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Globe (NY Daily Globe)

New York Daily Globe—Library of Congress bound volumes, 1845-47

Casper C Childs, Levi D Slamm editor, 125 Fulton St, vol. 1 no 61, 9 cents/wk. Prospectus: supports current administration, anti-Tariff, anti-bank, right to Oregon, expansion, opponent of abolition, a plain political Democratic journal

Nov 24, 1845

Mocks socialist Robt Owen

Skips to Dec 1, notices Haas for dags in Granite bldg; Edmonds, Chapman, Flagg and Ingham presented art to NY Gall of FA. Tappan is their DC corresp.

Then Dec 11. Has poems like Patriot’s tomb written for it on first page, and stories about labor. Reporter Finn at Herald got into fight with one of the MP’s (monkey puller) of the 2nd Ward. Urges police close shop in Nassau nr Ann st where exposed for sale licentious French novels and filthy pictures at the windows, with blackguard labels. Then to

Dec 22, first page has description of Leo’s Last supper in support of Dick’s engr. Equates U.S. Whigs with English Whigs, esp Webster. Likes James Buchanan. Notices Plumbe’s, which has a big ad.

Dec 25/ Likes JT Headley’s bks in Wiley & Putnam series. Skips to

Jan 5, 1846

Hostile to Eve Post’s positions—considers them allied with Trib--Publishes a ‘secret circular’ of Bryant, John W Edmonds, Theo Sedgwick and others, trying to defeat Polk and annexation of TX, sticking with the party but making it clear they reject the party’s proposals, Harmanus Bleecker, AC Flagg on the list too. Likes Hudson’s Shakespeare lectures.

6 Barnburners snobbish re Irish. Says Express, Courier, Comm Advert and American all supported the Natives. Slamm liked Leggett at Post, his attack on monopolists and Wall st, the Locofocos, but Post now hands of a faction. Jackson now the DC corresp. Likes Jim Rice.

7 Sees Globe as leading Progressive Democracy, Eve Post and Morn News as aristocracy, parlor polticians, legislate for the benefit of capital in its war on labor. Support NY pilots. Dorr a Tammany member.

8,9 describes Ball at Tammany, portraits of all the presidents, arms of states, fine pic of Battle of new Orleans with full lengths of Wash and Lafayette, also superb port of Van Buren.

10, 12 DC corresp now is States’ Rights. 13, skips to 17, 19 notices Henry Inman’s death. 20 supports Empire, Ironsides clubs. Notices Haas, Brady and Plumbe’s dags of Statuary of Persico at DC and monument to Cauldwell and others. Missing 21.

22 hostile to barnburners, skips to 27 notices phreno favorably, 28 has a Geo Lippard story, 29 remonstrance re Trinity Church avail to be signed at office 30 non-editorial article supporting Mesmerism 30 publisher Childs has Pres msg printed on satin, richly framed, handsome parlor ornament. Likes the Excelsior.

February 1846

1 notices Inman gallery at rms of Am AU, think Morris’ new paper the Nat Press will be highly pop.Peale’s C of D closing, shld go see it. Has J Cady auction sales, lots of dag ads, I don’t see art gallery ones. 2-3 missing. 4,5 Knick has improved over previous issues. 6.7 missing. 9 seem to side with Trinity church vs its anti-renters, who are led by Whig/Nativist Hiram Ketchum. 10, 11. 12-13 missing. 14, barnburners are abolitionists, 16 notices Island City and Flag of the Union, new weeklies, glad to learn Inman’s exhib well attended. 17, 18,19,20,21 Columbian Mag ed John Inman andRobt West a beaut monthly, a favorite, best of $3 mags, orig emgr. 21, 23 excerpt Trib and Knick 24,25 Morning News was brought in to beat down Slamm’s old paper, the Plebeian, because it was pro annex and anti abol. 26 missing, ends on the 27th.

Picks up March 3, 1846. 12 symp to strikers. 13-14 missing. 17 missing. 19 endorses a Monument to Saml Woodworth, lyric poet and true hearted patriot. Attacks gambling. 20 missing. 23 Notices favorably Yankee Hill and Police Gazette 24 likes Seabury’s Churchman, hostile to Gulick the militia fine collector. 27-28, 30-31 missing.

April 1846

8 Darwin’s voyage very good. Approves of White Banner, for interests of seamstresses and other women, notices the Ivory Christ. 9 missing. 11 and 13 missing. 15 missing. 17 ready to go to war. Corresp fr DC is 54 40, disapproves of Benton. 18 notices Belshazzar’s Feast and Anelli’s End of the World 20 Clark Mills has presented handsome correct bust of Calhoun fr pure white stone to city of Charleston 22 City Items, NAD exhib much superior to last year, deserves patronage/leisure hour24 City Items, last eve exhib well attended artists connoisseurs and handsome ladies discussing merits and defects of various pics, some v fine and other so poor we wonder at their admission, some v excellent lscapes and many fine ports. Will notice in a day or so. 25, 27 missing. 28 p.1 poem to a miniature, p. 2 City items, visited NAD several times, exhibited 3 heads without drapery, 9 fruit and game pieces, 177 ports or single figs, 33 groups, 102 lscapes and some trifles unworthy of notice.

29 p. 2 City Items, Exhib of Acad of Design: The few gd groups of figs exhib by our artists, and the great number of ports, many of which are stiff and poorly drawn, shows that but few have attained that highest and most diff part of an artist’s profession, the natural, versatile and graceful grouping of figs. In a happy mood yesterday, searched for beauties rather than trifling defects in this highest dept of art.

            202 Angels bearing St Catharine, C Blaas, a Germ ptr in Italy, the gem of the coll. Coloring not altogether faultless, but every fig full of grace, and tho the faces of ea angel is sweet and passing fair, ea has peculiar beauty. The whole group seem to move forward while we gaze, tho subj is old and has some defects, the appropriateness of everything in pic and many beauties must commend it to persons of taste.

