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Sunday Mercury

Mercury—from America’s Historical Newspapers and Library of Congress bound volumes; also some NYHS and AAS

AAS Sunday Mercury new masthead Oct 27 1839,Nov 3, 10 Bunker Hill freq puffed, at Masonic Hall Nov 17,24 Dec 1 John L Brown announces disposed of my interest to other partners. NP Willis a cur. Dec 8,15,22 most lecturers are humbugs 29.

Jan 5 1840 Fire dept succumbing to rowdyism. Jan 12, 19.26. Feb 1840: 2 support Merc Lib, and Mech Inst Feb 9 memoir of Mitchell of Olympic, with engr. No symp for Indians. Bengough scene painter returns to England, portrait of Mitchell was drawn by Halpin and engr by JB Lossing of Fam mag. Feb 16, 23. March 1 1840 Col Stone contemptible, hypocritical and dogmatical whinings agst Sunday press and penny press, says raggedness a crime. Sun Morn News going fr Saml Jenks to E Barnett. March 8 likes Paul Pry. C&E doesn’t pay its journeymen. mar 15,22 our morals are lax, p3 Geo Jamieson miniature sculp Ed Forrest broach exquis perfect likeness. Mar 29. April 5 1840. Apr 12, 19 praises New England Yankeeism, will dominate, strain of Puritans, consecrated at Bunker Hill. Puffs a ptg of the Crucifixion at Lyceum. Apr 26 engr of a Broadway belle and beau, drawn by Gammon, engr by Bacon. A Member of the Am Inst writes that institution is crippled and broken down by mismanagement, ought to report, be exposed

May 3 1840 Washington Correspondent More Anon on entering Capitol, proud to be an American, pics in Rotunda enthusiasm of feeling, well known scene in early history, sainted forms of early patriots, inspire a stoic p. 3 NAD. May 10 p. 3 NAD. May 17 p1 visits State Hse, Phila, ptgs by Bass Otis, Henry Inman, sculp by Mr Rush (More Anon writing again). Praises Ellsler, and Willis. p2 mentions TS Cummings at NAD. Nad advertises. May 31 think Signal’s campaign agst Bennett just gives him more notoriety. Tasistro at odds with Brandeth, going back on stage, also had enmity of Bennett. June 7 hostile to Rachel as is Courrier des Etats Unis. criticizes Moral War agst Herald. June 14 p2 odd on John Inman’s portrait? June 21 p3 lists drama critics for the papers. June 28 disapprove of liquor booths at Park on 4th of July, long diatribe agst Mitchell of Olympic, Attree of Herald.

July 5 1840 long transl fr Courier des Etats on Bennett, sans culotte of journalism, don’t approve moral war. July 12, 19, 26 Olympic not advertising. Aug 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 defend Bennett and his wife, one of the editors recently in a duel, Bennett handled it funny. Native Americans attacked Fanny Elssler fans

Sept 6 1840 p1 Pictor has long letter to critics on the art of painting. p2 Astor hse home to literary loafer, press and managers and actors who keep up appearances, borrows money. Mitchell’s is advert again. Sept 13 defends Merc Lib agst crit in Courier. Sept20, 27. Oct 4,11 disappointed by Am Inst Fair, enormous shark, pie baking, not impt inventions. Oct 18, 25. Nov 1,8 p2 New Pictures, proposed new Natl Gallery, satire. Nov 22,29 p2 history of NY newspapers, Sun locofoco, Herald Conservative, Whig and locofoco. Critical of Cooper’s new book. Dec 6 1840 p2 continues account of the papers. Dec 13 Van Buren is commonplace, sulky egotist. AD Paterson theatrical critic of the Albion, accomplished. Knick our fave mag. Dec 20, 27.

AAS Sunday Mercury for 1841 enlarges, new masthead

Jan 3,10 approves of Seward appointing Noah a judge. loves Seward. Jan 17 More Anon signs theater review letter. Jan24 dislikes Recorder Robt H Morris. 31

Feb 1841 7 p2 responds to Arcturus on newspaper crit. Feb 14 symp port of Bennett, Dollar Mag Willis and Weld puffed Feb 21 1840. 28

March 7 1841 cover a fight, crit of Harrison’s Inaug adddress, 14 praises Orestes Brownson lecture. mar 21,28 praises Colyer of Peale museum. loves Mapes.

April 11 black borders thruout for Harrison lots of coverage Apr 18, 25.

May 2 1841 Bacon retired fr planet Wm Grandin taking over, new office 13 Beekman st May 9, 16 v crit of Comm Advert 23 p1 origins of Jim Crow in Rice. Restell card, they’ve attacked her regularly. May 30 p1 NAD

June 6 1841 Tyler’s address won’t be pop with partisan Jun 13 p2 Fine Arts a satire June 20 Lyrics fr a Loafer, Eliza Cook. Bulwer bad morals, gilds his dangerous ware. mistake for court to expel Attree. June 27 p1 our fresco painters. covers a lot of shocking rapes

July 4 1841, 11, 18 Halpin still their artist, loves Stephens’ travels, Aug 1 p1 correction to fresco article. no Sunday laws. Langleys’ Dem Rev is good. Aug 8, p1 satire of college student, includes James Varick Stout the sculptor (seem to be written by same author as fresco painters) Aug 15, 22 Nat Intelligencer one of our best journals 29 p1 more corrections in fresco ptr debate. covers Belmont Hayward duel, favors Hayward. Silk Buckingham’s account is twaddle.

Sept 5 1841, 12 p1 illus is Newsboy in pit of Chatham. 19 support newsboys and penny press. M**R writing their comic profiles and frescoes, conceals two vowels and two consonants. Dislikes the Mirror, and Puffer Hopkins. Likes Geo W Dixon, who is (Polyanthos) feuding with Willis Sept 26 p1 Fashionable portrait painter. Pub by Paige and Nichols now.

Oct 3, 10, 17, 26 puffs sculpture of rape of the Sabines at Martin’s Broadway and Grand, nothing more exquisite in city.

last issue in set.

April 24, 1842 Merc p1 William Page

Spoons Pictorial

LOC bound volume 1842:

Jan 2 3 cents EW Paige and Sam Nichols, 18 Beekman st, Halpin and Lossing designer and engraver. Life of Chantrey the sculptor. p.2 critical of Eve Post for seizing on Glentworth to make political hay (Glentworth paid for votes for the whigs). Sunday mornign Star issued by Meighan and Co. 29 Ann st. Cites the Herald 9engr of foreign gmen. praises the Aurora. 16 p2 Statue of Wash: memorial fr best men of the day presented to Common Council alleging James V Stout a native of NY for patriotism and encourage native talent and tried genius and fitness for the work, be entrusted to execuute a statue for this city. Hope petition will be granted, a great work.

Feb 6: front page port of McDonald Clarke, drawn by McDougal and Lossing. with a not very good bio, the original inventor of English transcendentalic poetry. p.2 Kellogg and Taylor 27 Ann st of the Planet launching Commercial Transcript. Differs fr Courrier (and likes Pinteaux). Bennett came up with phrase small potatoes for Seward; Mercury thinks Col Stone is too.

Feb 13 Clarke sends in hiw own bio. p.2 Notices Bell sale of pictures; mocks Geo W Dixon of Polyanthos; Bennett and Aurora in libel trial (Attree involved). not fan of Rachel. Feb 20 front page Inman painting of sexy girl; blurb on Thom the sculptor superintending Gothic ornaments for Trinity, a v beaut statue of Wash at Paterson NJ fr block of lilac stone, excited admiration fr critics and lovers of arts, some one offered him a little money and he sold it though worth much more. Critical of Webb. 27 crit of old men. support a copyright. p.2 McDougall of 11 Park row pub litho of hobgoblin of pres, Bennett, only well managed one we’ve seen of him. TL Nichols is off the Aurora, will start another.

Paper expands to bigger size in March. M****R writes about illus of candy woman peddler, that worthy wags pestered city to erect a public gallery of ptgs, living and buried geniuses in our city, modern Pantheon of generals, editors, aldermen with sham fights penny journals and ducks, but aldermen no money for painters and sculptors, but we shall produce cabinet designs. Inside pages not readable.

Mar 12: portrait of late McDonald Clarke. C Mathews in Arcturus and Park Benj in New World angry at ea other. Wasp does profile of Chas Anthon, professor, haughty and disagreeable, coarseness of habit, born with silver spoon, peculiar elocution, students think him a bore and tyrant, pedant ltd knowl of languages, prof at Columbia. p2 hist of newspaper criticism is based on antipathies of editors 20 calls new editor of Aurora an ass; NY Arena appeared under auspices of Thos L Nichols, no relation, praise him. Mocks Park Benjamin. Express objects to penny press being edited by nobodies, speaking the opinion of nobodies; Bennett calls him an ass. Transcript asks why son of Dr Valentine Mott not punished for unprovoked assault on a colored man, John Van Buren got him off. Praise Sunday times. 27 Transcript says woodcuts are a bore. p.2 Aurora: disagree with its take on men and measures, but tone is manly and sincere, readable and commanding. Catherwood divorced, cited cousin Caslon in England; Fire Dept ball raised $1200 but requuired Liebenau the artist to provide ptgs and decorations for free. Like Arena’s lack of egotism. Calls editor of Aurora Mr Thingumari. Apr 3 banter with Aurora goes on, and they approve of their editorial against arresting prostitutes en masse, though they like Matsell.

Apr 10 blurb on Joshua Reynolds; Wasp profiles Frelinghuysen, aim is to reform our University, it has done nothing, was estab to destroy an older local institution, pauperism relig fanaticism have tainted it, politician professors, alighted on Frelinghuysen the pious and learned. unpop preacher in Newark, bigotry, does not pretend to learning, manners harsh and cold, bible his text book. 17 profile is of James R Whiting, so essentially political is our community that every existing thing or matter seems tinted by color of partisan politics, bank notes circulating medium not only of monetary device but of polit emblems etc, current DA is a polit lawyer, appeals in court room to loungers, mob, prejudices and irritations, appetites of prejudiced and unlearned

April 24, 1842 Merc p1 William Page profile by Wasp: a pilgrimage in search of the National would founder amid glittering theater signboards and banknotes (pictorial illus of the credit syst), have never caught a glimpse of it. But misapplied to the Nat Acad, feast us on strict locality, not natl in subj members nor situation, incorrect standard for exhibitors and disgraceful annual collection. Page artist of exceeding worth, cant be celeb, for not National—doesn’t require delineating bald heads of revolutionary heroes, effigies of gaunt Indians murdering maidens, but peculiarities of our citizens, fleeting manners of our age, vices of our century, a Hogarth Teniers and Wilkie. Page in classic rank, wont be popular, award but little praise to say he is most correct draughtsman and skilful master of color in city, so he does portraits. Poet and scholar. p2 John D Kellogg left Transcript, now DB Taylor doing it.

May 1 front page, Harry Franco writes back to Wasp re Page, he is nothing if not national,see portraits in current exhib 231 of Bowne and 242, national peculiarities would be recognized anywhere. Mount too, and Cole. p2 Knick mocks Alcott, shld marry a squash.

May 8 dislike the work of EL Bulwer. profile by Wasp of Fred A Tallmadge, blown into office of Recorder by polit excitement, a party appointee to Chief Justice of Sessions, honest but easily swayed p2 Aurora and Tattler sued for libel. Anecdote of Ingres requiring 150 sittings for a portrait, how many do Inman and Page require? May 15 Wasp profile of Cornelius Mathews, Arcturus tried for a Euro style of criticism p2 Nat Acad: paid a hurried visit, poor affair, Mount’s ringing the pig ad Inman’s of the two boys on the grass, only things struck us as worthy of much admiration. Where is our critic? Praises SS Southworth (John Smith Jr of Arkansas) and his Gazette. Like the Herald and assume everyone reads it. May 22 p1 takes article on criticism fr Arcturus, says country assumes it is a personal matter, think Dana and Emerson our best critics, Poe ed of Graham’s deserves attn, overly literal but takes pains. p3 Yankee Hill. Riell and Arcularius auction sale. p.2 Ming’s saloon, Currier litho 2 Spruce Forrest as Metamora, Burns etc. Sunday News now ed McLachlan Stephens and Russell, McLachlan a reporter for Express. Palmos more genteel than Pinteaux. Van Loan dags. Likes GG Foster. Terrapin diner. Support Cushman.

