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Independent Press

Independent Press, Sept 19, 1835 one cent, 132 Nassau st, Origin Bacheler, ed, no. 14.

Prospectus: no such thing as an indep press, even in a free country, an Editor must regard the opinions of the community. A press unshackled fr popular restraint essential to security of freedom. Believe there is support for this, even if our opinion differs fr the reader. Won’t invent any paragraphs of the horrible or marvelous, nor publish realities of no interest or importance, fires, and robberies and murders occur constantly and public little wiser for being told of them. p. 2 being attacked by Spirit of 76. Condemn abolitionists who are incendiaries, but they are virtue compared with principles avowed by Webb, Stone and others, and bullying threats of south. To uphold Lynch law and mobs for any case is rank despotism, to countenance postmaster stopping circulation, for them to pretend to love liberty and freedom of the press is just as consistent as a slavetrader to drink fourth of july toasts