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Literary World

Feb 6 1847 The Fine Arts: A Pair of Lscapes, Forenoon and Afternoon, for James Robb of NO, brotherhood of mtns, cool morning, solitary farmer dragging large log, and in afternoon midsummer party of young people, glowing sunlight. Trees are most prominent, masterly, strongly characterized. In one a magnif oak, the other a beach etc. Vigorous and manly manner, foregrounds bold; destitute of imaginative faculty, but passion for poetry and beaut sentiment. Cropsey going to Europe. Edmonds’ facing the enemy, brandy bottle, to be engraved, Gignoux, Mount moving to city?

Mar 13 1847 Fine Arts: crit of NA for not doing more to buy art, are teaching more thoroughly, no actual teachers, ltd access

Mar 20 1847 Fine Arts: commission for Rotunda to Powell, affront to constituents, juggling consummated it, a practical political joke, a young artist of ability, a pet of fashion fr his precocity. Eve Mirror proposed a competition, they are right, here we job everything, fr picture to a Major General, nothing goes by merit, but everything by favor. Why not Durand, Cole, Page, Morse or Sully. young artists need more study of the basics, Mech Inst doing this, NAD should too

Apr 17 1847 NAD opened, desultory comments, Gray enthralled by slavish and disagreeable mannerism, asserted his indep, Elliott still best, Durand gone beyond himself, Cropsey fine, Chapman better last year, Mount great, Edmonds poor, Huntington unequal, Ingham usual part, Flower Girl striking example of patience, Rothermel as red and extrav as usual, Matteson done better, Clonney too, Stearns and Glass improved. Do favor to friends to point out faults

Apr 24 1847 NA Rothermel Cortes fr Prescott leaves one in dark as to artist’s intention, should not be susceptible to diff intentions, no more than one action, goes on for full page on melodrama versus true artist, this a stage tableau. Mason ital lscape, don't like subj. May improves. Glass’ Cromwell his best, formal grouping, in better taste than Rothermel, Whitehorn better than usual, Baker bad pose. Letter re Deas fr corresp, true spirit of Am school

May 13 1847 NAD cont: Harding’s Webster excellent sober, Peele’s charming Rustic Toilet, class of subj he is suited for, rustic beauty. Hart lscapes want definition, fond of smooth and soft, degenerate into polish of inanity, needs more mroning than afternoon, cool and bracing, less old masters. Durand never excites in us noble feelings and greatness that rise into heroic, calm complacency instead, agreeable prospects, but often degenerates, too often polished Nature into fine lady on a holiday, less of that here, less heavy vapory medium investeed his pics, The Ftn too much like last year which didn’t deserve name of lscapes, rather portraits of two huge trees. Effect of filling up the whole foreground of the pic with such immense trunks is obvious, it dwarfs every other part of the lscape. Miss Cole. Church not imitating him, elm not picque enough, but air of individuality to his work, attentive to heavens, great beauty. Shegogue dilig not skill, fancy portraits with fancy names, his Carnival is beneath criticism. Spencer advanced from stationary position, hard waxen ports have improved, flower girl unpleasantly crowded but excellent, printseller head good and reflections managed well.

May 1 1847 SA Mount, faithful. Inness View on passaic, promise, less truth and unity than before.. C Curtis not improved. Huntington bad. Shegogue Shepherd boy shld stick to trade, by hook or crook success at fancy dresses, a toy goat, bad style. Boyle’s Calhoun, we won’t vote for him, prefer Rough and Ready

May 8 1847 Durand forenooon and afternoon. Elliott Gov Bouck imposing, admirable, but sketchy, high key, for pub exhib, sacrifices detail, but writer in daily eve journal for whose crit judg we have great respect takes us to task, don’t understand his comments. McMaster unworthy subj. Lazarus power. Waldo and Jewett, not as good as Edwin White. Mooney doesn’t have agreeable color but all else gd. Wotherspoon trees, but middle tint missing, destroysunion and repose. FR Spencer Ex Mayor Morris, unfavorable likeness, something disagreeable in the neighborhood, feeble execution. Hicks port of Alfred Jones, a likeness. Cole prometheus worth a visit to NY Gall, Cropsey to Europe. Powers Fisher boy.

