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Nineteenth Century

Nineteenth Century: A Family Journal devoted to Temperance, Morality, Polite Lit, Miscellany, Ag and Genl Intellig, ed and pub Danl Cady and Warren Rockwell at NY and Syracuse, 122 Nassau St. Vol 4, no 19, Sat July 15, 1848

            Mostly just temperance stuff, ad for Burgess’ Daguerrian Gallery, 181 Broadway

July 22, 29

NYHS Nineteenth Century. A Family J devoted to temperance, morality polite lit, miscellany ag and genl intellig; Daniel Cady and Warren Rockwell, 122 Nassau st, vol 4 1848. NYHS has just two issues.  small, just 4 columns. July 15, 1848, July 22 1848, Jul 29