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The Albion


I consulted indexes to the volumes, rather than always flipping through—prob editorial comments mention painting frequently


LOC mfilm 1836-1838

journal of news polit and lit of Europe, vol 4. Thomas Miller one of their fave authors, did a book on Lady Jane Grey (and have poems on her)

167 destr of statue of King wm 200 the ptr and reviewer, uproar on John Soane’s port

1837 vol 5 new series

profile of Ellen Tree and an engr of her; Ptr’s tale and recollections of a port ptr, Willis’ new tragedy and Forrest at the Park

1838 have a story abt Salvator Rosa, engr of Mdlle Celeste, Macready, poem on Oak Tree

383 Gall pics at Stuyvesant to help Dunlap, fine end, ptgs are choicest morceaux, chiefly of Am artists, gallery and cabinet pics, one of finest coll ever offered, splendid compos by Cole of Past and Present, the only thing enduring the ruin is the landscape and the church, beaut moral lesson that god aabide while that ministering to pride, arrogance and perhaps injustice of man perish as leaf in autumn.


LOC mfilm 1839-41

1839 is vol 1, new series.

J of news, politics, and lit. profile of queen with crown and tiara in round frame.

Feb not enthus re Lit Gaz. Praise CF Hoffman’s Wild Scenes. Loves Spirit of the Times.

March 92 Poetic ptg and sculpture, imag can run to seed, or forget propriety of subj and become unintelligible, unsound conceit, fantastic eccentric etc but must reject what is inconsistent with fine sense, Fuseli loved terrible too much, etc 95 describe engravings or conspic specimens of the arts at Horn and Davis, of worthy subjects, Wellington, Wyckliffe, Cranmer etc. Notice Corsair, also Greeley and Park Benjamin’s New Yorker as good. 196 portraits of LEL fr the Art Union journal. (also that year’s engr is port of Queen) 198 Sully’s port of Queen, gives various statements, 199 editor comments that Sully has no right to the property for exhib or copying, could exhibit perhaps for his own fame but not for profit, esp when owner wants to do so himself. Should not be able to exhibit a copy either.But arbitrators say the invention or right of the pic is invested in Sully, that he then is the owner and not the Society, who has sole them a coy of their own picture. Even if principle of copyright cld be estab, he was in employ of Society. Sully now exhib it in Broadway, Socety’s pic will also be exhib. 319 editors praise Audubon’s great works of Birds of No America, size of life, show their habits. 343 Cornelius Mathews book clever. 403 story of recollections of a portrait ptr, continues 409 

            April 6 1839 The Oaks of England, noble oaks, bravd the storm, wide branches spread, majesty lift stately head, forest kings, thoughts of other days, proudly stand, bulwardks and guardians of our land, can ill brook sight of puny man strike agst their might, deeper sorrow as against our laws and liberties we hear the spoiler’s cry, shall we stand to see them fall, used to deem our church and state as stable as our oaks, but fear will bend to small and freq strokes (MA Stodart p109 Picture Gallery on Hogarth at Nat Gall, explains story of countess. Praise Daguerreotype. Praise Catherwood’s pano of Thebes and look forward to his and Stephens travels in Mexico. Approves Cooper’s Naval history. Greeley writes for Hunt’s.

NAD 359 Vattemare’s coll of autographs


1840 vol 2 new series

more Audubon, anti emancip, likes Mapes’ Amer Rep, has NP Willis loiterings. Mar 14 Albion sent to Corsair subscribers 129 anecdote of moral of a picture, religious, obit for artist Luke clennell May 2 sorry John Neal left New World.

May 23 p172 NAD: ports of unknowns and better if their painters were equally, arrant daubs, juxtaposed with a few that nobly redeem exhib. Gems of exhib are Inman for life and vigor and fidelity, Biddle, Ranger and children, bold pencil, almost speak. Ingham charming portraits, height of finish, pleases ladies, 132 is his best. W Page just one pic, The Whistle, we spoke of some time ago while on easel (I couldn’t find this). Durand orig designs, skill and taste, Evening and Morning compositions, fanciful romantic classical lively gorgeous and rich. T Cole two gd pics, White Mtns, Architect’s dream, idea better than effect, ingeniously arranged. give numbers of others we like. 73 lines on viewing portr of a friend by Mrs Howard, kissed the pure whiteness of thy virgin breast, ick. lots of virgin breast.

179 long praise of Catherwood’s pano of Rome, NZ and Audubon and 227 praise their researches in Mexico 195 praise Fanny Ellsler. 379 fine arts require Medicis, imitation of others and great schools of art, or will just get mediocre


1841 vol 3 new series

running recollections of a Portrait painter, more on Audubon, antiquities of central america, illus stone fr Copan, poem on bust of a lady and death, very proud of Cunard, obit for Wilkie 343 excited abt start Erie rrd 352 royal portraits. didn’t see NAD.


no mfilm for 1842-1843 Proquest search:

May 7 1842 p219 opened last week, too many portraits esp of people with no names in catalogue, like standing in a crowd at a public meeting, no one you know, vague feeling of disappointment. Mooney 8 and 23 fine, and 23 capital likeness of Cummings lifelike. 57 Hicks excellent, 101 port of Mapes by Inman masterly, 104 and 134 by Shegogue and Cummings minis among the gems. 227 Mumble Peg by Inman charming story in contrast betw youthful beauty and intellig and silly vacant gd nature. 38 Osgood Cleopatra fine compos, despairing, good taste. Durand beaut 26 196 199 thin mist or haze. Huntington 222 234 excellent heads, Italian, like Henshelwood and and Harvey seasonal atmopheric American gems in every sense. Protest Villamil. Academy improving. Art will improve when demand for more than portraits.

