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Illustrated Magazine of Literature and Art (New York Illustrated Magazine)

New York Illustrated Magazine of Literature and Art (1845-47)

Sept 20 1845 APS vol 1 no 1, Robinson & Co publishers, Lawrence Labree, editor

Park Benj poem, magnif portrait of Eugene Sue, chas Stuart, Chas F Hoffman, E Oakes Smith, TW Meighan

ToC vol 1: 

Jan 1 1846  in July will start giving series of superior engravings fr orig ptgs by Am artist, WG Jackman engr, Chas Deas’ Long Jakes with story by HW Herbert, the other drawn specially for the mag

Portrait ptg: no decent man walks thru mod exhib without execrating port ptg, we want to know how celebrities look, but facsimiles of Simpkins and Jenkins is v diff, to call art to make a duplicate of visage and inflict it on the world is not well done, exceeds natural privileges, it is indecorous, if he squints or is insolvent it is unseemly. More men than women, any woman’s semblance is pleasant, affectation is natural and easy to them, whereas it is horrible in men. Instead of unassuming state of repose, majority fix some transitory fashion, certifying the asinine qualities of the originals, repulsvie affectation.

            Port ptg has strong claim on affections, even uninteresting countencances were dear to someone, but should stick to miniatures, not placarded on a wall for crit or annoyance, too barefaced exhib of your sympathies.

            cant respect a man who gives port too prominent place in his own house, gives his friends too much of himself, and is a problem for remarrying widows

John W Jarvis’s Anecdotes of Painters fr Dunlap’s Arts of Design; Mrs HS De Grove, poem on Moral Paintings, on Dubeauf’s two paintings of Adam and Eve. In Oct 1846 will have Osgood’s Oriental Love Letter, Peele’s Shirt Maker, lscape of Hudson river by Catten, all originals.

Jan 1 1847, new publisher, fr Wm Taylor & Co to Burgess Stringer & Co. Labree still editor. Talbot’s View of lake among Adirondack mtns, based on ptg by Talbot; Beard’s Mill boy

Jan 1847 Our Statues and their Wardrobes, fr Douglas  Jerrold’s Shilling Mag, applicable to Am taste, anti Roman dress, we want truth not beauty, at present our statues are blocks for the display of “Old Clo!” (have xerox, didn’t scan)

            Editor’s Table: stroll up Broadway, stepped into Lispenard st, peep into rms of excellent and clever C Mayr, admired his ptgs, gossiped, ordered him to design a new magnif cover for our mag. Morse wood engraver finished it, artist-like and orig


1847? story of Charles Catton, a painting Scene on the Hudson owned by EW Hicks of Brooklyn, copied by gman amateur of this city, and discussed in Dunlap, reproduces passage