May 15 1847 p347 Fine Arts: Exhib at NA: 45 Inness, Lament, don’t see signif of name, unless means artist laments having ptd one so bad. has ptd gd pics before, exec vigorous, but color inharmonious and subj entirely devoid of interest. 46 Sentinel, JG Chapman, much gd ptg, bold and free, agreeable color, noble black mastiff watching lad, wonder how he sustained his position on three rocks long enough to fall asleep. Whole compos wants stamp of truth, or even probability. result is appearnce of artificiality shld be studiously avoided. face sweetly colored and highly finished, too much dark color abt the lips, suggests fever or corruption, boy’s chest sunken, legs not attached to trunk, fire in eye of dog, but eye not in proper place in the head. Should have been cabinet size. 47 Xtian and the Cross, Pilgrim’s progress, 3 pics fr same work in present exhib, pop theme, favorable ex of Jesse Talbot, more vigor than usual, sky pictque, improved by more boldness of touch and massing of forms in foregrd, livel touches, variety of color in light abt the cross as point of interest needs more emphasis. Whitehouse 48 Gman principle of variety in art, degree of stiffness and formality far fr agreeable, cause at a glance to educated, lines of both sides of fig taking same form, cutting sharp fr ground, face directly in front, same hair on one side as other, forming regular semicircle. Body not turned and fig aplomb in center of canvas. Repet of form sometimes ok in compositions with many figus, but in single shld be avoided. Attn to rules in nature, may avoid stiffness, listen to Harding, repet of forms means can’t impress mind with clear and distinct ideas. 49 VG Audubon by D Huntington, well drawn and modelled, agreeable color, shld have better place. 50 WJ Hubard, Dr Crighton, new name, if young artist promising, drwg v gd, color wants transparency and richness, outline of face needs reflections fr linen. 51 Marchant’s Col WL Stone, best port he’s done, likeness gd, color pleasing. 52 EH May HT Tuckerman, one of his best heads, great fidelity to nature. PC Wyeth lady v clear portrait, carelessly disposed fig, well tho timidly drawn, will acquire confidence. not a point of strong dark in whole pic. FR Spencer’s 54 Mrs Ann S Stephens, has attempted too much, dispos of fig theatrical, tragic muse, wooden, shadows too olive, but some gd ptg. 55 Whitehouse gman, if chiarascuro in harmony, would have been one of best, bold and telling. James Kyle 56 v clever likeness of Mrs Abbott of Park. but wants harmony in shading, shaded side too hot. Alanson Fisher 57 v honest port of gman, flesh and drapery too same texture. Cropsey 58 and 63, Morning and Afternoon, Staten Island, pair of fine lscapes, goes directly to nature, young, will stand with Cole and Durand. Has not been and trust won’t be led astray by the tricks and quibbles of empirical art, poisoned too many of our yung artists, aims to reproduce something akin to productions of prime old amster, Nature, so safe.

            Wish our lscape ptrs knew have hi sacred mission, axe of civilix busy with forests, artisan ingenuity sweeping away relics, wild and pictque haunts of Red Man and deer in freedom, commerce and manuf. Aged hemlock becoming rafters for unsightly structures on bare dommons, our artists need to rescue vanishing picturesque. Europe is man’s nature, ours is god’s, yet they go abroad to learn their art, return with hands cramped with manenrism, minds belittled and debauched by artificial stimulants of secondhand and secondrate creation. Cropsey fine feeling for nature, atmospheric, space, unity of design in clouds, time and season, rocks have geolog character, but surrounded by works with more powerful color and startling contrasts.

