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New York Morning News

New York (Morning) News, Aug-Dec 1844 Library of Congress

Starts with Aug 21, 1844 JL O’Sullivan and SJ Tilden, ed, 9 cents per week, small size. Nath Hawthorne story on the front; Polk and Dallas on the inside, notices Am Inst Fair which has long ad.

Aug 22, 1844 is AAS first copy.

            excerpts articles fr Demo Review.  A Demo party paper, supports Polk.  critical of Tyler (who withdrew fr Whig nomination?) but not severely so. 

            Supportive of the Empire Club under Jacob Rynders, who calls articles in Express slanderous

Aug 23, new Hickory Club in Brooklyn on Fulton st, inclu Thomas L Nichols address 

August 31 p.1 Crawford’s Statue of Orpheus fr Boston Daily Adver by GSHillard and Crawford fr the Demo Review too; Dem Rev praises manner arranged group, attitude, arms, drapery, and poetical conception, writer saw it in his studio in rome in 1839 in clay, and gives account of his other commissions, praises wonderful statue of Wash by Greenough and Eve by Powers; Boston paper notes art addresses minds of humbler mould in universal lang, whole fig informed with energy of movement, long praise continues p. 4 on p. 2 notices that Crawford is returning fr Rome, public dinner planned, shld have one of his sculptures here


Whittier poem, also Eliz Barrett, Corn Mathews. Thinks Columbian mag dodeges issues, likes Tuckerman in it, ok with Schoolcraft and Griswold. JR Whiting a Dem. Supports Wash Monument fundraisers. Likes Simms’ life of Marion. 18 17th Ward and Empire Club escorted noble hickory pole, with banner of Jefferson Assoc a gift fr Chas F Ferris, ptd by Silliman, port of Jefferson. (later describes other banners, with naval battles, portrait of Polk, etc.) 19 Chas F Hoffman’s new bk of poetry rebuts charge of plagiarism, tho does not demo great originality, its spirit of whole is that of someone else so-called Am poets of Griswold do not represent the nation. 20 criticizes Gift annual, Page finds highest imag beauties in his pursuit of simple and natural. Admires Emerson. Chapman doing Harper’s illus bible?

Skips to Sept 28, 1844. Mowatt poem. Notices Park theatre.  Skips to November 2, 1844, notices bks fr Wiley & Putnam on GW and rational relig, Graham’s Mag, in which it prefers Mrs Osgood to Street, who tries to do what best of old Dutch lscape ptrs do, repro minutest fibres of the woods and fields, with every gleam of sunshine and spot of shade.  worthy experiment, will require labor of old masters.  Believes Clay shares guilt for Cilley duel, advised WJ GRaves to do it, won’t repudiate dueling. 


October 1844

3 covers NY Hist Soc, p. 2 praises Putnam oration and Wm W Story who doesn’t much admire but appreciates he is coming around to idea of art at home rather than copying tame classicality of Euro, ending with mention of Powers. Geo Endicott advertises. 5 likes Willis’ pet Fanny Forester. 8 gives address of  Bradish at Am Inst Fair, protest agst partisan character (anti-free trade), officers have done this several times, slow to get the Fair ready too. Says Mirror avows neutrality, but looks like labored impartiality of a Whig trying to hide his spots. 10 in review of Simms’ Marion, notes the anecdote with British officer, ptd by JB White, pub by Apollo, very charming pic. 17 defends poet Street agst No Am Rev’s tame classicality. Plumbe’s advertises. 25 likes American Review’s papers on lit and society, including Influence of the Trading Spirit, wish Colton well

NYPL misc Morning News Extra Oct 28 1844; Sept 27, 1845 (9 cents per week), John W Guion, ed JL O’Sullivan, excerpt Big Abel


