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New Era (Democratic Republican New Era)

New Era Jul 27 1839 two cents, Jared Bell, Nassau st nr Tammany.  Are for Van Buren for President, very anti-English (C&E and banks slaves of Bank of England, those for Harrison are British Whigs)

p. 2 Phreno rms of Mr Fowler is beaut bust of eminent writer and powerful minded patriot late Wm Leggett, likeness is perfect, bust altogether one of the best, taken before his death, plaster of paris poured on while liquid, infallible, price for copy $5, low for exquisite production, with beauty and finish of marble sculpture, also avail at NE office, faith in candor and truth of Fowler’s phrenological reports. Notes Sully’s pict of Queen V will close next Monday, 322 Broadway

Library of Congress bound volume New Era (Democratic Republican is banner on masthead, has liberty in a shrine with a deer and ?, plus a Grecian temple, shipping and railroads, a rake and other implements, designed by Forbes) 1840, 160 Nassau near Tammany Hall, Levi D Slamm, Robt E Hudson eds, Jared Bell pub.

Starts March 27, 1840

            Bowery theater has a big ad; Martin Van Buren of NY for Pres and Equal rights, with a flag and arm and hammmer at a dock scene, with a plow.

            Odious registry law (signed by Seward). Harrison not poor, exposes British Whig humbug on both. Has the City advertising on the 28th.

April 1840

Advert for Daguerre and Sebron’s great pic of the Crucifixion. Has partisan poetry only. Critical of the wall street paper the NY Times.

8 Bonaparte Phenix, candidate for Mayor, defends his champagne drinking alms house Whig governors. 10 notices Yankee Hill. 15 more twaddle on the Queendom, commend to Col Stone and British Whigs, splendid steel engr of marriage of Queen Vic, amid famine and corn laws. FA Tallmadge the author of the infamous Registry law.

Other than the Bowery, only Peale’s and Barnum’s advertise, and Brother Jonathan. 17 pea-green coat story; challenges to Registry law by voters. 18 Hoxie discriminates agst naturalized voters, 20 puffs Hannington’s Diorama. 23 Richelieu one of the parts Hamblin has made famous. Verplanck also trying to make naturalization harder. 24 J Bleecker has an ad for oil ptgs auction, connoisseur’s coll. 27 mocks Philip Hone who appearaed at a celeb fancy ball in char of Cardinal Woolsey, auctioning empty barrels for hard cider

May 1840

2 Praises Greeley in New Yorker for refuting Van Buren slander, but attacks NY American; denies Ogle’s spoon story. Very anti-British. Take stuff fr NY Picayune. Hostile to paper money. 11 Battle of Tippecanoe at Bowery shld be seen by all Whigs, Harrison slinks in on foot after battle is over. Oddfellows advertise. Major Noah/Eve Star not yet Whig? 22 praises Fanny Elssler, a little critical of Park theater management. 23 also notices Celeste at the Chatham. 25 Prefer Forrest in his roles as Richelieu and Lear to Metamora, tho that is a popular and great character; later publishes Bulwer’s essay on Forrest as Richelieu. Critical of Seward’s attempt to woo Catholics by promising to give money for schools in their own lang/faith. 30 disagrees with Planet and Eve Post, John Savage a poor candidate for gov.


1 p.1 Geo W Dixon’s poem, Dixon’s Willow Tree, written by ed of Polyanthos while in prison for libel on Dr. Hawkes, met interesting children of John W Brown esq. 3 note crit in Express of Bowery and Forrest, malignity of political hatred 4 attacks James Watson Webb, trying to prove he is not worse than the editor of the Herald, when they are tweedle dum and tweedle dee.

6 Bennett’s Herald: the systematic outcry agst the Herald arises fr contemptible personal jealousy and envy, its levity and licentiousness certainly disgusting, but newspapers in the war agst it exceed it in mendacity and licentiousness and under garb of morality do tenfold more injury to the morals; Courier editor has caused more riots, duels and violations of law, has prostituted his columns; the Express which lies about Demo party infidelity and agrarianism, such are papers that have barefaced hypocrisy become enamored of truth, decency and morality. Sic Semper Tyrannis sends a letter calling attn to insolent and atrocious lang of Courier and confederates in regard to readers of Herald, its demands to punish poor newsboys, and threat to publish names. When public tastes requrie correction by such means, we are no longer fit for republican institutions.

