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Herald (NY Herald) 1849-55

NYPL mfilm started abt Jan 4 1849. 6 critical of fancy dress ball by leaders of opera for upper region of city, try to be exclusive, intro Euro evils, dance the disreputable polka, attracts police. love acctor Lester 7 absurd for Greeley to care so much abt mileage, small numbers, Congress shld be pd more 8 Art Union shld be investigated 12 Bishop Hughes supported Irish freedom, but not Italian. v crit of Ital Opera management 19 Fry's fave journal C& E turned agst him?, a bad critic anyways 20 local print trying to revive Forrest Macready quarrel 22 engr of printing machienry at Herald. cliques at Newport replicated at Astor Place opera house. Hostile to Brooks, True Sun, Globe. 23 back Fillmore agst Seward

Feb 1849 2 mocks Genl Morris 3 must not tolerate model artists. critical of Forrest. 7 won't enter into moral and abstract q of slavery, just preservation of Union. 8 liked Mathews at NYU, institution has become ricketty, disting statesman elected President had to vacate due to bad management, another explosion close at hand. 9 papers puff Dana of Boston (RH) on Shakespeare, better off reading a book 14 ok with Benton's pacific rrd plan 16 wants reform of the Almshouse. RI illiberal on dorr. Greeley and Seward demagogues. 16 Oprea house plan exclusive, unequal. 18 Ojibwe Indian lecture continues, Indian hand of fellowship, received unchristian treatment. Repeal usury laws. No dueling. 22 Fry's libel suit, the movement of the Opera aristo agst crit of Herald; opera is accomp by licentiousness. 28 John Van Buren one of their defense lawyers in Fry trial! agst O'Conor et al

March 1849

4 Fry pub pamphlet re Opera management, on fashionable society and codfish aristo, has been a bookkeeper, not manager. 8 Sun, Morning Star, J of Commerce, Express, all steal fr Herald.  Mob of Paris has ruled long enuf. 12 want new city charter, stronger mayor 13 p4 Fine ARts opening of the Art Union gallery, crowded, 50 ptgs purchased, exhib fell short, Lang's Venetian bride tells story well, , expression too calm. Beaut Letter by JB Flagg, expression didn't convey anxiety. 21? winter scene unnatural, Huntingtonl lovely, Woodville Mexican news, one of best, skill, mouth of the reader badly done, ooks like newsboy announcing extra Herald, isteners equal to Hogarth, news of the victory of Buena Vista? nigger leaves off swilling his beer. Huntington lscape incongruous. HP Gray Wages of War, beaut drawn, incongruous design, labored grouping of incidents. G Baker expectation not much to boast of. Church view beaut. Jack the Giant Killer little credit on the artist, a baby not a dwarf. Huntington Ldy Jane Gray considgd last year. Wenslet curious. Smith Leisure hours well conceived, laughing nigger scarcely in keeping. Stearns excellent, Clayton beaut, Ranney duck shooters gd attitudes, Matteson Now or Never a nice conceit but girl too erect and stiff. Hinckley capital, Eckhart one of best, Carnenck gipsey tent ease and fidelity, Osgood splendid, Fancy Piece almost best in whole coll, champ.

19 Macauley a mere apology for the Engl aristocracy 21 Taylor anti-dueling. Want Battery enlarged 24 p1 Forrest and macready, Forrest ought to have been high minded and ignored him. Havemeyer a barnburner.

John Keese of Cooley and Keese advertising, Brandreth too, Sands sarsaparilla


April 3 1849 p. 4 Seward content to reform personal habits of members of Congress, but Seward wants absolute control of public opinion in rrd cars, steamboats and omnibuses, badmouthing Herald. Not a fan of Benton re California


Apr 4 Says not taking sides on Forrest vs Macready argument

5 Kate Hastings whips Ned Buntline 6 approve city charter reform 6 long attack on Greeley and Fourierists, for overthrowing all the laws which sustain and regulate every community, prevent degenerating into savages, teach class warfare, flatter the operative and laboring man, destroy emulation and indiv enterprise, skeystones of the arch holds togeth all human society. French, turn society into lazaroni without motive to labor or virtue 8 Burton putting on a satire called Socialism, or Modern Philos Put in Practice, Am socialism, Greeley will appear

apr 10 p5 Webb puffs Taylor to get a mission to Madrid, Herald’s puffs are better, his is too much inf lorid style of fashionable hatters and perfumers, truly great men don’t like to be advertised like some new chemical soap or miraculous pain-extractor

            publish Forrest’s letters and Macready’s replies, think it’s all trivial

11 praise Maretzek at expense of Fry, Ital opera in city must have no exclusiveness, no cliqueism, no ignorance in management, no proscription of partic classes in journals. Maretzek advertises. Fry has sued.

12 clear Whig victory in city election, Demo factions couldn’t unite, will rather join with the Whigs and may enable them to retain power for a quarter of a century to come. 13 missing. Townsend and Orr’s pano advertises. 15 missing 16 relig papers attacking secret societies, esp Odd Fellows, no sense, perfectly compatible with xtianity, fear them as rivals 17 big frank Forester ad for his book p. 5 City Intellig puffs Phila Art Union plan. Herald has post office ads.

19 p4-5 Speculating in the Fine Arts, turn a penny by passing off as old masters the sweepings and scourings of all the studios in Euro, pricinpally beginners, every parlor had daubs that tyro Am artist ashamed of, but our ton must imitate ton in London, and they were cheap. follow in wake of Euro aristocracy into exclusive cliques, Ital Opera, wire pulling of pic business, auctioneers invite editors to private view, got praised to high heaven next morning, tribute to discrim of purchasers and enterprise of owners, sell at prices up to 300% more than cost. But new aristo of eyeglasses and white kids, must imitate ton of Europe, speculators will start up again. Apr 20 Duss advertising. 21 ok with Russia conquering the Ottoman empire, will exting semi barbarism of religion there. May upset Euro dynasties. British chruch govt exploited Ireland. 23 mock Willis regularly but not badly, nincompoop etc. Support Fr republic and Italy 24 Webster not a man of the people, didn’t embrace oppressed, disliked unceremonious progressive spirit of our generation. Calhoun not a friend of demo freedom and institutions, dreaded applic of principles of Am constitution, not symp to oppressed millions, slavery. Clay the most winning but also behidn the age. Another letter fr Forrest Apr 25 Alms House admin palpably unblushingly dishonest, corrupt and abominable, better to contract with a hotel, but state leg is reforming it, estab board of Ten governors with full power to administer it. Previous system relied on contracts given to supporters of party in power; governors can’t be interested in any contract 26 giving Forrest gd reviews. Fine Arts,s ale of gallery mostly old masters of late Consul of France, went for small prices mostly 26 p2 mocks Forrest’s Gothic castle on the North River, blames Wikoff for getting him mad at Macready 28 Opera hse advertising macready. Massachusetts is anti Cath

May 1849:

1 Anthony J Bleecker was removed as US Marshal in 1840 by Tyler on party grounds. John Nugent their Wash corresp leaving the Herald. p. 7 NAD:  346 ptgs and designs, a few of hi order, comparatively few positively bad. Boyle’s Bishop Hughes full length, object seems to have been to show his skill in color, succeeded, beyond this, nothing in it of much interest. Jesse Talbot Departure of Christian fr Palace beautiful, castle or palace v gd and Christian well enuf, small and not principal. Lscape is attraction, one of best ever on walls of acad, eye never tires of grand scenery, quiet blandness wld have delighted John Bunyan. Edw White Friar Lawrence shakespeare, v fine as usual, light clear and natural, a strong man. Enzing Muller Christ and his church, some color warm, some v poor, Christ no divinity in it whatever, fig of Church mean and meagre but perhaps not a bad representation on that account, but neither is the beaut alleg in Songof Solomon, absurd. Winner Christ restoring, few artists of any age cld cope with sucha  subj, in colors the returning of blood to veins and life to system, parts have merit. JW Audubon Panther and kitten, v fine indeed, thankful but a pic, not flattery, terrible eye. Watts rural old England, a gd pic but too cut up. Edw Mooney portrait of Chief Engineer C Anderson, ingenious emblematic frame for company. FE Church Mtn tempest, illus Byron, grand production, fine judg of artist, v hi order of talent. Zeiter Bohemian Fair, at close exam, dauby scratchy sketchy production, at a little distance or by making a tube of your catalog, effect is most magical, everything it int takes its place. true ptg, more in art than smoothness and sharply defined form. Durand Sunset beaut, magical manner, no violation of nature. Remb Lockwood portrait, gd, reminds us of Copley, dress etc kept subord to head, not an advertisement for dry goods dealers, gives precedence to God or over handiwork of man. Page port gman 77 hands beaut done. Huntington Angels excellent. Church Plague of Darkness, sublime and even awful, has concept of grandeur and power to express it, supernatural effect. Wm Walcott Battle of Monmouth, Molly Pitcher carried water, worked the cannon, one of the best ever seen in the hall, spectator enters into the struggle, uncommon reality in faces and actions. Poor hanging. C Mayr conquest of Mexico, many excellences, some faults, gold good, some figs excellent, whole effective. C Deas Vision, subj horrible but great imaginative power, ought to intro the ideality here into a natural subj. Duggan Lazar House in tropics, hideous subj, originality, HP Gray Lady in Ital costume, everything he does bears stamp of genius, just like the old masters. Dendy excellent, expression. Durand Kindred spirits, gd lscapes, exceedingly gd portraits. Leutze escape of the puritans, feelings of the spectator instantly enlisted, stern unflinching men hurling defiance over the wave, boat seems to toss. Miss Borchard fruit piece, excel at grapes. J Frazer much talent. Kidd All Hallow Eve fine. F Alexander crayon port, bold and free; with Page, Huntington, Gray Elliott the great port ptrs of the land. Alexander gives intellectuality, Page and Gray old masters, elliott vivacity, Huntington spiritual, Ingham and Marchant sweet. Same genius as requis for ideal pics. WS Mount Well by the Wayside, beaut pic in his usual style. Winner, pleasing. Huntington 173 port lady, intellectual and spiritual, presence of pure and good. Dendy Heart of Mid Lothian, Jeannie Deans, v gd, intense suffering, as in Page’s Doomed Nobleman, sometimes in Scripture pieces by old masters. Domestic Happiness Mrs Spencer, child on the pillow more value than all the rest, more effective without the rest of the figs, face v beaut, form of other child quite incorrect in some parts, coloring clear, lady artist consid talents. Esmeralda by Rossiter, most of those who visit the gallery don’t give enuf attn to find full meaning of the ptr, a gman told us pointing to v ord portrait of an acquaintance, sd best in exhib, whiskers never painted so exactly. Many better informed might pass splendid Rossiter as another lady head, but make tube of catalog, effect truly wonderful, head starts fr canvass, alm perfect illusion, tone pleasing. Shld place some sight tubes in the gallery to do justice to artists amid all the glare of color and gilding of frames, as in Boston.

May 2 Forrest and Macready, playing at same time, indiscreet friends intend to make a rumpus to avenge London press crit, Henry Wikoff has made it all up, ought to reconcile. Broadway theater where Forrest is playing advertises, Astor does too later, but not NAD; Mech Inst adv and Duss. Lots of odd fellow ads. 3 Cover NYHS meetings. Van Schaick, the barnburner candidate, a member. 4 Seward has turned agst ex Gov John Young who was a Taylor supporter, sustained Mex war, to defeat his appointment as collector, Seward’s anti-slavery and anti Masonic whigs have united with opera whigs (Hone, Prescott Hall etc) or silk stocking whigs, to get ex Mayor Brady instead

May 5 continue attack on socialism as satanism, first socialist was the serpent in Eden, destroyed first French republic and will destroy the second 6 City improvements and city taxes: some newspapers crying out for Battery enlargement, fill public walks with statues of warriors and small politicians, hang up portraits and  ptgs by pupils of the acad in allt he public rms and in every poor house, inclu Tombs. Vast increase in taxes, whigs coming into power, don’t think they will reform but fill their purses. 7 happy Freeman’s J denounces socialism 8 NY Express is organ of Opera clique in combo with Seward anti slavery clique, had been hostile to Taylor and had to be forced to support him, now complains about not getting offices. death of Whistler in russia. Western scribe still writing fr Ohio. 9 has article on Forrest macready conflict, blames Dickens’ literary friends for attacking Forrest, ith Wikoff poisoning Forrest agst Macready, who wasn’t to blame. C&E accusing Forrest of being author of Astor Place riots, not justified, no evidence. Taylor is going tob e left without a party.

May 10 anti-slavery is a species of socialism. critical of b’hoys, Mayor police and public authorities must do better than Matsell, keep Macready on stage, public authorities must defeat an organized mob. Precedent of Wood, who quarreled with critic of C&E, Webb organized a mob to drive Woods fr Park theater stage. Small journals complain of monopoly of newspaper expresses, huge capital expended by associated press, organiz which means individs can’t monopolize intelligence; small papers cant compete. Dr Bacon spoke at annual mtg of conversion of jews society. 11 Astor riot, p 4 headline, Military called out, firing on the People! 12 Mayor should have issued anti riot proclamation, brought out an overwhelming milit force earlier. Describes placards around city calling on Americans to fight English Aristocrats and Foreign rule. rynders of Empire Club spoke at meeting in the Park afterwards, v critical of Major Bangs of the Globe, called police action murder, critical of Recorder Tallmadge, General Sandford at head of Nat Guard who shot. Mike Walsh spoke to re cowardly war agst people, Tallmadege Westervelt and Matsell deserve hanging, also critical of Woodhull. Editorial urges rioters be punished. 13 mock new Mayor Woodhull for his firmness in forcing an actor down the throats of the people at dictation of aristo 13 Grinnell tied to Webb of Courier, and Sewardites 15 headline is Tragedy at the Opera House. Covers Am Associationist mtg,  Parke Godwin chair.


May 15 1849 p4 Fine Arts NAD: on glance thru rms, pics show improvement fr last year, fewer daubs admitted, but some wld scarcely be tolerated in porter house. On entering rm, first pic struck our eye was full length of Hughes by Boyle, large as life, touch fo a good artist, tone excellent, easy and natural. Winner’s Christ restoring, design is good, full size, drwg v perfect and easy, a little too mcuh yellow, great merit. Edw Mooney port of Chief Anderson, gd likeness, artist of sterling merit, left arm stiff, face too purple, but hand of a master. Wm Walcutt bro and sister must study more, ptg hard and wiry, drwg miserable, almost a caricature on origs. Alex Edouart, great attn to carpet shawl, most gaudy colors, penny pic, faces hard and stiff. Whitehorne port, looks a bricklayer, faced rubbed with dust red. Hagan port a perf daub. Shegogue Vintager, a female fig supposedly gracful attitude, but failed, posit stiff unnatural, draery hard and stiff, has done better. Huntington’s angel appearing one of best drawn, coloring not so gd, too yellow, clouds offend eye, but design and drag great merit. Durand mtn stream superb production, masterpiece of exhib. 16 blames Trib’s socialism for fostering class warfare behind riots May 20 Ten Governors made appointments, , whigs and barnburners allied, Tammany hunkers didn’t get any (tho a native American Whig barnburner did. Governors Mickle and Daly chagrined.

May 23 obvious an aristo has appeared among us, lordly dwellings, scorn of what it designates low and vulgar, mode of living, manners and dress, characteristics of class who arrogate to themselves the exclusive right to the riches and honor of this world, bent on provoking spleen of great body of people. NY aristo has not respectable descent, intell culture, accomplishments, just exclusiveness, yet assail intellig and virtue of popular masses the strength of the Republic. They shock our plain notions of decency and propritety in meretricious dance, heraldic bearings on carriagein Broadway, livery, Ital Opera on offensive system. Have aroused hostility of poor with ostentatious displays, exacerbated by socialism of Trib, and craft of C&E. we reject both. 25 support death penalty

May 27 p2 cant of aristocracy, pulpit and press, agst mob, Express bombast, no such thing as a mob here, some idle vagabonds and depraved ruffians. Trick of aristo is to seize on disturbance to declaim agst low and vulgar (the poor) and working classes (the mob). See it in Express, Courier and their kindred, preachers, hat e the people and the masses, declaim agst licentiousness. 28 don’t see NAD ad. Fowler and Wells. 22 Howland and Aspinwall’s pacific steamers now running, panama to SF. Like Niblo, hope Massacre Place Opera hse convert it into church. Elite whigs have taken over city, ought to clean streets not kill people. ok to annex Cuba. 30 missing. 31 wants US to prevent England fr interfering with progress of freedom in Europe


June 1849

1 missing.  5 whole first page to Odd Fellows new bldg, C Edw Lester spoke. codfish aristocracy hated Henry Eckford a shipbuilder and Jacob Barker, Hugh Maxwell got them convicted, tho indictments reversed on appeal 6 Webb wanted Scott, late convert to Taylor. Elite whigs who control city only cleaning around Astor Place, Union Square, 5th ave, not the wards where poor live 8 mocks hist soc impt investig, sister of an old Dutch gov wa a witch, not yet been determined by body of Solons 9 Cozzens of Am hotel opening new one at West Point, long praise of it. Symp not just with Hungary, but Italy, Germany, France everywhere struggle for freedom 10 not impressed by Father Mathew 10 crit of Cornelius Mathews Demo of Custom hse for keeping pensioned clerks, nearly half a doz Sunday newsp editors enjoy sinecures 11 surprisingly attacks Freeman Hunt’s Merchant’s Magazine, survives by solicited puffs, has great pretensions to commercial philosophy. But last no has amusing and curious article A Biography of Thom P Kettell, claims to have written money articles in 1837, not true, hired in 1838, gave money reports while Bennett was in Europe, after he rturned he was an amanuensis. Kettell also wrote for True Sun after he left Herald. 12 p4 Astor theater has billed city for damages, families fo killed ought to do the same. Bishop Doane: expose of financial operations , solemn Episcopal convention with Charles King speech in favor of his immac purity, Halsted hinted at necessity of investigation, Greeley involved. He cheated bakers, butchers, tailors, grocers, builders, shopkeepers, as he dazzled their eyes with his gorgeous ptgs of the New Jerusalem, did  not refuse him credit. Every day reveals new glories in hierarchy of genteel denomination, fine linen and purple, fares sumptuously and turns up its lordly nose at miserable creatures. Fine Arts: Garbeille’s studio, fine arts are lofty pinnacle fr which glories of genius may be contemplated, more in this line of elab language. Saw triumphos of his art, fr unmeaning matter, godlike image of man carved out, cites Angelo and Bernini. Busts are striking likenesses, Dr valentine Mott, perfect intellectual expression. Busts of Brougham etc faithful, some members of the press, for expression and preservation of coutnenance most perfect work of art ever executed. Also Burton, Delawny of Wall st, Genl Taylor. Intl AU, highest consideration, decided success, long puff. 13 Whigs divided into too many cliques and coteries to govern well 14 Doane is penitent, sinner in squaring accounts, ask forgiveness, but penance ought to be to read the debt laws of NJ for ordinary people 17 continue critical of English, their endorsement of killing at Astor place, their hostility to France’s republic 19 has bio of Polk on front page, but no black borders for his death 22 notices Geo law boats 24 Whig mayor Woodhull putting into practice Sunday law on liquor, points out will be enforced unevently, and its object problematic, public will see it as attempt to enforce opinions of others, will rebel, interference with their rights. Humanitarians don’t seem to care about starvation and poverty. Jun 1849 27 gives Bishop Hughes letter to C&E complaining about Greeley saying he is raising money to support Pope agst roman republic, but unconvincing, as Benentt says on p2 more or less. At Great Germ Demo mtg at Shakespeare hotel, to support a Germ Republic, Bennett subscribed. Polk admin will be an era, ought not to be vilified 30 see in attack of French republic on Italy something ominous, fruit of devilish intrigues agst liberty, Louis Napoleon and Emperor of Russia, clouds and darkness thicken, supporters of ancient despotisms strengthen, powerful aristo, landed interests, financial interests, kings emperors brokers landlords, all the tyrannical grasping oppressive influences which devour and destroy the masses are banding together. Ireland crushed, English masses imbecile, France betrayed, Italy on verge, Germany old order ascendant, Hungary in despair, oppressor strong in armies, munitions, money, alleg of powerful, fear for popular cause. Must we fold our arms?. Cozzens’ West Pt hotel advertises.