4—map of political NY. 5. Bill Poole of Am Eagle Club, Whig rowdy. 6 Goethe, Cupid as a Lscape ptr, rouses poet from lifelessness and folded hands to action 8 Comm Advertiser the most gentlemanly Whig paper, under Stone and now Inman, tho high anti-democratic politics. 14 reviews WD Gallagher’s Western Lit J but only comments that new mags need good business model. Admires Forrest, Trinity church spire under construction. 15 excerpts fr Gazette des Beaux Arts a gift fr Louis Philippe to Q Vic of watercolor album of Windsor scenes. 15 banner that got into Locofoco procession saying Americans Can’t Rule Us was ptd by Christopher. 16 A Statue to Clay is being proposed here and in Phila, agree it shld be done, Powers recommended, also Crawford and Greenough, and Persico who has devoted his artistic life to our country, NY deficient in monuments of generous public sentiment, one vast temple to the Useful, neither Sublime nor Beaut has more than a v few v humble shrines. Recently founded public gallery of pics in which we see the germ of a noble future devt. Statue of Hamilton formerly in Exchange, perished. Crawford is in our midst, a native of our city, let’s have him do it—statue to Jackson to match Clay. 19 Ethiopian Serenaders more successful than Ital opera. The Proposed Statues: Express is mistaken in thinking we were satirical; think Crawford and Persico ought to do the two statues, let posterity judge the originals. 21 Barry Cornwall’s Il Penseroso and L’Allegro. Reviews Am J of Fa, ed AD Paterson, pub WB Taylor, design is admirable, need originality and fashions of Euro ought to be of v little conseq, now is the time to fix our principles of taste, seek out best talent, not just copy fr foreign journals of Eng and continent. 23 approves of Park Benjamin taking over New World again. 25 Another statue: Mrs James Barbour of VA and women raising tribute statue to Clay, approve even though he is not dead, akin to portraits in public bldgs, ought to have a statue to Fulton, Hamilton, Washington, and would also name Lafayette, Kosciusko, Montgomery, De Kalb and Pulaski as they are “cursed foreigners”. 27 Whigs talk abou a statue or monument, but won’t do anything, lack warm hearts and earnest spirits. 28 poem by NP Willis. C& E and Express coming round to Annexation of TX. 29 notes T Sully jr of Phila an accomp artist has gone to Tennessee to take full length of Polk, Sartain to engrave. 30 puffs Anthony’s Natl Miniature Gall

December 1844

2 approves of Park, brilliant season, Bohemian Girl Opera; Niblo’s season a failure, notices Major Noah’s lecture and St Andrews Soci. 3 Fanny Osgood story from Graham’s. 4 Likes Tyler pretty well. 7 Jewit’s pic of Croton Aqueduct deposited by Common Council Museum iin City Hall, but Sheriff Jones had it removed to an auction store. Proceedings of Prison Assoc to ameliorate condition of prisoners, includes Frelinghuysen, Benj F Butler, John W Edmonds, John Jay, Wm H Channing, PM Wetmore, Freeman Hunt, Robt Minturn Chas Leupp, John O’Sullivan John Duer, Theo Sedgwick. 10 Big fan of the opera. 12 A Curious Art: on Broadway, exhib Msr Edouart’s gallery of silhouette likenesses, brought to perfection, among striking are Irving preacher, another divine, pictures of public places with likenesses like Royal Exchange, CM Sedgwick. 16 supportive of Com. Elliott; disapproves of scripture in common schools. 18 Herald sees the News representing the democrats who wanted Van Buren, not Polk. 21 admires Michelet, loves Mrs Osgood. P. 2 notices the Am AU annual mtg, Bryant in the chair, highly respectable audience, addresses by Rev Bellows, John Jay, Geo Folsom, gave income and pictures. Park Benjamin has left the New World. 24 New England Soc mtg reviewed, Geo Morris song, Hoxie, Grinnell. 30 praises Geo P Morris. 31 wishes Graham’s Mag would get rid of fashion plates, though likes Godey’s, likes Graham’s engravings of Am Indians,

Library of Congress bound volume, 1845, 2 cents a day, 9 cents per week, JL O’Sullivan and SJ Tilden, Beekman and Nassau sts


4 praises Simms, Franco’s Broadway  Journal, Eames New World. Gives table of contents for Demo Rev. 8 Whigs of city determined to erect a statue to Clay, their great fallen chief, his opponents can recognize his fine points. Portraits on canvas often set up in public places during their life, a port in marble or bronze fr its greater expense regarded as a public honor of a higher order and often waits til after his death, becomes a sort of monument, but only necessary to wait til their public career is closed. Said to be marlbe, $10,000, a simple ordinary standing statue, Crawford most suitably employed, will grace a noble production. In a statue for Gen Jackson shld like to see something of a grander order, equestrian, $50,000, a popular movement of subscriptions, no more than $10 each with an engraving for a subscription.

