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Emancipator (and Free American; and Weekly Chronicle)

America’s Historical Newspapers

Emancipator, July 15, 1841, p. 44, extract fr Incidents of Travel by Stephens, no illustr, describes Copan, Palenque, half naked women, human sacrifice

Emancipator, August 26, 1841, p. 68.  Buckingham’s Character of Amer Women, travel observations, don’t have same passionate admiration as English females for ptg, sculpt, poetry, music, higher topics of intellectual conversation, nor lighter beauties of belles letters, alter their coldness of temperament.  In Euro well educ women express enthusiasm and passionate delight in speaking of works of art they’ve seen, etc, kindling sympathy in minds of others, and increasing fervor and intensity of their own.  Not deficient in info, but deficiency of taste and feelings, due to climate or manners, bring same phlegmatic to love affairs too, too practical to let feelings run away with other considerations.

Sept 30 1841 Grain's beaut pic of Niagara at Acad worthy avisit, lscape v fine, cataract with help of real water and roar v accurate imitation as from a mile or two below, evening best time, illus most complete, hope skilful artist will be well patronised, improving spectacle for schools or Sabbath schools, but no ptg or machinery or human device can give sensation of close up, quotes Brainerd

The Emancip, Oct 14, 1841, p. 96 another ad for stupendous sublime Niagara by Grain

Emancipator, Oct 21, 1841, p. 98, Portrait Ptg: not much addicted to crit on fine arts, no time and don’t understand the subject.  but pleasure to see gd specimens by Mr SB Chapman, 395 Broadway, credentials as a man are ample, work speaks for itself, some of his picts looked as if might speak.  Have seen more highly finished and more gaudily embellished ptgs, tho these were quite unexceptionable in these respects, but as pictures of living, human persons, sure possess a hi degree of merit.  modest, worthy, faithful and competent artist, hope meet encouragement 

The Emancipator, Sept 2, 1841, p. 71, advert for Falls of Niagara at Amer Acad of FA Barclay st (3 doors below Astor HSe), with real water, gd review fr NY Eve Star, fidelity and truth, perfect semblance, , etc.  Sept 30 1841, p. 87, has article on beaut picture by Mr Grain, well worthy of a visit, lscape v fine, representation v accurate imitation, best in evening, illusion most complete. skilful artist.  But because all pictures are from a distance, doesn’t capture the sublime.   

Nov 18 1841 puffs S Chapman, has just done bust of editor, enthusiasm for his perfect finish 

Emancip and Free Amer, Dec 10, 1841, p. 127, anti-slavery fair at Boston, includes fine ptg of Her Majesty’s Brig, the Old Buzzard, famous for capturing slavers, designed and exec expressly for Fair by marine ptr of this city of superior talent and celebrity.  Others expected fr friends at a distance. 

Emancip and Free Amer, Feb 24, 1842, p. 203, Statue of W: glorious, found as predicted by Adams that pedestal for it under centre of dome, with light on top of head, shading features, had entirely destroyed effect of sculptor’s skill.  thru Mr Preston order to try diff position, lower, nearer door, effect of change of light is magnificent, full illumination of face shows with what genius artist has shadowed forth sublime character.  but still noble statue won’t satisfy Amer people, because nothing Amer in the conception.

Emancip and Free Amer, May 4, 1843, The Dead Christ:  disting sculptor Ball Hughes exhib at Bromfield Hall clay model of colossal statue of Christ on cross.  don’t pretend to judge merits of such a work b y any of estab rules of art, but impression on mind is most tender and deep.  anatomically exactly correct, no xtian cld see it w/o profit.  hope Hughes will secure immortality to this creation of his genius by giving it in more enduring material.  aspect of the Savior’s history not sufficiently dwelt upon.

The Emancipator and Free American, Oct 5, 1843, p. 92

The Zombi, or Murillo’s pupil (transl fr the German for NY Mirror): story of how a Creole slave won his freedom and became a great artist 

Emancip and Free Amer, Nov 23, 1843, p. 117, O’Connell’s Address:  while he was giving it, sculptor Hogan modeling his statue as Liberator of Ireland.

