church and more.             Studio bldgs: Church’s Heart of the Andes, have already discussed. NAD: French and Engl exhib just replaced by Rossiter and Mignot grand natl pic Home of Wash after the war, truly noble, general admiration and enthus, private exhib at residence of Rossiter with 200 of most disting artists, literateurs, amateurs, cognoscendi. Goupil’s has Bonheur and port by Dubufe, upstairs Powers statue of Wash at Masonic Altar already mentioned. Waugh’s Italia pano views. Lost Velasquez of Chas 1st, Intl Art Inst oft mentioned has new works by Germans, Schaus has Palmer’s White Captive, most wonderfully beauteous natural and facinating female fig ever created in marble, quotes fr Musical World and a lady contrib, those who seek so-called classicality in it will prob be disappointed, never been abroad, formed after no model in Rome but Nature alone, truthful and touchingly genial supernaturally beautiful is result. More general national art-importance than any other work of the kind.             Duss Gallery undiminished attraction, Sonntag’s Dream of Italy the best fr industrious artist, our dream of Italy is warmer and less chalky. Also like modest Richards the sculptor.   Dec 3 1859. Geo Law donated to Wood campaign. Support the Kane monument. Dec 10 p. 1 Art Matters: Bonheur’s Horse Fair: praise the engraving. P. 4 critical of picture paper’s caricatures of Brown (of Ferry?) Dec 17 p. 7 Art-Lings by VB for Dispatch, bright glorious day dawning to Am Art, cites Hosmer, Palmer, Barbee, and Church and Page (replacing Kensett, Durand, Shattuck, Cole etc!) Dec 31 praises President’s msg. Notes Eldridge F Paige, Dow jr, suicide in California   1860 January 14 p. 1 The Artists Recpetion (under Ladies Dept column) , women like it, at Dodworth’s, most eminent studios, Durand, Huntington, Hicks, Shattuck, Hart Gifford, Boughton ‘s magician of Winter wildernesses who Home J is alw up to knees in snow, Launt Thompson’s exquis marble profiles much admired. Seems to like Boucicault and Keene’s. p. 6 The Sculptor of Bruges, Mathew J Lyons, artist is accused of murder 21 pro married women’s rights bill. P. 8 Art Matters: Artists Recpetions, still a new idea, Tenth Street studio followed the Dodworth one with great success, very crowded. Crème of society and pretenders all there, Casilear, Suydam, Leutze, Hubbard, Launt Thompson, Wm Hart, Hays, Shattuck, Gifford, Blauvelt, Church, Boughton, Cole, Brevoort, Bierstadt, Quincy, Gignoux, Nichols, Thorndike, TB Read and others. Leutze’s national pic Battle of Princeton prominent, also a Venetian carnival scene, v clever genre pics by Blauvelt, poetic fancies by Read, sea sketches by Suydam, lifelike animals Hays, exquis lscapes Shattuck, truthfully finished ones Wm Hart, many pretty grand and valuable 28 critical of Hughes re he Pope. Approve of senidng street kids to country February 4 notices NY Leader p. 8 Art Matters, second Dodworth’s reception, crème de la crème, better light, superior in merit pics to last time, lots of sales, orders for duplicates and fancy pics. Fig and genre pics attracted most favor, Leutze’s Venetian carnival night scene most powerful and romantic conception, exquis colored and grouped; E White, HP Gray, GH Hall, Louis Lang beaut hist tableau last supper of Mary Queen of Scots, Huntington, Ehninger, Blauvelt, Cafferty, J Thompson, EDE Green, Blondell, and in lscape mention Wm and James Hart, latter exquis careful tree study, Shattuck, Boughton, Bellows, Coleman, Williamson, Mrs Eliza Greatorex whose coloring rapidly gaining in strength and natural truth, Dix, Nichols, Hayes, Stagg others. Privileged few who are invited. Feb 11 p. 5 Art Matters: dropped in at Elliott’s studio Phila paper, observes prog of port Gov Seymour for City Hall, noticed two other ports, John G Lightbody, of printer’s ink, only surpassed by one of his wife. Remark freq that his style is too bold and rough for gentler sex, doesn’t give softness and refinement, but this puts that too rest. Takes fr Express the reception last Thurs on 38th street at house of Rossiter the artist hosted by John D Sherwood, lawyer, 800 guests, pic gallery 18 lke Sarah Whitman’s effort to rescue Poe’s rep. 25 notices NY Weekly, a regular advertiser March 3 Lincoln at Cooper made a v favorable impression. March 17 rather aristo anecdote of Benj West refusing to ride with a tailor p. 2. Phunny Phellows also advertises. April 7 Duganne pub a life of Garibaldi in NY Weekly in 1859. Don’t see an NAD ad. 14 praises Trib, notices Clay statue in Richmond p. 6 A Romance in Art Life, one of our famous sculp in Florence working on an Apollo for which he might stand a model, attracted by carriage of Prince de B, paralyzed daughter wished to sit, a device to see him, they married. 