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John Donkey

John Donkey on Google, vol 1 1848, 6 cents, $3 year

            GG Foster ed?

Issue 1 Jan 1 1848 p3 NY Hist Soc mtg presided over by Gallatin, Esq.,  by our own Reporter, communic fr MM Noah on diluvian navigation, with a timber fr the ark. John Lorimer Graham handed a tailor’s bill, doubts abt its authenticity. Select committee report on consumption of peanuts in NY and effects on moral character of population. Cornelius Mathews moved its adoption, as it quoted Puffer Hopkins. Horace Greeley, Freeman Hunt, Webster, John Jay supporting dignity of his ancestors, Windust, Geo P Morris, Ely Moore, Moses Y Beach, James Harper ignorant, Robt H Morris, Rufus W Griswold wanted a song. Seems to be mocking their interest in acquiring Geo Washington’s breeches

            joke about Poe, mocks Indian style of painting buffalo robe, mocks Calhoun, and Polk, critical of Nativists, mocks Sun for reusing woodcuts

Jan 8 NYHS has refused to receive them. Mocks Greeley’s unwillingness for expansion given his land reform ideas, promise to give everyone a farm. Yankee Doodle found dead af ew doors below the Trib office, murdered by gang of Slashers who infest Nassau st, overdose of Puffer Hopkins. Hinckley their engraver. Mocks Miss Eppie Sargent. p 30 Inidian artist does Penn’s Treaty with the Indians, thumb their nose at Penn p. 35 critical of a painter complaining about the Art Union, his ptgs aren’t worth buying, second hand or any way. Hostile to England. Darley drawing designs for them. Mocks Pinteux’s model artists, how Ned Buntline ever got ap ublisher. p. 48 Hints for the Sketch Club, subj is rather tight, unsophist young gmen have barren inventions, gives suggestions, inclu Prince John of the Oysterocracy putting on pair of white kid gloves

Jan 22 (don’t know where Jan 15 started). very crit of Collyer’s model artists, bad influ on public morals. Regularly mocks Sunday Mercury. Editors previously ran the Elephant. Herald agrees about Gallatin. Jumps to Feb 26, advertise Lippard’s Washington, published by their publishers, GB Zieber. Hostile to Greeley (also Corwin, John P Hale) for opposition to Mex war. Hoffman wrote for Yankee Doodle, allied with Cornelius Mathews and Duyckinck (and Paige and Nichols?) p. 152 Aristidean killed by Cornelius Mathews paragraph. Mocks Fuller of Eve Mirror, and James Buchanan. Mocks Mercury (where Cornelius Matthews is now one of the principal editors?) and dispatch. Seem symp to Herald.

March 11 p. 166 mocks NYHS again, with Prosper Wetmore as well, more on Washington’s breeches, mocks Gallatin’s letters on Mex war as false and ancient, Cornelius Mathews part of it too. Mocks Am Inst. Cartoon of James Buchanan in plaid pants, looks a bit like dawdler dandy in Woodville. p. 175 aboriginal artist’s version of Landing of Columbus, without which swouldn’t have been given rum, cheated, murdered Mar 18 mocks True Sun, p. 183 says Polk and Rothermel each doing Conquest of Mexico, Rothermel will finish first as Polk’s design extends to So Am and Pacific. Critical of Mirror and Dispatch (for attacking Bennett’s wife). Gallatin v bad re Mexico Mar 26 p196 Native Americans have denounced the Fourierists on account of the frequent recurrence of the word tonality in their writings (means alleg to the Pope). Day Book editor is mean. Cartoon of Clay as Presidential Piligrim fr Pilgrim’s progress on way to Whtie Hse. Hostile to abolitionists, African Americans. p. 206 Grand Fancy Ball (for Clay?) catalogued in Tribune, charms, ribbons, corsages, but mention those present, Clay, Greeley as Joseph Surface, Bennett as Sea Serpent wrapped around Alderman McElrath, Webb as Mephistopholes, Van Buren, Brandreth attending him, Restell as Malthus, Valentine Mott as the gas man.

April 1 p. 211 degeneracy of the Age, France a peaceful rebellion, same shocking vulgarity prevailing in Europe, low people taking management of affairs into their own hands, only in NY our real old fashioned delightful aristo defended fr demo encroachment. Don’t seem to like Cass. Gaillardet at war with Bennett, only Courrier can judge the opera. Mocks Park Benjamin. Apr 8 satirizes Harry Franco in Evening Mirror on the Necessity of Association Apr 15 no admirer of GW Dixon. p247 a little critical of Ranney exhibition, let artists starve,t hen get up exhib of their works p. 254 NYHS are old fogies. mocks manifest destiny, ought to annex France. A little symp to Genl Scott. p. 270 Great mtg of the Press on French Revolution, in Windust’s private parlor, papered with metrop journals, C&E overlaid by Trib, Express cut up, True Sun darkened Globe, Sun failed to give any light, J of Commerce papered over a rat hole, John Donkey and Herald. Major Noah and Russell Jarvis at either side of John Donkey

Apr 29 engraver is CT Hinckley, 141 Chestnut st. p. 295 Another Fight in Washington, betw Persico’s Pocahontas and Greek Slave, Pocahontas seems to win. Oyster Place Opera House, seems to condemn an aristocracy of barbers etc. Jumps to May 13. Hostile to Globe, supported by pap, office holders forced to support it and John Van Buren and Butler and Cass. Dix sticks in throats of Barnburners. Jumps to Jun 10, p. 387, Genl Wash monument, mtg o various cornerstones of his mon in diff cities of US, resolve that as money been absorbed by dinner eating committees and trustees, will unite. Have a review by Poe, satire of his style, monstrostiy, etc, but delightful, by Wiley and Putnam. p 396 saw Brisbane trying to convert Park Benj to Fourierism, neither work Jun 24