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Le Republicain

Le Republicain bound volume NYHS 1853 3 cents a day? $8 year 17 Spruce st, daily

May 7 their first issue, NYHS has May 9 complete. E Quesne and J Souvy writing editorials; republicans in exile, The Republic is Universal. 4 pages.

            have a feuilleton, eg the Bourgeois fantome. Very ltd NY and DC news. urge US intervention to support republican movements.

17 Gautier on les femmes 18 Mtg headed by Foresti of Italian refugees quarreling with the Herald, Olmstead offered English lessons. theaters advertise, Chas Crehen and Felix Quesnot lithos adv,  Cite the Times fairly often.

23 betw Pierce and Marcy, old Fogies and Young America (name of a Webb ship), we are for progress, nous verrons bien.

24 Th Lacombe on Les Beaux Arts Aux Etats-Unis, suggests Am AU had bad management, republics can have good art, US not purely Anglo Saxon, will have distinctive mix. p2 v brief notice of Brown's statue of DeWitt Clinton. p3 profile of Toussaint L'ouverture. 26 Like Meagher and yOung Ireland 27 suggests surprising Herald, Trib and Times all like Pierce's foreign appointments; I think they approve of Felix Foresti and Geo Saunders, and Young America as progressive30 Trib despite being whig is progressive in this. 31 define young america, skeptical of it as having much influence

June 4 cites Herald on divisions in Pierce admin. 6 covers city charter reform mtg, with Peter Cooper, Henry Grinnell, Benj F Butler, james t brady. Have an occasional chronique local. 14 fogies are reactionaries. La Verdad good, but doesn't understand goals of filibusters? 16 critical of C&E and Express for attitudes towards Gavazzi 17 solidarity among democracies, with Young America

18 more beaux arts aux etats unis.mention Tuckerman, lack serious criticism, lack emulation and education. Discusses recent tropes of crit at 28th Acad exhib, I think perhaps referring to Trib,says the reviewer complains of too many portraits, inclu comparisons to daguerreotype, which Lacombe thinks is an error (photo not same as oil or mini portrait), disagrees with philippic agst the portrait? Trib? critic demands poetry, Lacombe cites no 14, ex Pres Fillmore by FB Carpenter for David A Bokee, trivializes what Lacombe thinks is one of the most  grand works. Gignoux' winter for Chas Gould, the critic says it has a singular incoherence, trees without snow on branches, Lacombe counters. Some critics just reproduce the catalogue, others discuss merits, too republican? need better critics.

23 running Cornelius Mathews' witchcraft as their feuilleton, transl Philarete Chasles. 25 press hostile to Pierce's cabinet, Times moving closer to demo Young Am 27 critical of C&E, against human reason.

28 p3 Lacombe on NAD: Gignoux has ordinary talent, but a good work, fairly technical discussion, winter. Kensett's laconic Lancape next to him, needs more vigor and chiarascuro. Durand's Progress, idea is good and well  interpreted, but color cold and lacks grandeur, still a premier landscapist. Gignoux again, naive idea of winter, Likes Lang's full length portrait of a woman walking, quarrels with Herald's comments on it (she's not paying attn to where she's going?). Edw White's Pilgrims meritorious; Geo Inness Land Storm very vigorous, movement. Endorses Durand's progress, execution not alw up to grand conception.

29 June p3 Lacombe continues on NAD: Walker's large and popular episode of Mexican war based on Vernet's retreat of Constantine. Critical of Ranney's purchase of Manhattan, Cropsey's view of Sherburne better than his Niagara, TA Richards well intentioned but lacks force, Hicks v gd port of E Johnson, shows study with Couture; Mount politics of 1852 charming, Elliott many good ones. Oddie repetitive. Love Darley, mention Blondell, Casilear pretty, like church and Durand. mention auction store on wall st.

July 2 p2-3, Beaux-Arts continued, cites Tuckerman, sovereignty of public opinion that values only the dollar, notes Am Art Union briefly, demise necessary for progress of art, too bad for subscribers 7 p2 describes entrance to Cryst Pal, Pierce speech, likes Carew's Webster and Thorwaldsen 12 long critique of Edw Everett, I think they think he is not progressive 14 doing series on Cryst Pal, mention that Greenough did ornaments 15 gives Theo Sedgwick's speech at the opening which compliments Carew's Webster, suggests Pierce is his successor. Republicain likes Pierce, but 18 thinks speeches were platitudes, didn't demand real progress, fraternity of peoples. 21 Appleton chosen to assist Buchanan in London, turned it down for family reasons.23 Trib is advanced and elevated in its views, except on tariff. 25 July start a series of Letters on the Crystal Palace by a Red Republican to a White lady, signed X. 26 p3 Gautier on Panos of No America. 28 v critical of C&E, journal of wall st, bishops, hierarchy. Notices Irish poet John Savage. 29 long essay on Beranger 

Aug 9 Times has advanced opinions and editorial talent, wrong not to support Soule 15 Aug the two parties, neo whiggism is socialist and puritan p2 H Emile Chevalier on Cryst Pal, mentions David d'anger's Racine, Etex's Damalis 18 explain that they march with Young America not in expansion of democracy thru force or intrigue, not in expansion of slavery, errors of individuals in the party, false friends. March with reformists, want aid to oppressed, as long as their program of social reform conforms to doctrine of appeal to the people (both reformers and YA are posed against Toryism, aristo church and state authority) 20 p3 more red republican letter at Cryst Pal, on Amer veneration for biblical ptgs 22 reviews Native American party, where they are progressive and where not. Taine essay. on the 25th, suggests American party represents the juste milieu p2 reviews Cornelius Mathews' Pen and Ink pano of nY 26 more red repub on Cryst Pal, also 27, likes Etex, and on 29 on Hagar 30 support women's rights

7 Sept Farrenc (who works for them?) address at Lafayette anniversary dinner p2 gives episode with Katy fr Hot Corn. The French typographic union is proprietor of the paper as of Sept 5.  Seem to think once rights are achieved, slavery will have to end too.10 long review of Wallack's by EF, I think E Farrenc now doing many of their editorials. 24 EF likes Wm Fry

Oct 5 has been ranting at Courrier, which is Bonapartiste and Whig 12 article on Fowler and Wells as popularizers of phrenology. 14 Felix Vogelt Flanerie at Cryst Pal 21 p3 Wm H Powell, mostly a bio, puff. 22 p2 on bronzes at Cryst Pal 25 p2 Park Benjamin lecture at Hope Chapel on Americanism, progressive. Lots on Dumas.

Nov 8 has Littre on progress of socialism p2 gives a funny breakdown of parties in election 14 Geo Dand story 23 Henry de Warens on Cryst Pal, admiring

December anti-clerical. 9 still support Pierce. 24 editorial on slavery, it's a violation of human rights 31 last issue