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New York Transcript

New York Transcript—NYHS

March-April 1834 folder

Mar 10, number 1, p.2 says have no politics, reverence constitutional guarantee of equal rights. Fiction on first page. racist language. Some poetry—“Labor vs Wealth” p. 4 supports Typographical Assoc. lots of police office and court of sessions. Simonides says that Ptg is mute Poetry, and Poetry a speaking Picture, 12 March

13 notices James Thom’s celeb statues; strike among Lowell mill girls

April 7 likes Crockett’s autobio. 15 likes Bulwer, Byron, describes a Mordecai Noah school of journalism 17 big ad from Snowden. Issues are scattered. 29 The Columbian is the new machine of Fire Co 14, most handsome in city, ptg on her back of tale of Tallhoosae, fr a boston annual, carving by Watkins and Barry, $900 in decoration, body by James Weir, back beaut finished by John Quidor, gilding by Riley Boardman

May 1834

Notices West Point Hotel run by Cozzens. Notices Crockett a fair amount. 10 disapproves of McDowell’s journal exposing seductions, etc, makes young man want to try it. 13 NY Times daily morning paper has arisen fr ashes of Standard, ed W Holland, E Sanford, JJ Bedient, supports general and state administrations. RW wier (Weir) of this city appointed Prof of Drwg at West Point in place of CR Leslie. Publishes letter critical of Colonization as not having as its object the end of slavery. But next day editors disagree. 14 notices new American Whig. Asmodeus at large contributes critique of Mrs Trollope’s vulgarity. Rev Bethune pro Coloniz. 17 Col Stone’s review of his own book Tales and Sketches is amusing, won’t abuse the work and injure the author’s feelings, shocking bad taste—others spare his feelings so little.

Lots of fiction on Turkish subjects, Jews too.

22 p. 2 Rev McDowall at Chatham st chapel exhib coll of indecent prints, encouragement to lascivious designers, painters and engravers, C&E says 395 pictures, $2000, great patron of the fine arts. Notices Snowden’s Ladies Companion. Catskill mtn house.

23 p.4 Portrait ptg: fr Life of Copley, Family Library, on vanity of sitters, man wanted fmaily piece with 7 kids and first wife, had to add a 3rd wife, but she insisted predecessors must go and he had to sue for payment for obliterated portraits

24 critical of a daily apology for a paper in existence about 3 months, run by Hart. 27 notices that the Man, a penny paper, has a new head composed entirely of farming and mechanic instruments, all joined together to make The Man.

30 critical of the Italian Opera, country man can’t understand it. The Painter’s Wife’s Island, by Dr Huelyn, a drawer of maps Don Pedro Sarmiento employed by king was taken prisoner by Raleigh, was asked about one of the islands in straits of Magellan, his wife asked him to put one in for her. Notes a compliment to Cooper.

June 1834

7 notices that Frazee artist of this city has completed bust of Chief Justice Marshall and is engaged on one of Jackson in DC. 9 recounts controversy with the Sun over their reporter A (Attree?) publishing a private letter to a prostitute; Transcript in turn impugned Wm L Prall a reporter for the Sun. Park and Am theatre (Bowery) advertise. Praises Atwill’s. Trades Union ads. Notice of electric engraving technique.

14 critical of J of Commerce for wanting to reduce laborer to slavery, anti-union. 23 lots of praise of Lafayette (just died); critical of tory papers for faint praise. 24 notices McDonald Clarke’s lecture on Love and Marriage. 26  A Confab between a Big Daily and a Little Daily—Big Daily says Here’s an account in this little penny paper of a man who has committed suicide, by snapping off his own head. The case is very marvellous in itself—a quite uncommon case. However, in this age of wonders, nothing is to be particularly wondered at. But what does surprise me is that we shouldn’t get the news, as well as this little, penny, pigmy, whipster of a paper. It can’t be true otherwise we should have heard of it. Little D: Can’t you conceive it possible for me, small as I am, to see and hear some things which escape your notice? …Stir about the city as I do, and make use of your eyes and ears, and you won’t be so ignroant of what is going on. Big D: I han’t time to look up these little matters, I’m so engaged in politics…I hope you’ll excuse me, if I don’t attend to every little matter that’s going on just hereabouts.” P. 3.

Critical of state prison monopoly.

July 1834, one cent, Hayward, Lynde & Stanley, 4 Franklin Bldgs

July 4th issue gives Dec of Indep.