NAD Jul 16 1842 p344, exhib just closed, refining ennobling, but doesn't give the artist money he needs, need more than paltry entrance fee. People go for stroll or gossip, not because of taste for art, evident in that 90% were portraits, most mere daubs disreputable to artists and sitters who allowed their distorted effigies to disfigure. Abortions produced by economical sitters who want low price, regardless of execution. For rest, instead of American scenery, hacknied views of Rhine Alps or Orient, can't judge correctness or spirit, rest is flowers and compositions. Artist must show what art is capable of, not stick with sordid tasks, art creates the demand not vice versa, praise Geo Harvey's prospectus, drawings not garishly exposed but in small room, encourage publication as a set, got Victoria and court to approve, has all the different atmospheric effects peculiar to the continent, partly lscape partly composition. We have int hem a splendid pictorial illus of "the Progress of the Anglo Saxon Race in the new World." Ridner taking subscriptions.


Oct 7 1843 Weir's Embarkation of the Pilgrims, worthy, striking, expression of group near to the life, carries one back to olden time, sail flutters in breeze, rainbow promises success, nice judg in grouping except perhaps too bright of female drapery, but good contrast betw scarlet of Standish and sombre of venerable pastor, Rose lovely, only fig perhaps out of keeping is Mrs Winslow, fash discontent of expression and gay attire, too much stoical indiff in pair, before them is sick schild and parting scene. At center Elder Brewster and Robinson, Bradford and wife, heavenly pastor, governor traces of thought and care.


LOC mfilm vol3 new series 1844-45

$6 British, Colonial and Foreign Weekly Gazette, American Hotel Barclay st. Latin motto. Have Fanny Osgood’s poem to TB Read’s Genevieve, ed says indeed a lovely pic, artist of great promise p 24. Mocks Young England.

vol 4 new series (1845) Albion: J of News, politics and general literature

have articles on statues (eg Wellington) in Britain and Europe; on Cellini or Leopold de Mayer.

May 1845 fr Foreign Quarterly Review running their account of Pictures, dealer frauds; 320 excerpt Thackeray on Picture Criticism “Cutting Up” (as Titmarsh), Art Union favors drivelling hysterical sentimentality, babyhood of taste. Issuing a plate by Sadd of Walter Scott I his study of Abbotsford, did Nelson previously, and also Capitol at Washington. poem on The Press calls it a supreme power unknown to world before, p 476, a tyrant to despotism grown, monstrous intangible modern hydra whirlwind rousing men’s angry passions at its will. 545 another article on Rascality of Picture Dealers by Peter Paul Palette, but focuses on collectors rather than dealers, also excerpted from somewhere. 548 Canons of criticism, to have an indep and vigorous tone, sneer growl or snarl to mitigate any expression of eulogy, review works of favorites by using their own introductions, puff yourself, see lit as a business, be malicious, crush the young, provoke squabbles with those not belonging to your own little clique to folly of remonstrance, never admit you are wrong, abuse those you dislike.


LOC mfilm 1846-47

1846: bio of Murillo; descr of The Painter’s Grave, The Picture, Sacred and Legendary art, The Portrait, Inman funeral 48 Modern Painters 161 (very long review of Ruskin from Fraser’s, as leading treasonous rebellion agst Old Masters in favor of lscape, freed his mind fr conventional bias, radicalism, go to Nature, what is really great never addresses itself to uncultivated faculties, ergo Ruskin perceives in modern artists what newspaper critics do not, agree with his principles if not all his illustrations) Hayden on Ptg and Design, painter’s vengeance, portraits of Chas I, the sculptor’s first love, have often had stuff on count d’orsay.

Feb 28 Catalog of works by Inman 104, For the Albion, like his sketches of WT Porter and CF Hoffman, with dedic to Tuckerman, also head of Jacob Barker; praise him personally, also like his cabinet pics and not minutely detailed lscapes

1847 no index! L

I skipped to March. Mar 6 Genl Houston defends Capt Chas Elliott. Forrest successful at the Park. April 3 Home J puffs, and Rossiter Ruth and Naomi at Granite bldg, consummate skill, done at Rome, design groupings and brilliancy of color show observed and studied great masters there, worthy of all patronage. Like Omoo. June approves JG Chapman’s drawing book fr Redfield in Clinton Hall. Dislike O’Connell, just an unrelenting agitator. Skipped fr Jul 10 to Aug 14. Aug 28 p420 exquis Greek Slave now exhib, hi eulogiums of London press prepped us for delight, consummate masterpiece, breathless admiration til marble breathed and faultless creation stepping fr pedestal to hold converse with us, so truthful to humanity, life like, and must create such sentiments of delight even in those not gifted with strictly discriminative perceptions. Exhib for benefit of artist. 18 story on Van Dyck. Huddart’s classical school advertises. Sept 26 Collyer’s model personifications at Apollo, exceedingly attractive, artists fr Royal Acad, living embodiments, groups on a revolving pedestal, Drummond light illum, alleg tableau at end of Trib to America, superior to any similar entertainment in this country. Gagliardi’s full length of Pop Pius 9 exhib, eminent artist, as a work of art, beautiful. Next week confirms it is perfectly unexceptionable and groupings better than the Ravels, figs wear draperies which artists and connoisseurs may object to. Oct 8 Am AU valuable, new gallery, worht a visit. Brown’s ptgs of Genl Taylor and staff testified likenesses, execution great credit (had earlier noticed a Taylor port) Oct 23 takes coverage of Wash mon celebration fr Express, laying cornerstone. Stopped after Oct 30.


