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Photographic Art Journal

Photo AJ was edited by Henry Hunt Snelling, a bro in law of Geo Palmer Putnam, publisher of Putnam’s. (see Allibones critical history, 1870) Harrison, The Am AU and Nat Acad, Photo AJ 2 (Feb 1851) 116

Photographic Art Journal: January 1851 first issue has Gabriel Harrison on photog as art, C Edwards Lester on Brady (doing his Illust Americans), praise Whitney’s monthly Republic, has JK Fisher crit of Am AU and editors endorse a money plan

Feb 1851 Gabriel Harrison writes again, editors say have no personal hostility towards the AU, Harrison says it is destroying individuality of the NAD, in its gallery the rud vulgar and blasphemous meet, cheap productions, don't use art for gambling, ape England, buy fr artists only in the country a few weeks. NAD shouldn’t accept money fr AU. JK Fisher has a second article on AAU, they use their bulletin to attack artists against them. Cite Scientific American

March 1851: notices opening of NAD, praises institution. Has SJ Burr biography of Gabriel Harrison, dad a connoisseur, friends with Peter Grain a scene painter, got support for his proposal to Capt Lawrence at Trinity fr Bouck, Geo Morris, TS Cummings, Alex Purdy, L Bradish, robt H Morris, Noah Willis Bryant Greeley Halleck Beach GA Worth. CW Webber has long obit on Audubon

May 1851 notices Art Union Bulletin replies to February Harrison article, and JK Fisher has article on AAU’s Bulletin, he is hostile to the Artist’s Association too as same in principle to AU. Brother artist showed me articles signed Crayon in Eve post, wanted to inquire into those charges, TW Whitley who was Crayon helped him organize a committee to investigate. Admires Everett and Longfellow of NE AU. Journal publishes AU Bulletin article fr April on history, plan and position. Has a feature on Washington Allston, fr Tuckerman perhaps

June 1851: more fr JK Fisher, says AU cut off advertising in Eve Post and Home J for being critical, he tried to estab an Artist’s Art-Union when returned fr Europe in ’48, tried again in 50 with Whitley

Sept 1851 Fisher on Institutions for promoting fine arts in the city, NY Gallery ought to be a free public gallery, landholders would benefit. Neither Acad nor AU supports large pics. Need an assoc for exhib of art, give to ea a share of the profits and allow influ in management. Advertising system is pernicious to press in matters of taste

Oct 1851 have profile of Henry Kirke Brown by N Cleaveland Nov 1851 Gabriel Harrison on the Brooklyn Art Union, run by men who think and plan for themselves, dedicated to art, a temple reared to uphold the beautiful without a lottery wheel for its cornerstone or a dicebox for its cupola, doesn’t look to foreign lands for material, esp such debased material fr Germ and Britain which forms the four walls of all the art unions attempting to nurse art in this country. germ for art is among us, the adventuresome and battle like spirits of the aborigines of the land, boldness of forefathers, nature etc. Prospectus is for a Joint Stock Assoc, $5 share, member select. Bio of Darley. Notice of an Artists’ Exhib Gallery for the annual distrib of art, $3 membership, Artists fund will give dividend, distrib take place at close of annual exhib of Ohio Mechanics Institute, Austin T Earle a daguerrean in Cinti. Denies that Edw Anthony is involved in any way with the journal.

December 1851 copy comments on art fr Bulletin of Am AU on Leutze, on Courrier on Mount, and on Danl Huntington’s pic for Phila AU. Harrison doing a series on Lights and Shadows of Daguerrean Life, no 3.