Ely Moore ad re General Trades Union, publishes a wkly paper

V hostile to blacks and abolit, notes riot at Bowery gets Farren dismissed, Forrest tried to intervene. Only mildly condemns the riots

22 notes Lewis Tappan action agst Col Stone, libels, v crit of Tappan

23 notes Paul Pry’s praise of Transcript, Ann Royal’s; also a compliment to Forrest on leaving for Europe, gold medal, with bust of tragedian and reverse a Grecian female fig with dagger and wreath, plus emblems of tragedy, bust and fig designed by Ingham and die engraved by CC Durand

24 penny contemporary prides itself on purely Amer character and contempt for everything foreign esp English origin, copies fr Eve Star an article on Forrest’s defects, despite his patronage of Stone, Bird and other Amer writers, but these writers only see advantage in being well educ, well read, sensible agreeable man who associates with Euro aristocracy. Organizers of a dinner for him include Wm Dunlap and Prosper M Wetmore, Geo D Strong

August  1834

5 Mr Leslie—ingenious artist lately left country for want of patronage has met warm reception in London, orders for picts at prices far above here, inclu Earl of Egremont small pict 1000 guineas.

9 poem by W Gilmore Simms fr NY Mirror. Critical of ferry monopoly. 13 John Howard Payne story. Leigh Hunt poem. Mocks Graham bread, hypocrisy only makes it palatable.

Lots on cholera deaths; big papers disapprove of covering cases because excites panic, and deaths are among the poor, so don’t matter.

Sept 1834

3 Notices Peale’s Museum. 4 Comm Advert attacks penny press for raising false outcry agst rich being callous to sufferings of a poor; denies it, but advocate just claims of poor. P.4 Perfect Artist, a warm partisan of ---- was eulogising his friend, art is so innate in him, if he poke the fire, a red hot lscape, if break a window, every fracture in which was a striking profile portrait.

8 Death of Browere, the sculptor, p. 2 deep regret, age 48, of cholera, Columbia college, self taught in drwg, and in sculpture, admirable busts esp elder Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Lafayette, Clinton and others. Caught expression to the life, even in features of the dead, as in Pierre C Van Wyck, or Elias Hicks. Casts not of plaster alone but a durable composition, lived and died poor, hope his family will be aided, and a public ehib of his works, inclu striking group of pirates Gibbs & Wanley lately much admired.

9 New Exhib at Acad of FA, Barclay st, new and splendid 5 ptgs, panoramic views of London, Jerusalem, the Kent, and Interior of Canterbury Cathedral and Capt Ross and Natives of Felix Harbor, first dioramic views exhib, show well, illusion perfect, impossible to realize it’s a flat surface, one countryman tried to enter chapel. Don’t see the ad.

Finn is police reporter for J of Commerce. Ad for Jarvis F Hanks, Sign painting, 80 Wm st. GW and AJ Matsell advertise cheap prints at 94 Chatham st

20 supports Cooper agst his detractors, accused of notunderstanding female characters, because don’t resemble other novelists, so not correct portraits. This is as logical as saying Gilbert Stuart did not paint as correct likenesses as Joshua Reynolds, because he did not flatter as much. What would be thought of a ptr who shld draw all his ports after one model? If a beaut model might give great satisfaction to his employers, but nobody wld esteem him a skilful artist.

13 circulation of 9000 they claim. 15 Sun and the Times (Times reporter also works for an obscure penny daily) trying to destroy rep of Transcript reporter. 17 attacks Times’ theater critic for unmerited praise of Miss Phillips at the Park; know that Noah will endorse false praise, and Dr Holland won’t be impartial, but Dr Hart of C&/e shld be faithful. Billy Basket is Prall, the Sun’s crime reporter.

Excerpts Audubon blurb fr Advertiser. 25 admires Ugolino at the Bowery, equal to Forrest

(AAS) New York Transcript, one cent, Sept 25 1834, Hayward Lynde & Stanley publishers, 34 Ann st. Supports trades unions.  has a poem, but no money column. has fiction.  Jarvis F Hanks, sign painter ad.  Tells of sign painter injured in fall fr roof. covers trials, police office. quarrels with Sun. Likes Am Inst.  Likes Knickerbocker, notices new daily The Woman by Ann Oddbody.  hypocrisy of Comm Advert. likes Willis and Coleridge.

Oct 8, 1834, p. 4 an unfortunate artist, fr Richd Cumberland, famous Florentine sculptor Torrigiano, contemp of Michael Angelo, d 1522.  a Madonna for Spanish grandee, ingenious artist, matehless striking delight reverence, but sent poor payment, T destroyed it, in vengeance grandee brought him before Inquisition, in vain T urged right of an author over his own creation, reason o his side, decree was death with torture

Oct 10 p. 2 likes wax babies at Fair, McDonald Clarke likeness in stucco, mimic fruit.

Leigh Hunt, D’israeli, covers theaters (Bowery advertises) and singers, foreign news.

Oct 18 p. 2 David Crockett modeled in wax at Cinti, surrounded by his weight in wildcats, also in wax, ready to whip.  Critical of foreign paupers preying on native industry.

