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Irish News

Irish News 1856-57_library of Congress

Small paper, weekly, 6 cents a copy, $3/yr, Thomas Francis Meagher, ed and proprietor, 29 Ann st

Vol 1 no 1 April 12, 1856, dedicated to the service of the Irish People at home and abroad, printed by JC Watters.

            Harper’s and Appleton’s advertise, so do specifically Catholic houses and stores, also lots of emigration advertisements, for sending money back, help, banks. Demo Review too. Notice of death of Irish emigrant society president and publisher of the Honest Truth. Ledger advertises too.

            Mocks British predictions of American empire; calls British empire filibusterism. Interested in militia companies

April 19, 1856 p. 27, Exhib of NAD, no. 1, lscape. Small gallery has played the critic in a most judicious manner, excluded many square yards of glare and ghastliness. The critical eye is comparatively safe fr the rude assault of staring portraits, or the ruder dazzle of stiff, raw and gaudy “draperies,” which, fr their too usual char of bad drwg, stony rigidity, and solid brick –dustiness of hue, might well be termed favrics, in any but a dry-goods sense.

            There are some as thoroughly execrable, stiff, raw, muddy and glaring combos of color as ever spoiled canvs, fortunately for both “artists” and visitors, most of these artists were not in gd standing with the hanging committee. Would prefer extended walls so that these admitted horrors might be placed where even a telescopic vision cld not encounter their agonizing surfaces.

            Chief failing as is usual is in the fig school, highest branch of art and most seldom reached, too often in the ratio of utter inability to perform, there exists the rampant desire to attempt.

            Refuge in lscape painters, who never as a body so outrage our sense of feeling or love of the beaut as their less healthy braine brethren. Country air of rural districts clear their vision, see nature, breathe freely, wooded glory, rocky passion, sparkling  buoyancy, eloquence, admonishing influences. Even if he takes the ferry for Staten Island or Hoboken finds much to revive his eye.

            Kenset, Church and Cropsey not so well rep’d, but alw something to recommend in their works. Wm Hart nothing to compare with his fine pic of two years ago, Peace and Plenty, nor Coleman anything so impressive as the Curfew, exhib at same time. Both tho are well rep’d.Coleman improved handling and fine vein of poetry. Shattuck clear truthful effects; Durand still in position his June Shower andForest Temple gave him.

            Kensett, surely, must be a Hard Shell, if not politically, certainly pictorially—he so delights in rocks. Franconia mtns 125 exhibits his peculiarity in v bold and char manner, excellent pic, at all pts will attract attn, devoted study of the actual, which very actuality gives a poetry to them in condemnation of the vulgar expression of more poetry than truth in anything one wishes to decry. Foliage lacks rocks’ force and character, study of rocks stultified bouyancy of touch so requis for natural effects of foliage.

            Lscape 137 FE Church is like a dream. There is a self-satisfied, happy warmth over the scene that insinuates itself into or suffuses the vision of the beholder with a congenial, half enchanted sensation of calm happiness, induces a reverie at once anxious and resigned, resigned under blissful resources of scene, anxious lest we may not be able to fill at once the extent of peace and joy opened on this small canvas. Like to nestle amid those wild flowers ferns stump tapestry of vines, con some Horace, or English pastorals, or Keats, or Hood’s plea for Midsummer fairies, or Shakespere’s radiant comedies, would feel more truthfully the exuberance of his characters. Very delicate ptg in and judicious effect over this pic.

            Chenango River 148 Cropsey fine bits of coloring, clouds less metalic an dmore cloudy than his usual, land patches on hills gd, foregrd shows painstaking, outlines of trees are hard and coloring noisy, hurt the eye fr their loud effect, and tone of those at a distance as hi as one in immed foregrd. After quiet effulgence of Church’s the outlines and tints appear hard and less natural. Cropsey’s Evening at Paestum 77 classic beauty equal to Virgil, glorious ruins, brooding marshes, a signficant eloquence, all that remains of city of roses now an expanse of stagnation, weeds, this little gem conveys the mute chronicle of decay, full of suggestiveness.

            Brook at Idlewild 113 T Addison Richards pleasing effect tho coloring not sufficiently decided. 79 Meadows at Glenmary tho but a sketch is much better, firmer and more artistic touch, unpretending and truthful.

            Nr Squam Lake NJ 150 David Johnson elegant and effective, like effects of Cropsey, more subdued feeling and more symp with nature in color. Expansive scene, lines harmoniously disposed of, handling clean and artistic, genl imp satisfaction.