            178 Sacred Lesson 42 Almsgiving 47 Master and Pupils, by D Huntington, gd pics, ea a group of two or three figs, with greatest contrasts betw youth and old age. Master and Pupils the finest in subj design and coloring, Monk’s head beaut drawn, teaching boy and girl to illuminate, girl looks on with sweet fair face contrasts with venerable head. Excels in pics of this char, coloring gd, and grouping fine with few figs, backgrd not alw pleasing but here does credit.

            Also notes robinson 142 Nassau st clever caricature of John Bull and Bro Jonathan

30 p.1 fr corresp of Courier des Etats Unis the story of Artist’s Revenge making the rounds. Dislikes Tilden.

May 1846

Bio of Robespierre.

4 p. 2 Exhib of Acad of Des: many gd pics by native artists. First attracted our attn 271 morning view on Kanawha, TW Whithridge, Cinti artist of much promise, many beauties will become more obvious more studied. A wild secluded spot, far fr human habitations, wild deer fearlessly drink, rocky precipice frowns darkly, thickly wooded hill slopes, morning mists rise and formtheir fleecy clouds. Every part finely done, water esp no clayey chalky unnatural tint, but so clear and pure alm fancy can look into its depths and see its ripple glance brightly.

            28 full length Boy CC Ingham fine pic, much noticed, sinless boy on bank beneath mighty tree, like water lillies at feet, only too finely done. Same char 179 290, beaut drawn and elab finished, but too smooth and waxy.

            258 Coon Times, S Thayer, many faults but consid talent. Design much better than exec, which is somewhat stiff. Polking a Coon shld be the title, farmer has same old coon tied by a cord and holds it while 2 boys tease it with sticks. Cudjo shows his ivories at the fun, and a little fellow on his way to school huzzas for the victory, but fearful of cooney’s getting loose has mtd a wheelbarrow for security and laughs at its effort

5 p.1 a painter’s bill in year 1422 for an english church: We wish old Hans was alive now that the Whigs might employ him to touch over, patch up, revarnish, alterate and clean their party and some of their lenders, would present a bigger bill (includes an attack on Webster), p. 2 approves of Demo nominees, inclu John L Stephens

7 puffs Thompson’s dags. 12 missing. 13 p.1 Long Talk by MM Noah on Tammany anniv. 14-15 missing.

16 p. 2 City Items: NAD:

            13 Judas, Eugenio Latilla, indeed the veritable one that betrayed his master, a cpaital pic, bold in design and executio, evincing the hand of genius in every touch. Hope he will persevere in line of ptg partic adapted to his talents. His remaining pics in exhib are little trifles, v gd in their style.

            15 Cornish Coast Scenery, Geo Harvey, a palpable defect in his lscapes is his harsh, stiff, unnatural foregrds, quite perceptible in foliage, distance and figs generally gd. Best here is 194 scene on Kennebec, v creditable in exec, and pleasing. 111 Spring Flower is well designed and pretty

            17 View of Subiaco, Geo C Mason, ayoung artist, full of promise, germ of excellence, design gd but artist requires study. Sameness in appearance of foliage we do not see in nature, seems to be gathered up in bunches, other faults industry will correct and he will succeed.

            18, 19, Portraits,137 Fair Student and 283 Ital Beggar Boy, Edwin White, last is best of four, gd in design and correct in drwg, languid listless appearance decidedly gd, want of softness in flesh but we like it. Fair student is gd in drapery, but right hand manifestly large. Portraits are creditable.

            20 Jack, a gd-natured, patient looking dog, by W Ranney, with 5 pics in exhib, one of which, the Dead Courser, is a masterpiece, admmirably conceived, approp and well executed in all its parts. Famished Wolf and Shrieking Vultures, only faithful attendants on slain in battle appeal strongly to our feelings, and cold leaden backgrd casts approp gloom, completes aspect of desolation. The dead soldier in the distance we think looks like a Mexican. No space to allude partic to other pics, all hi degree of merit, expressive faces of two old nags in 332 Friendship in Adversity have a serio-comic appearance which pleases us exceedingly.

            22 Girl feeding Rabbits, JT Peele, has 4 pics, all drapery gd, flesh color don’t so much admire, rabbits here are capital. Sad, care worn face of seamstress in 219 well drawn, pieces of this cast artist has decided genius.

Don’t see an ad.

18 excerpts fr Poe’s literati on kirkland and Francis. Seems extremely hostile to Geo Bancroft. But pro-Gov Dorr.

p. 2 NAD:

23 A Pic Nic Party, 164 Cross in the Wilderness, 174 180 ItalScenes, by Thom Cole, has equalled and sustained his wellearned rep, some trifling errors, as in 23 the cloak worn by guitar player not in keeping, but trifling. Public has juged of these pics favorably

            24 Rev TH Taylor, Elliot, after a delighted and minute exam of his portraits, unsure which to admire most, in soft mellow lifelike tone of flesh, seldom equaled. Abilities acknowl by all.

            25 Uncle Philo, C Curtis, tho striking in appearance, not extraord in exec. 33 Port Dr Potts is best he has exhib, v creditable. 184 also effective in design, but arm badly foreshortened and hand stiff, chin badly shaded, producing a stiff, hard appearance

            26 Ha-sen-ta, war chief of Onondagas, J Thayer, evidently a gd likeness and v like an Indian. 258 and 278 are pleasing and well exec, in last a deal of humor and conception of artist well given, partic in vexed, impatient look of ptr listening to comments on his performance. Jack Falastaff in 319 is capital, recommend attn to it.

