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Lantern (Diogenes, His Lantern)

Diogenes, his Lantern NYHS has 1852-53. has big ad for Intl Mag (25 cents a month). 6 cents, 149 Fulton st. weekly. Darley does their frontispiece, WW Britt their engraver. big Genin ad, Fowler and Wells ad, James Brown daguerrotypist, Harper brothers. aim is to satirize humbug, folly, pride vain glory and hypocrisy

Jan 10, 1852: opposed to Kossuth and foreign intervention (supported by Beecher, Bellew and co). Strong an engr. Suggests Herald is for hire? Jan 17: says Herald has turned its coat on Kossuth. Bellew doing engravings, also Horton and co. Critical of married women's property rights. p. 16 Lament of the Art Unionists--is critical of their purchases/spending, p. 17 another cartoon on it. p.22 responds to Punch's satire of Greek Slave with an Irish one 24 Aztecs advertise, no more Fowler and Wells. p. 24 Art Union joke, That our Art-Unionists don't know/Art's fundamental law,/Their recent publications show--They cannot even draw. p. 25 another crit of AU as perhaps deceptive. Bellew has a cartoon of Webster and Fillmore for presidential nomination. p.29 another Art Union cartoon by Bellew, engr by JF Badeau, mocks their taste. comic of Hamilton Fish as a fish. Sunday Courier praises the Lantern. 31 cover has ad for portrait of Kossuth, and Harper's p. 37 big Bellew cartoon of Horace Greeley's Frankenstein, a powerful black man. Frere an illus, JH Goater another cartoonist? Also H Egbert.

February: 7? ad for Hannibal's lectures in the Picayune, office at 122 Fulton tho publisher is 43 Ann st (Pic near 149 Fulton st, the Lantern office). p46 Progress of the Fine arts in America, letter fr an English gman, compares Barnum to the Brit Mus, sculp in Washington Hall, great gall of Am AU, NAD intentions are better than its designs, shop windows in Nassau st. Also cartoon of horrors of slavery in black and white by RL Hinsdale. 14 Phalon's Cryst Pal (hair dye) advertises. p53 an essay on Fogyism, quite hard on Old Fogies, his ideas on politics, religion, society etc the galvanism of dead common places and defunct truism, born in cant and swaddled in respectability, in awe of the community, who should put down the young; originality a misdemeanor and indep a sort of insanity, horror of strong expressions, robs the poor but attends church regularly p57 baby diogenes strangling abolitionism and secession. seem to be Clay/Webster whigs. 21 thanks to letter fr corresp J Bull Caulkney police have broken up model artists, encroachment on fine arts ought to be resisted, police shld protect freedom, and what freer than these exhibitions, embodiment of hi and classic art, if art is an imitation of nature, then the greatest artists. p. 64 jokes on illustrations required of artists, e.g. the arms of Geo Law, on cartridge. p65 contrast betw Indian princess as imag in Euro and in actual observation p66 cartoon of Landing of Columbus, I don't get it, by Swinton p. 72 another AU pun on drawing 28 p75 Young Fogy of America and NY is of every class, rank and profession, ambitious but incompetent, ludicrous efforts to be great, worships conventionality and mediocrity. Whoever attempts to be himself, and to give free play to the aspirations of genius, must meet him. p76 Hinsdale has another poetry of the pencil, remember the poor, melodramatic death scene in attic p81 cartoon of launddress Mrs Saxon who hires out shirts

March 6 p 86 Landing of the pilgrims tableaux of Am history no 2. p. 91 mocks Tribune's description of the highfalutin style of Webster at the Historical Society, Lantern likes Webster. p92 Hinsdale satirizes aldermen's tea room vs cells of the poor 13 p94 mocks Emerson. May be symp to Collins in quarrel with Cunard. 20 p103 the political old fogy: avarice passes for patriotism, old clo man who changes his principles, always in office. Born to a politician, started at Tammany, was a newsboy and ate at Buttercake Dick's, joined the firemen, began to rise and used public office to make his fortne in real estate and contracts, gets up demonstrations. p 106 Thomas Gunn and Swinton do tableaux of Columbus before Ferdinand and Isabella, presenting wooden nutmeg and colt's revolvers, havana cigars. 27 p113 mocks hypocrisy of Aminadab Sleek who cheats a newsboy and condemns him as immoral p116 departure of the missionaries

