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New York Mirror (New Mirror)

New York Mirror 1837

April 29, 1837, p 351 The fine Arts: NAD (George Harvey?)

have opened a second gallery.  higher order generally this yr.  first saloon has bigger picts, point out merits of works most prominent for design or execution, may not comment on everyone, but the various species as well as degrees f merit

            first pict to catch eye is full length by president, port of young lady sitting with port crayon in hand, principal charm is simplicity and grace but drwg keeping and coloring of first grade. (Morse’s daughter?)

            On right as enter is grp two children by Inman more full of life and expr than anything ever exhib, style all his own, reminds us of Lawrence’s best.

            1 SH Gimber port ldy water colors, v clever draftsman as well as engr.   12 port gman watercolor companion

2 JD German gd minature gd taste, pretty girl.

3 miniature in oil G Linen, fr Scotland, grt success. 14 port in same style, artist is happy. 170 cabinet port, foreign artist George Linen, remember length of hand is generally length of face, and hands usu nearer than spectator, persp requires enlargement not dimunition. 190 J Linen?  191 six cabinet picts Geo Linen, lovely grps of children

May 6 1837, p. 359 second notice

4 watercolor lscape on Mohawk, WJ Bennett, uncommonly fine and unusually large, best excellent artist exhib, picturesque bldgs romantic hills are ports, foregrd rich in color, broad light on left managed remarkable skill, happy effect, wooded hills expr with truth, mid grd and distance perfectly characterized, river recedes r eye, has all deceptive beauty of linear aerial pers, effect of whole compos is rich true to nature harmonious. 288 Falls at Trenton, v fine watercolr here, this as oil praiseworthy, same careful attn to scene, skilful disposition of color and chiarascuro, with more force, know where it is.

5 Miss Rosanna Purcell, for a girl creditable promisng, watercolor of girl fondling child, slight and defective in drwg. 10 boy reading to girl,w ell grouped graceful

6 lscape drwg pencil freely touched v neat JB Kidd. 11 lscape companion, equally clever, welch scenery. 16 lscape in oil, distant ruins, first effect hard and black but repays exam, distance pleasing, sky and foliage well managed, whole carefully finished, foregrd the worst. 114 Highland lake, both poetical and natural. 166 pencil drwg nr Edimburgh, beaut specimen. 290 sketch in Scotland

7 Grp two figs watercolors, v pretty, attitude of man overstrained, The Charm, E Purcell; 8 female and child in water color Instruction, consid merit. 15 Soldier’s family in water colors too hi for so small faint. 42 Braddock’s defeat, for sale, production of youth, decided genius for composition, fig of Washington relieved light smoke well conceived, but shd have dressed him in correct uniform, v creditable sketch, young Enlg artist if study drwg will stand hi. 100 Shadrach Meschak andAbednego, for sale, gd effect, promise.. 231, 214, shepherdess his best work by much, 216 Joseph’s coat, 220 pilgrim v faithful, 301 Indian war council for sale

9 miniature port ldy AT Agate ptd firmly wanting grace whether fault of artist or sitter don’t know; 154

13 miniature boy in clouds, fr face, might have better pict in usual style of drapery, expr gd, Marchant. 66 Marchant, Gertrude prot fr life, steady improvement, lovely little girl, boy of 67 worthy companion 93 Port ldy, of much beauty, carefully finished. 101 102 ports.  179 Port ldy v beaut best exhibited, if hair less heavy, still better. 197 port gman 241 too. 286 port gman, strikingly characteristic

17 horse’s head, life sized, hung hi judiciously, Swinton. 148 fruit piece for sale. 150 cat’s head for sale, v perfect, and companion dog’s head even more perfectly exec 156

18 boy and dog, judiciously hung  289 horse and dog, for sale, bold gd specimen animal ptg. 299 flower piece for sale

19 Port ldy, Whitehorn, pleasure to see prog to hi degree of perfection, this pict far excels work of last yr, gd composit, well drwn colored face hands v excellent drapery esp silk.  33 Port ldy, soberer style than other, face neck hands attitude much praise.  72 73 ports. 98 99 ports, best specimen seen of him, superior style in attitude and expr. 106 port lady. 175 port not so gd as others, but who is?

20 lscape Morning view on Ohio, G Harvey. 27 flower piece. 58 view on Erie, lscape expresses happily state of the atmosphere dead calm of afternoon, coloring clear, drwg gd, sky water all obje within view indicate dead calm, gd well conceived well exec pict. 78 Youthful life.  133 miniature port ldy much grace, gd color, soft penciling,  141 miniature Rev Mead. 188 Allegheny mtns, extraord force and merit, extremely beaut, keeping perfect, relief atmospheric persp fine, distant mtn rivals anything. 189 Scene on Hudson v beaut. 200 No River 201 Palisades. 254 residence of Irving, wish saw more for authors and poets, and such fine representations of them, has all the clearness and same time softness of nature in a broad light.263 Niagara Falls least satisfactory of his works 276 old stone mill, for sale, his own clear daylight other fine pictorial points, boy playing with dog in foregrd gives distance to figs at ruin, foliage sky every part true and of course pleasing

May 13, 1837 p. 367

21 Waterfall, Beaumont. 176 Chapel at Cold Spring, v pretty but chapel appears falling

22 Shaw, scene near welsch coast. all merits of veteran artist, none of his defects

23 Inman grp of children, life itself, animation of infancy, but another name for happiness, beams in faces of playful grp, attitudes well chosen, and hand, touchstone of artist’s skill as fine as any part, even finer than the faces.  35 Port of Valentine Mott, v character and expr of eminent surgeon and physician, sorry he’s ill. 50 Port gman in his usual style. 118 port young lady, lovely pict, hand ptd masterly manner. 244 Port Pres Duer, Columbia Coll, no names needed, subj ptr known, likeness striking ptg in his best style, sitter combines hi intellect with personal dignity or marks of exalted gd breeding

24 Port gman, Durand, gd as all his are, not better than last yr. 43 port ldy, Durand, have seen fr him more force and expr, everything neat, finished and pretty, but fig not graceful, too much like standing for a pict, right hand beaut ptd as is whole pict, stil don’t satisfy us as work fr so eminent an artist.  53 Port gman, 59 Gov Everett of MA. 63 Lscape, here he’s at home, clearness, distinctness gd coloring, gropuing of various objects, v delightful. 74 admirable likeness of Honorable Smith Thomson.  77 Lscape composition, his name a certificate for merit of any lscape. 177 lscape, admirable in middle grd and water, but nearest objects not strong enough. 198 port. 278 Healing the Possessed, talents of first order for serious subjects of historical class, surpasses anything heretofore, figs well grouped, drwg finely correct, varied expr well adapted to characters, coloring rich and luminous, hope he’ll pursue this line of study take highest and most permanently interesting subj, the religious. 281 port,

25 Port med gman, F Spencer, pleased sent several ports to exhib, pencil is strong, known as ptr of merit. 37 Port revolutionary soldier, hardy honest looking veteran, air of military man tho not garb. 49 Port gman, nothing uncommon. 68 Port old gman decidedly gd, best seen fr him  121 122 Ports of Hon James Kent, admirable likeness eminent cit gd pict, Port Rev Dr Brownlee, another gd specimen of his manner. 192 port ldy. 210 port, 247 port boy v beaut pict managed with skill taste. 252 port ldy pleasing expr face better if managed drapery otherwise, or lady’s waist less remote fr nature unrestrained. 269 port ldy. 287 port ldy, well ptd supporting artist’s just reputation

26 Scene on Mohawk, Wall, long contrib. to pleasure, pict for sale, merits purchaser of taste. 109 West Rock, fine representation of remarkable feature in Amer scenery.  113 Scene on Hudson, this and west rock are for sale, will enrich connoisseur’s coll.  176 Natural Bridge VA, merits well known, want of force in foregrd here. 264 port Capt Crocker.

28 GL Brown view nr Hartford, for sale, new resident, merits acknowl by all, compos for engravers, lscape his forte. White Mtns, 62 for sale, much to admire, deserves gd price and place. foggy morning nr Boston 204 for sale finely expressed, bits breaking out of mist strikingly beaut. 205 American scenery compos for sale, two cabinet jewels.250 Sunset for sale v fine lscape well fitted for cabinet of connoiss.  284 Fishing smacks in Boston, artist’s style a perfect contrast to Ingham’s, finest effects produced by what appears as unstudied dash of brush, for sale, place in cabinet of amateur

29 Roberts, park scene, pretty little pict, inferior to Brown’s shd study to improve style and touch

30 Mrs E Unkart, Bohemian girl, much to admire in lady’s production. 292 port gman 303 EO Martin port young ldy much honor (or is it 81?). 86 port gman. 115 port young lady, picct of uncommon merit, hands and arms, shiloleth of ptg, has gone in truth and grace beyond many with NA, 246 port

31 Port Rev Dr Skinner, Morse, firm well ptd pict, thoro knowl of art. 36 Port of lady, compared to his other, well ptd pict wants force, but truly copied fr nature, perhaps not otherwise without detracting fr likeness.  71 port young lady, master of this branch of art, system of coloring founded in truth and nature, here combines with port those qualities of historical compostion, truly splendid, compos but for modern costume might pass for a Clio by master of by gone days. combo of graceful simplicity  w/dignity and uncommon beauty, evince powers of highest order. drwg fig masterly, coloring harmonious glowing, attitude perfect ease, hands posit corresponding expr with face admirable, broad flowing folds of drapery skilfull disposition of accessories, most perfect full length port we’ve seen fr American artist. chaste, forceful noble compos, anticipate historical ptg for which he is engaged by artists of NY a pict of highest character and worthy his subj, the germ of our Republick, signing of first constitution or agreement for self govt by those on the Mayflower.  275 port ldy, style true to nature

32 JG Cole of Boston, Lieut Mudge

34 Ingham, Port sportsman, peculiar careful finishing of this artist alw delights. 110 port lady word exquisite alone conveys our notion of surface he gives to delicate harmonious tints of female ports. 271 Port Miss Sedgwick, chef douevre of v accomp artist at present exhib is high estimation of beaut port.   282 Lscape, beaut pict same minute care exquis finish his delicate pencil passes over ivory skin silken curls of ladies, belles of America 1837, every part of lscape viewed at v short distance by sharpest eyes to appreciate its truth, microscope, no inaccuracy. extended plain of mid grd is lovely miniature, foregrd effect of passing cloud casting shadows over meadow, water equally admirable, sunlight thrown on cattle, emjoying transparent element, broader touches of pencil on nearest obj show masterly attn to nature

38 Wreck of Bristol, Ludlow, admired skill at marine subj, more extraord as amateur can’t study the art, subj of grt interest, prob ptd then, dreary inhospitable beach, devoted victims, hardy Long Islanders, feeling torutes, all combine to interest, well conceived composit

39 View of Florence, Cole, for sale, grt delight in his poetical picts, now treated with at ruth, reality and history.  view fr convent of S Miniato, vale of Arno where despotism flourishes, nature bestows blessings and ignorance mars them, unholy alliance of crowns and mitres blasts fairest.  fr distant prospect, to rich profusion of famed bldgs.  44 View on Catskill, instead of Florence and ideas of former greatness and present servitude, have humble Catskill unknown to fame, sublime mts conspic feature, magnificent in forms and coloring of nature not monuments of art, can’t decide which is best. 119 lscape, here we could dwell in praise by the hour, convey no idea of the pict or the pleasure

May 20 1837 p375

40 Port Gman Frothingham. 89 Port gman, has peculiar penciling, large share of truth renders this artist’s ports so valuable. 92 Port Geo Jones tragedian, remarks on 89 apply. 245 port ldy, strikingly fine specimen and spectator without knowing subj must pronounce it like. 274 port ldy, coloring of nature, expr uncommonly pleasing  279 port E Thomas

41 Port lady, Brennan, v defective esp in gradation of shadow. 56 lscape Ireland, occupied by extensive plain, style uncommon. 260 lscape

45 Port ldy TT Fowler, Dublin Acad, port graceful natural, flesh gd, drapery perhaps better tho not than the neck, want of shadows over eyes to corresp with that below the nose, but artist may know best.  85 detected love letter, coloring most meritorious part.  88 port Andrew gill, 113 years, fine specimen of coloring drwg, conveying moral lesson as full of health as the veteran’s countenance represented so admirably. 97 Toilet of olden time, again coloring admirable more than compos or drwg.  105 Port does honor to artist.

46 Eddys Port of Alderman Wilson of Brooklyn, v so so affair

47 Port Lady, Page, coloring distinguishes Page fr his contemporaries and other valuable characteristics, but finer specimens here. 69 Entrance to glen. 103 Holy Family for sale, pict of highest order for grace, delineation of female infantile beauty, power of chiaroscuro and color seldom seen. subj so often ptd despair of novelty in composition, yet here, face rivals old masters productions, if cld divest ourselves of prejudice might think it superior to many obtained applause of connoisseurs or centuries, infant perhaps equal to mom, certainly legs and feet equal any of our acquaintance, whold does honor to Amer schl of ptg. 212 port ldy, peculiar style as well as excellence attracts genl attn, hi praise to say it’s his best piece, rich in color highly finished yet soft fleshy expr lovely, a gem among gems. 248 Zabia, port lady, companion to 242 see same style, may be as well ptd but doesn’t please as much

48 Greenwald Scene in Prussia taken fr nature, clever pict, but nature won’t feel the loss. 184 wounded robber and185 Scene in Austria, G Grunewald, cottage v well ptd, part of alw difficult foliage gd.  195, view.

51 Marsiglia, Port young girl with basket of grapes, accessories v beaut but whole not equal to former of charming artist

52 First Ship, JG (chapman?) for sale, truly poetical idea, ptr imag Indian girl seeing Euro ship approaching,s tory well told but fig not fr nature. 64 JG Chapman Christ walking on sea, slight performance. 70 Falls of Indian Brook, much pleasure, amends for failure of 64, lscape gd, intro of Indian girl judicious. 79 Fisher boy, fine specimen of taste for familiar life, attitude and expr excellent. 83 Christ healing Bartimus, for sale, size of life, hi interest story, but if a man throws open his arms, extending oen toward the spect and other fr him, distant hand will be diminished--for truth Benj West. 87 port child, meritorious artist peculiarly happy in such subjects. 193 port children. 199 Manhattanville. 266 Flight of Champ, grt truth and spirit, spectator read Lee’s Memoirs grt leas figs spirited lscape gd. 294 Blast Furnace at West Point, and 295 Sunset.

84 Geirgon view of country seat in Geneva

54 port ldy, Durance, wish artist much improvement

57 Eagle’s Delight, King Indian Port, v pretty woman, a squaw

304 port ldy with bird, more merit than many neighbors tho hung hi, CW Tice

60 61 Harris, improved fr last year. 107 port old man still stronger proof of rapid improvement

64 Fink, Port gman, well drawn colored, too bold touch for small size. 296 Young Thieves, remarkably correct beaut compos much originality of design

75 76 Huntington, View of Rondont and another mtn, fine specimens, young gmen, pupil of pres of academy, every visitor of taste arrested by beaut productions. 90, 91 ports small oil, has versatility as well as skill, but pleased more by lscapes. 235 Twilight, true to nature, the highest commendation

May 27, 1837 p. 383

80 Port of boy, Shegogue, improving young artist.

82 Wm Oddie Lscape, gratifying proofs of cultivated taste fr pencils of amateurs. 231 Lscape Oddie, skillfully managed for poetical effect, uncommon picture. 238 lscape bold same character as 231. 283 freer and bolder style this amateur succeeds in representing nature grt effect praiseworthy adherence to the scene

94 port gman, Miss JH Fairfield

95 Pringle, Wreck of Bristol, 223 ship Oxford

96 Pratt, Historical lscape, feeding of five thosu, lscape has grt merit, represents land of Judea truly, not equal merit in historical portion

101 Geneva, FS Agate, title no idea of pict, lines in cat seems a representation of beaut young lady steals fr company of dancers signals betrothed to follow her. fine pict for effect and coloring without sacrificing as others do and are praised for more essential requistite of drwg, expr of face v fine, for sale. 111 Port gman, proof excellence, in style dissimilar to delicate Geneva, who is alm miniature. 125 port ldy, not so pleasing as Geneva.  298 Devil’s deacon, sketch for sale, style so unlike beaut Geneva should not have recognized him, intention is novel, shows brutality to which strong liquor reduced votaries, and misery of victims

108 Newtown Long Island, J Enpis, beaut lscape, distinct distance, well conceived foregrd, exec with force and skill ptd con amour

112 Port Gman, Bryant. 180 port gman, compliment him. 187 port ldy.

Jun 3 1837, p. 391

116 Port Capt Coffin, ME Simmons

117 Port JK Reynolds, J Thompson

120 White, Marion’s Encampment for sale, everything re Marion stirs the blood and rouses the fancy, company frown too much on their visitor

123 SA Mount, child and lap dog  .  265 port gman  293 port ldy, a gd pict by another artist in this family

124 port student of NYU, Haddock. 183 still life, v beaut ptd

126 Port gman, Miss Stuart. 127 Ladd, port children. 128 bird fr nature, by a lady, more pleasing portrait than the two last

129 watercolor view of Erie canal, drwg possesses erit, but not highest grade, Martens; 132 view on Mohawk

130 Tell’s chapel, Miss Blac, pleasant view interesting subj; 131 not as gd

134 Mrs Johnson, Hebe, foundation of all gd pictorial composition is drwg

135 miniature ldy, Newcombe, seen as gd picts fr worthy artist. 136 miniature gman, JW Dodge need but say gd in every respect, also his 142 of ldy, attitude graceful hands gd, management hair happy, whole well colored highly finished 137 miniature of ldy, ES Dodge, young artist certain hardness stiffness, brother be model after nature. also 140 a gman 138 miniature gman, Badger, and 144 much truth beauty nature of Mrs Cherry, and 146 152 of gman, 139 frame with 2 miniatures, Cummings, drwg masterly touch delightful ports, lady graceful breadth of light admirable, but prefer its companion; 153 strikingly like v perfect in coloring143 Wemedel, 145 miniature by a lady of Miss E Wheatley, 151 miniature Mrs Folsom, 157 miniature Russell

147 Design of a cert for NY Board Trade, Morton, ingenious composition, knows subj and art.  174 port, best picture from this academicisian, do honor to any.