July 1849 mfilm

3 brutality and moral effect of wholesale dog butcheries, perpetuated under name of humanity and for the good of society. Prepare youth for the gallows and prison. 4 those who seek to stop liquor sales ought to support public baths.

skipped from July 6 to Aug 31

Sept 1849

1 on critics: nearly a dozen men on this journal try to treat artists properly. With Ellsler, Wikoff her agent best Herald night and day, then he turned around and assailed us for those kindnesses. Strakosch--gave musical critics directions to be liberal, sd partnership with Fry would soon be over, asked for notices. Got fave notices fr Courrier while discrediting connections of Arpin, we cut him off, so he employs a German Jew to write abusive article agst us copied by our cotemporaries. Fall into hands of penny a liners with weekly press, abuse Herald. In few years had more than a doz diff gman crit everything connected with art, none satisfied the artists, turn and abuse you in the Eve Mirror. 3 flogging in the navy would be dispensed with if it weren't for a few old fogies. 6 crit of Bishop Hughes' position toward gallant Hungarians. 9 Hughes wants to censor the press 13 Walsh defense of despotism in J of Commerce, same views as cabinet in Washington of hostility toward all liberal govts, Rome, Germany, Cuba, not Taylor's views. 14 Cause of liberty is hopeless in Europe, but order and quiet produced won't last in this age of civilization, rrds, telegraphs and knowledge. 16 prosecutors in Astor Riot case try to show that reading the newspaper are incompetent as jurors, but need knowl of the world. the fine ARts, puffs Brady and Intl AU. 17 support Bancroft, praise Mayor MIckle for stopping the riot agst Plainfield bank (the Sun). Whig authorities let massacre occur, useful  to stock speculators, C&E exults in rise of securities in London. Blame Fourierism for lack of convictions in crim trials. 19 p4 Art Union Festival---An Arabian NIght's Entertainment, opening of new galleries, Leutze's storming of Aztecs prominent, true for the most part, dying Hector, darkness of Egypt, sweet Durand, tender Miss Daniels, Doughty, Pres Wetmore, Bethune, Wetmore toasted ambassador fr France, no applause given to the French republic, minister received with respect, Poussin recommended study of old masters, Doughty toast as oldest artist, praised Art Union, Raymond spoke. Very hard to read. 23 Gallant hungarian; cabinet has not supported liberal movements, why it's at odds with Poussin (Secty Clayton excluded his mistress from a fete at white house) 25 need new more professionalized consular system. Very hostile to Secty Clayton and his press organ. Judson culpable in riots. 27 forrest, tragedian of Metamora Hall on banks of Hudson, will be principal bottle holder for a new journal, supporting the fierce democracie and advancing the legit drama and melodrama, Forney and Wikoff part of it, form of a stock operation, Forrest wants to be a real Richelieu, like Webb. 28 Col King of C&E, the pink of good society, the Earl of Dartmoor (justified British shooting American prisoners), up for Pres of Columbia, mock him. 29 Buntline's sheet was printed at the Trib office, jury right to find them all guilty. Notes Wash Irving signed the card for Macready. 30 p1 Am AU review: Heine, JW Glass showy, Durand pastoral superior, Runge too much sameness Geo Hall Levee mtg of dogs, JT Peele, don't admire, Wm Hart far fr nature, SS Osgood poor idea of boy, Ranney lifelike. Praises institution. 30 Judson involved in divorce suit, her family abused by Judson, uptown family, he is terrible.  Columbia a close corporation, like a rotten borough, trustees have absolute authority, hope they will elect a president that will promote the interests of the institution, ought not to choose one foreign in mind and feeling and education (King)


1 Hiram Fuller, naval storekeeper, has published his disclosures abt the Astor riots, blames it on manager refusing a season ticket to Bennett; Noah has joined in. Small clique of Sunday press and evening papers, coterie of smallest wits. Think Onderdonk ought to be restored. 3 sketches of Buntline's career on p1, p2 Buntline and Trib, which has become a phalanx, all editors interested in sheet, hire red republicans in Europe 6 poem on quarrel with Poussin, p2 on thousands of foreign nationalities and newspapers who under influ of out political equality become one great united coherent and homogenous polit body 7 p2 Fine Arts Powers statuary at Lyceum bldg, one of first sculptors of age, Greek slave admired universally, a living statue, Fisher boy exquis, high finish and spiritual expression, tho not v robust for a fisherboy, more for drawing room. Genl Jackson at time was acorrect representation, mind appears to develop itself, underst the great elements of his character. Proserpine perfection, the more you look at them the more beauties you behold. 11 promotes Am Inst, Fillmore visits 15 The two Art Unions controversy, old Acad of Design also founded to encourage art, but fell into incompetent or lazy hands, superceded b Art Union. Intl AU started by enterprising publishers and artists, professes wider symp Am Europe Asia Africa Australia etc. AU after finishing Acd of Design, look on Intl as interfering withtheir peculiar privileges, and started discreditable warfare thru certain newspapers. US should be large enough for both. Public heart likes liberal feelings on civilization, not narrow and exclusive. 16 gives WE Channing on xtian socialism, rehash of Adam is God, not intelligible English, same doctrine as Emerson absurdities without his genius 17 regret Poe's death,, author of croakings like the Raven, lit world says genius and martyr. Hoffman another fine writer and recent clerkship at Wash has also been hospitalized. Hard drinking a besetting sindespise common sense. Crit of NJ Rrd monopoly, and Doane. 18 p2 Trib's Wash corresp sd to be in pay of Cabinet, cackles over Herald, Rev Griswod a lit contrib knows all ab secret agency of Eve Post in Poussin business, offered us a contrib, butwe declined his article 21 still arresting model artists. McMaster of Freemans J is half made up intellect. Hughes critical of Jesuits, don't know why. 23 Secty of State cancelled subscription to Herald, they send it to him free. Review of Frank Forrester/Herbert, his novels didn't impress anyone but were extensively puffed, has turned to sports, his forte, Stringer & Townsend usually cheap books but give it gd treatment 25 mocks Presbyt synod for circular asking Jews to convert 30 Italy looks calm, but her bosom is heaving, she is biding her time, like Hunary she has yielded but when Euro movement comes she will spring to her feet again and leap once more, civiliz may have to fight for Kossuth

[John O Sargeant is writing/editing for Wash DC Republic.]


November 1849

1 Belmont's marriage 2 like Webster's dictionary (Stringer & Townsend) p2 Fine Arts: Intl AU given terrible colic to Am AU opened its collection at the Alhambra near Niblos, and rival Am AU, heard v fine, will see great tide of amateurs going in that direction, enticing to fash world. Colored vote in city goes with Whigs. Charles Archer, a pen name for Genl Lyman, amusing silly soft chap writing letters for a contemporary on schooldays of Webster. 10 Wm Norton a lawyer indicted for libel on Miss Georgiana Crean in Buntline's Own, Judson indicted for same libel, it's what caused him to be convicted in Astor riots. Herald adds that for last 8 or 9 years the press have maliciously libeled Mrs Bennett and her family, started with Noah, Beach who was convicted. Love Webster. 15 Pro intl copyright, Harper's a villain. 19 King elected pres of Columbia, well known journalist, has been lauded as beau ideal of most advanced stage of civiliz. The American started 30 years ago by Johnson Verplanck, Chas King and others, Verplanck its spirit til King took over after his death, died and went into bowels of C&E, polished writer, wish him succes with the collegiate clique under which it has dwindled 20 death of Attree, fidelity and accuracy as a reporter, talents of a hi order.  British intrigue and aggression. Geo Brega formerly a corresp for C&E, underpaid and started writing for Herald, position in Land Office, infl by Clayton, but correct in his reports. Love historian Sparks. 25 Clark of Knickerbocker correesponds with Dickens, brings his letter to Greeley charging Powell of forgery etc, Powell starts indictments agst Clark And Fuller and Greeley. Webster agrees cabinet is a failure. 26 gives all the letters and a history of Thomas Powell, symp, he got into Dickens set as an amateur just as ours plume themselves on getting into Puffer Hopkins and balderdash cliques of NY, escaped here after rrd spec crashed, book pub by Appletons as small gossip annoyed Dickens, think Fuller et al may go to prison, and everyone will read Powell's book 29 Brega corresp inclu efforts of Clayton and cabinet to bribe the HErald 30 King' inaugural featured idea that Learning is Not Wisdom, posssilbe tombstone epitaph for Columbia (also drove the American into the ground) 

December 1849

1 dislike Clayton's policy of neutrality, need bold, manly foreign policy, should fling weight of our influ for repub principles, we must go forward, and not backward. Massa Greeley is coming over to our side. 3 best haberdash journals are those conducted by Genio M Scott, and NP Willis, millinery lit plus operat, poetry and pantaloons, Willis objects to French artists at Astor Place (Herald is pro Maretzek) 4 p1 Fanny Kemble and her imitators, readings of Shakespeare, real aristo coerced codfish aristo into her support. Few years ago Greek Slave carried off palm, Collyer hit on even more successful imitation, til police and moral and relig city fathers veto it, Banvard great moving pano, now Evers' scene daubing, impostures will be found out. Still attack model artists. 8 lit quarrel betw Gaylord Clark and Dickens, and Powell and Mathews, another quarrel betw Hiram fuller and Geo G Bron, both fake milit officers, Fuller savage on him as humbug 9 Intl copyright bad because means we get all our ideas fr abroad--see Napoleon thru British eyes, Cromwell thru monarchists until Carlyle and Macauley told the truth. We covered Puritans of New England with all but divine honors, noble breed, embarkation with Columbus, Cromwell one of them. 11 critical of McElrath attacking tea room now and not when he was an assistant alderman, very men crying agst it would give conttracts to friends contrary to law and waste far more money. Should pay them.  13 model artists think they can't be touched by law, have a little drapery, but an illegit shoot fr correct and proper things like Greek Slave. 21 Fine Arts advertisements to subscribers of am au who disapprove of present management and opposed to how they re elect themselves are requested to meet at Niblos on Friday, why not elect by ballot and have a committee to examine books.  The Great Metropolis advertises it has an interior view of the galleries engr by Howland fr drawing by Mayr for 25 cents. Am AU also advertises its distrib. 22 pq Am AU ddrawing of prizes at Niblos, lots of women, crowded, reporters, Mr Boyd of comm of management had excellent arrangements for the press, Pres Wetmore address, addressed charges agst institution inclu elections, spending etc. 28 Wetmore's defalcation announced, says diff in books is only $50,000 which he is owed for commissions

1850 NYPL mfilm


4 Wetmore under investig in Congress, Herald thinks cabinet/admin is bungling and blundering. Intl AU advertises. Whig organs defending Wetmore. 11 p1 covers Intl AU distrib, Bryant presided, Keese of Cooley and Keese read the report. John Van Buren one of counsel for rynders. 17 mocks Webb and Wood riot as precedent for Astor Place, when its ok to post handbills against actors and express disapprobation without calling out military, cover trial on first page. 19 south should support cuban and mexican filibusters. Maretzek vs Willis, like Maretzek. rynders acquitted, didn't believe he or friends of Forrest on one side or Grinnell and friends of Macready on the other, were indictable, right to express opinions. folly was police and city in permitting conflict to go to violence. 21 p1 Letter to editor on inaugural address of new Pres of Columbia College defends agst sectarianism, admits prejudice in favor of Episcopalianism, as an alumnus protests agst popular support of sectarian institution. White kid riot: Nat Willis and Hiram Fuller causing trouble for opera, latter testified in Rynder trial. Trib Sun and Express unhappy with acquittal; mayor and Grinnell are imbeciles. 23 loved Emerson's lecture on England. 30 Courier and Trib attacked Herald for noting Wetmore's defalcation first, but now they support a cabinet that is wrong by sytem and moral obliquity. Day Book pub sketches of opera aristo, are treading on toes, HErald likes them. Support Clay's compromise.

[Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs, 1849] 

Feb 1850

Astor massacre. Rynder pled guilty to slapping Fuller, paid $10. 5 worry free school for women smacks of feminism 6 mocks Melville, flippant kaleidoscopic polka dancing. hope rich authors like Bryat Irving Bancroft Prescott and Halleck will act in favor of intl copyright, cite Powell on Poe 11 v crit of Hope Chapel mtg attack on newsboys, has elsewhere crit their pious crusade agst Sunday papers, lists their newsboys and how many family members they support. 13 Col Webb incompetent for office as minister. Support newsboy mtg in the park. 15 Great Union mtg in Tammany, needs to be on neutral ground. whipple from Boston part of Harvard abolit clique, artist can scarcely live there, Chester Harding and Fisher have just moved here. 21 praises sympathy and sentiment with humanity, Greece, France, Lamartine, Rome, Kossuth Ireland, man is becoming more sacred, struggle will succeed. 21 critical of efforts to reform street children, boy has right to occupation, or to sit in the Park, regulation is absolutism 24 Danl Webster symbol of Castle Garden Union movement, officers include Stephen Whitney, Cornelius W Lawrence, Gerard Hallock, Peter Cooper, Tillou, Ambrose Kingsland, Gen Chas Sandford, Jacob Westervelt

March 1850

3 struggles of past, present and future, monopolists in learning as odious as those ingovt, those wedded to old things rather than the truth are wrestling with stirring of future, NYU prof like Pusey and Oxford, want to go to the past, rail agst the press 4 critical of the Ten Governors of the almshouses 6 liked Calhoun's speech on slavery. 6 critical of journals that advocate in French and English a more easy style of social life, inclu divorce (Forrest). Opera: brother of Fry, a composer of talent, brought forward, quarreled, lost money, retired, now Marestzek doing a gd job. 10 love Webster and Calhoun 11 big Demo Repub ad? coverage? full page. 13 Sun read by negroes, seamstresses, and poor women. Herald circulates in Fifteenth ward. Ten Governors grasping, want to send poor youth to other state, white slavery system 15 Du Solle quit as ed of Globe, John L Mumford replaced him, now in hands of friends of Genl Cass rather than the free soilers. Sun as well as Trib, Post, C&E support Seward. 17 trial will investigate Noh and Saml Swartwout 19 C&E is organ of officeholders of this city, Prescott Hall 23 crit of Tea Room abuse 24 Emerson is queer, insane sanity, mocks Carlyle too, German leeches of literature 26 Forrest divorce case, involves Willises, Jamieson, Wikoff, servants, Forrest won't win. Foreign socialists in NY. 28 Willis trying to indoctrinate us with Euro freedoms, a French writer publishing a periodical with same pov, Forrest home the center of  this. 29 Andrew Stevens reply to Willis letter.

April 1850

2 Irish Alliance and directory an abortion, money ought to go to poor 4 Willis has chivalry of feudal times, parliament of love, courtier 5 suggests casting Forrest divorce folks as Othello. Noah threatening libel suit, attacks Mrs JGB, ignore it. Benton a free soiler. 13 like Ital operat at Niblos. Opposed to flogging in the Navy. 16 NAD review, meretricious style more in those who study abroad, chair painter is one of our best portrait painters (Jarvis). 17 Willis not really helping Mrs Forrest, just used colors and drapery, which covered but did not conceal, the picture or statue raised to astonish society 23 love young Dr MOtt. trade union close to socialism 25 Hiram Ketcham friend of Webster in scorching aticle in Comm Adv attacking Seward 30 James G Harvey a corresp a Veritas, Viator Indep and clerk in Secty Ewing office


May 1850

1 urges that NY let Webster see that YOung Am as wellas Old Am is for the Union, that the two great parties are for the Union 3 Scoville on Calhoun, last year we sent him to the South, for reports 4 Charlotte Cushman donates money thru editor of the herald 7 Noah wants to keep up quarrels in demo and give the city to the Whigs in the fall. Recommends Day Book, intellig and spirit. resent Trib double sheet. Silas Wright dag ad. 11 Recall Herrin'gs Nat port gall, now a new Gall of Illus Americans, exquisite admirable etc, Taylor, Calhoun, Webster, Fremont Clay, non partisan (lester?) 12 p1 NAD review, Huntington, Cropsey, Durand. not ready to annex Cuba. obit for Osgood Willis and Wikoff advising Mrs Forrest, marplots. Hiram Fuller finds astonishing in Herald, Mirror read by his family and friends 22 big sketch of Lopez

25 Beecher quarrels with Hallock of J of Commerce, calls on C&E? to give 3 columns of invective agst J of Commerc. Beecher following Geo Cheever fr commonplace preaching into high society and hi paid pulpit; his essays in a paper circulating among chambermaids, milliners and seamstresses. (Trib?)


june 1850

Polk admin offered Bennett patronage. Sun is filibuster organ. 5 Geo Dallas to be a Forrest counsel?. 12 how reconcile age of inventions and science with age of darkness and impositions, Swedenborg, Mormons, AJ Davis, rappings. Like Gliddon? Dislike Benton, he's changed. Mad the city won't advertise in them, prefer the Sun 15 crit of Wikoff intervening in Forrests, Beach indicted. Negroes have separate origins, nor descended from monkeys. 17 praise C Edw Lester oration on rural cemeteries. Noah has secret office on Custom house, stirs up old demo as a sachem, in order to maintain it; Hugh Maxwell a whig but former Tammany his friend and keeps him in Custom hse 18 full page for Dickinson, p 2 Forrest beats Willis. 19 Forrest's enemies involved with Eruo fashionable socialism, literary and moral, opposed to true repub elegance and simplicity, fairly symp to Forrest 22 Taylor gave Mathew Davis, the spy in DC for C&E, a polit appointment, became a baptist 26 Trib defending Mrs Forrest? 27 Henry W HErbert of Cromwell and fishing finds repub Amer too severe for his loyal nerves, has been in hot water, has been championing Queen, literary beauties, mocks him (letters are on p1)


July 1850

1 p2 Hiram Fuller of small family paper alw calls Bennett an ogre, he's a jackass, we resemble Apollo Belvedere, except for our squint. Will bet that stripped we're closer to great model. JBP corresp in Italy. 2 Puff West Point hotel (Cozzens). 3 won't publish any more on Herbert (the sap of the Cedars) quarrel, insignif. 4 disappointed in Webster's confession, had been supporting his innocence. skipped from 7th to

Sept 1850

5 describes Jenny Lind's visit to Am AU, escorted Cozeens, quick to perceive fine points, interest in Amer scenery, esp Thantopsis by Durand, View near Clarendon VT by Church, sun hidden by clouds illuminate the woods, magnif, also Catskill mtn by Kensett with a party of Indians and wild gorge. WB McConkey Alpine valeley, Church's Twilight, Hinckley fox. Had lunch there with Magoon, Rev Anthon, John McKeon, Fred Coe, Andrew Warner etc 9 monument to Silas Wright. C&E, Trib and Express were hostile to the south, advocated Wilmot proviso, , need indep journals like Herald to adjust compromise 11 celeb socialist banquet at Hoboken 14 Mrs suing Edw Forrest for divorce now, turns the tables, will show his singular conduct. 15 Greeley is an idea, we are a fact. 17 p6 The Fine Arts, Am AU, Birch, JW Glass pretty sketch, Lane NY Harbor v gd, Woodville old captain highest order and dentist, not bought yet. Geo Baker is rude, crude, Miller effective, Gerry, Chappell, Hasting, Carlin TA Richards gd n some but not like a ptg, Heinrich, FE Church fine atmospheric effects. 20 won't take sides in Forrest trial.  mock Willis. Like Brougham. wants to keep bible in schools. 20 p6 The Fine Arts, AU: Louis Lang similar to Rossiter, rich and harmonious, Church eccentricities of nature, singularities rarely seen in nature dangerous to handle or become ridiculous. Mayr water carrier, passable, R Weir quiet and pleasing, Gifford an amusing botch, Hubbard unsuccessful cloudy idea, Hicks snug, effective, Gignoux prety  Walter Libby Young Student, hard crude and stiff, expression far fr studious. TB Read too little life and interest, pretty. Headley, Church ridiculous. James Brown Young Pedlar, still life is best, Dunning gd expressions. Kohler.

21 are Willis and Home J introducing Blessington creed among fash of NY, newport masked balls, polkas, how long it takes to empty a bottle of wine. Like GPR James 24 Am AU review: Peele, Hinckley, others hard to read, Rossiter not celestial, Hicks don't see the point, Kensett unpleasing, Church twilight well done, Clonney trappers nicely worked up, peculiar tone, Casilear study of rocks, Doughty indistinct but pleasant, wants boldness, Gifford careless, Chas Baker mixed. Green singular. Eastman gd, Libby compos v gd, Heinrich, Durand v soft and pleasing, Heine great boldness, JB Flagg v soft sweet, Gifford hard and chill, Carlin admirable, Hubbard, Mrs Daniel first attempt, Boutelle well managed, Oddie pleasing, Blauvelt natural, Brent Weir , Glass, Gignoux, Kensett, STearns Oertel Cropsey faulty, McEntee Chapman overworked, G Hall not pleeasing, Harting.

26 noticed that since announcing our reviews of the Am aU exhib that indivs use the Herald as a catalog, good judgment, the haphazard absurdity with which the numbers are stuck on the ptgs renders it impossible to find out any partic one, have sought in vain for certain numbers, need to regard order, but the committee don't know what they're about. Cole's Dream of Arcadia still at the engraver. 27 Puritanic Cinti didn't know what to make of Hervieu being with Trollope

Oct 1850

quite proDemos at this point, feel Greeley and socialists and abolit have taken over Whigs, have become monarchical federalists. Negro mtg in the Park praised the Sun, and the J of Commerce, but groaned for the Trib. What is coming? let Providence designs of mercy fit them for freedom and perfect gradual emancipation, not in name of humanity and relig drench the free states in blood. Stringer and Townsend did Rosenberg's Jenny Lind. 9 Tammany nominated F Wood and John Graham, known Wood many years, talented discreet reliable. Graham son of one of our oldest friends, David Graham our former lawyer, but son unfit, connected with criminal gangs and affairs, Warner Wilkes Ned Buntline as adviser and agent, lawyer for Wilkes in suit agst Bennett. 12 critical of Rev Hawks, Calvary church, brings up pretty women, enjoys things of life. Marcus Tullius Cicero Stanley, attache of Wilkes gang that got Graham nominated, was indicted for receiving stolen property, has been involved with crime lawyers 16: crit of Fillmore for not repressing Seward, weak and fussy Brooks of the Express too. Willis and Wikoff are birds of a feather. Rynders in the Wood opposition. 23 Regis de Trobriand, Revue de Nouveau Monde editor, journal died, was not of Paul de Kock and socialist school but pure, ought to have pub a racy newspaper, all our mags are unprofitable, they die, or bribery saves them for a time. 23 Washington Hunt tied to Seward. 24 Express pleads for Seward ticket while pleading for the south, conventional polit hypocrisy, urges southern merchants to have nothing to do with those who advertise in them. Beat drum for Castle Garden Union mtg, those who don't sign call include backers of the Independent, Bowen and McNamee. A CL Elliott signed the call. And a Geo Catlin!  30 mocks Hughes for endorsing a pano of Cuba. 31 Wm Snelling signed call too. Suggests Beach is financing Lopez exped to Cuba.


November 1850

1 crit of relig enthus in politics 2 likes sprightly Day Book, but wrong to advocate for Washiington hunt as he is part of Seward interest, alliance betw Silver Greys and abolit, either union or relig ministers. 3 obscure penny paper critical of Herald as natl paper 4 in Sunday Dispatch, partly conducted by Mike Walsh, a demo candidate for Assembly, terrible attack on Wood, one sided, counteracts injustice. Printers denounce Brooks of th Express as candidate. Charles A Dana candidate for Assembly in Third district, Raymond in 7th Assembly, Walsh in 14th, Brooks for congress (wimped out on Fugitive Slave law vote, otherwise proUnion). Dana is v gmanly man, gd scholar and writer, no practicality, whig abolitionist, transendentalist. Raymond abolit. Walsh peculiar, out door man. Tammay ofgans Globe and Standard imbecility, Noah's Times broken down, Eve Post assist in downfall. Nat Police Gazette organ of bullies is only effective paper. 9 happy Graham lost. Dickens fuss got up by Genl Moris and friends, frolic 11 attacked by John Graham and his brother De Witt, an employee in custom house under Hugh Maxwell adn another brother. 13 Recommend Sunday Era, by Picton formerly of Spirit of the Times, and Sunday Morning News under West, a pioneeer of Sunday journals 15 Sunday papers praising Graham's attack are Noah at Times. 19 praises Geo Boker's new play. Clayton nominates Scott for pres. Think Hamilton Fish acceptable, ok on slavery. 20 supported annexig TX, supported Polk and war with Mexico, free trade, advocated US agst Great Britain, and Union agst ultras of all kinds, supported devt of our resources 24 Seabury is hi church, Wainwright is lo church, perhaps mockingly prefer Seabury 28 Bennetts to Havana, went to Euro in 1838, 43, 47.