11 responds to Willis in Mirror re Onderdonk trial, says Mirror of Thursday and Friday, 9th and 10th, had attack on ladies who testified in trial, merits severe reprobation. Suggest that women encouraged them and were lying is insulting, spirit of worst libertinism fr beginning to end, cool coarseness. Cites the Express and Courier, women were forced to testify, didn’t volunteer.

15 covers Merc Lib approvingly; supports Dorr. 16 excerpts fr Broadway J. Supports Geo P Morris benefit. 23 supports John P Hale of New Hamp, at this point a Demo. 25 Eliz Barrett fr Westminster Review, compares Flush, my dog, to Landseer, favorably. Likes Emerson and Marg Fuller. Excerpts the Evening Mirror’s approval of Cornelius Mathews. Likes Poe too. 27 Tylerism becoming rank in Plebeian; why it was able to so easily absorb the Aurora, traitorous hostility to Swright. Critical of Rynders, pro-Annexation and Ital opera. 29 Notes Morris got $2000 fr his benefit.


1 p.1 Crawford the sculptor excerpted fr WM Gillespie’s bk. Disapproves of bishops publishing an account of the trial. Critical of Geo P Marsh and New Englandism

11 notices Death of Geo W Newcombe, NAD member, port ptr, liked everywhere, a respectable artist. 12 p.1 urges City Gallery of the Fine Arts collect expensive art portfolios like Catlin’s and others relating to America like Audubon et al. Prefer Benton’s annexation plan 14 King’s American had mostly been aligned with the Commercial Advertiser

17 p.2 Gallery of Fine Arts: the safety, the existence of this admirable institution, depends on Board of Assistants, need to override mayor’s veto, enlightened liberality, institu is of public char, and valuable public utility, it is as educational as a school, a shame we don’t have one already. J of Commerce attacks it, petty private interests have gotten signatures to a remonstrance, but petition in its favor republished in paper to show how much it is approved; bldg belongs to Arts, wasn;t erected by city, don’t rob the Muses. On philos of Journal would privatize fountains, parks etc for shops and restaurants. Arts of Design have same claim on public as do Mechanic Arts in public bldg. Whigs and Demos agree (says this on the 10th?)

            Notices approvingly Chas Lanman’s Letters fr a Lscape Ptr.

18 mixed review of Hudson, his manner is artificially bad, but lectures on Shakespeare v entertaining, good at analyzing character 19 disapprove of restoring NY Pilots monopoly. Press shld avoid personalities 21 Custom house Tylerism (Mirror and ?) trying to take control of Demo party and attack Silas Wright. 25 JT Headley fr Simms. Tuckerman.

March 1845

13 change militia laws. 21 letter fr Robt Owen. Praises Columbian mag. 22 praises Commod Elliot agst C&E attacks; Comm Advert agrees with him re Bancroft being gd for the Navy, Edwin Forrest is hi minded and Herald shouldn’t exult over him. 25 long fave review of Mowatt’s Fashion, likes Havemeyer

April 1845

7 notices Anelli’s End of the World back at the Apollo rms (advertises) 13 notices American Review (whig) is gd, Poe story.

17 p.2 NAD opened to private (select) visitors, chiefly Artists and Amateurs. As usual eye dazzled at first by most glaring pics, producing a momentary disappointment, but longer more unobtrusive beauties. Some v large pics, two vast military full lengths at either end, one by Weir happily executed, other a scene in Phila riots but don’t know name of prominent chieftain. To his left a fine John the Baptist by Hicks, young artist of great promise, Cole a sea piece, a wild mtn scene fr Prophets, Catskills hse, fave lakes, cabinet etc.

            Durand has several lux lscapes. Mount and Edmonds sustain humorous part of exhib, barndoor scene opening on a fiddler, Long Island dances, old man listener with fancy touched, cat peeping beneath the door marvellous forlife and finsih, equal to celeb masterpieces of Dutch school. Edmonds’ subjs reformed drunkard viewing wine, excellent piece of char, and a reluctant boy brought to a schoolmaster, Irving wld delight to describe his quaintness and pictque appearance. Peep into schl rm and still life as usu carefully wrought. Several exquis ports, but no catalog, so no names, no pic by Page, sadly missed. Gignoux snow and watercolors, bas relief Crawford, Cupid and Pscyhe or Ital lscape by Huntington also shld not be missed.