149 Prudhomme, merit acknowl, engr after Oberon, a miniature by Ann Hall, beaut productions. 211 engr Mrs Madison, well pleased

155C Mountain archit drwg Corinthian capital

158 AJ Mason frame, engr

159 160 amateur Geo Jones interiors of Shakespeare’s hse.

161-165 possess that mediocrity wearisome in fine arts

Now he enters new smaller saloon, starts with Frothingham 169 port gman, characteristic truth and touch of port distinguishes him

171 172 Casilear lscapes, judging by these productions shd be a na not just a, for sale, gems for connoisseur’s cabinet, full pencil marks foregrd is admirable, may give improving hint to others

173 Burford, port child, much that is clever, much might will be amended

181 182 C Mayr, port gman gd head, but unless gman’s hand unus sm, not justice, Bachelor’s hall, pleased to see productions of foreign artist, appreciate their merits or would not criticize, but gman in suds is too prominent, all lines of backgrd too strong and injure the figs in front, corkdrawer is best fig, has hands approp. 207 C Mayer, Ochiltree Glenallen. 223 Scene in a kitchen, surely not an American kitchen. 227 Too tight, for sale, difficulties those wanting to show sm ankle in tight boot, figs American. 228 229 ancient manners, Grecian lover and dressing rm. 232 for sale, capt smith visit to Powhatan, no one can mistake the country, fertility of resource and imagery in the ptr, grt industry, tone v diff than usual, not a mannerist 243 Blind Fiddler much merit, head of boy grinding hand organ badly drawn and principal fig of beaut girl does not dance, nor does scene have a country. 249 Widow and her family, persevering industry, v pleasing highly finished, look again tho at model of girl in center, and all the hands. 257 port

186 Ver Brick, por ldy, well ptd face with grt delicacy. 191 port gman fine specimen of manly port, ptd with full brush drwn with practiced eye. 253 port ldy want of roundness, otherwise pleasing. 256 study fr nature, lscape, pleasing result, praiseworthy mode of study

Jun 10, 1837 p. 399

love Geo Harvey, extraord force and extremely beaut, keeping perfect. J Linen, Ver Bryck manly port, full brush. Spencer, Chapman, Geo Linen cabinet lovely pics. Grunewald, Oakley student, Marchant, Durand, Chapman, Simons, lscape with figures JR Bleecker 203, Gl Brown Foggy morning near Boston, finely expressed, strikingly beaut, his american scenry another cabinet jewel.

196, Oakley, the Student.

202 206 ME Simons port child, lady C Mayer Edie Ochiltree, Bonfield Marine, Lauder port, WW Hooper engr, Prudhomme engr worthy.

203 s, lscape with figs, 261 lscape.

208 Marine view, Bonfield

209 Port ldy Lauder

224 lscape TB Ashton, pict grt beauty striking effect

210 wood engr after GL Brown by Hooper, gd specimen; 212 Paradise (an NAD founder) eng of GW after CW Peale, most interesting subj, at 40 years of age  218 his engr of Rev W Nevins. 215 JA Adams wd engr like steel ones. 219 engr by Henshelwood of first ship

217 Profile of gman, Reynolds. 221 Catskill Falls, C Geib, v strange.  222 Port Edwards gov CT by A Andrews 

Purcell mother of moses, his sheperdhess his best, Joseph’s coat, his pilgrim is v clever.. Reynolds. Another Henshelwood engr, fiathful. Adams wood engr fine specimens. Geib Catskill falls is v strange

Mayr Scene in a kitchen, surely not an American kitchen. Mayr’s Too tight, difficulties showing an ankle in a tight boot, figs are American but scene may suit any country. 228-0 by meritorious foreign artist living here, ancient manners, Grecian lover and Grecian dressing room (mayr too?)  Mayr Capt Smith visit to Powhatan, for sale, subj interesting to Americans, no one can mistake the country, fertility of imagery, great industry, tone diff than usual, need not be a mannerist. Mayr Blind fiddler, much merit, head of boy accompanying fiddler badly drawn, beaut girl does not dance, to what country does it belong? Widow and family, indefatigable, pleasing and highly finished, but all the hands. Ashton moonlight striking effect. Pringle.

226 Swain port ; 270 port gman

230 Port Capt Polk, Flagg; 302 Peruvians

Oddie lscape poetical effect, uncomon pic. bold.

233 interior, persp defective, A Hewins. 258 Interior, much superior, fig at harpsichord partic clever

234 port Flugge Gerke. Huntington Valley of Rondout true to nature, highest commendation

236 view Long Island, Hunt, much merit but rather hard. 272 scene at Ramapo, for sale, much merit uncommon style, foliage gd

237 port gman boyle

239 The Skinner, F Williams, charater well known to those versed in revolutionary history, pict by hand of a master, given dignity to cowthief and robber of defenceless, attitude ttoo fine for scoundrel vagabond, but corresponds well with face.

FR Spencer port, Marchant port, Page port lady peculiar style attracts genl attn, best piece, soft and fleshy, gem.

Inman port of Pres Duer of Columbia, strking, best style, hi intellect, marks of exalted good-breeding or personal dignity. Frothingham fine specimen. Martin, FR Spencer v beaut skill and taste. Page Zaida, port of lady, companion to 242, not as pleasing.

GL Brown v fine, for connoisseur

251 P Williams Dominic Sampson reading the king’s commission, ptg fr pencil of amateur artist, remind of first compos ever saw by lamented Newton

FR Spencer pleasing expressive port, wish lady’s waist less remote fr nature unrestrained. Ver Bryck wants roundenss. G Harvey residence of W Irving, great.

255 Dead game, HS Mount, fine pict of its class, pheasant beaut so is whole. Ver Bryck pleasing study.

Jun 17, 1837 p. 407

Mayr, Hewins, this interior 258 superior to his other.

259 port Shaver. Brennan, J Bleecker lscape 261.

262 port gman, Baron Vogel, pict too gd to be without a frame, why consigned to situation of humility. Harvey, Wall, SA Mount, Chapman, great truth.

267 Sunset Parade, Lt Eastman, v true represent of scene, sky fine

268 Farmers Nooning, Mount, v fine pict Amer Wilkie, Long Island haymakers resting fr labors, truly American, fig lies face downward in shade and is kicking up his heels is only surpassed by negro who sleeps on a hay cock in the sun, stretched on his back and raising his arm, which sleeps though in motion, as the arch boy tickles his nose with a straw.  All is nature in the perfection of art

            285 Raffle, never enough admire talent for observation which his compositions evince, all American, all of Long Island, this is a beauty, if he shd visit Europe and fill mind with foreign images, unless keeps them so distinct and apart fr attitudes of his country folk, no mixture can take place when he mingles his colors on canvas. Who but must smile with delight when looks at expression of man who shakes his hat, or the varied marks of expectation in the surround ing figs, young man behind is admirable, goose itself a picture.

            291 Courtship another Long Island scene, anything be more beautifully correct than graceful fig arch yet modest expr of this American farmer’s daughter? She has tasked her clownish admirer to hold the skein, while she holds the ball in her own hands and is winding up a courtship not suited to her taste. imagine that when the yarn is off, and he drops his hands, she may dismiss him by dropping a curtsey.

Spencer, Swain, Ingham port of Miss Sedgwick, his masterpiece in current exhib. SV Hunt Scene at Ramapo, uncommon style, much merit

273 Robt Weir, St Nicholas, his only pict, grt humor, arch expr most admirable, drwg perfect, rich transparent coloring, accessories tell story as plainly as attitude face, composition sustains his hi reputation

Frothingham port pleasing, Morse port true to nature. Harvey again.

277 Lscape, Boggs, v natural and in gd keeping. Durand Healing the posessed, far surpasses anything before exhib, correct, well grouped, adapted, rich and meritorious artist. Frothingham, Durand portraits

280 Arabesque Ornament, Chizzola

297 port boy, Rossiter

Ingham lscape 282 beaut pic same minute care and exquis finish his delicate pencil passed overivory skin silken curls of ladies, belles of America, must view lscape at very short distance to appreciate its truth, cld use a microscope, a lovley miniature, effect of passing cloud cast its shadows, water admirable, masterly attn to nature. Oddie freer style succeeds, adheres to scene. Gl Brown fishing, perfect contrast to Ingham, unstudied dash, amateur shld buy. marchant port strikingly characteristic. Spencer supports his just reputation. JW Bennet, fine watercolors, oils have same careful attn, more force. Swinton bold and gd. Kidd. Mrs E Unkart. SA Mount gd/ Blast furnace and sunset fr Chapman. Fink young thieves, orig of design, correct and beaut. Rossiter. Agate devil’s deacon, style unlike his beaut Geneva, novel intention, brutality of votaries of strong liquor. Swinton.

300 grp gypsies, Miss MA Brown. Purcell, Flagg.

Oct 14 1837 Wm Dunlap on Catlin’s lecture and exhib

Sept 30 1837 puffs Dubufe’s Don Juan

Nov 4 1837 Great National Allegorical Pic in Amer Acad of FA, N writes about enormous surface covered with blue, yellow and red paint, called a picture, misfortune to stand before glaring absurdity, experience pain arise fr witnessing human bodies mutilated and joints dislocated. monstrous deformities with Franklin Washington et al affixed to them in handbills, insult. Manuf in Paris, astonishing ignorance, or if production of Canada tyro or westerner, suppose the aspirant given a diploma for best picture by the Am Inst or Mechanics Assoc at one of their annual fairs

Dec 16 1837 NAD schools operating, only public school, should be assisted by funds. Studio of Bryant in Cortlandt st, port of cashier of Chemical Bank, Bryant much merit

Dec 23 1837 p203 Cole’s Last Pictures—(CFHoffman ed?) like work for Wm Van Renssalaer, invaluable charm of Gothick to nature’s beauties, feudal barbarism, worshipped glory instead of god, all is in keeping, shows the mind, hope willb be at NAD

New York Mirror 1838

Jan 6 1838 p. 234  Mr Durand’s Studio:  proved that one of the best engr living was an American native, felt regret when he turned to ptg, but now congratulate his country on his choice.  In much less time than it took to copy others, he originates compositions of foremost rank, scenes on canvass that demand engraving.  New lscape places him second only to Cole in high requisites, sky delicately clear, foliage marked by tints of nature in all lights, foregrd bold, warm and rich, distance fading in due gradation, and middle grd touched with masterly pencillings and colors.  On easel has work of diff character, compos of humorous school, but unfinished abstain, only that its his best specimen of comick composition.

            also notes portraits v gd likenesses in rms of Thomson 575 Broadway, Ingraham, author of Lafitte and other fictions, JA Reynolds the explorer, and Lewis G Clark ed of Knickerbocker; for NAD

Feb 10 The Fiend and the Artist story; Mar 3 Adams’ Charter Oak

May 12, 1838, p. 367 NAD.  unequal merit.  usual proportion of commonplace ports of common place people, red hot sunsets, etc, but majority creditable

            1 Inskeep fisherman of Abruzzi Mtns well drawn, characteristic indep air and attitude of angler successfully conveyed.  5 Ld Ulin’s Daughter by Oakley, bold design, but not kept up with poet, figs in boat inexpressive, rocks in back badly thrown together, too much dash and daub in commingling of the scud with waves, best is fig of Ld Ulin on horseback with arms thrown up exclaiming Come back.

            6 Mooney full length ports of 2 children, too many rectangles in filling up the pict and posit of kids too stiff, but merit in the composit.  7 Lscape with figs by Grain v fair, 10 by Ladd of three heads, artist must be young and inexperienced, unnatural rubiate tint to his productions, needs study and practice.  Head of St John by Freeman 11 imag and well exec conception of sacred enthusiast. 15 by Gambardella lifelike clever port of Dr Foresti. Capture of Fort Casmir by DO Browere, 16, a v capital affair.  drunken abandonment of valiant doughty Van Poffenburgh admirably expressed in attitude and countenantce, details show he has fine comic powers, figs well drawn mostly and grouping ingenious.

            Flagg port Mayior New Haven 19, shd not be passed, will yet be disting. 20 Schroon Mtn by Cole most attractive for boldness and size, recog remarkable fidelity to nature, coloring of foliage gorgeous but not exaggerated, hand of master in disposit of whole subj

May 26, 1838, p. 382. The Fine Arts: NAD:

Out of 337 works, none by Alston, Morse, Weir, Sully, Wall, Harding, Cummings, Doughty, Bennett, Fisher, Ward or Hoyle.  accident or design? must not continue or will injure the arts, without works by older artists, desire of young artists to produce a flashy effect by superficial means and public approval of them will become visible.  Impartial crit may correct this, but one gd pict by a first rate artist is better. 

            will be brief with second and third rate picts, but will notice all!

1 Inskeep Fisherman, sketch by Engl artist, as that is beau tease repose quiet tone, but young artists don’t imitate offhand and slovenly manner of its exec.

2 Marchant Port of Gman, fidelity truth in drwg and effect, pleased more common, coloring might be more juicy and less opake.  8, same as no 2.  228 235 284 Ports, plain, familiar.

3Ladd port child, not pleasing pict. his 10 heads not pleasing.

4 Smugglers by Burford, if pted by a beginner, gives promise, but if by experienced, inexcusable bad drwg and careless finish. 26 portrait, not pleasing.

5 Ld Ulin’s daughter, Oakley.  Genl effect is injured by multitude of broken lights, sea spray too much appears drifting snow, so many excellent picts fr him, surprised one so v inferior. 242 Lscape, distance foliage v pleasing, cattle and foregrd not as well done

6 Mooney ports of 2 children, work of real merit, young artist grt credit, compos, light and shade, drwg, all managed care and skill, coloring hard and cold not s glowing as in a subj of this descript, wants mellowness and intermingling of tints gives richness to Rubens, Reynolds and others, but has ample time and talents to adopt a more fascinating style. 267 Port, excellent, full of truth and nature

7 Grain, Lscape and figs, v fair pict, hard and formal in execut, study nature more, engr less.  192 lscape far ehind in color and effect. 213 lscape, not a correct study fr nature.  307 the Cottage, v effective

9 Shegogue, not first rate specimen, girl with grapes. 96 97 114 164.  ptr shd devote time spent on six ptgs in exhib on one only, make up in numbers what lack in merit is sad mistake.  218 young florist, not carefully finished.

11 JE Freeman, head of St John, young artist just returned fr Rome, evidence of his improvement, as a piece fo coloring, his exclusive aim, most capital, clearness warmth and transparency in shadows of flesh, lights equal merit in tone, breadth and mellowness, drwg somewhat defective and red drapery sticks too much like a plaster to the shoulders. Name not approp, gives feeble idea of patience, humility, and fervent zeal.  39  Brigand, well colored and effective but misnamed, more a barber’s boy than a robber.  243 245 not equal to 11 39, except v gd head of 243

12 Lscape, Kensett, v fair production fr young engraver, too grn to be a gd represent of nature.

13 and 14 Folsom Ports of boys, crude, not artist like.  46 Port, of a character with many in Acad, calculated to furnish a drawing rm and be highly valuable to friends and relatives, but not enuf merit for an exhib rm

15 Port Dr F Foresti, Gambardella, well drawn  v expr and effective, but snuffy and unnat in color.

16 Browere Capt Ft Casmir, singular combination of humor, extrav anmd carocatire

17 Miss Fairfield, port of gman, impolitely hung too high, more merit than so called gmen artists willing to allow.

continues Jun 2, p. 390, but I put comments by artist.