May 29 p2 NAD:  not many of hi excellence, tho one or two, but total absence of former monstrosities. more portraits than usual, NY Mirror to be thanked for encouraging engraving (tho recent change of proprietorship has lost its hi claims), e.g. Danforth. Havel too much white but v gd, Huntington group of children no affectation excellent but commonness. Livingston v tolerable. Mooney’s Varian, painted well, Durand imitating old masters, G Flagg Judith size its principal merit, Ingham one of his best, Doughty trout brook not exactly to our taste. CE Weir deficient in force. Cole gems v clever, A Mount lifelike, Frothhingham port of ex Brooklyn Mayor, flat and spiritless. Durand port a gem, Inman port of Mapes capital, Odie pleasing, Harris talented, Edmonds Ital mendicants out of his general style, talent

June 5 1842: p.2 NAD: Osgood waugh Ross Durand huntington Mount, Fink Edmonds Inman Page Cole Maclay, Linen Cummings Harvey JA McDougall, Shumway, Chapman. Selected only pre-eminent for review. Herrick and Ropes and reporter Lee of Aurora libel dismissed. Arcturus dead.  Jun 12 like Geo P Morris. Jun 19 Currier litho Gov Dorr. Jun 26 profile of Webb, pretends to be a critic. Lomas used to write for press of this city

July 3 pictorial includes ugly newsboy, WJW poem. E White dags. profile of Chas O’Conner lawyer favorable. Jul 10 interest influences the opinion of the press on every matter. Dem Rev likes Tasistro. Willis story. Praises Aurora. Friday Plebeian pub Robt C Wetmore navy agent letter correct description of Whig press. Jul 17 engr of mermaids. mixed review of Mayor Robt H Morris, beloved by Plebeian. 24 crit of Noah’s Union, Merc not a fan of Tyler especially. 31 Tasistro story. Aug 14 RW Griswold a literary quack; Park Benj ruffian but not honest, cuts if author is not one of his set. don't admire Cooley’s Egypt. Aug 21 happy indecent books arrested. Wasp profile of Park Benj, weathercock and vain 28 p1 Broadway lounger hangs out in Pinteaux, loves shop windows of Woodworth Hart Colman etc, admire last port of Tyler, litho of Celeste, etching for Landseer’s next

Sept 4 Ashburton dinner insulting to Press, Brooks and Astor part of it 11 like Hope Leslie. Mike Walsh reports for the Aurora fresh and powerful, original. covers prize fights 18 Prof Ingraham a fraud Sept 25 Wasp does Rev C Edwards Lester fop blockhead clerk gay. hates his book on England. p2 praise Willis and Parmelee. moving to 109 Nassau st. Has satire of exhibition of AM Inst fair, with hits at Astor, Begnis (picture seller and his false provenances)

Oct 2 publicola and charivari write for them. death of Richard Riker, a conservative Dem Oct 9 Ormsby engr.defend Walsh agst Verren (fined for contempt for saying he wore a wig, which he did) 16 covers Am Inst, mocks Morris’ Croton ode 23 praise Dr Channing. Merc Lib dinner tickets too high. Nov 6 Elton engr., also Roberts works for them. Trib is dull. 20 Dutch, king of newsboys, is given portrait 27 p1 Life in the Metropolis: Auction sketches, furniture auctions mostly attended by women, owner had or thought he had a taste for fine arts, ptgs and engr of all sizes and descriptions, including representation of Robinson murdering Jewett, safeguard to female honor, $3.50, originally cost 3 shillings. Then a ptg of Virgin and Child, fr Knickerbocker. v crit of Morn Post.  Dec 4 dislikes Puffer Hopkins, Norman’s Yucatan readable, Quarre’s mag is for ladies. Dec 18 BRW crit of false taste that prefers an engr or daubed canvass or old master gem to Nature

LOC 1843

Jan 29 crit of John Neal and rights of women, Greeley agrees with Mercury. Like Dem Rev. don’t ever seem to review the Whig one.. Feb 5 NAD going to be great. 26 Dismal Howl, paper of Millerites? Mar 5 likes spirit of the Times Mar 19 like compositors’ spunk in True Sun Apr 9 dislikes Willis’ view of criticism in Bro Jon, opens the door to any book being published even if immoral. Aurora still clinging to dead Tyler faction; throws accusations at us (in truth, like Herald, they did support Tyler). Courrier is anti-Republican. Apollo Association well-intentioned. New Mirror is like the old, a pretty parlor mag, old fashioned. Have a series of cartoons ongoing that I don’t get. April 16: not a Clay fan, a lot of coon jokes. NAD: opens next week, among hi merit, Leutze started a chair painter, has won prizes, Columbus in Captivity, best artists in raptures, promises so much for future. Hear Inman will go to Europe, so much genius should have a tribute. Apr 30 like Crawford’s Orpheus by Dick in Dem Rev. Knick a beaut oak amid a forest of saplings. May 21 dislike Alderman Purdy, who let Bennett off. Saw pedlar of plaster of Paris busts with Cicero, Shakespeare, W Scott, Jim Crow, Venus de Medicis and Julia Brown, only a shilling diff betw Julia and Shakespeare. June 4 p2 NAD: it is a fact, that there are not more than half a dozen ptgs in the present exhib worthy of house room. The rest are vile daubs, a disgrace to the institute and aslur upon the art. Leutze’s Return of columbus is worth a million of them, and will amply reward the visiter for an inspection of the rubbish. Jun 11 OPQ of Aurora said to be Capt Robt Tyler son of Pres, strong attack on Express and Globe Jun 18 NAD: directors esp pains to render exhib ineffective and unpopular, hang anything, even signs, but separately plugs Leutze again, Allston’s St Peter amd the Angel, and Cattermole’s Miser and a few other pics. I don’t see an ad. 25 likes Webster’s speech at Bunker Hill.

Jul 2 mocks Chas King of American 9 Herald been boring since he’s gone to Europe. When he went the first time, left better editors, Joseph Price, Wm Attree, and John Tryon, readable. Current ones issue trash. 16 John R de Puy new American Citizen, 20 Ann st. Knick has boring puff of Tyler 30 Attree is at Saratoga for the Herald Aug 6 likes the Subterranean, wish he was less rabidly personal. Likes Seba Smith’s Rover. New Mirror is innocuous Aug 20 let us have this Wash monument in our city

Sept 3 p1 has long article on Stout’s statue of Wash, signed by Wash Irivng, Valentine Mott, Onderdonk, Grinnell, John Trumbull—quite a few others. Counter to plans of Wash Monument Assoc with pinnacles and observatory gewgaw affair. Sept 17 editor of Anglo American used to be principal contrib to Albion, now is thorn in side of that sleepy concern. 24 port of actor Macready and Oct 1 give divergent press opinions, True Sun don't like him at all, Aurora and American in rhapsodies. CS Smith sale of oil ptgs at Wadleigh’s store 459 Broadway. new theater crit for Am is good. 15 Wash mon assoc taking subscriptions; Walsh and Slamm in libel suit; lots on Am Inst inclu White’s dags. Oct 22 port of Calhoun fr Dem Rev. Albion v tory, Anglo Am capital. Geo Wilkes writes for Subterranean. Gurney’s dags. 29 likes Eugene Sue Nov 12 C Mathews in Sunday Times claims Clark of Knick has written all the negative reviews of Puffer, inclu one in Merc, but editors say it was one of them 19 Winchester’s transl of Sue better than Harper’s

Dec 3 anti-Van Buren, as is Aurora. relics of Napoleon wld be pop here. 10 in favor of annexing Mexico. Anglo Amer a good engr of Wash. 17 is v crit of Henry wm Herbert. 31 last issue in vol.

June 25 1843

NYPL misc Sunday Mercury Aug 27 1843—critical of Simpson of the Park, bad scenery, bad effects, weak company.

1844 cartoon of old hunkers; likes the Republic

May 5 1844 downtown Park illus

June 16 1844 takes Bishop Hughes side in letter exchange

Jul 28 1844 p2 herald crit 1845 increase women operatives pay

Sunday Mercury—LOC

EG Paige and Samuel Nichols, editors, AH Krauth one of the proprietors with them

Jan 2 1848, 3 cents

Mrs HM Ward, Lolah Montana, story of the Mex War, other stories, poems; p. 2 critical of villanous brokers who with one or two daily papers manufacture a panic to swindle laboring classes, who rush to Wall street to obtain specie before a closure but sacrifice a quarter of what their funds are worth to get it. Notes Titian’s Venus has returned, cites Herald approvingly, notices Greek Slave still exhibiting; likes Holden’s, Banvard’s (Grk Sl, Banvard’s advertise)

            Art v. Nature: performance at Pinteux’s exhib rms for tableaux vivants nont announced but unexpected by performers, fr Biblical history that permit latitudinarianism in drapery. Alderman went to exhib, arrested, made men wear tights but ladies allowed to dress, not break the sabbath—think there should be a compromise.

            Art Union: inundated with inquiries and complaints, approve of its end of fostering native talent in enlightened and liberal manner is one, to pursuue the course which appears to be the object of the managers is another. A letter fr Jemima Twattle, asking in what schoolof hi art did managing comm get their artistical education qualifying them to suit the taste of all the winners, or critical acumen of subscribers, also critical of the raffle. Then letter fr Fair Play, who went to annual mtg, why police at the election of officers, men in a position where they spend money to reward toady artists, who paint wretched pictures. And from C, noting the Mercury has advocated a change in management to allow subscribers to pick their own ptgs, and wish that slate of officers could be voted on individually rather than as a whole ticket, men foist themselves upon the society as the arbiters of taste, labored defence for purchasing the many wretched daubs fr their friends or proteges that disgraced the walls of the Gallery.

            Stout the sculptor vs. the Washington Monument: publish portion of a letter fr Stout, saying his old design for the NY Wash Mon will prob be adopted even tho it is so opposite in char to a pie of brick-cut stone-and fantastcal ornament and has no lofty lookouts, library rms, cluster of little columns to be downtrodden by a v big one, of which ofool and maniac freaks he shld say more, then: wld raise it ia a large square or the Battery, where waters act as mirrors, mound of earth embanked with cut stone and bordered with seats, at centre a pedestal of marble or blk granite enriched only by colossal medallions of signers of Dec of Indep, uniq magnif chaste pedestal surmounted by 60 ft equestrian statue expressive of W on eve of battle, for then Trumbull sd he seemed superhuman, bronze.

            I feel entitled to the great work as the only sculptor of note born in this city, seleected by Kent, Irving, Paulding and other distin men brilliant in virtue and sound judgment in hi art, well instructed by Trumbull as to GW’s character, know full well the merits and demerits of the likenesses by Rui, Stuart, Chantry, Canova, Houdon and so on.

            But must be empowered to have my own way with it artistically, wld starve rather than be controlled by ignorance, impertinence, or fullness of purse, select 12 great men in whom the public would believe to collect the people’s money, wouldn’t waste money on printing and secretaries out of Clinton Hall. Let the gothic steeple creatures retire of their own accord, or be lynched, no longer trifle with the sacred tho tiny shillings of the child and laboring man.

            Noble subj is for sculpture, not for towers (practical) or for obelisks (glorify a host not an indiv), need not resort to paltry emblems, stone steps for states, little pillars, Mayday-like array of gothic gimcracks, empty shields, it’s a grand mausoleum not the arena of a bowery Circus. Church spire is union of sublime and ridiculous, second only to those who run after it, Gov Young, Mayor Brady, city council, born of a mania for notoriety, band of creatures only fit to judge of saddles or syphilis.

Jan 9, 1848 p.1 Newsboy Colloquy series, in German dialect, on the panic. P.2 Defends the Beaches’ Plainfield Bank, as victim of persecution, like the Day Book Fuller of the Mirror, maybe Taylor, notices that Talbot Watts has engraved Cruikshank’s series on drinking; critical of Bennett as panic maker, notice that the worthy and sanguine trustees of the Wash Mon have sent a beaut litho of Pollard’s steeple, profanely called the Was Monument, has our best contempt, better erected to honor a Chinese emmperor, or Mrs Jervis, the celeb candy seller, mocks Puffer Hopkins for criticizing the Knick Mag. Notes controversy betw Hale of J Commerce and Sun, which exposed nonprofit status ofhis Tabernacle. Model artists at Chatham and Pinteaux, critical of Lippard’s style tho like the New World which is publishing him.

Jan 16—have woodcut on p. 1 illus Scottish romantic historical poem

p. 2 Oh! How very conscientious! A morning paper just found out Art Union has a bad tendency as a kind of lottery, sensitive cotemporary does not condemn penny press for prermitting rogues and humbugs to address the public, takes them a long time to discover that a practice which is liberally advertised can be a humbug. We don’t approve of all the doings of the AU, but only lottery system effective in raising substantial money, mawkish cant abt gambling doesn’t extend to speculating in corn, and public stocks, or insurance, even St David Hale speculates in a clerical show shop, even as he condemns the theaters.

            Why don’t Stout the sculptor pick up abt three beaut she-creatures, just in the bud of womanhood, and covering them with nothing but gossamer, fit them for the people like the statues Venus de Medici etc Eve at the fountain, Elssler starting fr her sleep and so on? Fowler calls Stout the ‘maker of Beautiful women,’ and could do better than the model artistes, tho perhaps too costly for the million. He has seen the present exhib, and Colyer’s, and pronounces them unsightly.

            Critical of Orville Dewey meddling with female shapes, nude and virgin like, a strange creature, touring Europe, building a large gothic church and parsonage, preaching and spouting on hi art, ought to stick to legit sphere, rather than discussing naked women, “I too am an artist,” etc to a sculptor-listener.

            Hamilton Fish lt gov has shrunk fr gothic steeple, and Pollard withdrawn fr Board of Trustees, and will consider others. These associationists have talked of bastard designs, and mongrels; defend Stout, designer shld be the builder, shouldn’t have to submit to dictates of these men, whole thing shld dissolve, new board. Rumor says Beekman has replaced Fish, a fresh model for Prometheus, then gives list of definitions—Signed “S.”