            43 Symbol Durand accom in cat with Godlsmith’s Deserted Village re eternal sunshine, fully sustains his rep, stalwart brow of mtn towering in sunny solitude above the mantling thunderclouds about its breast, lscape in lurid obscurity of storm. Both a factitious effect (De Burtin, of which nature offers no real example, but which the ptr has imagined possible to be seen) and a thoro keeping with nature, as is necessary for a storm, that can’t be daguerreotyped like a tree, 28 must read it as it runs. Trees in foregrd give impotent expostulations, sun on rocks speak as harbingers of cessation of the aeriel conflict. Entire feeling is of combined grandeur, poetry and truth, that fixes a lesson in the mind of the beholder, may be applied to human existence. How many men, with sunshine on the brow, have the storm within. Ossianic grandeur in cavalcade of clouds, proceeding with steps of thunder, like the gathering of the sons of Fionn.

            Can’t praise too much coloring of Wm Hart’s Rydal Water 185, so healthy and natural in tone, neither hard, nor as if ptd on a blanket. Artist did not attempt to test his powers, but cld not help being natural. Mellow force, gracefulness of outline, consistency that is ever paramount in nature.

            Midsummer T Coleman 184 alm strike one as being by Hart, but lacks for ce of color, handling much alike. 2 Blossoming—Grass time by same artist illus lines re waders in the surf, glorious, careful, rich elab and perfectly Tennysonian.

            View in Wales 15 Wm G Wall of Dublin spirited and bold effort, old trees broken grd v effective, mtns half cultured sustain backgrd well.

p. 28 Takes account of Cropsey sale fr Daily News, spirited rivalry for most attractive pics, including Nameless River. Rev Dr Bellows bought 12!?!

p. 29 Lit and Artistic news: Newark Advertiser corresp cited re Am artists in Dusseldorf, Leutze, Philippe of Brooklyn, Whitridge and others, artists live together; also Cornelius Last Judgment 96 feet high 128 figs. Col TB Thorpe ill. Blackwood reviews memoirs of Greeley and Bennett with bitter personality. Artists headed by Elliott tendered Keller, proprietor of Tableaux Vivants, a benefit. (Keller advertises) 

April 29 1856 p 44, Lit and Artistic News, notice of dating of Apollo Belvedere. Praises Poe highly. Genin’s advertises too.

May 3 1856—critical of the police reform bill as drawn up by Raymond in coalition with Repubs and Know Nothings to divide the patronage, power and influence of the dept

p. 60 Exhib of NAD, 2nd article.

Of the 286 contribs prob 40 noticeable works, and some 20 really gd ones, some for coloring, some for drwg, a few for both.

            Forest Scenery nr Frankfort 23J Volmering attracts more than passing attn fr the obtrusiveness of the tree trunks as fr the want of character of the foliage. Broken earth, tangled brush and weeds in ofregrd effective, careful study of trunks, but foliage decidedly done brown. Leaves have no life, nor distinct but nott necessarily offensive arrang which to eye of great lscapist is visible thruout.

            Fr No Conway 152 James A Suydam, Glen of the Downs Ireland 13 Eliza Greatorex, Casilear’s Sunset 165, The Ford 174 AD Shattuck worth of notice, also a little lscape tho excessively green by Geo Inness.

            Of pics of human form divine, many sacrilegious specimens. Matter of serious anxiety to know if sundry ports of gmen and ladies usual are sent by them or by the artists, who, for a consideration, have either outraged humanity or canvas. Vanity inspires a sitter to be hanged in Acad may be commendable in a beauty or excusable in a fop, but is extremely obnoxious to the visitor. Few ptrs have the necessary capacity for it. Some are as blue as the specimen ultramarine panels at a paintshop, others as red as a chain of boiled lobsters at a fishmongers, as yellow as the flag at the quarantine, as stiff and brown as a stone front in 5th Ave, and not seldom all these varieties in most inharmonious obstreperousness on the one canvas.

            Don’t underrate the noble branch of art in saying this. Between 80-90 ports, greater number may be left unnoticed. Elliott’s head of Col McKenny sustains his rep, boldness, delicacy of color, free treatment of hair, manliness of feeling which are striking char of his manner. We have seen better by him, but genl effects good.