8 Wall street press conspire agst Herald will react on heads of originators, it will outlive them, it is not for idle and trashy city slanders and gossips that the organs of the speculators cry agst it, it is because of the admirable expositions of the frauds, fallacies and mysteries of the banking system. Publish No Censors criticism of The Herald and its Foes, Bennett an enemy of Van Buren admin, but tyrany that our wives et al held up to scorn, defamed, threatened to be exposed for reading a public which has been condemned by certain censors of the morals and lit of the people, and businesses too? Who are these lordly censors? Are they chosen by genl voice, appointed by authorities, or designated by their own virtues? A clique of miserable scribes, actuated by envy of its financial articles. Whigs have controlled fo ryears more than two thirds of presses of the countyr, but lacked popular sympathy and support, because they pervert this noble instrument.

13 likes TD Rice at Bowery ok, popular. 16 notices Niblo’s. 17 approve of Lossing’s Outline history of the Fine Arts, Harpers, cheap and convenient, laying down the rules of a correct taste, Am author adapts book sto state of arts and feeling of his countrymen, would encourage fondness for arts, engravings by the author. 18 Noah supports Harrison; Chas King of American flirted with Tammany. Peale’s advertises wax figs from casts of Amistad captives, ortraits of the survivors. Niblo’s and other gardens advertise too in the summer. 23 approve of Geo Dallas’ defense of Commod Elliot. 24 oppose the Intl Copyright Law, will check current of popular intelligence and tendency to equality in intellectual condition of the people. Deny argument that won’t have a nat lit until such a law, will have fewer ponderous tomes, more fugitive writing and poetry. 25 praises Paulding at Navy; critical of Tabernacle hypocrisy

Skipped July-August 1840

Astor Hse advertises.

September 1840

1 condemn efforts by immoral Webb to ostracize Bennett, Evening Signal  has up til now been conducted with propriety, wrong to support Webb. 3 Albany junto helped Times buy out Noah’s Star, principle of rewarding recent traitors, but Noah wont edit it, can’t beat the drum the way they want. 5 like Danl S Dickinson. Have big cartoon of Whit grap to catch vote, hard cider under log cabin trap. 10 J of Commerce only honest Whig daily

Sept 1840 attacks Whigs bldg log cabins amid aristo palaces, bacchanals;  ad from Duke White, will paint banners, transparencies, all ornamental or pictorial designs, warrant for public festivals, 173 Walker st.

Likes John W Edmonds, has his speeches reprinted often. 

Oct 1840

6 Chas H Delavan an editor at C&E?  9 supports Bunker Hill, poems on it. Old blue light federal Comm Advert, NY Amer and other blue federal prints. The Cartman is one of their poets. 15 unholy alliance betw whigs and bank power. 16 critical of National Opera Hse, disappointed by its splendor, interior in bad keeping with exterior, liightness and elegance vs solid and massive; drop curtain miserably ptd and appearance of a massive teaboard, its ports of danseuse celebrities indistinguishable. New Opera one of most trashy affairs ever seen, bad imitations of pop music, neither orig nor beauty, a failure in musical composition. 20 briefly notices Am Inst Fair, including fine ptgs, portraits, miniatures, signs, imitations of marble. 21 Evening Signal a Whig paper pretending to be neutral.

Lots of coverage of the Glentworth fraud. 30 Greeley employed to do the political stuff at Morning Signal

Nov 2 1840 puffs Mr James Donelly 79 Beekman st, designs and paints banners etc most elegant and approved style, ingenious and worthy artist, satisfies most fastidious, we will vouch for him. Also giant rooster part of images celebrating Demo triumph in Pennsylvania.

Likes Woods, Knickerbocker. Likes Calhoun. Tried to make Harrison an abolitionist. 23 now noticing all the theaters, Olympic, Chatham, National Opera, etc, at Chatham a newlocal drama, NY as it is, a little critical of managers of Chatham. Advert fr Coll of Am Victories, New Orleans, Erie and Yorktown, magnif ptgs 20 x 15 ptd by Eugene Lami, E Isabey, Bellange and others, at Granite Bldg. 24 defends Wood agst aristo papers  27 praises New World at the Olympic, historical tableaux 28 mocks Greeley’s political poem The March of the Free, critique by OPQ.