Oct 1834 (NYHS)

1 Benj Day of Sun in for libel 6 excerpts Polyanthos. 7 Comm Advert is supported by gmen who like to go on a spree but not have their names published, expose misdeeds of gmen as if belonged to lowest class of mankind. 8 p.4 Unfortunate Artist, Richd Cumberland story of Torrigiano, contemporary of Michael Angelo in Florence, employed by grandee of Spain, gave utmost effort, pains and application, but insulting payment, made sculptor destroy his work. Grandee went to Inquisition re sacrilege, urged right of an author over his own creation, reason on his side, decree death and torture.

November 1834

11 Loafer’s Hall is kept by Sturges, caught vagrants. Pleased with success of Miriam Coffin.

14 Transcript editors used to work at Sun(Dr greene?)

25 p.3 Another Adam and Eve, Otis, ptr of Phila, large as life picts of Tempt and Expul, whether copies of Dubuffe or originals fr ptr’s own imagination, don’t understand, nor if like Dubuffe’s naked, but if clothes, afraid unprofitable

December 1834

1 New Work of Sculpt, Thom, self taught scotchman, Tam much admired, two figs of Old Mortality and his pony, pronounced superior. 16 likes Knick which likes Forrest. 19 Wm Gallagher story

NYHS has Wm H Attree (editor’s copy) of the Transcript for 1834

January 1835

5 Wm T Porter back in charge of Spirit of the Times, dropped Traveller fr the name, has copied fr Transcript under heading Salmagundi. 6 notices Johnston’s Scraps, American Cruikshank, for 1835, excellent painted satire, shows up convent burners in naked deformity. Notices admirable fulllength litho of Celeste by JP Hall, in character of Pirate Boy, exceedingly well done. 15 series exposing stockjobbing maneuvers on Wall st. letter fr Washington correspondent hadn’t been aware til talked to politician of the west that “folly and injustice” of supporting a “national asylum for the education of the aristocracy” and a push would be made to abandon it, agrees it is offensive, GW never intended it to be a place for favorites of fortune and aristocratical notions inculcated. 24 has account of Murder of Jame M’Crea fr Life and Treason of Benedict Arnold. 26 Col Richd M Johnson supports West Point Academy in Congress to dissatisf of NY friends.

Mildly critical of dueling (H Wise)

(AAS) Skips fr Oct 28, 1834 to Jan 16, 1835, then to Feb 4, 1835, enlarged now. some legislature stuff.  ad for Port of Thos Paine, full length, at EW and AJ Matsell on Chatham st.  Notes bulwer’s plagiarism of an Amer poet for Pompeii.  covers dog fights, prize fights, debate in DC

Feb 11 p. 2 notices Thom’s famous statues in grt peril on ship during storm, except for great weight, their very gravity saved them despite jovial faces.  perpetual summer in Tx.  Thinks Amer public foolish to admire Fanny Kemble, shows skin, not great, extracts fr her suppressed journal? satirizes it anyway.  Whittier story.

Skips the 16th. Feb 17 p. 2 letter fr DC, seat of the humbugs, went to book auction, of eleg prints fr disting artists in London and Paris.  am a connoisseur in the fine arts after I have got the advice of my wife.  knew the provenance of set of Hogarth Love a la Mode, describes auctioneer’s inventions of prior noble owner (bid of a NC congressman was 25 cents for ea picture), turns to him as depends on gmen critics for liberal dealing in these matters, helps him raise it, member fr Vermont wins them, won’t comprehend their meaning.  But scene doesn’t compare to affair of v gmanly Englishman playing on govt, has collected v respectable ptgs, some decided merit, some to be sneezed at, put in rm of Capitol,hints belonged to gallery of nobleman, can be had to decorate White Hse for $40,000.  Mr Preston of SC reported a bill to purchase them, lost 22 to 20;  Preston usu eloquent able and patriotic, here silly.

Notices Spirit of the Times favorably.  Thinks lit critic of Comm Advert is stupid, one for Knick is fair.  Park advertises too.  Ely Moore has betrayed/insulted mechanics (state prison monopoly) 

March 3, p. 2 notes that mechanics who started the Washington Monument Assn got their money hijacked by nabobs who wanted it to enhance the value of their property, still have their money

March 4, p. 2 attacks overuse of word exquisite.  attacks Noah for siding with French, Louis Philippe.  Favorable to Am Mo Mag before and after its new editorship w/Chas F Hoffman and Herbert, likes Paulding, just crit of Judge Hall

Mar 14 p. 2 notes Niblo’s Diorama, splendid ptg Departure of Israelites replaced by Belshazzar’s Feast, still more splendid, gorgeous, true to nature, dec’d little girl.  Cites Fay on annoying but pretty flower girls in Italy; Mexicans not able to sustain a republic