            28 Full length of boy, CC Ingham, fine, carefully wrought, smooth and polished, in his peculiar style. His manner is pleasing and attractive, colors blended with a skill truly astonishing, so outlines seem to meet into the backgrd. Elab finish almost not quite a fault, producing a wax like appearance. Lace around shoulders of lady in 179 looks like Chinese rice-work, could not have been so in orig, but softness and purity of flesh is beaut.

            23, 143 165 Lscapes by Geo Inness, defect perceptible in all is inkiness of color, lights not sufficiently vivid, foliage gd and other respects pics are creditable, tho figs evince either careless drwg or want of study

            30 Gman, W Page, in drwg and color his ports are excellent, but an error in glazing them to produce that low tone, disguises the beauty of his workmanship and produces a sooty appearance v apparent in this pic.

            31 Lscape, J Talbot, has labored diligently and in most respects we like them. Yet a want of nature which we can scarcely describe, appears mostly in foliage, which is not sufficiently heavy and luxuriant.

May 22 1846 p. 2 NAD:

            34 Boys on the Shore, Thomas Le Clear, pleasing but in parts badly drawn

            211 Lady, well drawn, drapery tastefully chosen and well managed, but shadows of the face have a strange, unus appearance, as if ptd in a reflected light.

            37, 306 326, Marine views by Thom Thompson, like them much, but few defects and none of a glaring character, pleased to find more Marines, would be popular, and sea coast a boundless variety for study, but these alm the only ones of the kind, gd in their style and full of promise.

            39 Storm coming in Grn Mtns, JRM Skinner, faulty coloring, same defect ovservable in Coast Scene 117, surge resembles ocean of ink

            71 View Camel’s hump Mtn, allgd except the mtn, persp badly managed, mtn has all the dimness and obscurity of distance, yet appears connected with the foregrd and protrudes into the front of the pic

            40 Lady, JH Cafferty has several ports, the best of the lifesize is Fenshaw, remainder not above mediocrity

            337 mini study of a head, excellent, displays a skill and taste not perceptible in full size pieces by this artist

            42 Huntington, already noticed his pieces, merely remark further that there are signs of a fast-increasing mannerism in his style, arising apparently fr a preference to the antique school over the school of  nature. Also observe that the extreme lowness of the forehead in all his females, detracts much fr the beauty of his performances.

            46 Durand lscape, little need be sd, merits too obvious to require allusion, but admire stump in foregrd, it is perfect. Don’t like dull yellow color of mist in distance, but leave public to judge.

            290 one may gaze at for hours without diminution of delight, subj one of best cld be selected, expr of tender affectionate solicitude in countenance of female finely drawn, face itself we will be content to dream on for next 6 months

            51, 66, 95 ports ED Merchant, all creditable, a deal of merit, gman in 95 accurately drawn, capital likeness, effective and pleasing

            52 Child, J Bogle, his best is port of Cole, 163, tho somewhat hard in color. Sybil 323 is striking and worthy of much commendation were it not for unfortunate defect in eyes, which are shockingly out of drwg. Hand is excellent,c oloring harmonious, drapery well arranged, but the mistake is fatal.

May 23, 1846 p. 2 NAD:

            53 Ld Metcalf, by Bradish, excellent head, well rounded life like and natural, gd likeness, his 87 Death of Cock Robin is showy and pleasing, shadow on face of boy gives it at first view the appearance of being distorted, but it is the natural effect of the peculiar light. Mother and Child 92 also effective and showy but less claim to praise, upper lip of child protrudes too far and is badly drawn and flesh tints in either face seem unnatural.

            55 Child, Terry, number and variety of his subj compel us to be brief in notice of ea; head abovementioned gd in all respects except flesh tone, which is somewhat hard. 60 Ruth is out of drwg esp in arms and shoulders, but Naomi nearly correct. Drapery in this and others is tasteful, approp and well exec. 86 explains itself well, a lesson Immortality of soul, but a want of softness and life in flesh again. Design is gd and well kept, and pic as whole v pleasing, effective and creditable. 197 a fancy head beaut and well exec female. 214 Spanish scene, excellent except fig in middle, ungraceful and  disproportioned. Too hi an idea of beauty of Span maidens to believe that outrageously thick waists are so common among them to warrant Terry introducing that ungainly, misshapen creature as their representative. Together, his performances evince taste and skill and do honor to exhib.

            58 John Ely, Sr, by WE Winner, this head among best in rms, evident truthfulness n drwg, colors natural, harmonious, skilfully blended. 230 Summer Eve Ramble in parts excellent, backgrd foliage peculiarly rich and agreeable, also gd in design and genl effect pleasing, but in parts badly drawn partic fig of boy.

            59 Self Port SA Mount, several pics, his best are this and his brother, latter in partic is lively and spirited, one of best this yr, cheerful light in which it is ptd has a v agreeable effect and are perfect likenesses. Remaining pics by him creditable, but no partic notice.

            61 Rev Wm Berrien, by AH Wenzler, too much skill and genius to resort to any peculiarity of style to give prominence to his pics. Why then conceal exquis workmanship of some parts of his ptgs by overloading them with labored effects? Pic here is a striking one, for reasons that position is one seldom seen in ports, and an unearthly tinge of blue thrown over it, also in lady’s port 156, a blue shawl, a blueish tint perceptible in every part of face and dress, and a blue backgrd. True that the artist’s favorite effect is produced, and the figure seems to stand out fr the canvass, but we affirm that the pic is positively the worse for it and that in contemplation of these effects the real beauties of his pics pass without the notice they merit.

May 25, 1846, p. 2 NAD:

            62 and 232 portraits by EH May, both creditable and first, Joseph White, excellent. 262 Nidia and Ione a mix of gd and bad qualities. Nidia is gd, mileness and meekness of char drawn by novelist are well pictured in countenance, drapery pleasing well managed, fig well exec. Ione badly drawn in many respects, esp left arm and hand,  face far fr pleasing, and drapery a sad contrast to Nidia.