Emancipator and Weekly Chronicle Feb 1 1844 p. 157, The Neighbors, or a Short Lay Sermon to People About Home, concludes asking “what think you of this picture?” connoisseurs of ptg, what think you of the composition of this tableau vivant, its plot, foregrd, backgrd, dramatis personae; has ptr developed the real neighbor in his native individuality? does he look natural? But this tableau is nota  picture, it is a mirror, hang it up before the conscience for one week and may see our own faces in it, or some family resemblance

Mar 7, 1844, Emancip and Free Amer, p. 176, reviews contents of Demo Review, including excerpts on Clevenger, the sculptor, which says Everett wrote a letter saying he was sick and poor, author sent him $500, but too late, already dead.  widow and kids now in Boston, has found protectors, previous liberality, 6 gmen who had paid and rec’d their busts, hearing C was distressed, sent him $100 a piece, deserves imitation fr our Maecenases here.  His statue of the Inidian warrior, which is in the engraving, is only legacy to his family.  Mercantile Library Assn of this city, creditable spirit, raising purchase subscription.

Emancipator and Weekly Chronicle April 10, 1844, p. 193, Tremont St: viewed beaut ptgs at Horticultural Rm auction tomorrow, worth great deal more as a sight than innumerable “grand exhibitions” that attract attn, yet admission free. 129 pieces in coll, rich lscapes, etc., exec by disting Euro artists. splendid group, our country furnished many subjects of scenic grandeur beauty; eleg gilt frames, ornaments to parlor.

Emancipator and Weekly Chronicle, April 17 1844 p. 193

Bust of Myron Holley, founder of Liberty Party, exec in city by Mr Carew, bas relief, excellent likeness, friends of cause and of art examin work at rms Harrison and Pine

May 15 1844, p. 9, Emancip and Wkly Chron, NY Anniversaries: at anti-slavery mtg, Adam Ballou of Mass., long speech on superiority of moral over polit influ., theory seemed to be that slavery was to be abolished by poets, and ptrs, and sculptors, and the moral suasion they’d employ.  speech made little impression, small interest.  Mr Denison replied, emphasizing need for ballot box, Garrison agreed with Ballou.  Signed CC.

  1. 10 Holly Monument, to memory of MyronHolly, founder of Lib Party, beaut marble profile will adorn it, is at studio of Mr Carew, sculptor, as piece of art, work of high excellence, likeness, those acquainted say capital. on Harrison, near Pine, will contrib. to his reputation.  When we called he was at work on exquis monumental effigy of gd Bishop Griswold for Trinity Church, also bust of Rev Dr Beman of Troy, v striking head, a cast fr Brown.  We requested place it alongside profile fo Holly, contrast of the two reminded us forcibly of discussion at Albany Natl Lib convention in 1840, when B tried to prevent formation fo the party, wanting antislavery vote for Gen Harrison, called it April Fool Convention, argument, wit sarcasm pathos.  Look at bust, and see how it was done.  Then study head of Myron Holly, and may conceive in what manner he replied, deep sense of moral oblig, duty to exercise elective franchise, applied flaming torch of truth to tissue of doctor’s expediencies and sophistries in manner never equaled.  Carew will furnish casts for $3 ea, profits to go to Holly’s family.

            monument itself is being done at works of Mr Dixon, under direction of Gerritt Smith, unostentatious shaft, white marble.  Still need donations.  will be put on his gravesite in Rochester.  (note:  Carew is in Boston; later notes he is doing a bust of John Pierpont, gd judges say admirable likeness, flesh and spirit, May 29 1844 p. 20)

Emancipator and Weekly Chron, June 21, 1844, p. 33, , more of Prof Wright’s Letters from England.  Notes funds needed to complete Nelson’s monument, ugly looking pillar, stuck up in bronze, need lying inscriptions to adorn pedestal, but public won’t contribute anymore.  disapproves of fostering this military spirit.  Contemptuous of other statues in Trafalgar Square,t o Chas I, shd be sent back to (historical) oblivion, stupid Geo III, who did nothing, but who deserves to be cut in stone, or Parian marble, or gold, when compared with precious son Geo IV, no better than a Beau Brummel, who had more qualities and achievements.  Dislikes celeb of monarchs as eternal, tho as grouped here seems anti-monarchical.  Queen shd dump them in Thames.