            Critical of Merc Lib for vetoing proposal to extend benefits to ladies of membership, and considerable merriment that resulted, says little for taste, intelligence or gallantry, mothers or sisters.

            Not in favor of exterminating Indians.

Jan. 23 missing

Jan 30 p.1 another woodcut, again somewhat preRaphaeliteish. An Artist’s Revery, orig., says it is a panorama of shapes artistic, not so snaggy and tree corpse floating as Mr Banvard’s, nor so rife with death-steam, but world girdling, sketches the germ of chaos and even that singular modern genius, Hiram Powers, a rich gift fr the writer to the rules of model artistes, heralds in for those untaught the key unlocking the real genius of sculpture.

            We should hate copyism, tear off the masks of impostors in hi art, sculp in Am is dying in its cradle, and one of our poets, once so justly endeared to us for his sacred songs and notes of travel, has of late his genius is emasculate, would not immolate it on altar of the smallest trifles, whispering at the opera facilities, the upper ten, must heed chill of public disgust, solicit him to fling away his penny whistle, has a mine of jewels and yet gives us another gallery of pics such as that of Beatrice di Cenci. (Mr. W must credit me for selecting him to fire at, Napoleons make best marks—Willis, I assume)

            Artists are eccentric, drink in front of Virgin Mary, ignore charms of real life woman, in favor of arranging them artistically, in Italy artist models reveal naked charms for a florin a day or less, goes to taverns in search of Teniers, where a print of Lafayette is hung, ten shilling fiddle plays, wenches dance with bosoms all bare and dangling and petticoats rampant, artists’ eyes must wander over startling scenery, must go to Rockies, ocean etc, commune with God.

            Loves Mrs. Wood. Newsboy cries panorama artistic, three cents a dose.

            Artist’s studio, light fr heaven, strewn with Scott’s death face, bas relief fr parthenon, horse’s head fr St Mark’s Venice (gave much delight to Henry Inman, he thought it exquis shaped and prancingly alive) engravings after Raphael and Titian and Landseer, lithos fr Julien’s and dags, pencil drwgs, books, gems, woods and marbles. Several easels with unfinished works, a colossal bust of Black Dan, remarkable for its fire-gleaming eyes, set in areola, next a cherub child with glee-like laugh, works in clay covered with damp cloths, but uncovered is bust of lovely woman, staglike, American birth, budtime of life, guileless, bosom yet undraped, artist gazes spellbound. Sculptors finger their sitters, enviable professional privilege, coral tips, without the unctuous feel, so did Canova with Lady Hamilton. P. 4 continues Bulwer’s Warner is a type, his vision is chaos.

p. 4 The Fine Arts: last eve mtg at FE Church for purpose of assoc for study of living human fig, 40 present, elected EH May, Richards and Gay, committee of Dugan, Matteson, Richards, Stearns and Childs appointed to NAD to invite cooperation, fr Evening Mirror.

p. 2 Mdme Restell thinking of estab daily paper in oppos to Mr Napoleon Crisis of the Herald; Thiers’ model artists now at Palmo’s, will be assisted bythe singing Sable Brothers, at 396 Broadway may be seen Brunswick’s statuary of Venus de Medicis and Apollo de Medicis as large as life copied fr originals. The Art Union in Chancery—there are at least two claimants for 173, a ptg of the Regicide Judges. One of these gents has put it in chanceyr, the ptg and the Union, patron requests we notice this.

            Spirit of the Press: St David of Wall st thinks model artists never permitted if statue of Grk Slave not previously shown, and all men morally bound to acknowl the statues great immorality. Temple of the Muses oppos Natl Hall in Canal st one of the fast places in the city, model artistes under Prof Pesch elicit much remar and some admiration, this is a fast city

Feb 6 1848

p.1 The Artists Revery continues, original, by Stout, don’t try to understand chaos, will drive you crazy, just pay attn to pictures of the earth, god’s masterpiece, shun Edgar A Poe, strange fancies are strictly orig and rare for their exquis thrill and brilliancy, but fruitless otherwise, keep within your own sovereignty. Praises the Llama, dies rather than suffers abuse. Compares it to the city ruler, fiendlike, hating all sanitary public good, sacrificing all to mercenary lust, politician forgets even caresses of his own infant, send poor to school of evil.

            Praises Geo Combe and Pres. Polk, I think. Billions of years float by in emergence of the earth and materials for man’s cunning workmanship.

p. 3 ads for JO Lewis’ Indian Port Gall, Pictorial ad for Pelby’s scriptural statuary at Barnum’s which also has the intemperate family, and wax figures of the Amistad slaves and the human body, extra charge. Temple of the Muses also advertise, model artists with Ethiopian minstrels, Pinteaux’s saloon/broadway Odeon, Banvard, Brunswick, on. P 2 notices them all, also the strange genius of Stout

p. 2 The manuscript request of Kent, Paulding, Irving, and others, that Stout the sculp shld make our Wash monument is now framed and placed for inspection in mayor’s rm, City Hall, design for v colossal bronze statue; Poe gave lecture at Soceity Library on universe satisfactory to those whose chaotic wits enabled them to understand it; benefit of lecturing on something no one can know anything about.

p. 4 A Model Artist fr Baltimore Enterprise—a drunk’s version of their propriety

Feb 13

p. 1 Artist’s Revery contd, JV Stout, describes the infinite beauty of our earthly paradise, can have it in our dreams, hobbling granny can be Queen Vic or model for Grk Slave. Describes genesis, sexual magic lamp, women’s charms more precious to man than subserviencer.

p. 2 Criticism on High Art: truthful and skilful crit on hi art is rare in this country, tho of signal value to public refinement. The non-committal, half-laugh, bought-and-sold stuff that has been so long tolerated in our market shld now be put to death…High art shld be dissected for our people, and the true artist be cut asunder fr the many false ones around him. The members of our acad of design,as a body, are poor souls, with scarcely a jot of genuine education-artistic—and the blacker they are in spirit the more they loom up as somebodys: one’s a great draughtsman and another a great sculptor (between themselves)…. at exhib, shall endeavor to send there a critic of the true stamp, and then look out for the smashing of all ugly and cracked crockery…we shall boldly cut out all mature, diseased, impertinent and thorn-like excrescences!

            Monument Assoc arose with fresh plan to re-insult the shade of W.

Feb 20 Artist’s Revery p. 1 continues, Amer shld assist Pius 9 to clean out stables, describes human crimes, gets in reference tor egions infernal and so to Hiram Powers who once kept that establishment, others who have all-seeing eyes (?) strangers to high art, can see exactly how to shape even the Nation’s throne of Art, the metropolitan tomb of W, but of these violators and vampires can’t stop, but thousands who enter churches and delcare themselves righteous and knowing but their slippers are outside a lady’s bedroom. The ragged seeker is shut out by moneyed speculators, satan tells them to grind down the poor, or bayonet them, Louis Philippe gag the press, medical church state rum in secret conclave, all satan commanded. Counter to hell is Leigh Hunt, Douglas Jerrold, Boz, Pius of Italy, Father Mathew, Howard and Hood. Anti death penalty. Satan goes on his rounds, visits seraglios, one of the ugliest Greek slaves he could possibly find he dragged off for Powers to make therefrom a facsimile, this lovely rival to the antique, or Canova’s Venus, having the general stamp of the Amazon, limbs of diff ages, a breath palsied chest,s quare shoulders, scraggy hair, insipid, meaningless expression of face, short legs, and right hand as angular, knotted and maelzel-like as the thirty years old he woodcutter. Still this poor slave had her drop in the bucket of beauty and artistic merit, one thigh, leg and foot seemed to match the perfectly beaut thigh, leg and foot of the Venus de Medicis; but the rose of the thigh, leg and foot, so exquis beaut by itself, made a most terrible contrast for the many thorns around. Continues on p. 4 Satan chuckled that he had placed woman’s deformity of person in the almost time-defying marble, and he caused his trophy to be displayed about in many thronged places, saying, This is just like God’s most beaut form—the woman Eve; this is the concentration of ten of God’s efforts in shape, in man’s one.’ But many a beaut Am girl listened and listened, and gazed and gazed, but cld not be misled by the tempter. After she had went home and looked at her own stag-like, graceful, eleg, delicate, agile and symmet form, she felt only the more satisfied with her own statue-like shape—with the charming, large, gazelle-like eyes, lux hair tresses, slender nose, small and sweetly bowed mouth, small head, oval face, tiny ears, low falling shoulders, large oval pelvis, large thighs, tapering legs, arms and fingers, keenly cut ankles and writss, and oh! What ivory flesh, simply lined by a faint tracery of vein, seen thru the transparent skin.

Feb 27 engr of The Model Artistes, W Weekes, del, Avery, sc. P.1. p. 2 Lippard’s style is raw pork, Headley’s underdone pork. Thinks Ned Buntline not even in the game. Likes Howard Hse. Police need reform, more discipline. Likes Spirit of the Times, Evening Mirror, but critical of Webb. The Grand Inquest vs the Model Artistes: inquisitorial body, decisions made with only one side of the case presented, denounce the whole as indecent, licentious and demoralizing, but without an indictment no chance of a fair trial, condemned by denunciation without being heard. That some of these exhibs were somewhat too nude, but we have seen aldermen, magistrates, artists and literary men in deocrum there, some of our daily contemporaries who pretend to be rigidly virtuous and savagely independent, praise inquest and insert puffs in the same issue. How different than stage ballet dancing, how more immoral than Celeste, Elssler, et al, who get most applause when one leg a foot or two higher than the head. Ballrooms expose the body too; meddling provokes immorality.

            Herald now indig agst Model artistes. When Collyer was here with his statties, the virtuous and consistent editor pounce on the police for meddling with the drapery of the Doctor’s models.

March 5, p.1 Artist’s Revery cont. Some artists excel in one dept only but a few Crichtons whose mental power can govern more than one empire, such as the elder Audubon or Cuvier, Michaelangelo. Am tourists rarely combine pen and pencil. Critical of artists and poets who go into countryside to gather materials for a sketch of a few rocks and trees or a Thanatopsis, but really look for Dutch girls to bundle with. But doesn’t compare with sacrifices to lust of Church, State, bar, senate, pulpit, surgery, quack medical or religions or political fraternity. Animal painters, describes the horse etc, godlike in spirit, ought to imitate, How humane our city rulers are to some of the four footed race—what capital nurses they make for hogs and bludgeoners to death of dogs!

            Not a fan of use of emblems, related to heraldry, the properties of the Von Beekmans, von Rensselaers and Von Twillers, pleased to learn Von Beekman is trying to change his crest to a crocodile’s tail perpendicular. Then addresses Judge Kent, clergy and artists are liable to public censure, judges not exempt, but few Kents, the people see justices as fiends, foul and rotten

p. 2 Art Union opening soon, Model artists crowded because of all the publicity

March 12 1848

Symp to Clay and JQ Adams. P. 1 The Common Council and the Model Artists: we are ready to laugh at hideous follies of old times, when witches were subject to public sport, and in these saint like times many hypociritical, canting, ignorant, impotent and blue law beasts prowling for prey, don’t attack real causes of pestilence, poverty and premature death, but always ready to attack apple stands and rob the public treasury or tyrannize over woman and her clothing. Let there be issued a pronouncement to all foreign places to stop exhib of model artists and galleries of art containing naked figs, Ledas, twenty in Pitti gardens, 3 graces, don’t allow people alone or in company to see Venus or Ariadne. What next for NY Inquisition? Commanded by he-prostitutes and moral nakedness, should be tarred and feathered, tolerate bribery and pestilence.

            Exhib of nude women highly serviceable to poor artists and amateurs and those who wish to know how to judge of ptg and statuary, don’t condemn a statue because it’s diff in shape fr his wife. Should condemn gambling halls, bawdy houses, and dissecting halls. Scanty dress encourage girls to be healthy. There is nothing blackguard in the exhib to the eye of the female form. What’s the diff betw gazing at the statue or the 30 women fr whom the statue sprung into form? N.B. This is view of exhibs by a true artist who visits them for love of his art, most visit with far other views, yet as we (editors of SM) sd, crusade is farcical versus ballet)

p. 2 critical of current plan for Reform of the police proposed by mayor, thinks current Recorder is an idiot, anti-seduction laws, Chanfrau’s Mose at the Olympic the only original drama, notes Martin Van Buren and Henry Clay met at Broadway theater, sign Barnburners going over.

March 19, p. 1 has James Brown design of Chanfrau as Mose, one of the b’hoys. P. 2 has a satire of the genre, Mummeries and Flummeries of NY, expose of playing dominos. Calls the Sun the Sold Sun.

March 26 p. 2. Mocks Cornelius Mathews, whining nonsense about pro-England prejudice and cant about native authors et al

            The Fine Arts: NAD opens on Sat and will give crit jottings. Like Phila AU model of letting select own. Also recommends what artists in England doing, a free exhib of works rejected by RA et al, as well as design for manuf gds; break up monopolies of public patronage, chartered and privileged bodies will be forced to throw open their doors to the public. Need a free exhib here, free public library too.