            Blondell Lady 136 deservedly attractive, a picture acceptable to galleries of connoisseurs as to walls of family mansions, thinkmore fo stle of ptg, which overcomes any antipathy to the original. Chief power of pic is impof eleg it leaves, great need often looked for in vain in female ports. Artists are so wrapt up in striving after some striking effect, something unknown in nature but thought inexpressively necessary for an exhib pic, that they utterly fail to convey that subduing necessity of elegance.Blondell has apparently subdued Art in looking after Nature. No obtrusive seeking for efect, and an exceedingly happy one is produced. To parade his resources in color secondary to exhib of truth, tone of accessories tend judiciously to aid natual illumination of face, dress capitally handled.

            Head 76 EDE Greene elab and exquis ptd, tho in elab the effect somewhat lost. We must think of the painter, still flesh so delic tinted and feeling of such purity.

            Baker’s female heads so beaut, so chaste in feeling, clear mellow and natural in tone well rep, and crayons 253 254 Saml Laurance v beaut, former HW Longfellow well conveys liquid abstraction of eyes.

            Paul Duggan’s Capt Ericsson 251 less delicate in handling but artist not to be judged by it.

            Of more ambitious works of fig ptrs none need much lengthened remark. Kaufman’s Luther nailing his colors to the mast, we beg pardon, his protestation to the church door, 6 and Galileo, 179, some boldness and gd coloring, but are not historical pics. Galileo fails in toto to give us diea of moment, old man with globe under his arm looks as if he were coming down the steps of a bowling saloon to roll for  a wager.

            Martha Reproved, St Luke, D Huntingdon 142 well ptd group, nothing new in it, either in expression or treatment, has a mellowness of age.

            Last Scene in lear, PF Rothermel, 7, too Kenny-Meadow-ish in the fig drwg and too sketchy in color. Tho completely theatrical as a whole, one or two clever pics might be cut out of it; too much of a sameness of expression in the heads.

            Hicks’ Bayard Taylor enjoying morning in Damascus, 67, as hard and stiff as the knave of diamonds. Admire the courage of the ptr in exhib a native born citizen in foreign costume. Hicks’ Sketch in color 3 somewhat overbalances imp of 67.

            The Card Players 60 E Johnson more observation of human nature than any pic in Exhib and ability to put it on canvas. Admirably drawn, ptd, heads full of char. Ehninger’s Gambler and Death 183 also full of meaning and force, it is a bad specimen of the artist’s usual manner, but one more consonant with a true feeling for Art. The Fortune Teller 30 Wm Hunt full of talent, which wld be better appreciated if it were not ptd on a blanket.

            Edwin White’s Visit of Consolation, Peele’s Wreath of Wild Flowers a happy contrast in style and subj, both gd.

            Mrs Lilly Spencer’s Young Husb and Young Wife 94 tho badly drawn are destined to be v pop. The expression fo the latter is capital, and still life in both v well and minutely ptd.

            Sundown Geo Lambdin 140 Young girl by window reading just at the happy scene and sun threatening to go down is a delicious gem.

            Suggest for future catalogs that since over 2/3 of the works of art exhib were picture frames, yet names of worthy artificers not to be found. Shld be mentioned when their work forms so great an attraction.

p. 61 Lit and Artistic News: Edwin White according to Eve Post finishing hist ptg of great merit, Signing of Compact on Mayflower. EA Brackett sculptor colossal statue of Rev Hosea Ballou, Mt Auburn, universalist.Eugene Sue censored.

May 10 p. 76 calls John Ruskin wild, wayward, brusque, brilliant, broadly-gifted, often narrow-seeing, clear and cloudy, decided without being distinct (and sometimes vice versa) conceited and consummate writer on Art is subj of a clever article in Putnam’s. Also likes Knick and Harper’s

Notes death of Ogden Hoffman.

Seems pro Walker in Nicaragua. Excerpts Daily News and Herald (had something on art fr Herald’s Rome corresp, but I can’t find it)

May 17. Likes the scalpel, printed by same printer as Irish News, I think. Welcomes Pierce’s msg, tho late. Notices Wm Mitchell’s death tho doesn’t cover the theaters.