LOC mfilm 1848-49

1848 Artist’s first work, London Art Union, Catlin,

Editorial 131 (Courrier is hostile to Britain and Spain, contradicts, Britain stabilized Louis Philippe), 204 (take articles fr Express on republic needing controls and balances, educ, Saxon virtues, cant just overthrow tyrant and self govern),

May 6 223 John S Bartlett transfers Albion to Wm Young, gd lit attainments and family connections. 225 NAD review: like Mozier’s Pocahontas, won’t be severe on considerable no of indiff pics, call attn to what pleased us best. Huntington Lady Jane Grey, great merit, stern ascetic look of the friar, repulsive to the last degree, versus dignified Jane, thoroughly common air of the guard also true to nature and another happy contrast. Doughty’s Solitude, elab care, sober grey tints, likes it. Harding’s Webster, refreshing he’s not wearing buff waistcoat and bright blue coat. Duggan Battle Sketch, spirited, but Napoleon is feeble, dead true to nature.  Durand’s Ftn, a clever and favorite artist, like this of his several the least, foliage admirable, distance sweet, yellow light bold, but sentimental pair of lovers spoil whole effect, want of proportion esp in foreground. Cole’s Prometheus chained, original, wild, master’s hand. Durand Dover Plain beaut, hazy, charming, sober. Doughty frosty morning, clever, laborious attn, chilly effect is gd. Wenzler portrait, don’t know if it pleases or not, air of simplicity and softness, but style not to our taste, as if a miniature thru a magnifying glass, but clever. contrast of blues judicious? Durand study shows haste. Elliott gman speaking likeness. Gray Composition portrait, gem of collection, Roman matron, bright and laughing, superb form, mellow tint pervades him. Durand lscape excellent. Healy portrait like Gray’s, but Gray’s tone brings it to a higher school of art, a hist pic, but Healy a portrait of a pretty woman in modern walking costume, but Healy brings discordant elements to their proper places, rapid and rough style. Bingham Stump Orator clever and amusing, but has faults, broad heads like fun house mirror, with a family likeness in color and clothes, but much vigor and spirit. Deas lscape, small but clever, fantastic but vigorous. Ingham lady is somewhat sd but smooth, gd. Powell Columbus before Council, best of hist pics, ecclesiastics in varied garb, gaudy, whispering, scarlet, versus Columbus bareheaded and gray, deference to Church, finger on chart, skilful grouping and tells its own tale, sold for $800. Duggan Origin of the Harp, conception and coloring talent, drwg bad, female an Amazon, odd incident, doesn’t observe order and proportion. SA Mount gd, life like. Turner is a dangerous model. Havell typical of lscapes sweet middle but foregrd falls short.

May 13 ptgs of late Thom Cole, beauty of ptgs in inverse ration to importance in catalog, liked Mt Holyoke, Catskills, Mediterranean, Mt Etna, good at hazy atmosphere, Florence fr San Miniato eg, mtn scenery generally, less successful with tamer subjects and figures, won’t crit Voyage of Life but they are an example, as are Cross in the World 237 and also like d’Orsay’s Queen Vic

May 20 1848 Am Au, has aroused if not improved public taste, and given money to artists, but not improved taste and encouraged artists to study mighty masters of bygone days who can’t be excelled or equalled. Chooses not best art, but Amer art, and says indirectly that Am genius have no need to go back to the models of other countries. Critical of Bryant’s eulogy at last anniversary (prefers Comm of Management idea that art cheers burden of poverty). Should produce choice engravings of best Euro ptgs, or fair copies, make it free, and improve taste. That kind of Nat Gall plus NAD would best improve art, like London AU, whose engravings have deteriorated p249

May 27 p261 Fine Arts in NY, Goupil, like crayon drwgs of women life size, like a drwg after pic by Dubuffe because it has the air of a copy fr an old master, doesn’t remind one so much of living models as many ptgs of the Modern Fr School are apt to do, as in Delaroche’s Head of the Saviour, don’t paint fr imagination, just copy closely living humanity. Ary Scheffer of Christ is a sketch, feeble coloring, but idealizes into more than studio models. hi price of pics at a British sale of old masters 311 Eng and Am lit fr Eve Mirror, C Edw Lester in London 358

415 Trib hoaxing public about England and Ireland

Aug 19 p405 Frazee and Wash Mon in Washington, designs displayed at Art Union rms, many original in being like nothing else, only two with merit are Mountain’s and Frazee’s, but Mtn inferior in details and proportions. Don’t agree with Frazee in identifying certain styles of Archit with certain forms of Govt or polit opinions, far fetched. US a Republic, yet medley of styles. Frazee should think of Trinity and Tombs in NY when denouncing Despotic Egyptian and Gothic barbaric ignorance. Agree Egyptian Obelisk is out of place, but not because he says, but because has no beauty, nor usefulness. Frazee proposes a Greek temple that avoids sepulchral in favor of a triumphal monument, open to a great central group of Washington and the Youths; atop dome is History in winged car; Indians, deer and corn make it American; larger than life relief sculptures, eagles, rooms for utilitarian purposes. Editors comment that faults of plan are details, rectifiable if Frazee will give up his originality, newly invented Capitals of Indians etc which are out of place in a composition of standard and approved materials; often remarked the ill effect of efforts to improve upon estab models. Incongruous novelties, no right to mutilate the members of an order. Stars in ceiling a frippery effect; military trophies on buttresses an overload, and statue of history on top won’t be visible. Don’t know Frazee; quote RC Winthrop’s address on monument.