            On dit that Recorder John Scott was asked by model artists to guide drapery, give legal opinion, also that one of the women arrested was a wealthy lady on a frolic

April 2, 1848

p. 2 defends dogs along Greeley’s line or argument. Another Wash Mon: designs on him are unflinching, last by Wm Wallace in wood engraving, puts Pollard in to shade, has stars and steps, statues symbolical of the continents, likenesses, fane of patriotic glory, 350 ft hi, hope no such gilt gingerbread affair ever erected. A Colossal statue as full of simplicity and true greatness as hero, no frippery or tawdry work.

            The Fine Arts: annual exhib open tomorrow, will prove most pleasing ever. Less bad pics, not many historical specimens, but those worth studying and a credit to Am school. In first rm visitor struck by Page’s Naomi and Ruth, coloring gd, but bodies out of all womanly proportion and lower limbs of most unnatural shape, a perfect charicature of beaux sex but has great merits. Alongside one by Audubon, live and move, lifelike. Next another gem, Durand summer eve, pasturage, fair girl and her lover, her look of perfect confidence and ease most poetically conceived and artistically executed.

            Near this admirable pic rustic girl viewing her reflection in a well, conception and exec alike admirable. Other side of rm, several larg epics, over door a full length of man in plain unpretending dress, posthumous port of late Silas Wright, by Whitehorn, for Govs rm, successful likeness. Bad hanging position due to displeasure with niggardly Whig Common Council who paid only half the usual amount.

            Three others near it, full length of lady and 2 children happy conception, graceful attitudes, flowing elegant drap coloring gd but chalky; 3 young girls looking over an album, well grouped and coloring, but look out at spectator. Next is the feature of the rm, an Irish artist in Dublin, buxom beauty contrasted with blind old man, fiinest things.

            Second rm two pics everyone will admire, Columbus before the council by Powell, replete with interest, rich coloring, correct drwg, hi toned, and figs finely contrasted in costume and physiognomies, above it are Shylock and Jessica, v happy conception, contrast betw mistrustful look and bashful consciousness of deceit a perfect thing of the kind.

            In center rm more gd pics, but also some of the worst, among best a port of lady in walking dress in style of Shee, a little gem of a child a little laughing boy

            One more: the stump speech, new settlement, audience in various attitudes, only fault is lack of color, grouping and disposition most artistical, but a want of individuality, doesn’t appear to be the conception of the artist, seems he had taken a lot of faces at random by dag and then transferred them to canvas.

April 9. Critical of Herald—takes side of Senate rather than his imprisoned reporter. Notes free exhib of ptgs at Chambers st gallery in Granite Bldgs. Admires politician who is faithful friend to principles and measures of the working men’s party. Gives base ball announcements. Pro free trade.

April 16 p. 1 Notes fr London by ENB, original corresp, strolled into British Institution, 474 works, but old and well known exhibitors are few,, Maclise, Roberts, Etty and Stanfield have deserted. Rising artists keep up rep manfully, display a perfect knowl of what will sell, lscapes, small groups, and cabinet pics. Mentions Goodall, Holland, Lee, Fraser, Inskipp, Dessange, Lance, Nash, prices for art low.

April 23 crit of married women’s prop act, regularly records crim con cases, notices Leeds auction of ptgs, Robinson the caricaturist moving. The Fine Arts: enjoyed morning at gallery of old masters in Lyceum, magnif Titian, one by Rubens, at zenith of power, origs by Raphael, stamp of genuineness on others, to disgrace of upper tendom don’t love the arts. (advertiser) Editor of SM is a Londoner. Likes puns.

April 30. May 7 missing. May 14. 21. Crit of Am AU. Publish a caricature by Robinson of Scott and Marcy on p.1, which is why Herald is attacking Robinson, who issued prints they disapproved of a few months ago. Mocks Young America. May 28. June 4 p. 1 have portrait of Maj Gen Scott and bio fr Neal’s Sat Gazette. Not fans of Manifest destiny. June 18 has a political cartoon—a Cass generator. june 18 1848 dislikes Marg Fuller, photo P. 2 advert for proposed Wash Monument in roman style, with statue, fig of liberty etc. June 25 Mayor Havemeyer is Young Veto

june 18 1848 dislikes Marg Fuller, photo 

July 2 1848, 9, 16, 23, 30, critical of falsity of Trib’s NY in Slices. August 6,  notes Hanington’s dios, critical of Albion, praises Talbot Watts’ Bazaar. Aug 13 has illus ofa  working girl, for an article by TW Meighan, a class that never gets justice. P. 2 critical of fanatical abolitionists, of women’s suffrage, of aristocratic Episcopalians, NY Star advocates Lippard style of writing, True Sun ok as long as it’s doing two-penny political cliques, but shouldn’t crit intl copyright, out of its purview 27 Nooks and Corners abt NY by a Gothamite, orig, RFG, no. 2 goes to Greenwood, exquis sculptor’s art, child in prayer on mom’s grave

Sept 3, 10. 17, 24 missing.

Oct 1 1848 Dislikes Forrest’s acting. Oct 8 missing. Oct 15 regret retirement of Chas Fenno Hoffman fr Lit World, genial and spirited despite snivellings of would-be critics; mocks Napoleon crossing the Alps; notices NY  in Slices at Burton’s theater was hissed by press, esp Nugent and Houston of the Herald, for portrayal of reporter fr Lightning Humbug taking a bribe at a fancy ball at the Astor opera hse to put a man’s name in the newspaper, notices Am Inst fair, mocks reform mtgs. Oct 22, Oct 29 missing.

Nov 5 1848 –Ned Buntline’s paper encouraging blackmail style of reporting/espionage. 12 not a fan of Scott or Polk, likes Taylor (maybe liked Clay better). 19 True Sun is a Hunker paper. 26 likes caricaturist James Brown, says Mexico Illustrated is done by some of our best artists, men such as Isherwood and Grain.

Skips to Dec 17 1848, 24 p .2 How is Xtianity evinced? Critical of promoting xtianity by erecting archit piles that vie for show and costliness with palaces, one of most disgraceful bldgs in city is palace-like parsonage house adjoining gingerbread temple Grace Church. Has the Trinity monopoly in gewgaw churches ever evinced right understanding of charity? Sick of cant and humbug and ostentation of the religion of the day.


Jan 7 missing. 14, 21. Lots of Anna Heffernan stories. P.2 Am Art Union: takes fr Com Adv the election of new officers, notes they are all honorable, capable, and reliable gmen. Know AU is v sensitive on any interference, but a few words on arrangements. AU professedly based on truly repub principles and appeals to democracie for support, so free to speak.

p. shld be no favoritism in selection of pics. Unjust to purchase positively bad ptgs, but test of merit shld refer to circumstances, or won’t meet object, shouldn’t buy fr those who don’t improve. 2 subscribers shd be charged the same as artist is actually paid. 3 All ptgs in gallery shld be clearly designated if they are on the prize list. Catalogs don’t do this well enough.

Jan 28 p. 1 has illus of an oysterman by TC Boyd. Thinks Edmonds is an activist judge, too much on side of accused.

Feb 4 agrees with Willis the polka is immoral; attacks poet Chas D Stuart (in Sun) as cliched. 11. 18 Fry won’t succeed in libel suit agst Herald, because the publicity helped him [Alderman Crolius defended dogs agst Mayor Havemeyer’s bounty system—Mercury don’t like Crolius], 25. Knick Dollar Dag Gall advert.

March 4 1849, 11, anti-divorce, 18 seems to take up arms agst Hamblin at the Bowery. Notes that a subscription for a bust by King of JQ Adams for the House for $400, Congress wouldn’t defray expenses. Am Art Begging for Support: fear of accus of extrav has stopped leg approp for native art, Catlin driven abroad, priceless collection offered for a mere trifle, pretence of economy, and Morse treated coldly and indifferently. Negligence of govt to perhaps greatest port artist, Stuart’s ports of first five pres at Congressional Library, still await a purchaser, keep defeating motion in Congress for economy. March 25. Glad to put Ten Board of Governors in charge of almshouses, not city council.

Skips to April 15 1849, thinks Lit World has rhapsodical murky poetasters writing for it. 22 mock Poe a little, sale of Brook Farm. 29

May 6 John  Nugent a theater and music critic of the Herald leaving it; mocks City Items ed of Trib 13 crit of efforts to convert Jews, lots on riot and its originators needing punishment 20, 27 critical of Griswold

June 3 1849 notices Park Benjamin’s Metropolis approvingly. 10 dislikes Dem Rev disliking military firing on citizens in riot. Likes Dr Bellows and C Edwards Lester. 17 anti novel reading excerpt on p. 1. P. 2 A Word About Certain Hirelings of the Press: Art Union in main a v well behaved body, gd share of business tact, to an eye unused to wink easily, it might be a lottery, but that’s not our business. Publishes a monthly Bulletin, sd to pay for itself by sales at the rooms as it contains the catalog of the gallery/pics bought for distrib. A time-saving, trouble-saving, money-sving and controversy-saving operation! The AU buys pics with subscribers’ funds at own prices, of own favorite artists, on own judgment of merits, then pub own journal of crit on them. In Bulletin for this month a statement of canon of crit: no matter who laughs at us, when we see a true victory by a countryman in domain of Art, shall state our gratification with honest enthusiasm, no consulting tastes of those ungenerous critics who confound strong words with forced superlatives of some hireling of the press. Nervous its making a fool of itself.

            Symp to Bishop Doane. Glad Matsell getting thrown out by Whigs, not strict enuf.

June 24

July 1 Mrs Forrest friends with Mrs Bryant and Rev Dr Dewey family. 8 now approvesof the Albion. July 15, 22, 29

Aug 5 1849, p.2 Theatres,&c., condemns Niblo’s new theater not for comfort or ease, but abominable decorations, bright, new and meaningless, a candy or confectioner’s store, disgust for everlasting deference pd to everything Italian in ptg and music, as if Italian artists of present were a patch on those of the past. An emasculateness of conception in these Ital decorations that is pitiable, and a glare of colors objectionable, not adapted to our climate tho may be fine for sombre palaces. Need quieter, more modest and less glaring decorations, to stamp the char of America upon it. Sick of the servility shown to Euro in arts, science and lit.

            These crude remarks not directed wholly and solely agst Niblo, more generally true abt our bldgs décor.

            Also crit of Mag lit of the country, crude, slip sloppy or namby pamby, Dem Rev is startlingly crude, says style is a secondary matter; disagree, a gd style evinces gd reading, cultivated taste and a well regulated mind, a loose style betrays looseness and crudity of thought. Cites examples fr Dem Rev.

            Brougham in favor of modern drama, not the plays of the past.

Aug 12 1849, 19, 26

Sept 2, 1849 p. 3 has big ad listing all the ptgs Am AU has bought so far and editor writes a positive brief notice of their merits. 9 Bowery’s scene painter Henry Isherwood not appreciated for his poetical and reflecting mind, he has no mean talent, but he is not of tea-tray school and doesn’t do firemen and Irish girls, gaud and gross vulgarity, so he gets hissed. Pano of holy land noticed. 16, 23 Love Willis. 30

Oct 7 1849 p.2 we are asked to publish a port of Ned Buntline. We wld just as soon think of publishing a port of a bed-bug, which favorite domestic animal is somewhat damaged in its char by the resemblance that worthy bears to it in his face. Oct 14, 21 missing. 28

Nov 4 1849 p. 1 excerpts fr Home J on Poe’s death, agrees he was a demon when drank, but when he didn’t industrious refined etc. Notices McDougal the mini ptr. 11 p. 2 Quispiam who takes up cudgels savagely for the Am AU agst Willis and Intl AU mars effect by his gross and uncalled for personalities, made anonymously. Mercury hopes both orgs will succeed. 18, notices exhib of fine pic by James Burns of Crowning of GW, plans to offer it to govt. Praises the Scalpel.

25 says Rev Ripley used to work at Trib, NY corresp for Norleans paper; GG Foster and Puffer Hopkins Mathews arguing over who wrote NY in Slices in Express and Tribune—Cornelius just did four or so, Have recd number of the Worker’s Journal, devoted to interests of laboring class, ed by TW Whitley, a gman well acquainted with every subj he discusses. Undertakes arduous task of making something out of Williamsburgh.

December 2, 1849, 9 notices all the pano’s and Powers grp of statuary. 16 disapproves of Grand Jury system, sides with butchers; fans of C Cushman; praises Garbeille’s statue of Gen Taylor, he shld do GW; AU drwg 23 approve of A Pratt getting honorary degree. Notices Brooklyn Daily Freeman on Beecher, Brougham writing for the weekly Metropoli, disagree with his view of the stage, think he must be a bigot.

            Statue Smashing: Sunday papers report gman known as Richard Grant White arrested at instance of James W  Jacques of 335 Broadway on Saturday for destroying two statues, one of White and the other of James Gordon Bennett, who didn’t like their contiguity. Corrected to say he only broke his own, because it was disagreeably and ridiculously ptd by the proprietor of the store, tho requested to remove it. Both paragraphs were fr the Trib, and the busts were done by capital genius Garbeille, and tho a caricature likeness of him, we alw regarded it as a compliment, very tall and haughty, emblematic of professionf of Private Gman, with pen and opera glass, . Think White not correct in destroying private property

30 everyone shld draw. Usu defends Britain. Notes Wetmore’s defalcation

Sunday Mercury Jan 1849 NYHS volume:

RG Paige and Saml Nichols, publisher also inclu Krauth, 3 cents.