            50 Geo A Baker self port, libel on himself, artistical suicide, post mortem before he becomes an associate. 61 Jewett lscape, creditable, figs touched with great truth and spirit. Limbs of trees too serpentine, nature seldom crooks a limb without a joint, or smaller branch out at the turning, ptd vigorously and will color silvery and clear.

May 20 1847 p 310 Nad cont Gray fancy port excellent, but head flat and weak, usu fancy portraits are trashy absurdities of bal costue, everyday Broadway faces in ridic bewilderment or reminded of the stage. Wenzler ports beaut drawn but v false in color, Broadway clerks could recognize pattern and quality of silk. Elliott old man’s head much better than usual, Texan Ranger pleasing, Halleck below his standard, gets likeness in ladies but not refinement necessary for women. Carter has peculiar beauty of inanity. Gifford doing well.

May 22 1847 Greenough effective group, Gl Brown, Elliott doing Halleck, Rossiter’s Ruth and Naomi inadeq expression, radical faults, but oriental glow. Frankenstein of Cinti Saviour has promise, his younger bro here doing gd lscapes

May 27 1847 NAD cont: Mount char portraits, homely and familiar, never gross. Art’s subj not all elevated, power of contemp rustic life and pastoral, we pent in city walls, envy boys Caught Napping, excellent expression, bad coloring, wish would stick to interiors not open daylight; Loss and Gain not so careful. Edmonds less local individuality, First Earnings want action, look posed, persp out, as in Trial of Patience, subj too vulgar, don’t want to see brutal husbands spitting tobaccon on linen. Ingham silks and satins, costliest and richest, prefer clothes to women, painfuls sense of excess labor, Inness advances, but imitating Claude, need obj to support solitary tree. JB Flagg clear and pure, laughing child, poet’s captive admirable. Chapman Ferd and Isabella mannerism and defective drawing, no elevatedd expression, barrom in land. Wotherspoon mannerism, studies good, but wants unity in whole, beyond key of nature, so flat and insipid. Duggan powerful. Goupil noticed.

Jun 12 1847 Exhib at NA 2nd saloon, Achenbach genius, Deas Mtn pass catches action, but pink. Huntington Piety and folly a gd idea, responses of two listeners, bust is withered, hand no credit to sign painter. GA Baker Carnival clever, subj have no sympathy. Chapman children bad drwg and neat execution, hideous drwg. Duggan gd though3rd Saloon, elliott, Freeman, Spencer’s port of Launitz, not good self by Mooney, Chapman weak and unnatural, Frankenstein lscapes cold and uninteresting, Rossiter of sickly sentimental school Twilight hours, Ranney sleighing badly drawn, dog looks like a fish’s vertebra, Gignoux imposing, Edwin White evening at Home most successful. Officer remark minis.

Jun 19 1847 sculpture at NAD, I think, powers busts great, Brown works a new era, Rebekah please all, bas reliefs classic, Brown easy free and able in execution, seasons are academic. Pleiades beaut, but—all in all a pretty mixed review.

Jul 3 1847 gives an Amer corresp review of NAD for London Art Union, he doesn’t give Huntington credit for his pop reputation, but they are right to commend Page, which they do, at considerable length, also like Mount (not a Wilkie), Deas. 

Jul 31 1847 Tuckerman loves Vanderlyn. Lit World’s review of his book (CF Hoffman editor), they’ve been publishing excerpts

Sept 4 1847 Fine Arts (has been puffing Greek Slave), powers statue the lion of the day, flesh looks plastic, skin porous as if could perspire, perfection of the academy, sentiment speaks most in countenance, role of details, chains are nothing to her. later has GH Calvert on the process.

