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Le Franco-Americain: Journal Politique, Commercial et Litteraire $6 year, 4x a week, 4pages, small. Rene Masson ed, 60 Nassau st LOC Jun 1846-Oct 1847

Jun 8 first issue in volume. T does their Washington letter, also Philodeme. have a letter fr French missionary in China. Has fiction. Courrier is hostile to Polk? Jun 29 Revue Parisienne salon is closed, last time visit, occasion de parcourir le livret. Il nous a semble beaucoup mieux redige qu’a l’ordinaire. Peu ou point de phrases ronflantes ou alambiquees. It is evident that the style of our painters s’ameliore, et on voit de bonnes pages….dans le livet. Plus que jamais on a remarque les portraits, quant au nombre; some amateurs du sport commenced to make peindre a cheval, and these equestrian tableaux are much admired by la monture. Dans le genre naif et peu gracieux, distinguish the portrait of M.A., officer of national guard and public functionary. This man is fort gros, and the place that he occupies resembles on ne peut mieux remplie. Another man, porteur d’une longue epee, and covered with resplendent armor, s’abandonne a un four rire. Lorsqu’on rit si fort, on devrait bien etre desarme. In another genre, we distinguish the tableaus a effet which are produced sometimes d’assez plaisans, temoin l’etude de mare, effet d’ete. The same mare a ete etudiee par son auteur, vers six heures, en octobre, effet d’automne. Also we have vu Montmartre, effet du matin, et Asnieres, effet du soir. La banlieue has never produced such effects. Pessimistic about Mexico’s chances.

17 July p1 Express calls Guizot exponent of democratic views in France, but he is the spokesman for the conservatives, who are the equivalent of the Whigs here.  Satire on Beranger. JB also writes from Paris. July 24 Eugene Guinot (Pierre Durand) writes Revue Parisienne, on false gentlemen, heroes of the nocturnal lansquenet, caricatures of sport, ont fourni de piquantes sketches of the painters of mores of the age, without doubt, these portraits resemble the physiognomies saisies dans their ensemble et reproduced in their minutest details by the daguerreotype of observation, but there is a grave error in the generalizeation of the types, and imagine that all the young people of our times are tailored on some fashionable model. The opinion, par malheur, se laisse facilement egarer en pareille rencontre and more about petit bourgeuois of provinces learning manners. 27 July La Censure of Cuba criticizes Franco Americain for being too democratic for the inhabitants of Santiago. has a column on fashion.

Aug 11 Revue Parisienne works of Paul de Kock excite interest among the amateurs; rich cabinet of Ferzoli in Florence, magnificent tableau de l’Albane, celebrated in the artistic world. Sir Adam N---- an English millionaire spending money on his passion for ptg, his rival Sir Olivier P----for works of the old masters, gives their elaborate stratagems as they compete, passion excuses all, immoderate love of belles peintures, antiquities and autographs

Aug 17 Morning Telegraph says ed of F-A has a person attaque to Niblo’s, not correct, does not have an editor who worked under Niblo but one of the persons attached to this journal has assaillie to Niblo. three assaillans appearing in the courrier instead? (Blangy affair?)

have writer exploring South America. Gouraud advertises, M Pierre Baurens who does fresco decorations, oil and tempera, recently arrived fr Paris, 116 Wm st

31 August crit of True Sun’s accuracy. covers West Point ball.

4 Sept 1846 front page letter fr editor Masson to editor of Courrier, an honor to be attacked by you, defends Guizot and democratic views. 7 Sept p2 to the public, Courrier second attack, ignoble manner, unsigned. Notices Washington Irving.

14 Sept article on Mock auctions at war with Mayor Mickle. notices Yankee Doodle and Rachel. 25 Sept likesCharles Ferris for Congress, cares for the poor, reduction in price of coal, demo candidate, man of science and intelligence. Nicolas doing Revue Parisienne now? notices Am Inst fair.