            67 Lady, Thos H Smith, even in the v unfavorable light in which it is hung displays touch of master hand, drwg and color admirable tho tone too subdued to be pleasing and in this respect can’t but consider it faulty

            72 Twilight on Hudson and 320 Sunset at West Pt, R Havell, foliage, grouping, design etc creditable, in most respects gd, but not succeeded in giving the desired effect of light in either. Sunset is cold and pale, Twilight deficient in warmth and softness.

            73 Boy, Chas Jarvis, who throws off his pieces in a free, careless, sketchy style, appearance of being but half finished. We have no fault to find with this, however, it is a mere matter of taste. Pieces all replete with merit, Lady’s Port 267 v pleasing and effective, arrang of drapery peculiarly tasteful, portrait of Young Nick we admire much, drwg in parts superb. Call attn to foreshortened arm and hand, a triumph.

            78 Hon J Spencer by FR Spencer, of his several pieces, only can allude to port of his daughter and his Don Quixote. Former is a garish, gaudy production, made up of all the fancy colors in creation, evidently intended to produce an effective piece, andhe has succeeded. With genl exec we have no fault to find, coloring considering the peculiar mode, evinces deal of skill. Genl effect of design and drapery far fr pleasing did not superior beauty of the child’s face offset the extrav of her dress. Don Q in his study a gd pic, v gd in design, details well exec and approp, know not what peculiar beauty to select except face of girl with mingled wonder and ridicule in her countenance is v pretty face and well drawn

            80 Gman, Wm H Burr, has 2 ports, fair, but no partic allusion. Fancy pieces 157 and 158 have attracted much attn, former pleasing pic for novelty of subj, Court of a Country Justice, well designed but not superior in exec, Justice is the best in group and contains consid merit. 156 Morning of a Training Day is gd in its style, but not as striking, subj being worn out.

            82 Landing of Northmen, EL Leutze, wild and visionary legend in wild and extrav a pic, defiance of all possibility brought party across dangerous sea in a boat that would not live under its own mast. Proportions and attitudes unnatural. Yet in many parts an excellent ptg, Gudrida ideal and beaut, riotous joy of se-robbers strikingly displayed. On whole hasn’t added to his rep, but if he risks his char he nobly redeems it by well studied and excellent ptg of Cromwell and his daughter 188. Grief struggle of Oliver’s face, expression of his proud heart swelling with remorse, yet fixed and unchangeable as evinced by compressed lip and clenched fist, powerfully contrasted with holy fervor of his dying Daughter. Perfect command of artist over his powers and his subj.

27-29 missing. 30 calls the Sunday Dispatch one of city’s best Sunday papers, Wm Burns of it descended fr Robt Burns. Trib unpatriotic. Volume ends there.

Next volume:
June 1, 1846 p. 2 NAD:

            144 231 291 by SS Osgood, very similar in style and design, showy and pleasing, many pts of merit, coloring gd, drapery in parts well managed, face of Mandolin v beaut, defects in drwg in all, in 291 v perceptible

            153 168 N Jocelyn ports admire much, esp former’s plain and simple neatness which contrasts favorably with gaudy style of some around it, exec capital

            154 Cabinet view of Niagara, W Bayley, no fault except color of water too light a green, view v gd, 186 and 220 also by him, clouds have unnatural smutty appearance and foliage stiff, but creditable

            159 Noonday by Cropsey, of acknowl talent, some pics of great excellence, this year, tho merit and master touches, won’t add much to his rep. Want of harmony in coloring, attempt to drag in a greater number and variety of details and effects than the pics will bear, some parts indistinct and indefinable. Yet much beauty and excellence, Nameless River exec and compos 259 is in parts equal to best in exhib.

            160 Lady, Ferdinand Boyle, design and effect gd and pleasing, drapery tasteful, exec partly gd, esp arm, statue in backgrd adds to genl effect, tone of flesh in some respects unpleasing owing to peculiar situation of light which is not well chosen. 175 Rachel bewailing her children does not command admiration, her position v unpleasing, figs seem disproportionatley long, foot of erct fig most unnaturally twisted, and tho exec is gd in parts like her feet, yet on whole not v creditable performance.

            Also notes approvingly founders of Le Franco-Americain. TD Rice pop, at Greenwich, Jim Crow.

June 2 missing. 5 calls the anti-American press in the city the Courier des Etats Unis, the Albion, they and Whig papers are critical of Gen Taylor and want Scott despite his failures in Florida. Hostile to Geo Bancroft?9 calls Major Noah our old Democratic friend

June 10, p. 2 NAD:

            167 Ld Glenallen by FW Edmonds, gd pic tells story well, expr of Auld fisher’s wife etc bring back to us the days of romance. Freshness of touch and thoro knowl of detail dispalyed which we wld gladly see generally adopted. 222 backgrd and hand of boy somewhat defective, but dog’s head well drdawn and furnitur given with alm perfect minutia. 300 opening in the woods throws light and natural look over ptg. His great merit is his pics are alw finished.

            172 Cabinet group of Children, Geo Linen, v pleasing v gd design and color, a couple beaut faces, dog bad, but other details admirable partic furn and drapery

            173 dogs and ducks, JW Armistead, lively and pleasing little pic, cherful sstyle, well exec

            202 Angels bearing St Cath has already been noticed, further exam heightens our admiration

            208 Child, J Linen, rather pleasing, in parts creditable, child’s face is best part, much bad drwg partic in limbs and drapery harsh and stiff

            213 Lscape DWC Boutelle, gd in genl effect, distance well marked, color gd but water slaty. 221 is light,c heerful, pretty, clouds too spotty but foliage excellent partic clump of trees in distance. 285 don’t like so well, tho more ambitious and elab, effectof foliage bad, trees dwarfish, entire appearance unpleasing, but has gd pts. 288 winter scene v gd