Oct 23 1847 Art Union pics: Bingham’s pictures, horrid selection for engraving, only redeemed by Huntington’s Sybil, disagreeable, monotonous dirty pink, monotony of texture for flesh, logs and jug, soft confusion, pyramid compos only for scenes of utmost beauty and repose, not motion and action and pictquesness, study old masters. Cropsey Janetta faithful transcript. rock ptg superior, not conventional, commissioned for more by art union. Hamilton studio productions, wrong path. Wm Ranney bad drwg, but free and spirited, his news of battle of Lexington not as good as his Washington. Kyle Washington makes little out of subj. Durand Indian’s Vespers does not please us, want truth and purity, stifiling swamps and fens, why not orisons? waves exact repetitions. Cole home in woods can breate again, exquis repose, individuality, best in collection. Gignoux free and dashing, curb it. Inness below mediocrity. Jewett little credit. Cafferty Young Pedlar, require refined treatment, this only well enough. Cranch simple but truthful. Au should not purchase second hand.

Oct 30 1847 AU Pics cont. J Talbot lscapes, four of them, View near Paterson v deficient, sky heavy, tree spcimen. Bonfield charming, Boutelle four lscapes carelessly ptd, Birch bad enough, Weir careless, Wotherspoon mannerism. G Harvey a pet of association, about 12 ptgs, capacity only for flower and fruit pieces, sees by bits not whole. Oddie rapidly improving. Fowler pleasant. Mc Conkey et al, medium. TA Richards no color. Church four landscapes, don’t imitate Cole, good handling, fine feeling for nature, will be one ofour finest. Charter Oak better asa  port than pic. Deas Mtn Pass, Last shot, hideous aspects but spirit. Heade well drawn, Wm Hart too much composition for his lscape, studio pic. G Fuller improves. Grunewald monotony. Wms class of pretty pics. Joshua Shaw admirable. Shegogue four pics, pics beneath criticism. JW Glass horses good, men not

Nov 13 1847 the fine arts, art unio pics concluding notice, Cropsey scottish pics, literal copying in cold light, Bonfield excellent, Mason simplicity, Hill, Ranney news of lexington, too sketchy and washy, melodramatic, singular anatomies, Glass’ Cromwell much better clouds, JT Peele seamstress and fisher boy, latter disfigured by monster legs, feet bad. Art Union needs to change his governing body every year to avoid concern of bias. Urges cheaper smaller pictures by great artists, not $500 for one, size doesn’t matter. Don’t like engraving of Bingham, should do Weir’s Pilgrims or Allston

Nov 27 1847 Brooklyn Institute exhib, laudable to have cheap exhib of meritorious, Huntington’s woman of Samaria, not one of his finest, better than recent ones, his Sailor’s Bride fresh fr easel is garish. Durand studies, better than finished pics. Edwin White, Artist and Pupil, was in Art Union, v beaut, Doughty best in years., his English ones mannered and faulty, Gray grows on you, Spencer’s Printseller better than anything else he’s done, Elliot’s spirit. Oddie upper lscape excellent, Whitehorne’s descendeant v bad, Gates one of worst, Beard’s Red Men, Rossiter’s puritans, Duggan’s remorse, Red Men no pleasure.

Dec 18 1847, Fine Arts, valued correspondent but differs fr our own opinion. We don’t consider statue perfect, yet corresp don’t do justice to most prominent beauties, of torso, esp back. Hi opinion of Brown’s genius, but comparisons not effective. Don’t try to convince people they’ve been humbugged, will set art back. Correspondent: Greek slave relies for popularity onEuropean reputation, when Brown exhib Ruth and Adonis, didn’t pay expenses. GS wretchedly tame, imitation of Venus de Medici except outlines straight and unfeminine one. some say gives a moral feeling antique does not, but gives up quality if obj to display form of a perfectly beaut woman. Claims for immortality rest on merit as perfect specimen of female form, grace and beauty, not moralfeeling. Has boy’s arms, hands in position of an awkward model. Head not ideal, facsimile of some fine Ital girl, expr rather pleases us, becoming disgust, more natural and more marked, but not to be preferred to venus. GS ephemeral, its reputation fr English travelers/dunces. Artists and people turning to Brown as the greater man, he is original and classic, not an imitator.