Jan 21: p. 2 American Art Union. no favoritism, should buy bad art. suggestions for gallery. touchy directors. crit of Ned Buntline.

Jan 28 Theo C boyd of Phila drawing series of street types, oystermen. excerpts Knick. critical of fancy balls, includes joke fr Boucicault play.

Feb 4 snipes at partisanship of Sun

Feb 11 crit of Trib/Greeley for taking rum away fr sailors

Feb 18 supports Demo Rev teaching music in schools, critical of Fry suing Herald, says he’s profited from the abuse

Feb 25 p. 1 excerpts Albion, Spirit of Times, Demo Rev, defends British spelling (Harper’s changed it for Macaulay) from Mirror, who calls the Mercury wiseacres, pseudo literari,, snobs, whining complainers and asses. generaly running hostility to Mirror. critical of Ld Brougham’s charity.

March 4 p. 2 Zachary Taylor, hard to take his portrait, corresp F of Eve Mirror likes Brown’s the best

Mar 11, praises Webster; artists are going to calif, puffs Brady, crit of Fanny Kemble Butler, disapproves of reforming divorce law for insanity

March 18, p. 2: critical of Congress for refusing to pay for bust of JQ Adams, also for not supporting Gilbert Stuart, niggardly, didn’t buy Catlin either

Jumps fr Mar 25 to Apr 22, and is an expanded size. very critical of racy papers, should be put out of business for attacking individuals. mixed feelings re Poe; puffs Hutchings pano.

Apr 29 puffs Brady again, critical of H Wykoff’s role with Forrest and Ellsler

May 6 p. 2 regularly mocks City editor of Trib, critical of those attacking Herald editor’s family

May 13 eyewitness account of opera hse riot. Praises mayor. mocks anti-slavery. Critical of society to convert the Jews.

Jumps to June 10, 1849. publishes Bellows sermon on the riots. Disagrees with Demo Review on cause of riots. 2 of their editors are members of Odd Fellows.

June 17 p. 1 articles crit of yellow lit and novels (despite all the fiction they publish?). p. 2 crit of Art Union. seems neutral abt Matsell. Mocks Park Benjamin.

Jun 24 crit of Sun for promoting enlargeement of Battery

July 1, 8. excerpts Willis’ life of Blessington.. critical of Sunday laws, and of Trinity church and hi cost of relig, its exclusivity. notes  Channing’s Spirit of the Age.

July 15. July 22 excerpts NO Picayune. mocks local fiction. July 29

Aug 5, 12, 19, fired their wood engraver. Aug 26 p. 1 has portrait of Jacob Scribbleton, part of story on life and death of poor author; also a story on The Seamstress a local story of NY, but excerpts fr Day Book that sympathy is wasted on sewing girls

Sept 2 likes Taylor; praises Am AU catalog of 200 ptgs by Am artists and on p. 3 is the list of prizes to be distrib. Sept 9 praises Saml Colbert’s pano of the Holy Land. Sept 16 puffs Am Inst fair, advertises; Astor Hse trials a farce, puffs Brady. Sept 23 p.2 ought to restore Onderdonk in the next convention; Astor trial going better. Lester pop at Bowery. Sept 30

Oct 7 likes Geo Hill the actor, hates Lippard and Buntline, puffs new funny paper the Bubble, critical of barbarity of dog law. Jumps to Oct 28

Nov 4 p. 1 excerpts fr Home J death of Poe. Critical of Bremer toadyists. puffs miniaturist McDougal, 251 Broadway at Murray st, enviable rep, striking likenesses, did proprietor of Shakespeare’s restaurant, Windust, tempted to order a beefsteak of him

Nov 11 p. 1 character of the B’hoy p. 2 crit of Quispiam, who is attacking AM AU Nov. 18 dislikes gas monopoly, we have no Dickens bcause our writers imitate the English. unenthus re Matsell. Nov 25 admires Clay.

Dec 2 1849, Dec 9, 16, defends Maretzek, Cushman and Asmonean, notices art union drawing, and Norton’s libel lawsuit against Miss Crean (Bennett’s relative) Dec 23 p. 2 Fred Saunders was editing the Sun in 1848; critical of Beecher attacking the stage a contemptible bigot, and notes Richard Grant White statue smashing. Dec 30 p.1 Undine, poem by Mrs Marion Stephens suggested by an engraving in Sartain’s; article praises usefulness of knowl of drawing. p.2 critical of the New England festival for encouraging puritanism-worship, notes Prosper Wetmore’s defalcation and ubiquity


January 6—p. 2 calls the Rev JT Headley’s writing slipshod, Griswold a jobber with cut and paste. Calls the City Items editor for the Tribune’s style forcible-feeble, inane rhapsodies, idiotic prose. Very critical of HW Beecher—article signed CWT re his persecution of the theater a pitiful specimen of degraded humanity, with a corrupt and malignant heart, the Sun should not have disgraced their columns. Notices Intl AU (advertises). Re Wetmore’s alleged defalcation, still not excusable. Like Gov Fish. The Am Art Union: a topic of conversation at present, subject to severe strictures, and if true, institution ought to give an account, for example have seen it stated that not all the tickets were in the drwg, that a ptg is represented to cost more than was paid for it, not identifying which ptgs on walls of the gallery are in the drwg. We have an artist’s name who has not hesitated to declare that pictures bought of him for a low price have been represented as costing more, and the practice in the first few months of the gallery of not identifying pictures is notorious.

            Stupendous speculation, if managed for private ends and purposes, a mischief and an impertinence, deserves exposure if public are humbugged into being auxiliaries.

            Much of unfairness alleged to lie in artists’ treatment by management, some have a great number, others no chance of favor at all, in price artist at the mercy, result is great deal of mediocre material, absence of creditable and meritorious.

            Easiest and fairest remedy would be for Union to offer 500 pics by Am artists to be drawn, and let subscribers choose.

Jan 13 missing. 20 calls Webb a bully, barbarian, glad that Congress rejected his appointment. Trib has humorous review of GG Foster’s NY  by Gaslight (better than Slices). Fuss re Willis’ letter to Max Maretzek, should blush.

27 likes Gen Taylor on California

Feb 3 1850, the wishy-washy imitator of Willis’ style who laboriously manufactures some of the items for the Trib, patronizes Opera-goers, puppyism. 10 war of churches of NY agst the newsboys and Sunday Press an example of fanaticism, the most impertinent of imbecilities. Trinity is an offshoot of state church of England, anti-christian church, practice good homeopathically. Liked Parke Godwin on Goethe.The Historical Society does silly things.

17 notes that since Clay’s compromise speech, striking change of attitude on thepart of partizan papers, they had hated him months before, now he is a Nestor and sage. Describes newsboy demonstration approvingly against the puritan pokenoses.


March 3 missing. 10 Spoons, OG is their regular joke-y poet. Takes Mrs. Forrest’s side in divorce. Very critical of Calhoun’s position. 17 critical of Anatomical Museum and model artists, next we will open brothels with view of teaching people to avoid them by showing what’s in them. 24 missing. 31 in discussing Forrest divorce, has long bit on the corrupting influence of George Sand, excuse for adultery, only proper for brothels. Now feeling more sympathy for Edwin.

April 7 1850

Praises Willis’ defense of Mrs Forrest. 14 long obit for Richard W Bengough, artist and wit, apprenticed to Wilson the painter, best scenic ptr in the country, hired by James Wallack for the Nat Theater, and then went to Mitchell at the Olympic. 21 Love Brougham. Have a one line notice of NAD, and they advertise. 28 Geo Wilkes suits agst Bennett for libel; a paragraphist of small talk abt town for Herald has been transferred to Paris (Benedict H Revoil)

May 5 missing. May 12, 19 continues series on Trib and Theater, criticized them for taking ads for theaters but refusing to notice or review them, but making an exception for the Italian opera; complain that Trib like others just gives the oper puffs, soft soaping Italian vocalists while vernacular ones are neglected or damned, an affectation of a  love of Ital artists and music that is sickening, though they have the same manner and same school.

May 26 Eugene Sue is depraved. Describes Caroline Green of 23 Thompson st who hired Italian artist Geroso in Howard st to paint her portrait for $35, failing to please, refused it, so he repainted it indecently and exposed it where her friends could see it

June 1850

2, 9 repeats anecdote fr Editor’s Table of Knick re a Yankee who goes to exhib of Grk Slave on Broadway, long pun about being sculpsit or scalped. 16 police reporter for the Herald, Alfred E Baker, charged in the Police Gazette. 23 critical of Forrest in Willis beating. 30 defends the Free Academy agst Greeley. Crit of Globe attack on Bowery theater.

July 7 Griswold in vile business of supporting rappers. Letter fr Americus attacking Cornelius Mathews for attacking Forrest 14 has black borders for death of Taylor. NY by Gaslight is prurient and filthy, why it gets newspapers circulation. 21. 28 Like Fillmore’s independence of Weed et al

August 1850

4 paper lauding Griswold in Knick—astounding puff, rich joke. 11 recommends societies for trade protection to improve wages of workingmen 18, 25

September 1850

1 dislikes star system in the drama, leads to repetition of the legit drama rather than novelty of the present day, cheerful and exhilarating. Notes death of John Inman, of Comm Advert.

8 supports fireman Carson. New York Day Book, sprightly evening  paper they like, says of a pic by Talbot, that it is ‘surpassing, as a representative of the soul of a lscape.” This sort of crit more germane to the matter had the critic been operating on a pic of a pair of boots. The ‘soul of a lscape’!—what foggy nonsense is this? 15 agree with Trib that sixpenny cars ought not to refuse colored owmen a ride 22 announces dissolution of partnership of the Mercury, Elbridge G Paige is leaving and Wm Cauldwell for many years with the Atlas, replacing him, Saml Nichols and Augustus H Krauth continues (one of them had also been with Atlas). Tone of paper won’t change. Paige may still contribute. Jenkins is music crit for Herald. “All Kinds of Criticism” is title of a just paragraph in Herald of last Weds, shows contradictions and lack of reliability in dramatic and music crit, victims of too much puffing. 29 missing


6 attacks Griswold’s bio of Poe. Notices Am Inst Fair. 13 John Brougham’s Glance at Washington, contrast betw solemn classic grandeur public edifices and painfully modern small and opposite aspect of city residences, Persico’s marble group of Columbus a chef  doeuvre in regard to manipulation, every detail elab with more than Flemish exactness, but curiously anticlimactical in design. Conception was one of the grandest, the discovery of a world, great navigator stands as tho abt to attempt some gymnastic feat, beats Atlas by holding continent in hollow of his hand, while astonished native—well she might be so—gazes on the shrunken world. Instead of poetic dignity, a middle aged Spanish gman abt to make a careful roll on a tenpin alley, for the purpose of showing his Indian friend the science of the game. But to artists and all men of taste, the group will ever be a source of appreciation and delight, only have to ascend the steps and view colossal Peace and War niched in the vestibule to acknowl true inspiration of genius, also Persico. Critical of pew auctions.

            Am Inst Fair perceptible falling off in patronage, late fairs were so completely devoid of novelty and interest that citizens began to regard them as great humbugs, not got up as they should be, mere show shops, but intro new inventions.

Oct 20 1850. Love Lind. Evil Herald does not. 27 suggest management of Am Inst might be biased in awarding premiums

November 1850

3 GG Foster in Day Book defens Washington Hunt agst accus that he’s in Seward’s camp. 10 glad Graham beat Bennett. 17 The Independent Press is the dishonest press, if it praises anything or anybody, it is because it hates something or somebody. It hates Hiram Fuller.

“An Artist and the Firemen.” Mercury dislikes present Mayor of the city, blame deaths of Astor Place riots on hiim. Lang painted a pic of Fourth of July in Ny exhib in rms of Art Union, among the figs a fireman belonging to NO 42, who was eating an ice cream by the wayside, regarded as an attack on the notions of propriety and elegance of that company, great excitement among its members. Several attempts were made to cut and mutilate the canvass; a watch set upon it, Cozzens the Pres of the Art Union requested to take it down which he courteously but like a man refused. Some talk of mobbing the pic, and Myaor asked to send protection of the peace officers, but Mayor thought that the pic had better be removed, it was sent away. Considering that the artist had no intention of offending, chose number on hat at random, and eating ice cream not improper, surprised at sensitiveness of company and think conduct of authorities contemmptible.

Seems they have done a worthy artist and themselves a great injustice, should ask to have the pg returned to the Art Union. [Mercury has been doing a history of the NY firemen)

24 Frederick West, proprietor of Atlas, now sole editor of Sunday Morning News, gmanly tone, kindly man

December 1850

1 Louis Napoleon is a mountebank. Exquis egotist GGF (Foster) of the Day Book, claims he was wretchedly paid for his City Items. Engine Co No 42, letter to editor fr foreman of favorite company, re copying an article fr The Evening Post about Lang’s Fourth of July. The writer of the article has correctedhis mistakes thru the paper, untrue that Am Cozzens gentlemanly Pres was applied to in vain, or that any threats to mutilate the pic were made. That we did not look on it as complimentary is admitted, but no force contemplated. R Cornell White.