21 likes Homestead Bill 28 AJH Duganne writes for them p. 8 Art Matters: Acad of Design, A brief Visit and Conversation, Mr Softtongue: a capital exhibition! Mr Hardhead: pooh! Pooh! S: why, only look at the gd pics scattered in all sorts of out of the way corners H: and bad in firstrate places S: 205 Elliot, know it hangs in a wretched place H: spare yourself the trouble, he’s cut it down..I’d have done the same, he can do without the Acad. The Tenth st Studio Clique rule the Acad.             S: don’t be unjust, there are clever pics in Tenth st bldg, 613, Twilight in the Tropics. H fine pic, but 552, what do you say to that? Same artist! S: Hypercritical! Can’t say anything agst gifford, 561, sunlight, real unadulterated, with vigorous pure and honest brush, handled as firmly as possible. H: v true, only wish less usnlight and variety of grey, 318, 372, 407, 487 all born of the one idea.             S urges look at 504 Early Summer by Shattuck. H doesn’t like Shattuck; no accounting for tastes. Look at malformed trees, sky has no texture, or texture like worsted work, an utter abomination, foregrd well ptd, all can be sd for greenly gd pic. 221 Morning by Sea by same artist, tone of dist agreeable but watercolory, rocks out of pasteboard and surf badly ptd. Compare with W Hart’s Coast of Maine 620 realy fine, ptd honestly and with a true and solid brush, no chopped paperwork here, looks pure and unadulterated fact.             S: you know Wm Hart H: no, but know he is honest, conscientious and hard working, a capital artist, his 450 October’s Golden hrs not perfect but atmosph so true and reality so tangible ought to have a red mark scored agst it.             Re portraits—H: a gd likeness (610) that and genl color it’s only good. Would I have a port ptd of me to advertise to the world that I was a journalist? Yet here is Genio C Scott advertised as a fly fisherman. Next will have AT Stewart ptd selling a silk dress and Geo Law bribing the Albany Republicans. Don’t like the worsted work in backgrd. And compare drwg to 209 Elliot or 430 Huntington, two best male ports in gallery, marvelous heads, yet this has post of honor in gallery. Not justice. You may be a friend of Mr Johnson’s and I will admit any reasonabl praise for 316 and 465, capital little ptgs save Eastman Johnson’s hi rep, but don’t let him paint ports of class of 610.             H 584 by Cafferty a capital study, not badly hung. 422 by Rosenberg? Rightly served, H says, tho I am his friend. But when a man has no personal friends in a body of half a hundred artists who have not room to hang all of their own works in first rate places, he is a fool to send a work of any pretensions to them. Few in country have so much gd drwg as in this group of Indians, heads all expressive, but too high, and CG Rosenberg a great fool to send anything of size and pretension.   May 12 Think Union party shd have nominated Houston for Pres, he would have won, Bell and Edw Everett will just draw off Repub votes in a few states. Homestead Law not pop with old fogies. 4 Academy of Design dialog continues, Softtonge introduces Hardhead to Mr Snarler, who immediately says No humbug. S explains he never means half what he says, v bilious. S points to 51, is this not clever? Snarler: for a man who knows nothing about Art. H: v clever indeed, de Trobriand a gman, knows how to use crayon and brush, sketch of Ducal Palace at Venice capital in exec, esp the work of a literary man.             S: then you ought not to have abused Rosenberg, he’s a lit man too. H: only sd he was fool! De Trobriand is not, his work does not interfere with the Academical brushes, so he gets a gd place for it that he deserves.             Snarler: perhaps like 62 and 114 then, as by v prominent author, Bayard Taylor. H why not? Snarler: because you are sd to have some taste for art. S: come come, Bayard Taylor a v partic friend of mine, full of talent, why shouldn’t he paint? H: of course, why shouldn’t he? You thought Hardhead wouldn’t like them, what a capital joke! (aside: deuce, they will pull all my best friends works to pieces, leave them to fight it out if they wouldn’t start in on me.)             Snarler, needn’t look at Leutze’s Braddock’s Defeat 573, every time I look grows worse and worse. Know H won’t agree. H: certain degree of family resemblance to Carter’s battlepieces, indiv intended for Wash wld stand 7 ft 6 inches and be standing on heads of figs in foregrd, but not a bad pic.             