May 31

June 7 1856. John Brougham an honor to Irish. June 14 p. 155 Corresp for Trib at London RA says public swarm to Holman Hunt’s Scape Goat mor than any other pic, and writes that there is a great deal of mistaken nonsense talked abt these preRaph. Now it happens that I (Trib corresp I think) know the men, and knew them before the movement was celebrated, not pietistic at all, not connected with Overbeck, just fr feeling that modern art was unreal and untrue, as art, compared with early art; and that a closer deeper more accurate observ of Nature had become necessary, hence elab detail and marvelous fidelity. P. 156 puffs Keller’s Tableaux, famous designs, Famine and Shower of Gold special commendation. June 21 Hughes on O’Connell eulogizes. Supports Buchanan. June 28 Admires Fremont too, youg,intellig, adventurous, gallant, iron will and nerves, picturesque, but Buchanan necessary for Union

July 5 1856 p. 200 has Wm Ross Wallace poem on Liberty Bell, compares Washington to Cromwell. July 12 Young Ireland in Nicaragua is a subtitle. P. 219 bk review of several histories, entres nous: civilized is a word invented by Exeter Hall philosophers and other howling dervishes to characterize our day in contradistinction to that which produced the poets, orators, lawgivers and warriors by the study of whose greatness we are supposed to be civilized. Calls Jacob Ferris the Herodotus of the West, path of empire, can fancy ourself one of Bingham’s jolly flatboatmen.

p.221 Inauguration of the Washington Statue on Fourth of July. Abt five yrs ago suggested a monument in Union Square, commission of $30,000 to Brown, gives names of them in alphabetical order, thrilling shout when canvass torn away, friends of Brown congratulated, HK Brown of Brooklyn, worthy of highest admiration, on horseback with his right arm out-stretched as if restraining the noble ardor of his soldiers (I think he copied this from the Times)

July 19 Cosmopolite is St Louis corresp July 26 p. 249 observes that the Times tells us that the bronze statue of GW was carted by one with no pay, pedestal built up and statue set on it by those who sought no recompense, fund for erection was exhausted, poor men consummated scheme—we know names of merchants, but don’t know names of men who carried out the plan gave sweat and brain and nerve not gold; without their names on the pedestal, it is an unfinished work

August 2 p. 268 quotes account of ptg by Egg of Council of War. Aug 9, 16, 23, p. 316 Lit and Art News, mentions Thom Crawford closed his contract with Gov Wise with last four statues, excrpts fr Richmond Enquirer. Notices Parke Godwin’s book.Aug 30.

Sept 6 1856 p. 345 all labor is involuntary, negro servitude not a jot worse than white labor, both compulsory 13 p. 361 pro Wood, p. 365 notices Wm T Porter’s Spirit of the Times, assisted by Herbert. CA Bristed is Carl Benson. Sept 20 p. 379 WW Fosdick’s poem to TB Read on his departure for Rome, about friendship, but at end says Old forms shall rise about thee fr the dust, olden receptacle’s rust, shall arise Art, like a dahlia fr Egyptian tomb, bursting to purple life out of prison caverns gray, in gold sunshine of our later day, thou shalt stamp genius on canvas, in old land.

Oct 4, 11 lots of praise for Daily News. Denies being a religions (Catholic) paper.18 p. 23 notes James Aldrich’s death, 1840 ed of Lit Gazette, 1842 Euro corresp for New World under Park Benjamin. Empire Club (Rynders) asks him to speak. 25 p. 45 takes fr Herald account of George Law speech for Fremont, mocks him

Nov 1 1856 p. 62 Dr McEleheran on The Physiog of the Am race at the Tabernacle, showed Yankee is purely Celtic. Sketch of Paddy with short pipe and battered hat, removed his pipe added a goatee and presto a Frenchman, off with beard and military cap and it was Washington. Henry Clay an old Irishman, an old Welshman a Southern planter. Anglo Saxon head and face are those of the No Am Indian, resemblance betw mining peasants and Indian physio striking. Showed 100 sketches.

Nov 8 p. 75 describes editorial office, posters and woodcuts on walls, woodcut of Monarch of the Glen by Landseer fr enterprise of Frank Leslie, allegorically intimates (covers upper panels of door) that we are and have been for Buchanan. Monaghan Dublin and Waterford are coeditors; portraits of Emmet, Genl Walker, Dublin is lit editor, also a likeness of James Buchanan, and engr by Kimberly of signing of Declaration of Indep.

Nov 15 Col Doheny accuses and justifies Times of being anti-Irish, anglo-saxon in its belief it is part of an aristocracy Nov 22, 29 p. 121 crit of Raymond for attacking Irish servant girls p. 124 account of Cork art exhibition as if spoken by the statues

December 6 1856 p. 138 death of Paul Delaroche, identified himself with national subjects he depicted. P. 141 T Addison Richards giving classes at studio in uni or in private, pro or amateur, ladies or gmen. Brady’s advertises.