18 don’t see an NAD ad. Covers St George’s soc (also did St Pat), 26 James R Whiting investor in Bowery Theater

29 p. 1 mocks art critics’ inability to understand a pic. Intelligent Courrier des Etat ed

May 1845

1 p.1 The Oval Portrait fr Broadway J, of a youn girl, vignette in style of Sully, thought it was alive despite all the evidence. Laurie Todd in New World has neither brains nor knowl for criticism. Titian’s Venus advertising. 5 Praise Matsell. Have turned agst John P Hale.

7 p. 2 City Intelligence, Titian’s Venus: ptg sd to be copy in Titan’s own hand of his celeb pic of Venus fr the Bath in Florence. Gives provenance—Thom Lawrence etc, but think leaving unknown current owner is suspicious. But still beaut, resembles orig in all respects, so matters little. Chaste sweetness abt the countenance, whole expr of the fig can inspire none but the purest thoughts in any correct mind. Prudery of these times and this country no doubt prevent men and women fr inspecting choice work together, but days will be set aside for women.

28 now with Plebeian gone? Herald and Express are custom house/Tyler organs

June 1845

11 argues with Trib over Negro suffrage in new state constitution, notices C Edwards Lester consul at Genoa at Astor hse 17 black borders on whole paper for Jackson’s death and again for funeral on 25th 18 Wm Wallace poem on Jackson 19 MY Beach helping rebuild Bowery theater says True Sun

Skimmed July and August. 15 puffs splendid engr of Clay’s farewell speech by Anthony, Edwards & col, huge, portraits. 26 notices opening of Gall of FA in Rotunda, series of fine magnif ptgs of C of Empire by Cole a study for all 28 puffs Dag studios of Anthony, Edwards, of Plumbe, but esp of Haas port of Mayor Havemeyer.

Aug 6 J of Commerce professes neutrality but malignant hostility to Demo principles, except free trade and banks. Vol ends on the 20th.

Library of Congress—Aug Dec 1845

Starts with Aug 21—they’ve enlarged! 23, port of John Calhoun with bio, admiring, p.1

25 not impressed by Simpson’s company this season at the Park. 30 portrait is Gerrit Wall of NJ; reviews Cath Beecher’s Treatise, such advice bks make women want to stay single; tho unobjectionable no replacement for oral trad

Sept 6 Wm F Havemeyer port, mayor. 9 notes Phila Acad FA reconstr by ladies

Sept 11 Hydrargos—woodcut finest quality, have hired own artist (SF Baker?) 13 praises Am Review

Sept 15 Statue to Jackson in DC p.1. 20 Column Art, Science, Invention and Discoveries doesn’t deal much with contemp fine arts, just propellers and fossils and some Euro public art and antiquities. 22 likes Eliza Cook and Charlotte Cushman. 24 likes the OddFEllows. 27 likes Big Abel and Little Manhattan. Covers Episcopal convention.


3 notices Lester’s ivory crucifix, deserves attn of every intellig Am, goes into rhapsodies re anatomy and expression. Advertises (as does Titian’s Venus)

4 attacks Trib for misunderstanding factory system, eg boarding at Lowell being voluntary; Brackett’s statue of Wash Alston, friend called on him, true inspiration of genius, sense of greatness of art. 7 accuses Trib of prostituting itself to contributors to the Fair, pay for insertions re displays, have become lost in crooked ways of anti-Rentism

11 p. 2 letter to editor re report of spech of James J Mapes at Am Inst Fair, doesn’t mention that it founded the political Home League to act on the tariff, for a law to benefit his sugar refining business, hi tariff oratory during elections of Am Inst officers. Funds for inst promised not misapplied, but great disparity betw amounts paid for labor and for agents, given all managers are said to do. Institutions have been chartered for benefit of families and individs, but not ones for promotion of science and mechanic arts tributary to indiv support, nor are they liberal in their premiums. Rewards ignorance and capital not genius and merit. Signed Mechanic.

13 give good notice to Ethiopian Serenaders, notice Base Ball game on the cricket ground was won by Brooklyn. 15 Mapes rebuts Mechanic. Willis excerpts. 18 anti-militia.

22 gives stats on Base Ball match; Mechanic rebuts, argues that it is a polit machine conducted by a clique for their own and Whig party aggrandizement, president Tallmadge never fails to eulogise the falsely named protective system. City council shouldn’t support.