9 Oct 1846 De la Critique en Amerique, nothing that deserves the name; there are no arts or lit, so no crit. en matiere litteraire et artiwtique tout aussi bien qu’en matiere politique, de Meyer vs Sivori, de Meyer does base manipulations 12 Oct banquet of Society French de Bienfaisance at Delmonico, reps fr societies ofSt Geo, St David and St Nicolas, St Patrick, Simeon Draper of society of New England, editor of Courrier 16 Oct new state constitution attacked by Whigs 19 Oct more on Courrier and C&E on Sivori. Trib praises adding Henri Picard to F-A editorial staff. PA Fiorentino doing Revue Parisienne. notices Banvard. Demo party advertises. 19 Nov Eugene Guinot back doing Paris Review: celeb dancers of bal champetres to make sure they remain in public eye, exposed all les marchands d’estampes, just forgot to put their address at the bottom of their portrait. The moralists cry a scandal, but reassure, the exhib of these portraits will be a little dangerous. The painter who se design is elegant, represents his models with all the truth of their resemblance, and render a service to society by destroying the charming illusions .

Nicolas also still doing the Review. Sivori advertises.

4 Dec covers French reunion, Saml Ward active, Simeon Draper jr, Mortimer Livingston too


notices new French journal, Gazette of the Union. Victor Hugo poem. Big ad for journal La Semaine, for Balzac and other books. notices illustrated Sun. Bust of Casimir Delavigne.

Feb 1 Auguste Edouart, silhouettes and daguerreotype. Gaillardet is ed of Courrier.

March 1 Nicholas in Paris Review describes Mr Keller, his representations plastiques auothorized and encouraged by Duchatel, don’t they sharpen the passions, three young and pretty girls, in robe de chambre? Duchatel is an artiste avant otout, proves he is a member of the Institute, class of painting and design, his interest in art naturally supercedes all interests. Keller’s museum seems to be model artists, pose as Venus de Milo, may disturb bougeois parisians (Nicolas). 28 Mar has Prospectus, journal is neither French nor American, at the same time it is one and the other, represents faithfully France, share democratic ideas, true liberty without license, progress and reform but through reason and discussion. letter fr Mazzini for Young Italy.

April F Raab lithographer 83 Nassau advertises. Paris Review Guinot writes of Lola Montez

May 5 p2 Le sculpteur Garbeille by HP (Henri Picard?): delicate and difficult to write an article on Garbeille, ordinary laudaative formulas. with an artist we admire, independence and disinerestedness not always found in prices of the art. in New Orleans. studio filled with sculpture, serious and burlesque, fantastic apparitions

14 May p.1 Revue Artistique, Salon de 1847. Likes Couture Romans of the Decadence. Vernet Fleury Rousseau Verboekhoven. Rose Bonheur has four pictures of animals, Corot Dubufe Barye Niewerkerke. Beranger poem 31 mention Taylor and the presidency. Missing issues in June. Jun 11 Vattemare approved of, p3 inhabitants of New Orleans have subscribed for a bust of Genl Taylor by sculptor Garbeille done from life in Mexico, can subscribe for $6 in offices of FA. goes fr 16 Jun to 14 July 1847

August Gazette & Times is organ of nativism, ruinous politics. 13 August poem on Jeannest statuette of Jenny Lind 17 at war with C&E over Leconte

Sept 1 1847 p.2 The Greek Slave, a work remarkable by Powers, exhib in salon of NAD, admirably worked and proportions, rare specimen of American art, that the public goes to visit, but certain puritas call immoral for its nudity. These men are great admirers of nature, affublee de chiffons ou de guenilles; avec eux, l’art ira loin aux Etats-Unis! 10 Sept Banvard. Hotel shakespeare advertises. Follows Restell case 20 Sept p3 Portrait of Pius 9 by Pietro Gagliardi, artist of great merit, shows pope in his pontifical robes, pope whose intellig and love of true liberty, should go to Gothic Hall (regularly has covered Ital news) 22 Sept Tableaux vivans, sessions of Keller in Paris and London, effarouche la pudeur du public americain, le docteur Collyer commence here in Apollo exhib called Model Personifications, without doubt a soigneusement repudie les deux mots europeens qui n’auraient pas trouve grace devant le puritanisme du Nouveau Monde

Oct 5 1847 last issue