2 like Fillmore's msg. eP Whipple of Boston lecturing 13 Rev Hawks, cox et al must obey Fugitive slave law. Fillmore is a unionist. Vernet anecdote fr Revoil. 17 huge ad listing all the artworks in the AU distrib, p4 Fine ARts, complaints about AU, but artists seem satisfied and benefitted, ideal reforms of the dissatisfied must take a practical shape to be of real utility. Increasing taste for frescoes. Fagnani here. Support Benton's rrd. 21 has winners of the AU distrip, describes annual mtg, respectable but not fashionable audience, upper ten not art patrons but middle classes are. Chas P Daly, Woodhull, Kingsland, EC Benedict JAmes T Brady Ben H Jarvis, Hone, Raymond, Capt Levy of Navy NB Blunt, lots of lawyers. Cozzens pres. Raymond read annual report. 22 Webster prophesied descendants of Puritans on the Pacific coast 26 Am AU objects praiseworthy, national, but management has gotten complaint, better regime do better? managers installed for life, farce of election, no voting possible at lottery, need real vote. Paucity of prizes, yet invest thousands in property. 26 part of Forrest trial coverage notes friends with Bellows, Kirklands, Anne Lynch, Sedgwick, Thomas Ingham and Charles Ingham, JT Headley. 30 notice pano of Pilgrims progress, satisfies popular and critical taste, artis editors and children, pleased. Vanity fair varied scenes drew deservedly most applause.

1851 NYPL mfilm

January 6 cruelty to animals, don't pen cows.11 Union party scheme failed, marry Webster and Foote, Clay and Cass; Demos killed it 14 like Clay for Pres. King spoke at Merc Lib. 19 defends Demos agst C&E accusations of being responsible for the abolitionists. 20 Gov Young dinner with MO Roberts, David Graham Woodhull, Van Nostrand, Suydam, Robt Wetmore. 24 Kingsland associated with Union Safety Comm, and dinner forGov Young part of that movement. 29 Revoil in Paris notes opening of Salon, Descamps, Delacroix, Barye

Feb 1851

1 Union Safety Comm wants reading of Farewell address 3 supporters of Scott are free soilers and native americans. John W Beekman old Knick family, rich, Dutch REformed, literary, NYHS, not in a clique, will prob note vote for Ham Fish, despite howling of Seward press. Revoil puffs Goupil in Paris. 13 praises Lewis Cass jr minister in Rome, has done well. Love Calhoun 23 lots on GW birthday, speeches of Everett, Foote, James T Brady, Kingsland, O'Conor, Ketchum at Niblo's for Union Safety comm, full length colossal portrait of GW in front of City Hall with names of his battles. Other Union Safety dinner goers were Genl Sandford, H Maxwell Tallmadge, Rev Pise and Cox, Capt Levy, RC Wetmore, Herald endorses. 24 statement of Wikoff re Forrest divorce, Forrest charges agst him, denies kissing Mrs, denies Stevens' account of dishonorable proposals.

March 1851

4 Andrew Stevens replies to Wikoff, hard to read. Stuff on Fremont 5 p6 Huntington lecture onxtian art. 1844 Erie rrd present managers. Beekman a friend of Fillmore. 6 Great Union Ball had Capt Levy, Mike Walsh, Henry Arcularius, Dickinson etc 14 prospects of magazine lit, praises Dollar Mag under Duyckincks 19 cover Geo Wilkes libel trial 20 mad that fish got elected, silver greys are imbeciles, need to wake up 21 Enoch Camp started Police Gazette, a respectable Herald reported, then working for Wilkes, less amiable than Ned Buntline,Wilkes very hard things agst Herald. 27 Wilkes friendly with the Sun. sunday Era very talented. Keese and Cooley auctioneers advertise. 28 Herald manly oppos to John Grahm for Da, improper influ in Tammany hall, Wilkes one of them 29 small daily journals uncomplimentary to Tupper, ought to give him more respect. long crit review of AJ Davis, too Fourierist 30 Union Whig press, Express too silent on Seward, J ofCommerce too 31 Raymond new paper, Moses Grinnell funding paper

April 1851

1 letter fr J Townsend re World's Fair Art Union, humbug of the day, World's Fair Art Union. 2 hunker Globe has suspended, died, difficulties in Tammany 3 monthly mags: Harper's, eulogy on Wash Irving and Bryant, Irving ok, but poet hae heard enough, early was patriotic, but has become rabid and dangerous, reckless polit organ, used to be a demo, but united with Van Buren, Harper's ought not to inflate his lit fame, need more competent editors, not small literateurs carried away with polit follies. Same with extrav praise for Hildreth's history of the US, in abolition journals, seem to prefer Stringer and Townsend's Intl mag. 18 daily papers currently publishing 7 p2 opening of NAD, Palmer's infant ceres the great attraction, gives toasts of Durand, Cozzens, Sturges, Bethune, Bellows and amounts raised by publi amusements 10 charges Express as devoted to Sewards, pretends patriotism for Union movement; arguing with C&E over who is more abolitionist 13 NAD open, reporter gone, some gd, bad, indiff, whole great improvement, managed better than AU because artists know diff bet gd and bad pics, interested in advancing arts of design, not men who are ignorant of fine arts or knowing something turn it to their own selfish purposes

            NY Gall of FA incorp bill, Amer Artists Assoc, promote art without lottery, hope it will pass

14 Clay festival was anti abolition. Beekman and Anthon in legislature support Webster. Attacks Beecher in Indep, buffoonery of Hutchingson, praise Webster domestically. 22 Trib says Demos supported by Sun, Herald and J of Commerce, locofoco principles. Suggest that Geo Law, Moses Grinnell, Corcoran & Riggs all tried to estab papers. 25 crit of St George's society, snivellilng, last three or four years, small in intellig 26 Erie rrd opened, new avenue of prosperity, started 13 years ago, more than 20 million, 8 million plundered by speculators, need 10 million more to be profitable and proprietors or public must submit to 3 million more in plunder before it will be valuable, orig stockholders wll lose, also many of the bondholders. Will be purchased at one third its orig costs, and buyers will make something ou of it. Irish denounce bulwer.


May 1851

1 World's Fair in London, Satan reproving sin for England to promote peace, having trouble affording war, fair will raise money 2 history of Erie rrd. Don't endorse resolutions agst Bulwer, Webster will kick him out of Nicaragua, Bulwer too British but will still lose. Editorial says Erie will enefit the city, but but original builders will sink into poor house. Property along its line will increase in value 6 obit for HOne, mocks Putnam's Book of Beauty as imitating Engl aristo. Give fr Sun list of rich men of NY. 8 huge publication of invitees to attend a public dinner in NY. 10New Jerusalem and Old: Raymond quit C&E, new penny paper, Charles E Lester and GG Foster, the Central Literary Bureau, also a new enterprise, novelty White Man's newspaper, ten cents per copy, Sunday Era doing well, Cronica has propriety 13 Art Union and Acad of Design galleries opened, visited, ea has some pics worthy of a little notice, greater part utterly beneath crit. AU wretched collof trash, only 8 any gd. Design has a doz excellent ptgs, but overloaded with miserable ports wretched lscapes and amateur trash. Palmer's infant wroth notice, highest genius, but in Art Union group of statuary in center is a disgrace, ought to be pitched into street 15 fr C&E of the 15th, London Times extracts fr Day Book and Willis Home J, C&E, to attack them. Willis and the Home J are the originator of most of the Day Book's slanders, Willis quarrelled with Raymond, Webb says Willis isnot admitted into society 17 publishes Willis card in response to Webb, thinks both are bad. Express charges demo party with radicalisms of the day, mean cotemporary, Trib, organo f a small clique. American managers in London doing a bad job. Gives roudn up of Sunday papers on Webb-Willis; lots on Erie rr celebrations, with all the presidentail candidates there 22 Willis declines to refer quarrel to Genl Morris 23 Bennett proposes himself as impartial commissioner to decide betw Webb and Willis. Notice Tupper. Mock J of commerce sobs over Walsh losing Paris post to peter parley. 24 Webb's circle of society is the Haggertys, Hones, Grinnells and prominent banking families, Willis with the Haights and upper ten of Fifth Ave, Jenny lind 25 Wm Heine accomp artist accomp EG Squier late charge d affaires to Central America on antiquarian expedition, to rival Humboldt. Fine Arts: day of illus journals 26 Short Boys attacked Germans, with help of Irish, in Hoboken

June 1851

1 Kingman a longtime Wash corresp for J of Commerce. Puffs Intl Magazine. 2 German Turners have Trib as their organ, they are the Short Boys of the Germans 4 mocks Barnum and his poets, speculation on Linc with complic machinery, manage the press and stifle criticism, pays for critics and runners, literary bureau philosophers transcendental critics socialist editors can't revive the excitement 5 Charles A Bristed, grandson of JJ Astor, writing about NY, C&E and Evening Mirror are criticized caustically. Harper's has a lot of reprints. Willis wrote to Miss INman in coquettish affected style for which he is well known, but no impropriety. Gives proceedings fr Supreme Court. Willis v close to Henry Inman 7 mocks Courrier as wishy washy. 14 weird reprint of Willis' circular to young ladies, which nods to Mary Inman and Catherine Forrest and others unknown to the public, dangers to female rep, an Englishwoman Julia Bennett denies what he says abt Engl society 16 Independent editor article on Webb and Willis, belong to same church as Willis, attacks Webb, no clergyman would be safe on such evidence as Webb provides 20 Ketcham is Webb's lawyer? 22 Asmonean, spirited weekly, discreet and sensible, views on press, NY better than Paris, no feuilletons needed 23 death of John M Bloodgood, ag 63, son of late Abraham, both Tammany, not related to Albany family. Abraham in leather manufcturing, as was John, but went into politics, street inspector, police justice, group opposed to DeWitt Clinton. Part of group called the Swamp, now departed, opposed to Clinton, tied to leather district, Swamp came out for Jackson in 1827 and drove their opponents, the Staggs, out of the party. John P Anthony, Targee, Gideon Lee part of Swamp. OK with Hamblin festival 28 p1 notes Lanman and Webster are going fishing. ends on 30th.

July 1851 NYPL mfilm

3 pretty unreadable 6 Tammany hall 4th celebration featured Enoch E Camp, Richd B Connollly. 8 p6 original contributions, on presidential candidate books, says Seward has written several in the manner of Henry Theodore Tuckerman. Everett's speeches of Webster pub in manner of Barnum Everett writes intro, but all else by Mr March, once a Trib attache and more recently author of Reminiscences of Congress. Skipped from July 12 to August 27


27 Whig journals in NY hostile to Lopez in Cuba, C&E, Trib despite favoring revolutions in Europe, spirit of revolutiondangerous and unjustified. Likes Mowatt. 31 Foreign papers: Courrier Arpin daily, Le Phare weekly Masseras. Eco dItalia whig,much jdugment, Casali of much use to the govt on trade and emigration, Il Proscritto new, Manetta and Maggi. Cronica and Verdad, former great abillity, San Martin ed, devtd to Spainish rule of govt, Verdad by Cora Montgomery favors revolution. Freie Deutsche Catholik, Republikaner, Deutsche Schnellpost, new one announced. Skandinavian. Herald says it opposes filibuster and Lopez 

Sept 1851

2 p2 Revoil notes that Leutze's Washington crossing Delaware, admirable, just been sent to NY, and Leutze passed thru Paris on way to US, saw his daguerreotype at Goupil, beaut, only Vernet could compete 4 free soilers hate Clay, haven't signed invitation to him to dinner in city. 5 Wash corresp profiles Ww Corcoran 7 NY Demokrat circulat 2500-3000. Evening Post 7300, Trib at 20,000, Express at 4000, C&E 5200, J of Commerce 5000, Herald 32,000. Bouck is a hunker. 11 JGB on visiting Cuba determined Creole pop not in favor of revolution 13 Bennett in Europe. Like Catherine Hayes, have been promoting her. Forrest back after two years at Broadway, crowded, Damon, gave speech including gripes at penny a liners who abuse him. obit for Cooper. 23 Cushman at Brougham's Lyceum. p4 Opening Festival of the American Art Union, 250 artist amaters, taste, corps editorial and reportorial, inspected ptgs and sculp, dinner, oysters and punch and ice cream and champagne, Cozzens, Leutze introduced,  one of greatest productions of the age, Raymond next who passed speech o Wetmore, felicitous remarks that nationality of art, knows no sectional home, common prop of whole country, Judg Campbell spoke of universality and progress of art fr saage Indian to refinements of civiliz, Painter's Pencil, Rev Osgood toast to Xtian art, also praised Leutze. Benedict a member of the Art Union toasted Phila, John R Thompson of So Lit Messenger responded for the press, Rufus Griswold, Dr Goodwin and others addressed. 24 Hayes had a triumph, Cushman is great 24 covers Cooper meeting, including GW Doane's letter to Griswold, who had organized it. Paulding wrote a secession letter?  28 complain about taste in NY architecture, out of proportion and symmetry, heavy windows and balconies supported by nothing, Egyptian cornices over Corinthian capitals, Doric columns over line of pointed Gothic windows, incongruity and deformity of freestone all along the avenues and aristo dwellings. Indiff of commercial ment oto arts, barren magnif mansions desolate splendid drwg rooms, furnished by the upholsterer. 30 Stringer and Twoonsend bought Cooper's copyright, hired Darley. Mtg org by Griswold will try for colossal statue of Cooper, four corner s of pedestal with Leatherstocking etc, raise 5-6 thousand with a funeral oration. Dismissive of Longfellow, just sweet, liked in England by chambermaid classes, Dana and Whittier good. Hart's female prose writers stupid. Like Parkman.

Oct 1851

1 still like Am Inst 2 p1 Healy's great pic, it is great, tho not as great as that day itself p3 Boston corresp on the picture also likes it, only envious does not. Webster on his visit mocks Clayton, Tyler and Cass, but Everett praised. 3 Dr Eleazar Parmelee active in American Bible Union, Spencer Cone rev. 4 Alderman Patrick Kelly suggested public reception for receiving Kossuth, deserves honor, apostle of liberty. Like F Tallmadge. Wash corresp likes the Smithsonian. Trib is still a penny. 15 dailies in the city--Greeley's testimony in London. Gives breakdown of profits of theaters, halls etc. Cinti Nonpareil beloved by America's Own is Democrat, as is the Enquirer. The Cinti Times is indep, Dispatch is Demo, Commercial is Indep, Chronicle and Atlas is Whig, Cist's is commercial 13 still support demo of our love for liberty and gratitude for Kossuth. 26 Demos refused to nominate Brandreth as senator as he didn't oppose the canal bill 28 refers to the upper tendom park 29 disapproves of Whig journals discussing duties of chambermaids on eve of election, whether American girls should prefer shirtmaking to maids. Union Safety committee dwindled into small Wall st political humbug, sent Fugitive Slave law declaration to both parties, where it was refused, published it in J of Commerce, compound a ticket of 4 whigs and 3 demos in agreement, but ticket is a farce (too much free soil?). 30 Niblo suing a Sunday paper for libel, honorable character, Sunday papers prone to abuse 31 Zophar Mills president of Whig ratification mtg, Stephen Whitney, AJ Williamson, Erastus Brooks, love Union, love Clay, not Seward. Comm Adv whigs are puritanical, hard shelled whigs, Calvinistic blue backed stock, persecute Tyler

November 1851

1 J of Commerce down on Herald for not supporting the Union Safety ticket. Herald has supported the rights of the south. J of Commerce first estab on anti slavery principles, Arthur Tappan, paper was open auxiliary for anti slavery societies, but abandoned them to humbug the south. Notes Oakes Smith at Hope Chapel on Manhood to respectable if not numerous audience, advocated reform in rights of women to compete with men, men won't develop until women do 2 Whigs to keep in power have become remarkably friendly to German and Irish. Both parties compromised with free soil agitators; Canal offers spoils 4 quarreling with Forney, Forrest's friend 5 Augustus Schell is in NYHS. Whig Review article on journalism in NY had errors, fancy, speculation. They support Webster. Charles W March is Webster's biographer. Bennett friendly with EP Willis, and is back from Paris, helping Barnum promote Lola. 7 J of Commerce promotes the Compromise, but support freesoilers and barnburners in demo party; Herald is true Compromise paper. 10 Mrs JGB sending letters from Paris 11 Kossuth a brilliant orator, not practical, red republicans and ultra demo will endeavor to seize him, as will aboltiionists 13 p2 Leutze's GW crossing Delaware, tout ensemble so good, lively, interesting, neglect to seek for faults. Healy's Webster, Calhoun prominent, tableau transports, succeeded admirably. Napoleon ptg 14 J of Commerce organ of clique rrd speculators says canal enlargement will be stopped thanks to demo victories, but it will be done. F is a Roman corresp, notes numerous artists, mostly sculptors, also Freeman Brown Inness Wotherspoon Terry Chapman Sauders. Terry doing Jacob's Dream, Columbus. Burkhardt to represent Cath Hayes, who Herald likes. Whigs to win presidency must be progressive, Demos have taken compromise stand, so not sufficient, ought to adopt expasionism. 16 Kossuth nominates Robt J Walker for president, agree with policy of actively ensuring Russian non-intervention, a Demo, Herald likes him too. People's Bank of Paterson has bust, had large loan to ed of Day Book. Erie rrd directors hostile to great public work of canals, dictate to J of Commerce. In Forrest divorce case, one half of editorial dept of Herald, including Bennett, have been subpoenaed as witnesses, Bennett only met him once 18 J of Commerce also first to intro sectarian strife, treasonable to constitution's relig freedom, It for commercial reasons has abandoned abolition, but not sectarian attacks on Catholics. NR Stimson writes to deny that he borrowed the money fr Paterson bank for the Day Book. Bank's receivers are hostile to the cashier; many who raise outcry agst banks are the greatest debtors. 19 Hughes hostile to Am liberty, wrong to attack Kossuth. 20 James E Cooley, bookseller, elected to Senate, wrote book of Travels in Egypt, had cooperated with Richard Adams Locke in addressing democracy, a New Englander, formerly an auctioneer, partner in book auction house of Bangs, Richards and Platt. Estab in 1846 Cooley, Keese and Hill, Hill retired, until 1850 when Cooley retired. John Keese a native of city, well known scholar, critic, orator and demo politician, Cooley about 45 years old. 22 C&E attacking Kossuth, to no point, will just react against him; maybe Webster whigs behind it. Herald doesn't want armed intervention either. 24 John L Graham, Gideon Lee and others became whigs with Harrison in 1840, but went for Polk in 1844. Native Americans in 1844 turned out all the demos in city offices, except Valentine 26 Stimson was the cashier of the People's Bank, has been arrested. Wash IRving wrong about Astor, he only cared about money, mistreated sweetest of poets, Halleck. 28 Hawks sermon on the Signs of the Times, volcano in civilized world 30 assailants of Kossuth are stockjobbing Jews and Catholic sectarians, accuses Freeman's j of using red repub as a bugbear

December 1851

2 Fillmore cowardly, won't reet Kossuth, snail pace policy behind the spirit of the age. Hughes an enemy of the Republic. 4 blames Willis for poisoning Forrest marriage 7-8 tons on Kossuth, compares it to Lafayette, a Saturnalia--Kossuth too liberal, wants fleets and armies and money and munitions to back recog of Hungarian indep, don't want a war, or expedition of filibusteros, impracticable. Wants an alliance with Engl and France to hold back Russia instead. 9 J of Commerce and Robt Macaire of Wall ST, the Express, puzzled by Kossuth, but Sewards Trib and Times kitchen maids and C&E, seize on Kossuth to get the German vote, but have C&E to do dirty work of distancing them fr his actual positions. Catherine Sinclair, Lola Montes, and Mdme de Marguerittes all coming to stage, last is editor of Evening Echo, formerly Evening New Yorker, joined in new paper by Foster formerly of Trib 12 don't think Riddle or any commissioners from London ought to be in charge of a NY crystal palace 13 Gen Bootblack (to Seward) webb supports Austria agst Hungary, his former aide raymond is a flibbertegibbet. Herald's bank has been loaning money to Webb, so indirectly funding its position, Harpers is bank involved 15 p1? many artists letter of questions re AU 16 press banquet to Kossuth, included merchants lawyers professors (King of Columbia), clergymen grocers, but tickets were refused to Herald office, to Dr A Jones, and reporters not given much room, decorations had Liberty with the red cap, eagle of America, justice not blind. Beecher sd grace, Webb sent back his tickets, Bryant presided. 16 Kossuth in hands of abolitionists of  NY, will betray him re proposed loan. But supports private subscribers to a fund, tho don't want those who did the Irish directory in charge of it. 17 Mutual admiration dinner given to Kossuth on Monday by abolition clique pretending to be press of NY: Bryant, Godwin, Raymond, Greeley, Dana, Butler of J of Commerce is an abolitionist, Beecher, Simeon Draper, has lots of Protestant support 18 p8 letters to editor re Art Union, Doughty (D) costly frames, engravings, wheel of fortune as in the Park, it's a lottery. JK Fisher letter, published on 15th questions to the managers, where is the annual report, cost of freight. Am AU still advertising. 19 Kossuth spoke at Plymouth church. AU: Managers of AU selected columns of C&E to answer charges brought agst them by a corresp in our journal. Defense tho is v weak, amounts to just nothing at all. Whole scheme illiegal, managers liable to be prosecuted for engaging in lottery business. Walker of Wisconsin is land reform candidate. 20 REvolutionary Central Committe of NY for promoting insurrection and demo in Europe, gives names, those collecting money for it. Gives a history of the Congregational Church, New England Puritans, English influ makes them antislavery 21 Whigs gave Kossuth lots more money than Tammany 22 p2 Whitley on the Am AU again: C&E writer, defense is a dodge, Doughty wasn't anonymous, they should have responded, Whitley says he has written to support the Art Union at their request, Walcut Frankensteins and Beard also proscribed, while an artist who shows ministers or priests endeavoring to violate the person of a lady 23 Hillard in commemoration of Pilgrims, not relig freedom but hard shelled community, despotic oligarcy, Jamestown was first, John Smith better than Miles Standish, Baltimore more relig freedom. Humbug and hollowness about Kossuth movements, Genin big donation not inspired by Hungary, but for publicity, as with Jenny Lind, whigs to buy German votes, novel oratory. 24 Van Buren called C Edw Lester at Forrest trial, Globe hotle in Brooklyn, knew Forrests 25 New England dinner at Asotr house, usual twaddle, laugh at bad food, boasting of Anglo Saxon race, spirit of intolerance not likely to produce peace or happiness. Talk of superiority of peculiar races int his country of a fusion of every race undeer the sun is the most absurd of all ideas, happy mixture of races is cause of superiority of Amer population 26 Mazzini and Irish should have excited Beecher and Prot clergy, yet no symp for them 27 support Judge Duer agst Kossuth, Duer a whig. Hope Kingsland will stop the corrupt city council. 28 M Frobell writes for Trib, Germ socialist. Cornelius Mathews in terrible fix at Kossuth press banquet, highly poetical speech, prose run mad, but never got to speak it, hissed and assailed, reputation saved 29 p2 Art Union lottery, lots of puffs, in trouble, only salvation is to cast out clique who controls it 30 p6 Art Union critical of writers in Herald, censors hard to please, single out Whitley. Didn't see 31