18 J CRanch, Lady and child, hung so hi invisible.  75, 81, ports not of first class. 301 Port not remarkable in color, character or effect, 314 fair, merely

19 Flagg port Mayor New Haven, gd ptg, reminds of Stewart. 233 Scene fr Tempest, not a gd pict

20 Cole Schroon Mtns, best of his in exhib, greater breadth of effect, not so cut into separate parts, whirlwind just passed remind us of his early picts which to our taste were the best fr their truly Amer feeling.  His Arcadias and other scenes fr the imag have not originality and truth telling force of his native picts, as a colorist or designer can’t expect to rival Claude or Rosa, but as true lover of his native land faithful bold delineator of her wild scenery, will stand unrivalled and alone.  33 Dream of Arcadia, parts admirably ptd, distance better preserved than in Schroon, but overloaded as a whole with too many broken lights and shadows.  64 65, Departure and Return, historic lscape, imbody a story, much left for imagination and much furnished,a s compositions of this character valuable works, as mere ptgs, don’t like them as well as his other pict in exhib.  200 Sylvan Lake, except want of atmosphere in distance, a v bold, orig and valuable ptg, sky is exec in a manner rarely observable in best masters

21 Fink Port lady, fair to middling, his 23 of old gman is rather better.  34 Port is best seen of him.

22 Frothingham, Port, so many better by this artist, we defer. 60 Port of J Trumbull, excellent ptg, color of flesh and soft flowing appearance of hair, natural and pleasing effect, hung to gd advantage, on line the peculiar hatched style alw offends by harshness and wiry appearance. 99 Port flesh excellent, backgrd and drapery too cold and repulsive to please. 110 116 ports, not equal to 60 or 99.  198 Port ldy, head is as usal excellent, drapery more inviting than generally find. 259 290 296 Ports, 269 excellent likeness of well known individ, ptd with freedom and force adds greatly to its value, others don’t like as well

24 Still life Crawley, well drawn carefully ptd, hard unnatural color

25 CC Ingham, Port Lady, artist’s style of ptg peculiar to himself, what we admire in him shd condemn in another, too v elaborately finished, yet so carefully done and so masterly, it’s ok, but don’t imitate.  40 Port gman, doesn’t excel in male heads, style too effeminate for any but children and females.  113 port of late member of Mercantile Lib Assn, excellent taste, this done after his death, shows ingenuity of Ingham’s pencil. 202 Port, v elab finished, lacking breadth and force admired in Raeburn. 219 Port Lady, drapery hair hands ptd with grtest accuracy and skill, but face appears overwrought too much like polished ivory, as a whole, capital production, greatly admired by visitors. 246 Port most charming pict, full of grace, sentiment and beauty, rarely seen anything fr him pleased us as much. 263 Port finished grt care fidelity

27 Page, last interview, has astonished his friends and artists for some years past, by extraord improvement, picture has grt merit but not equal to others, coloring not as rich and glowing, yet may stand test of time better, requires study and contemplation, but he is too fond of trying experiments with his colors, won’t preserve his reputation.  43 Port not a happy effort, wants color and rotundity. 216 Port well colored, wants rotundity.  315 Port ldy, bold attempt to produce an impossibility, rotundity without shade or shadow and brilliancy without color or atmosphere, yet executed in manner exhibits investigating mind, skilful hand

28 Port Master John Kane, WH Powell, have infinitely better by him. 48 Port by WH Powell, well colored and v expr, thought by artists generally to be his best head here, remember yet v young, look for no ordinary works in future, but must not imitate anything but nature.  63 port, v pleasingly ptd.  74 port, not as well ptd as 48 and 63.  104 Port, excellent ptg, strongly reminding us of Inman’s style

29 CG Thompson, well drwn v well colored port of gman, not warranting extrav praise on it by several critics in our daily journals.  91 Port hung too hi, seems to have consid merit, is not bust too large for head and neck. 57 Port CG Thompson, v clever ptg. 260 318 capital drwg grt animation , 319 gd likeness

30 Diamond Cove, Codman, ptr taken things in this view precisely as has found them, nature unadorned is adorned the most, may be true in poetry, not in ptg

31 Huntington Port of old gman reading, capital performance, life truth and vigor, foreshortening in fig, mellow warm tone of flesh, accurate and careful finish in every part worthy of hi praise.  something abt drwg of head defective, doesn’t receded in parts in same persp.  44 port of ldy, drapery and backgrd well ptd, but head inferior to old gman reading.  188 196 Lscapes, tho small, have all the breadth of light and shade aerial persp delicate handling admired in old masters. middle grds much improved by grter attn to color and form.  210 217 261 Portraits. 210 generally a fave, not only a strong likeness, bold well exec pict, 217 also gd.  256 263 323 324 lscapes, with exception of carelessness in the middle grds, all four admirable productions, clear transp character of water, natural loose form of foliage, quiet sunny appearance of sky and clouds, all rare and valuale qualities for so young an artist

32 Rustic Scene SA Mount, clever specimen of his style.  86 port, too hard chalky to please, but well drawn gd likeness 231 Port ldy, arranged, drwn, finished with great care, showing grt improvement. 329 Cattle Piece, hung in such bad light as to be invisible

35 and 41, portraits, T McGeorge, not pleasing picts

36 J Stearns, Port of Indian, faithful delineation of costume and looks of savage no doubt valuable, as aptg, nothing to recommend it

37 Port of lady, Sanders, wants color and effect

38 HP Gray study, couldn’t find it.

42 50 69 H Bryant, portraits, gd likenesses we imagine, give promise of better.  90 Port rather formal stiff in posit, but v well execut

45 Fuller, Lscape, can’t remember it

47 59 Swain not clever exhib pictures (portraits). 255 262, Ports, genly well drwn strong likenesses, but color more resembling polished metal than flesh,

49 61 Ports by Boyle, likenesses merely.  208 Port. 209 Port Gauntt, v similar in merit, neither evidence much talent 56 Gauntt, port of lady, too hi to judge. 237 port.

51 Port of Aaron Clark by TT Fowler, v creditable pict for this artist; 55 and 56 Ports, fr size and character more extended notice, but so little merit as ptgs, can barely recommend them as gd likenesses. 283 Port brilliant showy pict, but not carefully finished nor cleanly colored

52 Twilight, Durand, scenes of this descript alw diff and rarely pleasing,e xcept fr first rate master, has managed it with skill and effect, soft, subdued tone in foregrd v pleasing; 53 Durand, Port v carefully finished and wellcolored, surprised and engraver paints with so much clearness and truth.  71 84 85, lscapes, v pleasing cabinet pictures.  78 Rip Van Winkle and Crew, v diff subj v well managed, much pleased with astonished look of lazy Rip, nor is lscape badly done.. 89 Lscape, decidedly his best in exhib, sky distance and middle grd v skillfully handled, pleased more force and depth in foregrd. 201 Port ldy, excellent port, chastely carefully designed, neatly faihuflly finished, simplicity sweetness in color effect, pleasing unobtrusive.  212 Dance on the Battery, successful in one of most difficult branches, uniting lscape andhistorical composition without sacrificing either, nor lost sight of other requisites of a picture, ease elasticity of dancing figs, soft sunny effect of foliage sky grass all admirable.  several figs in grp under trees too diminutive.  252 278 301 319 Lscapes, all showing grt improvement in color and exec, 278 beaut fo simplicity quietness repose

54 Indian portriaits, CB King, excellent pict of its kind 

Jun 9, p. 398

58 Ft Snelling, Lieut Eastman, an amateur, as such grt praise, distances and skies extremely well managed, foregrds want more warmth, figs more gracefully drawn. 106 lscape, v gd highly creditable.  199 223 224 266 287 320 Lscapes, no less than 8, all resembling ea other so closely in style, color and effect, that same applies in equal force and truth to all

62, 68 Whitehorne, ports, all too high, not to his advntage, style isn’t improved by distance, others of his of great merit elsewhere.  221 Port, effect of light and shade on this pict not happy, artist has wasted time on what at best is but indifferent. 234 Eliza, clever but not equal to his Girl Reading a few yrs since. 274 283 327 Ports, not equal to some others of his, has adopted a new style resembling old picts more than nature.  His hi lights are too very rough, ahdows too red and raw, to give depth and force he aims at, his gray tints stare at us too forcibly. has that which prop directed will make an artist of mean reputation, but ona wrong track

67 Marsiglia, Portrait, seen better. 87 port ldy head well ptd, drapery and fig defective. 98 lscape, gd compos, unnatural in color too formal in execut. 214 Port, vase flowers well ptd, other objects not as pleasing.

70 Talbot, Port, nothing remarkable. 276 Port not first rate

72 Wright, ruins of convent, fair of its kind. 279 Warwick Castle, excellent in parts

73 Chapman, Ruins of Adrian’s Villa, Unfinished. pleasing tone richeness color abt ruins, makes up want of vigor and force in foregrd. 161 Port of child, inferior to 206. 191 Young Fisherman, v neatly drwn delicately handled.  206 Friar Puck, arrrang v pleasing, finished with grt care skill, those so fond of extrav contrasts and primer bk colors will dwell on this to their improvement. 236 Port youth, containing more color than most of his. 240 Spring and Winter, execut of this little pict v neat and delicate, much improved if more color. 293 Lscape, not a v close study fr nature, but exec w grt facility cleverness

76 Wreck of the Home, Pringle, little else observable than sea, too cold and chalky to please. 105 Pringle, ship in gale, well drawn, not well colored. 190 Ship Republican, accurately drawn, wanting color effect.

77 port of child, W R Hamilton, more creditable in drwg and compos than coloring

79 Quidor, A Kncikerbocker battle, sad medley of broken shins bloody noses, confused, ill assorted mass of flesh and smoke, alm without form and without color, and yet abt an inch square of real humor and positive merit

80 Port ldy, Inman, exhibits masterly manner to grt advantage, all brilliancy of color, facility of handling exact resemblance to nature so much admire, somewhat out of keeping, head being diff tone and color fr neck and breast.  93 Port Edwin Forrest, best production, admirable pict, appears a little too gross, and nearer fifty than thirty.  103 Port ldy, not equal to 80, faulty in size foreshortening of arms. 201 Sisters, in usual happy style, partic backgrd furniture of rm, figs thought somewhat out of proportion.  220 Grp children, well colored effective. 230 La petite Augusta, full of liveliness grace and beauty. 258 Port ldy, dignity, alm majesty, in genl expr scarcely saw surpassed in any work of the kind, but in color does not equal some others of his. 298 Port child, v brilliantly colored but not as close to life as usual

82 Alanson Fisher, Port, too hi.

83 Agate, port, honest faithful ptg, finished with care and skill.  254 297 306 Ports prefer 306 genl arrang color and expr v creditable, flushed appearance in countenance tho is unnatural

88 Alexander, Port, head most capital performance shd be well studied by yong, but backgrd chair and dress all adhere too closely to be natural

92 Lscape, Livingston, too much exec in style of scenery ptg, too monotonous in color, yet parts of grt truth, force and brilliancy. 162, lscape, same faults and beauties as in 92. 312 lscape not a clever pict

94 100 Hagan, if first efforts of young, creditable

95 Fortune Telling, WS Mount, this artist is our favorite, more orig powers of mind than any other young arist, yet amid multitude of crits on Acad in last few weeks, not one has as yet mentioned his name.  Pict is unfinished, so not fair to remark on it, but 308 is jewel of hi value.  308 Tough Story, jewel of exhib, original, characteristic and full of life and meaning, grt aim to tell history in most forcible and familiar manner, color light shade composition all made to bend.  no greater mistake alm insult to call him Amer Wilkie, he is as unlike as W is unlike Michaelangelo or Titian.  Wilkie strives to produce impression by bold effect light, shade, Mount scarce gives enuf of either to detach the figs fr the backgrd.  Wilkie arranges compos strict adherence to rules of art, Mount we rarely see the angular or circular form visible at all.  Wilkie like Ostade fills up backgrds and arranges accessories with minuteness care bordering on affectation, Mt gives not even handle of a cup unless it is to carry on and finish his story.  Wilkie disposes of colors, balances them, hot and cold with breadth and harmony of Venetian schl, Mount bows submission to no schl, gives nature her everyday garb, without least exagg or ornament. yet who thinks less of Mount’s works? he is a child of nature, a vigorous, untaught untutuored plant who borrows fr no one, imitates no one, shd be compared to no one

Jun 16, 1838 p. 406

101 Beaumont, View on Hudson, foregrd visited by swarm of locusts, leafless as in winter, but somewhat redeemed by clear well ptd distance.

102 109 115 Harris, Ports, v well ptd, too dark for exhib picts. 275 203 310 Ports, decided improvement over former works

107 108 not remarkable pictures

111 117 Bleecker, v fair, as far as they go

112 White, taking the veil, another amateur, has shown surprising knowl of art, shd give more attn to extremities such as hands, feet etc

118 Mrs Folsom Miniature, v neatly ptd, 126 miniature CA Folsom, rather cold in its color, 119 and 108 Miniature and port, by a young lady, both excellent productions, 120  CH Thomas miniature not as good as 119.  121 122 miniatures Shumway, exec grt skill neatness, want rotundity. 123 miniature, amateur, not a flattering likeness. 124 153 Miniatures by Miss D Vail, v neatly finished. 127 152 miniatures, Newcombe, peculiar in style not of first class. 128, 135 142 miniatures, JW Dodge, not equal to those in former exhibs. 129-133 miniatures Mrs J Guillett, v naturally and pleasingly ptd. (also 268 271 305, not miniatures, likes last the best, shows grt taste in arrangement and expr of fig) 134 Miss Frothingham miniature, excellent likeness, sweetly ptd.  136 137 Mrs Sibolt, v gd.  139 Miss A Brown vignettes, v proper style for compositions of this size. 140 155 miniatures Vandyck, not rivaling grt namesake color drwg. 141 miniatures, G Baker, no extraordinary.  143 159 miniatures Alvan Clark, excellent, esp C Harding.  144 Miniature Miss Ann Hall, specimen of color and finish equaling in excellence those of former yrs. 145 183 Weisedel miniatures, partic gd for strong likeness. 147 157 158 miniature sand engr, Prud’homme, grt improvement. 148 miniature H Wengler, not clever specimen. 149 A Agate, well colored, wanting force. 150 Mapes miniature a little too red, vgd ptg. 151 miniature L Bingham, not first rate.

125 Otsego Hall, J Hill well drawn indiff colored

138 146 fruit flower pieces, Tettalbach, carefully drwn colored

156 pencil sketch Morton, seen better. 289 Morning Ride truth and accuracy in distant lscape greatly admire, parts connected with figs carefully drwn neatly exec but as whole wants massing or greater breadth of light and shade.

160 Scene fr Battery T Thompson, accurately drawn, too opake in color. 163 175 Creighton, Portraits, T Thompson 166 180 portraits, J Stearns 165, all abt the same character, all second rate. 285 292 both well drawn wellcomposed, sadly deficient in warmth mellowness fidelity of color

167 180 lscapes Hunt, too much mannerism, not enuf nature

169 eng Hinshelwood, well and carefully done. 291 lscape, v fair

171 176 pencil drwgs Underwood, shouldn’t be exhib unless first rate, these aren’t.

Jun 23 1838, p. 414

172 177 Smillie Engr, finished w grt skill care effect. 270 Lscape v creditable for one devoting so little time to ptg.

173 178 profiles in wax Morrison, no judge, presume gd

174 JA Adams, engr on wd, usual skill and talents of this artist, hi consequence

181 archit drwg ME Thompson, correctly and neatly delineated.

184 Launitz bas-relief, v neatly delicately exec

185 T Cushman, engr, finished w grt pains skill.

186 Cabinet port, G Linen, artist has 11 picts, all so v similar in exec size and subj, that we notice them collectively.  style is peculiar not unpleasing, coloring too dry and outline too hard to give brilliancy and effect.

Huntington lscapes admired.

189 197 lscapes, Brennan, pleasing specimens of miniature lscape

Pringle Ship Republican wanting. Chapman fisherman neat.

193 Port, Withers, not a pleasing pict.

Frothingham excellent port of lady.

Eastan 8 landscapes all resemble ea other, repeat what have said before. Cole Sylvan lake, bold orig and valuable, want of atmosphere. Inman sisters in usual happy style, Ingham elab finished

203 227 Rossiter, yet v young, entitled to grt credit, works destined to live, partic admire grt boldness, breadth of light shade, mellowness harmony of color. 238 249 showing excellent eye for color

Durand chaste careful neat faithful portrait, simplicity unobtusive.

205 Lscape, Holgate, not colored with the fidelity to nature we shd be pleased to see

Chapman Friar Puck arrang v pleasing, finished great care

207 Lscape, Oddie, foliage v freely masterly handled, distance preserved grt feeling cleverness, water devoid of relections naturally receive fr stillness location.  294 Lscape, grt merit, for with v poor materials has made a v excellent pict without any strong effect or grt display of color, one of those everyday scenes we pass and repass without giving it a thought, yet brought back to mind in this little view with utmost simplicity and truth

211 Ludlow, marine view, one of best marines in exhib, full of light, forcible effective.

Boyle and Gauntt not much talent. Huntington a favorite, bold.

Durand dance on the battery, united lscape and hist compos without sacrifice, all admirable.

Grain not a correct study fr nature. Marsiglia mixed review. Page wants rotundity. Shegogue florist not carefully finished. Ingham overwrought but capital, admired.

Jun 30, 1838 p. 6

Inman group effective; Whitehorne not happy, wasted time on indifferent

225 232 Lscapes and figs, W Brown, seen pict by Moreland v like one of these. 316 Begging a Bone, dog well ptd, rest not as well done

226 269 Cathedral and church, Gescheidt, carefully drwn not unpleasingly colored

229 HS Mount  Port, not equal to his flower piece. 237 250 Flowers well drwn pleasingly ptd

Marchant, plain, familiar. Inman petite Augusta full of liveliness. SA Mount great care, improved. J Cranch Tempest not a gd pic. Whitehorne’s Eliza clever but . Chapman more color than most of his. Rossiter excellent eye for color.  Chapman neat and delicate, needs color.