25 XQZ notes of a tourist part 3 from DC, city itself a magnif failure, a folly of people who began to build but weren’t able to finish. Capitol a noble structure of brown stone ptd white, better to pay for better material economically. Ptgs in rotunda, as a coll, exceeded my expectations. Trumbull’s are all fr interest of events and correctness of ports of great historical value, worthy of their place. Same not true for Embarkation of Pilgrims and Baptism of Pocahontas, first carefully ptd and is a favorite while the other is certainly not nor worth the  money paid for it. Inman paid but no pic. Persico’s statues ofWar and Peace, Columbus and Indian girl, char and efect of which agreeably disappointed. When viewed in connection with the edifice, grand effect, form and attitude noble, and girlembodyment of a beaut idea of awe, wonder and admiration. Such will be the universal opinion. Fastidiousness that would obj to her arrangement of draperies is v foolish character.


3 Erastus Brooks retired fr the paper. 4 takes Poe’s review of Sarah J Hale’s book fr Broadway J.

6 p. 1 Bryant’s letter fr Rome, Am Artists he’s met: Leutze working on John Knox,saw a sketch of Lessing’s burning of Huss, Leutze’s Columbus is in Cologne, great energy and earnestness. Greenough in Florence, completing group for Capitol, athletic Am settler in graceful hunting garb rescuing fr savage, effect wonderfully fine and noble, may pass for an image of the aboriginal race overpowered and rendered helpless by the white man. His statue of GW not as pop as it deserves to be, but this work will meet with a diff reception. In letter fr London spoke of beaut Grk Slave by Powers, at Florence saw orig model, workers cutting two copies, also his Proserpine great sweetness and beauty, unfinished Eve. I find that connoiseurs are divided in opinion concerning merits of Powers as a sculptor.

            All allow him highest degree of skill in exec, but some deny equal ability in conception. Greatest sculp of busts, one says, ought to stick with that, but unlearned eyes can’t imag anything more beaut than Grk Slave.

            Gray in Flornce copying Titian, fidelity, no stiffness of copy, peculiarity of coloring.

            Lscape ptr of hi merit Geo L Brown, great knowl of detail, knows how to keep in its place, subservient to genl effect, admire skill in foliage and other objects, and giving infinity of forms and outlines eye meets with in nature. Wish not ptg Italy but our own fresh land.

            Florence Acad of FA had a couple lscapes in Cole’s manner, but inferior, 2 gd portraits, indiff hist pics, the rest decidedly bad, wretched, hideous, stiff  ill colored and full of grimace.

            At Rome, great ability, Henry K Brown just being talked abt, statue of Ruth and Rebecca, greatly struck, after visiting studios of Wyatt and Gibson and sleek imitations of Grecian art, learned and faultless statues of mythology, infiinite pleasure on Ruth, not inferior in perfection of form, but informed with deep human feeling, Keats lines, sad heart, graceful attitude expressive melancholy sweetness and modesty, doing two copies.

            Rossiter, six yrs in It, large pic for Am gallery, Naomi and Ruth, well composed, fine effect of sun. Studio of Lang of Phila, agreeable pics of bride and novice.

8 port Robt Dale  Owen. P. 2 press warm to Knick out of mistaken charity, shld be more discriminating, mad at its attack on Mathews purporting to be a criticism, tone of depreciation assumed toward men such as John Neal, Simms, Hudson, Gilam, A Jones, Poe and others, true policy would be to do lit without abuse, and without exceedingly small talk of Editor’s table, Clark a suitable editor for Comic Almanacs, not lit of country

13 praises Lester’s Artist, Statesmen et al, shows Powers as an artist of the people, nothing to his detriment, character of a true Am. 15 likes Chas F Hoffman. 19 likes Kirkland; London putting up a bronze equestrian of GW. 21 likes Columbian Mag. 21 resents Herald.

29 likes an annual of Longfellow’s poems illus by Huntington, though might have been carried much further in their decorations, Preciosa and Maidenhood his most exquisite. Cof D is going to be exhib again soon, neglected, bears some resemblance to Anelli’s End of the World, Death resembles Napoleon, intended to portray more than at first strikes the eye. As a work of art has its faults but as a whole overcomes. One person died in front of it. Likes Hudson on Shakespeare, not a plagiarist.