Dec 13 likes Pres msg. p. 154 gives Meagher’s address at Acad of Music to Young Men’s Demo Union Club,  Dec 20 p. 167 Irish American also denies being a Catholic paper. Long mostly favorable review of Chevalier Henry Wykoff’s book; says A Oakey Hall DA is giving us a holiday story set in the city, dedic to old friend Geo P Morris

Dec 27


January 3 p. 199 Art in the South fr New Orleans Delta, not a lot of ptrs or sculptors, visit studio of painter Powers, remember graceful fancies of Baker and efforts of Perry, his rooms not showy like the Osgood rms that dazzled dames a few years ago, has spent last two years in Italy, portrait of Powers of the Greek Slave, hopeufl healthy and well balanced, a Kentuckian poet

10 p. 217 vulgar error Anglo-Saxonism, the extermination of inferior races and the extension of the Anglo Saxon race is a new thoery, originate din our own day, one of those huge English lies more insidious and malignant than Bible cant of Exter Hall, Am citizens have been led astray, alienates Americans fr Revolutionary France and rebellious Ireland, and to draw together New and Old England. It is only politicans who propogate the idea of an Anglo Saxon superiority, every scholar knows it to be false.

17 Col Doheny writes as Aristides to Daily News

24 p. 252 Lit and Art News, letter on Sculptors in Rome, on Wm Gibson. 31

February  1857

7, John Savage is Lit editor, Roche is assoc14, p 297 A Day in Washington, fr a Corresp, when Wash monument completed will be a meet tribute, glanced at sculp on exterior of Cap, but in hall struck by large lifelike ptgs in hall, may seem perfect works of art, but not so. First there is Healy’s ptg of Franklin pleading before Louis XVI for recog of Am Indep, 21 A Day in Washington cont p. 313, drapery is v beaut but too much of still life in it and in attitude, oen of Lee’s legs appear too long as if standing on a cork heel. Fig of the Cardinal is that of a woman. Franklin’s genl appearance fine, but farther leg too long and a want of animation, skin of greenish neutral color, forehead too white, coloring that ofa person of lymphatic, sanguinous temperament, want of unity, while no many of his phys constitution had a nostril so small. Expression of king’s face is that ofa fool without the face of a fool, seems ptd fr a stuffed fig, drapery out of tune with rest, accidental colors or shading in other figs prevail too much over the local. In the French style, cause more visible than the effect, violated rule of Alston to paint large figs opaque, so too much oil in shading, and ptg will blacken; now see gloss not coloring.

            There is a port of a lady, the belle of NY, by Healy, no doubt v beaut but pic not well exec, hair admirably done, but breast unnatural and too long, formation of shoulders not well defined. Ptr presumably intended to give a loving expr to face, but failed with the eye, upper eylid too compressed and narrow so expr is of scorn, and lips too red, ttone of color in bust is greenish white, attitude too crouching and wants sweetness.

            Best pic in cap is landing of Columbus by Vanderlyn, but in drwg coloring and expr less poetry than Discovery of Miss by Powell, raising of cross in that admirable. Much fault is found with De Soto and his horse, he is too lifeless, and costume not in tune with a gala day, nor is group of Indians faultless, but surpasses Vanderlyn’s in poetry and hi degree of merit.

            Embarkation of Pilgrims does not tell the tale, not a Puritan face in whole pic, a want of unity in coloring and costume etc is modern.

            I wish Horace Vernet wld paint a lobby scene on the eve of a Presidential inauration—it would be instructive (means at Willards I think)

            Pic of Ld Cornwallis not true to life, posit of W’s hand in receiving sword faulty, and eyes of Am officers and soldeiers are ptd alike, and all like those of W. Strikes most casual observer with this defect.

            Fresco ptgs in new wing v fine, that of privateer brig engaging with Brit squadron splendidly executed, Am heart throbs with exultation, ought to give crew compensation.

p. 315 The Ptgs in the Nat Cap: rumor that Library comm of Congress engaged Vernet to paint some great battle of Rev led to following remarks in Columbia SC Banner, don’t think writer v far wrong in his curt crit on ptgs in Cap: While our native artists are entitled to be rep in halls of cap, equally due them to procure finest compos of art from world at large

Feb 28 John Saxe critical of female poets

March 1857

7 Vaux’s cottage archit advertises.a Cork artist elected to British RA. 14, 21, 28 v critical of Young and Albion

April 1857

4, 11, critical of Putnam’s, presumptuous and affected, subscribers decreasing. Herald praises Keene but attacking Matilda Heron, she writes to Times. 25