Sept 23 p 465 Wash mon: at Astor Hse and Delmonico’s seen plan for DC one, no ill will, just love of art, and a tasteless object, a hybrid, Greek temple with obelisk, akin to glancing at factory chimney and wondering how they can be built so high, a puerile impression. Clay Webster et al in error. Nash, a concoctor of rubbish, tried a hybrid temple, was caricatured; should pick either a temple or an obelisk, no Pantheon. Sept 30 p477 Burr’s pano will be great.  

Oct 7 Progressiveness, have a friend who never stagnates,  all nature displays this principle, our phys being is  aprogress, as is history of nations, Romans had stopped conquering and relaxed their efforts, (laboring classes refuse to do it, but middle classes do; artisans think they are kept down, but problem is they aren’t ambitious to become middle class and just band among themselves and stand still, need to compete with ea other instead) 484. Oct 14 Delaroche 499 Napoleon crossing the Alps, private view, never admired David’s version, also it was untrue, heard truth from monks, this ptg shows truth and minute details, eagle at rest, but resolved, no trick and tinsel, no Landseer mule portraits. Urges viewers to not say Dear me and Oh My, be quiet, and sit earnestly. Am Inst exhib thronged but vast miscellany jumbled in drollest order, silk quilt and lifeboat etc. Has Frank Forester. 525 Reinagle accused of plagiarism, had to resign fr Academy.

Nov 18 Fine Arts 561, Walter’s gallery’s English coll, fr RA and Society, lscape, genre, not every lover of ptg can get up an enthus for the old masters, more direct appeal to natural gd taste in unpreteding English school.

Dec 2 Intl AU they approve 585. Kindred obj, not to foster Am Art, but improve Am taste, agree Fine Arts need liberal infusion of old-world excellence. If Am AU spent $500,000, it would multiply the number of paintings produced, but not aid in production of a single picture (of quality). Innocent gambling, result sanctifies the means. Goupil, public is indebted to them for the idea, but won’t succeed under their management, as it is a private firm engaged in this business, will be accused of interested motives. 609 Am AU distrib at Tabernacle, Lanman Peele Rossiter Duggan Catherwood Glass Osgood Audubon Doughty Gray Durand Leutze Huntington Mount Edmonds Chapman Bingham Bonfield ea of whom has his circle of patrons and admirers 633 Dec 30  describes Am AU distrib, great prize is Cole, to a printer. Sum pd to artists averages $90 a pic. great prize is Cole, to a printer. Sum pd to artists averages $90 a pic. Havemeyer and Harper supervising, Wetmore. List a few of prizes and possessors inclu Lanman and next page give controversy over Greek Slave 634 fr New Orleans paper and Cinti paper and others between Robb and Kellogg


1849 no index! L

Jan 6 1849 Notices of New Works, the American Metropolitan Magazine, ed W Landon, pub Israel Post, engr after drwgs by TH Matteson, John Brougham, Osgood, ellet, Ann Stephens, JT Headley, Sedgwick, Child all admired


I skipped to mar 10, p 117 concur with Lit World that Am AU money go to buy copies of old masters fr Am artists, better than spending lots of money on existing artists. Lit World is v severe on quality of art in Union, fr a correspondent and not editorial, who examined 17 pics that came to town, only 4 good ones, corresp himself drew one worse than the frame. AU encourages cheap, hastily made art. Subscribers prefer fine copy by Freeman, Brown or Terry to orig by some native artist. Think this would be very popular, Doughty’s Claude, Gray’s Correggio, Mount’s Teniers, Durand’s Poussin, Terry’s Raphael.

Mar 17 Dislike Lamartine’s egotism, Wikoff’s bio of Napoleon fr Demo Rev very hostile to Britain, Demo Rev idiotically utopian would get rid of all existing institutions. p 129 Review of Am AU gallery: HP Gray likely to stay the choice prize, Apple of Discord, tho without title would not guess the subj, as Venus lacks air and shepherd not handsom, seems pic of sensual youth, a courtesan and imp, no divinity. Prefer his lady in Roman costume at NAD, but many will like this, not in his usual classical style. His Wages of War won’t be as popular, has his usual happy coloring, but can’t admire it, woman and child too statuesque, and warrior stumpy, wounded man a copy of a model artist,b ut whole is devoid of expression. JB Flagg intercepted letter, aldermanic papa, clever, reproaching daughter, wish no dog.  Doughty good taste, truth and quiet tone. Gignoux winter artistically handled. Huntington  has high rep, but this devoid of merit, libel on Switzerland so common place. Edmonds Gil Blas old subj, well exec. Wenzler ought to leave lscape for port, this pic beneath crit. Zahner some gd points. Burford much skill. FE Church Above the clouds, know close obser of nature in fantastic pic, bold, as public will deem it absurd. Reviews sculp for RA, fresco in England.

Mar 24 gives Leslie discourse on ptg to RA


Apr 7 1849 p165 Am AU engr and NAD opening.Don’t care for Huntington’s Queen Mary death warrant of Lady Jane, accessories better than principal figs. Love Darley on Irving. Disapprove of the Bulletin trying to suggest indep crit, by saying have asked a friend of the Institution to write its reviews, who alone is responsible for their opinions; Albion says disseminating a series of puffs but tries to pretend it’s not responsible for doing so. Think AmAU ought to just openly defend its judgments, tho perhaps might avoid glowing eulogiums on its judgment. Its crit will only affect outside the city, may be led to admire Wenzler’s miniature port of Nature, but pro can see thru crit that praises Artist’s selectivity and yet favors artist like Wenzler who is servile.