Dec 5 1840, Burton’s Mag for Nov, don’t like the Engrav of the Tambourine Girl, crude and harsh, strikes us as unfinished; Quince’s (literary) cabinet pictures not good, declined fr his knickerbockers days

10 calls P Hone’s lecture at Merc Lib Assoc a miserable abortion. 21 critical of the theaters for not doing higher drama, tragedies, shakespeare, legitimate drama, replaced by equestrian performances, press colludes thanks to free admission, almost every critic has his fave theaters and actors, misguides the public, or publish puffs. Likes Godey’s and lady editors.

Lots of ongoing support for Genl Bankruptcy law.

Library of Congress bound volume Jan-June 1841


5 notes retirement of Robt E Hudson, last 3 years with this press.

Jan 6 1841 p. 2 NY Mirror, beaut periodical, 2 splendid engrav, steel Ruins of Carthage, grt historical interest, and large finely cut wood etching, design by Ingham, Sta Claus, truly Dutch scene, exquisite speciment of engrav by Roberts, young artist much promise, Morris now devoting himself just to lit dept.

7 Governor Seward is small potatoes. 9 Hiram Ketchum an abolitionist, narrow minded partisan; Noah a federalist but stands up for poorer classes 11 corresp Truth who exposed Moses H Grinnell’s sins was a Lady who is now departing for Euro and Egypt. Takes side of Wood against pressures of St George Society, a foreign club. 15 critical of NY and Albany rrd  17 Miss Martineau amiable but absurd  20 has a corresp named Aristides on the judiciary and the court of chancery, an odious despotism, juries are sufficient; loves Napoleon at the Bowery 25 Olympic has novelties; Chatham no good 28 likes Hon Mrs Norton 29 critical of visionary paper The Future, associationism, cause of Reform, 30 Ann st, 6 cents a number, weekly (Greeley paper)  30 strongly disapprove of Verplanck’s Fire dept reorg bill

February 1841

1 Genl Scott a friend of Chas King the ed of American; Webster’s group the old ultra Federalists and Hamiltonians under cover of name Demo Whig will fill offices under Harrison, even tho King was a very reluctant supporter of Harrison. 2 letter v crit of Univ college of physicians 22 Washington corresp W likes Benton. 27 would prefer King to Webb to get patronage

March 1841

Brownson lecture of interest. 6 Robt Morris (dumped by Seward over the Glentworth affair, with pipe layer FA Tallmadge put in his place) is the Aristides of his day, too zealous in discharge of his duty, pure Judge—in resolutions of Tammany Hall mtg 13 excerpts the New Yorker. 17 Nath Hawthorne story 18 Likes Demo Rev, their fave poet BH recommends burning Sir Thomas Hood and english tools

22 p.2 Beacon Light penny paper 128 Fulton st an organ of Federal Whig Native Amer Assoc, narrow contracted notions, nominate Saml FB Morse for Mayor over Whig Jonas Philips Phenix. Splendid Paintings: array of pics now at Apollo Assoc in granite bldg one of most beaut and interesting we ever saw, ports, lscapes and other productions of native artists strike beholder with admiration, rich feast. One pic we must not pass over, port of late Recorder Robt H Morris, Esq, most perfect likeness, holds in his left hand the Glentworth papers with the orig wrapper, black sealing wax, as natural as appeared when Whig Sheriff at head of his Wall st posse of boss pipe layers undertook to replevin them. Those acquainted with him will recog in the pic the firmness and honesty of purpose, his well known char, firmly clenched, determination in countenance, owes duty to the people despite abuse fr those anxious to hide their guilt. Artist is Page of Warren street suggested ptg it with them papers in left hand, as a matter of history. (Morris will be nominated for Mayor by Dems)

            I don’t see an ad.

Only minimal coverage of Amistad. 26 Benjamin Day’s Bro Jonathan raided the New World (pub by Winchester, Park benjamin, sweet poet), had stolen their version of Barnaby Rudge, Winchester arrested. 30 reviews John Duer’s lecture on evils of partisan ship at Merc Lib Assoc, dedicated to harrison as the choice of a nation; anti democratic pamphlet author, to an assoc 9/10 of members steeped in federalism.  31 Aaron Clark a thing who sold lottery tickets for a living, unrelenting hostility to Irish