April 3 cover ad for Diary of a Broadway Dandy by John D Vose, former ed of NY Picayune. p123 actually a funny satire of Webster and Fillmore for claiming expedition to Japan is just desire for a hydrographical survey, as Louis Napoleon's invasion of France is just desire to measure height of St Paul's etc (England and Russia also included in satire) 10 p134 Louis Nap has ordered 86,000 busts of himself for every city in France fr a female artist. H Egbert jr also illus for them. Many sneers at Lola Montes. p139 critical of Raymond in the Times for editing senator's speeches for propriety (out of respect for the morals of society), his fatherly care, whatever jars against our dear Raymond's own notions is "ill considered," his own opinions considered to be the sober second thoughts of the orator. 17 p144 critical of O'Sullivan filibustering. 146 another AU pun. p147 model artists cartoon p160 Bowery boy at NAD exhib cartoon p162 Tableaux of Am history, invasion of Mexico by Cortes

May 1 cartoon by Bellew of Geo Law trying to ride bull of Demo Review.p 172 cartoon of Mrs Benton for president, triumph of fogyism, as proposed by Demo Rev, will keep down Young Am (fogys are Boyd, Brown, Smith, Van Buren, Marcy, Butler, Duncan, Houston, Cass) 15 Dickinson an illus, p184 cartoon of an orig ptg, by Otard, I don't get it p187 Whig whittlers (Seward's compromise--no north, south, east or west). mocks NYHS as boring. 22 mocks Rev Magoon. p196 cartoon mocking Buchanan as a federalist in 1812, subservient to Britain, and in 1852 allowing Van Buren to inject him with free soil blood to help him in campaign of 1852. Watson and Gunn have image of Demo Rev slaying old fogies, scaring Stephen Douglas? p. 199 a contemporary reviews Durand's Gog and Magog, satirizes critical style of pouring on comparisons to disparate artists. p.201 satire of an exhib review titled "Emersonian Art", 12 Beecher on Brimstone by Lucee, a narrator not a creator, body ill drawn resembles huge negro dancing in front of a conflagration. Tomes' Mayor in a Muss, suggestive, liberty pole, Gog and Magog by De Rande, a lion hunt in mtns of syria. Allegory of Rum and Water, artists's passion for color. Hans Vlagg another artist (Flagg?). same page asks if Hamilton Fish can be called a man, transcendentalists and Emerson may answer at Hope chapel. 29 Whig Review advertises on cover, as does Demo Review, on inside cover, the Evening Mirror advert with Gurney dags and Gouraud. p208 Lucretia Mott attacks men. Bellew cartoon that Seward and Frederick Douglas (riding in carriage together) are behind Genl Scott's campaign

June 5 mocks Trib music critic. p222 Sunday Courier headline magnetic portraits an allusion to those at Nat Acad? Lantern hasn't discovered anything attractive about them. Holcomb and Levy also engr. p225 Mocks Genl Morris as a magazine pattern poet. Like Harry Franco/Tom Pepper (Charlie Briggs). Thom Gunn does cartoon of celeb Senator fr well known foreign pic owned by Hon Zadock Pratt. 19 Musical World is Journal of Tweedle-dee-dom. Mocks the Herald too at various times. Pro Intl copyright (and crit of Raymond of Harper's for opposing) 247 want Webster not scott to get the Whig nomination

July 3 ads for Am Whig rev, no more ads for Demo rev for some weeks. p257 the comic artist: eats an ice at Taylors, worries about ideas for a large political cut about Pierce as the new star, can cook a caricature per order, does posters that have no reference to the subject, untidy. p258 customs house clerks taxed to support a Fillmore paper.

Bound with this volume is Yankee Notions: or Whittlings of Jonathan's Jack-Knife, for May 12 (no year, but 1852?) 1/2 cents, $1.50 a year, 99 Nassau st. Not very funny.

bound volume 2 of the Lantern, NYHS, 1852

July 10 Brady and Morand and Root all adv daguerreotypes too, also Leeds the auctioneer. Hostile to Pierce, repeats stuff about him fainting. Monkeys at Astor House theater. p14 Clay's death, no blot on him, but lament his dying act was hostile to great Webster 17 mocks Tupper.  p22  have our special howadji, Tayard Bailor. Mocks GPR James. p29 has fat alderman protecting rowdies with weapons and lottery tickets fr alleg sword of justice (quite a conservative image--and very hostile to current Aldermen who are attacked elsewhere too) p. 33 missionaries, and friend Charlie Briggs at Sunday Courier 31 p36-37 satire of NAD, Pierce has bought one of Shegogues' greatest efforts. p44 critical of Abbott's Napoleon in Harper's Mag, for making him a saint p.44 profile of sentimental poet (Fitz James O'Brien?) who writes Shirt Fiend, condemning old Jew secondhand clothes stores, then patronizes them.