1852 microfilm


1 has annual chronology. NY Day Book supports Daniel Webster for president, C&E also prefers him but hasn’t come out with header. cover Forrest divorce. 3 Forrest philosophy, as in v curious letter fr Mrs to Mr Lawson in evidence, most unwarrantable attack on the Herald, Fourierite philosophy made many more converts than we believed, as trial shows. Aztec children a humbug. 4 Art Union Lottery and its Movements: ads for last year’s tickets; in another column an ad fr artists and gmen who want account of conduct of officers to investigate books. Only 20 artists of 300 endorsed the managers. AU’s abolition paper has notice of suit agst Herald. (adv p3 doesn’t have any names, mailing office is at Herald) Also critical of Common Council, spent money on Kossuth via ads in abolition papers. 5 Art Union in trouble: Tom Thumb in the breeches of Jack the Giant Killer. 3 evening journals and 4-5 of the Sunday papers, have come out agst the AU. Money given them has been used to aid silly journals and useless publications, instead of artists and subscribers. Burkhardt is an oyster house critic. Lola Montes quarreling with Richard S Willis over accounts and replaced him with Joseph Scoville of the Picayune and Calhoun. Claims largest circulation in city, daily, Sunday and weekly total 90,000. 6 p2 Thomas Doughty letter to the editor re Am AU, re labored and abusive article of 23 Dec, feel must notice insinuations abt artists struggling with adverse circumstances and making a plea for sale of pics a private purchaser would never buy. AU committee like a private gman have consulted own tastes and acted on their own judgment, a tribunal of taste, is there no appeal? 3 times had pictures rejected, they answer meanly, pics on display at Williams and Stevens, what of the judgment of the public? Re card signed by 20 artists extolling institution, privately they criticize. Also a letter from JK Fisher to editor in response to Dec 30, responding to the AU’s defense and their claims of dishonorable motives and want of talent.  EP Willis denies being Lola’s agent, but says worked for her for 10 months, Herald wants him to expose Home Journal. C&E announces libel suit of AU re champagne suppers and oysters accusation of Herald, Herald points out they have never been sued like Webb for dragging wife and family before prurient community (Inman), or for charging respectable with theft and robbery, never needed pardon fr state prison. Charging patrons of the fine arts with devouring oysters the extent of our offence. 8 Fine Arts: gman consulted with eminent artists, mtg held by large number, idea of promulgating his address. (Tw Whitley, same page, art institutions have failed because anti-republican, charters give authority and privilege  incompatible with the idea of progress, must be fraternal instead. wants a temple to art, a gallery, art union, school, pantheon, all artists members, joint management, need solidarity and fraternity) .Democracy impracticable in Europe, Louis Nap supported by popular vote. 10 Wm C Hamilton, an editorial writer for this office, leaves for Calif and the San Francisco Herald by ugent 12 from garret to kitchen, all in Forrest trial guilty of impurdent and indecent but not unfashionable behavior, in Mrs Forrest letter denouncing Herald as prurient and contemptible, concurred in by Forrest, also treat with great eloquence and favor Fourierism, progress, new ideas, women’s rights, follow own ideas of domestic bliss. Case shows progress of Fourierism and socialism in hi life, rival the Mormons. Starts a series of Letters from Spain by a NY Lady (Mrs JGB signed HAB), describes having her jewels seized. 13 Opera company split, the Artists Union company (favored by Burkhardt) at Niblo’s, doesn’t require fancy dress, white gloves, white vests, dress coats, and dress caps, feathers, flowers cloaks, jewelry ribbons etc that makes audience so brilliant, more republican to wear what one pleases. Still charges $1.Maretzek at Astor Place . 17 Seward using enlargement of canal and its contracts to solidify hold on voters, didn’t pick lowest bids, but did pick 20 Whig editors, 250 whig politicians, 500 lawyers, some old hunkers bought off too, 300 hunkers of Marcy Dickinson and Seymour brand. HJ Raymond and his associate FH Ruggles were securities to bidders, as were Trib editors. Great distrib of spoils belongs to higher law of politics and lower regions of finance peculiar to Seward. Compares sightings of Virgin Mary in Freeman’s J to spiritualist manifestations attested to by Greeley. Socialism is atheism is abolitionism is disunion, as in lecture series at Tabernacle, turning Knickerbockers and Puritans into wild conceits of mod demos of Germ Italy and France. Promotes Wash DC mon. 19 prefers Maretzek? at least supports him too. Willis’ philosophy and Fourierism responsible for manners and morals of fash society. Points out hypocrisy of Sun, Express, Trib and Times for running Forrest trial but calling Herald satanic. HAB letters, bullfighting is brutal, sickening; loves Murillo. 21 Seward interest will support Scott, tho whig ‘slaughter house’ convention  won’t pull in south 23 Niblo’s dropped opera price to 50 cents. hostile to Kossuth, sponsored by the Times.24 likes audience at Niblo’s better, more respectable and prettier, fewer codfish 26 AU and the Herald:  Grand Jury indicted the Herald for libel, ignored the illegal grog shops, brothels, gambling dens, but condemn Herald for commenting on fine arts. Up to a few days before the end of last year, we had alw been friendly to the AU, puffed it, but postponement of drawing told us something wrong 27 Am AU and the Fine Arts: get complaints every day about distrib. NAD sunk so low as to forbid resuscitation, unless acts agst rivals. AU embarassed, needs to change charter and managers. Artists’ Association not successful, and like NAD wouldn’t last if there wasa liberal and comprehensive art union gallery that brought art before public without intermediate agency. Since publication of Whitley’s appeal for temple of art, lots of letters, could use NAD rooms. Charter of AU says no artists on Board, but Bulletin of AU could just say that certain painters were “no artists” and no violation. Artists who signed their support for AU hoped to make it serve their ends, but not true, many were solicited by influential, and felt gtatitude to their patrons the Directors 28 president is amiable imbecile, secty of state magnificently torpid. verdict in favor of Mrs Forrest sanctions Fourierism doctrines of her and her circle of friends 29 Dewey’s lecture on Human Progress and Reform come fr class of tanscendentalists, loses influence by its inconsistency and absurdity, claptrap, got  up for a bubble rep of profound learning; says slavery is a matter of conscience, advocates it to preserve the Union. New moral reform party doesn’t go far enough in banning drink, must also ban gambling, brothels, model artists, all the theaters and opera houses, the fashionable lounge of the art union, tobacco and opium. Explains decline of Am Au in 1850-51 not on Jenny Lind as AU says, but on Raymond then at C&E and in legis being antislavery, also manager of AU, people didn’t want to associate with him, linked the AU’s fortunes with his new paper 30 p2 Wm Walcutt letter re Am Artists Assoc, says Assoc has succeeded, second year will be great, all artists received on same footing, all have share in benefits, guarantees return to subscribers; editor wishes it success. Putnam’s Book of Beauty supports Maretzek, but doomed by frigid codfish aristo who killed off previosu Opera House managers. Only Scott (not Webster nor Fillmore) can carry NY state.

Feb 1852

1 blames Putnam’s Book of Beauty again for bad policies (false aristo) that kept plainer classes out of Opera, but wouldn’t support it themselves either,  disapproves of geolog enthusiasm of Trib and Times, oversets relig 2 whole press of NY has puffed AU, but without distrib, took side of public 3 big police presence for Mrs Sinclair’s debut, gives v positive review, John brougham a big supporter of her.  Barnburners had opposed the canal enlargement, but whigs won. 4 gives Beecher from People’s Lecture series at the Tabernacle. happy republican principle has triumphed at the opera. 5 Dewey, Beecher, Chapin, Bellows lecture unmitigated trash, no ideas conveyed. Times and Trib favor insurrection abroad, insubord and overthrow of discipline in navy, rebellion of colored. Brougham stopped paying for his printing, and advertising.  7 p. 3 Fine Arts:  Carpenter charming, best judges in city like, portrait of exMayor Talmadge of Brooklyn; Kensett inust and graceful, studio of Leutze, busy with his friends, Mrs Schuyler, Stearns. Andrew Warner of Am AU gets salary of $2500, has an assistant. Oddie at Wms and Stevens, wondered in looking at it at finding a well designed gothic cottage in a region where a log hut would be out of place, don’t like this embellishment in otherwise v pleasing compositions. Rossiter Babylonish captivity, typical of his style. Port of Bishop Dane (Doane?) by unnamed artist, too rubicund for self denial of church dignitary, but Bishops but men, infirmities may be greater than mere men. Artist in London deprecates influ of AU, encourages gaudiness and pretension. TA Richards, Edw Mooney, Shegogue doing kids, Osgood not suited for hist ptg, Ingham and Frazee ill, Cropsey magnif Spirit fo War and Peace, admire them p. 4 Trib’s teetotalism will divide the Whigs, despite Seward’s efforts with canal to keep them together. Artists trying to indict the Art Union as a lottery. Hungarian supporters inclu Uncle Toby of free soil Simeon Draper, Barnum of humbugs, Genin of hatters, Raymond of AU and Seward, Greeley socialist, want foreign intervention. 8 Cryst Pal will be a humbug. 9 promotes Geo Law, lost to Booby Brooks for Congress in 1849, worked with JS Stevens and others on rrds, descended fr banker John Law, seems to lean toward demos at this point (Hunkers), has practical measures for Kossuth et al re selling them guns and ships 10 covers Forrest at Broadway 11 Raymond a monkey editor, accuses Webster of not supporting Webb’s appointment 13 AU bad 14 column on indictment of Herald for libel, describes Bulletin as ridiculous, work without merit, abusing artists. Whole thing is illegal, operates on credit system. Support an intl copyright. p6 gives AU’s libel indictment, calls him depraved and wicked, malicious, emphasizes his attack is on indiv rep of board of managers.  also column on lottery law, all corporations become corrupt,   HAB also fr Paris describes jailing of dissenters. 15 Aztec children a humbug, they are abortions of humanit, crossings of white black and red races degenerating, gives list of castas 15 AU spends on foolish publications, not on artists 19 critical of Trib backed temperance movement, destructive to city 20 AU and its apologists: Times explains managers in debt $9000, why distrib had to wait. Began to run into trouble in 1850, with public of silly Bulletin, engravings mere daubs, ads in papers of little circulation. Managers not personally dishonest, but bad management. 21 journals that accuse Herald of exposing Aztec humbug for blackmail are Post, Commerce, Mirror, Express and Trib; denies it, Fred Hudson managing editor, Edw W Hudson money market, Connery is theatrical reporter. has a chit chat column. An orig subscriber to the AU is going to commence legal proceedings agst it. 22 GG Foster and Mdme Marguerittes are assisting Catherine Sinclair with her theatrical career. Fred Douglass is down on C Edwards Lester andhis Herald of the Union, white man’s paper 23 Jos Scoville of the Pick and 26 supports Scoville agst Picayune, now edited by nobodies suing him for libel. repeatedly refers to Whig convention as the slaughter house convention.

March 1852

Wall st millionaires support Webster, only ones. South supports Fillmore. Scott is the Seward candidate. 5 Webb Courier back Webster. Alms house used to be a banqueting estab for its regents, Ten Govs created with arbitrary powers, not frugal and economical as they claim, secret mtgs, not responsible to the people 6 officers at Webster for pres mtg inclu WH Webb, Robt Minturn, Luther Bradish, stephen Whitney, Chas Leupp, James Harper, FA Tallmadge, JW Francis, Henry Grinnell, Wm Anthon, Chas A Stetson. Herald says Webster has no chance. 7 Louis Nap destroys freedom of the press. Enoch E Camp speaking agst the Maine law and relig bigotry. 9 Mrs JGB out for Buchanan. 10 AU swaggering, Kossuth hat (abolitionists wear them, Genin makes them) 11 Bennett supports Buchanan 13 Jenny Lind a humbug (Barnum now supporting teetotallers) [when he gets aggravated enough with someone or thing, gives their history] 17 C&E under Raymond was anti-Webster as a traitor, current editor assails NP Willis; Eve Post like pharisee who thanks god he is better than other men, denounces them as rogues. Little Raymond as penny trumpet of abolition and gd breeding, yet condemn Congress for their manners. herald’s models are shakespeare and bible, chaste and holy. 119 Andrew Stevens, best friend ofForrest, not yet pub his secret history of Astor and divorce, corresp with O’Doherty on it. Sun joins Trib in Maine law?  Bishop Doane winning contest with Episcopal bishops. Lots on Wikoff and his arrest, defends him agst Seward/Trib press. 21 more on Doane, first complained of in 1849, then in 1851, now in Feb of 52 Doane refuses to hold an investigation (still critical of him) 22 Young Am and old Fogies, demo have old America Cass Buchanan Houston Marcy et al, and Young fogies Douglas, Mike Walsh, Rynders, have more talent and genius, also fisticuffs 23 praises emigrants, bring prosperity, Germs and Irish. Blue laws fail. 24 judge who was a former manager of the AU publishes pro constitutionality of AU, rests on English opinions, Post also wrong in its analogies 26 critical of Ten Governors and lack of supervision 28 condemns People’s lecture course, Emerson et al, large crowds, abolitionist 30 Trib attacks city council’s tea room because city putting its advertising in Herald, which has bigger circulation. penny papers are trash (!) and can’t amount to anything. 30 AU rejects too many artists, hands out daubs and trumpery engravings, AU’s money has gone to 25 or so artists excluding a thousand 31 Trib Times and Courrier assail Lola Montes, all are Kossuth journals

April 1852

1 4 daily Germ papers, 6 weeklies, of which two are comic and illustrated, and one semiweekly. 2 were tied to Kossuth and died. have ultra tendencies, oppose capital punishment, are dangerous, immoral, revolutionary and seditious. Epes Sargent in Boston attacking Lola. 2 Andrew Stevens and Forrest quarreled over money, so he publishes, but it’s rigamarole 3 Hamilton Fish reluctantly endorsed by silver grays and Union Safety comm, but he’s a Sewardite. Times calls immigrant maids prostitutes (they advertise for jobs in the Herald). Herald attacks Trib for wanting women to be educ at public universities. 4 Duer supports AU 5 puffs Scoville’s Pick, as Knickerbocker or yankee in wit, notices revivalof old fogy Demo Rev under new editor has woken up, writers have dashing style of Irish blackguards or Yankee drollery, fast trotters, used up Judge douglas. DC Henderson reporter for the Trib, member of Young Demo Whigs. 9 Young Am strong in Demo rev, hostile to Maine law, hugely expansionist. Drama critic doesn’t really like Forrest’s style. Gen Dix joined Tammany. No NAD ad yet.  11 card of Beach’s journeymen saying they left Sun due to 6% reduction in wages, he violated Society of Printers rates, this is empty parade, paper is dying, no unions or strikes admissible 13 approve of police arresting model artists, other illegal places should be treated the same. 14 current Sun proprietor is pious imbecile, weak (father made his money in banks), penny press can’t contend with capital of other papers 14 Both dem and whig are old fogys, in 1844 at instigation of Young Am and Capt Tyler, Texas became the issue, but two parties now are superannuated after the Compromise. Little Douglas is not Young Am, nor is Geo Saunders or his Irish editor of the Demo Rev, it is the progressive spirit of the Am people, progress of the age, responsible for Union Safety committee, and silver grays at Utica, brought Webster to the compromise, it is conservative on the constitution and state’s rights, but pro expansion but not foreign intervention. Old fogydom of both parties too willing to fraternize with disunionists, no compromise with them. 19 dislikes the Industrial Congress. April 21 1852 p3 NAD: pleased with it, mostly women in the gallery, many pics for sale. Some most prominent: spirit of war and peace by Cropsey, designs good, but sky and foliage in War not well managed, but coloring in peace chaste, warm and classical. Rossiter portrait great credit. Jerome Thompson Noon summer, coloring admirable, misty effects, figs well executed.  Field glaring. EH May Esmeralda, happily conceived and exec, discontent forcibly expressed.Volmering tasteful. Leutze Raleigh well design exec. Luther Terry Jacob same. Muller valley well arranged, coloring natural. Louis Lang Fair Penitent, artistic execution, wants expression. Thos Hicks ex Gov Fish v creditably ptd. Kellogg Cayuga lscape beaut and chaste. kensett Mtn Torrent imposing. HP Gray kids dull and stiff. Reflection Cafferty well ptd but little intellig in countenance. JB Stearns lifelike kids. M Livingston highly pictque. Wotherston Italian soft effect. Boutelle lscape stiff and huddled. Cranch Nahant nice. W Ranney sleigh ride animated and countenances harmoniously natural. Lang mom and child, one of best in exhib, soliciting charity, starved depressed and palid, impressive, face of child peevish sorrow, effect expressive. Cropsey October capital and striking. Tate (Tait) duck shooting effective. Cranch Indian’s retreat solemn silence. Williamson needs more depth, less florid. Fagnani Faith exquisite, countenance expressive of purity. Wandesforde Vespers grand solemnity, strained. Heade Woodcutter’s repast striking. Platt first attempt, expressive. Audubon death scene, coloring hi, animals well. Durand’s gog grand and well ptd. Muller HaHa bay fine. FE Church Wreck, solemn and natural. gignoux pleasing October in Am. Miss MP Brown, quiet and impressive lscape. GA Baker Going to school admirably striking, interesting. Sawyer natural, serene. Kensett lscape true to nature. WJ Hays Terrier deserves notices. Mrs Dassel fine effect girl with goats. Rosstier 183 just fr town, well drawn, pleasing. Geo Yewell Doing Nothing, striking and humorous. Geo Baker summer hrs, chaste and natural. Richardson Windermere pretty. E Terry uphill, graceful. Williamson revolutionary airs commend. Schwartz grant. Gritten well ptd interior Trinity, but his Westminster is not cold enuf. Landseer inferior. FW Edmonds Speculator, artful insintuation, experienced cunning well depicted. Gillman Penseroso great sentiment. RRogers fine. 271 286 busts inexpressive. John Cranch Falstaff gd. 333 Future President by Mrs Spencer, expressively ptd. Retrieve by ranney, esp dog. WJ Stillman Mtn Brook, many defects, some gd parts. Durand lscape, beaut, lifelike, expressively natural. WJ Hays dog well pd. JG Brush infant dauby. mcEntee badly exec. JW Audubon stiff and ungraceful roadster. Huntington Tribute money finely ptd. Cappellen Norwegian forests v successful coloring. White Mtngs Kensett rocks and foliage well. Geo Inness View creditable. CL Hyde Aquaduct, well ptd.

            C Hyde lscape at Paterson tasteful. Kummer. Wotherspoon Naples pleasing. FE Church home by the lake, warm and quiet. McEntee, summer dream well managed and effective. Dechamp grand, expressive. Remb  Peale Student at rest, exquis conception and execution, hi intellig naturally devd in face. S Coleman lscape good, as is? Wright ?

22 wants a new unionist party that solidly endorses Compromise. BHR (Revoil) is their corresp in Paris, says Americans there doing their best to make a show, a medical student dressed as a woman on a bet, high livers at the Maison Doree. Exhib of mod ptgs opened at Louvre, highest opinion of talents, some Americans too. Trib attacking demo council’s tea room, should investigate the Ten Governors’ refreshment account. Times is sancho panza to Trib’s Don Quixote. 24 Grace Greenwood is an abolitionist, criticizes Alice Carey who has no symp with the isms. At Castle Garden Union Safety mtg, Brooks’ Express was subsidized as the vehicle, before that were uncertain about slavery and liked the Wilmot proviso, had to buy him out more to keep him and  his coterie on board in Dc and NY (support for Fillmore shored up?). 26 Likes the Day Book. Temple of Graces advertises, and Brackett’s shipwrecked. 29 Homestead bill is communism. silly friends of Buchanan trying to get support of obscure penny and Sunday papers. 30 Am Whig Review is green (innocent)


May 1852--microfilm

1 Sunday Dispatch advertises, Artists tribute to Forrest includes Dodsworth’s band, celeb 69 nights at the Broadway. mocks Fillmore mtgs.2 Marguerites and Mrs Forrest are on the outs. 4 BHR in Paris, free admission to living modern artists, crowd immense, some days do charge. p. 4 critical of theaters allowing prostitutes. Readers didn’t support Courrier’s hostility to Louis Napoleon, lost value. 6 women’s rights a delusion, like the Industrial congress, Kossuth, rappings 7 when Bennett was in Europe in 1851, Wikoff traveled with him briefly 12 GC Verplanck a highly respectable old fogy of Tammany. Beecher’s organ agrees with Trib except where Trib’s interests in stocks blocks them 14 compares election of Scott to Barnum’s promotions 15 likes DD Howard of Irving house, where Mrs Forrest stayed after the divorce 16 dinner to be held for Geo Law, back fr Panama, 300 men. Totally infinitely conservative about women’s rights. 17 Inness in Rome refused to take off his hat, disapprove, Cass defended him (corresp is very symp to Inness) 21 p1 reporters cover Law dinner at Astor hse, J Westervelt, general Sandford, Senator Morgan of N, WH Webb,  exRecorder Tallmadge, WH Aspinwall, JL Stephens (Pres of Panama rrd), J Dimon, HA Hurlbut, EF Purdy, John Van Buren, James T Brady, Alderman Tweed, Edw Croswell, Prosper Wetmore. Richd Hoe, Dana of Trib, tributes on walls to Henry Eckford, Fulton, and yacht America 23 backers of NY Acad of Music inclu James Phalen, Wm CH Waddell. Demo review article on the press for april is ignorant, on democracy sophomoric 24 no comment on Webster’s Faneuil speech. 25 Wash corresp likes blocks for monument 25 Demo review used to be quiet old fogy affair, inoffensive to all factions, but Geo Sanders terrible transmogrification, cuts and slashes, drags out patriarchs, Irish shillelagh to tune of Yankee Doodle, style of Rynders, backs Douglas, but old fogies will bury him. Vulgar style, trash claptrap rant and fustian. Whig Review is vain, self conceited political old granny. Praises Webster’s speech for not aiming for the presidency, he won’t be nominated. 26 p.2 Art and the Artists, letter fr D to the editor, painter except for a few noble men is neglected by rich citizens, we don’t have artists who can take rank with foreign ones, but need men to be liberal to raise it, mechanics are distancing the competition but no reward for art, which is useful too, young hearts influenced by beaut pics to have moral principles, makes viewers better, pics won’t sell for reasonable price that he is entitled to. 28 mentions Fry’s libel suit, haven’t seen it before 30 Thomas F Meaghers here, sd his cause was same as Kossuth’s