April 1841

6 black borders for whole paper for death of Harrison 7 Dr Hawks infamous article in NY Review traducing immortal Jefferson 8 notices a splendid ptgs auctioned by Frazier’s 233 Broadway, inclu magnif Genl Jackson by Jarvis, lots of old masters, gd opp for speculation 17 notices favorably Dow Jr’s sermons fr the Mercury  19 Whigs call Morris the paper snatcher, night-mayor  23 NP Tallmadge got rid of Anthony J Bleecker to make way for a notorious broken down speculator. Brackett’s binding of Satan: work young Brackett the sculptor been engaged on for some time past, archangel binding the arch fiend, now publicly exhib 73 Chambers st. Eve Post says he is fr Miss valley group of sculptors. We were struck with manly vigor of conception and skill artist gave expression of inextinguishable but impotent rage in subdued fiend, and serenity and conscious strength in angel who tramples him and puts him in chains. I don’t see an ad.

May 1841

3 long puff of new series of Morris and the Mirror 4 Park Benjamin the moralist and Horace Greeley the galvanized squash envious of NY Sun, won’t work. Happy Hamblin is doing legit drama again at Bowery

11 Brackett’s Binding of Satan: just completed, lofty and difficulty, nobly grappled, majestic Satan, prostrate, spear broken, even in defeat rebels, frame writhes in agony of powerless hatred, what though the field be lost, all is not lost, courage never to submit or yield; angel severe in youthful beauty holds chain, no exultation, but calm consciousness of divine power, mild grace contrasts with swelling muscles, artificial light illuninates, fine supernatural mysterious effect, imagine rays reflections fr fiery pit.

            Artist exhibits triumph of gd over evil, moral and spiritual excellence over phys and animal strength, hi intellectual value embodied in two figs as well as artistical value, aesthetic design is perfect, sculp rejects vulgar attributes, Satan deformed with no symbolical appendages and angel has no wings, their soul dispenses with attributes.

            Brackett fr Maine, Cinti, his Nydia hi praise in western j, has lifelike spirited busts of Rev Orville Dewey, Major Noah, Mrs Seba Smith and Stetson of the Astor Hse. Enthus young artist, ask our readers of taste and discrim to visit

13 Arcturus is new and clever periodical

14 lots on Odd fellows, cover Ezra White’s trial

20 excerpts fr Vermont paper on Powers, the sculptor, on praise of Italians for him, and his eve, Milton’s Eve, God’s Eve.

22 Eve Signal, professedly neutral, has died and its subscription list transferred to Greeley’s federalist paper

26 like O’Sullivan of Demo Rev.  Truth writes to editor about article in Express signed a Custom House Officer, same paper published series over the name Aristides,who must be an officer or in comunication with him, using his current letters as a pretence for making removals  28 very few Dems in Navy

June 1841

1 like James R Whiting, DA; Tallmadge the recorder in his charge got Glentworth off with the jury. Gives the parties to which jurors belonged, they couldn’t agree, Whigs voted to acquit. 7 Demo Review has huge advert. 10 praises Pewter Mug in Frankfort st, run by Major Hopkins, an old Demo

14 Sonnet to E Brackett, Sculptor, For the New Era, by B Hallock (the BH of earlier poems?), suggested by splendid group of Binding Satan, on to the goal, coroanl of fame, Nature hath a throne in your heart. 15 sad re death of Willis Gaylord Clark; J Augustus Bogart changes political hats all the time 18 likes Rev Potter’s sermon to leg on death of Harrison

24 Grand Ptgs of Am Victories, press noticed exhib by eminent French artists at Lyceum, seems like a puff

25 letter fr Aristide critical of Greeley’s Trib attacking Morris even when he tries to do the things the Trib wants. Plaindealer another regular corresp.

Skipped July-August 1841.

September 1841

6 critical of Evening Tattler. 10 attacks Trib for supporting prisons instead of mechanics in dispute over labor 11 praises M Walsh’s and EE Camp’s Sunday Knickerbocker  15 critical of the ordinance agst vending Sunday papers, savors of Blue Laws.

Regularly mocks Joe Hoxie. 21 Senator Pierce of N Hampshire taken firm stand agst hotbed of aristo West Pt Academy, appointments on influence, officers should follow merit  23 notes Cooper won libel lawsuit agst Park Benjamin and New World. Has been promoting Polk for some time 28 critical that magnif Washington statue is left neglected in the Navy Yard, exposed to weather and rust, thoughts and labor of years spent by Greenough on this great work at huge expense and for nought, where is boasted patriotism of Whigs? Why suffer such sacrilege? Will neglect it in favor of spending thousands on funeral expenses for Harrison, suggests that it is because it was ordered by previous administration.