239 Sketch, Clover, fair for young artist.  300 Lscape, poor subj, v well exec

241 247 296 J Williams, gman wld paint fr nature in every partic, wonderful advantage arising fr it. Our young Amer artists, having no old masters, must form a schl for themselves, and it must be built on nature carefully studied, analyzed understood

Oakley lscape mixed. JE Freeman not equal to his others.

244 280 A Hewins, v indiff exec. Ingham charming.

248 Port, Hamblin, not well done. Durand lscapes great improvement.

253 311 A Fisher, Ports, not colored well, otherwise fair. Agate portraits creditable, if unnaturally flushed. Swain ports resemble polished metal not flesh. Huntington lscapes admirable, quiet sunny

257 Lscape, Strother, forbidding to the eye by predominance of blues. Inman majesty in genl expression. Frothingham portraits freedom and force in 259, others not so good. CG Thompson capital portraits.

261 Lscape, Gedney, v fair. Ingham finished. Mooney 267 excellent port. Mrs J Guillet shows great taste. Smillie v creditable. Whitehorne new style resembles old pics not nature, shadows too red and raw, gray tings too forcible

Jul 7 1838 p. 15

Harris improved. 276 portrait J Talbot not first rate

277 Port Genl Washington, Dunlap, divest ourselves of its pretensions to ptg consider it purely as interesting aluable relick of past times, ptd when artist only 17, best likeness ever taken? unlike all others exec by one ignorant of and untrammeled by rules of art sought only to draw or map features precisely as he saw them, we recommend it to some of our historical societies

295 Webster, Marine View, except water, an excellent picture

299 Cottage fireside, Jewett, no doubt a gd pict when made visible with varnish

302 303 J Neagle Ports, former excellent head, foreshortening well preserved, latter too sketchy and undefined to please

313 Turkey Shooting, Deas, capital performance giving promise fo great things, only wanting experiencee unwearied perseverance to rank among the best

317 325 326  328 Ports none of first class

330 331 Purcell, fair specimens water color drwgs

332 333 Haskell not beyond mediocrity

331 335 336 Watson, v spirited cabinet picts

337 Hooper frame of wd engr, grt improvement

T Thompson sadly deficient. TT Fowler brilliant showy pic but not careful or clean. Morton wants breadth. Hinshelwood fair. Chapman not close study fr nature, but great cleverness. Oddie lscape great merit, excellent pic fr poor materials without any strong effect, everyday scenes, simplicity and truth. Webster marine view, excellent except for water. Inman not close to life. Jewett, no doubt good when made visible. LP Clover lscape poor subj but well exec. Neagle 303 too eketchy to please. J Cranch port not remarkable. fair, merely. P Grain v effective. WS Mount Tough story, jewel of exhib, orig characteristic, full of life and meaning, forcible and familiar manner, not Wilkie, who has bold effect of chiarascuro, rules of art, Mount rarely uses angular or circular form. willie minuteness and care like Ostade borders on affectation, nothing in Mount but what carries story. No school, every day garb for nature without exaggeration, a vigorous untaught child of nature. M Livingstonlscape not clever.

W Page 315 bold attempt to produce an impossibility, investigating mind. W Brown dog well ptd. SA Mount hung badly. JA Haskell not beyond mediocrity. S Watson spirited cabinet pics. Hooper great improvement.

            great fault of exhib is too many inferior works, cld dispense with 150. Stop trying togratify sitters with portraits. Fewer works by any one artist.

Jul  14, 1838 p. 21, The Satirist, Sketches of Persons About Town by A Croaker, TA a celeb ptr and comedian flourished during equinoctial reign, ptg of sheep shearing envied, full length of Robinson Crusoe, alluded to in life of WDR.    Next is HB, a well known historical ptr flourished under Andrew the first, several of his finest still preservedin the African church in the city of New York, and are very highly esteemed, esp a port of celeb Jim Crow, sum of 37 and ahalf cents freq been refused.  great naturalist

            WRD (WDR?) a descendant of Robins Crusoe also mentioned, his dress copied fro rig picture of Crusoe ptd by cel artist JA

Oct 20 135 Apollo Gallery, thanks to Herring, NAD too brief, this permanent and can compare foreign and domestic plus ancient and mdoern, correct public taste, restrain extrav pretensions, to those conversant with gd ptg who have been abroad one fault apparent in our native artists, aim at flashy effects of color, light and shade by unnatural forms and violent contrasts. all reds must be scarlet, blues indigo, etc, false compared to old masters. Nothing in Eng school of this superficial and transient character. Some sneer at exhib copies, but can study with great profit, tho touch of master may be wanting. Better than buying spurious originals fr notorious pict dealer. Doughty first in chasteness in compos and effect, cool pearly, gems. Chapman generally copies but pleasing spirited lscapes. Glad he will be in Rotunda. Huntington improving, Thompson great excellence, Shaw of Phila peculiar, mannerisms, Birch happy in marines, did the frigate Constitution, Waldo and Jewett force, ahppy, Casilear great force effect orig, Dunlap fidelity, Trumbull valuable relics

Nov 17 1838 p 167 Apollo an agreeable lounge

Dec 1 1838 Dunlap exhib: doubt will ever have Nat Gall of best masters accessible to all, foundation of truly orig and talented Amer school, as remote as our estab a standing army. Artist who goes abroad gets ahead of countryment, returns to flood of bad taste, what pleases eye alone, public led astray by gaudy and superficial, hope indiv enterprise will compensate, like this exhib, can correct false taste. to indiff spectator pics not equal to what he has anticipated, more pics at NAD but manhy indiff ones, often ten ports fr one unskilful hand, plus benefits estimable citizen

New York Mirror 1839

Jan 5 1839 praises Sully for preserving Victoria’s likeness. Clay supports intl copyright, as does Mirror.

Mar 30  1839 puffs Dubufe

Apr 13, 1839, p. 335. Statue of Victoria, by an Amer Artist, JV Stout, young of this city, will be generally pronounced one of most remarkable and orig specimens of noble art of statuary ever executed in this country.  Nearly as large as life, disting for its lightness, grace, elegance and beauty.  hold flower and scepter, negligentcly, attitude of perfect repose but full of energy and character, limbs disposed w exquis taste, symmetrical beauty of form and anatomical devpts will strike observer.  countour of neck, waist, whole fig v successful; drapery disposed so most fastidious could not object, managed with consummate ingenuity and skill, wind blowing agst front had drawn all folds tightly behind, gracefully diffused on left side and leaving entire lineaments of fig fr neck to ankles covered but not concealed.  every position will disclose new beauties. likeness sd v fair one, fig sylph-like and beaut, man of highest genious.

            puff for Catherwood’s panorama of Thebes, rational entertainment, Prince and Mercer, sublime

praises Willis’s new play, republishes old epigram on lady and her picture, both highly ptd

Apr 20 1839, p. 343 notices Hastings Weld, former co editor of Sun, is starting new penny paper Dispatch, shd be successful, Colman’s monthly under Mellen and Cutter, Life in NY full of satire humor and interest, severe tone but not illnatured, success, notices Anelli’s ptgs on Chambers st, of more than ordinary merit, recommends Combe’s lectures on phrenology, American Statuary, notes writer in last NY Review that sculpture been neglected in comp to ptg, Mr Frazee only one capable of statuar of higher order than a Galen for an apotheck or Grief for a gravestone, and he hasn’t attempted anything grand, only find busts and some archit ornaments equal to those imported fr Italy.  unaided tuition.  We concur with this compliment to Frazee, but add that Stout’s beaut statue has shown similar talents, lasting rep of the age.

Apr 27 notices approaching exhib at Amer Acad of FA at Clinton Hall, one of most attractive ever, so much genius for ptg, needs encouragement fr merchants and millionaires; same issue has thoughts on puffs and patronage by Thom Moore; describes in next issue balls by Americans in Europe

May 11, 1839, p. 362 anecdote re nobleman ptd tolerably well for an amateur, but must be poor to be a complete artist Poussin tells him

p. 367 “glance at the exhib of Acad of Des” brief desultory glance, candour compels us to say that deserves little more. Weir’s ptg of Indian Captives will repay journey, several pieces by Inman, Durand, Gambardella, Richardson, Huntington, Sully, Spencer, Frothingham, Freeman, Cranch and Powell wld redeem a much worse coll.  Indian Captives long be considered a chef-d-oeuvre, fig and posit of squaw admirable, pathos and poetry in withered leaves at feet, hewn log on mailed soldier (suits did exist in NE at time) ptd with astonishing accuracy, seems to be protruding fr canvass.  fig of Indian graceful and expressive.

            Among some of most attractive are exquis lscapes by Richardson, warmth richness in beaut unison w/subjs.  Lscape by Oddie 52 worthy of the encomiums it has recd; portraits by Inman are as usual excellent, esp Sconcia 247.  Boy Fishing 125 by Watson more than ordinary talent, expr of boy’s face nature itself.  we wonder at taste of A Smith in ptg Gov Mason of Michigan in shirtsleeves with undervest of flannel, shd as soon think of ptg a hero in his night cap.

            in sm saloon, Caius Graccus of Gambardella arrests gaze, Young Lady 206 by same pleases us better and Portia highly beaut poetical conception. Lovers Surprise 264 by Huntington not unworthy Leslie, conveys at once to eye whole plot of mod romance or melodrama.  Summer Evening by amateur 269 wouldn’t discredit a master, coloring beaut portrays golden exhal of summer twilight, repose of hour faithfully expr.  The Group 280 by Inman reminds exquis productions of Lawrence, perfectly successful specimen of a style, perhaps most diff that can be attempted. 

May 18 1839, to correspondents and readers, p. 375, The long and minute critique by “Titian” upon ptgs at Clinton Hall is of too little genl interest for our columns, a great proportion of the ptgs wholly unworthy of the strictures bestowed on them. Shall look in at the Apollo next week, and bear in mind the request of an amateur.  The verses on Stout’s statue of Victoria are clever in their way, but we must respectfully decline them, also Stanzas written on seeing Sully’s ptg of Mrs Wood.

            “Second Visit to the Exhib at Clinton-Hall” sins of commission in this exhib much greater than those of omission, better to leave half the walls bare than disfigure them with painful caricatures of humanity as meet our eyes in every direction in the large saloon.  What more totally uninteresting than a commonplace, characterless port, badly designed and unskillfully executed, invidious and superfluous to point out instances, sufficiently apparent.  hunt out beauties instead, Powell’s port of Prof Smith 108 a spirited compos and excellent likeness, young artist successful in expr and attitude of his faces.  Wife of an artist by Alexander 231 a masterly production, lifelike and remarkable counterfeit presentment, meets with genl admiration.  Gambardella’s likeness of Dr Channing is faithful and gd, tho by no means flattered.  Nurse and Child by Sully 242 is exquis sketch, contrast betw umbered face of mulatto and clear roseate complex of child is startling. honorable mention of Freeman’s Masaniello 284 and Spencer’s Mother and Child 107, admirable. Frothingham’s port Brit Naval Officer 97 is one of best of ports, as is Huntington’s port of a Lady.

            “Sully’s port of the Queen” genlly acknowl by London connoisseurs as best likeness yet offered to ublick, finished proof of eng submitted to Queen and highly approved, copies at Appleton of Broadway, superb mezzotint.

            Boston Engraving, would interest all to have account of progress of engraving art in this country, beaut specimens by Geo G Smith and N Dearborn and Co, each’s Decl of Indep a masterpiece in its way; Smith’s map of Mt Auburn also a sweet thing, as is Dearborn’s steel cut of Webster, in time to send to English friends before his visit.

May 25 1839 p. 383

Exhib ptgs at Apollo Gall, admirable coll, supervised by Herring, any taste or pride in advance, go and be gratified.

            beaut ptgs of American Miller for Sir Wm Stuart of Oregon scenery and adventures have been shipped to Engl, ptgs at Apollo excited much attn, novelty, skill of artist chiefly shown in spirited delineations of wild sports of Far West, buffalo hunts etc, have life like force and reality promise rich renown

Jun 1 1839 to readers and corresp, p. 391, like the proposition of “an Artist’ that the Allston coll of ptgs in Boston be brought here, greatest of living ptrs

Jun 8 1839 Ptgs in Boston p. 399, fr letter, re Catherwood’s coll of watercolor drwgs, if didn’t see them deserve to be compelled to passa n hour in the studio of ----- with his horrid caricatures of humanity glowering upon you fr their frames.  gives watercoloring a force, beaut oriental scenes by Bartlett and Allan, views in Ireland.  gallery at Atheneum opened, exhib of Hayward’s coll, whether orig or copies capital ptgs by capital artists, superior to umbered and yellow obscure daubs that disgraced walls of Atheneum insulted taste of visitors, thrust forward as orig Teniers, Raphael, Rubens, fr the garret of wretched tenth-rate sign ptr dying of delirium tremens.  St Sebastian exquis blending light shade, chaste simplicity

            Sonnet to Wash Alston: p 399, re ptgs in Boston, grand exhib of almost 50, man of genius, his sonnet pays tribute to Last Judgment of Michael angelo, a kindred spirit, and then one written to WA by a young clergyman RCW works sublime, made thought and love and goodness stand before the eye like unveiled spirits

p. 396 publishes by Inez of Edinburgh verses on a ptg by Daniel Macnee, RSA

Jun 15, 1839 p. 407 more the next week on the Allston gallery, favorite pupil of Benj West, excelled his master in sublimity and matured excellence, urges it come here

            Leggett wrote lots for the Mirror. Apollo G has finest coll of ptgs in the city at the moment.

Jun 22 1839 Henry Stanhope Lee Original Papers p. 412 Thoughts on Contemporaneous Criticism. age of humbug, no system of imposture more successful than reviews and critical journals of the day, in republick of letters must be voice of majority which will prevail, but prigs of criticks believe decisions final.  Taste so volatile, even purest most impartial discriminating and eloquent minds will be set aside by only verdict that should matter to an author, popular opinion.  But modern crit esp Grt Brit biased wholly by personal or political considerations, practice deception on public.  Controlled by cliques, lit or polit, puff friends an dpunish enemies, no honesty or indep.  Blackwood’s splendid unprincipled bullyism, admired despite its ruffianism and ribaldry, dashing extravagance, but none look for critical impartiality in one who lauds Pollock and Gault, Trollope and Kenyon over Coleridge, Davy, Hazlitt and Hunt.  Tribe of unknowns Christopher North tried to claim immortals? obscure.  Edinburgh Review, Westminster, London Quarterly and Fraser’s are equally corrupt and venal;  Edin burgh praises whigs and calls toryies base and silly.  Westminster denounces monarchists and apotheosizes Utopian radicals like Martineau.  sordid and interested organs of coteries and  factions.

            our crit is not quite so corrupt, here it is indiscriminate puffery, there it is discriminate puffery and denunciation

p. 414 Ptg and crit on ptgs: recent writer judiciously remarks genl complaint on opening of every exhib how few works are worthy of notice, cry raised is what trash! what horrors! it’s easier to crit than do, easier to discover faults than appreciate beauties, pass gd in silence and look out for bad, those who difficulties of wondrous art will be astonished so many great masters exist, not that there are so few.

            -likes Hunt’s merchant’s mag.  Sully’s Victoria is now exhib 155 Broadway, truly exquis, most faithful, engr admirable doesn’t convey rare merits of orig, coloring v beaut and true, proportions of fig exact, expr combines energy with sweeness, characteristick scrawl.  Catlin’s Indian Gall, the artist studied Indian character costume physiognomy opened large coll of portraits views, dances, ball ceremomnies etc tastefully arranged for exhib Stuyvessant, most interesting worthy publick

Jun 29 1839 p. 7 Society of Sons of St Geo and Thom Sully, misunderstanding arbitrated, Sully will give them the ptg and get 500 dollars, shall retain his copy and copyright

            note on diff page the ephemerality of writing for newspapers

engraving for this issue is of Prosper M Wetmore, poet, admirable ptg by Inman, engr Parker, coequal of Halleck, wrote on Murat, also a man of commerce and politics

July 6 1839 puffs The Sun, like its tone taste tact and talent with which excellent journal conducted, don’t wonder its daily circ 32000 copies, best advertising sheets extent.  Thinks Colman’s Monthly is comely, Mellon and Cutter editors.

            publishes some of Catlin’s letters. p. 10 publishes a bit on how there ought to be more portraits of LEL, she had lots of artist friends tho was not beaut, was idolized by young and warmhearted, sat to McClise a few times; not many of Hemans either, one by West

            another puff on the Alston exhib

I stopped here.

November 9, 1839, James Aldrich, Metropolitan Sketches, p. 156.  The Sale of Ptgs.  One day all lovers of palette and pencil in NY were startled to read in papers and on walls that there would be a public sale by Moses Levy a disting cognoscenti of a rare invaluable coll of oil ptgs by old masters.  Went early to his auction rms, flattering ourselves we had some taste for ptg and of awakening this belief in others, secured conspic situation.  Levy was busy rubbing picts with a wetted sponge, another writing on their backs.  Read in catalog names of Raphael etc.  Then looked at the picts, appeared mean and insignificant, saw nothing but rudest and roughest specimens, contemptible in everything but design, a coll of miserable copies, of copies of gd picts, the efforts of some low Dutch school which had been stored in Antwerp and bought on spec by some Yankee trder who would laugh in his sleeve at critical taste of company.