June 1852

3 lumps Art Union fund with Kossuth fund, Lopez fund etc as all secure but not to be found this side of the day of judgment. want police to wear uniforms. 6 happy Marcy and Douglas as demagogues were defeated, though preferred Buchanan or Cass; Pierce is acceptable, a representative of Young America but discreet, a demo of the old school, no isms, can beat Scott’ Trib says never had a progressive idea in his life. 7 Homestead bill terrible, won’t work. 9 long puff of Brady 10 long article on evils of ice cream saloons, highly respectable ladies drink wine and intoxicating drinks, lead to shameless infamy, married and single, upper tendom, after theater, mingling with common women of the town, making assignations, children corrupted, fashionable voice, unaccompanied girls go in and call for oysters or whatever they llike, like men, destru of female modesty and virtue, overthrown, become easy prety in these splendid halls, also begets expense, yet pulpit and press don’t denounce, must shun them (didn’t Willis promote one in his NY correspondence?). Greeley says Geo Law has been backbone and special friend of James Brooks and the Express. Post wanted Marcy faction, unhappy with platform. 11 Thomas Meaghers a genius 12 Am AU illegal, gives full opinion, have alw respected Mr Cozzens especially. Art Union concern was same type of speculation as the canal enlargement, illegal appropriation on a smaller scale, alleged motive is good in both but means were bad. 13 Moses Grinnell is a Webster whig, favored Taylor in 1848 14 they support Alderman Denman. Relig weeklies in NY: Observer, Morses plus  SJ Prime as editor since 1840, moderate antislavery and temperance, but opposed to ultraism, Congregationalist, 18,000 circ. Xtian Advocate 20,000 is ed by Rev Peek, methodist. Xtian Intelligencer, Reform Prot Dutch, liberal in views. Evangelist, mostly presbyt and congreg, revivalist. Churchman is episcop. Recorder is Baptist. Freeman’s J, Bishop Hughes sold it to JA McMaster in 1848, highly conservative on slavery. True Wesleyan since 1843 anti slavery and temperance. Prot Churchman 1844 low church Episcopal. Sabbath Recorder Baptist. Inquirer is Unitarian, 1846. Xtian Ambassador is Universalist, 1850. Independent has 10,000. Catholic and Episcopal only ones conservative on slavery. 18 Kossuth stays at Irving house. all true artists will rejoice that AU incubus now removed, can appeal to universal public not will of a clique. Describe the two parties as neither supporting Kossuth, but tone is more symp to demos, alw the movement and progressive party, extend limits of the republic but no intervene in Euro affairs; whigs more hostile to filbusters, want to build up manufacturing at expense of other interests of the republic, strengthen financial class and moneyed power, give influ to financiers and speculators and centralize wealth in hands of a few, but averse to foreign alliances, so he appeals to abolitionists, his revolutionary Asstor house committee 20 Butler is an editor at J of Commerce 21 Thomas Darcy McGee, Young Ireland with Meagher and Thomas Devin Reilly, started NY Nation here, critical of priesthood, so attacked by Freeman’s J, crushed him into obedience to church.Courrier has 8000 daily circ, republican and anti socialist, opposed to Louis Napoleon. Staats Zeitung has daily 5500, democratic, anti socialism pro Compromise. Democrat is German, 5000 daily, free soil. Abend Zeitung owned by German Printers Assoc is 3000 daily, literary, antislavery, democratic, no Compromise, used to be socialist. Algemeine Zeitung only a year, 3000 daily, very whig, focuses on Euro, supports Compromise. Cronica is semiweekly, national interests of Spain. Eco Ital circ 2500, pro Compromise, disclaims socialism, indiff to Mazzini. Forgot last week to mention Asmonean, Robt Lyon, tolerant, republicanism. Like Meagher a lot. 25 Sunday papers: first one was Sunday Courier, by John Tryon, then News by Jenks Smith. Both died. circulates among middle class, mostly neutral with tinctures of the demo creed. Sunday Times (11 years old, 18,000 circ) talented, newly respectable. Atlas some polit and literary talent, tolerably managed, 5000 circ, excessive gossip. Most popular is Dispatch (20,000 circ, 7 years old), least is News (3000 circ).  Mercury has 7000 circ. Current Courier has 8000 circ.  29 need a Central Park.ragged newsboys of NY, wide awake industrious cunnin little urchins, noisy, more ragged the better their sales; smart rivals in trade, grow up respectable 30 very sad re Clay’s death, but no black borders

            fear is that Kossuth will influ German voters

July 1852

2 Jenny Lind’s husb a jew, Grace Greenwood v bad for anti slavery and pro Kossuth. 3 much sd in newsp abt propriety of eerecting statues in public squares of city and methods of collecting money, has failed in DC and other occasions when cliques of bloodsuckers live off their proceeds. Every institution for adv of art or science or any other great object brings around it mendicants and harpies who batten on funds of art unions, colleges, monument associations. Mean system, should be at expense of nation itself as with Egyptians and Greeks et al. 4 lots on Clay. Magazine puffing (Hunt’s, Knickerbocker, Demo Rev, Harpers etc) are puffed tho have no orig matter of any worth. Same as music, drama and ballet, oyster house criticism. mags are antiquated and useless. 5 Saml Beman of Voice of the People used to work for Herald but has impractical exploded philosophy 9 Young Ireland O’Reilly coedits with Saunders, is trying to persuade Pierce Young America supported him not Douglas 12 Trib will take pay to notice medicines 14 FA Tallmadge big Webster supporter, Herald suggests a Union party should support him 17 Grinnell and Draper deserted Webster at the convention thanks to offers of offices fr Seward crowd. Agree they are the organ of the city corporation as they carry the advertising, are the organ also of the Irish chambermaids, the auctioneers, shipping merchants, those who let houses, those whosell and buy bonds, those who want to get married, those who need burial 18 hatred and bitterness of Raymond toward prostitutes unequalled since Ned Buntline’s Own, he ended in jail, so too may Raymond 19 Doane was imprudent. Art Unions everywhere are failing 24 Hawthorne and Bristed new books amusing 25 mocks the Go a Head age, start a joint stock company for any project, even growing greencheese in the moon, get a good name, get prominent men a directors, promise hug profits, a great country swiftest finest prettiest, neatest, the only real go ahead sovereign specimens of the human race, whig or demos. stopped there.

Didn’t do Aug 1852 mfilm 

Sept 1852

1 p3 Fourierism in the US: a day at the phalanx (New Jersey), Greeley speaking, it is the grave of individuality but in NJ just a joint stock farming co and boarding house, mostly Unit Univ Swedenborgians, believe in women's rights, are abolitionists, more women than men, one of the Hutchinsons of the singing family involved. Webster prefers Pierce to Scott. Metropolitan hotel opened, run by Leland, hosted young Demo club. 3 James G King head of financial house and the branch of the Barings in Wall st, also Dr Charles King of Columbia, support Scott, all the federalist kings will get offices. press release style stuff on Cryst Pal. 4 whig mtg with AJ Williamson as a secretary, with James Brooks, Ogden Hoffman others to adddress, only 32 people came, a failure tho whig papers Times, Trib, Courier magnify it 4 Am AU is shut up, to whom does property belong? WE Robinson or Richelieu Robinson wrong about Pierce 7 of women of genius, Alice Carey the first, beneath her are Mis Sedgwick some gd sense, Kirkland practicalness and humor tho latter sometimes vulgar masculine, Miss Fenimore Cooper, Miss Warner interesting commonplaces and relig, Catherine Beecher vigor and astute for debate, Harriet Beecher strength, tho all books but UTC failures, also mention Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lee, Miss Stuart, Mrs Conant etc. Of infidel socialist and bloomer women, Mrs Rose, Mrs Nichols, Mrs Grese? Oakes Smith, Cheesebro, SJ Clark or Grace Greenwood, hag propensities. Carey superior, like Irving's sketches, like her Hagar

            like Putnam's Tuckerman's Sicily, pleasant, popularity of sentimental skeptics like Bailey's Festus, dont like its poetry or metaphysics (Festus). Mrs EF Ellet interesting. Appletons' Up Country Letters are stupid. Not on Sparks' side of controversy. WG Simms here.

8 mocks Dana and Godwin for going to press banquets, not really reporters 12 covers women's rights convention, Eliz Oakes smith read letter fr John Neal of Portland, Mrs Nichols there, Mrs Gage, others fr Ohio; Bennett links it to French infidelities inclu Fourier, but have more coverage than Trib, mentions Hawthorne. 14 Oakes Smith Lucy Stone and Mrs Rose have soe ability, but mostly superficial; compares women to negro as naturally unequal.

            Courier selling out, a Webster paper supporting Scott for spoils. 17 Herald cynical in supporting a Webster movement? JP Phoenix is silver gray. mock enthus for Thackeray as toadyism, a cockney writer, clap trap humbug, a literary snob, but no more than the Pick. long negative review of Melville's Pierre. 19Daniel Webster been nominated by Union whigs for president, notes Amor J Williamson nom for Assistant Alderman of second ward 21 Times increased to two pennies, doubled in size, Silas C Herring its principal patron now 22 acknowledges in 1839 and 40 Herald supported Scott for president instead of Harrison, like a great many democrats, but he started writing letters 23 critical of Headley who wrote life of Scott some gd books now doing campaign bio, demos usin Hawhorne, fine genius prostituted to electioneering 24 long satire of an album of Haitian court 28 ok with Westervelt for mayor.  notes that newspapers call ea other liars all the time now, no duels 29 Howard retiring fr Irving House, ex Pres Tyler Hoxie others spoke. death of Wellington, a great warrior, miserable contracted statesman

            30 don't like Whig for mayor, Morgan Morgans, free soil tendencies. C&E serves commercial interests, very profitable (5000 circulation, but 50,000 in ads), shouldn't go for Scott. Art Union: Cozzens, who keeps one of best hotels in country at West Point and is one of orig Scott men of this state and is about to be nominated and elected as a whig fr his district and who is loved by most fashhionable ladies, tells Herald court of appels favors legality ofAU, think Judge Edmonds was listening to the rappers

October 1852

4 Doheny used to be an assoc of Trib, but now a Demo so they attack him. approve Bishop Wainwright. Publish lists of letters, and council meetings. ok with Am Inst. 9 The Sunday Press has 5 papers, Sunday Courier is more stupid than ribald, not as spicy as Mercury or Dispatch, nor blackuarding as Atlas, or stolid obtuseness of Times, but quiet, won't shock or excite violent feelings, mostly stories, mostly not original, an oyster house music and other critics. Atlas not religious has woodcuts like barrooms of country taverns, bad fiction, puffs, political articles, mocks editors literary ability. Dispatch doesn't steal from other papers like Courier and Times, but all paid for orig matter, but not that good, theatrical crit is rich, Ulman feuded with music critic over Sontag. Mercury is spiciest, nature without apparel, calls mob that assailed Wellingon beastly rabble while Courier thinks flunkeyism honors Wellington, and Atlas insanely thinks Duke tried to enslave his race. Sunday Times steals lit, bad orig matter, milktoaast opinions, sermonizes, theater critic blunders, advocates quacks. 10 Xtian advocate has 30,000 circulation, methodist. NY Observer and Independent battling over Stowe and Parker 12 critical of Forrest Association, to oppose those who requested Macready play, in coming elections. Critical of Scott's nativism, blocked us from annexing Mexico 17 p2 The Fine Arts port of Genl Wash engr. Seward blocked Webster's nomination. 20 GenlWalbridge is modern democrat, James Bowen is Astor clique pipelaying Whig, we would prefer Webster/Fillmore J Phillips Phoenix. notice of Doane trial. Paper the Irishman an invention of Trib writers like Robinson 23 demo party is party of proress, acquires territory, broad expansive and rational principles appeal to symp of whole people, same as the Roman republic, ut Whigs narrow to class interest, so Amer demo party advancing republicanism in Euro by giving people an asylum. Art Union: court sustains Herald, ought to get rid of present managers and put others in who willa dvantage art and artists. have a T Devin Reilly of Demo Review letter. 25 Webster's death a national calamity, symbol of anti-sectionalism, lots of coverage. attack on UTC 27 Memory of Danl Webster, tributes, his love for a country life, his flocks and herds, his dependants, greatest delight in healthful pleasures of a rural life, meeting neighbors on walks, his penates in Marshfield, describe farm, his favorite poemw as Gray's Elegy, knew it by heart, read it on Wash birthday at NY HS, power for groupin rural scenery, almost las request was to hear it again. take stuff fr Comm Adv, J of Commerce 28 praise Belmont for supporting Pierce, alm alone among stockjobbers of Wall st, banks, British, for progressive demo, go ahead Amer principles. Does so because of Whig nativism. Notes annual sale of ptgs on exhib at NAD, ancient and modern masters, Wm Brown's gray's elegy got $140, Doughty small moonlight$155, Inness Gloomy Days of '76 got $167.50, Durand's Ftn almsot $400, Ranney $100 Cropsey small 117.50. continues today on the 30th give a long list of Great Sale of Ptgs, lots of competition, improved prices, gives names of buyers, Rogers bought LM Spencer's Mother's Prayer, for $41. Brooklyn Arts Assoc bought a lot, inclu a Hicks, Shegogue, Inness. Youens bought Spencer's Organ Girl for $49, also bought even cheaper ptgs by unnamed artists, a Cole went for $90. Spencer's Cupid was sold to Hunt for $33, a Cropsey Oct afternoon for$210, some Germ pics

November 1852

1 gives speech of alderman Wm M Tweed. describes the successful carriers of the Herald, not ragged boys. more on Webster. 2 W has poem on Webster with lots of nature imagery. Herald approves of Everett as new secty of state 3 calls J of Commerce leaning to Scott, Express wanted Fillmore but took Scott 4 p.2 The Fine Arts Bryan Gallery of ptgs, Americans must study old masters before they can invent, can't eschew all that has gone before and trust to fancy or intuition alone, art must be universal, Bryan has all the great masters, doesn't seem to doubt the originality p. 3 Great Sale of ptgs at NAD not so profitable, Americans prejudiced in favor of foreign, feeble imitations of old masters, impossible peasants, fabulous beer barrel, Dutch chambermaids sold at enormous prices, or black squares with red blotch as truth off light, or Hercules and a fleshy nymph of Flemish or Ital is prized, our merchants buy cheap ptgs, buy art like furn by labor and materials, need more liberality. Rynders club cheered Herald, Astor hse, Irving hse. Duff Green writing them letters fr Irving hse, which is where Bennett lives. 7 Hon James W Beekman a senator 9 praises Oakes Smith despite her feminism, also Meagher, mixed on Thackeray, and later gives lectures by Raphall others 12 Buchanan also staying at the Irving. public sentiment is improving on building monuments, promotes Costoli's beaut design of Columbus, drawing a veil to exhib alleg figs to Indian of continents 13 mocks Oakes Smith's feminism. p8 has press release style article on The Gall of Xtian Art, Bryan gallery at the Athenaeum (Boston?), disgrace of city to not have a reputable public gall, city should do so, collection of Nye, NY Gall of FA, NAD and Am AU all closed, just Dusseldorf elab works open 13 surveys new rep, likes Mike Walsh, studied lithography, Bishop Hughes put him on the Carroll Hall ticket, got Tammany nominations, got aid from Whigs, wanted a ten hour law, opposes aristocracy. Likes Tweed and Walbridge prettywell too 17 describes Webster banners for procession 19 Art Union would up at last: management will auction, Herald says not sure they have the right, or might have to make good if it sells for less than its value set at $100,000, Herald says pics won't bring half what they cost as most are inferior. Ptgs can't be confiscated to the city, belongs to subscirbers, ought to meet not tamely submit 23 says audience for Oakes Smith not very umerous 23 critical of Thackeray being hard on Swift. seem to be in accord with Demo Rev. 28 and 29 letters fr Geo Law, WV Brady, MO Roberts, Millard Fillmore, Bennett on filibustering I think, Cuba insulted the flag

Dec 1852

1 Boston correspondent is critical of Sparks vs Mahon as typical of Boston literati, who believe born to correct everything, and originate nothing, and supports Hawthorne for collector. Paris corresp BHR likes Goodrich. 4 critical of YMCA for leading attack on Sunday activities, inclu newsboys. Support getting a large andsplendid new north park. 10 Bancroft's lecture toNYHS on art on first page, fundraiser. artist partakes of highest degree of public spirit, invests conceptions with country annd mankind, republics ought to have public art, already have genius, Powers, NY shld commission. Pierce won NY by only abt 2000 votes. 12 immig all become racy of the soil, assimilated Americanized blood of our blood, digested, fusion of races a finer and better metal than any of elements of which it's composed. popular fanaticism springs fr priestly bigotry and intolerance, Cromwellian puritans want control of appetites and tastes, sumptuary laws, liquor laws, wont permit theaters, oppos to public schools 14 p3 Art Union: document showing AU is mortgaged to Cozzens, p4 coming auction of AU, if sale does not bring amont of lien, subscribers will get nothing, attacks their financial maneuverings. has letters of RM Walsh fr Haiti, profile of Fanny Wright/obit. seems to declare for Demos, their policy since Jackson more consistent with popular and state rights, equal privileges and expansive and progressive spirit of the age. Indians are doomed, conquest even if they all die was worth it. 18 9th regiment has more Irish than 69th, Germans dominate 3rd regiment, adn 5th. 19 Judge Douglas known as YOung America. 20 obit forGreenough, a man of science 21 Pick by Scoville now an admin organ, has post office ads 23 Trib Times and Post are abolit press, long tirade agst them, Times is more namby pamby than Trib, but led people astray with Kossuth, predicts formation of repub party. last page?Eugenio Latilla's lecture on art at HOpe Chapel, all people do art, Indians on hides, need arts of design, praises Church's pic of Natural Bridge at VA, art conveys knowl of place and history. 24 notices new Putnam's and its Fourierist editors (Briggs described as ed of Sunday Courier) 28 filibusters can't get Cuba, needs to be under flag

Jan 1853 mfilm

3 gives distribution list of art from Phila AU on first page 9 B in Wash praises inaug of splended equestrian statue, triumph of Amer genius, extraord achievement, nothing like it, a living animal, perfect attitude and action, eye of fire, expanddid nostril, every muscle in full play, terrible in Scriptural language, beaut fierce head of horse, all parts full of expression. His likeness excellent, natural. An artist has never been to Euro or studied under greats, own native genius, outstripped Old World. Striking feature of balance, 35,000 pounds, without unnatural support fr tail. Also a letter describing the procession for the inauguration, lots of spectators, Stephen Douglas spoke. Need to exterminate Seminoles. Cass understood right policy.12 pallbearers at funeral of Thom Hamblin include C Stetson, E windust, JC Wemyss, H Placide JH Wallack. 20 editors of Le Phare and Courrier both supported Republic, now support Emperor (and have gone to France?). Jonas P Levy here projecting new rrd? route for Mexico, but their Congress rejected it 24 Our monumental era: taste for works of art to commemorate private virtues or public worth, senate appro $20,000 to Mills for bronze Genl Jackson, tho private subscribers initiated the fund, approp more for one of GW for Capitol. Boston will do Webster. NY shld too. 27 The Demo Review, Bennett, teh Herald, Young Am and Filibusters: Demo Rev is exaggerated democarcy, frontispiece is excellent portrait of Bennett, headline is Herald--Onward! and contrasts progress of US with must monarchies of Euro, suggests demo party here has gotten rid of its old fogies and Herald come in, ends with puff of Pierce. But article is too full of French transcendentalism and socialism to make sense, Herald does not endorse filibustering, and supports Cass (an old fogy). Disapprove of story attacking the Pope. Too militant generally. 29 illus periodicals: a necessity. hates Abbott's life of Napoleon. Mostly English. 30 Flagg (Herald seems to like him) gave city advertising to Eve Post, had lowest bid, scolded by Mirror, Nat Demo. Lelands own Metropolitan hotel?

Feb 1853

2 praises panos, Banvard of Jerusalem, Ripleys of London. Assaults on ladies are characteristic of the Tribune (re Mrs Tyler's pro slavery letter). Big promoter of Ericcson. 3 Fine Arts our artists have been reduced to want, or victimized by art unions and auctions, hotels ought to commission them, not spend extrav figs in Euro to secure even a doubtful daub of the "old masters" whose goddesses and sylphs are modern washerwomen of the most robust proportions, but from our contemp artists 11 approve intl copyright, will stop Putnam making monthly razzia of wit and fancy of Brit authors, lists all the other publishers too.  12 Paris corresp (Revoil) salon opens in May, Uncle Tom's cabin huge success 15 really campaigning for the copyright. Latham call for best national poem. 16 Bishop Hughes angry at Luther Bradish and Ketchum et al for attacking the Pope, calls it a Protestant crusade like Maria Monk; doesn't like Cass's actions either. White house should buy art fr our ptrs and sculptors 22 p4? Art union, gave opinion of court of appeals on previous page (has interesting section that prizes of AU had no fixed market value, but did have value, even tho not readily saleable in market for what the artists believe them to be worth, as articles of merchandise, the intention of the scheme is to sell them for more than they can be sold for at private sale, and this was to be brought about by appeal to gambling passion, which is what constitution prohibited), re case of Ten Governors agst managers to recover penalty of $300, 3 x the value of a pic distrib by lot by the defendants. Affirmed Supreme Ct that it's a lottery, and agrees should recover three times the value of all the pics they've disposed of. Bennet right in December 1851 when he declared charter of AU unconstitutional, misapplied funds, despite indictment levelled at us for saying that; Judge Daly, Duer and Chas O'Conor disagreed with these views, but others sustained it. Edw Forrest pop. Geo Sanders writes Herald more letters. 23 notes break up of a Boston art union 25 AU ANother decision: technically reverses the Supreme Court, attacks DA NB Blunt for not doing his duty and protecting the rich

March 1853

reports positively on a lot of NYHS activities 3 prison Assoc have supported it, but has turned into abolitionist (slavery, war, capital punishment, sex, alohol, property). 5 months before nomination, Herald named Pierce as candidate and supported him. Bennett went to Europe v late Oct of 1852.  7 support city reform at Metro Hall with Peter Cooper presiding, Thom R Whitney there, Alfred Pell benj F Butler, John Ridley, H Grinnell, John Harper, Mangle Quackenbos. Alderman Denman defends city. obit for Saml S Howland, senior partner of Howland and Aspinwall, married into HOne family, shipping. 14 frauds at the Tombs on poor prisoners. C&E and J of Commerce at odds over reform movement (Commerce is backing it, its editor Geo b Butler accused of bribing a councilman, he was also an agent of Hudson Riv rrd) 19 lots of discussion of trades' strikes 22 Revoil gives details of Caleb Lyon's movements in Europe 24 Gavazzi in NY, discreditable mtg in Tabernacle, intended to increase relig dissension. New charter won't end bribery. Fine Arts: politics of 1852, or who let down the bars, among artists of day Wm S Mount a hi rank, progressive devt of talent, for NAD, subj a sportsman dissipating anger of farmer by reading him the latest news, just prior to Presidential election. Farmer forgets anger, listens eagerly, evident the Herald hat powers like music to soothe the savage heart, sportsman happy, nonchalant, his gunleaning agst a barn, thatch enhance effect. Litho of a newsboy, perfect type. 25 Peter B Sweeney writing to eve mirror to defend himself agst J of Commerce. Ok with Slidell going to Central Am. Wm Young of Albion is attacking Burton's Chambers st theater, he writes defense in Herald. 28 Approve of Hard Aug Schell for collector, Redfield is soft. Herald circulation at 40-44, 000 daily. Demo politicians discontented by Hawthorne's appt. 31 puffs Brady dags

April 1853

1 notes Hiram Fuller being turned out of Naval storehouse, even tho wasn't a rabid supporter of Scott, had to pay$250 for a libel on Edw Forrest. J of Commerce is anti the taxes needed for Central Park. Pick and Scoville genius. 7 Genl Dix a soft shell. has been giving the Gavazzi lectures. 9 covers Fourier's bday at No Am phalanx. fogies dislike manifest destiny, think it alw means war or filibusters 12 praise Buchanan. support Liberian colonization for free negroes in NY 15 Trib publishes weird letter fr Enoch E Camp to Barnum, desiring money, also wrote to Harper's who gave him money. Strikes bad, but workmen's associations ok, same as manufacturers, ought to have a living wage 20 obit for Wm R King VP, a Jeffersonian demo. still supportive of Pierce. 24 Polk indebted to Silas Wright for his election 26 new Opera house trustees include Waddell and James Phalen 29 AU investigation, if it assumed character of a close corporation, where members had little voice, and secretly got up membership for 1852, p. 4 editorial notes they are mtg at Astor house in response to petition to Leg signed by subscribers (org by Herald) 30 AU investig continues, Trib reporter needs ink.  Barnum caught up in polit factions.