December 1845

22 Notices some engravings, Dick’s Last Supper

23 Mtg of Members of the Am AU, Bryant chair, Headly and Marbury eloquent. On 23rd reports the drawings, and engravings after Durand and Leutze’s Columbus in chains.

25 JT Headley’s travel writings get gd review. Praises neoramic views. Attacks C&E and Courier des Etats Unis for critique of Polk’s decorum, doesn’t agree with their idea of manners

27 meritorious Optic Gallery closing, insufficient patronage for beaut andnovel views, a foreigner unacquainted with tricks and humbuggery necessarily used by artists in generla to cmmand notoriety, depending on his merit and effects of advertising ina certain class of papers, no patronage.  Likes Hoffman’s new paper Excelsior, emphasis on Americanism, also the Pen and Pencil. Deaf and Dumb at C of Death, correct impression aught repulsive, nothing fearful.

29 Barnburner become a badge of honor

AAS Skips to Dec 25, 1845. Reviews JT Headley’s bk fr Wiley & Putnam, has written for Tribune; Chas F Hoffman for Harper’s, coll of poems, superior to Longfellow. Also fr Appleton, Geo Gilfillan’s Sketches of Mod lit, tawdry fine writing, not original or profound, not crit but pictque anecdote. Channing overrated, Emerson has foolish postscript.  Likes Whipple, the critic for Graham’s.  Cites NP Willis on Lind, mostly approvingly.  Puffs cosmoramic and neoramic views, illusion perfect, artistical display, exquisite, novel etc, 271 Broadway (Amer Museum? dissolving views?) 

Library of Congress volume 1846 too

AAS 1846.  Tilden gone. pub now by Guion (switch happens sometime betw Nov 1844 and Dec 1845)  Seem glad to celeb NEngland.

Jan 5 p. 1 Art science column, notes Munich casting colossal statue, 60 ft in height.  Book reviews includes Handbook of Young Artists and Amateurs, by an American Artist, for Wiley & Putnam. only since NAD, that ptg much encouraged.  Once Stewart, Javis and Wood the whole of Amer art, now legion, don’t have to prepare own colors.  Dechaux still the artist’s color man, kept a little store a few doors above his present splendid estab and first to sell ready ground colors, now everything is at this establishment fr life size lay figs to most trifling article.  This bk a guide to selection of materials, mostly fr Bouvier, Merimee and Vergniaud, Field.  Surprised Carey hadn’t already published something like it.

Jan 7, wood sculpture ingenious work of art 82 sq feet of mtns in Paris; new method of fresco ptg in Germany

Longfellow poem

Jan 9 no sympathy for Geo Bancroft polit principles or party, but defend his truthfulness (Boston Courier clip). 

critical of Mr Kean in Richard III at Park; Mirror loved it. dislike his ranting.

13 reprints fr Comm advert, crit of Trinity landholdings. Continues controversy with Mirror over Kean’s ranting. Thought Cassius Clay at the Tabernacle was great. 15 Richard Danphy, a young artist on 3rd avenue cut a statue of Franklin fr plaster of Paris with his penknife, great deal of talent and skill. Body was cut after another statue, and face from engraved port, whole ingeniously tastefully exec, shows enuf ability under proper cultivation to disting him in art. 19 has ads from all the theaters. Death of Henry Inman p.2, one of most eminent of Am Artists, all unite in according to him a rare genius, generous, amiable as a gman as an artist. Future will esteem his value beyond any other ptr of the day. Anthony Clark & Co have a recent daguerreotype, hope a bust will be molded from it for the Gallery of FA. Gives short bio, had a commission to West Point, sent to elder Jervis instead; while in England did ports of famous, almost his last production was an October Afternoon from 1845. Eldest son John Inman has inherited his genius. Inman left unfinished port of late mayor, Harper, for Common Council, to be completed by friend Huntington. Should not be censured for not completing pic for Rotunda, though already received $6000, a land spec had plunged him into hopeless ruin. Annual festive celeb of the Acad this evening postponed. 21 Reminiscence of Inman, sent a poem to a friend re being depressed pub in Gift of 1844, Tuckerman responds, cheer up; fr Eve Post. NAD held quarterly mtg in rms over Society Lib, voted widow’s benefits and Inman exhib, also fr Eve Post

22 I’m mostly skipping the items in their regular Art and Science Inventions and Discoveries column, which often have to do with antiquity, but here notes mutilations of art common in Scotland, freq outrages on Wellington statue at Glasgow p. 2 notice of Funeral of H Inman yesterday, 7-800 attended, residence in Murray st, arranged by NAD, Odd Fellows participated, pallbearers Durand, Ingraham, Morton, Cummings, Fosdick Buckham, McMurtrie of Phila, Mapes, FW Edmonds.  From the Comm Adv.

