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The Expositor: Dec 8, 1838, vol 1 no 1

$4/yr, in advance, or $5 half yearly, 114 Nassau st, LouisFitzgerald Tasistro

Excerpts C&E and Evening Star, cites their praise on back cover along with NY Gazette

Dec 15 1838 Our Weekly Gossip p. 22

            Various exhibs of ptg have been announced to world, most agree exhib nothing but excellence and theoretical skill, won’t say that we could name some exceptions, where the display is of the most cloying and monotonous description, and only indic of crudest and most superficial notions. Vogue for port ptg so prevalent everywhere a serious impediment, so insatiable passion for seeing frightfulness of own physiog that seems nature had given birth only to heroes and demigods, venuses and graces. Perversity and baneful effects of mod patronage, lowest and most illit dabblers earn excellent livelihood, while talent seldom exerted for itslegit purpose of display itself in true and consistent action, proves heartrending disappointment. Rage for exhib likenesses to world at large of present generation fr desire for notoriety

May 11, 1839, p. 249, Our Weekly Gossip

Only a furtive glance, but horrified at sinful abundance of daubs (ports) absolutely disfigure the walls, dull and foolish faces made for oblivion. Pernicious state of society. Iron railway of port ptg blocks primrose paths of intellect and poetry.

May 18, 1839 p. 261 NAD

            Remarks last week on predominance of uninteresting faces injuring NAD, letter in daily paper complaining of injustice of prejudiced editors, sinful partiality of their criticisms. Remonstrances of this kind silly and ill-advised, if complainant felt didn’t get praised, having gotten himself in exceeding bad company, his gd looks prob suffered fr unhappy physiognomies above and below him. For own part, seriously lament labor and pains bestowed on daubs that have little or nothing to please eye or mind, but even are repelling and painful. Cat strikingly poor in great or evenlarge productions, domestic life not numerous. Many snatches of scenery and personations of verse beaut gems, but Acad has a manufactory air, Mechaniz-Artizans not artists, plasterers and paper strainers, inspiration has had little to do with them than figured silks.

            Have hist ptrs of consid talents, but not genius, don’t have West’s power, can’t feel about them as we do about Nature. Alw think abt mechanical means of production.Standard is of eleg and graceful mediocrity.

Knick is justly critical of obscure writing style.

June 15 1839 he defends Cooper’s naval history

June 22 1839, Our Wkly Gossip, Sully’s P of Q Vic

            Sully chief ornament of Am school, orig of style and power of grand and striking effects fr apparently inadeq causes, others may surpass in subtlety of thought, felicity of invention, delineation, but he surpasses in force and richness of expr, freedom and facility of touch, freshness and transp of coloring, all appeal to intellect. Comp with Hayter’s full length of her, v rich and gorgeous, Sully’s more poetical and natural, less obtrusively appealing to imag than professedly alleg pics do, does work of poet more effectually, calls up greater variety of associations and strengthens them by alliance with realities of nature. Impossible to look at it without seeing Hope kindling in her eye, Happienss leading her by the hand, Graces floating abt her footsteps


Exposed the quackery of the Morning Chronicle, Saunders pub., juggling in lit. July 1839 merge with Lit Gazette sort of; disappear