            Gives Levy a kind of Cockney accent, makes dumb mistakes.  Says belonged to Engl nobleman lost all his prop by gambling.  No 1 is Salvator Rosy, five shillings is offered and sold to Mr Varnish in green spectacles.  Number 2 a virgin by Carlo Dolci, a gem and no doubt gd likenesses, one dollar fr a man in goggled eyed, imitation cameo breast pin.  Levy says shame, if Mr Paff his friend were here, wouldn’t get it for an hundred.  Sold to Smith.  Next a woman by Canova--assistant reads back and corrects him, by Michael Angell.  a venus, assumes Mr Benedict will bid, genuineness of picts indisputable, names are written on them.  Sells for 15 $ to Mr Crayon Speer.

            we observed that with one exception, ptgs by Michael Angelo brought higher prices than any others, though well known that oil picts attrib to that grt master are mean and pitiful, like the Fates at Florence and the Witches in Cardinal Fesch’s coll at Rome.  A friend attrib the partiality to a mistake by the audience in supposing them ptd by Mike Angell, an artist who at that time executed the transparencies exhib during elections at Tammany Hall.

Nov 9 1839 p159 Apollo Gallery, extra ord merit, Miller’s Rocky mtn scene of Snake tribe, Hubard King Philip in Retzch, Doughty Indian Summer beaut, Cole Sunset scene, gems by Chapman, Osgood’s liberation fo the Captives, shld be in more favorable lgiht, rossiter

            Nov 23 p174 second notice of Apollo, 8 by Doughty, mastery, all good, no strong contrasts is merit. Cole rich. Huntington talented, lscape excellent imit of Vernet. Joshua Shaw hand of the master, abandon drab. GO are initials of well know amateur of this city, view of Petworth, details and accessories, pictures of huge rocks or mtn peaks shunned by man or beast may be good but are uninteresting except to artist who labored his way into their vicinity, bare copies of inanimate nature

New York Mirror 1840

Jan 11 1840 Recollections of a portrait ptr, fiction? Feb 8 American Scenery, by JDS, born in NY, visits seat of widow of Edw Livingston Feb 29 NAD: studios of best artists outside city, Cole, Weir and Mount. But Durand 2 large lscapes, Morning and Evening,  advance of science and revelation, ahppily composed. Ingham, Inman, Page. Moderately approve of Wilkie

Mar 7 1840 p. 294 The Pencil:  Private galleries, writer in one of most pop periodicals says fine arts never encouraged as wealth changes hands too quick to permit estab of private colls of works of native artists, but galleries have been estab by priv indivds exceed in richness and taste any public institution.  Luman Reed, owns Cole Durand, Mount Flagg Birch and Richardson, those of three first v valuable.  Cole’s course of Empire, Durand’s pedlar, Peter Stuyvesant and Mount’s Bargain and Undutiful Boys familiar to lovers of native talents, also a capital cabinet picture by Moreland, and Dogs and Game by Fyt, flower piece of grt beauty by artist don’t recollect.  Philip Hone’s coll has Leslie and Newton’s celeb pict of Anne Page and Dull Lecture, former admired for truth and force of expression, latter for breadth and harmony of color, also two lscapes that brought Cole into notice and Morse’s orig sketch of Lafayette, a study, and fine lscape by Doughty and one by Hoyle, with sm works by Leslie and Weir.

            Mr Saml Ward’s gall fairly prominent, stopped by his death; Peter G Stuyvesant also worthy, Cole’s Past and Present, Weir’s Presentation in Temple and Morse’s View of Rome.  Verplanck has Cole’s Sleepy Hollow, Weir’s Landing of Hudson and other works of merit.  Jonathan Sturges has Cole’s fine pict of Catskill Mtns, Mount’s Nooning, and sevl ports, a lscape by Durand.  Gouverneur Kemble has Mount’s Barroom scene and sevl picts by Chapman, CA Davis has Mount’s Trapping, a fine port by Durand and several works by young artists.  Henry Brevoort has a picture by Mount called the Raffle and several French cabinet picts much admired.  Van Schaack has Rebecca at the Well by Alston of Boston, and mr Fred J Betts of Newburgh, forming a coll to rival.  hope that those collecting copies old masters palmed off as originals, hope they will banish them fr their walls asap, replace them with works of native artists. 

Mar 14 1840 p. 300 Matilda Mowbray, House Hunting and So on, addressed to the Editor of the Mirror, her mom wants to know everybody’s business and secrets, very first to find out re Brevoorts ball thru her dressmaker, went to Miss Thompsons, then Mdme Martineau’s for bonnets, passed by Stewarts, saw Mrs Major Jack Downing whispering to a clerk, lady of great taste, buying superb gold tissue in stripes, beaut article, clerk says for grand fancy ball.  But why do the Brevoorts give it now in such hard times?  to help trade along the clerk says, dresses alone one hundred thou dollars, indebted to liberality of Mr B who spends his fortune a a gman shd do.  Mom agrees we shall all be there, are distant rlns. but no invitation came, so went house hunting instead, list fr newspapers, genteel mansions, inspecting all the furniture, curtains, ptgs, bedroom drapery and fixtures, glass and silver ware, cakes, cordials, meats pastry etc a walking catalog, all without wanting to hire a house, only spirit of inquiry

Mar 21 1840 p310 Wm James Bennett, keeper of academy, pupil of Westalls, admired by students, resigning

Apr 4 1840 p326: NAD may change rooms, hope to see rules and bylaws more strictly enforced, mor self sacrificing spirit, Apollo is in competition, Nad should estab permanet gallery too, enforce rule of members presenting portraits

Apr 26 1840 p. 351 Picture Windows…no purist, but grossly indecent contra bonos mores, pioneers to licentiousness, intended or not, even libelous, pains taken to represent human nature so as to aid those in gloating over objects catering to lowest and worst propensities.  Port of Ellen Tree in respectable drama feel disgust at liberties taken with them; degrade charm of woman’s loveliness, bring her to groveling libertinims.  mother eve been v beaut ptd by eminent artists, but her granddaughters look better in public in clothes, scantiness in drapery adds little esp if superfluity in one portion of attire is counterbalanced by curtailment in another

Mrs Osgood is publishing in it.  They continue to rail agst images in shop windows.  Praises Fanny Elssler strongly.  Is running a series on the Fine Arts by Cobbett (on music). Favors intl copyright and Vattamere’s scheme.  Puffs busts of Elssler at Colman’s, accurate superb, taking.  young artist Powell whose picts have recently excited so much interest is now at 9 Park pl, convenient exhib rms for reception; May 23, 1840.  Publishes Mrs. Jameson, has a column titled Anecdotes and Gossip.  a bit critical of Colman, who changes his picts in the window every Monday, but some aren’t fresh or novel but repeats.  Likes Burton and Poe’s Gman’s Magazine, So Lit Mess.

Jun 6 1840 has Anecdote of Hogarth, p 398, ingenious artist, just before he died completed a picture of “the end of all things” a Tail Piece.

            -puffs Storr and Mortimer’s jewellery and plate rms as art, gold and silver plate, Cellini again amoing us

p. 396 Chas Lanman, Painter’s Dream, fancy on a hill, breath of air spirit touched senses, element of love, of Nature, preserve grand and beaut, bring you to eagle’s nest to behold four grand picts in gallery of my queen from great height. Midnight: wilderness, vast naked, Indian village; Morning: hunt, sport, death, America; noon, butterfly and bee, all sluggish, coming storm, dashing proud insolent man; evening gorgeous, return home

Jun 13 1840 p 407 likes Elssler, Trinity church defaced by caricatures and placards, involve priv characters, ladies of hi standing, speculators on distress, libellous. mentions closing of NAD on 5th of July. 

Jun 27 issue contains engrav port of Editor fr ptg by Inman.

Doing a series on Loaferism.  Wm L Stone has story on the Indian Captive.  continues to carry street criers to opera, mentions nesmen and milkmen and sweeps especially.

Takes Willis’s Pencillings by the Way from Brother Jonathan (again writes to a Dr friend), fr his place in the country, prefers Taglioni to Elssler, more sprezzatura. demoralizing practice to introduce female dancers in public, unlike France and Italy where naked men and women are fine, but pernicious in marketplaces of N England, where unused to it.  Consciousness and alarm in Amer modesty make exhibitions dangerous and corrupt, must lose our puritan national morality before it can become an innocent amusement

Jul 18 1840 p2 Our lscape ptrs, Thom Cole, love him, Huntington, his mistake is cant do gd orig hist pic and only one or two first rate portraits, tries too many branches, better to make wooden clocks, should attend to calling even if don' make money, if cant support himself learn a trade not prostitute another branch. Should stick to small lscapes fr nature, but not epic poem, not imaginative, but delicate perception of beaut in nature, common observer misses. views on Roundant are masterpieces, and two wood scenes now at NAD, like Ruysdael, atmosphere, sold them for $00, keep his teacher nature and America. Doughty, clever, good hearted, great artist but no char to trees, not variety, not transparent fr water, takes outline fr spot and finishes to fancy, great sameness in manner, foegrounds alw good, attract spectator, uses ptrs tricks too freq sacrificing truth to effect, alw has sails white under shadow of hill, but natural sky is a beauty. Early Autumn by Apollo one of best. Durand, Sunday and Saturday beatu but not strong, show influ of engraver, his greatest works are Morning and Evening at NAD, but idea is too much like Cole, imitates him, but not enough contrast betw times of day. Trees good, but will become first rate artist.Horn (Harvey?). genius of elevated kind, finishes more, student at RA, scientific color study, pics of seasons char of Am, forty views in wc of Am scenery hope will publish, intimate with Wash Irving

Jul 25 p38 continues with Allston, Chapman, best is Dismal Swamp, love all he paints, but lscape not his genius, Robt W Weir, great things, Joshua Shaw better at figs, complete mannerist, doesn’t change, no foliage does pasteboard. Birch and Wall, abt same as Shaw, Wall more nature than others. JC Ward equal to Doughty, his Natural Bridge owned by Grant Thorburn and his view of Soaking mtn and Lake george engr for Mirror. Alvan Fisher some lscapes of uncommon merit, tell stories most admirably. Richardson, doesn’t desrve title, no tree, genius, gross caricatures of nature, unnatural gaudy coloring, school miss do better. Can copy Claude. yellow peagreen and scarlet have blinded the public. Ver Bryck gd portrait ptr, one lscape of merit, reminds of Gainsborough. coates, paints to sell, but a gd large view of NY and gd teacher. Oddie and Eastman amateurs, worthy, Oddie not gd at figs, Eastman swayed too much by public opinion for man of originality and genius. Pics at Acad last yr pronounced by ignorant critics as too cold, and affected by them, this year they are the reverse, too warm. No others worthy of notice. Artists shld look with contempt on newsp crit

Oct 3 1840 p119 Apollo gall: Page most bold, triumphant. Rev Dewey by Frothingham, bold, fine, cold to be pleasing no genius whatever. Allston expressive and Jewish. Doughty masterpiece if would get rid of figrues, not a particle of poetry, complete mannerist. H Robert Fish market at Rome, bought at auction for $75, Weir offered $600, won’t sell, exceedingly beaut. Huntington Florentine girl perfect head. Sully girl reading, does heart good, her neck not plump enough. JM Burnham ofBoston, needs study to join Mount and Edmonds. SS Harding port of Park Benj, promising effort.

Brackett busts of Genl Harriison and Rufus Dawes, talented. Neagle of Stuart noble. Durand his best. Alexander’s sibyl, sweetest eyes ever, want to make love to her. Elliott’s port admirable. Russell Smith charming, get rid of figure. VG Anderson view of London, C Wms Moonlight perfect, Deas is luaghable, must not paint so fast, but has wit, Fishermen making a Haul. Geo Miller gem for trees. CG Thompson not one of his best. Cole Schroon lake, poorly arranged, reflections too distinct, Indians well managed, but his poorest thing ever. HP Gray advances, poetry. Chester Harding masterly. 

NY Mirror 1839-40 volume, Morris and Willis, weekly, Hathi Trust

p. 156 James Aldrich, Metropolitan Sketches, The Sale of Paintings, all lovers of the palette and pencil resident in NY startled by reading in the newspapers and the walls and pumps, a public sale by Moses Levy, disting cognoscenti, of rare and invaluable coll of oil tpgs by old masters. Flattering ourselves that we had some taste for ptgs and desirous also of awakening this belief in others, secured conspicuous situation. Levy busily engaged in rubbing the pics with a wetted sponge. Procured a catalog, read names of Raphael, Michael Angelo, Claude etc. Looked at the pictures—has fancy so highly colored the ideal pictures as to make the real appear mean and insignificant? For saw nothing but the rudest and roughest, contemptible in everything but design, miserable copies of gd pics, primary efforts of some low Dutch school which had been bought on spec by some Yanikee trader. Levy says belonged to English nobleman who lost all his property in gambling, terms cash on delivery. Starts with Salvator Rosy, 5 shillings, sold to Mr Varnish. Carlo Dolci, gem, virgin and child, gd likenesses, one dollar bid by man with imitation cameo breatpin as large as an ancient warrior’s shield. A Venus by Canova—Michael Angell—a v excellent ptr. Says Mr Benedict will bid on this beauty; genuineness of them indisputable, names of masters written on the back. Sold for $15 to Crayon Speer. True description, observed that ptgs by Michael Angelo brought higher prices than any others. A friend attributed partiality to audience supposing t5he pics to have been ptd by Mike Angell, an artist who, at the time of which we write, executed the transparencies exhib, during elections, at Tammany-hall.

p. 159 Nov 9 1839, Apollo Gallery, one of the best exhibs of Am ptgs ever pres to public, specimens of extraord merit, Miller’s Rocky Mtn scene of immense assemblage of Snake Indians truly remarkable. Hubard’s King Philip also marked by genius of hi order, somewhat in style of Retsch. Large lscape by Doughty, Indian Summer, extremely beaut admired in London. Cole’s Sunset Scene admirable, several little gems by Chapman. Ports not remarkable but some exceptions. Osgood’s Liberation of the Captives 130 is one of most beaut things, shld be in more favorable light. Rossiter several highly cred ports, busts worthy of exam.

            Charles Deas: accomplished artist now resident here, member of NAD, readers remember his humorous Turkey Shooting, Walking the Chalk, and Devil and Tom Walker in last two exhibs, displays humor of Hogarth without his grossness, also excellent port ptr, 63 Franklin st.

            Notes Raph’s frescoes being restored.

Nov 16, 1839 p. 166 The Fine Arts, Apollo Gallery, exhib best since dunlap exhib in variety and execution, Indian Procession by Alf J Miller of Balt on its way to Euro, wld not discredtit H Vernet, novelty and skilful, truth to nature, uniform opion will attract great attn. 30 WJ Hubard of VA, Philip of Mt Hope, extraord too, single horseman occupies as much space as a thous in the other, perhaps its greatest fault, but much to admire despite its darkness, well exec principal group, lightning flash perhaps not natural but effect is admirable, grotesque and goblin forms present themselves during momentary blaze, Engl soldiers too small in scale, effect of imagination not truth. Advise artist to select more impt and better authenticated subjects.

Jan 18 1840 p238 visits Frothingham studio, one of best port ptrs, Rev Mr Dewey, accurate and beaut of execution, city has a lot of daubers, true artist gives best expression of the features, soften down defects, not give hangdog forecastle sort of look. Frothingham not unworthy of master spirit under whom he studied.

Feb 1 1840: The painter’s studio an orig outline sketch p249 fiction

           p. 279 Feb 22 1840 approves of JJ Mapes new magazine. Fine Arts 278: Clark’s collection in granite bldg excellent copies of old masters with undoubted originals. Apollo interesting, wreck of the medusa admirable copy.

p. 286 The Pencil, NAD: Cole, Weir and Mount don’t have studios in town. But Durand doing a beaut Morning and Evening, of life as well as day,happily composed. Ingham, Inman, Page, hope Wilkie’s celeb pic will stay longer on exhib, wld do away w/extrav notions of color and effect of our young artists

p. 302 The Pencil: would like a shareholder to give info re valuable works in Am Acad FA, lawrence’s port of West, head by Raeburn and copy of Hogarth by Leslie. Why not allowed to see the light? Necessary to correct formation of public taste and direction of young artists. Loan them to another institution if necessary.

p.326 The Pencil: NAD: new suite of rooms, hope to see many useful reforms effected, rules and bylaws more strictly enforced, and revival of self sacrificing spirit and devotion to art of first years of institution. Field is beginning to be occupied by other societies conducted with energy and perseverance, Apollo Assoc has praiseworthy object of a permanent natl gallery of Am art; NA needs to be active. (elsewhere praises London Nat Gallery)

Sept 5 1840 praises Catherwood’s panoramas of Rome and Bay of islands, incapable of humbug, pics all they purport to be


Feb 27 1841 p 70 Amer Acad of Fa founded with great expectations, first pres was Edw Livingston, then mayor, then Robt Livingston, patriot, who in Paris sent casts, elected Dr JW Francis as prof of anatomy. Dewitt Clinton also a pres, Trumbull, aided also by Cadwallader Colden and David Hosack, Fulton. Dunlap and Morse NAD have benefit of lively interest of prominent artists, now have Apollo and their transactions, Col Prosper M Wetmore and Pres Dr Francis, select beaut sibyl of Huntington, Francis and Herring active friends. Gives Francis’ address, where he supports Greenough’s GW, praises Crawford, Clevenger

May 1 1841 The Engraving, p137, illustrated by Richard Adams Locke.