Mar 18 p. 4 weird story in uneducated dialect abt Dublin Society putting up a bust to Kirwan, the naturalist, recommending a tombstone sculptor’s assistant

Wm Attree is his court reporter, defends him agst the Man and the Sun.  Has a Bulwer story. Sambo poem. Wm Dunlap reminiscence of Cato’s

Apr 3 p. 2 gives preference to Knick over Am Mo Mag, notices Belshazzar’s Feast immense scale, supernatural glare over whole, greatest merit surpassing beauty.  I don’t see the ad.  Supports strikers, attacks J of Commerce for English hierarchical pov.  Apr 13 Critical of Geo Morris prefers McDonald Clarke, itself kind of an insult.  Ridicules phrenology.  Covers trial of prophet Mathias extensively. Hon MRs Norton poetry. Anecdotes of Crockett. Excerpts Wm Gilmore Simms.

Apr 21 p. 2 splendid specimen of sculptor’s genius, Ball Hughes, Hamilton statue in Merchants Exchange, thous of spectators, no similar work of art in city even Hobart monument in Trinity Church.  tribute to spirited exertions noble patriotism of mercantile and commercial men, to grt metropolis, to artist design fabrication

Apr 28 mocks Willis for calling Marryatt’s novels trash. Apr 30 p. 2 notes case of valuable ptgs of late Blake of Savannah while in storage were stolen, genteel looking man Caius Claudius Croly suspected, put them in Levy’s auction store for deposit of $25, recovered 40-50 ptgs.  a puff of Thom’s statues.

May 1835 (LOC volume starts April 7; Hayward, Lynde & Stanley pub, funny little Ben Franklin? Type on masthead in thinking pose, feather pens crossed)

2 defends trades unions agst J of Commerce, American and others. American Theatre, Bowery advertises as does a moving panorama. 9 Stonecutters write defending their strike over prices for piece work May 11 symp to Indians. p. 2 Endicott of Broadway, well-known lithog, publ divers charcteristic illust of this (Fanny Kemble’s journal) female’s Biblinpole production (the satires the Transcript is publishing--Comm Ad doesn’t think they are gd caricatures, and are pointless). Peale’s Museum ad with woodcut of Siamese twins.  Mocks NP Willis.  Ital Opera can’t be successful.

says Attree a reporter for C&E? Edw Hoskins also attached to them, as is Thom Snowden

June 2 p. 2 puffs the Arcade Bath, Chambers st, estab much improved, splendidly embellished with rich ptgs and panoramic views by best artists in country, forms beaut coup d’oeil.  Approves of Ogden Hoffman, lawyer. Likes Family Mag’ s woodcut of Death of Jane McCRea

Jun 9, 1835 p. 1 Canova’s courtship, fr NY Mirror, began as an engraver, falls in love with master’s daughter when she is sitting to him as Muse Thalia, she snobbishly rejects him as a peasant, he behaves nobly

Jun 11 p. 1 article on loafers, come fr all ranks, few women.

Jun 16 p.2 likes Major Downing.  pref this mo to Am Mo Mag, remarks on Fine Arts in America judicious

Notes Lyman Beecher’s trial for heresy. Jun 20 p. 2 notes Johnston the Amer Cruikshank series of illust of Fanny Kemble.  J of Commerce alw refuses to pay fair wages, critical of women trying to get gd pay, opposes a ten hour day (Transcript favors). Jun 25 p.2 puffs Hannington’s dioramas, and notices the Italian artists Brigaldi, Abbe Guidicini and Chizzola at the Bowery

Jun 29 p.2 NY Caricaturists on the qui vive for incidents, for exercise of genius and wit, but our home productions are too broad and outré in their style, the circumstance they are intended to represent is delineated with too much plainness and precision.  an outrage recounted by us is sketched by some speculating limner and pubd in a litho, but rather than a sarcastic hit at folly and baseness of the guilty individ, a simple outline of alleged misdeeds, so unfit for circulation, and boys selling the prints arrested

Notices Hemans death, but no poems by her. ok with Napoleon.  snippet on Taste of the Gypsies, July 3 p. 3 fr Major’s Cabinet Gallery, in a picture of Gainsborough, marks grt natural beauty of scene, people essentially poetic, fix their tents in lovely spots.

Skips July 6th. Jul 8 Garrick trib to Reynolds, fame can’t die, unlike drama’s.  Brief notice of Justice Marshall’s death, but no black mourning, as for Willoughby Lynde’s (one of the editors) critical of boys with firecrackers, praises Freeman Hunt and Durivage. Admires Birney’s courage. Southey poem.  Society of Moral Philanthropists advertises.  Foundlings abandoned by wealthy fr illicit affairs.