Apr 14 p177 NAD: no signs of Am ptrs taking position in world of art comparable to sculptor. No pics as gd as Gray’s Lady in Roman costume or Healy’s Lady in yellow bonnet, more are worthy of commendation, too many portraits only gratifying to milliners and tailors, busts as counters for display of lace. First saloon: Boyle’s Bishop Hughes, large, no 1 in catalog, face and hands well, but below the middle fig is flat as a pancake, accessories bad. Geo Inness some extremely gd points, quiet unpretending, doesn’t strike casual observer. Huntington study of a head, not to be overlooked. JW Audubon, not pic of an artist, but facsimile of a naturalist, lack life, knowl of compos. Winner Christ restoring, pretence, has some merit, but cold and dry. Wonder modern artists tackle Scriptural subjects. Boisseau clever, spirited. Love Church, only a few spectators familiar with subj of mtn tempest, clouds need more bouyancy.  Huntington’s Columbus one of best in gallery, noble earnestness, effect chaste. Zeiter charming. JB Flagg Isabel in measure for measure too regular to be natural. Huntington Angel appearing, looks as if copied fr theatrical attitude of a model artist, not welld rawn, Mary deficient in grace, large but little merit. Carracci version at Castle Howard. Durand 11 pics, study fr nature one of his best. Kyle’s dog Jack is knowing. Church Plague of Darkness, unworthy of his talents, hodge podge of Danby and Martinn. Boyle’s Major Stevens, small port of small subj, but superior to Bishop. 2nd Saloon: Pine won’t please the many, looks a century old, great power. Kensett mtn stream want of persp, deserves praise otherwise, like his 120 too. Oddie of exceeding beauty, 121 by him not as gd. Huntington’s Van Buren somewhat feeble. Talbot Juniata clever and charming. Rossiter Esmeralda, seems a portrait, not of Esmeralda, fantastic but excellent. 133 Domestic Happiness, Mrs LM Spencer, will attract attn fr subj, excellence, and by a lady, large, may quickly dismiss parents, lacka daisical couple, mom with dollsh arm, but children redeem all want of interest, charming natural ptg, perfect repose, freedom of infant attitude v lifelike. Durand lscape charming scraps. SA Mount port of lady, fair challenge, skilful. Wenzler port Ex Mayor Brady, a magnified miniature. Deas Vision essence of a thous nightmares. HP Gray pair in artist’s best style, in comstume. Elliott port of an artist, prob best pic in coll. 158 Armenian handsome. Ingham ladylike, too pink and white, too soft and smooth, not artistical if popular. Durand mtn stream less of peculiar yellowish green, decided brown in water seems unnatural, but delightful. Boisseau Creole life brilliant coloring, negress and infant, bad drwg, perhaps find admirers, bull’s eye. Dendy merit. Stearns careful, tells tale of death of Pocahontas. Durand Kindred Spirits, graceful and approp compliment. Fischer clever cabinet pic, mischievous boys. Durand clever. Doughty a gem, misty. Gerosa clever, a little vulgarity. Leutze Escape of the Puritans, some merit but not impressive. Osgood little of his habitual feebleness, best pic by him we’ve seen. Gignoux autumn bold and clever. 3rd saloon: Kidd droll bobbing for apples, Durand grace, F Alexander gd, Colyer gd, Ward’s Panama of interest, Hite pleasing, Officer spirit, and gives  a list of numbered portraits. Don’t pretent to connoisseurship, simple eye, no care for repute of artists.


Apr 21 1849 still likes Melville, p189 reviews Duss Gall: a little skeptical of the catalogue, may be trying to fill their own pockets not improve taste, don’t take what they say for granted, rather exaggerated humbug. prefer Germ lscape to their historical subjects, latter have air of claptrap esp Gude’s Norwegian scenery, masterly, Achenbach for sentiment etc, Hasenclever student life are excellent tho student is too old. But like a Castle invaded by Puritans, dislike Hildebrand’s Othello as Desdemonia is dollish, and Othello a woolly headed negro, shadows like Rossiter’s 28 p201 Duss gall superior claim to notice, and Niagara, likes Goupil’s litho of French amateur in this city Trobriand, crowded Broadway see groups round printseller’s window, impt that discrim in choice of cheap artistic hornbooks, best engr fr Paris and London, will improve Americans by keeping choicest productions of other countries in front of us. In another column, don’t admire art that (whether sonnet, or statue) has been executed quickly, the Impromptu, the later pics of Guido, Murillo and Vandyck, who employed wonderful facility to pocket money. Poets trouble world with crude, undigested, immature performances, so do ‘fast men’ in lit, sci, politics, morals, they are ‘products of the age’, an age of imprompty reform, impromptu legislation, imptomptu invention, lit, philos, in the pulpit, the cut and thrust style of crit in reviews and lit organs, spirit of the age, rrd, steamboat, magnetic telegraph, Who will deliver us fr these annihilators of time and space?”


May 5 Magoon has inane doctrines, ultraliberal, protest agst whole spirit of the book, his cant, irreverence. Love Willis. p213 Matteson’s Washington, spirit and expression, engr by Sadd great May 12 p225 Am au, New Bulletin in diff spirit, not self complacent and laudatory in its homemade crits and speeches, but aware public doesn’t alw agree with their opinions, so new course, not exagg praise, but ingenious defence of mediocre pics and difficulties contend with. Public won’t relish wet blanket, but Albion approves of them rejecting accomplished artists whose work is not up to standard of his former productions. and duss, like achenbach’s Storm on the coast of Sicily.