May 1853

1 Gen John A Dix, soft shell Van Buren barnburner and Gov Seymour soft shells, new Pierce appointees, as is Heman I Redfield, hard shell Marcy hunker. Chas O’Conor is the new DA, hard shell Dickinson hunker. Isaac V Fowler the postmaster is soft shell Van Buren barnburner, tinged with marcyism. Daniel E Delavan is hard shell Marcy hunker. A Dix is soft shell Van Buren barnburner. Herald has been accused of being the city council’s organ (defending them agst Trib’s tea room thing), but aren’t. 3 Am AU investig.Monk testimony:  general clerk for 5 years. . Hope Chapel now Presbyterian under Rev Adams, Sheppard, Wetmore, Ketchum pew holders. forrest in Macbeth really like scenery, Forrest concept of the part is true interpretation of author. Advocates for great central park. Lots on Gavazzi. 4 more on Am AU investig., MO Roberts had a body of men at Metro Hall to vote down opposition to eletion of a new committee. WJ Hoppin paid $600 to edit the Bulletin, Wm A Butler also pd for his contribs to the Bulletin, Duyckinck pd for publications in his paper, Raymond for an ad worth $8 received $400, Frederick Coe given traveling expenses (Raymond is leaving for Europe on the 5th). Raymond testified only charged regular advertising rates for about 13 ads. They shared costs on issuing an advertising prospectus, and AU paid its share of postage. Editors of Herald and Day Book malignantly misrepresented him. 6 more on Am AU, Kensett ptd substitute for J Faulkner’s Village Bridge 7 p. 2 Editorial denies malignant, says Raymond’s testimony demonstrates that Am AU purchased 12,000 copies of first weekly number of the Times at one cent each and paid half the postate on copies of specimens of weekly and daily, contrib $405 to expenses of estab a new paper. Got money’s worth in publicity, but could have done better for a few dollars advertising in estab papers. p. 3 AU investig: Geo Austen a patron of Bingham. JW Glass not American. Partiality to Century club artists of which Cozzens a member. Artists who flattered committee or threatened them got a better look than timid and modest; or paid less under Cozzens, Monk is loyal to Wetmore. 8 Thomas Hicks the artist involved in the railroad accident. Labor movement is over, got wage increase, generous owners. NAD: except for a few pics, most below mediocrity, council admits badly drawn compositions, doesn’t encourage artists to improve. Portraits dominate over orig compositions. High finish and strength of coloring doesn’t compensate for bad drwg, which removes the easy living appearance of the subject, not animated and lifelike. Lang 46 or 48? port full length of a lady, resembles beatu woman, easy nonchalance, tone and keeping, perfect pic, gem of exhib. 36 by contrast J H Lazarus group of children, miserable drwg and coloring, her left leg going off on its own account, marble hall of room is very soft, gaudy, no taste, splendid gilt frame. 40 Ranney’s duck shooter’s pony, consid merit, lifelike interest, dogs esp merit. 160 Mount Politics of 1852 or who let down the bars by Mount, design well conceived, a NYorker on a gunning trip, caught by old farmer, trespassing on forbidden ground, farmer fr pine thicket accosts man with pitchfork. Gunner takes fr pocket a NY Herald and reads the election returns, brightening farmer who is a supporter of Pierce. a little stiff and hard. WJ Hays setter dog, gem of exhib for animals, most perfect dog and dead game, persp of floor bad. Durand’s Coming Storm, great merit, admirable clouds, foliage so can hear wind rushing, great deception, best lscpe ptr in country. James Hart cold, stiff, wants warmth. Darley’s entry of Washington, crayon, merit design, spirited effect. Tagnoni portrait 272 crayon imperfect drwg. 10 Am AU investig cont, Wetmore tells Monk Geo Austen is a good guy. RG White paid $50 for editorial. Monk says pics bought at Wms and Stevens were sold in Boston. Foreign pics hung on walls, not distrib. 13 last page, Monk lists those subpoenaed who haven’t come to court, includes H Kneeland, JB Stearns, JM Falconer. Henry C Welles did appear, was awarded in 1849 TC Hinckley’s Cattle reposing. Artist Culverhouse examined, didn’t alw get prices asked, but satisfied. DWC Boutelle, sold ptgs for less than they were wroth, but couldn’t sell them anywhere else. Complained to Cozzens abt prejudice, but Cozzens alw kind. Monk told him that Coe sd $350 was too much to pay for Trout Stream. Wetmore testifies on managing comm fr 1839-1849, pres 1847-9, defends Geo W Austin and Andrew Warner, Austin’s friend. Horace Kneeland sold 6 bronze busts of Wash to committee for $400. 17 very supportive of the Cryst Pal Art Union Swindle: battle betw AU and people, precious lottery concern or mock auction, unblushing audacity, all it smoney gone, no one can saoy where, perhaps some of our art-loving anti-copyright cotemporaries can throw some light (Harper’s?), where are funds for Ireland and Hungary, Father Mathew, Galphin? 18 p2 Am AU investig, RG White testified, edit C&E, started in 1851 when Raymond left, not connected fr 1846to 1851, before that was critic. Cozzens hired RG White, his writing appeared in Express. Coe was employed by Shepherd Knapp of Mechanics Bank which discounted Cozzens’ bills. Cozzens explains Glass is American, student of Huntington 19 very pro Demo to extent they are Unionist, champion Compromise and manifest destiny, but Union party is glum about Pierce appointing secessionists and free soilers to his cabinet, they are no Webster or Everett 21 support new city charter 23 NAD: ptg influ our natl character, Ital and Flem schools not pt for indiv, but for nation, why famous, but mod artists don’t have ambition, just mediocrity brings all down to tame level. No votaries of hi art, appeal to myriads, just highly colored and well varnished sameness, no originality, no affect refined andsimple, learned and ignorant, polished and rude. Who among our ptrs ever attempts to please the mass with at ruly national pic? leave for foreign countries, don’t court the multitude. Vast number of portraits, cold, dead like, want animation, insipid, no artistic or poetry or contrast, unmeaning mummy like, prefer Brady’s gallery where have appearance of life. Days of ptd portrait are over, can’t rival dag, must make portraits into art.

            Port of Millard Fillmore by Carpenter too black and dingy. J Bogle Rev Williams, resembles French monarch. 15 Hunting Grounds by Jesse Talbot, fine looking. Ver Bryck Lscape v gd. CL Hyde, Vermont v skilful. Cropsey’s Niagara, exaggerated esp coloring, rainbow unnatural. Carter’s Henry Clay. Geo Inness Land Storm owned by Wms Stevens, v gd. Winter Gignoux owned by Chas Gould, discrepancy in where snow fell. Lang’s full length of lady, great deal of taste, but lady not paying attn to where going, may fall into water and lose her basket of flowers. Port of Thom H Benton, look shealthy. Kensett lscape 49 owned by Chas Gould (gives owners!), much labor. Huntington’s port of Eastlake, Carmiencke lscape good, Thomas W Whitley 63 View nr Salisbury after a shower, truthful. LeGrand too blue. CL Hyde, Winter scene, not succeeded, candied sugar snow. Ranney Purchas of Manhattan, gaudy coloring but well grouped. Elias W Durand beaut in Turner style. Durand Shandaken also beaut. Boone crossing mtns, Ranney, bold. Chenango by Cropsey gd. TA Richards Green mtns, clever. DM Carter Village Pastor, illus Goldsmith. Mrs H Dassell, port lady, clever. FE Church Natural Bridge for Field, v gd repres of freak of nature. Carter’s Richelieu too artificial in attitudes. A Tait Repudiation fr theater, Carlin fr Cooper, Cafferty lady about best port in coll. Geo A Baker children, owned by Wm Post, can’t commend. WJ Hays  Setter and Game, dog half starved, foreleg unnatural. Saml Walker a wicked looking penitent. Whitefield unique birdseye. Strother Negro portraits clever, humor skill in the grotesque. Andrews lscape gd. Colyer crayon well but hair. Smillie view ok.25 Thomas Meagher youn brilliantly gifted Irish patriot and orator on Young Ireland. De Witt Clinton statue (City Intellig): praises it, features beaut exec, sharp outline, describes at length, never mentions HK Brown, only Ames the manufacturer as noble specimen of Am ingenuity 27 Mrs HB Stowe a female charlatan, Brit aristo enmity to country, masses in Britain who read it don’t care about Negroes, only oppression and welcome a voice that asserts their rights, when demo comes in Euro and thrones totter, victims will remember they encouraged it by supporting UTC. Approve of Pierce picking Belmont for Holland, long praise of him. 28 support Central park location vs Jones’ Wood 31 Pope dislikes UTC

June 1853

1 Give Everett lecture on Columbus. 5 lots of support for City Reform, mass mtg at Park, Peter Cooper president, Thomas R Whitney, Alfred Pell, John Harper, Henry Grinnell Mangle Quackenbos, John T Johnston, Roe Lockwood bookseller Alex Ming, lots of mechanics, resolutions mention Young America as progress, Curtis Noyes spoke. Defense of the German Turners fr a letter writer. 7 another reform mtg in Park, with James T Brady as president, Nathaniel Jarvis Jr vp and Richd B Connelly, also Henry G Stebbins. full page on straw workers, male and female labor. 9 NC Palmer of the Times died, editor maybe briefly. 11 Directors of Cryst Pal, Theo Sedgwick president, Mortimer Livingston, Alfred Pell, aug Belmont, WCH Waddell J Westervelt, FW Edmonds. Shirt sewers. Art Union Doleful Verdict: report of legislature consoling to subscribers, object was for few indiv to accumulate a large fund and then divide, all the property gone, no leg action of avail to return money to subscriber. 12 Revoil lists among Americans in Paris Henry Clapp of Mass.Daily coverage of Cryst Pal. 26 Kossuth and Stowe humbug. 27 long profile of Hawthorne sort of critical of him for having reaped spoils without entering thepolitical fray, and for sneering at politicians, his writing gives impression of worthlessnes sof life, a flask of bad champagne, no one reads his bio of Pierce 29 supporters of Abbott’s Egyptian coll as foundation for a museum include John W Francis, Rev Griswold, RB Minturn, HT Tuckerman. 30 True Nat Demo is is soft shell filibuster, Nat Demo is hard shell

July 1853

1 recommends as statues for the new park the Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers of NY, Purchase of Island of Manhattan, equestrian Knickerbocker. 9 praise taste for luxury for stiulating industry, in context of supporting industrial expositions. Approve Edwin De Leon. Cooley, who did the report pro-Central Park given hugely enthus endorsement by Herald, is Cooley of Egypt, and a democrat, it seems,or they are giving him a dinner 11 p1 describes attractions outside the Cryst Pal, mammoth oxen, alligators, buffalo, Borneo, variety of human nature, a huge canvass pic ofClark Mills bronze of Genl Jackson. 12 insane amount of Cryst Pal coverage, also of Pierce’s visit to inaug. Still love Buchanan, also Corcoran. Hard shells shut out of Pierce’s patronage.16 invited guests at dinner the Herald noticed Horatio Seymour, Genl Tallmadge, Chase of Ohio, Ogden hoffman, Corcoran, Genl Sandford, enry Grinnell, Schell Sickles van Buren jr J Oakey Hall etc 18 p1 describe exhibits, Italian ptg all mediocre, sstatuette of Columbus worht notice, ivory crucifix (Lester?), genius of Italy crowning her martyrs of 1848. directors should not have accepted alleg group of Decl of Indep nor given it prominent position, not a work of art, a standing joke, disgrace meanest store in Broadway, don’t leave without seeing it 19 p1 Genl Scott visited Cryst Pal, crowd followed him, those musing on Columbus and Webster, Kiss and Marochetti, all turned to look at him, he admired Thorwaldsen p2 Sunday papers and small dailies v severe on Sedgwick; Trib complains perhaps rightly abt failure to recognize designers and architects of exhib. But press unhappy that Sedgwick sd no blackmail among papers 21 support the Wash Nat Mon Assoc exhib at Cryst Pal 22 Eve Post Express and Comm Adv attacking city council brutally, have lost the corporation advertising; Herald got it instead 23 p1 veiled faces of ITal statuary a perfect triumph, by Monti, Florentine piece of Swiss Tell, great merit, admirable features, faultless. Columbus boldness and vigor. 26 p1 unimpressed by a supposed Guido and Rubens at Cryst Pal 27 Amer dept has too many dags, almost a thousand, as bad as the Am Inst, and piles of soap, Clay, Polk and celeb men. Mike Walsh writing letters for Sunday Papers on official venality in the city 28 Magni’s first steps of infancy, home group speaks to heart, superiority of genius. Cage of cupids trivial. Like exciting Indian and serpent a French sculp, many more Ital sculptures mentioned 29 Cryst Pal, English dept, hi rank statuette of Danl Webster by Ball of Boston, contrasts with one by Carew, which could represent anyone, all should buy Ball’s masterpiece $20. Anthony Piatti who org the US dept of statuary, ok pieces, Borup pupil of Thorwaldsen alleg bas relief of Indep of US, hi rank orig conception and beauty, perfect classic and beaut

August 1853

1 praise Weir’s pilgrims in Rotunda 2 Cryst Pal: visitors of taste and refinement before great Thorwaldsen statues perceive flash of genius, another thinks a great deal ofwork was bestowed on them, another that he stands on holy ground and raises his hat, another kicks the statuary and concludes Marochetti and Kiss are too large to be true, prefers wigmakers. plastic model of Gulliver atttracts attn. Has daily column on it. Lots of coverage of Pilgrim celebration, speeches of Everett etc, in attendance were Simeon Draper, CA Stetson 3 prefer rural gmen who admire everything to un homme blasé who condemn everything, living panorama, buxom wife of six display want of taste by intense admir of Marochetti’s equest washington, one of her sons hates a statue of Emperor of Haiti, family all likes Thorvaldsen. Official catalog bad. Names the kids Henry Clay, Louis Kossuth, GeWash Lafayette 4 like eagle stealing child sculpt. Number of visitors disappointing. Cuba shld be ours, but unlawful seizure not good (Span dislike Soule). 8 have column of City Sketches, walk down Broadway, not reformist, puffs hotels10 hope the Fillmore and Webster whigs will fuse with Demo hard shells in a national Union party. coming storm. 12 memoir of Cole by Noble not well done, diffuse involved and difficult style, orig sources not disting from Noble’s. Tuckerman on Greenough much better, tho would prefer just a collection of his delightful corresp, T doesn’t understand his genial and liberal character, nor does his temper fit him for discussion of cotemporary art or bio. Redfield doing Cary’s Clovernook, exquisite. Mrs E Oakes Smith brilliant, drama, sorry she mixes with degraded class advocating women’s rights. 13 critical of Mirror for attacking Genl Scott thru Dickens, who is broad in his characters 15 Everett fit successor to Webster, Sewardites have rejected him 17 invitation to Belmont for a public dinner. pufffs Collins lines. Buchanan and Sickles friends. 21 people despise Trib, Herald is the paper of the people all over the world,Bennett still in Europe, must promise to give up Slievegammonism, hypocrisy, cant, humbug, claptrap, twaddle and moonshine. 22 p3? Crystal palace: Powers' statuary added, like Strauss? of Rome's Beggar Girl, also the Guardian Angel, pain and grief of starvation and want, every part expresses the subj, hunger and want gnawing at heart, privation,pleads for charity, can't help but filla thrill of sympathy. Ptg fr Italy on unusual material 23 p2 Cryst pal many of ptgs being rought in are mere daubs, not fit for a groggery or baarber shop, don't have an amalgamated pmass of bad pics with spotty masterpieces. covers various other sections in detail. 24 letter critical of Cryst Pal management, miserable fr opening to present, have thought directors just wanted experience, but utter stupidity and want of gd taste; few objects are labelled, in order to encourage sale of catalogs, and labels that exist are wrong (eg. for a beaut landing of the Pilgrims), managers have sneered at press; letter to editor also re meanness of management. 25 Duss donating ptgs to Cryst Pal, can't quite tell if Herald approves. riot at model artists. Santa Anna crit of Herald 27 covering mtgs of American party 29 p1 Cryst Pal, valuable mosaic donated by Pius 9, amusing to note diff tastes by visitors in their walks among art works, one muses on Powers, a voice at his elbow proclaims them all Greek Slaves. Fillmore and Seward were both anti-masons, probably anti masons caused loss of Clay in 1844, but their two factions split the party later. 30 Cryst Pal Pic Gall has rejected many ptgs. takes side of Mdme Sontag and Ullman agst Willis(?) of musical times, I think

Sept 1853 two cents

1 Cryst Pal opening in evening, faults fixed, recommend go. cover house ptrs strike, Huge paws (hard shells) also advertise, have been kicked out of Tammany so meet inStuyvesant 2 support an indep free soil ticket? Free soil papers supporting the administration are Eve Post 9 Pierce erred with his cabinet, introd all the factions of the party and gave them patronage. HErald supports nominating Genl Dix,rather than Cass, to France as does Post 12 gives list of hard demos (Mike Walsh) and soft (Van Buren, Fernando Wood, Wm QUackenbosh). Marcy converted to Van Buren democracy (soft?) in 1852. 16 Bishops let Doune off as he pled indiscretion. 17 says not taking sides in Bedini (who accuses Mazzini et al of atrocities in 1849) versus Gavazzi. Cryst Pal not all we hoped, but still beaut, workmanship on display; just as good tho to walk down Broadway. WRM doing Euro letters. 18 World of Art, gallery ptgs at Cryst Pal, The Herald Comissioner among the pics: 700 ptgs can be seen to advantage, no catalog, one can mistake Duke of Wellington for port of a gman or an old Crusader as Gavazzi without sacrificing one's claim to respectability. Exhib a failure as attempt to show world art, typ of Cryst Pal disappointing, Amer artists not invited, agreed not to send. A small Leutze loses effect, Remb Peale didn't know of boycott, his foreshortening not good, Mount's Interior with negro listeningin foregrd contrib by proprietor. Woodville at Dusseldorf thus his lively Sailor's Wedding, portraits contrib by owners. England even worse off, not even mediocre, no great names, no pre Raph, no Landseer, only wretched Chandos Shakespeare. Doubts authenticity of Vernet. Colin, Perignon bad, etc France not contrib worthy, Winterhalter flatters monarchy over much. Only good ones are the Wreckers and a Bonheur. Dusseldorf men are there in majority, but not best men, like Lessing, but Hasenclever gd, inclu his working man's rights. 19 or Next page: Washington corresp XYZ: Greenough's group being put in a bad position on eastern steps pedestal, noble, caught hunter's expression of determination and solicitude, Indian in rage and disappointment, dog ready to bite, eloq beautiful, life itself, should be on lower pedestal as G wanted, as shld PErsico's. Corresp thinks Persico's is a caricature. 21 school children visit Cryst Pal, variety of ways in which affected by novel sights, 20 in front of Kiss's statue of Amazon, all root for her, speculate on outcome, girls preferred ptgs. Pierce not doing enough to get rid of secessionists and abolitionists (Davis and Marcy), his compromises caused paralysis. 23 Wikoff an English diplomat. 24 critical of interventionism in Europe. puff HW Herbert book. 25 World of Art, sculp at Cryst Pal, herald commissioner among the statues, the most attractive feature of the exhib, has contrib fr intl men of genius. Very rare to have a masterpiece in sculp, power to awaken emotions. Thorwaldsen full of indiv, life. Powers acclaimed, his Greek Slave looks American. Eve more womanly. Galt, Duggan.

            Ball's statuette of Webster one of finest ofbjects, esp compared with Le Carew's. Jones bust of Scott. Piatti Webster wants soul, why did Brown gild his statue? Like Pagani's eve after the fall. Magni, Strazza's Mendicant. Caselli uninspired, Marochetti clumsy, awkward, mishapen, fails in character, Wash a mere good natured old gman riding his estate

26 Union Club inaugurated, Herald cheered at its mtg (Democrats). 30 obit for James Tallmadge, son in law a Van Rensselaer and owner of the Metropolitan. Tallmadge president of Am Inst. General Tallmadge, member of congress, lieut gov, President of NYU, was cool to Clay.