May 8 1841 The Planet capital little daily, ed Wm Grandin now, has freq written for Mirror, chapter of Wanderings is by him. Nad opening.

May 15 1841 NAD: p150  improvement in public taste, critic is not an artist, we speak as the unlearned. Landscapes in Great Saloon, Happy Valley by Jesse Talbot, thought it Cole’s. Jewett, minor defects, v characteristic and American. Inman lscape happy effort, a leetle too green. Morghen tolerable. Verbryck carelessly ptd, toelrable. Ludlow, horrible storm. M Livingston, needs better model, no atmosphere. Thompson gd of the kind. 104 “a very flashy hill” JR Bleecker. Cole lscape poetical sweet compos, full of soft tints and rich color. composition key. Moonlight by Hoxie is too shadowy. Beaumont is Gaudy. Howell, very fair. Another Cole lscape is showy and careless. Lscape by Weir fine, chaste, SH Saxton clever if too blue. Gaylord promises. Morton elab finished. Terbryck hot as Tophet. Boggs an amateur, tone v  gd. Oddiesome great beauties. Saxton blue. Cole higgledy piggledy in Falls of Nunda, upside down. Wall stiff, want effect. 

May 22 1841  p167 NAD 2nd notice: Boggs Tughkanie falls, puzzle any one to make ag raceful thing of such a subj. Carmicahel very like orig. Hill. Varley spirited bold sketchy. Allorn free masterly gems. Bently capital. Howelby v gd. Coit gd. Cooper capi9tal.

            Inman very spirited, true (newsboy)

May 22 1841  p167 NAD Portraits: undue proportion have given rise to much unreasonable crit. so long as public pays for looking at their own physiognomies, why shld artist paint any thing else? A man with a hundred dollars wld consider it extrav for a cabinet pic, but willingly bestow it on a facsimile of himself in a blue coat bright buttons and cameo breast pin, with a Spanish cloak and gold tassel and view of Parthenon in distance. Praises HP Gray 8 Alexander 14, 17 Durand, 21 Page capital of higher branch than most now. Inman too monotonous. Hatch sketcy and free 30. Fink first rate 33 Old Mr Cady. 37 Marchant good. 48 Mooney Achmet Ben Aman capital. Read 50 gd. ingham 55 v highly finished. Hamilton 63 what clan? Shegogue cold and hard 66 and 67. Ingham child with a large head cracking ice with its toe. remarkable pic of remarkable child 70. Powell 85 gd likeness. Inman gd likeness and ptg. Powell Boyish reverie does not stand out. Inman 98 head dress spoils effect. 105 Paulding free sketchy bold. 146 Alexander gd. Verbryck gd likeness 139. 111 Alexander fine thing, inspired by subj. 126 Mount gd.

May 22 1841 p 167 NAD cont, Historical Ptgs, more expensive so fewer, but thru them we judge state and prospect of ptg, some sterling productions. 11 inartificial and clumsy. Stearns and Hicks, Cain and Abel, if young artists tolerable. Columbus before council is gem of exhib, modest unassuming tone tho hung by large and glaring, few artists other than Weir notice accessories, nothing glaring, no grand effect, face  told thru char and expression, Columbus a little stiff. Would like to hang in study wainscotted with oak and antique tomes, Roman armour. Mercy’s Dream by Huntington beaut, favorite of many, she is lovely production of art, graceful, angel stiff. 4th of July by Clonney, and Cidermaking by Mount, same char, prefer Clonney. Mount called American Wilkie for Dance on barn floor, Bargain, and latter pieces which like this one are fallings off, tout ensemble is wooden, Clonney shows more industry and judgement if finish not equal. Bolton and Browere on pilgrims, prefer Bolton. Matteson Travelling tinker is raw and unfinished, his novel reader well conceived but bad color.

May 29 1841 p175: Nad 3rd notice Huntiington v like, Ingham v elab, will seldom meet sucha  shawl, Freeman too glaring, Clover wonderfully aged looking child. Hicks gman and book 178 most contemplative and itnellectual. Fisher doesn't do millinery so well as Ingham. Mooney capital. Audubon true to nature. Rossiter v gd. 232 delicious, by an artist. Powell v gd. Cummings v like. Gimber free and sketchy. Nimms gd. Weir masterly. miniatures by McDougall and Miss Hall first Rate, Shumway highly finished. Launitz gd bust, also Hughes Brackett and Iver.

            want of judgment in hanging, disregard of color and light, committee should have taste and impartiality. Wondeful exhib given encouragement our artists receive fr socalled liberal public; soi disant dilletanti complacently expatiating on daub of lampblack purchased at auction and sneers at gd work of living artist. But artists work so little for reputation, while hypercritics prefer to see ugly faces staring at themselves fr canvass to paying for a gd composition. Allston Weir and Cole need not fear competition with any, don’t love pics that require a lecture to explain their merits, admire a tree when it looks like a tree, less square feet of black brown dingy Murillos Guidos and Teniers, dirty looking holy families. Weir’s Indian captive most poetical and finely executed, not a single offer, next to it jumble of cupids and virgin marys and st josephs and flwers and veg, prop of gman of virtu in city, valued at 2 thous dollars. and yet we want an academy! 

Dec 4 1841 Apollo Assoc p390: good for Nad to have opposition, vast improvement in ptg, esp landscapes. Huntington’s inferior, except for View of Plattsville, fine subj. Many pics with improprieties of matter and manner. Hill English Cottage looks like copy after Shayer, wonder with his other pic if its orig. Shegogue Autumn sickly tone. Alvan Fisher hi talents. Victor Audubon, his view near Pittsfield at NAD of uncommon merit, his view in Cuba similarly true to nature, finish, atmosphere. Marchant fine, improving. Ver Bryck student of rare excellence. Page port fault in coloring, leathery. Comegys Painter’s Dream genius of no ordinary char in v conception, sad that too much study or sensibility has dethroned this gman’s mind.

1842—Danl Fanshaw is pub, $5 year

Apr 23 1842 by Miss MSC the Young Artist

May 7 1842—NAD thronged, will notice

Aug 13 p 262 one of several stories of Leigh Hunt, this one urging put a picture up in your room

Oct 29 1842 p350 Mr Harvey’s Address, before the American Institute; Nov 5 1842, 358 patriotic proj of 40 atmospheric views of Am scenery, warrants support

Dec 17 1842 The Artist’s Revenge, a True tale of Gotham p405, accomplished female painter, paints her suitor’s portrait, himself but etherealized, was false, she repainted it into a caricature, without nobility or one spark of intellig, vacant stare and expr of contemptible selfishness

The New Mirror, volume 1, number 1, Saturday April 8, 1843 (Smithsonian hard copy) periodical, Morris and Willis

            Frontispiece elab vignettes shepherd w/flute, girl trailing blossoms, putto with pen, presiding over scenes of ag, sea, Indian, the east, etc. Ed by Geo P Morris, Illus by JG Chapman, weekly, ea number embellished w/orig design on steel

 p. 3-7 for the New Mirror, The China Pitcher, p. 4 rage for old coins, old pictures, old books and old wines…alw costing such a pretty penny…but for them many a princely house would be forgotten. Being beyond reach of the mass, looked on as badges of distinction, patents of nobility and so forth. Many a noble house..has been saved by a picture

            who shall account for that other passion for the dust and rubbish of other days, found even among the People themselves? In our Beloved Country an old tree or old chair was a thing to be ashamed of, now astonishing fondness for all sorts of old trumpery, no matter whom it belonged to.

 p. 7 A Portrait, for the New Mirror, her smile, how shall I seek to paint, as well might ptr’s hand attempt to sketch the rainbow’s light etc Thekla

 p. 9 “For the New Mirror. The Pencil. Art and Artists.” Morse: Pres of NAD in DC, magnetism, return to Arts of Design welcomed by brethren of palette, who miss his valuable aid. Inman: finished a most beaut and fascinating cabinet pict, happy efforts, The Youthful Peace Maker, charms of art, touches more tender chord than art alone could reach, our beloved GW in school boy days. Commission presumably, but will be great contention for its possession, will be at NAD exhib. Deveaux: one of our young artists abroad just sent pict of highest class of historic composition, no ordinary promise, Our

Saviour fed by the Angels, first effort in this line, feeling for this class of subj rarely equalled in so young an artist, expect much, commission fr Col Hampton of Carolina and may be seen at rms of polite friend and skilful artist Shegogue. Leutze: another young artist competing successfully abroad, not seen work yet, but promise of his productions earlier, rich treat.

12 Mitchell at Olympic has first class scene painter

13 poem by NPW (Willis?) and a letter fr “Pringle” asking who a man is with a bad cast in his right eye, very flat nose, mouth deformed, short, not graceful, meet him everywhere. Morris says “Man in the Claret Colored Coat.”

14 “A Word with You” magazine will try to supply less foreign extracts, more domestic wit, to suit what they think is the changing taste for amusements, will give preference to American humors, news, arts, productions, esp New York, the only cosmopolite city of our land. Etchings are orig conception and drwg, freesh fr genius of artist, not copies fr old engravings nor in subj or execution imitated, Chapman’s talent unsurpassed, tells its story with the clear and eloquent expression of a master’s poem.  Criticism shall endeavor to be careful, discrim and impartial.

            Pub No 4 Ann st, near Broadway, $3/yr

Apr 15, 1843.

Illus is for story “Last of the White Cravats” a sort of historical fiction set in NYC, slender elderly gman at his writing desk, surrounded by books, old-fashioned clothes of 18th c

p. 25 “Arts and Artists” for NM, Weir: accomplished, devoting to National Picture, obj worthy of him, his highest efforts, well stocked mind, but hope will execute delightful cabinet pictures like little gem of last year’s exhib. Durand: industrious, seeks nature in all her varieties, of many picts ptd during the yr by this artist particularize Barn Yard, Italian Scenery, Washington’s last interview w/Harvey Birch, but esp his last and best p. 26 Sun-set on the Lakes, delightful and poetic, truly American, faithful to nature, beau composition, sentiment so admriable, reach the highest feelings of those w/slightest spark of poetry. Cole: winter in Cattskill, ptd some 5-6 picts, not seen them, but lovers of him know what to expect. Cummings: our artist in Miniature P beaut female portraits, Ariadne, Chess party, Exchange of Queens, Necklace, Bracelet and Mothers’ Pearls have already been noticed by the journals, works this year surpass others, faithful in likeness, graceful, breadth of Lawrence and mellowness of Malbone, port of Mrs Embury.

            Ingham: in Boston, favor shown our belles, faithful resemblance. Gray: also in Boston, will appreciate his merits, the intellectual society and W Allston w/spirit of whom he has imbued himself. Chapman: pd tribute to his govt pict at the Capitol, now fully appreciated and universally admitted to be a glowing representation. Versatility, works partake of hs disposition, all spirit, grace, ethereal lightness and buoyancy, sunshine and glowing gaiety, sees not the shadowed side of frail globe, world one great flower. Morton: gman is an amateur artist, tho will paint for commissions, devoted to designing, wood engravers take care he has employment, v material diff betw his works and ordinary run and style of drwgs called Designs, which are usu hackneyed and stereotyped, w/little truth or character. Morton’s are little historical picts, if magnified have all the advantages and effects of greater picts. All the originality, grace, truth of expression, correct drwg, Indians returned to their orig hunting grounds and looking down the valley on the progress of civiliz, great merit

April 22, 1843

Illus on first page again has three youths, boat stuck in the tree

p. 40 Art and Artists, Original, by Palette: Brothers Agate:elder portrait ptr, recently ptr of highest order of historic composition, Ugolino and children in Prison, Ascension, Deceased Child, Gd Samaritan, much admired, also beaut little picts of Genevive and Chest and Old Oaken Bucket. Younger back fr southern seas with novelties, improved, rendered scenes in a faithful manner, surprisingly finished works. Happily chosen, mostly beaut drawn, to be engraved. Huntington: fine pict Mercy’s Dream at last NAD work of unus excellence and beauty, but falls short of power of conception, beauty of color and vigor of rwg in Christiana and Children in Valley of Shadow of Death on exhib at Granite bldgs in Broadway. Page: large historical compos, not seen, but fully equal. Portraits well drawn, faithful and minute representations of nature, powerful in effect and color, peculiar luminous character, p. 41 approach old masters. Verbryck: his compos The one shall be taken, the other left” and his port of Bryant will regret his illness, has done some lscapes of v interesting charcter, displaying the peculiaities of his mind in eminent degree. Mooney: young artist risen rapidly to excellence, port of Achmet Ben Ahmed for NY City, increases rep, also ptd Gov Seward for city of Albany, seen admired it for faithful resemblance,correctness of drwg, force of expression. Bennett: miss his beaut and silvery lscapes in w/c. Whitehorne: Secy of Acad, portraits reflect highest credit, well drwn, faithfully colored fr nature, possess requisite qual of fidelity, improved

46 “To our Readers” etchings will grow in favor, so much higher order, very refinement of execution deprives them of that sudden admiration elicited by striking beauties and defects, but like best ptgs of old masters, richly reward close study; also original

Apr 29, 1843

Front page illus to an “Early History of NY,” a fine lady and gman of olden time, look like kids, under an ivy wrapped tree, by door with top half open, ‘honest simplicity’. Boy a little fat.

p. 61 likes Mrs Ann S Stephens of female writers of the day, clear and pure tho ornate style, flashes of humor and graceful archness, delicate sensibiltiy to beauties of nature and unaffected depth of feeling, Lady’s World of Fashion

63 satire of the parvenu

May 6, 1843

Ilus- vignettes for the May Queen, faces seem odd

76 Original, Arts and Artists, no name attached this time. Opens with History of NAD, omits controversy with Amer Acad. Now in elegant apts designed for them in Society Library bldg in Broadway, 350 ptgs on exhib, fewer portraits compared with whole. Will point out few which fr merit or name of artist may be of peculiar attraction to genl visitor.

            Leutze, Columbus in Chains, beaut production, ptd with uncommon care and truth, persons finely conceived and well executed, full of grandeur of expression and appropriate character, purchased by Arts Union Society of this city. Another of his productions ptd before departure perhaps fully equal in merit to Columbus tho fewer figs, unity of effect is perhaps superior. Allston: graces walls, sketch of a larger, high character, modelled all the extremities of his figs in clay the size of life after he ptd this sketch, lesson to artists who lack his genius. Sully: 2 beaut sketches, sweet expression delicacy sentiment he’s celebrated for. Fruit Piece by Engstrom, brilliant, well colored, peaches partic beaut ptd. Last Illness of Raphael, F Fink, remarkably fine effort fr young artist, fig well drwn and colored, drapery gracefully disposed broad flowing oflds, expr is faultless, pict as whole high order, future excellence. Lovers’ Quarrels or the Dismissal, W Flagg, admirably ptd pict, port of beaut lady, woulnd’t quarrel with her. Small full length port of a lady by him also delightful, warmth of tone, sweet expression, his best production. Sunset on the Lakes, Durand, unqual admireation already. The Farm-yard, Swiss Scene, Marine View and other lscapes points of unus brilliancy in exhib, little inferior to Sunset, most extraoord and industrious artist. Inman: VP of Acad just 2 portraits, but all we might expect, D Buckham a brilliant head. Half Length of a Lady by Grey, deep rich beaut ptd port, all the mellow beauty of this artist’s glowing style, Twilight Thoughts by him a gem. Alpine Scenery by Doughty, silvery and beaut lscape, his other works add interest to gallery. Whitehorne’s Lady’s Portraits, herself and her reflection in the glass, novel idea, sweet profile, more front view. His Magdalen p. 77 perhaps his best production, great solemnity and approp expression, artist of higher order, will welcome efforts. Huntington severla finely drwn forcibly colored heads equal to former efforts, but sad no large pict fr Pilgrim’s Prog, noble work, friend of Verbryck.

            Cole, Mt Etna, charming, all that freshness of color for which he’s conspicuous, Nature in her gayest attire, delightful; Snow Scene is a cold picture, snow so true, shivers, one of his best work and best snow scene we’ve seen, his other productions strong points of attraction. 2 other lesser lscapes and larger residence of poet Petrarch in smaller rm. Ingham: but few of beaut highly-wrought productions, half length of a lady is beaut and tho not so much to our mind ad the White Plume and other fanciful lady port, nevertheless great merit. Clonney’s Story and the Drinking, familiar everyday scenes, decided merit, superior in choice of subj and execution to last year, hope will continue this same character. Gignoux, new artist, beaut and true transcripts fr nature, force of touch and truth perfectly delightful, interior of a Cave boldly ptd, effect fine, smaller works of uncommon merit too, larger ptg tho excellent not so much to our taste as smaller, truth itself. Havill finely ptd lscapes, Sunset on Haverstraw Bay charming, exquisitely ptd, view directly oppsoite also great beauty and truth and scenes would be admired by everybody. Group of Children by Shegogue, a set of well ptd portraits prettily grouped and colored, half length ofa  lady by same is much greater beauty and in execution equal or superior, much grace and pleasing disposition of color and effect, costume fanciful so highly agreeable to those who don’t know likeness. Cattle piece by Andrews, claear an carefully ptd. Chapman’s Queen Eliz and Countess of Nottingham, small but full of energy of action, truth of expression, death hue of countess and rage of Eliz admirably depicted, a shudder to see her fury, vividly portrays scene, other productions of grt beauty and force of color. Battle Piece or retreat; grp of children, little boy and lady’s port all beaut colored, brilliant specimens of his style, grt points of attraction in the gallery.