May 19 more Van Dyck May 19 London AU Jun 2 agree with Home J re lessons of Astor riots, lowest class of citizens were to blame for riots, but Home J warns about ostentation of the wealthy, disagree with that, poor shouldn’t hate the rich, poverty is portion of bulk of mankind must be taught. Praises Park Benjamin’s Metropolis weekly. Jun 16 AmAU Bulletin 285 getting better 28 Am AU doing Darley and Irving, Intl AU has clever Garbeille doing copy of Greek Slave to cast in bronze and distrib, first has 1000 subsc and second has 700, while 300 names for Prussian AU at Duss gall

Jun 30 long review of Ruskin 7 lamps, author met him, admires him, but thinks ideas sheer nonsense? a man of leisure, rrd depots should be pictque, his fave is Gothic. Quotes fr Ruskin extended section on don’t need a new style of ptg or sculp, just some style, as don’t need new laws, ust gd laws, and must have code of laws one kind or antoher that is accepted and enforced nationally, so too need to teach archit laws throuout the country; we misunderstand originality, its’s not new modes of using colors, the harmonies of color have been determined long ago, originality comes when a man takes up any style of his day and is great in that, makes it look fresh; commend book. p309 also has Duss gall changed pics, improved, more lscapes and rural life, truth and close nature, like being ignorant of name of ptrs so can have unbiased judgment Leutze excellent King Henry and Anne Boleyn tho. Not much on 4th of July!


Skipped fr Jul 14th to Sept 8. Sept 22. still hostile to Courrier. p.453 Am AU: select group at opening of new Gall, wish it success, oyster supper quietly comfortably enjoyably served, Prosper Wetmore, minister Poussin, Doughty on Am Artists, Magoon on Western AU, Bethune, Brooks of the Express. Bethune’s address well received, earnest, flattering to art in America but far fetched allusions to Athenians, agree shouldn’t dress modern figures in togas though, disagree that incidents of Am Rev are fitting themes, patriotic but adverse to progress of art, just a historical record to be crit according to records of dates and statistics, his ideality extinguished. Akin to banishing Dante for Bancroft’s History in the schools. The highest class of artists in all ages have not dealt with the world all around them, but with the ideal; don’t want Am to shine just in illus penny mags, stop perpetual harping on Nationality. New pics: Leutze Attainder of Strafford given prominent position, lacks vitality, inexpressive, Chas I doesn’t show enough repugnance, nor do others, Leutze is mechanical, no soul. Rothermel Merchant of Venice, striking (judging Shylock). P Weber View nr Conantinople one of best, warm and sunny, has air of place, cruelly overframe as are others. Miss Borchard pleases. Small pic by Hicks of peasant woman has character. Bonfield gd. kensett Nemi charming. Durand Pastoral one of his best, but like Kensett and most Am has prevailing tint of green of mod Fr schol, unnatural and unpictorial. Gignoux mtn pass has poetry, like Turner before bedaubed canvas with eccentricities and Ruskin bedaubed him with praise. Nahl Turkish ladies clever, but trickery unsatisfying, as meretricious pic of Span Lady, small taste or talent. Wenderoth perfect horses one never sees. Also like JW Glass and Schwartze. Our comments not prejudiced. On Ultra nationality in J of Commerce, crazy to change meridian fr Greenwich

29 praise Herbert/Forester and Burr the pano Oct 6 The Emperor and the Artist. crit of Demo Rev on flogging

Oct 13 p489 Powers statuary at the Gall of Old Masters in Lyceum, young woman, symmetry of form of youth, yet chaste proportions so not voluptuous, no meretricious taste in her graces, modest and free fr exagg, easy and natural attitude, head charmingly set on shoulders, face type of classical beauty mournful, wide forehead more intellectuality than usual for artists, grace and beauty thru whole, no strong points but excellence pervades, called a Grk Slave, links of chain, novel fanciful and extremely happy finish. Don't share critics who is saddened face and manacles read tales of woe and suffering that tingle fanatical abolitionists, seem to be just a hpapy afterthought that helps individualize.  Fisher Boy same merit of Slave, tho again name of child of labor has nothing to do with statue, but free fr strained effect, delicious, true to nature, adolescent. Need net to know he fishes, just like with fetters. Jackson prob striking resemblance, but looks like death mask. Proserpine has voluptuousness, clever pedestal of leaves, forgive Pluto. May be first of living sculptors, but doesn’t rival Thorvaldsen or Canova, needs more imag and character, latter in form and feature not just palpable attributes, expression would add final charm.

oct 20  the two art unions p501: jealousy of Intl AU caused Goupil to run gauntlet, under attack of large influential portion of public press. C&E, Express, Trib, Eve Post, Eve Mirror, Home J, Lit World and other paper must not pass unnoticed, esp since Albion has spoken of Art in this country. Am AU thru friendly journals has assailed Intl, as false colors; Intl defends itself thru Willis in Home J and denounces Am Au management. Exaggerated, but Goupil IS private speculation, and Am AU does little to elevate standard of Am art. Intl AU first welcomed unanimously, but Albion noted problem early on. Plain truths told to Am AU may make them pause in their protective sysst which reduceds ptg to common industrial occupations favoring mediocrity. Both shld give account of cost of their purchases. Instead ought to have true Intl, with prizes of copies of Am of Euro masterpieces. Those who exhib poor orig at Free Gall cld make v acceptable copies, improve taste. If go on as today, no Am pic in a pub gall of Euro.