Aug 6 p. 2 notes Edw Forrest’s letters to Eve Post describe Greenough the sculptor design of GW for rotunda, what diff emotions he felt compared to statue marble honors to Catos Brutuses Caesers etc

            Notices Dunlap’s Histo fo Arts of Design acct of admiration for West in Rome, surprise he wasn’t a savage, and more anecdotes the next day on how prolific

Aug 10 p. 2 dislikes abolitionists.  anecdote of Stuart the ptr, doesn’t sign bcause marks his ptgs all over

Disapproves leniency to mobs. puffs Joice HEth. puffs panorama spectacle of Manchester and Liberpool rrd, superior as work of art.  Big fire hits them, Bennet, the Jeffersonian

Aug 21 p. 2 Dunlap anecdote of Jarvis meeting one of his illegit sons on a picnic

v critical of lynchings, mobs agst abolitionists

Skips to Aug 25 1835. Aug 29 p. 1 Lines suggested by a picture of Murat, a few moments after his execution, fr NE Mag; fame can never die.  Aug 31

September 1835

3 attacks J of Commerce justification for censoring abolitionist mail 4 pro Wm Cobbett’s attack on paper currency. Notices  Niblo’s. Hannington also advertising, Peale’s and Am museum, Franklin theatre too. 5.  Sept 11 p. 2 anecdote of Weir, the ptr, one of first ptrs of our country, story of how even profess connoisseurs may be humbugged, would occasionally paint a pict and nearly obliterate it with dirt, for would be connoisseur pronounce itundoubted of some one of old masters.  Even fooled fellow artist, who started copying one of Weir’s ‘antiques,’ an undoubted Carracci, an undoubted humbug Weir replied, his friend said Mr P pd $300 for it, but out of frame on lower edge are the initials of my nmenamehis friend Tom threw his copy into the fire.  Sept 14 the Battle of Moscow panorama at Paris is largest ptg in world, figs of 200,000 soldiers full size of life.  Lots of Leigh Hunt. Sept 21 p. 1 Lots of engravings showing the late murderous affair in France, attempt to assassinate Louis Philipe, thru liberality of Saml Jenks Smith, ed Sunday Morning News, woodcuts and details of Fieschl, the infernal machine, the house he fired from.

Amos Kendall responsible for post office censorship of incendiary materials; Transcript sees it as the product of lynch law, and advocates Free Press and orderly behavior.  Lots on the Mechanics Fair and its works of art.  C&E articles on copyright, agrees with them that intl authors shd get paid, so as to put them on same footing as Amer authors.

Oct 2 more on Mech Fair (Trans is printing from there specially), ptgs of Bird.  Skeptical of accuracy of Stone’s acct of Mathias, supports his rival Vale. not a fan of homeopathy. stories of So America.  loves Celeste. likes Paulding.  loves Celeste. pro-Coloniz. only brief notice of Richardson’s dictionary. Likes Sigourney and Opie. Knick is clever.  Notices Amer Inst fair, but not as much as Mechanics--letter notes Am Inst sends mechanics to rear door, goes on to attack their policy of separating them from gmen.  Puffs the Aboriginal Portfolio, a regular advertiser, also Ormsby’s pantographic engr, inclu his head of Justice Marshall.  Omnibus of Fine Arts invites Brooklyn city council to visit, alderman notify them they must remove themselves from city streets.  Attacks gambling houses, gag laws, and supporters of de facto mob law like J of Commerce. Oct 27 says don’t know merits of controversy betw Col Morris and Inman of the Comemrcial, but Inman guilty of breach of confidence to employers, contemptible.  Levi Slamm is a trades union man

Nov 3 p. 2 Natl Hist Ptg, unfurling of Amer Flag at Mex, Broadway and Liberty st, everyone who loves and honors flag shd visit, grt moral lesson, delineated with force and correctness of a master, spectacle sublime imposing, bosom throb, as a work of art merely unsurpassed by John B White of Charleston to be presented to Congress.

TS McKenny acct of Indians fr Knickerbocker.  Ads for the Demo Repub mtg at Tammany Hall supporting Chas Ferris for Congress, also the Native Amer Demo ticket supporting James Monroe for congress.  Supportive of Texans. Likes Bryant poetry.

 Dec 1 p. 3 recounts old chestnut of a rustic commenting on Gainsborough’s pigs. Likes Simms.  7 DC corresp is a friend of Col Richd M Johnson. Skips fr 9 to 11, and LOC volume ends there. NYHS or other volume picks up December 23. Dec 24, critical of merchants wishing to monopolize new post office bldg (after great fire).   puffs AJ Mason’s store of prints, annuals etc.

            v critical of the mercantile aristocrats and their allies the Wall st brokers, monopolizing spirits and grasping dispositions, Dec 28.

            has the advertising poems to Hannington’s

Dec 30 notes Mr Snowden of 9 Beekman st pub engr likeness of much esteemed lady excellent actress Mrs Chapman, by SH Gimber fr ptg by Marchant, but in a way not likely to advance the artist’s fame--shd have employd a more skilful hand

            likes Hannah More


Jan 4 p. 1 Allanson woodcut of the statue of Hamilton fr Merchants Exchange (sort of cloak like toga wrapped around it), destroyed in the fire, striking resemblance, admired as a work of art, here is correct repesentation as it stood in the great hall, executed expressly for the paper.

