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Flash (Sunday Flash, True Flash)

Sunday Flash, Sept 12, 1841, 6 cents, gallery of rascalities and notorieties features oily Attree, really long devastating slander  Mrs Shaw is the butcher boy Semiramis.  attacks auctioneers.  Also in gallery is Tasistro, also assd with Herald, as is Lee (Leah).  Hamblin also in gallery

            -Elton is doing at least some of their woodcuts for the Gallery

likes Miss Cushman and Park Benjamin

The True Flash Dec 4 1841, ed Sly.  Attacks the Scorpion, run by ed of Boston Galaxy, drank, enemy of Willis, connected with Censor, formerly worked for the Flash.  McKay?

            likes Dixon well enough

The Flash, vol 1, no 1, An Abstract and brief chronicle of the Time, Ot 31, 1841, scorpion, startle and Sly editors, 6 cents.  Have a Gallery of Rascalities and Notorieties.  Attack Hamblin, Attree, Bennett’s other reporters (Moses Leah or Lee?).  Allied with Beach of the Sun.  Suit against the press brought by Myer Levy. Dislikes actress Mrs. Shaw.

Nov 20, 1842, next in Gallery of Rascalities is James Watson Webb (plan to do Geo Wooldridge of Ellsler Saloon next--Saloon is an advertiser)

Then attacks GW Dixon. Publish the Dollar Weekly.  Mock Willis?

Jun 23 1842 Gallery of Comicalities

Says the editor of the Standard is anti Catholic and anti Irish?  Connected to the Arena?  This is Nichols, who also worked for Bennett

July 31, 1842 issue--ad for Natl Museum of Wax Figs inclu adam and eve, cover woodcut in gallery of comicalities three nymphs bathing in pond, young man in tophat watching, three goddesses to him. also poem on the Newsboys, he buys all the papers

Aug 14, 1842 notices new paper Life in NY a weekly got up by AK Campbell, but given editorial to Tom L Nichols.  Also attacks Beach of the Sun, involved with Mrs Williams’ divorce suit, Don Giovanni in the last act,

Sept 4 1842 again woodcut, nymph and satyr, evokes ptg.  Likes Mike Walsh and the Aurora (post Nichols)

finished Reel, ended with Flash of Jan 14, 1843

AAS racy reel

Sunday Flash Oct 17 1841, “Big Levy” sideswipe at little Leah or Lee of the NY Herald. Accuses Levy of passing counterfeit bills at brothels, perambulates Broadway in afternoon with watch, chain, rings, following women, his nose often pulled, like Bennett doesn’t resist but seeks remedy in law. Agent or fancy man for Phoebe Doty, pouring tea for her, liked Eliza Van Cott in this house and eloped with her to Canal Street, she’d been the friend previously of Capt Boardman. Southern brethren are his taste in women. He’s a warning to Tom Hamblin