Nov 3 brief rev of Intl AU in new gall, picks out an Elliott port of an artist at NAD struck us v forcibly, don't’ know artist or sub. Like French school when not sentimental nor too close to the model. Squier writing for Lit World. still likes Melville Dec 8 Gliddon pano Nile. Am AU has big ads. 29 Am AU distrib crowded gives a few results on ptgs they were interested in, inclu Flagg, Gignoux, Doughty Edmonds Miss Borchard, P Heinrich, Kensett Glass Durand Leutze Rothermel


LOC mfilm 1850-51 no index


skipped to Mar 9 p117 English ptgs at RA. Takes review of Dana on woman fr Lit World 16 Fine arts visited a modeling academy on Broadway under Sence, hint fr Revue de Nouveau Monde, life size group of Indian attacked by a panther. Burford’s pano of Arctic. Defend Catherine Sinclair in Forrest case

Apr 6 love Hawthorne, Glass in Bulletin of Am AU, two pics of Cavalier defeated by Roundheads, error of showing all the legs on all his hrorses off the ground, unnatural. Likes Bulletin now.  p165

Apr 20 p 189 NAD open, private for kindred spirits, social supper, epicurean, new five rms good. No catalog, and tho in art as in politics we care for measures and not for men, yet inconvenient to be ingnorant of subj and artists, but hi merit, evid of originality and power hitherto wanting lots of ports of best and wors. Happy only a few hist subj, most ptrs make hash of them, as mag writers do an epic poem.  Intell greatness pictured in Webster’s countenance.  

            take fr Wash Republic a positive account of Clark Mills' equestrian statue of Jackson

Apr 27 Tuckerman interested in heart, not head. Carlyle like his sledgehammer stle, but not practical or great philsophically, vague remodies, deultory whining, abuse of littleness, worship of divine king. Cornelius  Mathew editing drama series for Taylor. p 201-2 NAD review: won’t carp at mediocrities and daubs, appear in every coll of mod living artists, rooms admirable, hanging comm did well, best usually in best spots. Huntington’s ports rarely seem to sit for a likeness, absorbed in book; Durand schroon lake not as characteristic, but charming, warmer and more vigorous, backgrd more commonplace. Duggan port gd, in quiet subdued style glas is more prevalent. Weber a man of talent, but faults, too uch matter, some ptrs look onNature as botanists or florists, but eye can’t take in shrub and wildflower, can do it in foregrd to set off view, but don't repeat thruout, not true to Nature or pictorial. Recommend this scene, theatrical term right. Elliott port of an artist excellent, seen it previously? Cropsey solitude, singular production, anatomical lscape in minuteness, not solitude but ea leaf a tongue and history in most approved form, vitality in every touch, suggest clever artist take up flower ptg tho we don't admire it if he can’t deal with nature in broader and bolder form. Poussin a better model, see also 308, Cropsey just does dazzling port of rank vegetation amid miasmas. Ames’ Pope Pius 9, immense, robes of state, benev but lack of firmness. Another same head of an artist by Elliott, but diff color hair. JT Peele drink of milk, lovers of simple childhood. FE Church Vermont at sunset, cleverly managed, has several able pics of sunset . Durand Summer morning lscape, compos v hi praise, country village, recog as Durand as cold and feeble, silvery touchhas gotten lots of notice, ptd pastoral. Gray’s Gov YOUNG, UNBECOMING COSTUME A BLEAK EVENING SUIT, EXCELLENT COLORIST, Huntington storm, excellent in parts, Thos Hicks, JH Johnson, full of expr, bold, fine, arrests att. Carlin a farce, Aldermanic little Cupid. Gray gman gd, Elliott port can’t see. 2nd gall: Gritten v clever, FS Church sunsest vermont, exceedingly clever, Kummer, Gignoux highly colored, much admired. CP Cranch nice arrangement and water, mechanical elverness. Ranney On the wing, one of best pics, contrast betw duck hunter and boy clever, truth and beauty, would like to say more re excellent. Durand Thanatopsis charming, enfeebled by gas,feudal gothic allegory, a class of pics objectionable as rarely able to tell their stories without text, but here toned into pure lscape so no imp. J Ames winning. Rossiter’s pilgrims clever, effectively told, spirited, peculiar coloring, antipodes of Rembrandt. Hicks Lady exquisite, smoothness of skin not elab of finish, vigorus, mellow tone, not a pr for the million but we rate v high. 3rd gall: has best pics, Weir Game of Chess gem, freedom and breadth in small, Greilans,Somers gd, displeasing subj of weeping children, Hicks Venice worthy of better plce, Kensett’s Adirondack his best here, prob of hi finish and elab detai in whole canvas applies to him, but cabinet lscape not so bad. Durand Esopus creek, sweet compos, feebly treated. Kensett study fr nature prob not, unnatural light under trees, but will attract much attn. Spencer’ sNews boy, bears close exam. Kummer capital, Edmonds two culprits, clever if not pleasing. Hicks Dolce far niente, well drawn and effective. Durand study also inundates foliage with light, not natural, 236 too. Von Schendel candlelight, gd of its kind. Kensett rocks ok, don't throw together into a pic, won’t harmonize. Hicks Romepictque. rossiter Huguenots, excellence, doesn’t dress people of today in garments of old days, most artists paint only fr observation. 4th gall for sculp, mostly by HK Brown, like his bust of Bryant. Ives also bust of Scott, Mozier bears palm with Aurora, sweet delicate. 5th gall: Shegogue smooth delicate style many women like, eyes follow you. Mayr Fairies play, poor imit of Duss gall. Durand shipwreck, mre feeling and real poetry than in any other pic. Ingham delicacy and hi finish he is known for. Weir mother, very choice. Gray port excellent. Kensett Catskill, superabundance of detail, and large spreading tree degenerates into spottiness. Church Twilight his masterpiece here, JG Chapman well. Hicks port prob best in coll. Give numbers for others. Likes the Lorgnette.


