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Freeman's Journal

Library of Congress volumes

New York Freeman’s Journal and Catholic Register, masthead by Forbes shows woman holding the cross, and an eagle with american flag and lightning. 4 City Hall place, Ende & Walsh. 8 pages, small.

First issue in volume August 3, 1844. P. 37 The Republic, a paper first neutral, then Calhounish, then rather Whig, since Native, and all thru Free trade has settled to be Whog and come out for Clay. Liked only the first editor.

Aug 10. Port of O’Connell. Series on Puritans written for them, fantaticism.

Aug 24 regularly has a poem on front page. Admire Tyler

Next volume starts with July 3, 1847, mail subscribers $2.50/yr. No longer has pictorial masthead.

Express is anti-Cath. NY Observer bad. Also Herald. Likes Truth teller.

Fanny Kemble and Brit tourists draw false conclu re Italy; dislikes exquis Guido, but ok with Overbeck—shows bias (written by JC), continues in August 7 issue and later, critiquing relig bias in her judgments of art

Critical of Wordsworth. Ads for private schools, bookstores.

Sept 18 1847 p. 93 admirable Ptg of Pius 9 by Pietro Gagliardi removed to Gothic Hall, 316 Broadway, only a few people have gone surprised to say

Oct 2 TS Arthur a Prot writer. Happy re death of nativist Gazette and Times, bequeath spirit to NY Mirror, a clique opposed to Seward.

Oct 9 moved to 18 Marion st. Critical of unconnected quality of decoration of new houses of Parliament inside and out

Nov 18 critical of Commercial Advert, like Am Review, Demo Review used to be respectable but for the last year every number had vile charges agst relig

Nov 27 gives Call for public demo in symp with Pius 9 and Ital people at Broadway Tabernacle, JW Edmonds, Bryant, Robt H Morris, Benj Butler, Elijah Purdy, Delavan, Bouck, Ely Moore Prosper M Wetmore, Abijah Ingraham and many more; C Gignoux, JT Headley, Thomas McElrath, James Brooks, Charles Scribner, Ham Fish, AB Vanderpoel, Fred L Cozzens, AW Clason, H Fuller, Chas F Briggs, John L Stephens, Isaac Townsend Henry T Tuckerman, Geo Morris, the Delmonicos, Secchi de Casali, Moses H Grinnell, J Philips Phoenix, Wm Havemeyer, Chas Leupp, MM Noah, James T Brady, Parke Godwin, John Genin, Appleton, etc.

Poems less freq.


Jan 15 cheap theaters costing one shilling patronized by young boys of vicious character, cast off moral tie, baleful influ of blasphemies, worst principles, signed Vincent. Valentine Mott’s U of NY free medical clinic advertises. 29 New Engl society liberal in inviting Hughes

Feb 5 Home for the Friendless animated by unmitigated bigotry.

Like C&E.

March 25 p. 310 Art—Relig and Profane, fr Brownson’s Review, all profane art is hurtful to religion

April 1 hostile to Lola Montes. Not sure French can govern themmselves. Fabrani illus in April 16 issue. 29 J of Commerce says Catholicism is enemy of Liberty, FJ says Puritanism is.

May 27 p. 380-381. Paintings of Old Masters, exhib of Catholic Art, in Broadway, not a conoisseur or one who has studied art in her Euro home, but unpractised Am eye. Genuine antiques challenges all manner of skepticism, are at least v admirable copies of originals. Guido Infant Jesus sleeping, celestial veil hallows infant, also Madonna of Carlo Dolce, and small but extraord pic with defective proportions of v early period, but ascentic sanctity, primitive church.

            There are two v gd landscapes, Catholic artists true to nature represent her pervaded by solemn, cathedral tone, penetrates even things inanimate, gives Allston’s a place by these elder brothers.

            A visit to gallery devoted to Cole’s ptgs contrasts modern Prot art, everything fresh and brilliant, exaggerated and almost fantastic, aspiration becomes lost in intellectual striving. Have merits for connoisseur and dazzling for multitude, charm his friends, but for observer who seeks in art highest relig inspiration, his gorgeous and daring brilliance is destitute of repose of sanctity, instance of every dept of Prot endeavor, unfulfilled aspiration. Signed *

June 17 1848 approves of Rev Mr Magoon of Cinti p. 401

June 24 very hostile to Marg Fuller’s opinions from Rome in the Trib

July 1 last issue in volume; going to be pub under James Alphonsus McMAster as sole Editor in future, previously had been published under Hughes with his financial support

LOC bound volume starts July 7, 1849, volume 10, a new series, number 1, new masthead sailboat on storm tossed seas, pointing to light in the sky. 81 Marion st, JA McMaster ed, $3 year. ad from Niblo’s and James Del Vecchio, mirrors, ptgs, engravings and frames. Enlarged. Motto: If the son of god shall make you free you shall be free indeed.