August 7 Wall st J advertises, as does Broadway theater. p46 Raymond in Times also attacks Lola Montes, Sunday Mercury defends her. Mocks John Van Buren. p47 design for a statue of NY Justice (more attacks on aldermen, punchbowl, not blind, scales uneven due to perspective of viewer). p49 JMcLenan cut of Webster dreaming of White house. p. 51 Senator Pratt conspic among utilitarians who voted agst purchasing Catlin's coll of Indian ptgs. Kossuth a humbug it seems. Dispatch disliked Fillmore. Parke Godwin is Bark Bodwin. Know Ropes at the Sunday Atlas. Mathews' Reveille is stealing fr Lantern. Greeley fictionalizes Scott's bio. Very hostile to Truth-Teller, wants intervention in Ireland? it is the bonded slave of the priests? Unhappy that Beach in the Sun and Truth Teller want to invade Bermuda and Jamaica, quite critical of Sun's willingness to go to war with Britain. (Aug 14?) p 64 renowned artist Whitley now eng on a great Natl work, Kossuth bilking his landlady, Greeley and Oyster house critics weeping, principal fig is Ptr himself, delivering a lecture on universal wisdom 21 running letters fr Thomas Carlyle. p. 69 quite critical of Genl Scott in a Bellew cartoon, tries to win Irish votes, the 45 Irish soldiers he hung are in the background. Mocks Whig propagandist WE Robinson (connected to Trib (Richelieu Robinson)? he's a friend of Simeon Draper)

Sept 4 mocks Men of the Time pub by Redfield, for excluding Briggs and including Mathews and Ned Buntline p. 87 poem to the Oyster house critic 11 critical of Patrick Lynch of Irish American for attacking the Albion, priest ridden ignorance. Warns Alice Carey not to parody Coleridge and Tennyson, be orig. Greeley likes allgemeine Zeitung. Fuller of Mirror is for Webster. Think Greeley should complain of Raymond for attacking Hawthorne's life of Pierce, no diff than Greeley's life of scott. Thackeray a literary snob, Quackery his real name. Mocks Eliz Oakes Smith. 18 p111 disapproves of Sarsaparilla Townsend going into politics p114 F Boyle illus for them? mocks music critic of Dispatch. Maine law is bad in its effects. mocks Fourierism p128 for crit Lantern for attacking bricks of social wrong rather than blasting edifice to atoms p129 cartoon of the Demo convention as a volcano p134 mocks Headley's life of Scott; seems to be on the side of Griswold, Briggs and Fuller agst Duyckinck/mathews

Oct 9 p143 seems to like Downing. 16 constantly praises F-G Halleck. Melville's Pierre is a mistake, stop tight rope betw morality and indecency. Critical of an illus in Harper's that went too far in showing misery.  23 has full page ad for Broadway Dandy and confessions of an ethon? boy, both Bunnel and Price 30 controversy of Stowe and Parker to advertise trashy book UTC). Music critics of Dispatch and Express quarreling. mocks expansionism (Bellew)

Nov 6 front cover ad for London and NY Metrop Gazette, a radical review of Art, ARchit, drama bks institutions govt $.50 a year p. 184 tribute to death of Webster. 13 Gunn 290 Broadway hiring wood engravers. mocks Talbot Watts. Knows Thomas Darcy McGee. Volcano is symbol of Clay, Niagara or cataract the emblem of Webster. p. 193 Whitley exhib mutton machine at Worlds Fair 20 p203 editorial is very anti England, be wary of dissension which is in her interest p207 mocks Putnam's homes of Am authors, many don't have them thanks to the publishers. SL Perkins an illus. 213 pano of Cuba intended to sharpen annexation appetite. Mocks Home J. Times is hostile to Benton.

Dec 4 calls Oakes Mrs Hoax Smith 11 Greeley and Squier quarreling with Fuller at Mirror. Gunn cartoon v hostile to annexation, Cuba, Geo Law etc. v crit of Pope Pius 9th 18 publishes the press release engraving of the NY Cryst Pal 25 constant campaing agst man milliners. p268 poet Benjamin mocked. Geo Law as Santa Claus putting Cuba into Pierce's stocking (Bellew)


Jan 1 cover has ad for Whitley's studio and picture sales rooms, and Banvard's pilgrimage p277 mocks Bryant's poetry, and Trib's worship of him p. 281 editor of Natl Demo keeps sending them deplorable puns