May 1857

2, 9 p. 68 Case of Crawford, the Sculptor, his malady fr Eve Bulletin. Still crit of Putnam’s. 16 more on Irish art doings. Brougham theater only advert for a theater I think. Meagher has a law firm with Campbell, that advertises. 23, 30 p. 115 London correspondent Mark Tapley visits new Parliament Hse, statue gallery, sees statue of Henry Grattan, not as good as Chantry’s in Dublin, then to ptg gallery, a departure of a Puritan family for New England, even your enemies someday celeb your worth

June 1857

6, 13, 20, 27 publishes mayor’s dog ordinance. P. 185 NAD, 32nd Annual exhib:

of 548 pics of all classes of subj and nearly all known and a gd many unknown styles, might expect a large no to claim special notice at hands of critic for sterling merit or demerits, yet such is not the case, mediocrity is the prevailing quality. Always numerous are slanders upon Art, but here and there gleaming like real jewels in a medley of counterfeits, are many pics take place in any gallery of modern art. First among them is Church’s superb Andes of Equador, aerial persp is one of greatest successes we have ever seen, effect of sun’s rays penetrating mists is as true as nature itself. Eye led, now appears a town or men, say appears for truly as if drifting vapors occasionally revealed the various features. An hour’s study would not suffice to discover variety of charms.

            Rossiter in every gallery, his pics easily recog by richness and Turner like daring of his coloring, but v unequal. His Moonlight 5 is v fine, tho not like himself. Ancient and Modern Xtianity, tho not wanting in many pts, are not pleasant pics, nor is latter well illus. Might as well be called a vulgar, would-be fash wedding party as an illus of modern xtiantity, indeed with such a title cld more easily underst costumes and attitudes. Same of Wise and Foolish Virgins 163, a splendid piece of coloring, two handsome women and roguish negro boy, but if parable of the virgins, he was under influ of the foolish one.

            E Leutze only 473 Summons and 50 Rose of Alhambra, fr W Irving. Inimitable in accessories, gorgeous trappings and draperies, costumes and ornaments, pictque lights on moorish archit, striking effects, but not satisfied with principal figs of the Rose or the King. In lscape Durand, Cropsey, kensett and Shattuck lead off, Durand’s lake Hamlet 38, Cropsey’s White mtns 791 Kensett’s Coast 453 and Shattucks Lowland pasture 58 ea matchless in its style.

            Night fall in Wilderness and Early Twilight by WJ Stillman great beauty and magical effect. Two small unpretending lscapes 9 Evening Wm Pearson and 14 Peep at New England scenery by TW Whitley purity and simplicity of quietst aspects of nature. 85 Close of day Mt Desert Wm Hart, charming effect of setting sun lighting up top of hill and group going home, boldly and well done. Expected more fr JD Blondell, only has two petite sketches 288 Flower Girl and 392 Boy, sweetness of tone in flesh he introduces to his ports of children and women.

            Ports of Gmen and Ladies abound, Elliott, Huntingdon, Stone, healy, Cafferty and Jenkins. Elliott would not give sitters such a winey appearance his would be best, but as it is, palm to Huntingdon, for Mortimer Livingston, GC Verplanck and Ld Carlisle best in exhib.

            Young Irish artist WJ Hennessy, Christian Forgiveness, placed to preclude seeing it, but exec seems vigorous, if figs a little stiff and angular

July 1857

4 p. 200 Harper’s Weekly turned Know Nothing, assaults Irish and German, stale slanders. 11 Harper’s conducted by Englishmen. 25

August 1, publishes Hughes letter to Herald re Raymond’s attack on Hughes in the Times. 8, 15,22 support India agst England

September 1857

5, 12, 19, 26 Littell’s advertises too

Oct 3 has Index to Volume III. James Roche is Associate Editor. P. 408 J of Commerce pretends to be Demo but ministers to Anglo Saxon doctrine and belongs to Know Nothing, pretends Anglo Saxons are a distinct and pure race, that the  Mayflower Pilgrims were and are the Am nation, and all foreigners will be swallowed up by said Puritanical stock. New tribe of Saxe Gotha (Buchanan is Irish) despise all races but flat faced round headed fair haired goths of No Europe, men such as CL Brace, Bayard Taylor and lesser fry like this Commerce writer, take a fling at Italians, Spanish, French, etc. False Democrats.

            That’s the last issue in the volume.