23 seems to support the NY Pilots effort to repeal law opening harbor to New Jersey pilots. Trinity Church has a long remonstrance. Globe has attacked the Morning News, and has published a fictitious report of a pretended dinner of the Assembly that ridicules various democrats esp Governor Wright who is made to symp with British, Clay and Webster and appear as a double dealer, News defends him and Flagg who is figured as a greedy office seeker. Says Globe was estab as an anti-Wright paper with money from abroad, a Tyler editor, sustained by Conservatisves, Tylerism and a few ambitious men, including one who is a frequent writer for and virtual editor of the Globe. Impudent pretensions of it to Progressive Democracy cloaks true aims, hope to deceive radical and honest Demo of city.

24 notes Merc Lib Assoc approvingly, Trinity church exchange of cards continues. 30 notices that Clason of the Mirror tried to whip Bennett in Fulton st. 31 p.2 3 gmen of Charleston subscribed one thous dollars ea to send C Mills, artist of city, to Italy to improve in art of sculp, already done excellent bust of Calhoun

February, ed JL O’Sullivan

5 Anthony Clark adds Weir, Inman, Cassius Clay to gallery 7 p.1 Criticism—account of an Italian in Europe, mistrusts the press  9 Unitarian assoc starting a paper 11 Inman Gallery: coll containing so many good and so few poor pics never before been presented, lots of interest, pics have historical value of features of dead and living 13 excerpts fr Schoolcraft  21 praises Columbian mag always, Benj H Day bailed out distributor of Bagley’s, a flash press 25 Restell card 28 enthus re Tilden, counters Seward clique; think James T Brady is admirable tho we are more radical, disagree with him abt city reform.

March 2, 1846, new mode of litho printing, more copies; electrotype engr.  Chas F Hoffman poem. not any fiction?  13 notices Fowler’s phreno j 16. P.1 a giant oak brought to market at Rochester. 19 p.1 London Art Union offering prize for orig pic on Brit hist  20 speech of Calhoun.  21 pleased w/Typee, excerpts.Unjust to give free negroes the vote.  24 Puffs Brady, has a guy carrying case of dags on street in front. Praises Lester’s book on Artists.. 28 Art Science column, notices another ancient Italian vase, bought by Vatican, Dresden picture gallery to be torn down, Signorelli frescoes in orvieto restored free by German ptrs, monuments to all French kings put into Cahtedral there, annual exhib of works of mod artists just opened at Louvre, 12 alleg statues for Hotel de Ville (had earlier noticed the statue of justice on top of NY City Hall) 31 more on ancient relics fr Egypt.

April 1 Whittier poem 2 Disagrees with Trib on blacks, anti-renters (tho supports them a bit). Glad for a new French Paper called the Two Worlds, as old one was corrupt organ of French govt

Apr 3, p. 1 The Sculptor’s First Love, fr Dublin U Mag.  story of Canova falling in love with master’s daughter, loss of her helps him become a sculptor

p. 2 anecdote of tribe of amateur artists who such annoyances in ateliers of real artists, came into Deveria’s studio and asked what he thinks of whitewashing--says you should paint it first

Apr 4 p. 2 Broadway in convulsions due to strike of Newsboys, the Express raised their prices of the Evening edition, newsboys struck, cried Evening Mirrors, Tribune extras and Gazettes

7 likes Judge Hall’s new bk, Wiley & Putnam’s Geo H Calvert travels, Hawthorne, Waddy Thompson on Mex. 10th, restoration of a Perugino successful. Sun attacks police chief Matsell, News defends. 16. Likes HT Tuckerman on poets. 17th Arts etc column, on photog and electricity, a model of Parthenon at Rome exhib in London, with all the orig sculpture, subjects of pediments etc, 12 feet long

p. 2 crtical of Albany Argus’ conservatism vs radical democracy. Notes quarrel betw Lester and Park Benjamin, over Artist, Merchant and Stateman, publishes Lester’s defense, letters fr Powers etc