Oct 1853

1 Cryst pal price reduced on Sat. Covers city reform (demo?) movement. 2 p3? Powell's Great Natl Pic: Powell of Cinti, was ordered to select a western subj, magnif chef douevre, subj when Spain was a power despite soldiers' bigoted cruelty to Indians, courage and gallantry, Soto had army of 600 men, killed lots of Indians, Powell makes the most of moment of sighting Mississippi, hero on fiery white horse conspic, splendid caparison, white friar on donkey, intense satisfaction, tgiving, cluster of Indian tents fantastically frescoed, warriors in costumes, old chief with pipe of peace and profound humility, younger man more defiant, nearly naked damsels perfection of Indian beauty recline with peace offerings. foregrd wounded soldiers, priests raise cross. Have whole story of span conquest, cannon and cross. All true historically and true to nature, nothing strained, all spirited 5 obit for James G King, senior partner in banking house, member of Cong fr NJ (formerly Prime Ward and King banking. Elected Whig 1848 to house with brother JOhn A King of Long Island, Episc. Full page story on NY ragpickers. 10 p3? The Art Union Revival: epoch of revivals, Seward as candidate for Pres, Van Buren dynasty, and AU claims to odium, Powell's magnif ptg, brought here to exhibit, AU offered his gallery, then told him of charge $1500 a year, wrote letter to GW Asten as treasurer that Herald publishes. Powell's ptg had been in same place as Leutze's GW crossing Delaware. His brother is Gen Powell of Ohio. Austen told him it would be good to get people to see the AU ptgs to be sold at auction. Herald adds that the AU tried to prevent Congress fr giving him the commission in the first place. Will move to NAD.  Covers Am Inst, notes political character of its origins. 11 Art and Artists, our expose yesterday of treatment of Powell created indignation, hostile feeling toward him of long standing, AU people sent an agent to Wash to defeat his proposition. Note Mrs Steel, a native of state, genius in mini ptgs, modest and unobtrusive. 12 call O'Sullivan a filibuster, says Lester should defend his char fr assaults of Cabinet organ in Washington, think he has been slandered and shld defend himself 13 Simeon Draper suspended, worry re a panic 14 hostile to Brit aristo. really defends Lester, who defends himself the next day and attacks Marcy 16 crit of Pierce appointments, singles out Belmont for attack as monarchical 17 denies that Herald was paid to support Pierce, or paid to assail him, or paid by Geo Law, nor does Seward write for them, nor did Bennett get turned down for an office 18 Conway's Dick the Newsboy for Mrs Barney Williams, Dick's moral and political reflections taken from the Herald, but we prefer them in the paper. Bennett did ask admin to give CE Lester a small consulate, which was refused. (still in Europe), editor goes on to once again attack Belmont as a Jew clerk fr Frankfort, along with French red repub paragraphist (Soule) to Spain, or an English broken down socialist for Naples 20 gives theaters in order of how much profits they make, Broadway first, then Burton's, Wallack's, Bowery, and National. Niblo's varies. Attack O'Sullivan, a gman and scholar, clever, but not a man of business, shouldn't be appointed, wants tact and industry, shouldn't get office. Reviews newspapers, Wall st journals small circ, Times catching up with Trib as confines itself to sphere of Home J, light reading at a small cost, lack of intellectual vigor and business ability hardly noticed 22 Pierce and Marcy tilting too free soil, now wish we'd voted for Scott 22 HIram Ketchum unhappy with how his speech was reported, sends Richard Sutton's version of it 24 Barnum's ad campaign for Jenny Lind has brought more speculators, Catharine Hayes, fair vocalist and pretty voice failed, from deficiency of talent or Philistines. Alboni failed. Mdme Sontag successful but no Lind because no furore. Bennett back, and says Belmont tried to put down Pierce and raise Buchanan improperly, and he ought to have joined Trib in denouncing him 25 p1 McGee on Columbus and discovery of America as a Catholic triumph at Tabernacle, and Park Benjamin on Americanisms at Hope Chapel to Columbian Lit club, abt 50, says we are a utilitarian nation, fall below small Euro cities in beaut and archit, latter is imitative, have but one sculptor, only orig creation are ships. Imitate social and polit aristo, negro slavery and slaves to great men, govt practice is aristo, slaves of Caucus and Convention, really great men don't hld office, fashion panders to foreign, constantly give titles, critical of annexation, negro singing, we rush too much, whittle too much, he delighted in antique witticisms, tried to make auditors laugh. 26 satirizes Dana of Trib for his constant replies to toasts to the press, Raymond also makes speeches and wants flowing report of his stagnant talks 26 Post and Times (more slippery) untiring abolitionists. Uncle Tom's Cabin a tthe National is depraved trash, Garrison propaganda, humanitarian sentiments a code word 29 again attacks Pierce appointing Robt Dale Owen, Foresti, O Sullivan, Soule. 30 in NJ demos id'd with rrd influ, whigs opposed to rrd monopoly 31 TW Strong office right next to Herald's 31 critical of Westervelt for not increasing police pay and urging them to exploit those they protect, as bad as tipping waiters. Scoville started new paper the Charivari, hits on politicians. Times is the Cabinet organ (Marcy), only allies in city are free soilers and Van Burenites and abolit

November 1853

1 City reform movement, want new charter, 6th ward reform assoc headed by MS Beach. p2 Cryst Pal subj of sermon by HW Bellows, benefactor, diffusion of luxury. Edmonds, a demo all his life, complains he's been proscribed for his relig beliefs p4 long review of UTC at Natl, doesn't believe it is dissem abolit influ 2 overall theater crit approves of Burton's not working on star syst. 6 New city archit, progress, streets of straggling homes replaced by regular ornamented rows, has a character its own, have erred in simplicity and meretricious decorations esp among our artists. Look at that store in Broadway, inharmonious, orig a fine massive substantial struc but intro of iron pillars disproportionate give idea of elephant on ostrich legs. But nothin on Euro scale for churches. City Hall at variance with rules of art, medley of orders mixed up with inventions, Dutch Corinthian, no harmony and simplicity. Prefer Custom Hse, ok if looks like Temple of Minerva. Merchants Exchange wants grandeur. But we triumph in domestic archit. p4 NJ AU, closing and giving funds to charity, unlike Broadway Art Union, whose funds like collections for Irish rebellions and Father Mathew disappear like the woolly horse 7 Nat Demo papers that support Geo W Clinton, the NAt Demo is only one in NYC p.3 Art in Washington, Guire and Corcoran colll open to public, Corocoarn in romanesque style, recess oppos entrace for Powers Greek Slave, Mercys Dream on one wall, beneath is Cole's magnif Middle ages. Mills' equestrian statue of Jackson bold, natural, admirable, Wash mon circular temple a great incongruity. Smithsonian striking, worthy contrib. Quite detailed analysis, technical. New group by Greenough just opened, Powell youngest to get a national commission, not inferior, west will prodcue the grandest in future 8 Boucicault not orig but entertaining. 9 starting column on fashion. 13 Bedini invited to visit public charities by the mayor, went with Hughes 14 critical of city reformers, taxes not the problem, it's how they're spent, critical of Flagg a bit too, new elected officials (Whigs) arrow minded to understand duty. Clover of this city on behalf of Belmont talked to us in favor of sustaining Buchanan, as did Marcy himself before the nomination 16 notes Casali's Crusader, advoc Young Italy, starting as antidote to Freeman's journal which maintains all th dogmas of the middle ages and all the miracles, McMasters spirit and talent. Crusader is full of life, intellect, talent mod philos and v little credulity. 17 p3 Lewis P Clover letter to editor, acknowl his support for Buchanan, but disclaims any associ with Marcy, not a sound hunker. Bennett has hated Marcy for 20 years. 20? Art and Artists, Doughty the finest lscape ptr in Am, series of four seasons, at Wms and Stevens, Powell De soto worth a visit 21 NY Express, conducted by an exmember of Congress and a Senator elect to this state, is hostile to the south and proSeward?. covers Raphall lectures. 25 JOhn Mitchel bio. Barnum's Illus News burst, says he lost $40,000 26 Herald has alw approved Julia Dean, sent a reporter to Broadway, wrote a severe crit, her dad writes to complain, they sent another reporter who did a more favorable one 27 p4 no dept of paper given more trouble of late than our criticism, we tell reprters be just, but get lots of complaints. Do artists want crit or puffery? Not really many cabals of critics who unjustly destroy artist, critics have reps to defend too. Puffs are easier and cheaper, but don't do any good 30 new political appointee (Forney, a friend of Forrest) causing them to revisit the divorce trial, doesn't really attack Forrest. Greeley and Brooks at war.

December 1853

1 p1 Powell's ptg and Putnam's Mag, savage onslaught, alm barbaric in its taste, on great natl ptg. Putnam's curiously managed by young men abt town, Putnam tells them to pitch into all their subjects. 2 p3 Boucicault's new comedy Fox Hunt at Burton's much applause, but some critics claim plagiarism, Herald takes B's side p. 5? Fine Arts: more on Powell, long defense (fr Powell's pamphlet, plus Mr T Doughty's Seasons, four lscapes set in NY, consider sentiment, manner, originality, mechanical execution; quite methodical and extensive, approves but quarrels with theatrical elements or bits in bad taste. Has soul, glows with natural beauty, for sale $1000 each. 5 p2 Powell and his great ptg, will leave soon, has been discussed by newsp critics in this city of all kinds and all tempers. small critics who write for the Sunday press censure it without knowing any thing of the subj, only Putnam's condescended to be a common scavenge of the filty vituperation. every true lover of art has acknowl hi merits. Brady has daguerreotyped it. Powell will stay in city in studio on upper Broadway, only artist of eminence now in the city. 6 agree that JOhn Mitchel shld start a paer, would sweep out weak sikly newspapers, end their imbecile struggles, affect even organ of Hughes, will fall out with McMasters, who will battle him and Casali at Crusader, while Irishman Felon and Nation have index to Mitchel's style. Character of NY Press, greatest rascals profess morality, Times supports bad man in sneaking way (Forney again) 9 Boucicault at Wallack's good 10 McElrath wants to raise price of Trib and Herald at same time to 3 cents. Have been covering the Fry trial, but I haven't caught any of it, but Revoil involved. 11 table of relig beliefs of editors, Geo B Butler is Pesbyt? Beach bros are congreg, friends of Beecher, Raymond presbyt. Chauncey Burr of Nat Demo no church, Nat Demo by childs may be methodist, mostly custom house. Comm Adv methodist. Bigelow same church as Van Buren. Fuller unknown. James Brooks a Webb style Episcopalian, low church; Erastus brooks formerly Unitarian but now silver grey. From evidence in Fry case (Great Operatic Case), oyster house critics (Foster evidence) taken by hm to Keefe cellar and fed, inclu RG White, Foster of Trib, Jim Otis of Express, and others, also maye got money 12 v crit of Irish journals keeping readers ignorant, encouraging relig strife, abusing Meagher, being badly written, inclu Truth Teller Irish Am Freemans J Am Celt and Shepherd of the Valley, instruments of clergy. 15 p4 Fry verdict, we accused him of incompetence, maltreating artists, admitting to house persons who souldn't have been there. Testimony (inclu Maretzek) to this all proven. Revoil and Suydam testified that unrespectable persons were admitted, frenchmen procured to swear that Revoil should not be believed and didn't pay tailor bills, but contradicted. we will still tell the truth; others may be reduced by fear of fine to puffery. 16 public opinion on Fry verdict agreed with Herald except Times and Trib, where Fry's brother works, case originated in envy. 17 critical of Cath church's opposition to Euro republicanism, honoring of Bedini, hostility to Meagher and Mitchel, support of separate schools, for fomenting Know Nothings (street preachers are anti-Catholic). Times published garbled account of Fry libel suit, Fry suit was the design of a clique, the selfsstyled codfish aristo, design is to overthrow a journal indep of clique, party and set, faithful to cause of the people instead, Extremely hostile to Pierce and his administration, for supporting free soilers esp. 18 p3 JET on the Fine Arts: the critic of the Trib and Powell's Pg (crit pub last Saturday), says is being bullied, and public being imposed on, condemns congressional committee as purchased by lobbyists and having bad taste, ignorant. Herald suggests Trib crit has monopoly of intellig and good taste. Trib creates analogy betw mode of choosing ptg subj and manner of execution, same spiteful feeling, augmented self importance. Evil genius pursues Trib critic. Points out his errors of looking. Trib objects to subj as not having a great historical end and elevated feeling, like Pilgrims or Penn or GW, Trib wants subjects that have no actual action, and are less pictque than Soto. Trib real objection is lack of grand heroic purpose and moral interest, need to explain what Trib means with this, he doesn't esteem the erection of fourteen hundred miles of cities on Miss shores, a triumph not of gold but of land. Also extract fr June 11 1853 Trib a sketch on De Soto that contradicts its complaints about accuracy in Powell. Calls Trib critic writing in Chawles Yllowplush style of vulgarity (flippant). Critic is the one who imposes on the public, doesn't do research. Distinguished ornament of Chawles Yellowplush school in Putnam's does same errors, and are also devoid of artistic skill. He objects to hi authority to substantiate the claims of a work of art to public appreciation and speaks contemptuously of other critics who do. Trib likes foregrd best, artistic critic writes as if describing legs of mutton. True historic style not about the proportions of a fig, but in composition. Horse is good--objections to it are hackneyed. Trib wants the middle ground ptd with same force as foregrd, grossest ignorance, would destroy aerial perspective, resut a Chinese ptg or screen. Sets Hogarth as counter to Thackeray.  p4 defends free speech, even unpleasant or offensive (self serving though). Wants a third party. Trib accusation of blackmail, their job printing office like C&E failed, why they accuse us 19 p3 3 of 5 Sunday papers siding with Fry. Irish riots due to Catholic clergy.20 Mitchel banquet led by Chas O'Conor, Meagher, NB Blunt, John McKeon, ex Mayor Kingsland. Fish, Seward, Wainwright etc sent letters. 21 p2 covers Boucicault's lecture at HOpe Chapel on Woman, her rights and wrongs, a great cause, worst enemy is she who demands too much. Woman has no natural rights, naturally a slave. Has not constitutional rights but privileges, depend on chivalry of men, but has great moral influence, we owe the purity of modern society and its respectability. How far can this privilege be extended without endangerng it and causing disorganization. Dismisses voting and governance, but says ok for ministers, if not to mixed assemblies. Lit and art ok, no other professions, and only if childless and unmarried. 23 Times is sneaking disingenuousness rather than Trib's outspoken candor. Says Bennett endorsed Maine law when he returned from the continent, explaining the paper's change of position? Defends Maretzek agst Times and Trib. Supports Mitchel's Citizen, but warns him abt being too anti-British/Angl-Saxon 24 Fine Arts: Sale of pics at the Acad of Design, 125 oils, fr 50 cents to $40, mediocre talent or no merit, all sorts of subjects, some fine Duss pics, most pics brought price of their frames. a pretty Inness lscape sold for $24, frame $16. Harris, Duss, GH Hall well done Head of a Cavalier $7, not quite price of frame. Boutelle oval lscape not equal to his usual $16. The few gd pics went alm unnoticed. Disagree with C&E, aristocratic oligarchy rules England, not Commons (or Queen as Boucicault says). Covers the various New England Society events. 25 Tribune was mouthpiece for fire chief Carson's enemies 26 p5 reviews Cryst Pal, as financial spec not successful, erros of managers early on, but genl character of exhib noble, beneficial influ, and in the fine arts exceeded the London exhib, tho no more than 17 ptgs and 37 sculps by Americans, nor have many of the objects fond purchasers 27 Times indulges in luxury of a 'musical critic' and supposes public reads the articles, has libelled Boucicault re plagiarism in play Fox Hunt sold to Burton as an orig.

missing Jan-Feb 1854, Sept-December 1854

*Missing Oct-Dec of 1855.

Herald online 19th c newspapers

March 1854 (skipped Jan-Feb in microfilm) NYPL mfilm

disapprove of Edwin de Leon adopting European court dress in Egypt. Support the Nebraska bill. Wanted Pierce’s cabinet to repudiate free soil (and Redfield as collector) as a failed coalition, seems to hate Pierce, a free soiler at heart who pretended to promote the compromise. 6 excerpt Sunday Atlas and Dispatch, both of whom have reps on Aldermanic board, urge them to clean the streets. 7 sale of pews at Rev Saml Osgood church of the messiah, Van Schaick, BJ Howland, Geo Bancroft, Thom Tileston also donated. 10 calls the demo party the ‘happy family’ but wants to drive out free soilers, Dixes, Van Burens etc., as does Fernando wood in Tammany. disapprove flogging in schools. 12 doing series on Abbott’s egyptian coll 15 Redfield denies being anti-slavery. John A King and Curtis Noyes are anti slavery, or at least anti Nebraska bill, as are Moses Grinnell, Peter Cooper, Bradish, Ogden Hoffman, Robt B Minturn, Havemeyer, Knapp, Van Schaick, Charles King, HW Bellows, Henry Nicoll, Eleazar Parmley John Haggerty Blatchford, Loomis, Olphant, Roosevelt, Robt L Stevens, Silliman, Azariah Flagg, Chapin, Bryant Hoxie, ED Hurlbut, Ketcham, BF Butler. Cryst Pal is an abortive speculation. Have the city advertising. 17 Henry C Watson starting new musical journal, his earlier ones have died. Pro Nebraska mtg in Tammany had Purdy, Redfield, Tiemann Joseph Haggerty, Tillou Wm Quackenbush, Wood Scoville of the Pick gets big inheritance. Pierce is weak and foolish. long descr of new Acad of Music. Like Harper’s and Putnam’s., thinks heir catalog of the Cryst Pal exhib is admirable esp engravings. Geo Sanders’ letters pub in Herald got him recalled fr London. 20 Day Book made a rep on Foster’s spicy city articles and advocacy of the South; Foster left in 1852 though, so in January of 1854 Stimson hired Wright of New Jersey on Hall of Comm Adv recommendation. Wright took it for a subsidy to Pierce admin, backed by John Van Buren, but this position lost it subscribers. Stimson fired Wright and Day Book resumed old tone, and GG Foster back. 21 beautiful Mrs Ellet asks Herald to notice rapper Cath Fox. Notes the disparity betw social power at anti-Nebraska group and Rynders backers of Nebraska bill (inclu thomas Dunlap of Pewter Mug) 24 lambastes Pierce, foreign policy in terms of missions also idiotic, ignorant country gman to Paris, English socialist to Naples, itinerant scribbler to Turin, French adventurer to Madrid, only Buchanan good, gave fresh life to free soilism. They regret Scott. 25 More on Scoville, prominetn politician at Tammany, secty to Calhoun while he was head of State. Kossuth advocates for Sanders; Herald didn’t support either of them. Scott for Pres.

April 1854

1 The Fine Arts in America mean ptg, except for Powers, Crawford and Ball Hughes. Codfish aristo offer too little money for a good pic, artist refuses, forces to auction. Doughty, Kensett, Hicks and Elliott show there are gd artists. Codfish only buy names. Artists are advanced in taste beyond patrons. Art Union swindle caused a movement agst them, be cautious about aiding such schemes. On politics of newspapers: Cinti Times is demo, favors Nebraska. NY Express is Whig, opposed to Nebraska. NY Nat Demo favors Neb. Trib and Times, C&E and Comm Adv, Whig and opposed. Post Dem and opposed. J of Commerce favors Neb. NY Demo favors Neb.

            Cinti Gazette is Whig and opposed, Cinti Commercial is Demo and Opposed, Cinti Columbian is opposed, Cinti Enquirer is Demo and favors, and Cinti Sun is opposed.

Know Nothings are a humbug.  Moral drama of Hot Corn at the Bowery theater is unlike reality, beneath crit; elsewhere called Hot Corn obscene. Approves John Genin’s street sweeping. Apr 8 1854, vandals destroyed Pope’s block of marble for Wash monument, barbarians

10 crit of Astor Library’s exclusiveness. 16 Letter to the editor on Forrest, very mixed on him as a Shakespearean tragedian 18 notes investigation of Columbia Coll by leg on basis of Prof Gibbs candidacy for chemistry prof, think it’s small potatoes, partisans only get excited when it’s a question of spoils. 19 Webb is in London to sell stock he has interest in. Not sure Barnum can revitalize Cryst Pal, may be a humbug. Don’t like Homestead bill. 21 Dont want a formal Central Park, or corrupt jobbing 22 Barnum has agreed to advertise in ea of daily papers except the Herald up to $500, and ea of Sunday papers to $5. 24 has Newark Advertiser letters on artists in Italy, TB Read, Edw White, Kellogg, Tait, Hart 26 The Fine Arts: NAD open last four weeks, closed last night, successful, creditable, only sin lack of orig in conception and execution 27 rejection of Gibbs is good, a check to infdelity; intolerant to reject a Baptist or Catholic, but not a Unitarian

NYPL mfilm reel starting with May 1854

3 Chapin supports Maine law, supports Carson's crit of fire dept., think should go with paid dept. crit of Pierce for vetoing land bill for lunatic asylums, and approving one for rrd stock jobbers. 5 Genin would be a good mayor. Know nothings are former whigs.6 long puf of redecorated Niblo's Joseph Allegri scene drop of American Progress, Liberty supported by art and industry, mechanic skill etc 14 Anti Nebraska mtg in Park, Bryant, MH Grinnell, Alf Pell, John Jay, Saml Ruggles RW Griswold, AG Stout, Geo T Strong, Robt L Stuart, BF Butler, JE Cooley, JA Dix, Jon Van Buren SB Ruggles, HJ Raymond, NB BluntHiram Ketchum, Rev Chapin Robt Minturn, Chas King John Bigelow AC Flagg, Wilson G Hunt, Robt L Stevens, R Hoe, Thos McElrath. herald calls them anti slavery agitators, gathering of disunionists, 1000 people, Herald approves the bill, despite mistrusting Pierce, it's constitutional. 18 Mowatt at Niblo's. Isherwood painting for Wallack's. 19 Bennett will be leaving for Europe in a few weeks. mocks book exposing the Know Nothings. 21 Mike Walsh supports Neb bill. Like McKenney of Indian affairs. Putnam's for May is good, agree with stance on neutrality in east. Re (fr Richmond examiner) Raymond of the Times, borrows his lit crit fr Trib, practicality and indep fr Herald, parasite of Webb and flunkey, was in favor of intl copyright til a Harpies Brother became partner, trade like the Harpies has been to batten on others. Herald says portraits are dashed off in broad, vigorous masterly style after manner of Annibal Caracci, a little sharp and cutting in the outlines, but bold relief the disting traits, coloring subdued, could have more details, but happy conception will please connoisseurs more than elab attempts. Praises Mrs Cazneau, but imbecile foreign policy. Fanny Fern good, wish she would do higher style of lit. US Review for June comes down on NP Willis, better crit judgment than usual, public taste consigns him to bourne 29 1842 thanks to natives John McKeon in strong demo district lost to whig Ham Fish, feared Irish would not be elected, dissension spread, so native Amer org principally of demos formed in 1843 to protest giving offices to Irish demos, got Mangle M Quackenbos a lot of votes and whigs almost beat demos. in 1844, whigs tried to unite with natives to defeat the demos, got Harper and a native Am common council, but not enough of demo natives voted for Clay. In spring of 1845, whigs separated from natives, and natives dwindled. (Howard hotel was early hq of native party in 30s). In 1848 natives supported Taylor. 