8 hate Geo Washington Dixon and Polyanthos. 15 notices AU distrib. 22, 29 Port of Anderson the tragedian, eyes cast heavenwards; if you would know  whether a man was eaten up with vanity or not, get him to sit for his port. If he do not make a fool of himself, it will be fortunate the artist does not do it for him.


has had on the first page some little humorous cartoons.


5 Judge Daly ruled that doctors’ qualifications are not regulated by the state at present, anyone can be one. Rev Dr Hawkes getting big salary toCalvary church, a loud call, he is in fashion, a man of expensive habits and liberal tastes, fond of display, fond of luxury, $5000 won’t be enough for him. Doesn’t want Scott for president. Think we should go to World’s Fair in London.

12 Kingsland msg well enough for a mayor. “The New Mayor” may make a judy ofhimself at the start of his term as his predecessors have done, here’s how: enforce law agst liquor shops being open on Sunday; shivering apple and peanut women on the sidewalks down town, drive them to their cellars; arrest the sad looking prostitutes who walk abt the streets in the evening with a dozen poor sewing girls; a brilliant feat. Model artists have been broken up so many times, little to be made on their nude classicalities, besides, there is so much feeling on the disunion q, that the arrest of the personator of the Grk Slave might bring on a crisis. Boys playing pitchpenny may be broken up, as Trib has proved very conclusively that the boy who gambles at pitchpenny may in time come to be an operator in Wall st or the manager of an Art Union. Long live the Mayor!

            Also article Is Gambling Wrong? Re philosophers finding fault with art unions, pious raffles of charitable fairs, no better than gambling, ought to satisfy people that gambling itself is wrong. No one feels about it as they do stealing, stockdealers not classed with highway men

19 Merc Lib election tickets advertise, as does Homestead Art union. Stanley’s Indian Gallery

26 notices Homestead Art Union, chartered, Indian Gallery, blurb that pics it is said are going out of fashion up town in favor of expensive mirrors, easier to admire one’s own personal beauties than the creations of genius, which require imagination, taste and feelings to properly appreciate

February 1851

2 notices Irish pano, Watt’s Nervous Antidote. 9 Lectures on Art, v transcendental  and so very satisfactory, James has proved that the ptr who makes the most faithful copy of nature is a mere mechanic,while the man who invents a button is the real artist. Artists who go round the country sketching are mere beggars of cold victuals, men who go to the feast of nature, and bring away the scraps

16 Not crazy about new Mayor, worried about break up of parties, no-partyism is the most corrupt of all political conditions. Says Day Book is doing a system of terrorism agst anti-slavery merchants, won’t succeed, unless we become so poke-nosey as to refuse to deal with any who differ with us


March 1851

2 p. 4  The Picture Gallery, by an amateur artist, popping the question, fainting country lover

9, 16 p. 2 The American Artists’ Assoc, gallery of this new assoc opened last Tues in Stoppani’s bldg to v full assemblage of artists, connoisseurs and literati. Most of the artists in the city gave countenance to the new enterprise, formed chiefly due to the spirited exertions of Wm Walcutt, out of dissatisf with management of the Am Art Union. Intend to manage own affairs, submit works to artists’ judgment. Branch associations already been formed in other cities. Pics not purchased by the score of a few favorite ptrs nor at extrav prices to figure as capital prizes, but every artist who joins brings his pic in rotationand if deemed worth $50 or more it is purchased, no more than for $500, to give all a fair chance. Whole sum paid in will be distrib. NAD gave it countenance by attending almost en masse.

            I don’t see an ad

23, 30 Sad re Noah’s death, Sunday Times will continue with Mrs Noah, Joseph Barber and Deans and Howard, eminently respectable paper

April 1851

6,13 p. 2 How We Apples Swim! Yesterday evening a week ago, NAD members invited principal talent of city (politely ourselves included) to private opening, couldn’t go, but reading reports note one little incident illustrative of literary modesty, should not be lost to posterity, Right Rev Rufus W  informed that would supply omission, the absence of Wm C Bryant (Cooper had told him that day he is the author of America). Nothing more modest—here is Dr Griswold, whose poetry or pills, we forget which, are continually cried for like Sherman’s lozenges,--putting himself on a par with Cooper and admitting Bryant is a poet not a penny a liner. Pooh! Where’s Puffer Hopkins?

20 anecdote of a picture dealer in Washington, selling colored engravings as originals to members of Congress

27 Fan of St. George’s Society. P.2 Satirical list of Am contributions to the World’s Fair, including A cast in bronze of the universally admired and respected editor of the Herald, as a  modest bogy. A Portrait of the only human that ever read Puffer Hopkins through, and lived—it’s the portrait of a shockingly melancholy wretch, who looks as if he had swallowed forty thousand pickled corkscrews. A portrait of a patriotic politiican, very scarce and very rare, neither John Van Buren nor Ex-Governor Seward. Bust of an intelligent alderman. Portrait of the only lady that was ever known to make way for one of her own sex immed upon her entering an omnibus. Statue of an old gman who was not as self-satisfied as a young married woman with her first baby who resembled its father. A finely executed engraving by Scratchof a cur standing looking happy with a v large tin kettle. Portrait of a contented actor. A magnificently executed likeness of a NY police officer who was on hand exactly when wanted, conveys a fine idea of the combined effects of tobacco, filthy alcohol, and sleep. Justice urges us to say that this pic is not rare or scarce. But of a gman who went into Wall st an honest man and came out ditto, done by Chisel.

May 1851

4 puffs Gleason’s. Mocks readers of Home Journal, born to destiny of eau de cologne and curl paper, affectations of the brain. Notices NY Reveille

11 loves Christy’s minstrels, dislikes the Hutchinsons. Reformers need reform. Van Buren defends Forrest in Willis trial.

18 day book mean to attack Chas Stetson; Webb wrong to attack Willis. Webster litho.

25 Don’t see an NAD ad.

June 1 1851, 8 critical of Union Club permitting Webb to be a member, not a gman. Notices NY Illus News by Strong. 15 Battery enlargement promoted by Sun is a humbug. 22 Herald sponsors opposition to fireman Carson’s report 29 compares Art Union pics on exhib to beautiful gaiter boots of bootmakers union, which are better

July 6 1851 explains why he has been so passionate about Webb and Willis, Henry Inman and he were members of the same lodge ofOdd Fellows and same social club, loved him, walked at funeral with Bengough. 13 dislikes arrest of women for vagrancy. 20 anxious re the sovereignty of the individual to do as seems good in his or her eyes, not be controlled or consult wishes of all around him, the sovereignty of public opinion

27 mocks Young America, notices Brady a big advertiser

August 3, 10,17,24 hates the anti-renters. 31

September 7,14 Likes Gov Wash Hunt 21 death of Cooper, he was manly. 28

October 5 crit of Judge Edmonds again. Notices wkly Figaro. 12 Am Inst Fair has improved, more useful and interesting. The system of puffing into notoriety all and everything has become so general, and the public has so often been deceived by such efforts, hard to persuade them of the merits of anything, but as far as regards Healy’s pic of Webster, they may rely that its merits have not been spoken too highlly of; in fact it wld be a diff task to speak of this truly meritorious work of art in too strong terms, or endeavor to convey to the mind an adeq idea of its beauty and interest. Notices Water Cure journal too.

Oct 19 notices Frederick West editing new Panorama, notice James Brown’s dags. 26 tons of accounts of the doings of the militia

November 2 mostly has Whig political ads. Calls Bennett an old fogy. Think Kossuth is a humbug. Moral outrage over lola Montes selective. 9 Likes JB Riell’s restairamt. Likes Am Whig Review’s estimate of Journalism in NY. Excerpts Bayard Taylor. 16, 23 well-merited compliment, committee of fine arts at Fair of Maryland Inst awarded first premium to JH Whitehurst of this city, gallery at 349 Broadway, pics equal to anything by Daguerre.

30 hostile to Bishop Hughes, more symp now to Kossuth. Likes Webster for Pres?

December 1851

7 dislikes Fillmore’s msg, not a man of this age, the tie wing and puff powder school of politics, need a giant not a mannikin. Engravings and portraits of Kossuth don’t do him justice, Raphael would have delighted to paint, look of modesty and diffidence. 14 at the Kossuth Banquet,Webb was hissed out. Fowler and Wells advertise.

21 Press dinner for Kossuth at Astor Hse Monday last contemptible, a clique for its own gratification and glory, Parke Godwin, Raymond, Greeley, CA Dana and Brace, Cornelius Mathews. JW Strong now doing a mag Yankee Notions.

28 think C Edwards Lester in Forrest trial exhibited vanity and bombastic conceit. Disapprove of Montez, not an artist.

1852—LOC volume, Nichols, Krauth & Cauldwell, 109 Nassau st, $1/yr


2 p.2 calls ed of C&E a time serving vampire, for using Meagher and Irish to batter Kossuth, and further reviews his crimes (inclu blamed Willis for his defeat as ambassador and so brought up Inman affair). Think L Napoleon is a traitor. Waste of time and money for Art Union to sue Herald for libel; notes a cove subscribed to Am AU in name of Prince albert, and p. 3 they publish the card of the AU explaining postponement of the distribution. Critical of Capt Shumway’s 8th National guard, a member of which is also on C&E,  anxious to bolster anti-Kossuth forces, wanted to get company to protest the demo in Kossuth’s favor—should be reassuring to thrones of Europe.

11 p. 1 excerpt re influence of a picture of a virtuous woman, mother or wife, Hazlitt and Cowper, hung up in room where leisure, mighty influence. P. 2 likes Washington Hunt. Reproach Fillmore for being in fear of Europe, uncivil to Kossuth. Notices American Artists Association had its first annual distrib, managed by artists, more pictures distrib than anay other, rooms at Apollo.

25 testify to Talbot Watts’ nervous remedy! Crit of Trib’s attacks on Matsell.

Covers Forrest trial extensively, on Mrs. Forrest’s side.


Anti death penalty, like building Associations instead of savings banks, excerpts Barnum’s bio. Anti-temperane fanatics.

H Egbert doing illus for them. 29 liked Bryant on Cooper

March 1852

Likes Webster and NY Times.

28 p.1 a painter’s joke—sign ptrs in western part of city faked a crime scene. Not an admirer of Emerson


11 Forrest doing well backa t theater, doing well, Phillip Hone’s rich coll of statuary ptgs et al to be sold at auction. Reviews Fogyism in Demo Rev, obscuring Young Am, new regime there seems supported by Mercury, likes their account of the fogys posing for their portraits in it, for  hours contorting and pursing their lips, so as to look implacably stern, and awfully democratic and powerfully Jacksonian, or stiffened up and threw back some few hairs, so as to appear of a statesmanlike char, on the outside of their baldness. A sagacious demo put his head on top of Tory Peel’s body so as the people worshipped this senseless mass.

            Approves of police in 14th ward ending exhib of troupe of model artistes at Temple of the Graces, most scandalous. Artistes of Dr Collyer and Franklin museum intended to illus art, ok,but merely for corrupt taste, put down

25 p. 2St George Society, anniversary, in room at Niblo’s was a full length port of Queen abt which a great deal was said in its praise. We tried v hard to admire it, but have to confess that we failed, more like the port of a highly respectable—in fact of a v aristo doll, rather than of a living, breathing and thinking woman, and that woman a matron and a Queen. With all proper respect, never saw a more unmeaning face on canvass. (d’Orsay?)

p. 2 The Fine Arts Also has a satire of an NAD review (I don’t see an ad), with obvious errors of knowledge of history of art, as well as typical lang of crit, credits puffery

May 1852

9 critical o GG Foster’s involvement in Forrest case

16 p.1 fr Trib’s City Items, statues sold in streets, perambulating statue galleries, something primitive in the arrangements and dispositions, Napoleon in close conservation with Achilles, Washington hobnobbing with Cleopatra, etc queer mixture, figures far superior to their predecessors, little children on their knees before fruit of most brilliant and striking colors; carriers are geniuses int heir line, ragged kids stare at Venus and Apollo etc.

p. 2 seem to want Webster for President, dislikes Joe Hoxie and Brooks coming out for Fillmore. “Immoral Pictures” class of engravings in shop windows, suggestive, not much better than the Venuses in flash barrooms and barber shops.

23 notices Geo Law dinner; likes a Lantern caricature of Genl Scott that associates him with Seward and Fred douglass.

30 Trib pushing Scott, to Merc’s disapproval. Not sure Homestead act will help poor.


13 Pierce unites Demos. Ice cream shops the worst assignation places in town, lead to ruin. Like Meagher. Likes Nat  Police Gazette and Spirit of the Times.


11 Beman of Voice of the People used to work at Herald

25 not enthus over a NY Crystal Palace, or efforts at a Wash monument, or Battery enlargement


Dislikes C Astor Bristed. Dislikes a Broadway rrd. V hostile to John Van Buren and Free Dirt party. Loves the Lantern. Liked Count d’Orsay.