            Dec 25 1847 Greek Slave, letter fr H in reply, spirit of article is pique toward Powers, partiality for Brown, tries to vulgarize and sneer. reputation was not pretended, those who see it do like it.  HK Brown writes in to regret name used.

            Jan 15 1848 debate continues, again editors say disagree, but glad discussion diff than Greenough’s Washington, more as if Powers founding school of taste. Corresp HM says not indolent houri, but natural and real woman. Arms not of a laborer. Think hair arranged too high. Chained position is natural. Sobers audience. Orig writer says thin and sickly, too close to his real model, flat footed, Greek slaves not chained

Mar 25 1848 Fine Arts, regret feud betw AU and NAD, should be in harmony, art would benefit

December 1848 has full list of Art Union distribution as advertisement 

April 29 1848 Fine Arts NA exhib: Rossiter fancy mother and children, gaudy coloring arrests attn, no pleasure, this is the very insanity of coloring, nature and good taste violated. Follower of Veronese, daylight effect, lost harmony. Overestimates reflections, all over, in impossible places, more powerful than lights, give metallic look, carelessly drawn, as in Blonde Brown and Brunette, badly composed and from lay figs. First Visit to Opera is a caricature. Aware of his talents knowl industry, but pursues wrong course, sunk into hopeless mannerism. Mason lscape Lara’s glassy stream, hope to see style banished, prints of old masters and bad school of lscape after Wilson and Gainsborough, no nature. Cranch little sketch freshness of nature, but feeble. Whitehorne port of Gov Wright so roughly handled by critics, pitiful economy of those who adjudged him the commission, their ignorance and stupidity. Gov Bouck known better from Elliott , get best artists. His Descendant of the Royal Stuarts has descneded into her shoes. Grunewald’s lscapes cold grey. Fisher Blind Pilgrim of Dublin talent. Huntington, has slipped, ptg too quickly so errors as in persp of Child bringing flowers to Eliz, won’t lose fine feeling, want of Nature. Beaut broken color in Lady Jane Grey, yet want of elevation, Christian Faith can look at for hours. GA Baker improve, avoid imitating Page, steald dust not Promethean fire, in the Annual too much red and orange, perverse anatomy, his Expectation hard, Shylock his best but not idealized enough. TA Richards wants color, but Quietude too much gaudy yellows. Messrs Audubon, peculiar judg of hanging comm, v prominent, unimaginative but patient labor, best is Puss, all just glossy hides

May 6 1848 NAD cont: Gignoux improved, Kensett surpasses Durand, less conventional, Healy and Elliott. Page’s friends are partisans, he is a genius but too much rein and theory, left nature, 37 port child ill pleases, like Gainsborough’s Blue boy sacrifices gd taste, brilliant blue surrounded with intense orange, study of color, too unusual for real life, attitude stiff. Earlier praised Ruth and Naomi grouping and narration, relief, but in bad taste, doesn’t imitate nature as ptg should, so low in tone, Naomi too erect, much beaut much absurd, only a genius could paint. Doughty no improvement, repeats. Edwin White advances, true spirit of artist. May wants freshness otherwise good, Osgood pleasing without much force

Jun 3 1848: NAD, Stearns’ Brandywine much excellent, well ptd, defective composition, horses seem to fall over. Stump Orator makes one’s eyes ache, laws of chiarascuro defied, eye carried all over canvas without a single resting place, color bad, heads from dags. Glass Cromwell has improved. Deas Savior forbear to speak, deranged. Powell Columbus, only addresses eye, not mind, rich dresses etc and has no more, grammar but not a poem, no expression, bare faced innovation makes persp accommodate figs not reverse, regret pics obtain favor, public it is natural will overlook for glitter and show, but pop with leaders of public taste. Art not a fancy ball, and class in ascendant threatens to make art a physical appeal depedndent on accessories, need ones like Page’s Ruth, tho little in work could please, soul was appealed to

Oct 21 1848 Delaroche, David’s admired in its day, but taste has improved, poetry in actual, still effectively contrasts Nap’s head with muleteer and mule. Charles Lanman writes fr Washington, Rotunda, Chapman’s pic is unworthy of him, regret nothing byCole or Chas Deas. King’s Indian portraits a poor display. Healy ptd Gales and Seaton.