            Family Ports, interior, by Waugh, merit, forcibly ptd, more interest than portraits only. Dogs by Audubon, well ptd portraits of great merit, tho a Garden Walk sceen by same is much more interest and deservedly a favorite, beaut ptd, possesses grt truth and force. Head of Gman by Powell, gd, decided improvement in his style, clear, forcible, well drwn head and a v gmaly port, no small merit. Port by Page, of Chas M Leupp, public spirited fellow cit, powerful head v like the orig, full of life, beaut luminous in color and texture. The Poet by Page most happy, deep in tone, true in drwg and effect, remind us of beauties of old masters, other productions are of same class, aims high and accomplishes. A Lady Portrait, The Love Letter, by SA Mount, pensive, beaut little pict, expr so delicate and modest, her first epistle. Port of 2 children by Mooney, carefully ptd in every part, with unusual truth, draperies beaut exec, expr of children agreeable and infantine, Port of Ex-Governor by same artist most faithful likeness for city of Albany, well executed. Stealing the Milk by Edmonds, little pict, but all his merit, boy knows where to find the cream, approaching fig of mother tells story to admiration. A gem. Rip van Winkle by Lazarus, young artist, merit. Buttermilk Falls by Talbot, charming, clear in color, true in effect, carfeully ptd, rapid improvement, ranks high. Lscape by Shaw, clear and beautifully touched, on of his best. Farming on the North River by Morton, sweet little pict, correct view of the spot, truth worthy of all praise, accurate copy of nature, figs actual portraits, he operates with more than ordinary fidelity. The Artist has all Mount’s originality and vigor beaut executed, forms a great pt of attraction in the gallery.

            Smaller Room: miniature, w/c, drwg, statuary. 2 miniatures by Cummings, at righ entrance, worthy of him, widely commented. Half length of Mrs Embury pronouned faithful likeness, highly interesting p. 78 engraved in small for a monthly mag, but so little like the orig shld not recognize it. Shumway larger miniature of daughter of a disting sculpture is pleasing, well worthy of him, broad, forcibly ptd, faithful transcript.

            Lady and Child by Miss Hall, sweet, soft and delicately ptd; 2 half-lengths by Mrs Bogardus, well ptd, great improvement, lady’s port partic pleasing and graceful. Freeman’s miniatures of Queen Victoria, Duke of Essex, colored with much of force of English school, exceedingly interesting. Miniature by Hite, clear well ptd port, agreeably disposed, depp in tone. Frame of Miniatures by Baker, well ptd ports, agreeably colored, well fournished in hatch style, port in oil by him als clear and agreeable. Lscape in water, colors by Hill, charming little pict, carefully finished, full of freshness, little strength wld improve its general effect. Interior by Catherwood, beaut richly colored, in English school. Lscape by Hassell, clear and silvery specimen. Lscape by Pyne, a beaut sketch also. Heads on Bristol board, by McDougal, clear, well designed, beaut exectued, much of finish of ivory. Indian ink drwg by Smillie, exquis, great labor, a drwg in same style by Henshelwood also grt beauty and excellence. Port of Rev Mr Andrews by LP Clover, best head seen from him, beaut little cabinet pict. Small oil ports by Linen, charming specimens, can’t admire them too much. Miniatures by Wenzler, beaut finished, most highly elaborated little works, correctly drawn and v pleasing. Bust of a Lady by Launitz faces central entrance, well executed, grace and delicacy of expr characterizes him. Bust of Bride of Abydos by Crawford, interesting and lively, well finshed and delicately executed, Bust of a Gman by Powers, well exec head, faithful, great freedom of execution with necessary detail for likeness.

            Ends with long quote from an appeal fr President, money fr exhib goes to support school, litigious character falsely attrib to artists. That some artists, out of the Academy, are hostile to ea other and to our academic system, may be true, but it is the best means of providing and promoting the arts, offers protection to artists. When protection not needed, perhaps Academy may degenerate and advance selfish interests, but no necessity for that.

 p. 79 “The Painter” about Guido, a lonely, pale, melancholy child, sent to convent and worshipped dying Magdalen, died next to his masterpiece portrait of a fair creature

May 13 1843 illus “The Paint King” artist in beret with palette, seated on skull produces endless fancies, part of a poem where heroine is tricked by devil, will be ground into paint, etc creepy, Washington Alston

p. 94 NAD (second notice) Artists Union or Apollo Assoc have purchased Durand’s Sunset on the Lakes, Last Interview with Harvey Birch, and 2 other lscapes, judicious purchases, with Leutze’s Columbus, a beatu coll. Snow Scene by Cole, Alpine Scenery by Doughty, Retreat to Ft Necessity by Chapman, Lscapes by Havill, Gignoux and Shaw as well as fancy subjs of real merit, much room for selection.

            Market Barge, T Thompson, clear and brilliant pict, with richer color often for such subjects, this pict is a favorite. Port Gman, Marchant, exhib so many pictures this season, believe this is of Saul Alley, well ptd, clear, forcible, well drawn, exceedingly natural in attitude and expression, particularize it as our eye fell on it first, but all gd pictures. Port of Gman, Bronson, warm, mello, rich in color, v pleasing, and several others by him possess these merits, agreeably novel in compos. Port Young Ldy, Rousseau, one of his smallest, but agreeable, clear and forcible in effect, v pleasing in composition, drapery great truth and force, more to taste than larger works. The Duel, work of an Amateur, v creditable.

            Retreat to Ft Necessity, Chapman, story of Washington but brilliant work indep of subj, one of his best efforts, foregrd figs brilliant full of action, well suited, genl color is cool but event of early spring. Child’s head by him charming, full of life and childlike loveliness, delightful to look upon. Italian Peasant Girl by Freeman, full length, at her devotions, rich in color and genl effect tho lacking detail he usually prodcues, design and conception sustain his rep. Port of Gman, Wightman, v well drawn and carefully exec by pupil of Inman, more than ordinary skill. Disbrow’s View on the Mohawk, decidedly his best and a pleasing lscape

May 20 1843, cover poem is The Colonel (Fanny Osgood?) and shown by Chapman (putto writing) as moustaches poitny beard, Byronic hair

p. 99 essay v critical of Mathews as not basing his Yankees on personal observ, but on Fearon and others

102 Daguerreotype Sketches of NY visits Five Points, went with a police officer, visted dance hall (Almack’s) where young men about town mix with blacks, also a negro cellar imitating Elssler, bars, packed wretched sleeping places,

106 Letter fr Correspondent in Winchester VA, signed JSG, Chapman’s etchings exquistiely done, saw last winter his Baptism of Pocahontas in Capitol, in grouping, drapery, coloring, concentrated effect, rich gorgeous magnificent simplicty, nothing commparable. Has he ever made the tour of VA, lscapes waiting to be copied, incidents of history full of chivalry and romance, or any young artist in Gotham, send him down and we will set him on his feet esp if he does high colored miniatures

108 NAD 3rd notice: Port Gman, Agate, faithful transcript, round, clear in color, well chosen attitude, shd like to see more. Port Gman, Megary, carefully ptd, young artist, others by him of equal merit. A Fisher, Port Lady, pleasing, carefully exec, as typical, great truth of color, careful drwg. Jewett’s Captive Child, v carefully wrought little pict, full of character, deep and agreeable tone, for  sale, much improved in his portraits, graceful compos of hands in lady portraits shows he’s studied antique casts. Vegetables by Hoffman, clever pict of its class, v well ptd. Mr Livingston, an amateur artist, last 4-5 yrs, sent picts, p. 109 has improved, welcome him as lscape ptr, Muntain Pass exceedingly bold and effective. Port Gman, Osgood, his only one and tho merit, not so advantageous display of talent as in his fancy productions and lady portraits, his full length last year v agreeable and interesting. Sea piece by Bonfield, purchased by Apollo/Arts Union, charming, fresh and clear in color, an atmosphere, water beaut ptd.

            Wilson, Port of Sisters, v richly colored, full of harmony, degree of beatuy in compos seldom reached in this class of subjects, expression happily chosen, marks of truth of resemblance, most agreeable, a favorite of his works here. Landing of the Cavaliers in VA, Rolfe, large, broad style, warm effect, amateur. Rolla and his Master, by Burford, true ports and steed noble, forte is ptg animals, favorite racers last year. Hubbard’s View of Middletown CT, v careful and neatly ptd little pict. Lscape, Cropsey, a compos, v beaut and highly finished pict, degree of knowl and beauty of exec seldom so well combined, wish it had a better place on walls. Master Hunter by F Boyle, a clever head, young artist, clear and forcible in color, v bold relief, correct likeness.

            Lscape, Turk, Road scene in NJ, charming little production, as is his other, hung too low for their merits. Hicks’ Ruth’s Entreaty, bold effort, young artist, great deal of truth and majesty of appearance, of a high order, relief is forcible, arm projects fr canvass, coloring warm and glowing; his head of gman and a young lady are firm and well ptd. Bolton’s Christ with family of Bethany is a sketch, but a v fine one, force of color and chiaroscuro, highest merit, head of a lady same degree of excellence and knowl. Bust of child of Mr Parmly by Battin, has several heads by him all great merit, pleasing character, done subjects justice. Davis’s architectural designs are attraction of smaller saloon, esp cottage and villa, great beauty and simplicity, not costly. Cattermole’s Miser, a v small sketch but great merit, Curtis Fruit piece, v agreeable, carefully ptd. Outlines designs in pen and  ink by Hoppins, well drwn and designed more than usual from an amateur, purity worthy of any artist. Port of a Child by Spencer, v pretty head, well ptd, pleasing in expression, such picts can’t fail to attract atttn, loveliness of children alw interesting. Somebody by CG Thompson, pleasing little pict, orig fully bears out commendation of the poet, owner himself a poet, capable of appreciating the loveliness so beaut described. Other larger scale productions by same artist all have same merit of great force, warm in tone, boldly ptd, accurate, Mrs Seba Smith and Bryant will attract attn. Pencil drwgs Miss Rainsford, firm well drawn sketches, insufficient material. Ward’s lscape, a composition, pleasing and agreeable in tone and effect, and his View on Passaic also meritorious and correct. 

109 Literary: likes Knick, Demo Review high lit tone, Ladies Companion strengthened by Sigourney and Embury, Graham’s and Godeys, Lady’s World, Miss Leslie’s The Artist. Spirit of the Times by Wm T Porter most joyous and gay. Albion high, gmanly tone. Bro Jon, New World, Anglo American, Pathfinder independent. Croome does spirited illus for History of US. Pure-minded Mrs Ellis. Felix OC Darley, orig designs in outline style, genius. 110

May 27, 1843, facing first page is Beanme Pinx, The Veteran’s Return, Dunnel & McCluskey engrav. Description ascribes it unus truth and meaning, home thoughtfully, to die.

Essay notices Astor hotel (Stetson) and City Hotel (Willard)

124 Incidents and Scenes of Travel, from Aldrich’s letters, excerpt on benefits of art, shd be supported by govt, humanizes and refines, describes cleopatra of Vatican, ideal of beauty, modesty and innocence, drapery covers but doesn’t conceal, no angular, round and undulating. Dying Gladiator not studied or theatrical like a modern hero on the stage, no straining for effect

127 NAD concluded: Port Gman, Harris, a faithful port, usually does highly finished; S Ellis, Cameos, agreeable, gd for gifts; Gignoux’s The Mammoth Cave, bold repres of this great natural curiosity, masterly style, full of nature, boldness of touch and effect seldom equalled, contrast of warm and cold color agreeably managed, adds grt beauty and sublimity. Good for the Arts Union? A National Picture, of great general interest.

            Comegys, Dividing the Pie, cabinet pict of great force and truth, ptd with full pencil, highly agreeable to color and efffect, a gem of its class. Expression of anxiety in little fellows countenances, solemnity of division, worthy of all praise. Lscapes by Capelli, two picts for first time, pleasing in tone and effect, for sale. Lscape, Bayley, an amateur, taste and skill in execution, alw welcome, cultivate this in educated of our city will disseminate a correct taste. Lscapes by Bennett, Views of Niagara, colored prints are v beaut but sad no drwgs, alw charming, cool, silvery, perfectly refreshing. Mrs Balmanno, Groups of Flowers, carefully ptd picts of beaut objs must alwy please the eye, form agreeable contrasts in a genl exhib. Marine View, Wakulla, J Pringle, well known as  seapainter, generally well drawn and tho not alw effective, adapted to wants of patrons more than if ptd for effect only. True portraits, rigging. Purcell’s body of Hector returned to Troy, bold and rapid designer, often v effective, usu degree of grandeur aimed at suited to this class, and if not alw attained, still originality and even brilliance of thought, pleasure in work before us. Pupil of Sully does Lady’s head, graceful and life like. Stearns, Port of Lady, remarkably gd pict, clear, well modelled, deep tone, compos v agreeable. Dolce far Niente by Flagg immed attracts eye, tho one of quietest and most harmoniously colored picts of exhib, work of a poet as well as a ptr, easy to see. Character of reverie, idle but sweet, conveyed in every line and tint. Cld fault drwg of limbs, but have no right to inquire where they are, but as a whole delicious and loveable and shows genius as much as any other.

            Some picts esp portraits of merit may’ve escaped observation, crit not attempted, no censure, passed in silence what could not praise, hope to rescue fr obscurity, benefit Acad or gratify artist. Exhib is of unus interest, best for many years, color of rooms now a cool neutral gray not dark red, improved, gives more lightness. Beauty and fashion throng, gmen politely walk uncovered now.

128 discontinued giving studied and difficult etchings, mechanical problems, but our friends were not all pleased with them, so shall give a finished and choice steel engraving hereafter

June 3, 1843, Noble Lady of England, J Bostock, engr AI Dick, Lady Mary Howard, charming, full of ease and grace; beauty in America diff commodity, not used in social climbing as much (NPW), p. 129, an eminent Enlgish artist says motive to have miniature done in America is affection rather than pride

p. 158 “Jottings” this artist identified as Saunders, who went home in the great Western after 3 years. He thought very highly of Mr. Hite, heir to his mantle. Catherwood opens subscription for rich and liberal, to engrave his splendid drawings in seppia of ruins of Central America, size of the originals, $100. Unsurpassed in his line. Notices Cozzens’ hotel American

June 17, 1843, illus ptg T Warrington, Mourning Over, vaguely Dutch, with orig story; June 19 1843, engraving no artist given, On the Look Out, a big dog, NPW uses it to disapprove of wasting affection on them

June 24 it’s WT Bartlett’s Wigwam in the Forest, called 177 a radiating pt for fancy and speculation

p. 190 “Jottings” p. 191 revieweing President Tyler’s reception, visited his parlour at Howard’s, where a French ptg, figs of size of life, representing Don Juan giving Haidee a most realizing kiss, had been introd, from it learned lesson to kiss ladies when introd

July 1 1843, R Farrier, Attiring for May Day, editor says 193 that sitter is a patroness of Almacks, a fashionable marchioness, style of pastoralizing hi rank v fashionable. Landseer did this too, and Lady Blessington’s nieces.

Jottings often cite the National Intelligencer. Likes Kendall of NO Picayune.

July 8, A Muggy Morning off Sandy Hook, ptd by Bonnington (looks a lot like Fitz Hugh Lane), w/orig story accompanying re a plague ship; July 15 it’s WH Bartlett Port of Constantinople, but somewhat similar

            Publishes poems by Down Town Bard about omnibus and going out for ice cream; occasions for flirting; 235 satire on mass meetings called for with broadsides, rats do this at the Park on 4th of July, to assert all rats are equal, even black ones; a nativist rat declaiming against foreigners to cheers

July 22 a ship at sea in a storm at night. P. 255 rats meeting continues

July 29 not identifying artist anymore, Scottish fishing scene?

p. 264 “Leaves from Our Portfolio: Anecdote and Gossip” p. 265 some yrs ago a cluster of portraits, likenesses of native poets, pubd in a popular periodical of this city, bore no  resemblance to originals

Jottings p. 271 Morse biographer of Alston, forgot that great artist married sister of Richard Dana, who shld undertake it. Alston a sweet gman, transparent surface, afraid Dana’s book will be like Boston, cold, uncosmopolite, provincial observance, schoolmaster abroad 

August 5, 1843

            -engr is Audubon-like view of giant eagle feeding chicks w/lscape backgrd

280 Fanny Osgood poem. Jottings, on p. 286 after a description of Lafayette’s visit to GW’s tomb, mentions Weir finished his grt national pict of last five years, embarcation of Pilgrims at Holland. Critical of Colonel Stone’s Commercial Advertiser for being holier than thou.