Hostile to women’s suffrage 26 notices Death of John Vanderlyn, praises him as a person

26 defends Isaac C Pray fr attack in Trib fr his Herald connection (Herald attacks Scott, Trib defends)

October 1852

10 for them to endorse someone for office, must be a gentleman. Notices Home Journal on journalism, agrees that our papers are bad because they are too egotistical, editor writes too much

17 critic mocks the Albion’s style of criticism; lots of coverage of Am Inst fair

Hostile to free trade. Wants Cuba.

31 Trib attacks Belmont for supporting Pierce (as do Havemeyer, Mickle) and drags in accusations etc, Belmont’s reply in Herald, Merc supports Belmont.

November 7 supports Pierce’s election, disapproved of Scott bringing relig into election, hopes now Mexico will be ours.Defends James T Brady at Tammany fr Trib.

Nov 21 likes Gov Seymour at Merc Lib, likes Fry’s lectures on music, says the whig party never had anything more than the heart of a magot

Nov 28 critical of E Oakes Smith a bit, Herald dislikes Thackeray but is being over sensitive, mocks C Edwards Lester and Squiers in Central Am


5 dislikes D’Israeli 19 thinks Press Club is stupid, notices sale of rare gems of art, Valuable ptgs, by auction, 20 years’ collection obliged by reverses and originals by Gignoux, Boutelle, Durand, Harvey, Shegogue, Ranney, Cropsey, CP Cranch, and one by that wonderfully gifted lady, Mrs Lilly M Spencer, six Wm Brown, Wouverman, 40 West 19th (not many if any auction ads in the paper) 26 Times a Thackeray sycophant 

1853—same volume


2 Singles out Windust’s port of Clay by Carter as only good one. Mayor Kingsland’s port to be hanged in Gov Room 9 Whig Review married Putnam’s New Monthly, no one cared about the Union, puffs Illus Mag of Art 16 praises Hamblin, tho acknowledes he was a sinner. Hostile to romanticizing Indians. 23 C&E has new assistant editor. 30 campaign agst marrying ina public (hired) rm in a hotel etc


6 hostile to Thom Paine, filthy Mormons. Likeness of James G Bennett in Demo Rev so wonderfully correct. Trib doesn’t much admire Edw Everett 13 Wm T Porter a fireman 20 praises Douglas’ response to Cass, Young Am to an old Fogy. Stephen C Massett is their humorist James Pipes of Pipesville 27 not much in favor of an intl copyright. Severe on C Edwards Lester


7 approves prison reform assoc, likes John P Hale even tho he’s an aboltiionist, notice Thomas L Nichol’s new work, at Reform of city Meeting last night, lots of Whigs and Native Ams, few Demos, Geo B Butler, ed of J of Commerce spoke of abuses

March 20 supports Alfred Carson of Fire dept, more or less. Long praise of Brady and his dags, has also praised Gurney in the past. P.2 “Criticism”: Times critic re Washington exhib at Art Union rms says “12, portrait of a child—W Page NA, A clever sketch of a plain infant” A style of crit not v complimentary to artist, or parents. Also takes issue with Times other statements re deocrum, re JT Peele seamstress too fat. WR Weir, Carl Hubner, Phillips. Suggests critic is wooden, gross and heavy. Leutze too. Suggest the critic should confine his hi attributes, as a modern Hazlit on ptgs, to signs. Our friend Ackerman will afford him some excellently ptd ones, hope he will begin modestly.

27 Fuller lost libel case Forrest brought agst him; Forrest’s counsel John Graham was abusive. Times has a huge ad, ed of merc says he buys and reads it


3 support most of the city’s charter reforms; James T Brady speaks to Young Democracy

10 vagrancy law—in favor of compulsory education, not removal fr parents. Defends Soule fr Tribune. Greeley has attacked Talbot Watts. Mercury editors used to work for Atlas; another Atlas editor Oatman is now a proprietor at Dispatch.  17 Enoch E Camp a police reporter on Heraldthen joined Wilkes in Police Gazette, died suddenly, brokenhearted over a struggle for office in DC that Hillyer won. Notices got NAD invite to privvate viewing, cant go. 24 Young of Albion presides over St George Soc


1 defends Lantern fr attack by Times

8 not enthus re Westervelt; praises sign painter Cramer. Notices that Monk has been examined by committee of leg to examine defunct Am AU, matter at present is muddy, but seems a large quantity of v small potatoes, for which officers of Am AU not accountable. Testimony no more or worse than that agst any establishment by any mischievous or disappointed, scenes are given a false magnitutde.

15 Italian opera humbug.is the affectation to admire it by the snobocracy, and airs and wages of Italian artists, in Europe often colleges for prostitution. (at war perhaps with C&E critic) Praises Evening Mirror 29 continues to not think much of Tom Moore, a petty ballad monger. Refutes that Young Am are fashionable loafers, with foreign airs

Don’t see NAD ad


July uses wiseacre a lot 10 notices sculpture planned for Crystal Palace in NYC, likes TW Strong’s Jonathan’s Pictorial and Orvis NY Journal

17 p. 2 describes opening of Crystal Palace, says Theodore Sedgwick addressed General Pierce, alluded to a monument of Danl Webster hewn out of French stone by English hands—Mercury says the monument is a botch, in justice say it might be useful in an agric pov to scare crows away, makes Webster look as if just flipped a coin and is holding his hand out for it, keeping an eye on Stetson’s (of Astor hse, flip is over a julep) lay. Looks like what the boys call a stiffey. And the equestrian statue of GW  shld be incontinently given up to some colossal gymnasium. Thorwaldsen’s statuary is great, others have nasty fig leaves.

            Wainwright reads a frst rate stereotyped pulpit, stupid style, a v beaut prayer.

Mocks Times account of Crystal palace as a poor witling who speaks of a water color copy of Corrego’s charming pic of Cupid Reading in London Nat Gall, by some modest young lady who signs herself Miss M, pic looks continues this manly critic, like a cheap cotton pocket handkerchief which has been exposed to the elements, and whose colors have run” contemptible and dastardly stuff.

24 cp shld be open on Sundays. WH Fry is music? Critic for Trib

Aug 14 Trib v bad for attacking so-called plebeian theaters

Aug 21 p.2 Powers’ statue of Eve, uncovered at Crystal Palace, Trib devoted column to it in its “usual style” (of exaggerated praise?), lots and lots of buildup and excitement, pristine purity,

Aug 26 likes NY American (native)


11 symp to Bishop Doane


2 new simplified masthead 16 critical of Jenkins of Trib for crit of Soule and Belmont dress

30 not a fan of Boucicault


Seem to have come down in favor of the Hard democrats.

13 congratulate Anson Herrick, hard and soft demo of Atlas, and Amor J Williamson, whig and reform of Dispatch on election as Aldermen

December 1853

4 Herald defends Boucicault. Trib and C&E have dishonest theater crit; Trib and Albion like trashy Boucicault. Times and Herald better critics.

11 Times is sneaky in its politics, a Seward paper courting Marcy and free soilers. Gives Hot Corn by Solon Robinson of Trib a puff

18 C&E announces Richard Grant White is now on editorial staff. Benedict HC Revoil now the Paris corresp for the Herald, before a city reporter. What GG Foster swore in the Fry-Bennett libel trial about his rlnshp to the Mercury is false. Happy Fry won.

25 Boucicault defends women’s rights. Last issue.

Sunday Mercury NYHS 1854  new simplified masthead

Jan 1 1854 B writes on New Year’s Day Knick traditions; humbug fr Picayune, story on Dumas. p. 2 Special Fire Dept and Military Dept, hostile to Alfred Bunn and to Freeman’s Journal; now seems to really like the Tribune and but its City Items still snivels, likes Solon Robinson’s book

Jan 8 Mitchell’s Citizen wants common sense (too pro revolution); Thomas Picton’s True American is anti-Catholic. critical of Gov Seymour, ok with Mayor Westervelt

Jan 15 p. 1 story re portrait ptg. Condemns C&E and Webb for supporting Louis Napoleon. Likes Lynch of Irish American. Says Daily Times has gained readers among the imbeciles and emasculates of the community

Jan 22 p. 1 Young America is republicanism in literature, in life, in the pulpit, in the press, in labor, by labor YA is the foe of aristocracy, the grand supremacy, it prints everything, even o things shocking and shameful, grapples with Pretension, YA taken newspapers under special patronage. Newspapers have come to represent the people; they are the statesmen, legislature, and cabinet. inside on p. 2 refers to dingy YA has a listing for the Ball season. Jan 29 The Citizen has an atrocious biblical defense of slavery; Mercury hates it, hates the Nebraska bill. Likes putting police in uniform, disapproves of their arresting street sweeper children. p. 2 notices NY Sketch Club.

Feb 5 Demo Repub party mistake to endorse Douglas Nebraska bill; mercury washes its hands of political parties. Attacks Daily Times and Raymond as forcibly feeble, position of a gentleman’s servant. Express writer attacking Pease of Five Points also accused all women who go to Bowery and National theater of being strumpets. Regularly notices Hot Corn.

Feb 12 still critical of Matsell; Putnam’s complaint about our theater being English is stupid. Trib now covering the theater. Feb 19 YA Geo Saunders (former ed of Demo Rev) wrote letters to Herald fr his consulate, doomed his hopes. puffs dags of James Brown and Brady

March 5 p. 1 has a YA dictionary. p. 2 object to religious instruction in the public schools. p. 4 describes house of Hose 36 (regular part of Fire Department section are such descriptions of the gorgeous interiors), including Garvey ceiling paintings and Art Union drawing paintings and engravings. March 12 critical of spiritualism. critical of Emerson, intellectual poppingjay. disagrees with Rynders on slavery; v crit of Trib’s sniveling for the downtrodden. Ongoing series of description of Hose houses, including lightos, dags, ptgs, often given less attn.

March 26, p. 2 wretched administration in DC, discharged correspondent of London Times for its attacks, notorious Rev Chas Edward Lester of Vespucci port memory

April 2 no need for a people’s library, Mercantile lib is there for $2-3. NAD is advertising. Apr 9, Apr 16 p. 1 poem on sad future of NY child beggars p. 2 Astor lib must be open in evenings to be demo, Trib wrong. Apr 23 has black dialect humor p. 2 Brady has been defending himself agst attacks by rival dag; Mrs Bengough, wife of Richd Bengough well known scene ptr and daughter of Mitchell, the stage manager; Richard’s bro John is a merchant. Praises Barnum’s reopening of Crystal Palace. Dislikes Marcy’s putting foreign diplomats into Euro style clothing. Women printers will bring down wages. Apr 30. 

May 7 1854 with Trib like John Genin for Mayor. May 14, 21 criti of Bishop Hughes letter in C&E agst Cass, whose speech appeared in the Herald, seems to like Fillmore ok. May 28 

June 4, 11 rebels proclaiming Constitution and Union plunging dagger into country. Propose Fillmore for Pres. Jun 18, Tom Moore a snob and flunky to aristos; seem somewhat symp to nativism of Know Nothings versus clannishness of foreigners. Jun 25. July 2, 9 p. 2 Washington Monument is in the hearts of the people. women teachers shld be paid more. Fire houses all have Signing of Dec of Indep and portraits of GW and presidents. July 16 very hostile to Tammany. has expose of milk purity. Jul 23 shld annex the Sandwich Islands, regulate stock market. Son is going to Columbia College, hope they will have a school of design. still crit of Battery enlargement. July 30 story of The Seamstress. p.2 hostile to the Washington Monument in DC

Aug 13 mocks Isaac Pray’s spiritualism. Am Inst not having a fair, last year’s didn’t do well fr compet at Crystal Palace. have a military column too. Aug 27. Sept 3, 10, 17, 24, notes accidental death of associate Saml Nichols, fr London, came here in 1836 and clerked for John Lorimer Graham, became city editor and theatrical critic for conservative paper Times and Star, then when it failed joined Paige in Sunday Mercury (Nichols, Knauth and Cauldwell are on banner on masthead)

Oct 1 money is tight, symp to survival of public markets. Oct 15, anti-duelling Oct 22 critical of women’s suffrage as anti-natural. Oct 29 likes JJ Herrick whig for mayor. Nov 5 reported that Dick Tinto the Paris corresp of the Daily Times is son of Goodrich, late US consul there. lots of letters defending Fernando Wood’s run for mayor. dogs as property runs city’s dog laws into trouble. Nov 12 Uncle Sam’s youngest son, pub by Willms, Stevens and Wms of 353 Broadway, design represents a Citizen Know-Nothing, embodiment of Young America, stands out in the air he wears his hat, the curl of his lip, and expression of his face.Nov 19, 26 like new book The Newsboy. Dec 3 disapproves of coverage of divorce trials, doesn’t want road thru Trinity graveyard Dec 10, 17 series on bios of actors, James Wallack and Charlotte Cushman so far, by C. like TF Meagher ok. Dec 24 

LOC bound volume Sunday Mercury 1859 4 cents 22 Spruce st, Wm Cauldwell, Sylvester S Southworth and Horace P Whitney ed and prop. 8 pages now.

