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New York Pick

The Pick,  Feb 21 1852, lots of caricature woodcuts, enlarged heads, portraits.  Mr Pick left the Picayune (he’s really Joseph A Scoville).  cartoon of opening of Japan, a fancy portrait of a new broom, a fight in the Senate, a wild haired man in ungainly stance reading the Herald.  Comic history of America.  Scoville’s office is on Ann st. he’s a former secy to Calhoun.  Thinks the Lantern is too mild a paper.  Sort of admires Bennett.  Thinks the Times is allied with Kossuth, Bellows, other idiots

            -lots of illustrations, scene in fashionable upper tendom, husbands absent, visual jokes, buckets falling on heads, man wanting to be fashionable, trying on clothes in front of a mirror, puns, contrast betw rich and poor boy

March 20, 1852, p. 2  Art Union has got its fingers, pallets, elaborately gilt picture frames and constitution into hot water, will come out scalded, but far from clean.  won’t restore former prosperity, private hanging going on.  most righteously tabooed individuals, the Model Artists, in Broadway again, making it a more accurate embodiment of its scriptural prototype

p. 4 hints to lodging hunters, reasons for declining lodgings, that you saw the remains of a bust of Voltaire in back kitchen, and fear the people of the house are Atheists. That an alabaster Ariadne after Dannker that you saw thru the key hole of a door, convinces that one of present lodgers is a person with whom no moral individual cld live

Price is three cents now, to give better engravings and paper, same as Picayune and Reveille.  Glad to receive rough sketches and designs fr our artistical friends, have neglected this v valuable class of correspondents to a comic illustrated paper.  one of our artists would not use them, as he preferred his own ideas and conceptions, but now the case is diff, any design sent in will be pd if it’s used, will be done up by best draughtsman in US

The NY Pick, Jan 22 1853 p. 4 cartoon of effects of NY day, with a man seated soaking his feet, while kids do military procession much like LMS ptg

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