Bound volume Jan-July 1853 Lantern NYHS

Jan 8 JW Howard illus. Geo Saunders and Geo Law in cahoots. Picayune p10 defends male clerks. 15 Home J advertises on cover, as does Whitley still. critical of sabbatarians as rich. EV Campbell an illus. still attacking the Aldermen, who include Denman and Tweed. ed of IRish American working with Bennett? but squib says when Bennett goes abroad his office is anti-Irish? 22 cover ads fr True Demo Organ, the True Nat Demo and Morning Star, of Caspar C Childs, also Alex Montgomery's Illus Mag of Art, and Home J. freq mocks NY Dutchman. p27 poem to Meagher, praising him, seems sincere p29 Alice Gray a poem, says Elliott painted her, she uses make up fr Gouraud p31 poem seemingly praising Pierce for avoiding old fogy Cass taking him to Salt River with Fillmore, joining progress with Geo Law (!) p35 letter fr Mrs E Oakes Smith? 29 p42 Times has resolved to write its own critiques on the public amusements of this city and appointed one competent to the task (Fitz O'Brien?) p45 crit of Duss gallery in Boston. hostile to McMasters and church in NY opposing public schools. mentions John Smith jr of Arkansas and the Atlas a fair amount

Feb 5 also freq mocks Zadock Pratt. 12 Putnam's monthly advert on cover. p73 poem against Mills' statue of Jackson. Herald endorsing Congress supporting pacific rrd is example of finally having liberal principles 19 p97 mocks gmen who give thousands to advertise hypocritical expeditions to search for a doz foreigners at the North pole, think of the starving here, ye jewelled hypocrites of Trinity, Clavary and Grace Church 26 MA Daily is ed of Y Truth Teller, will lecture on Christianity's labors in the world of art

Mar 5 Ad for My Consulship by CE Lester on cover, also ad for Childs True Nat Demo and Morning Star 100 Nassau. Regular ads inside for Wall St J. v hostile to Stowe. ad for Peabody's Amer Chronicle (STringer & Townsend alw have lots of ads, Harper runs one too, Whitley ad (will be connoisseur too) March 12 p137 alphabet poem mentions advertisers, inclu Whitley and Levi our wood cutter p. 141 anti-death penalty, as is Sunday Courier I think they say. Mocks CE Lester's new book, of Herald of the Union notoriety p141 cartoon by Bellew of copyright struggle, Herald and Knickerbocker agst Putnam's and Brits

April 2 p185 gives Pepys' account of our friend Charles Elliott fr Montgomery's History of the Painters (had a satire of Elliott in their 1852 NAD article). AF Banks an engr. crit of Times on copyright, cartoon of him influencing the Senate. Big ads for Ward's attack on England in Microscopic Views. 7 p202 OUr Natl LIt, in response to writer in Herald for Intl copyright asks where is American genius? In our advertisements, they are our national literature.  LIkes PUtnam's, dislikes Pulsky's p204 maybe defends friend Henry Arcularius fr attack by Times. N Levy cartoon seems to want Pierce to be more belligerent 16 freq uses phrase Young Husb in dialogues. friends with Laura Keene. of course hates Gavazzi and Hughes. Mocks Trib music critic. 23 suggests washerwomen read Herald. Mirror still adv. 30

May 7 crit of Solon Borlund's appointment. American Celt hates Meagher, wants tyrannical aristocracy. act to amend the city charter published in it p277 May 14 p283 Art Union Job, actually defends Art Union against Monk, perhaps friendly with Fisher?, blames it on bad artists indignant at Huntington, Elliott Rossiter and such "inferior" artists being bought instead of their crazy daubs p. 289 mocks woman wearing cosmetics, thought she was a painting, seen while in an auction gallery May 21 p302 NAtional Democrat organ of hardshells has Peep at the PRessmen, of NY editor. Savage an editor there. p. 303 cut by Bellew of AU examination colored by Monk (a collab betw Cozzens wine ads and Raymond's Times) p. 306 AU Artifice, taketh but never giveth May 28 p313 more on Art Union, pun on Glass

June 4 praises Eve Mirror and NY Observer (for condemning Uncle Tom's Cabin; had earlier called Beecher's sermon on it an ad). skips to the 18 p366 Levy cartoon on need for a city park. Met John Smith jr of Arkansas at Windust's, Briggs there and West of the Comm Adv. p367 cut of Manifest destiny, but a rather bedraggled looking Jonathan looking doubtful about Mexico p. 370 anecdote of Mike Walsh (a b'hoy) reading Emerson to Pierce's wife, translates Anglo-Saxonize your head as put your head in a bag. last issue.