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Sunday Courier (New York Courier)

Sunday Courier NYHS misc loose issues

has banner headline,, a family newspaper, neutral in politics and religion, devoted to lit scie arts news drama misc amusements etc. this is volume 2. 3 cents, Smith Adams and Smith, 124 Nassau st. 8 columns. 

May 7 1848 (volume 1, no 14): has engr on front illus a story. p2 very critical of NP Willis’ fashionable twaddle in Home J. The assumption by Mrs JG Bennett of fash society of NY is resented by Willis, the elegant Cosmetician. puffs Lyceum old masters. mocks Bennett. likes Banvard, and Wuthering Heights. Peter Piper writing travel.

April 15, 1849: at 75 Chatham st. p.2 has column on the Sunday Press. skeptical of whig mayor and whig common council being effective, but like Whig mayor, better than havemeyer or Brady. forrest and macready row: symp to Forrest, but as a proprietor of one of NY dailies, and his rlns with a late able yet bitterly prejudiced Am journalist as close and advantageous as Macready and Forster. he should know how wirepulling works. scarcely an artist or an author in any city who is not suppoted by a certain clique of journalists and press or presses, very few papers not devoted to their friends. Mocks those who buy up Euro worn out wood engr to start a splendidly illus newsp in NY (giving them local names). Notices handsome weekly the Examiner by Henry Arcularius Jr and Joseph Scoville. 

 July 29 1849, smith adams and smith, very critical of the dog slaughter. take a story about Mount fr the Dutchman, interprets Power of Music as past, present (negro) and future. Letter from a reader saying he reads the Sunday Times, Courier and Atlas. p. 2 like Genl Morris, not Bangs. Papers in Washington promoting Amer Lady artist, exquis miniatures by Miss Anna Mary Freeman daughter of painter. glad to see our fine minded countrywomen seeking arenas for exercise of their genius. Horn publishing his Inveterate. Like Simeon Draper’s recent address. Holden’s for August is good. Notices Casali’s European American, he recently battled Hughes, $3. Excerpts fr Courrier on a ptg at Intl AU. excerpt Melville.

April 11 1852, vol 5 no 9, Smith, Bangs & Co, has new abbreviated masthead, no more mottos. has letter fr Willis fr Bermuda where he went after trial with Forrest, likes relaxed pace. has Alexandre Dumas story. Has profile of city aldermen, including Tiemann, a Knickerbocker demo, and Isaac Barker, a whig of Union and anti Seward stripe, went to Union coll., lawyer. p. 2 dislikes Brackett’s shipwrecked mom, no sanctified sentiment about it, wasn't for Greek Slave either. object to idea of preventing boys from going to the theater, it is a shelter and delight. editorial on Old Fogies and the Demo Review: under Geo saunders, old fogies are the Cass men, Buchanan men, Butler men, and other old hacks. youn America is Little Giant Douglas of Illinois, embodiment of rejuvenated democracy. Fogies have party machinery, but young blood and new ideas must carry the day agst superstition. Fillmore, Scott and Webster have a little of the quality of old fogyism, but not as much. Barnum and Greeley allies in Maine law. rather hard on Temple of Muses employees (model artists). Mocks Wikoff. Likes Genin. Noticed Edw Forrest, but mocks Andrew Stevens letters in Police Gazette, mocks W Ereginnea Robinson. 1822 immigrants in two days. Notice the Art Union legal case, mocks JG Bennett (for accusing someone else of immorality), and Judge Edmonds for being scared to rule on it. Likes Demo Rev for April.

April 15 1849, vol 2, no 11, Smith Adams and Smith, owners and editors. 75 Chatham st, Sunday papers vs the Trib. Forrest v Macready, should know there are cliques in newspapers, rlns with a late able yet bitterly prejudiced Am journalist as close as those of Macready and Forster, should know not to quarrel over it. running NY in Slices by orig author, new series, on Customs house, notices son of Spy in Washington works there, is a demo tho, Parke Godwin there too. results of city election, a purely whig govt. Recipe for a splendidly illus paper, buy old engravings in Paris, give them local names. Col Fremont's nondescript or woolly horse noticed, advertises. Am AU advertises. Brougham has a satire on socialism featuring Fourier Grisley, our cotemporary who doesn't like the Sunday papers, at Burton's. Notes phrenolog lecture by Fowler and Wells

NY Courier

May 18 1856, 15 Spruce st, it's huge, it shrinks by 1857, but goes fr 4 pages to 8. vol 10 no 2. JW Orr did masthead. supports Walker in Nicaragua, Art Union notes marriage of Dallas and M Frances Kyle, they should collab on a book

New York Courier feb 8 1857 3 cents 15 Spruce st

Genio C Scott writing for them on sports. Sun has big ad. Mostly stories. 

Oct 13 1858 Simeon Draper distances himself fr Weed and Republicans.

Feb 3 1859 praises Sun and Day Book (latter fr personal knowledge). story of the Mysterious Picture. March 6 1859 lots on Sickles tragedy, engr by dickinson. Surprised Life Illustrated is slandering reporters, they have integrity. Like Chas McLachlan's Programme, oldest theatrical critic in the city March 13 expose of gambling dens. crit of Harper's weekly for reusing engravings, their portraits never have likeness; ours are done fr Brady photos. Fates of editors of Aurora. March 20 has portrait of Mike Walsh, to accompany his obit, worked for Herald and Dispatch, but also pub in Express, city ed for Aurora

have stories about emigrants and tenements; mostly too fragmented to see.

May 15 1859 Sensation Preachers: admiring profiles and engravings of Beecher (also has a column in the Ledger) and Chapin, (April 10 1859 I think) of those involved in Sickles trial inclu John Clancy and James T Brady, E Hart, also a (May 8 1859) view of battery and bowling green during revolution