Jan 1852 editors on Devt of Nationality in Am Art, cites Ruskin on natural lines, need to express new thoughts, ought to stay home, no deference to false ideals. Mount the only one, Bingham is mannered, Rothermel does foreign, Page powerful but ruins them with subj with which the age has no symp. Durand good, Doughty did once but lost all power (editors insert here that this attack is a veil for the disgusting treatment he’s received fr Art Union), Cole destitute of local char. Editors attack Am AU as boasting and puffing of medicine shop, Herald takes their ads and cuts them up, being sued for libel. Of catalog for distrib in 1851, 310 ptgs by 132 artists. 2 German artists mentioned 23 times, a third 27 times. Other foreign artists have ea 5-15 ptgs, most native artists not more than 3. Doughty has one gotten second hand, Durand but two. Not American or national.

March 1852 JK Fisher on Art Unions, Artists’ Assoc he helped found is more demo than NAD but still won’t work, attacks oligarchy, prostitutes in free gallery

Apr 1852 Harrison the dignity of our art. Am Art Union by editors, one of the few occasions when herald takes side of truth and justice in publishing severe and caustic articles, gives judge Duer’s injunction. Turner bio. May 1852 blurb praises Thomas R Whitney’s Republic, only truly Am mag. More by Fisher on Am AU, critical of them for telling artists that they can’t get a lottery up on their own June 1852 Fisher on a New Assoc of Artists, outlines the plan with gallery for artists to rent portions of, commission pd into general fund, loan to artists, exchange works with other cities, promote grand style, annuities, and in press, every journalist should put his name to his pieces to inspire confidence. Has a regular gossip column, ocver drama too

July 1852 Fisher on Am AU, need the democratic party to organize itself to help arts, not oligarchic ones November 1852 more fr Fisher on auction of ptgs, won’t get what they’re worth, wants institution to carry on under diff govt. MP Simons writes to the Public, recent cutting article on cheap picture makers, vision he had a few days ago, dream found himself in strange room, walls hung with ptgs, no one of many bystanders knew object, blue coat and buff vest dusting ptgs, said this is a Peter Funk auction and I be the auctioneer. thoughty these places of imposition and fraud had been stopped? yes, but as long as public opinion remains as it is, such places will exist. your opinion I asked? an out and out a grab game, articles of no value whatsoever, ptgs bring abt $1 but fr country will be knocked off at $1.50, showy frames to make them sell, ptgs fr Germany where mechanically done by small girls and boys after good models such as on the opposite side of the rm. But traffic may end, as pretty shrewd chap, dealer in genuine article who is exposing our tricks, have to go back to carpentering. Began to sell, noticed young man lighting a cigar, finest black broadcloth, expressive eye, preferred the ptgs being sold to rich spirited gems of the old masters. He was a preacher. dreamt fire consumed varnish of cheap ptgs, public taste improved as bright light lit up old masters

Jan 1853 bio of Vanderlyn. Art Union fr editors, still burdening art with sordid concerns and tools of servile clique, sale for the toadies of the managers not all the artists

Feb 1853 extract fr Putnam’s disagree that extinction of art union depressed art, instead it suffered fr a misgoverned concern; Putnam’s said art union interfered with principle of laissez faire, hope gallery will stay open as an artist’s exchange or school of design

March praises Washington exhibition April takes fr National Era account of Am artists in Rome fr Grace Greenwood mostly on Crawford May 1853 opening of NAD June 1853p. 59 surprised when we learned statue of De Witt Clinton in the Park was work of HK Brown, thought it some uncultivated would be genius who imagined he had accomp a ‘great first work’ and desired to astound the people. But for Brown to turn a subj so glorious to so imperfect in every respect is a matter of surprise. Only one position for viewing gives slightest pleasing result very meagre it is true, to the shouth east hides the deformities of a full front view and of the hand and arm. Press generally coincides, but never expected to read such old fogyism as in Sunday Courier, $15,000 lump of brass, no intrinsic value except as metal, in honor of a household word, how can it honor him or serve purpose other than contributors apeing customs of the old world. Printing means no need for statues, a degradation not an honor

November  bio of Edw Everett, has been reviewing the Crystal Palace, do French school here, no nature, taking series fr Daily Times

ends Dec 1853