Approves Smithsonian, GW would endorse.  Am Mo Mag has eaten the NE Mag, so now Park Benjamin and Chas F Hoffman are co-editors, Dearborne publisher.  Use too many dashes in their punctuation.

Supports right to petition in Congress.

Jan 8 p. 2 puffs Omnibus of Fine Arts exhib, Broadway and Park row, Belshazzar’s Feast, Departure of Israelites etc exec in most approved manner some by celeb Raphael others by Corregio, arranged in manner to give full effect

            Advertisement for Amer Acad of FA 6th annual exhib, ancient and modern, Barclay st, splendidly lighted

Praises Mercantile lib, advertises.  litho drwg Lock-e Breaking, caricature on Moon Humbug author, gross libel on gman

Jan 10 (11) p. 1 Persico the Ital sculptor is at Boston taking busts of Everett and Channing; p. 2 puffs the museums, American has Thom’s statues.  Skips the 13th. Skips fr 15 to 18. Ok with Marryatt. Some defense of Sleigh.  Don’t know if Maria Monk is telling truth. Likes Gov Everett.  Prefers Webb to Hale and hallock. Puffs Disturnell’s Pictque beauties of Hudson River, views considered v crrect, four engrav well exec.  Happy re beating of Bennett.  Skips the 26th.  Geo Matsell, involved with reasonand free thinkers, publishers, also involved in raising regiment for texas. Likes Dunlap’s essay on arts of design in Am Mo Mag, notes that Josiah Priest’s Amer Antiquities, demonstrates ancient pop of partially civilized nations, differing entirely fr present Indians, people America

Feb 3 critical of Prosper Wetmore’s position on post office. West Point is elitist. Approves of JQ Adams in regard to France. Feb 20 Antique statues of 14th c found in Switzerland, females and knights with toads gnawing one of them

Feb 22 p. 2 letter fr DC notes Van Buren is thru sitting for his bust to Powers, the artist, introduces a discussion of his character, perfect command of passions and feelings

            Robinson, pub of grt Fire plate, plain or colored, accurate drwg. advertisement too

Notes SH Gimber did well engr likeness of Marryatt for Wallis and Newell of John st in their version of his Japhet, advertisement

Skips the 27th

Mar 1--letter fr Truth still believes in age of Joice Heth. Skips the 2nd  Wash DC corresp says has no symp with politics of Tyler of VA, but sorry he’s resigned (rather than vote for the expunging resolution of Benton).  Likes Dinneford’s franklin theatre and scott, Forrest’s pupil.  Mar 7 p. 2 puffs Thom Bell’s auction 330 Broadway splendid valuable coll of ptgs, chiefly mod, by some most eminent of our artists, connoisseurs and artiss, v hi prices, see ad.  Also notices a sale of marine ptgs at same place, opp to amateurs, most origs by T Chambers, owner of coll, v creditable specimens, ports of ships, also excellent ptgs by well known masters De Deem flower piece naturalness, truth of coloring, minuteness of finsh of Dutch artists, ports of emperor of Russia fr disting merchant in this city coll, taken fr Sunday Morning news

Mar 9 lots of Hannington puffs.  not many excerpts fr Maria Monk. praises Bowery’s Jewess, melodrama, whoever ptd that sceneof marble corridots and of Immolation, young artist named Lehr, may rank his name as one of first in profession Mar 24 p. 2 admirable litho engr by Abner Whitlove, young v talented artist, Orange and Chatham sts, of John Sefton as Jemmy Twitcher in Golden Farmer at the franklin. decidedly correct delineation(next day notes it was actually got up at Endicott’s). publishes series of Pauperian sketches (fr the Alms house)--mocking not sympathetic.