            Says Herald has bad taste to unite with Courier And Enquirer, Colt and Adams trial, Whiting asked New Era and Herald reporter to hold off on publishing coroner’s testimony, but Herald went ahead and so did C&E

October 1841

21 p. 1 Fanny Osgood, Indian Summer, a ptg by Doughty, homesick for beloved New England 28 Longfellow poem

November 1841

1 Bishop Hughes a tool  of Whig party, plotting agst Demos, coterie inclu Webb and Weed and Moses H Grinnell, q is to create polit capital and divide the public, had thought better of Hughes, don’t mix church and state. Demos don’t favor applying school fund for sectarian purposes. Notes libel suit agst Applegate of the Flash. 11 Geo Morris poem. Likes Cushman.

16 Is this the time for repose? A functionary claimed it necessary for public good, we deny its truth. Reform must be accomplished before people can relax their vigilance, public good requires bold, vigorous, labor, repose is not of this age.Some cry halt, but tho a part looks back, the great bulk marches onward, and leaves them in an age passed away, a world foreign to them. 18 likes Braham. 19 review Dem Rev for the month, poetry and misc of superior char pass by following without partic notice, John Inman and Wild Frank’s Return by Walter Whitman, but like Shea’s. Likes People’s Demo Guide, cheap periodical on Elm st. 23 jqAdams poem fr S Lit Mess  23 notes Cinti’s Elevator. 25 puffs the Aurora or the Roarer, 2 cents, full of fun and philos, ed TL Nichols, Herrick and Ropes, hope it has money.

December 1841

2 Barnabas Hallock’s poems make it to the Mirror, the mechanic poet, stove patterns, writes on Poland 3 critical of NY Standard for trying to get conservatives back in Demo party by rhetoric of repose ending dreams of visionary, deceits of scheming. Critical of Henry Wise of VA for inconsistency.

4 Statue of Washington: excerpts fr Globe pleasure at seeing Greenough’s noble statue elevated, simple, sublime, naked majesty, an Olympian Jove, colossal but preserves likeness, excerpted fr Wash Globe. New Era says glad it has been put in the Rotunda, but asks why bronze statue of Thom Jefferson has been removed? Has equal claims on gratitude, Delcaration of Indep, champion of relig freedom, hope Demos will insist one to himm be erected. 6 repritns the Arcturus press supper. NY Standard is printer for custom house, attacking us re patronage, we noted that Gov Marcy is popularly identified with irresponsible clique the Albany regency which made people sick, don’t wish to disparage him now that he is acting in DC. Standard calls NY American ultra Democratic!  Support Lester’s indictment of England, blame unemployment on her tariffs. Park has closed, bad management depended on Stars.  Edw Curtis of Custom Hse gave Standard the federal advertising; Tyler paper I suppose; Standard has attacked Van Buren.

8 Tyler’s msg is so so; parts are Demo enough, but spoiled by context.

Notes Elssler craze, but that’s about it. 18 mocks J of Commerce for believing in actual apocalypse 21 and 24 Excerpts Catlin on the Missouri lscape and on port ptg 22 excerpts Cooper’s naval history. Cartman is one of their poets. 29 opposed to death penalty. Covers New England-landing of Pilgrim fathers.

Library of Congress bound volume Jan-July 1842


3 calls assistant editor of the Standard (editor is Mumford) an acknowledged forger and mercenary. Azarhiah C Flagg a demo. 7 Praises Port of Ex Mayor Varian, elegant and perfect likeness, young and talented artist Mooney of East Broadway. Continues to regularly puff the Napoleon spectacle at the Bowery, now joined by the Battle of New Orleans. 10 Edmonds v crit of English behavior toward China.

15 Geo Wilkes and Wm Snelling indicted for libel of 17 Oct 1841 in Sunday Flash on Myer Levy have pled guilty; were then tried for publishing obscene paper. Geo Wooldridge testified he was a partner with them in the Sunday Flash. James T Brady was counsel for the accused, said paper did not contain such matter as was calculated to injure morals of community. Jury could not agree on verdict.