July 3, 1844 p. 38  Demo Review has eloq article on Greenough’s Statue of GW fr Alexander Everett.  don’t concur with coarse criticisms, possesses hi merit, but two capital defects:  idea connected with the sword is wholly obscure (supposed to be him surrendering sword to Congress, but sitting posture incongruous), and unadaptedness to its object, a public situation where it would arouse feelings the masses teach them to admire and reverence GW, and guard the inheritance he was instrumental in handing down.  But the fig is not Amer, nothing like was ever seen or can be seen in Amer, so statue can never touch popular sympathies in this country.  It is Grecian, and if it had been brought as a monument of Grecian art, admired as such, but as an Amer monument it is a failure.

            artist also justly responsible for not making it fit rotunda of Capitol, came to Amer on purpose to examine spot, but it can’t stand in that place or anywhere in US, needs to be at the head of a vast gallery into which light thrown ingenous peculiar arrangement so as to bring out the features and show the grand conceptions of the sculptor.  Not likely to have one until the restoration of the heathen mythology, so statue may as well stand where it is until the shanty rots down, then remain uncovered until the tooth of time has totally destroyed its value.  not worth Congress spending any more time or money on it. 

Aug 7 1844, p. 57, The Birney Portrait:  artist Goodwin brought engr port to Salem mtg, best engr port in country, by Balch, intentionally as a specimen of his skill, under the eye of the ptr, who is in very depths of his heart a Liberty man, threw his soul into his work, engr is a fair and full transcript of the portrait--THE MAN.

            gratifying and cheering as in Carew’s medallion bust Myron Holley that the men whom the Liberty party delight to honor presented to public not only as admirable likenesses of admirable heads, but style of surpassing excellence as mere works of art.  Let men of sense read for themselves the instruction afforded by this fact.  proves Lib party is not weak or abt to perish.  $1 at this office,India proofs $2

            Aug 7 1844 p. 59, Birney Portrait finished by Mr Balch, the engraver, succeeded admirably, will print as speedily as possible,  address fr EW Goodwin at Albany.

August 7 1844 p. 58 Foreign Selections:

Encaustic PTg at Royal Exchange, by 14 artists fr Munich, Prince Albert approves, gilding, coats of arms, beaut elab

Emancipator and Weekly Chronicle, May 22, 1844, p. 14, continuing series of Prof Wright’s Letter from England. He visits British Museum, impressed by zoological rms, but also for rooms on arts of antiquity, which separate man from animals.  praises Greek marbles as beaut life like, sould showing in every feature so nobly and with such over-awing power that you forget the perfect reality of the fig in that hi sympathy with which you are inspired.  finds ptg and sculpture perfectly miraculous, worships the artist.  also likes the humbler works of art, exhibit great skill of workmanship and beauty of design, even commonest articles.  Free to public.

puffs West and Remb Peale's C of Death 

June 17 1846 p31 Poor White folks, pic in Nat Acad exhib of family of No Carolina Emigrants on way to Ohio, happy title, eloquent a sermon on Anti-Slavery as superb ptg by Biard of embarkation of slaves fr coast of Africa, worthy of being engraved as a companion, young Cincinnatian named Beard (fr Standard)

Feb 3 1847 visited famous Banvard pano, grand affair, monument of genius and assiduity, hi order of merit, fidelity, life like truth, lively idea of peculiar scenery,

APS Anti-Slavery Examiner (monthly, NY Am Anti Slav Soc, 142 Nassau)

Feb 1845 last issue APS has; JQ Adams motto that slavery is engine of our govt. Want secession. Garrison, Phillips, Maria Weston Chapman. Webster is pro slavery. not very many issues

Anti Slavery Record-1837 nothing