            228 and 263 lscapes with cattle, T H Hinckley, has few equals inthis, genius of first order in his line

            235 Portrait by Frothingham, owing to peculiar style of laying on colors, his pics on a clsoe inspection have most singular appearance, flesh looks really frightful. At distance the effect is better and portrait displays much talent, tho we dislike the style

June 13 missing. 15 prefers Col Webb to David Hale

June 15 p. 2 NAD

            293 Lscape T Doughty, excellent performance, foliage has softness of color and naturla, easy look seldome qualled, seems to wave and quive rin breeze, finely composed well exec naturla harmonious pleasing genl effect

            297 Ital Peasant WH Powell, hard, artificial appearance thruout, drwg in parts gd as is design and genl effect at first sight pleasing but hardness of coloring a great palpable defect

            311 316 pencil, BH Coe v gd

341 Engr port of Genl Scott, JFE Prodhomme, his only piece,known excellence in this branch.

            Conclude, promise of better days dawning, see glories of Italy grow pale before our own NA

17 missing. 20 glad to hear of Morris’s Natl Press succeeding, despite the opposition of one or two “disinterested” individuals of the press, also likes Inman’s Columbian. 23 and earlier, gets big corporation (city) advertising lists. 24 Poe and NY Literati, he lives in a house of thinnest glass, takes to personalities to give piquancy and spice to his dull essays rather than sticking to the merits of their literary productions. As a writer and critic, little merit, totally wanting in faculties that sympathize with moral sentiment, true nobleness of thought, moral beauty, hence his theory of crit, despises what he cannot appreciate. Theory is simple, poetry and didacticism must be disjoined, poetry’s highest excellence a polish or finish of lang and rhythm and imag, eschewing truths fr man’s nobler elements (thus hates Longfellow). Is being rebuked by Mirror and Telegraph, Thom Dunn English replying, says he’s a quack

25 DC letter writers for Whig press, include EB and DAG for NY Express, infamous attack on Gen Cass

Skipped July/Aug 1846

Aug 27 supports rights of women. Has a notice supporting upcomign Am Inst Fair.


4-5 missing. 7 has a denial of Abijah Ingraham of NY in the naval office, denying he wrote the editorial supporting Silas Wright for governor in the Globe. Happy the Morning News is defunct. 10 but likes Dem Rev under ed Thom Kettell. 12 Casper Childs repudiates Levi D Slamm, has no control over columns of Daily Globe, ahs not fo rmany months written for it, Slamm’s hostility to Wright which Childs supports is now cause for making this statement. Praises Edwin Forrest. 16 unconvinced Taylor is really a Whig. Praises Edward Strahan’s new weekly, the ProgressiveDemo. 18, 21 missing. 23 notices Robinson’s series on antiquities of NY. 24 Fan of Sivori. Sun wants Purdy instead of Wright (the choice of the conservatives of the Demo, as is Wm Marcy). 28 opposes the liquor license law. 30 neighbor Ackerman has a new sign for his estab on Nassau st, emblematical of his business, free exhib so won’t crit too closely. Some figs are passably fair, esp that youngster behind the newsboy, yt we could not imagine the rationale of two nude urchins in cocked hats and feathers on the pavement. It may be poetical but that leg in foregrd too elephantine—who stood for the model?


Doesn’t do fiction or poetry. Slamm off the masthead. 9 supports Yankee Doodle. And Rynders. 14 critical of Robinson’s queer designs (caricatures). 16 anti-Negro suffrage. Mayor and city council visited exhib of Vanderlyn’s great ptg, all admired, copy a description of the picture. Also notice Am Art Union’s engr of Capture of Andre, fr Durand’s ptg owned by JK Paulding, work of Am genius, unexceptionable taste and keeping.

22 City Items: Vanderlyn’s great Ptg, truly magnif design and exec, tropic lscape of extraord beauty, deep bay, fragile vessels, lofty triumph of great Genoese, really grant, faults (inaccuracies) trivial, dress of C superb, illus complete. 24 City Items: Am Inst Fair, sorry it’s over, profits to somebody, $10,000. 30 City Items, the Last Litho, recommends abolitionists and Greeley getRobinson’s arrest of the slave, most serio-comical affair in many a day, tracts flying, boy extracted, etc.


11 missing. 12 glad Trinity church will erect a monument to Capt Lawrence of Don’t give up the ship. 13 critical of Yankee doodle’s talk of good blood, and foreign Crapeauism. Wish Home J gd luck hope age gets rid of tinsel filagree around Willis’ genius. 18 Vanderlyn still advertises. Only a few auctions. No Apollo Assoc. 19 missing. Lots of Robt Owen. 26 like Hutchinsons, tho exquisites don't. 27 missing.

December 1846

Expose of pimps and fancy men (who live off women); likes Willis in Home J. 5 critical of Rev Dr Potts. 10 dislikes war on Sunday newsboys. 16 joining with T Hart Hyatt to enlarge the Globe. Poe ill, needs help, symp. 17 likes wilkes’ rrd to the west. 22 missing. 25 corresp don’t support the NY pilots.

1847 New York Daily Globe—ed now is T Hart Hyatt, and it’s vol 1 no 1 of the New Series, $4/yr, 164 Nassau, next to Tammany Hall, 9 cents per week


1 Has fiction on first page now. Hyatt says our motto shall be Union, concession, harmony—everything for the cause, nothing for men. 2 missing. 5 likes John Saxe’s satire of ‘progress’. More court trial coverage. 11 T Hyatt with JA Scoville also publishes a temperance paper, Spirit of the Age. 13,22 missing. 23 notices new weekly Lit Journal under care of EA Duycleincle ! one of the best reps of Americanism and national tendencies, Lit World will be able and hi toned 30 seems anti-renter, wanted them punished. Promotes Sunday Dispatch.