Nov 18 1848 Fine Arts: self educated artist, LMS recently arrived, attract attn 614 Broadway, Egeria a nude with power and feeling, spirituelle, Eve and infants, delicacy in handling of naked female fig, keeping in accessories, orig design. sketches of domestic interest promise to be effective compositions. Promotes Greenough and Powers fr Trib, more at length on Dec 1 1849

Jan 6 1849 covers controversy with Kellogg and Robb, defends Powers

Jan 13 1849 crit of Renwick’s Greco Norman plan for Clinton monument

Feb 10 1849 Letter fr Washington, SDS, sale of old masters endorsed by Morse. Blondell here, his Shylock and Jessica remembered, Vasco de Gama. Praises Clark Mills’ Jackson model.

Mar 10 1849 Lyceum gall old masters, seems to think they are authentic, but draws distinctions, eg copy of Cuyp, or might be by the master. mostly copies, some good and some bad. Lists purchase of AU, including $2000 for Gray’s Wages of War and Judgment of Paris; Edmonds’ Gil Blas. Account of pic of Webster by Healey, Huntington Mount Frankenstein, People’s own on Mount

Mar 17 1849 Fine Arts Intelligence: J Mozier busts, Pocahontas. Leutze mentioned. Hour profitably spent in studio of JK Fisher on Broadway, celeb pics copies, all listed. Greek Slave copy. AU exhib good, fine Cropsey and Cranch 

April 7 1849 long promotion of the Art Union and its officers

May 26 1849 excerpt Marg Fuller letter in Trib on Am artists, she prefers his busts to Greek Slave. Doesn’t like Terry and Freeman, not original or interesting, but think highly of Hicks, Cropsey and Cranch, likes Story and Mozier. Greenough’s Indian is no Metamora or Uncas, but group instructive, from Cooper 

Jun 16 1849 like Bulletin of Am AU, pen of Council discusses imperfect conceptions and careless executions of artists, AU requires mature finished works, severity of judgment, not art that appeals to uned or careless spectators. Says AU buying from estate of Hosack. Church and Weir popular. Approves HK Brown statuette for Art Union. Fuller on equestrian statue of Washington, likes idea of a winged figure, Greenough Powers or Crawford could do it, but likes Crawford’s winged action, Liberty cap, not straightforward portrait

Sept 1 1849 American Art Union, praises it, mentions Cropsey, Churhc, Boutelle, Edmonds, Bingham raftsmen, Flagg, Cafferty, Inness, Kensett Doughty

Sept 29 1849 Cinti corresp notes LA Hine of Herald of Truth doing reform articles for others. Jem Nobs lawyer corresp for Spirit of the Times. FW Thomas a native of city publishing

Oct 13 1849 new Powers exhib under Kellogg, Fisher Boy careless, slight graceful, exquisite anatomy, attractive. Jackson power and energy, high dignity of expression subdues harshness and rigidity, fidelity to nature, peculiar characteristics, most satisfactory likeness of him extant. Nye’s gallery of old ptgs good.