Apr 5 attacks Col Stone and his opposition to trades unions, puffs the Matsell’s public of splendid litho prints ever, likeness Thom Payne, drawn and engr by Bufford of Nassau st fr celeb ptg of Romney, conspic place any gman’s drwg rm. Skips to Apr 9.  Lots of coverage of Jewett, Alamo, likes Roswell Saltonstall for mayor.  Thinks Robinson is guilty alone. praises advertiser American Lunch. correspondent isn’t a fan of Henry Wise.  Doesn’t defend Rosina Townsend. Apr 23  Notes bigotry of Rev Breckinridge.  Gimber engr HErvieu’s sketches in Trollope’s book on Parisians, v spirited. Skips the 26th. Apr 27 p. 2 regularly notes efforts to put down slave trade by british, others.  Thom celeb self taught sculptor admirable illust of Burns’ Tam O Shanter now at Amer mus justly praised by all has furnished Newark NJ with design for lrge equestrian statue of GW, marble, $12,000.   Think Carey & Hart of Phila are lousy publishers, errors and poor quality.  Apr 30 critical of Am Mo Mag’s criticism as partial, unjust and abusive.  Cautious re US getting involved with TX.  Notes West’s Death on Pale Horse at Amer Acad, Barclay st, awful sublime, execution everything perhaps expected fr mortal pencil, grand and striking effects, feelings of beholder evidence of astonishing power of artist.  puffs it again later, those who don’t study it are deficient not only in taste but in rational, curiosity (advertisement too)

Skips to May 7, then to the 10th, then 12th,  then 17,18, p. 2 says J of Commerce wants to clear Wall st of nuisances like peddlers, the real nuisances are the stock jobbers, the only ones not turning an honnest penny.  23rdp. 2, Thom Lawrence ptg full length of Canning haranguing Commons, nobody in backgrd seats, a fault in taste and fact.   Notices approvingly Bennett’s second beating, and covers trial of Beach and Day for stealing Webb’s packet, but without much comment on the latter. Skips to 28th,  Seems ok with Webb’s criticisms of the Woods at the Park, not a friend of the Woods.  Likes Theo Fay.

Skips to Jun 1. Jun 2 p. 2 Port of Duke of Rigmarole, pleasure of examining it ptd by one of most celeb artists, of scientific and illustrious Roswell Saltonstall, striking likeness, character and mind in lineaments of face, bold thinker, original reasoner, can square the circle.  Notices GW Dixon’s crazy activities. Covers Jewett trial, but no extra details a la Herald. 8th, thinks Ogden Hoffman’s speech at Jewett trial brilliant, Sun disagrees. Skips the 9th.  Very critical of Judge Edwards’ charge to jury in trial.  Same judge also found journeymen tailors guilty of combination in forming a union, accuses them of being foreigners.  Jun 17 notices fine artist Weir two beaut picts for Mr Cozzens ofWest Pt, noble performance.  specially notices v beaut wd engrav by Adams in Mirror. Jun 21 notices Robinson, litho’r of Courtland st, pub accurate likeness of Peter Jewell, alias Mary Jones the Man Monster, correct representation of a bad subj.  Calls Dearborn’s Byron edition a humbug, doesn’t give what it says it does, the frontispiece portrait too a counterfeit, plagiarism, humbug, told not done by engraver but some young artist (involves engr Dick and someone GT Storm).  His DC corresp contradicts a reprinted story fr Western Mo Mag.  A wee bit critical of Astor Hse.  Rather prim as editor. Jun 27 p.2 calls So Lit Messenger a literary slop pail, ed by Poe, writing himself into notoriety by rancor agst popular writers.  June 28 notes penny papers not given to puffery or indiscriminate eulogy, penny press has no inducements to this disgusting practice, readers spy into motives with mother wit and knowl of world, the sworn enemy to humbug in every shape, its v organiz functions as moral police, reprobating practices the sixpennies dare not notice or regard as sacrosanct.  penny press helping to regenerate present age, doesn’t respect names alone.,  Sympathetic to clerks asking for more money.

July 1 p. 2 praises Indian ports at Saunder’s Divan in Broadway by Col McKinney, correct delineation, puffs Death on Pale Horse, faint praise of Am Mo Mag which publishes Dick/Storm engraving of Byron, letter fr The Red Man’s Friend in support of McKinney, looking alive.  Maybe prefers Mirror to Knick. Not much re Death of Madison. Skips 6th?  Jul 7 still v v hard on Poe.  Has that weird account of Morse and Clausing, a German student persecuted by Jesuits.  Comm Advertiser defends Robinson. July 12 p. 2 notes Henry Inman ptd glowing spirited likeness of inimitable popular native poet Fitz Greene Halleck, much admired, engr by Parker highly creditable fidelity, in NY Mirror with acct by Gulian Verplanck.

            Likes Leggett

            Ptgs for Rotunda at DC, hope committee will confine artists strictly to epoch of revolutionary history, or be in contravention to views of people and decoration of structure.  Heard names of Alston, Sully, Weir, Inman, Vanderlyn and Morse suggested as best, four first named would exec creditably and honorably.  hope none of these pictures will embrace personages and events foreign to our nationist history, no Spanish subjects, such as landing of Columbus or heroism of other adventurers, but genius and pencils to glorious revolution. 