Snarler: idiot. H: backgrd finely ptd. Snarler: abominably German. Softongue: my wife was born in Germany. Snarler: think it a fine pic? H: not a bad one. Snarler: like the green in the dress of Princess Elix in the Tower, 261? H: no, but pic has fine pts, group in shadow to right deliciously managed.             Snarler: Pooh! Find something gd in everything. Even sermons in brooks in Bierstadt’s big buffalo daub? H: Yes, I criticize and you only look out for defects.             S: head 209 a wondrous likeness? H glorious, no one like Elliott Snarler: head of Brady, didn’t trust photo. H lesson to idiots who pay for oil ports fr mercantile ateliers where they farm out piece work to time, laid in by camera. John Harper, 219, Elliott, S: admirably resembling, but not so much flattered. Snarler likes a Huntington fine male head, Hon James Humphrey, very like—Snarler says it’s flattered too. H: Huntington’s 257 v excellent, Counterfeit Note, deliciously ptd female head. H: honestly details given, capital expression in old man. Snarler: and how honestly black all the shadows are. H: lit men can’t afford to purchase.             Snarler: not likely to see anything by Rossiter, so scarified last yr won’t send, also Hicks, may have abjured Tenth st exhib rms on same score. Richards last yr v prolific, this yr nothing, Gray too develops commendable prudence, on this year’s Hanging Comm, dreads what Dispatch might say of him.             S: friend of Gray and Hicks, H is friend of Rossiter, Snarler says mine too, but speak the truth, S and H don't like that. Snarler: no man who pretends to judge critically ought to have any friends. NAD advertises 7 The Italian Ptr: A story of a Roman artist, killed his model to paint the crucifixion   May 26, wish Dems would nominate Houston, but they won’t, so Lincoln likely to win. Raymond wanted Douglass, mad at Greeley as is Webb for not supporting Seward. June 1860 9 Everett and Cocked hat and knee-breeches party, Do Nothings, last century interpretations of constitution, like those critical of Galileo. V crit of Sumner. 16 notes close of NAD soon July 7 The Village Painter p. 1 for the Dispatch, when loses his love his love of nature goes. Express supports Douglass, Dispatch blames him for Nebraska-Kansas bill 14 World criticizes Dispatch for saying Indian races will die out July 21 p.1 The Mysterious Picture, An Artist’s Adventure, PC James, transl fr the French (also a poem by Willie Ware), artist has vision of a murder  21 Old Whigs who didn’t go for Fremont will for Lincoln. South has grip on Demo party, will nominate Breckinridge. Simonton is Times Wash corresp, and part owner. World is sabbatarian. August 18 likes new editor Church of the Sun. Geo Copway has abnadoned Know Nothings to go over to Douglas 25 notices a life of Wm T Porter by Francis Brinley, never met him. Critical of toadies to Prince of Wales. Burns still the editor. September 1860 1 and 8 illustrate on front page their stories 22 filibustering was specious. Land Reform now a plank in major party. TD Rice obit, improvident. Repubs have a lot of money 29 praises warhorse Hoxie. James T Brady and HW Beecher support NYU ladies library October 6 Roberts doing their engravings, also did masthead 20 Prince of Wales ball a success. CL Stuart of Daily News now lit manager of Illus News. Henry Peck of NY Day Book and contrib to NY Ledger started a Georgia paper. Buchanan going to be a contrib to the Ledger too. Alderman Herrick still Demo Nov 3 p.1 Art Matters: Falstaff mustering his recruits, famous Duss ptg, pub by Cosmo Art Assoc for distrib, work of John Rogers burin, admirable, all praise of technical exec, $3 subscription, has done more to dissem pure principles of correct taste than any institution of the kind ever started. P. 7 Wm R Wallace’s  Old Abe’s Address to the Wide Awakes, Freemen, on with me Nov 10 Thos L Nichols in a card acknowl his slander agst Williamson, he is editor of Sunday Mercury, supported Ben Wood for Congress instead. Williamson won 3rd Congressional District. Last issue.     1860-1-LOC November 17, 1860 first issue in volume; 22 Beekman st. J Williamson, ed. $2/yr 3 Critical of the Mercury, ed. Is SS Southworth, or John Smith of Arkansas, for last 5 ½ years, not Thomas L Nichols, allied to same party as Dispatch editor. Critical of the Times for happy over licensing of inexpensive dance halls, saloons, etc affects the poor. Agree with the Irish-American. Nov 24  p.1 Fine Arts: The pics of the Temptation and Expulsion two of finest Dubufe ever ptd, destroyed by fire, reprouced in 1857, now in city at Goupil’s. p. 4 Pro liberty to do as you want on Sundays if don’t break the peace. December 1 1860 Has a column now on Masonic matters. Enthus re Garibaldi, also a Ladies Dept on back page, fashions. Dec 8. Dislikes Buchanan. Galt’s statue p. 5 of Jefferson for UVA noticed. 