Aug 12, 1843, Love’s Reverie by K Meadows, young woman in odd dress pointing to flowers, poem by B accompanies. Literary Odds and Ends, p. 301 quotes fr Boston Atlas an anecdote of W Allston, and his devotional feelings, married sister of late Dr Channing, while praying, a patron appeared and bought one of his paintings

Aug 19 1843—engraving is a little girl with an egg? By bank of a stream, companion article opens with meditation on innocence of childhood. 311 praises Astor Hse as perfect.

318 Jottings, collects from National Intelligencer, higher finish and chaster management of subj and style. met Weir the ptr at West Pt, look at his just finished pict for Rotundo at Washington, has power to possess the spectator. Not a crit of the ptg, but glorious work of art, I have not been more filled and wrought upon by any of great masters in Europe, effect on mind is that of expanding the capacity to embrace it. Figs larger than life, groups of most exquis naturalness of posture and rln, finished with a breadth and strenghth of effect by a hand accustomed to minister only to power w/o limit. Coloring in wings exceedingly gorgeous, centre admirably subdued in middle tints approp to objects and pastor materly embodiment of hallowed piety. Presence of the Winslows gives artist liberty to enrich the costume of his pict, 2-3 other female figs v splendidly drawn and colored, Miles Standish conspic in foregrd. Weir has flung his soul upon this work. Also gave a passage of description on which it was based.

p. 319 still Jottings, saw at the engraver’s port of Halleck for Graham’s, exceeds any as worthy and truthful, keen joyous analytical gusto, by Inman.

Aug 26 1843, engrav is W Hunt, The Only Son, with blurb abt a spoiled child (boy I wearing a kerchief?)

-opening story is The Panic of Thirty-Six, describes Wall st in chaos, and a group at 3 pm gathered around the news office, Mivins an opulent broker accuses Jews of ruining the country, Belmont disagrees, scuffle, duel? Belmont reconciles. Story continues, Man in Claret Colored Coat said to be aboard the steamboat, author of the Croakers and other miscief

p.335 more fr National Intelligencer on Weir, showing his glorious pict in Boston, then NAD, honestly and with genious execd commission. Vanderlyn’s pict is v fine, several people employed in filling up his design, but his own pencil to harmonize and finish it. Morse given up palette for telegraph. Inman to England to study costume and data for his Rotunda pict 

Sept 2 1843, engrav is Saturday Night, by W Hunt, “young damsel” half naked bathing. Story p. 337 of Murillo’s (black) pupil, transl fr German

Jottings p. 351 notes State Monument to Washington, immense public bldg, pentagon in florid Gothic, by subscription

Sept 9 1843, engrav is drawn and engraved by W Bennett for New Mirror, shows Catskill Mtn Hse, centered and high, drover with cows on cracked road in foregrd thru dense forest. Description p. 353, agreeable temperature, luxury hotel, impressive can haul so much up there

Likes Poe. Jottings, p. 367, notices Endicott’s Picture of Saratoga Springs (which was written about a lot in the magazine over the summer) has views fr orig drwgs, highly finished and accurate, US Hotel beaut specimen of art as are other sights, scrapbook.

Sept 16 1843, another charming engr also drawn by Bennett, Solitude, a spot to people fr your dreams, home for a sweet reverie abt yourself and one other, shows a lily pond and hut. P. 381 poem to the beauties of the Quadroon. 383 Jottings (fr Nat Intellig again) push Weir’s pict, he is in West Pt with loads of commissions, will realize a small fortune from exhbibition.

            Morning paper says growing rich, not true fr American publishers.

Sept 23, 1843, engr fr W Purser of Gipsey of Sardis, Greek costume, insouciant style of attitude and air

Sept 30 1843 engr of Bark of Corfu with ruins in foregrd and natives chatting, beaut and accurate view, a proper dreamland


New Mirror of Lit, amusement and instruction, ed Geo P Morris, illus JG Chapman, 4 Ann st $3yr

April 1843

8: Art and Artists, Morse, Inman happy Youthful Peace Maker, Geo Wash; praises young artist abroad Deveaux, highest class of historic composition, no ordinary promise, Our Saviour fed by the Angels, feeling, commission fr Col Hampton of Carolina, at rms of polite friend sand skilful artist Shegogue. Prospectus: will try to give preference to American news, arts productions, esp NY, only cosmopolite city in our land, etchings are orig concept and drwg, tell the story. Two names in editorial print join together again.

15 Art and artists: Weir highest efforts for Nat Pic, love his little Gem of last year’s exhib. Durand, best of year is Barn yard, Ital scenery, Wash last interview, and best Sunset on the Lakes, poetic and truly Am, sentiment so admirable. Cole in Catskills, Cummings, Morton an amateur, works for wood engravers, not hackneyed or sterotyped, little historical pics, On the Progress of civilization hi merit. Ingham, belles, Gray in Boston with Allston, Chapman’s govt pic in Capitol, have already paid tribute to it, universally admitted to be glowing representation, versatile

22 has sketch of James R Whiting. Art and Artists by Palette reviews Brothers gate, of Ugolino and Gd Samaritan much admired, beaut little Old Oaken Bucket, younger bro improved. Huntington Mercy’s dream unus excellence and beauty but falls short of new Valley of Shadow of Death in granite bldgs, Page equal to his historical compos, approach old masters. Verbryck ill, love his portrait of Bryant, lscapes. Mooney’s Achmet Ben Ahmd port for city admired last year, now doing Seward, faithful and forceful. Bennett, miss his silvery lscapes. Whitehorne portraits improve.

29 sketch of lawyer David Graham jr. Art: Freeman abroad, Edmonds little leisure, approaches Newton in color. Marsiglia should do more too. Launitz pure elevated refined. Shumway. Mount in country, rich in humor, char, broad expression, he has the models for his characters in front of him, truth of nature. Miss Frothingham, Richardson’s rich sunny lscapes. Newcombe breadth of touch, ptr of merit. Shegogue industrious. Clonney happiest subjects, in better taste ands cope of his pencil than last season. Morse, Marchant well ptd heads, Hicks improving, firm, F Spencer fine ports. NAD: more lscapes and fancy pics, Alston, Sully Weir Morse Durand Cole Cummings Ingham Inman Chapman Leutze Morton Huntington Gray Flagg Edmonds Freeman Page Agates Mooney Verbryck Mounts Audubon Shegogue Whitehorn


6: NAD, give history, Cummings and Agate tried to get to see Am Acad, mutual improvement plan arose, etc. 350 ptgs, point out some of partic merit, Columbus in Chains Leutze uncommon care and truth, purchased by Arts Union, his other ptg has fewer figs but superior unity. Allston sketch hi character. Sully sketches sweet delicate. Engstrom brilliant peaches. F Fink Last Illness of Raphael remark fine, graceful, hi order, W Flagg Lovers Quarrels port of beaut lady, admirably ptd, warmth sweet delightful. Earlier praised Durand’s sunset, others are brilliant too. Inman two ports brilliant. Gray mellow beauty port. Doughty silvery and beaut. Whitehorne one of his best, novel mirrored reflection, Magdalen best. Huntington fine forcible colored heads. Cole’s Mt Etna charming, fresh, gayest attire, his Snow scene makes one shiver, all his works strong. Ingham beaut tho not up to White Plume. Clonney Story and Drinking superior to last yr. Gignoux beaut true, boldly ptd, fine effects, uncommon merit. Havill fine, charming,e xquis. Shegogue well ptd prettily grouped, grace fanciful. Andrews clear and careful. Chapman Queen eliz, full of energy and truth, vividly portrays scene, brilliant.  Waugh merit forcibly ptd, Audubon dogs great merit tho Garden Walk more interest, truth and force. Powell head improvement, gmaly.  Page port of Chas Leupp powerful, his poet deep, aims high. SA Mount pensive beaut. Mooney unusual truth, infantine. Port of Ex Gov well executed, correct. Edmonds stealing the milk, all his merit, a gem. Lazarus merit. Talbot Buttermilk falls charming, true, rapid improvement, ranks high. Lscape by Shaw, beaut touched. Morton sweet, truth. Mount’s Artist, all his originality and vigour beaut exec. Smaller room: Miss Hall, sweet soft delicate. Mrs Bogardus improved. Freeman interesting. Hite agreeable. Baker frame of minis. Hill lscape needs strength. Catherwood beaut. Hassell silvery. Pyne beaut. McDougal beaut. Smillie exquis. LP Clover his best head. Linen charming specimens. Wenzler highly elaborated. Launitz grace delicacy of expr. Crawford Abydos, lively. Powers Bust, freedom of exec. Gives address of NAD president, some artists out of acad are hostile to ea other and our academic system, but in infancy of art, natural means of promoting arts, hope it won’t degenerate to selfish interests

            Poem re Guido the  painter

New Mirror

October 1843

7 rather poetic looking pioneers for poem Westward Ho! critical of Cornelius Mathews 14 portrait of Allston. poem praising female reader of New Mirror 21, 28

 Weir’s Embarcation wonderful ingenuity beauty of grouping, individuality, Inman says glorious Nov 18 Willis will just write for Mirror now. 25 creepy sexy engraving Dec 9sketch of peasant woman summarizes Italy for Willis. 16 Praise Wm a Townsend, John Inman starting Columbian Mag, he was for a long period assoc with us in a similar enterprise.  23 Willis? gives long praise of Crawford’s Orpheus, exquis beaut youth, expected a less effeminate person and countenance, but rejoice in work. Harding’s full length of Gov Seward true to life, no finer port in country, char and indiv, faulteless color, Jupiter himself in black coat and trousers unpictque, tries to redeem it with cloak. Harding’s Allston also great. Chilton and Edwards dags. new paper called The Independent, cleverly put together. Inman a man of genius, dying. spicy writings in the Aurora, racy, brilliant and graphic sketches of the city.


Jan 6 Cole prep exhib of lscapes and descriptive pics, hi ambition, full of thought, poems in paint, elevating and salutary. New Columbian mag, Chapmanesque cover, Thom Dunn English temperance novel illus Darley. admire Parke Godwin, Eliza Cook. 13 New England dinner was too much of a Whig dinner, tho myself would like to see Clay as president 20 promotes Geo Harvey’s atmospheric views. Lowell loves Page, tho his sexual heart never swims in his inkstand. Bayard Taylor a worthy apprentice. The Shades advertises. 27 actors, singers and ptrs are ‘chartered libertines’ for whom we have a weakness, Mirror can’t feed on wages of pleasure makers, but only commend so far as is entertaining and readable. we scorn to be impartial, if we love a man, leave his enemies to find the brass, but don’t take pay for noting ice cream etc

Feb 3 last week’s engr of Landing of Roger Williams, didn’t fancy the plate, but all we had, this week orig aquatint of bay of NY fr Battery by Bennett. Giving chit chat of Nat Intellig (by Willis?); Hone et al raising subscription to purchase Clevenger’s Statue of a No Am Indian, delivery alone will cost about $1000, for Merc Lib Assoc 17 extended praise of Geo Harvey

March 2 chit chat of NY Feb 14 fr Nat Intellig, puffs paid for are in minion type, voluntary puffs in brevier type. New monthly Patrician, antipodes of cheap lit. discovery of a gem in a dark mine, had often passed Durand’s house in NY, sees in it large landscape his soul went into it,mellow and deep, sweetly poetical, roofs of farmhouse subordinate life, centre of foregrd and brightest spot a hi grass bank with golden beam of sun, group of cattle in repose, finest oak tree I ever saw ptd, 20 miles of lscape below, glorious, surprise at excellence of his lscapes in last NAD exhib. Praises Joseph C Neal, our Dickens sort of

            [NP Willis as editor of New Mirror reprinted his Chit Chat of NY for Nat Intellig in1843-44; in early 1840s wrote NY letters for Bro Jonathan, then moved column to Nat Intellig, which Bro Jon occasionally reprinted as Things in NY. Nat Intellig had published NY letters by EB in the 1830s. New Mirror also published Willis’ Daguerreotype Sketches of NY and his Gotham Jottings, as well as other writers, Willis also sometimes under title of Sketches of NY. Poe wrote Doings of Gothan for the Spy, and references Willis, similar gossipy tone; also did the Slipshoddities

March 23 Willis, Foster, light artillery writers, joined Trib. Home Critic and Oriflamme both struggling papers. 30 circ 11,000. Dashes at Life by Willis coming.

April 6 also doing a Diary of Town Life 13 Willis likes Hite the mini ptr, first in this country 27 errors in shaking hands. Pictque and Ideal, a fragment, Rembrandt, Leo, Rubens, Vandyke, Veronese, Claude, Northcote, Humboldt

May 1844

4 Ptgs, Poetry, Pies and Live Coals: opening of exhib at NAD like taking a mask fr one of city’s most agreeable features, only those who live as fast as the city does who are qualified to enjoy it best. Not for strangers that the Exhib is highest pleasure, but those who are bored with balls, theatres, concerts, Broadway, circuses, only such have cool eye to look critically at pics. For them Durand laid into lscape touch that was preceded by despair, for such that Ingham elaborates, and Page strains invention, and Sully woos coy. While we are busy, gifted artists are at work to pamper our eyes. More portraits than will please the dilettanti, but worth it to have likeness of lost friend, a sacred office to prolong the presence of the dead. 11 praise Inman in Columbian 18 Diary of Town Trifles—would it not pay to remove NAD exhib to more accessible altitude than 5th story, gallery shld b e resort, a lounge for the idle hour, like ground floor occupied by Apollo Assoc. 25 more of the Paint King of Washington Alston. Struggling because not being charged newspaper postage.

Jun 1 8 15 the Miniature, coquettish female engraving. worthy friend James Harper, cites Courier on his lithographed likeness, cleverly hit off. Intl copyright dead, but home lit will prosper. Bennett doing their engravings. 29 A dream Among Statues, by JET, in Capitol Square, Persico’s Discovery of America had just been placed, was the most talked of, many opinions. Dreamed of an assemblage of statues in council, Greenough’s Washington in the chair, object was to admit the representative of America (indian girl in Persico) into their councils. War and Peace fr east front of Capitol, and Liberty, stands over speaker’s chair in house, principal speakers. War said Columbus claimed a niche, but lady with him offends modesty with her extreme nakedness (a reflection upon the chair exclaimed an anon statue!). Pocahontas fr niche over west entrance of Rotunda recommends admittance. Liberty (opinions somewhat licentious) he said unjust, want fullest liberty in art, free, unreserved, precedent sustained them. Dislikes despotic opinions of War. War replies, wants to demolish the calf figures, the group over the door of the Rotunda which represents the treaty with the Indians, unchristian and heathen, too uncivlized to be Indian. beaut delicate Time of Jardella’s, spoke, chair rapped.

July 1 Morris does profile of Genl Chas Sandford 6 our friends of the New World, like cliques of Porter of the Spirit and Inman of the Columbian, July issue is all his, his likeness (not a good one), his child by his brother, 48 pages of miscellany. Boston correspondent praises Page, but thinks lightly of Crawford’s Orpheus as tells no story whatever, face isn’t strong enough to leap into hell 13 W.W. is critical of Bowling Green fountain, heap of rocks, too rustic, doesn’t suggest a thought other than wonder at its rudeness, wish a chaste marble design commemorating historical incidents, but a hideosity fit occupant of place burthened with statue of scrofulous king, naked deformity. Praises Geo Flagg for getting best look of lady sitters, ports invariably free fr awkwardness and vulgarity given by bad taste of some, nephew of great Allston, colors admirably, draws with great purity, but chief excellence is wonderful ladylikeness and gmanly bearing he gives, like Thom Lawrence, 184 Fulton 20 Willis published a card in Aurora

Aug 3, 10 praise artist Hoppin. 17 JET’s Notes Taken at the Capitol. no employer whose taste so fastidious, exquisite judge, the Public, tho much abused. Watching in Library of Congress, sovereign complains don’t have obsolete volume he wants, then examines ptgs by Stewart’s genius, approves, then proceeds to Rotunda. Weir’d Embarkation undergoing load of crit, but almost everyone looks on it in silence, experience devotion of kneeling group. Work of anxious days and nights, is greeted with levity and jest. Persico wept hearing a jest on his recently erected groupof Columbus. We despise hackneyed crit terms, healthy judgment would prevail if we had intelligible language rather than weak drivelling one. Instead of biassed favourite and prejudiced opinions. (editors elsewhere say they have met Mr. T). Praise Flagg again, price reduced fr hundred to fifty dollars, portaits and pictures. CHB also a regular writer. Notice Anthony Edwards and Co of Nat Miniature Gall, excellent likeness of Theo frelinghuysen. 24,31

Sept 7,14 extraordinary masterpiece in Colman’s window, redshirt hunter on his horse in the prairie, Deas of St Louis, hundreds crowding around window, nothing so striking in NY in some time, 21, Crawford, September 28 1844  New Mirror J Whitehorne judging Rutgers Female Institute work. Morris and Willis on masthead. For practical (postage) reasons will switch to a daily paper, neutral in politics, can be more timely on arts and amusements, outside page a daily lit gazette instead of neglected, $6 per year. last issue.