Defends Astor Hse regularly, including in dispute with biscuit baker.  Jul 19: the NY American is pet of monopolies, aristo of trade, think marble mansions can give respectability to meanness and imbecility, like the Commercial Advertiser, the organ of religious cant and dogmas and ritual, violently impugn democratic principle. Jul 20 praises Colman’s taste, shop window a treat to the connoisseur, perfection of engrav and ptgs displayed.  July 21 in favor of death penalty, think mod times too lenient on crime.  Notice of Raphael’s Madonna at drugstore of Milnot & Gamble, Broadway and Dey, superb minature copy by Weinedel, young Germ artist, most exquis finished beaut colored specimen, crowds of lady admirers.

Jul 25 p. 2 Beaut and valuable ptgs, tho much tossed and tumbled, in Custom Hse Hotel, Pine and Nassau sts, proprietor Horn, “Cupids” by a young Dutch artist

Jul 27 says Amer colonists in Texas shd be impatient under the tyranny of a scum of Span creoles in their extreme degeneracy when the inert and hapless Indian blood has neutralized and corrupted the energies of the vital current that flows in Anglo Saxon veins was but natural.  Critical of the Liverpool corresp of the Eve Star. 

Friends with Freeman Hunt.  Maria Monk disproved.  NP Willis brilliant.  Tackles the Express.  He is VERY for Texas now.  Critical of Col Stone for comparing US govt to Indians to Czar’s treatment of Polish. Skips Aug 23.  Lots more on Beach trial.

Skips fr Aug 31 to Sept 5.  Loves Benj T Butler, thinks Comm Daily Advertiser bad to attack him for polit or relig reasons.  p. 2 puffs Bell’s advert for sale of ptgs belonging to Saunders, of the Washington Divan in Broadway, on its walls, inclu chef d’ouevres of disting masters of Dutch, Ital and Flemish schls.   Skips to 17th.

1837 pub Wm J Stanley, 162 Nassau st.  His name comes off it by Sept 11, and motto added same month of “free trade and equal rights”. one cent.

July 1

Sept 11…15, monopolies caused the revulsion. skips 19th. 21 p. 1 Murat’s widow fr letters of Sir AB Faulkner, her rooms described as rendezvous of all gay and illustrious in capital of Tuscany, apartment has trophies, and full length ports of members of thefallen dynasty, inclu Murat on charger by Le Gros, the veriest living representation of the dauntless port of the warrior.  off her bedrm his bust shedding solemnity, a shrine, flowers.  No theater ads?!   ok with shinplasters.  Still support the Mechanics Fair, plan to print fr there, Art and Genius and Catlin, describes mtg at Tammany of Conservative Democracy, but locofocos take over. 28th p.2 reviews Catlin’s exhib and lectures, prodigious labor and perseverance, grt knowledge, anecdote, ptg is of a first rate character.  Mismanagement of the alms house.  29th says that editors call free trade advocates locofoco, Agrarians, Fanny Wright men

Oct 2, skips 3, 4 skips 6, 7. says Herald, express and news agree with him on trade. skips to 10 to 12, skips the 15th, 16, 17, 18, 19 20, puffs beaut grand mosaic picture at Amer Acad, soft lively, vivid richest hues, design grand, labor of yrs, ingenuity, magnificent. Likes Amer Inst, a national currency,  advertises S Woodworth benefit

Nov 1 and forward.  Likes SG Goodrich’s token (enemy of Park Benjamin) .  Likes lecturer Birmingham, critical of the Sun.  No criticism of Whig celeb banquets. Likes a banknote engr.

Dec 2 (skips Dec 1)

1838  162 Nassau st and 20 Wall st, H Payson & Co have bought it, still a penny, free trade, conducted by Americans in spirit of 76, no party spirit (!) Apr 13 Rev Hawks shills for Brandreth. Astors voted Whig ticket.

April 21, advert for Christ Healing Sick at Amer Museum. Apr 24 likes Neal’s Charcoal sketches. Apr 27 28, big ad for Varick Hse. 30

Skips to May 3, 4, 5, skips fr 7 to 12, 14, 15, 16,  then June 23—office moved into Callender’s store then to Aug 25, seems to approve of GW Dixon of Polyanthus affray

Oct 4 James H Perkins story.  Oct 5.  Seems to have become if wasn’t before a thorough Whig, or at least very anti locofoco.

1839 NYPL mfilm

Feb 21 1st issue. dislikes Commod Elliot. Then to Mar 26, Robinson caricature well expressed. p2 attack on Levi S Chatfield, oswego member, who spoke agst the Clinton Monument, pitiful and contemptible economy, to begrudge public revenues for monumental marble of a name long written on hearts of country men.  C says Monuments are anti-democratic. why not demo to show gratitude? reckless opposition to a whig chief magistrate