            Letter to editor from John Brown of Brownville, criticizing Express writer, remarkably nervous style attempts sublime, withering declamation of Slamm, Bang, Ming and Co. It reminds one of Milton’s description of the fight between the devil and the hosts of Heaven. Told that your peers have repented. Brown’s corresp continues on the 17th, from DC.

19 the villains in the Glentworth case are the managers of the New York and Erie Rrd (Bowen, Blatchford, Draper), RB Minturn, can’t be trusted, don’t subscribe to its stock.

21 covers trial of John C Colt, and on 22 opens with Selden’s speech (Selden is the defense attorney and a Demo) complaining that the Herald and the Evening Tattler had issued extras containing “pictures” calculated to impede the operations of justice, the extra of the Herald on the 20th had a cut of a naked man, and the words, Samuel Adams, the printer, as his body appeared before it was cut up and salted. Several of these had been introd in to the Ct rm with a deeply inurious effect. The cut in the extra of the Evening Tattler shewed a prostrate man, with another leaning over him act of striking him with a hatchet, titled Colt’s Bookkeeping. Selden wants them arrested in a warrant. Judge Kent sd jury had not been permitted to read a newspaper. 27 Saml Osgood’s testimony, is a port ptr at corner of Chambers st and Broadway, his rm 11 is directly oppos Mr Wheeler’s, was never in rm after dark but once, Mr Colt and I went to school together, he was ardent in his feelings but for what I know, v amiable. Testimony for the defense? In the House JQ Adams called for reading of Dec of Indep, Henry Wise countered with Farewell address. 29 Aaron Clark a banker now was  alottery dealer in the past.

February 1842

1 compares Dickens to Irving, latter tho native has not taken such deep root in pop heart as not alive to the common sympathies of the multitude, Irving too captivated by feudal magnificence and contemplation of aristocratic pomp and the “great” so his creations are ideal conceptions, with noble attrib, but not beings of the ordinary mould in every day walks of life. Pictque drapery, but his florid sentiment does not come home to the feelings as does more homely and faithful delineations of Boz. Proud of Irving, esteem him, but indebted to Dickens. Arcturus improves ea month.  4 Glentworth has long letter attacking Chas King of the American. 11 Slamm is ok with the NY and Erie Rrd project, just not its management. 12 praise The Covenant, Odd fellows mag. Regularly notice publisher Israel Post. 16 Haggerty and Leeds auctioneers at trial, Levi Slamm is foreman of their jury.

Duganne, Whittier.

21 Comm Advert of Feb 18 has censure of Aldermen Purdy, Lee and James R Whiting for improper influ on trial of Bennett for libel, Courier on Saturday copied it with more severe comments. Reputation of these gmen shld defend them, duty of courts not to be influenced by private hate and rancorous malice. Stone and Webb the real libellers 22 critical of Irving’s vacillations, not committed to demo principles, shouldn’t be ambassador. Robt C Wetmore also part of Glentworth scandal.

March 1842

Praises Cooper and Am Mech; crit of Ee Post for defending pipe layers. 7 notices symp death of McDonald Clarke, he did not want any picnic patronage, and has several other notices subsequently of him 8 very critical of John L Graham, a conservative Whig, being nominated as postmaster, dishonorable choice shows corruption of Whigs. Fanny Osgood story fr Graham’s. 12 has notice fr Nichols of NY Arena that tho it will publish Fifth Ward Demo proceedings and is himself a Demo, Arena won’t be a party paper, 100 Nassau.  20 Hawthorne story

April 1842

11 Henry Brevoort alderman nomination by the Dems for the 12th ward. Supports the School Bill which Seward will sign, only illiberal don’t. (note: covered Boz ball approvingly but not much more about his visit or speeches) 16 corresp in Boston is the Idler. Regularly attacks Webb of C&E and Greeley of Trib. 27 praises brethren of RI, Palmo’s and Evening Journal, beau ideal of a Whig organ, editor right clever, Satan in habiliments of virtue

May 1842

2 defense of Commodore Levy. 6 Bowery still pretty much only advert in amusement section; sometimes circus, or Olympic, or Peale’s now the NY Gallery of Fine Arts (managed by Yankee Hill), and get noticed  10 Demo Review one of its best numbers, a beaut story of Walter Whitman. 14 defends Gov Dorr. 17 Call to support popular rights in Rhode Island signed by FW Edmonds, AJ Blauvelt 18 notes Stone’s libel trial ended with jury undecided 24 Charles King’s American concur that since a prof of mathematics attended the Rhode Island park mtg, he ought to be removed from his position. 27 Dodge, a native of NY, just returned fr Hermitage with admirable port of Genl Jackson, perfect likeness

