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GW Dixon does the Polyanthos, Sept 18, 1841, sixpence. from the Critic or Polyanthos?: Lots of illustrations on first page:  The Harlot (rather twisting pose), correct port of Mr A Crommelin, officious friend of late Mary C Roger, and likeness of the old lady.  exaggeratedly tall, bowing.  Ports of duelists Belmont and Heyward

            hostile to England, anti abolitionist, notes Brother Jonathan Jack all alias the Tattler ed by little Fussy Weld, compares to organ grinder, mad that he didn’t believe what Clay and Webster said about Dixon’s singing.  Likes Thom Nichols

Nov 7 1841, Dixon’s Polyanthos, p. 1 illustration of The Beautiful Ellen, Ellen Thompson Placide, v fashionable numerous lovers, suicided; vignette of seducere on hisknee in garden, professing love, then of encounter and kiss good bye with second lover,   Mentions a good bye dinner for artist JS Browne covered in the Planet and by Weld.

July 21, 1838, Polyanthos, Joins Spirit of the Times in attacking Hamblin’s immorality, in oppos to C & E and Noah.  p. 5? notes Mr Endicott 359 Broadway pub beaut correct port of late Miss Missouri Miller, unorunte victim of Thom Hamblin and Louisa Medina.  aim is literary independence.  Six cents, sold at Robinsons Print store in Wall st

Dec 15 1838 title is Polyanthos and Fire Dept Album.  Also notes Nat Willis has new abortion of a tragedy Bianca Visconti.  well known that Willis abuses personal enemies.  Halleck’s Fanny, part 4, stanza on sculpture, we’ve a grace the Grecian master had owned his purest model lacks, We’ve Mr B----t in the best of plaster, the witch of Endor in the best of wax, besides the head of Franklin on the roof, of Mr L---g, both jest and weather proof.  In ptg we have Trumbull’s proud chef d’oeuvre, blending in one the funny and the fine, his independence will endure for ever, and so will Mr Allen’s lottery sign, and all that grace the academy of arts, fr Dr Hosack’s face to Bonaparte’s

Jun 9, 1838 polyanthos and new york visitor.  p. 3 Fine Arts, a new ptg shortly exhib in city, the City of Canton, or vicinity, character of extreme gaiety, really dazzling effect, v prettily ptd, pict of sort crowded with myriad objects distracting eye with gaudiness of colours, not many pleasing effects in an artificial sense, merit must consist in its being a true picture, and we are assured its fidelity may be relied on. panorama taken by Tonequa, native artist, Chinese proverbial correctness. v curious, and interesting.  Signed GWD

Julia Brown well known brothel on Leonard St adjacent to National Theater; Princess Julia, describes her house as built after Duchess of kent, parlors on first floor in Oriental magnificence (Dixon’s Polyanthos, Jun 6 1841), mirrors, carpets, etc, lots of comparisons of the women to Sir Walter Scott characters, one woman’s room has a picture of Ovid, Byron and Doctor Hawkes, as well as Cleopatra; another has Fanny Elssler, Taglioni, Count Reichstad and Marquis of Waterford, Chas Kemble and Arbaces

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