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International Magazine of Literature, Art and Science

Intl Mag of Lit art and Science (1850-52), Stringer & Townsend

July 1 first issue critical of Western AU

Seems to favor the Richard Stoddard circle (Bayard Taylor, George Boker, Stoddard)

            Mentions artists Elliott’s head of John W Francis for AU, also Minor Kellogg doing Genl Scott for city and pic of Greek Girl for banker Riggs of Washigngton, also SS Osgood, Ball Hughes

Also has sonnets by T Addison Richards, Anne C Lynch on death of Fanny Osgood, Alice Carey poem

Admires Margaret Fuller (and notes James H Perkins of Cinti), gives Fraser’s review of Poets and Poetry of America, think it was written by an American, treated with civility, says later it was written by Charles Astor Bristed

Aug 12 praise Lester’s and Brady’s Gallery of Illus Am. Take a profile of Garibaldi fr Eve Post

Aug 9? Have Oakes Smith poem or story, and notes Geo Flagg’s beaut truthful portrait of her, to be engraved TB Thorpe reminiscences, article on Webster prob by Lanman? Fr So Lit Messenger

Have Griswold on Poe Oct 1.

Excerpt the Lorgnette. Notice Lessing, Kaulbach, Dusseldorf. Approves of Geo P Morris. Publish Hawthorne, John Inman too

Dec 1 1850 Griswold on Fanny Osgood, poem fr Household words on Greek Slave, Charles Mackay,


Jan 1. SG Goodrich, p. 191 Healy’s picture of the Webster debate is described by Rot Walsh in J o Commerce, regreat that Healy’s skill and genius not equal to his morals, he is a painter of v ordinary capacity, hundreds superior, not even one portrait of him is remarkable. Stamp of greatness on every feature of Webster, he makes him look like prim keeper of accounts in a respectable grocery store Same page as Art Unions true character, says author is eminent artist unconnected with controversies who has not had any production of his own in the market since they were founded ten years ago in NY. Asks what they have done in those years? Recognized unknown genius, advanced those who have gotten the most patronage, helped artists as a body, cont p. 192 and rewarded most deserving, elevate art in minds of people by best specimens. If not, regardless of management, system degrades and stifles. It’s a lottery, seeks quality not quantity, subscribers are dupes, who are attracted from a calling for which their talents have fitted them to a sphere above their natural powers. They encourage mediocre artists. Display of royal fraudulent taxation in Europe similar to distributions here. Western AU has bought fine Greek Slave from Robb as prize, to seduce ticket buyers, don’t buy fr artist. Notice the Homestead Art Union, an improvement as limit number of ticket buyers. NAD is in decline,s chools dead; many artists gave Union countenance, can rise from the dead by disclaiming all exclusive titles and seeking more popular foundation of equal rights and privileges to all, admit all classes of artisans who desire to study principles of design, stone workers, wood carvers, goldsmiths, cabinet makers, etc.

Also have Mazzini on Italy.

Feb notice Ehninger in Duss

March have Kellogg’s travel writings, Leutze

April 1851 have engr of Statue of John C Calhoun fr daguerreotype, p. 8, amply justifies Powers’ fame, think NY should have him do a Webster. Like Hudson’s Shakespeare

May 1851 reprove anti-semitism. P181 NAD like Durand’s lscapes, Klellogg’s greek girl and Scott, Mt Desert by Church, Rothermel’s defence of Toleration, Huntington’s wood, Gignoux’s winter sunset, lscapes by Richards, Cropsey and Kensett, and portraits by EElliott, Osgood Hicks and Flagg. Criticizes hirelings of Bulletin for calling opponents malicious, ought not to call Durand, Weir, Kellogg, Elliott and others incompetent painters with trashy productions. Webster going to sit to Elliott. Has a Bristed story.

June 1 1851 profiles H W Herbert (1832 starts with late AD Patterson Am Mo Mag; Patterson retires at end of 1832. 1833 Herbert runs it alone. 1834 sold to Hoffman, Herbert still joint editor. Start of 1835, Park Benjamin joins and introduces party politics, so Herbert leaves

p. 327 Fine Arts, wish gallery of Art Union and NAD were not in opposition, hurts profits of NAD. At both lscapes most distinguished, Durand uniform and pronounced, does as well as usual. Kensett and Cropsey, latter gorgeous imag, finished paintings have too much detail, yet southern Italy very good while his ones at AU are less so. Kensett free fr sentimentality, but poetic. Church full of ope and promise, a little mannerism,, exhort him to boldness, show us in atmosphere that which we do not see. Also Cranch, Boutelle, Gifford, winter by Gignoux, Richard’s and poetic Hubbard, Huntington not natural or vigorous this year, Ranney too mannered, but spirit. Hicks Aztec Princess impressive, thoughtful, great portraits, esp 128 happy heroism, 405 too. Elliott quiet truthfulness. Shegogue v pastoral, all sheepish. Flagg not successful, unnatural smoothness and hardness. Kellogg Scott vigorous and effective, monotonous pendant Vanderlyn’s Taylor, but he’s old. Lang large. Rossiter types of beauty, certain sentiment, don’t much admire, real women more beaut. His ports of Darley and Duggan mellowed likenesses. Gray’s King Death has something fine, colossal placidity, but don’t feel satisfied. Rothermel’s Murray is pleasant Duss style, shows Catholics not alw the persecutors. Freeman Titianesque, mortal loveliness. Mount’s who’ll turn grindstone genuinein feeling. Likes Pratt port of poet Stoddard 344.

            At Duss, Lessing’s Martyrdom universal pleasure, if not in highest style of art, too much hopeless struggle with nature, worst model for student of art.

            AU doesn’t merit harsch crit of daily press, as gd as usual, some poor copies, criticisms ignorant and ill natured. Artists not best managers of a popular institution for art.

            Artists Association exhibition has same names, wish their pics were on other galleries.

            Kellogg back in Florence, artist of peculiar and great merits, no one more uniformly regarded with respect and affection

Aug 1851 Pine the lscape ptr

Sept 1851 private life of John Calhoun; A Oakey Hall, HW Parker. Powers.

Oct 1851 Thomas Ewbank on arts among the Aztecs p. 417 Ruskin’s Pre Raphaelitism described, modern art an arid desert except for his favoires. Notes opening of Am AU, Powers, Leutze, Winterhalter, Delaroche

Nov 1851 profile of Wm Ross Wallace. Dad Presbyterian minister. Had a social novel, Alban, in 1848. Poe liked him. P. 562 Healy’s Webster on exhib, 256 x 15 feet, introd many persons not Senators who were never at Wash, a complete melancholy failure as fit presentation of illus orator. Western AU engraving Trapper’s Last shot and next year Rothermel’s Jefferson drafting declaration of Indep, has powers busts, Palmer, Whittredge, Rothermel, McConkey, Read, mRs Spencer, Ranney, Terry, Sonntag, Duncanson, Eaton and Griswold and other western painters

December has profile of Bryant, Melville’s Moby Dick, notes debt to Reynolds. Praise both Putnam’s Home Books


Jan review Taylor and Stoddard books together, will be merging with Harper’s

Feb Geo w Curtis writing for them now too

Feb p. 277 Am Au not successful except at Boston. Greenough in NY.

March Everett and Webster, EB Browning, Chas G Leland, Frank Manhattan (has written lots for them as Bristed)

April is last issue, has profile of Simms, story of the Jewish heroine. Seem to like Geo Bancroft