June 1842

Moved to 19 ½ Ann st. 7 Schermerhorn defalcation, Washington hotel noticed. 10 Dodge’s Jackson: congrat John W Dodge on perfect likeness, miniature, half length, easy natural and familiar position at home, spectacles, purple velvet, pillar of rock in backgrd hang his military gear. Coloring is as nature itself, quiet lscape scene calm of evening of life, broken clouds above dissipating before beams of light are type of that unreasonable prejudice destined to become utterly extinct. Beaut and [rp[er are accessories, every feature bears closest scrutiny, expression with lifelike accuracy, light of the eye, line and hair, mirror’s fidelity, his masterpiece. From Nashville Union. At bookstore of Messrs Langley, publishers of Demo Review. 13 Levi Slamm as of the 13th resigned his editorial connection 14 notices sale of Hayward’s splendid engravings by Riell  & Arcularius, 304 Broadway 16 publish squib fr Eve Post letter from Slamm noticing that he’s going to start the NY Plebeian, most rigid Democratic tone in politics, followed by a squib from Aurora, wishing him success, silly and senseless cry of Slamm, Bang, Ming & Co., with all his extreme polit views he was a gman.

            Notice French king’s commission to Healy for copy of Stuart’s pic of GW for Versailles, honorable to young artist. Healy’s ptg of Guizot, the biographer of GW, now in city. Promising genius.

23 Jared Bell sells out New Era to P Godwin & Co, who had intended to issue morning paper called the NY Morning Post, but will do this instead, edited by man formerly with NY Evening Post. Masthead loses liberty temple. Item on Mr Thom, the Sculptor, ornaments of Trinity church in Broadway, hired by Upjohn, Thom of unquestionable genius, ordinary stonecutter, in Little Falls NJ doing colossal statue of Washington. Souter, Tam Oshanter would have done honor to any Academy, his Old Mortality is at cemetery of Laurel Hill, common sandstone.

25 more lit notices, of Langley books, Blessington. From Albany Argus notices Cole is in Rome, repeating his Voyage of Life, has orders, Fink of NY is copying, Freeman is Consul for Anconia but studying art. Squib saying Evening Post says Wier’s National Pic for Rotunda nearly finished, exec with surprising brilliancy and effect without losing pervading char of solemn interest, magnif.

28 Plebeian won’t pursue personalities, cause of the degradation of the press. Herrick & Ropes have disposed of interest in Washingtonian, the temperance journal, to James Burnes, the editor. Reviewing all the theaters now, mention the Arcade Baths, tho not advertising yet. Notices John Childs, lithographer, advertising, also Robt Douglass, portraits, sign and banners, accurate likenesses $2.50, 102 Nassau

30 Demo Rev has a pleasant tale by Walter Whitman, as we infer, from the initials attached to it.

July 1842

Fourierist blurb. Robt Greenhow addresses Am Inst on securing plaster casts fr impt marble statues, such as Houdon, or Canova’s (now destroyed, could have been saved) or Greenough’s  11 not an odd fellow, but notices a miserablee compilation pretending to be a history of the order 13 notices Robt Frazer’s pic frames. Ming’s Saloon still advertises. 20 p. 1 story of The Broken Miniature. Mike Walsh supports Tyler. 21 Dislike Whip, Rake, Flash. 23 reviews Graham’s mag now edited by competent Rufus W Griswold, but thinks he should not put CF Hoffman on cover of mag with Cooper, Bryant and Longfellow, and similarly promotes him in Poets of America. Respectable prose writer, but poet of puny vitality, should be left in oblivion.

26 poem by WW. 27 likes Park Benjamin and New World advertises. Better Times new weekly by W Hagerdonr Jr, advocate for laboring classes, how can it be nonpartisan?

28 Apollo Assoc for Promotion of the Fine Arts of the US—The American says the success of this is v gratifying, bought from NAD walls and selection is creditable to their taste and liberality. Engraving fr Vanderlyn’s Marius. Purchased ptgs may be seen at rms 322 ½ Broadway.

We take pleasure in recommending this, will surpass ones in Europe.