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Log Cabin

The Log Cabin, June 13, 1840, vol 1 no 7, H Greeley & Co, Harrison song fr NY Times, and some other issues. Only politics. May 1, 1841, 30 Ann st, vol1 new series, $1.50/yr. publishes poem on Death of Harrison by NP Willis, fr Brother Jonathan, and CF Hoffman’s Tippecanoe fr NY American

Log Cabin, Nov 9, 1840, p. 1 The Old Bachelor, loved a cousin (easier for the timid), inspired first outburst of his muse, for her he used brush and crayons, would be an artist or poet or anything she required, he was an enthusiast.  acquires literary fame.

Log Cabin Oct 31, 1840, p. 3, ad for Pictorial Illlust of Bible, 200 treasures of Art by grt Painters on Sacred subjs, wood engr, cartoons of Raphaelle, Sistine Chapel, pub Robt Sears. 122 Nassau st. 

Log Cabin Dec 12 1840, p. 2, most spirited and expressive full length Port of Gen Harrison in city, work of Mr Reed, a young artist lately fr the west.  universally regarded as faithful and striking likeness, at rms of Mr Brackett, the sculptor, Granite Bldg Broadway and Chamber st, where fine bust of old Genl by Mr B with several others also deserve attn

Log Cabin, Jan 2, 1841, p. 3, Portrait Ptg:  with intense political excitement over, warmer clearer and wider appreciation fo Lit and Fine Arts, Ptg share in restoration.  our old public faves busy and prosperous, unusual number of aspirants this season.  Call attn of amateurs and patrons to studio of SS Harding, 297 Broadway.  our pretensions as judge of Ptg humble, but older abler critics sustain judgment his recent performances high rank in prof.

some associations of sculpture with tombs, sepulchers

May 8, 1841, p. 1, Fate of Celebrated Ptrs, if poets too grt sensibility for this world, ptrs still more this malady of genius; a sculptor broken his chef d’oeuvre, suicides; another the same for not getting enough praise;  die of mortification because could not correct an error in a fresco; grief at son’s death, despair at gambling tables, died of envy of Raphael, suicide to avoid Span Inquis, first breaking his own statue when a patron haggled at the price, another died when didn’t receive a commission, another fr anxiety re finishing a monument, also fr excitement of feelings.  furious and bloody passions, sensibilities much stronger than the rest of mankind.

Log Cabin Jun 26, 1841, p. 4, publishes engr of Monument at Copan fr Mr Stephens’s new work, excerpt describes it as a place where all the arts had flourished, as in ancient Rome, but without our associations to hallow them

Log Cabin July 10, 1841, p. 4, England’s Literary Men, excerpts fr Miss Sedgwick’s J of her travels in Engl, fr Demo Rev, to be pub by Harper’s, includes her visit to the poet Rogers’ house,  a  cabinet of art, selected arranged consummate taste, rare treasure, choice production of art, pictures, Etruscan vases, casts of Elgin marbles, Egyptian antiquities, exquisitely delicate ptgs for marginal decorations taken fr Vatican by French; Webster was much admired in Lodon also by painters; Marquis of Lansdowne, concert in superb gall of sculpt, choicest coll of antiques, hard to see amid glittering crowd.

            -same article published in the Emancipator, August 5, 1841, p. 56 

Log Cabin Sept 4, 1841 p. 1, Art Temperance and Improvement, citizen devoted to improvement of condition of Laboring Classes, suggested in Evening Post, that City Temperance Society, since it argues that as men lose habits of intemperance they improve their taste and feel new desires, and increase their means, should try to gratify them.   Temp leads to elevation of mind, a requisite for Arts, so Temp Soc shd patronize, mutually aid ea other, create a fund of 10-20 thous to be divided into stock, buy artists’ materials, exhibit and sell works, would be able to sponsor competent artists to describe foreign countries, wilderness, the West, encourage Arts.  T W.W. is signature.

p. 2 continues, reason for doing this is that arts in full tide of success constitute a powerful attraction, enlarge the corporate feeling of Temperance Assoc, impart to it additional luster, plus no adequate support even by intellectual portion of our citizens for Arts’s success and diffusion, and without an adequate system, the Arts must retrograde. Nothing but vanity keeps alive the Painter’s hope (portraits) and once a yr the Nat Acad shows the Public a few hundred Portraits of Ladies and Gmen. In lit and archit can compare to England and Euro, but not in the Arts.  Reader may counter with Cole, Huntingdon, Alston, Sully and Weir, but they all visited foreign countries and took advantabe of their resources, esp works of great exemplars, which Poets can get easily (and Poets have greater demand for their works).  Civic, military, firemen and mechanic associations have done more for the advancement of the arts than those whose ignorance is excuse for negligence, and whose affectation of superior taste is the cause of so much hesitancy in purchasing pictures by Americans.  TWW. 

Log Cabin, Sept 18, 1841, p. 7, Legislative proceedings, an import tax of 20%, except on the following, lists some chemicals, and also exempts from duties tea and coffee, and all ptgs and statuary the productions foAmer citizens residing abroad, and articles specifically imported by order and for use of Society for philosoph, literary, or encouragement of FA, or education, inclu statues, busts of marble, bronze, alabaster, plaster, casts, ptgs, drwgs, engr, sculpture, gems, medals, coins, antiquities, modeling, etching, etc

p. 8 F Grain’s School, 39 Lispenard st, drawing and ptg school, now open, classes at private residences too, and at schools.

Oct 30, 1841, p. 4 Log Cabin news fr Europe includes Thorwalsden, noted sculptor, returned to Rome, greeted w/grt honor by all artists, Academy of St Luke sent deputation

Nov 6 1841 p. 4 MA Browne (fr Knickerbocker for Nov) poem to nameless grave, fragment of a tomb, sculpture gone, vanitas