1 anecdote of an artist’s male model in France, naked on staircase. 6 notices Duyckinck’s first issue, in the miscellany is a paper on a Pair of Lscapes by Durand, which is evidently a descriptive puff Duyckinck never wrote, people do not interlard so much hyperbolical adjective in a dispassionate critique. The same fault in the review of Bryant’s poems, it smells of the trade. But suspicious also of review of Mdme Dudevant, any praise being designed to help it sell. 11 Calhoun wants to end the offensive war. Likes the Italian Opera, Q agrees with reviewer of music in Evening Mirror and Willis. Likes Cass. 19 Poe sued Hiram Fuller of Eve Mirror, won damages, Fuller has been sole editor since 1845 23 disapproves of Calhoun’s last speech worrying about slavery 24 Mtg of NY Lit Union (they tackle pretty partisan topics) 26 missing.


1 missing. 4 excerpts Duyckinck procopyright. Emblematic litho of Hutchinson family, J. Britton pub. 6 notices the social spirit among lit and artistic classes in the city, conversazionies, no champagne and oysters, a new org has also grown out of the strictly private assoc, The Sketching Club, which is to take name of the Century at rm in Broadway, in Lit World. 8 likes Welsh’s Times, rascally Robinson litho, queer and libellous. 16 TJ Headly bit. 17 Likes Robinson’s very accurate litho of Michael Walsh. 18 letter fr Old Streaked Britches, the quaint old Democrat, Whigs advocate the sugar duty and double value of the slave. 19 Regret to see Trib lending influence to publication so entirely worthless as Griswold’s Prose Writers, no one could have done it more poorly, leaves out and neglects, has no opinions or judgment of its own, poor portraits, puffing extraordinaire. 22 Philip Hone and Bishop Hughes leading Irish Relief mtg, 23 Lydia Child story 31 Hunt is a free trade advocate, though Whiggish otherwise

April 1847

5 NY Monument to Wash, revived in new Act, magnif design by Pollard, drafted by Col Joseph C Hart, successfully passed. 8 member of the Monument Association writes in to say that four men selected asTrustees had been replaced without knowledge of anyone. Home J has big ad. 24 Robinson’s litho the Polka Suck inis queer, laugh; sorry Lit World has as feared turned into puffing sheet for trade, excerpt fr Eve Post that Duyckinck finds it no longer tenable, people shld learn tolerance for questions of literary taste 28 pissed off that the Whigs are going to nominate Taylor. Praise Fowler and phreno. No NAD ad.


3 notice Powers’ statue of Calhoun. 7 critical of Trib’s illumination, a transparency with an Am soldier clubbing a prostrate and pleading foe, Herald had good decorations. 13 Robinson  v fine rep of exploits of lady of recent literary rep, sub furnished in Herald of April 5, the Bandit’s Bride, life like, libellous 15 Wash Mon Assoc advertises competition for design, $250 prize 20 long puff of Plumbe’s gallery 25 rather late supports the Free Academy (earlier was also mildly anti-corporal punishment and death penalty) 29 Gen Jackson monument descriptions


12 likes Chapman’s drwg bk, notices Tom Pepper 14 Wash Mon Assoc explanation shld be satisfactory to donors, copied fr Noah’s Times and Messenger yesterday, RDH (RHH?) is the secretary of the Assoc, explaining where money is, trustees include Calvin Pollard. 18 9th Ward also convenes a Wash mon association, Noah involved. 26 likesKirkland’s Union mag

Stopped there, and skipped to August 16 1847

4 p.1 excerpt article fr Spirit of the Times on Old Europe and Young America. 20 takes Ike Marvel satire of Saratogs fr C&E. advertise an Old Zach litho. 26 usu attacks the Trib and Express, but gets Eve Post for trying to make non-abolit the conservatives. 28 internal black borders for death of Silas Wright. 30 missing.

September 1847

3 Wash mon assoc going to meet again. 7 p. 1 anecdote of the Phila Art Union 16 Zadoc Pratt endorses Whitney’s rrd 18 O W Holmes poem on pilgrims fr Godey’s; Whitehorne hired to paint exGov Silas Wright for city 21 Wash Mon Assoc picked Pollard’s purely Grecian design. Greek Slave is advertising.

22 p. 2 Powers’ Grk Slave: continues to attract attn, chaste and delicate beauties, graces beaut proportions exquis curves and contour of female fig and form, can’t but admire. Grecian the mostperfect model of female beauty, Venus de Medici, stands before them here. Enthus admirer of female charms and artistic beauties can appreciate rapture of Byron, we stand as captives, and would not depart

            also City Items notices Collyer’s Male and Female Model Artists at the Apollo rms, also advertises, 50 cents.

            Also HL Robinson  fr sketch by Major Eaton of Battle of Buena Vista, endorsed by Nat Intellig and Home J

23 notices JO Lewis Gallery of Indian Ptgs fr nature in native costumes while at various India treaties 25 puffs Collyer 27 Eve Mirror is absorbing Gazette & Times 28 p. 1 fr Lit World takes GH Calvert’s article on how sculp is made 30 has description of Pollard’s design of granite fr Natl Intellig, with a rotundo, statue, form a pentagon, buttresses, cornice, balustrade


1 Fair of the Am Inst; more puffs of Collyer, elite of the city 11 p. 1 house of Jefferson in disrepair, p.2 attack Richard Grant White (say he’s the music critic at C&E) for his malice toward Sivori, praise fellow artists for supporting him. Sunday Age calls this coercion of the press, they merely showed moral courage, better judges than all the newspaper writers. Praise high minded course C&E took in Mex War, gentlemanly it handles controversies, sorry it’s music reviews deformed by connection with prejudiced person

15 notes the Onderdonk memorial in the Comm Advertiser.