15 p. 7 quotes Webster’s reply to Hayne 22 Chas B Burkhardt, music and theater critic for Dispatch, died. A mason too. 29 1861 January 5. P. 2 loves Harper’s, thinks Cosmo Art J is an authority, praises its engr of Grandpa’s Prodigies Jan 12 v critical of the South. Notes sale of pews at Beecher’s church. P. 5 Art Matters, recd fr James Meyer Jr of Beaver st a grand historical and alleg rep of past and present of our country, a masterpiece, mammoth photo 19 Mayor F Wood treasonous, wicked. Praises NY Ledger. Herald caused secession; editor Jones a big contributor not just Bennett 26p. 6 anecdote of Gerard, used a pasteboard horse for general in Napoleon battle scene. Like Edwin Booth February 2 1861, 9, 16 Loves Lincoln. 23 notices death of Cornelius W Lawrence, seems to be a Demo. Happy the anti-peddling ordinance repealed. March 9 1861 Inaugural address was perfect. April 6 1861 office moving to 11 Frankfort st. 5 Art Matters: NAD-36th Annual Exhib: number of portraits much greater than any former occasion, but number of first class ones not larger. For last few yrs generally conced that Elliott’s were entitled to the palm, but owing to his difficult with the Acad last yr, has refused this yr to exhibit. Laurels go next to Alanson Fisher, a friend of Elliott’s whose studio is on same floor and whose pics it is diff to disting fr Elliott’s, not inferior in correctness, harmony, truthfulness or faithfulness. Elliott excels in delicacy of touch and cleverer in extraneous aids, but Fisher no rival for truthfulness, paints his pics right up to nature.             165 Head of a boy, Fisher, drwg perfect, colors harmoniously, manip delicate yet vigorous and masc, rotund and strong, head stands out, but hunt in worst kind of light while inferior 164 hangs on sight line; latter lacks in many respects, internal drwg faulty, not well relieved, lights and shadows badly managed.             Fisher’s best pic and the best one in the exhib is 196, a male head, soft and naturla flesh tones, splendidly ptd beard, hung over doorway, tho deserved best place, he is not an Academician nor under its patronage. This not getting a good place is his treatment year after year.             The third pic by Fisher in same gallery 234, don’t like as well, too many accessories, generally the freer a port is fr all surroundings the better, backgrd shld never attract attn, it is simply for effect and relief. So 236 is faulty in this, and fig is not graceful and agreeable if faithfully exec.             175 an old man’s head in same rm is one of v best pics in Acad and given a good place on sight line, but it is by a member of the Acad, HP Gray, skilfully manip, internal drwg gd, features admirably relieved, but too lowtoned to be effective so won’t receive deserved credit.             127 femlae head by T LeClear capital, backgrd harmonises, gd relief, exec thorough, rendering severely truthful, but not a member of Acad, so hung up hi and dry.             In this gallery admirably exec male head crayon 78 E Saintin, handling free and spirited, modeled to nature, plenty of rm in this gallery, but hung up where people have to look for it, not an Academician.             387 male head James Bogle fine port, his best in exhib, well relieved, flesh tones warm natural, an associate member of Acad, decent position.             456 port Dr Francis by D Huntington one of his best, in all respects gd, but not strong, nor deserving of great credit in pt of exec. Above the sight line, but a fair light, Acad member.             491 full length female fig HA Loop a gd pic if more relief, not so sombre and monotonous, features lack relief, whole fig too near backgrd, hung on sight line in gd light, an associate member.             These are all that we consider really entitled to notice, all that we shld not feel called upon to say more agst than in their favor. Others have gd pts and many will pass with the crowd for first class pics, but no time or patience to devote to their analysis, leaving ea to buy his idol and receive the approbation of his friends.             NAD advertises p. 8 April 13 1861 p. 4 notices fine pic in Snedicor’s gall, free exhib by Damschreuder of Amsterdam, Wm of Orange in Council April 20 advert for NAD gone. 27 Daily News traitorous. May 4 p. 4 sympathetic obit to Onderdonk; p. 5 Intl Art Institution, sale of living German masters postponed; Artists not less patriotic, Shumway went with the 7th. Whittredge, Gifford, David Johnson and James Hart have buckled on their knapsacks, and NA closed their exhib. Stopped there.