June 1854

3 manifest destiny of negro is servitude, grievous ijustice to Indian but land can't stay idle. MEtropolitan papers, lists daily papers discontinued since 1820, (32), but big change is really in circulation numbers, from 17,000 total issues to lots 4 Columbia troubles: expulsion of entire sophomore class, fired torpedoes in chemistry, complaint fr same quarters at rejection of Wolcott Gibbs, taught the student ok to disrespect laws of college agst an infidel in the chair, false lure of toleration, young rushed toward error, Gibbs has led to contempt for all constituted authority, irrelig is followed by lawlessness. Putnam's readable, review of Comte similar to others, poetry not as gd as usual. Harper's editor's table, easy chair and drawer abt as stupid as usual. Ok with Bee Hunter stories fr Appleton's. Wetmore active at NYHS. 8 critical of reform Council and its city charter, committee ought to be dead not congraulating themselves, as badly governed as before if not worst, only Genin successful, Herald supports strong mayor charter, their charter ties hands of city 11hard shells who oppose the admin, Neb bill and Douglas,  hards led by Walsh oppose Pierce, support Neb and Douglas. Free soil soft shells led by Walker, Rynders, Cochrane, support admin and Douglas. Soft shell free soilers under Benj Butler Van Buren and Eve Post, support Pierce and spoils but hate Nebraska. Soft shell trumpet True Nat Demo violent agst M Doheny and Irish catholics as anti republican, despite being an organ of admin; because Irish are hard shells. 12 after 1844 election, Trib denounced native Am for defeating Clay by not voting fr him, only have acted together to elect a few candidates since, like Whitney to the Senate. Herald hopes natives will defeat whigs in upcoming elections, might support Bradish agst a Seward candidate 13 attacks True Nat Dem again, says it is a Pierce paper, trying to trade Irish vote for Know Nothings (Herald doing this to attack Pierce) 15 city reform movement and charter are worthless and absurd 17 calls Cryst Pal a colossal humbug, not the architects' fault. Mrs Southworth book power and originality 19 JOhn W Clayton of Delaware is a Know Nothing 20 free soil soft shells hostile to Know Nothings and True Nat Demo, but swallow Neb bill, and hard shells will follow. Seward Whigs also separatefr KN. 22 Lit Institutions of NY 25 Herald, KN and Irish, Know Nothings are illiberal, Irish are too quick to disobey the laws. It's a right to be prejudiced, but foreign etc will be respected by thinking men 30 celeb of Battle of Monmouth in NJ

July 1854

2 Herald actually quite critical of KN prejudice. stopped after the 4th.

skipped to Sept 1854

11 Geo Ticknor one of Webster's best friends will edit Webster's memoirs and corresp 14 Erie rrd stock dropped steeply in last few weeks, fr 80 to 29, bankrupt speculators suffer more than Five Points when can't have usual Wednesday dinner party, encourage missionary societies to send trusty man to them to find out if any stray notions of relig or morality ever found their way to those parts 16 finale of Erie war, court judgment will hurt Erie rrd and city 18 excerpts Sunday Times and Sunday Courier, calls them oyster house politicians


I skipped to Jan 15; they approve Henry Wise's strong progressive VA policy, demo. Comptroller Flagg is tied to abolition/Evening Post (but J of Commerce supporting him too). critical of fancy balls being given to raise money for food for the poor. 16 praising Know NOthing as great national conservative movement, non intervention in state affairs, wary of foreign acquisitions. Critical of Wikoff, Barnum (criminal) and Greeley (dull) books, Wikoff like Chesterfield in lack of moral principle and heroic sentiment of action. Wikoff a Rousseau dashed with modern politician and financier; precedd Barnum in theatrical humbug. Has a column on Fashion and Famine, 8000 unemployed workmen on 5th ave, mass mtgs and processions; Herald recommends public works/improvements. 18 Wikoff was at fancy ball for the poor, as was John Van Buren. Astor house club ball had Simeon Draper, Coleman and Stetson of the hotel, General Morris. 20 disapproves of strikes, can't interfere in market. Until Acad of music changes its European plan of exclusive favoritism and pprejudcies, won't be successful. Mocks the Natl Democrat, the Daily Times, Post and Mirror. Praise Mayor Wood. 23 Geo Sanders supports Geo Law, new rrds bridges canals steamers for Sanders to make money; Herald tries to align KNow Nothings agst Seward 26 p1 mocks Broadway churches for their fine architecture and no real religion 27 Know Nothing are pro temperance, wholesome revolution, great moral reform, better than Maine law at getting rid of drunkenness in elections etc 28 Acad of music, ministers to silly pride and vanity of a class, high prices, remote and classic temple. Putnam's becoming too political, articles on foreign and home policy not orig nor strong, ought to leave politics to the newspapers, whose proper business it is, and confine itself to artistical dilletantism, in which it more especially excells. Jonathan Slick's Hi Life in NY not faithful to nature, lit caricature, , amusing features Bunce pub. New French paper Progres, able, moderate, Malespine and contrib connected with communist Republicain, but no longer extreme.29 Know Nothing pamphlets invoke spirit of 76, anti-Jesuits, Freq compares Acad o Music to Erie rrd, both looking for loans and bailouts 

Feb 1855

1 mocks Sunday laws 3 silver gray whigs are feeble, puerile grumblers. NYDispatch advertises.4 deny that Wikoff is emissary of Russia in NY (way London Times explains Herald's support for Russia?), mentions his failure to run a Demo paper in NY, then tried Demo MOnthly Review but that was a loss, in 1849 began writing in French journals on US and Louis Napoleon, was employed by Palmerston in Brit Foreign office to write for press to support friendship betw France, Engl and the US. Worried Know Nothings might ally with abolitionists. Like Abbott's Napoleon in Harper's 5 Literary World column critical of absurd advertising system that puffs FAshion and Famine Fern Leaves rather than Kirkland, Sedgwick, lowell good, Alice Carey finest poet of her sex except Barrett Browning, Magoon on xtian art will be valuable, sad re death of John W Francis Jr son of Dr Francis, contrib to periodical lit, Henry James able metaphysician. Disapproves of patent extension bill, Colt has made enough money. 6 has been critical of Flagg putting city money in Mechanics Bank, which is loaning money to a rrd that he is an investor in, J of Commerce still defending him and the allies in Europe 7 approve wood's city charter, 8 v crit of Know NOthings for supporting Seward, result of Neb bill arousing antislavery sentiment, KN can't resist it 9 Wood in danger, city reform a few years ago, Peter Cooper figure head and Flagg took in the public. 10 Pierce and Democrats supporting the Colt patent extension bill 12 Henry Wise claims the Know NOthings are all Unitarians. Clarifies position on KN a bit, favors assimilation of ethnic groups 15 turns on Henry Wise. 17 Rev Thomas L Harris a Universalist, spiritualist. Brittan is a spiritualist publisher, as is Partridge, ex gov Tallmadge, Edmonds 18 Fry libel verdict reversed, new trial granted, Herald had a private enemy in previous jurty, public now knows importance of liberty of press, newspapers must be allowed to criticize. Fry was supported by clique of codfish aristo, try to crush journal hostile to them as a class, jury had men concerned with plaintiff's backers.. journals of Paris do not even dare to mention the names of political men, have lashed the theatres withunbridled severity. Support Pope's immaculate conception, purity of women 23 lots on Order of Unit Americans, Thos R Whitney, John Bell. Webb and C&E adore Britain, which is allied with abolitionists 25 plan to sue Trib (Fry, McElrath, both Brooks) for libel, revive blackmail charge in Rosina Townsend case 27 crit of Bill Poole and bloody gangs. Geo Law will likely accept Know Nothing candidacy, speculation in market for artillery and steamships 28 cotton aristo of Boston is codfish of NY, 5th Ave 

March 1855

1 denies Herald has advanced KNow NOthingism, gives credit instead to Pierce, Douglas, Cass and leading demos, who appoint incompetent foreigners and disunionists, Neb bill. Has post office ads. Critical of Pierce for opposing subsidy to Collins steamers. 6 long praise of Law, who disclaims any persecution of Cath or adopted citizen, tho is anticlerical, conservative Union party 8 denies that Bennett or Herald have anything to do with Memoirs of Life and times of JG Bennett, not authorized, don't know who wrote it, don't think it's Wikoff 10 Kossuth was a Hungarian Barnum, as proven by letters he is writing. Bill Poole one of young men circa 20 years ago beat up people at elections, employed by one party or another (but has lots on his funeral) 11 Lights and Shadows of NY Life on first page 21 Alderman Williamson supports Alderman Kelly's desire to know nationality of members of the Board (of council?) 21 Edw Fry music critic at Trib describes Forrest's Hamlet as all wrong, cold audience, maudlin, coarse vigor, defiles fairest creations, ought to be punished for asserting this, as good a ground for libel 22 oyster house critics warring agst Forrest, don't know why, now attack his Richelieu, critic butcher should be at Sebastopol. R de T (Trobriand is theater critic and penny a liner to a French journal, alw in debt 23new oyster house crit at Trib hotter than ever on Forrest as Othello, for not meeting critic's ideal, Herald says he is the great Amer tragedian, but Trib crit is an abolitionist, don't think Forrest can be genteel negro, Forrest does not make him black or sleek or smooth enough for amalgamation critic, recommends Broadway manager try Fred Douglass. People support Forrest. Acad of Music now under James Phalen and Mr Colt, Wikoff will help, Maretzek, Ital opera may finally succeed.

Mfilm March 24, 1855 p8 The Fine Arts: NAD. Art not flourishing, Cryst Pal gallery had a great many bad and a few gd ones, Duss coll failed to pay expenses. Except Landseer’s Twins and Scheffer’s Tempt of Christ and Doughty’s delicious Seasons free on Broadway, no art since. Our artists busy portrait ptg, as can be seen at NAD. 100 of 278 are portraits, no marines except clever Newport studies by Kensett, two animal ptgs, all else lscapes.

            Cropsey June Morning delicious, rich, warm true artistic love. Gignoux sunrise in winter meritorious, not enough spirit in figs, dull and depressed. Jenkins port gd, Hicks’ port of Lucretia Mott one of best in exhib, benevolent countenance beaming fr platform of abolit mtgs, ray of sunshine in cloudy sky. Cropsey Mt Wash, forte not grand and rugged, better at ideal rural beauty. Mooney port of Mayor Westervelt gd easy natural, city has cut price for Mayors and governors, artist should go on strike. Baker’s portrait of LM Hoffman occupies too much space. Cafferty 42 gman has been reading a wall st journal and looks very unamiable, fall in cotton perhaps causes his savage expression. Boutelle one of his best, bold, varied, trout stream with angler. Elliott  of Conover and West of Almshouse. Hasenclever Politicans, v well executed. Powell’s port of Mrs Doolittle, dress cant be commended, constrained attitude, awkward. Hicks port lady walking with violets, not beaut enough for prominence of it, arm looks paralyzed, odious green glove, nothing to commend but drapery. Blauvelt Germ immig, capital in Duss school, clever expressions. Hart nice, agreeable. Oertel Country connoisseurs, decided success, boy in foregrd seems to have stepped fr furrow. Hays dogs, his Skye terrier not enuf spirit to justify title Wide Awake. Oertel Captive Soul, alleg, woman chained to rock, eyes to heaven, merit, expression well enough, design carried out, color and drapery not gd. Tait second shot, attracts deserved attn., connoisseurs will like. Kensett Oct day, mechanically perfect, rich and warm. Hart Olden Time, feudal castle etc, foregrd figs grouping not natural, won’t bear examination. Ranney evening on meadows, good. Darley  clever. Richards mtn stream, water and sky v gd. Church Falls, 74, this is best of his, water and spray vivid. Cafferty Mrs Phelps most striking. Durand summerafternoon, pleasant. Boyle’s WW Fosdick excellent.

            Lists others worthy of attn., Mount, Darby, Shegogue, Casilear, Brewerton, Lazarus, Stearns, Kellogg, Fisher, Blondell, Lanman, Taggart etc.

            Watercolors are by foreign artists, not national, Fink, Ruskin study, sketchy memento. Magoon’s collection.

March 25 p1 Mass mtg in Hoboken, in favor of incorporation, TW Whitley addresses it. p4 puffs Brady, promotes Live Oak George, like Edw K Collins and Cornelius Vanderbilt, front rank of progressive movement of the age, not a vulgar pretender. Raymond the politician in Albany not in agreement with his own paper. 26 Trib backing down on Forrest  29 support Wood mass arrests of prostitutes, even tho picked up respectable. Hot Corn lit geniuses of papers have a life of Poole, will ask for a monument to him in Bowling Green, Park or UnionXquare next 30 covers fundraiser for No Am phalanx, Mr Hosmer spoke 31 more on oyster house critics war on Forrest, Tom Hyer (prizefighting) style of subterranean critics, may be right about his Shakespearean roles, but he is raking in money fr publicity. Those who opposed Woodwere wrong.

April 1855

4 Trib crit still rabid agst Forrest's Macbeth, there are half a dozen diff interpretations, perhaps should sue 8 former Herald men estab Alta California, named Conner, another one at another San Fran paper. J of Commerce joining Trib in encouraging support for Kansas anti-slavery papers 11 New oyster house crit onslaught of fustian chop logic pedantic rigmarole, indig and disgust on Forrest in Trib. who is he? British, younger son of a noble family, erved some six years in Parliament, flourished as lion at West End, autocrat at theaters and operas, critic of fair sex, Madeira, fast horses and fox hounds, studying Amer democracy; an abolitionist, a socialist, a visionary cockney republican, model in theater is tame and dyspeptic Macready so Forrest too powerful bold and manly, wants a dandy Othello. Maine law killed Brevoort house hotel. Hughes is attacking Senaor and editor Brooks of Express. 13 p1 has letter fr Appleton Oaksmith, re his brother who is US commercial agent in Hayti, 47 Pearl st to editor of evening post, saying attack on him Mar 24th in Post and copied in Herald Times Express etc is vindictive malice, false, liar. Sidney Oaksmith represented US for two years, satisfaction to all Americans, was partner in house of S Oaksmith & Co with Charles Loring, native of Haiti. Left island because of illness. 15 Putnam's under new proprietor maintains hi character Putnam's discrimination and enery had won for it, except for man-worship article on Rufus Choate papers free fr anti slavery, circ should improve without politics. Slashing notice of Abbott's life of Napoleon too severe. Know Nothings mtg in Astor House without George. 16 liquor dealers may withdraw ads fr Trib Times comm Adv and J of Commerce, transfer it to News, Eve Mirror, Day Book. 18 Know Nothings allied with abolitionists in North, and ultra pro slavery in the South. Astor house for last ten or 15 years been hq of Seward junta, where can they get drink now? 22 p1 has long admiring notice of Wm North and his slave of the lamp, symp profile. Trib crit who hates Forrest trying to make way for Aldridge a black American tragedian. Herald music critic is native of Boston, 3-4 generations. 23 Trib has paid 5-7,000 in libel suits this last year, Express and Sun too 25 Thos McElrath of Trib also President of Nassau bank 29 describes New Union Club house on 5th ave, mocks its members as rich but useless, president Chas King of Columbia, editorial also attacks superannuated old fogies of clubs, exclusive institutions hostile to woman's rights, nursery for old bachelors, but lets them nullify the liquor law

May 1855

1 new life of Sam Houston from Derby essentially same as C Edwards Lester in 1846, but with an eye on the Know Nothings rather than the Demos of 1848, its engravings betray its office, electioneering for '56, compares it to Wikoff's dashing adventures, think Geo Law is ahead of him 2 Viator visits Wash Irving. Tyng and Chapin happier if lived centuries ago when priests and ministers could persecute, act politically. Mostly supports Matsell. 7 praise new Astor library. 14 compositors left C&E, which refused to pay wages of Herald, Times, Trib and Daily News (C&E explains they won't employ Printers Union men)  Forrest concluded 7 weeks at Broadway, successful monetarily, assailed in series in Tribune, esp his interp of Shakespeare, impression it was a London friend of Macready or one of the Willis family; but people condclude Shakespeare may be represented according to diff conceptions, and the artist's judg worthy of as much consideration as the critic's. 9 defend Geo Law 10 hostile to Barnum's baby show cause allows black babies 12 praises Eliz Oakes Smith for not being a judge of the baby show, strong and sound minded 14 puffs Smith's pano of Euro. southern whigs merging with know nothings. Post's Bigelow meanly attacking Herald over Wikoff/ellsler. Simeon Draper at fundraiser for Jewish hospital 18 worried anti-slavery people seducing know nothings 20 tirade agst EPFry's Astor Place Opera house, snobbery flunkeyism narrow minded exclusivism, select kid gloves and perfumery, feelby supported by hide bound journals, failed. Acad of Music is more democratic. 21 TW Whitley at a mtg re Hoboken Ferry co, Messrs Stevens, Whitley defends their rates. 22 C&E hates Wikoff, tries to destroy Acad of Music, enlists flunkies English donkey of Times, abolitionist donkey of Post, Pennsylvania jackass of Trib. 28 Greeley is in France, McElrath responsible for Trib doctrines, methodist 

June 1855

1 demo mtg in the Park, addressed by Thos Dunn English of Virginia. High Art and Low Art--the Touchstone of Musical Criticism. hi art crit of our cotemporaries, united pedantry with affectation of purism, spasmodic morality of Mawwrorm tribe, they are only impartial judges and true friends of art, but worst enemies of both; corrupt influ, personal partialities or dislikes. Trib savage on Forrest for personal pique or singularity, acad of Music which wouldn't play Fry's composition. 2 Give a bio of Geo Law in plain homely lanuage of Plutarch 3 Gaslight Foster writing NY Naked in prison, cut and thrust on editors 8 crit of Putnam's (Irving's) Life of Wash for spending too much space on genealogy, but praises IRving. Ernest Grey or the Sins of Society fr TW Strong, contrib to progress of humanity as newp press does, diff stamp fr Hot Corn class, truthful, praises it. Likes Derby's Bell Smith Abroad.  Putnam's for June is average, bating the poetry which is of the earth earthy, dept should improve. Articles have true American feeling, paper on Am travellers praises Ladyard Stephens Bayard Taylor and NP Willis before the latter became abusurd, severe on extravagant veneration of small mind of Travels In Euro and the East, blunt perceptions. 4 Herald at KNow Nothing dinner with Thos R Whitney, Aldermen Clayton and Fanshaw of Brooklyn, Zophar Mills, James Brooks and Vandervoort of Express, Judge Campbell who also spoke at St George society 6 keep calling McElrath a jacobin, robespierre 7 describes Barnum baby show with huge transparencies in pre0Adamite school of art (.e. chaos). Mrs Genin one of judges, also Mrs LN Fowler, editorial is critical 13 McElrath wants system of English club life, exclusive grogshops, beyond law, introd into community 15 WH Fry writing letters atacking Acad of Music, like Post and C&E think all who differ are scoundrels 16 Bonner of Ledger suing for libel a little paper in this city, announced he had made a contract with Fanny Fern to pay her $1000 for her amusing twaddle, which amiable Mirror calls the most exciting literary matter of the present age," little paper being sued said don't believe it (Herald had repeated the slander). Times, Trib and J of Commerce shrinking, C&E too. Geo Law entertained at Metropolitan hotel. 23 considers young Demos to be those around Rynders, old aristo are Geo Bancroft, O'Conor, McKeon, JT Brady, Cutting, high and mighty, Gov Seymour only one any good (supports Henry Wise and Wood). Greeley tied to Barnum over Cryst Pal. 29 positions Geo Law agst the old fogies. not sure Amer taste refined enuf for Rachel. 30 Art Unions, True mode to encourage art, art union s popularize love of beautiful thru free gallery, but taste for gambling, young artists found notice, but not necessary to bring out real genius. Artists need a gallery where can sell, gmen price the work, joint stock scheme

July 1855

1 McElrath hypocritical in his new journal abt temperance 3 James Brooks, Lorenzo B Shepard, Gen Nye and Walbridge, all oppose prohibition. Critical of Geo Bancroft trying to prove slavery brought down the Romans; xtianity prob more to blame. skipped from after the 4th to 5th of

Aug 1855

7 Trib intolerant, requires uniformity of opinion 9 Know NOthings must give up proscription, not constitutional. 10th, disclaims JF Carman as an assistant editor of the Herald 12 Cath Beecher letters sensible 13 since Edmonds resigned as cashier of Mechanics, Wall st wants to know which bank is to have city deposits, mayor thinks funds were safe, prob appoint Robt Kelly a director of Mechanics bank 17 mocks Thos L Nichols and Mrs Mary S Gove Nichols re free love, ties to Trib and Hot Corn lit, clergymen, Stephen Pearl Andrews. New republican party is anti slavery anti south party. JM writes long tribute to Saml FB Morse esp re tlegraph. 19 calls repubs the Holy Alliance 20 praise Abbot Lawrence, a protectionist, but a national man, not a bigot. William Barton used to do ships for Herald, now at J of Commerce 23 defend Dr Sanger agst Board of Ten Governors 29 long obit for Spencer Cone (baptist minister) 

Sept 1855

hard shells repudiate Pierce. 3 Geo Sanders letter to Herald 4 seems to love Mlle Rachel 5 workingmen meet at Hope chapel, people's party in the field. 7 Erastus Brooks didn't get renominated 12 Buchanan in field for presidency. French ushers rude, alw recommend Chesterfield for etiquette. 14 puffs Goupil has Scheffer Dante and Beatrice, superb ideal creation, usual style. Boyle's port of Edw Forrest for GB De Forest attracts attn, effective, but lacks finish and hard in tone 16 whigs were maufactured by manufacturers of the North and their friends in the West as a new labor saving machine in the factories, increase profits by protective tariffs; restive taxpayers and greed and corruption caused the machine problems. Won Clay and Webster, who fought for free trade; Webster represented cotton manufacturers, but noble Clay also became a tool and gave them respectability. Other than manufacturers, all whigs were general riffraff, no great principles, insincere of parties, now become free soilers and know nothings, like Webb   To have a national drama need copyright protection, stage play equate to a publication. 17 praise Frank Leslie's and Putnam's for Sept on New England poets, but unjustifiable onslaught on Rachel's private character 19 Trib attack St Nicholas hotel (where Bennetts stay?), Herald defends. 21 Henderson a writer connected with Trib 23 Mike Walsh writing letters for them fr Europe 25 councilmen indicted by Grand jury Herrick one of them, charged with receiving bribes for influencing grading a street, and raising the ship the Joseph Walker, 26 suggests it is the result of the municipal reform movement (Flagg) putting men in fat offices 28 critical of dirty mixed character of repub party