Fine Arts: excerpts an article fr the Bulletin: Having read several articles in our exchanges relative to Power’s statue, led us to believe it was not the thing it was cracked up to be, we determined to visit the monster in order to give our readers our opinion in regard to the moral fitness of the exhib, its claims as a work of art, imagined when we saw it we were in garden of Eden, evil must mind be that could construe evil, away with mawkish sensibility.

16 symp to Onderdonk.19 big promotion of laying cornerstone of GW monument in Hamilton sq 22 covering Restell with horror.

28 City Matters, Wash Mon, regret impediments being thrown in its way, mottification we see discouraging articles in two reputable papers, one regretting the design. Courier’s assertion that gmen on Trustees are not the right kind of persons to be intrusted is a foul and disgraceful insinuuation. J of Commerce also manifests injustice, indolence of prior committees not theirs.

November 1847

8 City Matters, Public Justice, justice shld be administered to all, secure individ rights, whether sordid occupations of gain, or lofty efforts of mind. Legislators shld protect and encourage pursuits like lit and fine arts, have been neglected instead. Many of our artists who would be indep in Euro linger here in penury, Stuart, Trumbull, Allston, even Sully. Personal observation will further illus, senior living member of profession returned home animated by desire to further cause of arts, had witnessed attraction of panoramas, judged they would draw public attn here to the fine arts, tending to form a pop taste. An honorable exception among our artists, Frothingham had frankness to say to Vanderlyn that hadn’t viewed ptgs of mor interest than panos in Rotunda, even David’s Coronation of Napoleon or West’s Christ Rejected. Non-concurrence in this by fellow artists operated to detriment of establishment.Vanderlyn erected Rotunda in Park, anticipated realizing means for forming a gallery of art of which his ptgs wld form the nucleus, rain into pecuniary difficulties, struggled for a number of years, but faced impatient opposition and City took bldg from him at moment when renewed prosperity came and had just imported splendid pano. On Vanderlyn’s recent return to city found Rotunda in possession of a rival interest with no claim, an act of justice for City to reinstate him or compensate him.

            Collyer doing a benefit for Wash Mon fund.

9 announces that Hyatt is dissolving his connection with the Globe, ill.

16 Am AU: have intended to call attn to this admirable institution, free gallery, copy notice fr an evening contemporary describing how it works and noting that art already purchased includes Page,Cole, Mount, Huntington, Durand, Chapman, Charles Deas and Cropsey and others of lesser note, inclu touching little pic illus Hood’s song of the shirt exhib at NAD two years ago, portrait of Tedesco by Rossiter, w/cs by Hill, 2 Ital lscapes fr CP Cranch, one by Doughty, cattle pieces by Hinckley, and a cabinet sized pic by Deas of encounter betw late Capt Walker and a Mex Ranchero, gd portrait, beaut medal of Allston, engravings after Huntington and Bingham.

            Ivory Crucifix advert, and Pelby’s scriptural statuary. Don’t see AAU ad.

24 missing. 25 notices Art Union display again, free 30 Ingraham now editor

December 1847

1 p.1 gives acount of sympathy for Italy mtg; notices an orig Rubens exhibiting, also the Nat Ref Assoc mtg

3 Abijah Ingraham now the editor, quotes Sun as saying Barnburners of Demo under Comptroller Flagg have purchased the paper, but this was written by a Whig/Tyler/Neutral paper editor who wanted the position. Ingraham says he is the one who bought into it.

Skips to 7, then 9. 13 notices Banvard, who advertises. 16 starts a skirmish with Herald re police, but backs off not long after. 28 mild re the Beach problems with the Plainfield Bank. City Matters notes arrest of Model Artistes at Pinteux Broadway on complaint of 5thward alderman for desecration of the Sabbath, held to bail, scene sd to be highly ludicrous as ladies caught in dressing rms nearly nude. Made bail and performed for benefit of Sunday Reporters and Editors of the Herald. We doubt propriety of interfering with quet amusements of citizens, leave people at liberty.

NY Daily Globe LOC bound volume 1848, Abijah Ingraham ed, Caspar C Childs co-proprietor, 164 Nassau st, next to Tammany hall, $4year


Jan 1 first issue. 3 Cass is in favor of pop sovereignty, not Congress determining slavery in a territory. Has the corporation notices. Calhoun doesn’t want Mexico, but he’s wrong, wouldn’t destroy Union 11 Tammany Ball dec with portraits and ptgs of the battles of Mex war, Bouck, Morgan others invited, Wm Attree there, Sickles 15 cover National Reform favorably, Greeley attends a mtg 18 printers ball: Bartlett of True Sun, Williamson and Burns of Dispatch, Deans of Times, Reed and Adams of Globe, Kellogg of Trib, Saml R Glenn of Herald, West of Atlas and Pearson of Courier. 19 v critical of Brandreth pill faction of the party, conservatives?. favor 10 hour workday. Jan 22 p2 Whitman, Globe seems to approve of free soil  27 Trib still rooting for Clay

Feb 2 have Duganne poem fr Young American, favoring free lands. Express doesn’t want Taylor. Brandreth organ is the Herald, trying to give it a Demo character 4 have a Gallagher poem fr Natl Era, admire Quitman and hostile to Gen Scott 7 notice Columbian mag, model artistes at genteel Palmo’s, chaste and beaut, ok for ladies 11 give Herald history of division in party. Brandreth still advertising though! excerpt fr Lit World. Freiligrath poem. 22 True Sun is Hunker now. Globe is free soil. 25 black borders for death of JQ Adams. Very hostile to new paper that is Hunker Demo.but like new penny paper Morning Star. And Denman of Truth teller. Common council investigating model artistes. Like Kirkland’s Union mag, contribs inclu Dana, Geo W Pack, Wm A Jones, poe, Simms, Miss Sedgwick