Jan 2 John Smith Jr of Arkansas writing a history of G Washington administration, Edward E Z Judson story. disagree with Buchanan re annexing Cuba. seem to like Senator Douglas. 9 Am Inst needs good men not drones

Jan 23 front page, parody of Poe poem, Sunday table talk column says of condition and prospects of Art in America, have achieved triumphs only in ptg, other arts mere exotics among us, sickly, West and Cole, great Powers in sculpture and that’s it (mocks Fry); we have lesser lights or imitators in every walk, who will be forgotten. John J Dussole of Sunday Times. Herald lost post office list to Sun. Now in favor of annex Cuba. Am Inst a farce, committee of mutual admiration.

Jan 30 demo is hostile to fine arts, aristo in Europe supports, but rich here buy bad Euro art or fakes. Our name sake and protégé NY Mercury have services of Darley. Seem to like Buchanan Feb 6 table talk continues on American artists: most lscape and portrait ptrrs are hacks, NAD is too; auctioneers and speculators import trash, and mod ptgs by Am artists stand no chance at all for these gems. What fish peddler wants View of Catskill mtn and mtn house by Durand when he can have Lake Lucerne by Bucher of Brussels? Some Americans make a hit, Huntington, Church, Cole, Durand, May, Lang (?)and a couple others been successful, but most poor, Ranney praised only after death. (Dow doesn’t write for them any more?) Buchanan following Fillmore and Pierce in playing to the south, losing his party (Taylor’s death untimely, had alienated Clay but with Seward and Clayton would have succeeded). Tiemann an accident and imbecile. Still like Knick. Atlantic Monthly only for Bostonians, doesn’t care for Holmes.

Feb 13 front page Table Talk, NAD an old fogy clubhouse, needs govt support to keep artists fr being hacks. Mocks the Tenth street assemblies. 3 ranks: highest are Church Peale Huntington Durand Kensett Rossiter Elliot and Cropsey, the second to May Carpenter Hays Lang Hicks Gifford Gignoux Tait Coleman Wright Doughty Spencer and Ranney, the third to Spencer Carter Boutelle Andrews Freeman and all the rest, inclu Ackerman & Miller. In coloring, the works of Mrs Spencer rank second to none, but in other respects her pics are poorly drawn, stiff and unnatural.  All our engravers except Darley are copyists. As long as patrons think they can buy original Murillos at auction, only sign painters will get rich, so we don’t blame them for lounging about editorial rooms, they need to advertise. Pierce admin a carnival of treason, moral imbecility. Critical of code of honor. Old fogies carried the day in the Am Inst election. Fernando Wood an able politician. Feb 27 NY Sun has a hit with Horatio Alger. p3 v hostile to Dispatch and Williamson, his political speculation and expiration of fat office, attacks one of the proprietors of the Mercury, but paper has character of scurrility that leading daily of the city refuses its name to appear even as an advertisement. Also v crit of the Trib. Praises Dorr of RI. Critical of Alms house managers trying to impose curfews. Has a ladies’ column.

March 1859: 6 most lecturers are humbugs, excepts Bayard Taylor. 13 p4 Papers that furnish cuts of tragedies quickly just reuse old ones; Jenny Lind becomes Mrs Sickles, a murderer from years past Mr Sickles, and so on p5 Fine Arts: editors of lit papers talk about glorious pics of gmen who let them into their houses for a puff, one such sapient critic talked learnedly abt an orig by Old Master in uptown collection, only pic by that old master is in church in Florence. Leeds sale at Acad of Design causing a sensation currently, fine ptg by Winterhalter, celeb Germ and Fr artists, and late works of Am ptrs such as Durand, Church Cole etc, have proofs of originality (advertise p8). Like Orestes A Brownson’s recent lecture. 20 don’t object to giving women the vote. obit for Mike Walsh, author knew him, by training a litho engraver, advocate of rights of man. 27 supporters of Breckinridge include Tiemann, WC Wetmore, James T Brady Chas Daly  Elijah Purdy Chas O’Conor, Wm Tweed, Alex T Stewart etc

Apr 3: Ehninger’s Culprit Fay pleasing, but no artistic merit of an extraordinary character, Darley would have done better. Casper C Childs will print a newsp for any party that pays. 10 defends Moncur Conway going to the theater in Cinti. 17 Bayard Taylor will write for them. 24 p5 NAD opens, review, our artists small potatoes compared to Europe, for sentimental young ladies, not inspired. 800 ptgs, no one pic rises above mediocrity, effect is monotonos, mechanical, no boldness individuality but dreamy sameness. SS Osgood’s Venus a v ordinary young woman, pile of bricks, Shayer his usu gray horse, Cropsey Kauterskill falls, good effect, stationary cataract. Van Schendall fruit market exquis Germ pic, candle light. Lamdin Camellia, good looking before a mirror, tame subj. Ausdale v pleasing. Lang Nydia no partic merit; his Tennyson fails to realize poet. TW Wood Chiffoniere vigorous character painting. Wideveld 4th of July, Young America at a window, spirited for a firework establishment. Tait’s animals full of vitality. autumn coloring good. Rossiter queen, gotten up according to rule, fearful frame, his Regicide have to bow down to see. Perry’s Miles Standish not extraord. Waterman tolerable but unnatural. EW Nichols seems genial. Wittkamp vigorous, crabs. HP Gray good, Hotchkiss repays exam, TA Richards flat and unnatural. Wenzler apotheosis of red hair. W Hart in fireboard style. Hanks causes chills. Boutelle v picture-esque. Staunton awkward. Casilear, artist prob likes it. May Brigand has woman’s rights stamped on it, good for National theatre. Lang’s Beatrice melodramatic. Rossiter’s discoverers a rainbow composition, needs dim light. Hicks’ Kane, thought it was Kossuth. Ingham v expressive Bristol gd. Carter’s Baron, all combatants seem to feel alike. Stearns plethoric. Gifford ptd while sun in his eyes.Hamblin a dream of vertigo. Negro life in south: full of character, worthy a place, eminently truthful, individuality. Darley. Praise founding of Intl Art Union as partial answer to earlier series of columns, German art, Hubner, Wimar’s savages too red etc. Likes Keene’s.

May 1 1859 front page table-talk: letter fr Apelles attacking critic of last week, dabblers who think they are masters, egotistical, “an artistic letter:” one of my pics you disparaged the gem of the room, ignorance, praised a superlative abortion by Cropsey which is the laughing stock of every member of the Academy, Kensett and James Hart can paint falling water, so can I, leave artists to judge their own merits. Seems to like Gov Wise (!). Bishop Doane endless speculations got him into debt, boundless extravagancies, life of discord, wife a lunatic. May 8 disapproves of wealth being sole criteria for 5th Avenue society. Fernando Wood’s Mozart Hall organization want to engage Herrick of the Atlas as clown for their company, best turner and tumbler among the Demos. Praise Seward and Douglas. Intl AU and NAD both advertise.

May 15, 22 have hired Stephen H Branch to write a column, says when he arrived in NY first worked with Harpers, the American and Evening Post, worked in printing office in Washington, taught school in south, with bro at N Orleans Daily Times, knew McDonald Clarke at the Graham house, father and brother active in Rhode Island against Dorr’s insurgents. Spent a year trying to expose Gouraud. Ran for Alderman of 3rd Ward, cheated of victory by inspectors, wrote fr Calif as ‘alligator’ Involved in fire dept vs City council war, attacked Matsell as not native. puff Genin. Their military corresp signs Live Oak. May 29 make women an equal and infidelity will disappear. Beecher thinks only sinners read Mercury and Herald, Beecher’s Independent also attacks Xtian intelligencer and Observer. p6 Stephen Branch on the press: Hudson Dana and Tuthill are adjutants to Bennett Greeley and Raymond. Began to write for Herald at its inception, to 1858, with Wallace Galbraith Baker Wickoff Russell and Oakey. Started the Alligator, which Bennett refused to notice, got him sent to prison. No one can use Greeley, he uses politicians for reform, sincere friend of the poor. Bennett dislikes Burns. Branch broke with greeley over Gouraud affair. Greeley hired Raymond at New Yorker, kept him, after C&E Raymond hired Wesley & Jones who kept a news depot under Albany museum and Fletcher Harper jr to do Times. Intimate with Danl Sickles while in Assembly. His brother Thomas Branch wrote for the Sun?

June 5 1859: Hiram Fuller, used to be proprietor of Eve Mirror, then the traveling agent of Mackay, the song-writer, is in London writing letters to NY Express, copied fr a guidebook. Hates F Wood. 12 Branch mean satire of Bennett’s wife. NYHS endorsed by g Verplanck, Hiram Ketchum, Dr John Francis, or would not pass ordeal of criticism. Exerts infl in Wash to appoint its members and disciples, whether dem or whig, John L O’Sullivan, John r Bartlett, Joseph R Chandler, Wm B Reed, Edw J Mallett. Jul 10 still complaining abt militia laws. Really love Walter Savage North the novelist. Jul 17 crit of Cyrus Field and the cable. Richard B Connolly is slippery dick. Rufus Choate the bondsman of the cotton aristo of Mass. Aug 14 sculpture by machinery. Aug 21 Dickens coming, ought to ignore him. impressed with Sam Houston. NY Mercury issued on Monday has Buntline, Darley and Bayard Taylor. They are anti-slavery. Read the Home J. Sept 11 symp to Onderdonk. 25 Chas G Leland once ed of Barnum & Beach’s illus weekly is back in city. Geo Thompson works at Daily News, Wood’s organ. Oct 2 Am Inst arrangement of articles not classified at all, arbitrary. Wants shorter orations (Ed Everett’s last was 17,500 words). Gurney’s dags. 16 reviews am inst at length. 23 now seems to approve of not restoring Onderdonk. John Brown has zeal, but is insane. Slaves don’t want their freedom. Small incident being blown out of proportion for partisan ends. 30 hope Ticknor & Fields will break up Atlantic monthly clique. Like Page’s venus, Michelet’s L’amour thrives on judicious abuse. p.3 Bancroft in Polk admin gave  up anti-slavery to support the South. Admire Brown’s nerve, and Wise. Critical of Noah, I think (Israelitish editor). Let law work, fuss will die down. Tom Corwin anecdote.

Nov 6 p.3 naked Venus—Page’s. approves of its realism. 13 Buchanan and Belmont at odds, Mercury had supported Buchanan for Pres in convention of 1852, Belmont paid Noah’s NY Morning Star to support him too. Buchanan ensured Belmont got diplomatic appointment to Hague (got Pierce to do it).  But now at odds with Buchanan for not giving him Madrid, has gone over to Douglas. Nov 20 front page table talk humorous definitions, oil ptgs in water colors: Church’s Niagara. Kane monument.

Then skips to Dec 11: Herald summary of the city election, 4 dailies and 8 weeklies for Havemeyer, 4 dailies for Opdyke, and 2 dailies for Wood. Says all the Sunday papers recommended Sabbatarians who war agst newsboys, with one exception, which is Mercury. 18 p. 3 a Romance in Art Life re our famous Am sculptor in Florence, working on an Apollo, could have stood for its model, a prince’s daughter wished to sit for the bust, she feigned paralysis, they married. p. 4 great Union meetings ineffective, aggravate affairs in north and south. 25 last issue in vol.

Mword wiped out my notes—I got through AAS’s 1842-1858 Mercury folder, and thru Feb 24-June 1860, though for that last folder I was really skimming.

Mar 11 1860 artists nowadays are successful, Hall’s auction of still-life brought $4000

apr 8 1860 critical of Bryant and NYHS re Washington Irving

Apr-May? NAD review, seems to be the last of a series; also in this period mocks Express’ crit of Howland in NAD

Jun 3 1860 Bleecker auction ad

LOC Vault 1861 Sunday Mercury

5 cents/$2/yr

Feb 24 first issue, mocks Fry’s operas, Tupper poem, C Mathews novel; Herald ready to damn Lincoln and Trib ready to deify, poem by Ada Menken on Carl Muller’s Seamstress sculp in Duss, Working and Waiting. death of former  mayor Cornelius Lawrence, had a Polk appointment resigned under Taylor, left pub life under a cloud in 1856 p.4 Charles G Rosenberg, critic and artist, has spirited poem in Frank Leslie’s paper. Daily News critical of Sabbatarianism

March 3: crit of poet Aldrich. Has a John Frankenstein poem, Voices fr the west, praises Lincoln p3 Prince of Wales overwhelmed by lady artists at Cooper Institute, band of Amazons p4 notices Goupil’s sale of orig ptgs, prices good, leading native artists were Von Beest, Doughty, Thom, Casilear, Kensett, Gay Johnson, Inness May Hart Rendel and Lane, also French school

March 10 long attack on Bennett and on the Churchman for being anti Lincoln. p3 has a Ned Butnline poem,let’s dump the south. loves his inaug speech. Tom Corwin in Congress bad.

Mar 17: Express motto is from a Webster 1837 speech on one destiny. p.3 NAD opens, we can’t all occupy best positions

Mar 31: mocks Willis and Morris, says they’re starting the NY Court Plaster for an Amer aristocracy, will get architecture all mixed up as well as their french, bad poetry etc. notices NAD is open, very fine. That’s the last issue—no April.