22 Loring D Chapin wrote their art and science column, just died. Praises Columbian Mag.  24 Sam Slick story.  disagrees with Brooklyn Eagle over poem Watcher in the Tower.  Notices Banvard’s 3 mile ptg, truth and accuracy, finest scenic effect, fr Louisville Courier. Hates the Globe. 30 praises JT Headley’s Napoleon and his marshals, it’s not war mongering


1 Thomas Hood’s Elm Tree praised at length. Not published Sat May 2. No NAD ads. May 7 p. 1 more on Lester and Powers, publishes Park Benjamin’s reply on behalf of Powers (from his paper the Western Continent)

May 9 p. 1 Wkly Mirror spirited, hi rep. best writing now is for newspapers. Fine Arts at Acad hit off in fine dashing style, most readable, always fresh. Excerpt from it quiet satireon  accessories of picture of Dr Taylor of Grace Church descry literally, with a quiet satire, fruits of piety, captivating to sense, fine linen, crimson velvet, gold and silver, costly wood, ptd glass, religious volutpuosuness, chief agents of our Protestant propaganda (took photo)

p.2 Franco American is new Demo French paper.

11 not thrilled with Edw Mansfield’s life of Genl Scott, with engr after Weir’s portrait.  more defense of Bancroft, who is being attacked in preface to Graham’s competing history.

Urges May 14 the Am Inst reform lose stigma of partisan complexion long attached, little faith left in impartiality of awards.  Qs also re where funds fr admissions etc have gone, why native genius neglected, managers voted costly medals, extravagance. p. 2.

Publish Judge Hall on west.

May 20, puffs Plumbe.  Notices NY Evangelist believes war with Mexico is start of scourging of US for its sins;  an unjust war will bring vengeance of Heaven. Very pro War.  Likes Matteson at the Columbian Mag

June 1, 1846. Jun 2, p. 2, Leslie, the Painter.  we appreciate works of genius without inquiring place of birth, English equally liberal, tho London Art Union for May is captious, says picture by Leslie will induce Americans to false claim of birthplace.  He was born in Clerkenwell, Engl, but parents and grandparents Amer., raised in Phila. brother a major in US Army, sister pop writer, other sister an artist, all consider themselves American.  has ptd for special order of Queen.  Praises his reading of a Will fr Smollett, Leslie’s genius has invented subj, contrasts finish the story, freedom and boldness in exec, richness in story telling power.  also a port of Dickens.

Anti-Indian. Likes Taylor.

Jun 11 long p. 1 puff for Banvard. Jun 18, likes Hawthorne, simple minded! wise and pure, p. 2 notes letter fr H Powers in Cinti Times, repudiates Lester’s book, praises Kellogg.

20 prize comedy at Park Family Ties a total failure. V critical of a nomination for president for Genl Taylor mtg. 23 excerpts Fuller on Hawthorne. 24 notices Geo W Dixon departs for Mexico with giant spread Eagle on his coat back 30 letter fr Robt Owen to state reps revising state charter

Skimmed July and August (LOC volume)

Notice H Raymond jumpting to Courier from Tribune, praise his ability July 3  Express is one of papers puffing Family Ties July 21 defends Poe, wrong to attack him personally. August 24 Godey’s has excellent piece on Chapman, the artist, his Landing of Columbus orig sketched for a drop curtain, then a vignette for a newsp $65, then reproduced in a London work, on bandboxes, tableaux, etc; artist’s copyright. Critical of Godey’s and Graham’s for relying on feeble Euro and copies of English plates. Sunday Chronicle by John Watson seems fine. CE Beecher’s book for Harper’s will be widely circulated

Sept 1846

1 p.1 Thom Dunn English poem Song of the Artizan. 2 a London review of Cornelius Mathews. Regularly in dialog with Brooklyn Eagle.4 Talbot Watts directs his advert “To Artists”. Alw pleasant re Am Review. 8 Demo paper for Germans, US Gazette, VW Froelich, Ann st. That’s the last issue in volume.

NYPL misc reel: Morning News Extra Oct 28 1844; Sept 27, 1845 (9 cents per week), John W Guion, ed JL O’Sullivan, excerpt Big Abel