            Bishop Hughes at war with Greeley over money to Pius 9, GF Secchi di Casali sustaining Greeley, but he’s an enemy to Catholic faith, attacks Trib Eve Post and other radical papers, Mazzini is an outlaw and Garibaldi a brigand, not a Republic

Aug 4: Vincent writes in about Roman newsmongers, every penny sheet has employed Ital emigrant, attaches of opera, barbers, cooks, skulking scribblers, who write foreign letters fr back attics, all bursting with republicanism and devilment. Calls Marg fuller an old faggot. Young Italy are killers, skinners, butt-end gentry p5

Aug 11 like the American Review, surprised they defend presidential veto as Whigs

Aug 18 calls ‘church’ papers Ned Buntline’s Own, Scorpion and Paul Pry; Banner is Orange. hates Thomas D McGee of NY Nation, who has been endorsed by the Express

Sept 22 Robt Walsh consul in Paris defends himself in J of Commerce, supportive of him, as is Express, support his opposition to the French republic

Oct 6 coarse but powerful editor (Forbes?) of NY Churchman (Episco) replaced by a nonentity. Onderdonk is weak intellectually too.

Oct 27 public schools slow to hire Catholic profs.

NY Bote, Germ Catholic paper. JB Read portrait ptr advertises. Dec 1 1848 Young Irelanders brought about ruin, are here now, anti clerical and anti O’Connell


Church is order amid chaos.

Jan 26 puff Hughes litho port

Feb 2 reviews Huntington’s exhibition at Am AU rms, private visit, portraits alone would not give him distinction, lscapes more at ease, highly poetic temperament of his family uttered on canvas, but should do hi spiritual subjects if real artist, not the sensuous and visible which are common enough, historical teaching or moral impression, he possesses it, so focus on them, ptgs here not great merit tho has capacity, Mercy’s Dream his best. As with all illus of Pilgrim’s Prog, subj is superstitious and unreal pietism.  Emerson’s lecture was splendid nonsense, Spirit of the Age is Moloch, malignant idol. Comm Advertiser bigoted

Huntington’s exhibition,

Feb 9 don’t support wilmot proviso, worry that US troops might march into south to protect slaves or indicate the progressive char of the democracy, or the whiggery, that now sympathises with Kossuth, Mazzini and Proudhon, but also don’t support pop sovereignty. Like Clay’s compromise.

Feb 16 p5 second notice of Huntington’s pics, cite his catalog, Lady Jane Grey is an anti-Catholic subject, as are Bunyan pictures, he refers to recent events (Puseyism?) as motivating his interest in challenging insidious theories of Church infallibility and priestly prerogative, Pope and Pagan. object to his catalog statements as attacking Catholics, his paintings also caricature the Catholic church. Sacred Lesson, et al, his images of monks are all villanous, wish would show true ones or make them Puritans; Piety and Folly has old puritan face, folly a good hit but piety a melancholy lazy novel reader, embraces Folly. Hope we admire, but it is not the theological virtue, too youthful; Faith expresses doubt

Mar 16 Lit World praises CA Dana on woman, not feminist, but pro diff but equal Apr 6 praise Humboldt’s Cosmos missing issues in Mar and Apr, June missing. Like TF Meagher July 13 crit of Lit World on school issue, but agree with them about the press’ sickening exposure of vice, making villany conspicuous, spreading far and wide loathsome crime of metropolis, progress of brutality. Press encourages turbulent, unsettled, irresponsible order of things, like builders of Babel, for safety’s sake need public need repression and police suppression of obscenity, enforcement of proprieties.  Agree that progress of science, culture, art is going same way, progress to devil. Need to bring relig into pub affairs Freeman J says.  Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, has quantity of pages and cheapness, but mostly written by nobodies, not worth time in reading it. Aug 3 really hates Marg Fuller. Happy with Fillmore. Sept 7 like Barnum. very proPusey and Newman Sept 21 Consul Walsh is Whig of same stamp as Fillmore and Webster, all opposed to Tribune Oct 19 new paper Unit, pub Redfield, Nassau and Beekman, naturalistic or humanitarian school of philsophy, Spirituality is natural not church, clever delineation of Lind. 26 S puffs Loomis’ pano of Cuba. Dislikes Truth Teller. Nov 9 Unit dislikes Greeley 23 J of Commerce filled with Puritan bile re Hughes’ sermon on Protestantism dying out; Comm Adv also upset


Jan 25 Bryant in leg, abolishing capital punishment a terrible idea, yankee reformer socialism. dislikes Abbot Lawrence. Volume ends with Feb 22.