March 1 like John Van Buren speech at Utica (free soil?) 2 Mayor Brady condemned Model artistes as obscene and dangerous to morals, but his police officers paid $200 by proprietors for protection, with his consent. True Sun must be Brandreth’s paper. mad at Herald for underest their circ. 10 excerpt fr Buntline’s Mysteries and Miseries of NY 11 Whigs at city hall exclude Herald reporters 13 Thiers model artistes, see them before they’re closed. Swindlers are selling tickets and then no show. 22 naked models of con man arrested, prostitutes only pd $3, have names of 150 in audience who pd $1 each 27 TB Read poem, Rise (ye freemen) 28 lscape ptg of Croton water works bought by city council, Ald McElrath 31 Havemeyer for mayor

April 1 1848 praise the Home J 6 praise Sunday Morning News 7 big Fowler phrenolog ad. Calhoun anti-French repub. 19 Ptgs the Old masters, gman promote love of the Arts imptd fr Euro one of best coll, hundred specimens undoubted merit, gems, Lyceum bldg. 27 notice Holdens dollar mag 29 Bartlett giving Albion to Wm Young; Hardin Andrews pub Empire Mag

May 6 1848 A Patron of the Fine Arts writes had pleasure to hear Bryant’s eulogy Cole, writes his own tribute, loved his historical landscapes more than Leutze et al,or his American lscapes seem to support intl copyright. 13 p1 Geo Sand and Willis on climate of Italy 15 Ormsby port of Silas Wright. Josiah D Bangs says no longer ed of Sunday Courier, tho still contributes. Think Greeley looks like Burns of Dispatch 18 Noah unprincipled, tissue of lies 20 like Magoon 23 Longfellow Quadroon girl 25 p1 story of 17th c female sculptor in Italy 27 Alice Carey poem 31 puff Delevan furniture

June 1 1848 foreign corresp in Paris is GCS, says old master ptgs are coming to NY 10 free soilers can’t vote for Cass. W is a regular polit reporter for them. 21 cover St Simonianism 24 Van Buren for Pres 26 Noah lacks humanity 27 Anthony J Bleecker contradicts report of Convention in the Herald, he nominated Dodge as Van Buren’s VP. Like poet Wm Wallace. No NAD or Art-Union ad. like Azariah Flagg. don’t notice theaters extensively. brief notice of Banvard.

skipped fr July 4 to Sept 4 1848. 5 notices Whitman new Brooklyn free soil paper, an able advocate.J of Commerce doesn’t support free soil. Like Sunday Age. support women’s rights. 19 Mike Walsh and James T Brady hunkers. Ethiopian minstrels adv. 27 Chanfrau’s National formerly the Chatham has had 20  nights of local play Mysteries and Miseries of NY, as Mose, packed houses28 Greeley a reluctant supporter of Taylor. Chas O’Conor a Hunker


Oct 3 Robinson a Clay man, his caricatures attack Taylor 4 * praises Am Inst ptgs by W Hunt in wax watercolors Freeman Hunt who has been praised by them before is in free soil club in Brooklyn 7 notice Am Inst; also suggest weirdly that they are giving a prize to designer of a banner in front of tammany attacking Cass and Butler   Bryant poem. 17 Geo W Putnam poem, no such word as fail 18 NY in slices at Burton’s also mocks Trib writers 20 approve Lucius Hine’s land reform ideas 23 denies nativists are Van Buren supporters. At NY in slices meeting, Whitehead of the Herald, Meighan of Sunday Age (supported Herald), Bangs of Globe, Otisi, Simonton Lee McKellar, Stanley of Police Gazette also supported Herald, Conery of Herald. Picton of Spirit of the Times, Whitney of Sunday News, Burns of Dispatch and James A Smith of Sunday Courier gor a resolution thru praising Burton 24 Tupper poem. want to enlarge the Battery. 31 gives Herald’s list of reporters at NY in slices mtg (Thos H Hooper, Alfred E Baker, Geo O’Doherty, Houson, WC Hamilton, ED Connery, NC Palmer, B H Revoil, J Nugent, John Carcey, JC Whitehead, Geo B Wallis. From other papers: DR Lee of Day Book and comm Advertiser, W McKeller of Comm Adv. True Sun: JR Moran, J Finn, J Barber. Fr Sun: Wm N Connelly, John Vance. From Globe: R Ingraham and JD Bangs and BB Philips. From the Age: JW Simonton, TW Meighan, CZ Pond (Sunday Age. JF Otis and Alex McMillan fr Express. CW Holden fr Holden’s. EB Western fr Sunday Times, Geo Dowling no paper.

Nov 1 1848 F Grain Mexico Illus is a panorama, praised, big ad 3 Whitman restarts paper 6 Geo Law is a hunker, unsymp to Irish 9 Brooks in Congress desires to do good, but not progressive 16 prospectus for American Statesman, and celeb of roofing at forrest’ fonthill from Post 22 Fireman’s Journal 23 C Edw Lester at Cypress hills cemetery speech. B writes in likes Frazee’s Wash monument, no Gothic p2. has colossal sitting GW, classical. 24 missing 25 gives plan of Intl AU. Judson sueing Beach for obscenity in his ads. 28 p1 copy fr Lit World on AU, approve its plan, article is about diverse crowd that goes there but praises Durand, Cole, Kensett and Edmonds

Dec 3 covers Beach farewell dinner. 6 Bigelow replacing Boggs at Post 11 Independent,Leonard Bacon, Joseph Thompson,RS Storrs eds 13 Intl AU big ad 14 Ingraham retiring to start Am Statesman. name off masthead, just childs now. 16 City Items notes distrib of AU, says only 5% of funds were spent on new bldg. Wakeman of Am Inst died. 23 excerpt Fremont’s memoir. JD Bangs is prob their city items ed. 25 fr Virginia paper promotes JB Stearns Washignton’s marriage 26 approves of Phreno Journal 27 excerpts newsboy fr NY in slices 29 Sun critical of Saml Morse? 30 likes Lit World