            Intl AU—critical of it as a private commecial organization promote own interests, continues crit next week 20th, private enterprise never did anything for the arts here

Jan 26 1850 Huntington pictures noticed

Feb 23 1850 JK Fisher letter no 2, Hoffman suggested a public gallery, with a room for exhib of large works, Goupil a tradesman’s shop, wishes it success 

Apr 6 1850 Letter fr Park Benj, not connected with any lit journal, recommends Lit world.Weird note to Willis, People I have met, drawn under a thin veil of fiction, wonders what 18th sketch of that means

May 11 1850 from press of the Demo Rev have reprint of Jesuit, national melodrama in 3 acts, fr TW Whitley, full of striking effects and energetic language

Dec 14 1850 Fine Art Gossip, TH Matteson sent pic to Ridner’s superior to previously done, justice in backwoods, shoemaker and postmaster as justice, pettifogger, butcher the defendant, daughter rueful. Ridner also has modern germ school. Palmer of Albany. Ehninger Woodville and Mount engravings. Landseer Wms and Stevens. Western AU big subscritpion. Artists of NY reunion, Duggan urged memorials for public art, lectures, fr Trib

Feb 1 1851 Browning poem on Greek Slave, she is wrong that it is American, it is a local institution

Literary World Apr 19 1851 “Fine Arts” NAD review

            -mentions portraits by Cafferty, Osgood, Flaggs, Rossiter, Hicks, Elliott, Huntington

            -Kellogg does Genl Scott, Vanderlyn does Genl Taylor

            -praises lscape by Gignoux and Durand

Lit World Oct 18 1851 “Fine Arts” Review of Leutze’s Wash Delaware

            -really likes it, also notices Cafferty’s sketches of scenery

            -notices that Whitley is friends w/Godwin of the Post

Oct 18 1851 Fine Arts: review of Leutze, presents him with majesty expected, mind dilates, more energy that we’ve ever seen thrown into a ptg with him. types of men at the time, reminds of a Norsemen, Indians passive, ice seems alive. Earnestness without exaggeration. brief notice of Am Inst fine arts (decorative). New Yorker catalogs artists, including Richards at U, Dallas working for Strong’s Pictorial News, Walcutt, Cafferty, Blauvelt, Kyle, Carter, Whitley and his friend Godwin of the Post visiting White mtns, Wright with pano of Pilgrim’s Progress, Jones modelling musical composer Wallace, Fisher writing elab essays on art in various journals, elliott ill, JC Hagen poet artist moved studio.

Feb 21 1852 p140 contrib writes in re Jesse Talbot’s lastest and most successful ptgs, Warriors of Uncas, character of breadth and plenty of elbow-room which pervades it, spirit and variety but no crowding or pushing of objects into certain positions, quiet, satisfied, abstract sentiment of nature, without any disagreeable evidence of a mere look of paint to look at, warm and mellow atmosphere abundantly diffused.

Apr 24 1852 NAD no 1: Healy full length group truthful tho not as attractive as Gov Fish, but will wear better. Hicks pic hi mechanical power, color alm destroys all around it, finest for many years, vigor and truth unsurpassed, fig excellence stands out fr canvas, accessories not subord, port of Gov Fish but subj lost in artist, head worst part, deficient in character, but worth more than city paid. Rossiter’s full length same char, less power and more crude, imitating French school where artist more impt than nature, but head pleasing sentiment. Silk admirable. Huntington ports, devoid of thought or purpose, all likeness and individuality smoothed into something untrue, no character. Elliott no equal. Baker, Mount. Brackett’s shipwrecked mom a success, chaste and poetic . TD Jones. HK Brown sculp in front of Appleton’s v good

Jul 17 1852 puffs Bryan’s collection of old masters fr Nat intellig.

Lit World May 21 1853 “Miscellany” notes Cafferty’s role in Sketch Club, calls him clever

aug 20 1853 Tuckerman on Greenough

Lit World Oct 22 1853 “Miscellany and gossip” Sketch Club subject is “Liberty” at Cafferty’s rooms

Sept 10 1853 Crystal Palace, Greek Slave and Eve the hits

Nov 12 1853, Miscellany and Gossip, Hoboken Gazette ed by TW Whitley in trenchant style of old Red men, proposes to exterminate local vermin, raise war-shoop over abuses of neighborhood and scalp wrong-doers, may yet have his blanket sheet to wrap himself in