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New-Yorker (1851)

LOC portfolio: New-Yorker 1851 one cent, “God and the People” 100 Nassau st, pub Wm Fairman, ed Wm Fairman and Carlos D Stuart, daily circ 12,000

Mar 25 1851,

notices NY Herald employees new military company, John Connery, Wm Marshall, John Falvey, James McGowan, John Smyth and Wm Smyth, Thos Price and Jacob Henry Cohen. Notes Noah’s death. Lots of Ag stuff.

Apr 12 1851 p2 Am Artists Assoc have larger gall at Apollo bldg, open free, glorious addition. Sketch club met with Jones, the sculptor, at Cafferty’s studio, and Walcutt is illus a new romance by a native author.

disapproves of Demos in leg not funding the canal enlargement.

apr 18 p2 The Mock Mirror on Mock Auctions: His Honor’s organ, the public snarler of the Mirror (Kingsland is mayor), says we retracted claim re stores paying to have mock auction banners removed, but we didn’t. Hiram Fuller in the Common council chamber, criticizing superintendent of the streets, who calls him an ass for the impracticality of his street cleaning ideas. CM James is publishing the New-York OK, 2 cents. Jones advertises his medallion likeness of Henry Clay

Apr 24 praise Danl Webster, like to erect a colossal marble statue to him in the Park

May 23 1851 puffs Watts’ nervous antidote

May 30 p2 Art and Artists: Kyle fine pic, emigrants crossing the plains, Dallas in his studio ptg the Captive; hope Artists Assoc will get charter fr leg, Putnam Book of Am lscape, Jones a bust and equestrian statue of marble is talked of, Brown and Jones preparing model, will cost $30-40,000, should like to see his genius busied on it, would do it justice

Jun 6 1851: pro Battery enlargement. Webb versus Willis: think Webb is in the wrong.

Aug 7 1851 last issue in portfolio. Dislike Matsell.