May 18 1850 likes Bryant's travel letters, Bayard Taylor's, don't approve of Webster's spelling, critical of Carlyle as useless

May 25 Benj Lossing ok. London AU.

Jun 5 watercolors, RA exhib Jun 22 Willis’ card re Forrest assault fr Trib, Eve Post confirms, readers of Home J know editor has attacked Forrest, who has charged Willis with injury too, unfair assault, neither honor nor law. p 297 Duss: Koehler’s Germania alleg, hi order of merit, colossal, bold orig spirited correct, awakened by Justice and Liberty, we dislike ptd alleg, but this one has rare excellence. Reviews others briefly, a scene of Chas I after battle captures his character, poor fig for cutting thru obstacles.


Skipped fr Jul 13 to Sept 7.

Sept 14 doesn’t endorse a new AU on London plan, has its own problems, glad Healy is ptg Calhoun for Charleston city hall,a great man p441 AmAU review: many we noticed at NAD here, Ranney disting, adds Halt on the Prairie, truth and char, needs to study horses, but compos orig and great, a style not mannerism, his last shot shows bad horse proportions, but subj capitally handled, will be pop. Kensett 5 or 6 lscapes, covet 63 bijou of cabinet, the Ravine, and Catskill mtn scenery, beauty of foregrd conspic, artistic. Hicks small subj, peasants have local character, dolce far niente eg. Rossiter better composer than colorist in Titan’s Studio and Pleasure, alleg with cupid full of grace. Church strong and able, style mightt be ludicrous in feeble hands, is securing a place, worth a long look. Also Durand, Doughty, Huntington, Fischer, Gignoux and kellogg, Cropsey, Solitude draws diff opinions. Wenderoth exaggerated horse tails, caricatures. Glass shows blood and breeding on canvas. commend Casilear, JE Johnson sweeps, Hinckley disputed game after study of some masters, Gifford merit, Brent imag, Kummer too tea tray, WB McConkey breadth. Worst of the prizes: Leutze’s Knight is most costly, skill but not pleasing subj, knight triumphs over king; Nahl’s Death of Bayard the worst, entomological, figs resemble butterflies, caterpillars.21 love Willis and Retzch. continues skeptical of new scheme for AU

Oct 5 p477, Lanman’s Records of a Tourist pleasant, tho like his remarks on nature better than his crit on art. Gall of Old Masters say nothing but catalog has inviting list of names. NY Gall FA: Cole’s most celeb, genius poetical not pictorial, bold, playful, executions fall short of his mind’s eye in Course of Empire and Segesta, Ital scenery, another genl fault is his coloring, too much prevailing green eg, but Consummation and Destruction delightful, works out grand conception, and better than his other works. Like Chapman’s copies, a small Durand. Minstrel’s curse of the King by Muller, beaut compos, but harp gilded, detestable, sinks sculp to debased level of model artists. Oct 12 foreigners portratis of Englishmen. Ehninger imitates Retzsch, poetic, unequal merit. Seem to admire Fillmore, Lester partnering w/Brady. Lessing’s Huss in customs. Pano cuba will get attn. Don't admire Headley. Nov 16 notices Am AU. seems to admire John Bigelow and Bryant. 23 Powers Calhoun praised in Charleston


Dec 7 p585 Lessing’s Huss: at Duss gall, Boker friendly with Lessing, bought it, drew crowds in Ger; Delaroche’s Napoleon not appreciated here, hope more taste shown this time. Doesn’t give Martyr at stake, agonies amid the flames, leaves to imag impending event, Huss on knees with brutalized citizens, Duke and Cardinal etc preside, his followers opposite of them, partisans of Cath and Protin foregrd, Martyr and persecutors, 18 feet, sense of power, truth and beauty and pictque attitudes, natural, triumph of mod school of art. Ital old masters have sublimity, ideality and imag, for few congenial spirits with access, our artists paint for public, truthfulness is alpha and omega of art, old school too ideal, mod school too material. But needs no connoisseurship, like Macaulay. Am AU: glad speculative spirit not encouraged by any extraord prize, attacks on Am Au come fr squabbles of artists, subscribers certain to get something gd. Like Sebron’s Niagara at Wms and Stevns, also Englishman Wandesforde. and Leutze has to start Wash cross Del again.

Dec 14 Ik Marvel is John Timon of Lorgnette 28 really admire Sattler’s Cosmo, p621 artists Hicks Rossiter Walcutt and Whitley have contrib to Godwin’s Vala. Ehninger no Darley. 622 Am AU distrib with our fave pics: Fischer, Church’s Twilight, Leutze’s Knight, Cole, Hinckley, Ranney, Thanatopsis, Huntington, Cropsey, Gignoux, Kummer, Hyde, JW Glass.


1851 no index skipped to Jan 18, Am Whig Review is hostile to England and English, pervades everything, hostile to Young of Albion too, Trib also crit of them Feb 1 Beach dinner for Hoe, couldn’t go but among speakers were GPR James, Horace Greeley, Park Benjamin, John Keese, TW Whitley, Dr Francis, MM Noah, Parke Godwin and Revs Chapin and Thompson. Gaylord Clarke and Bryant co ran Burns festival. Mar 8 RA exhib Mar 15 really likes Nile notes of Howadji. Duyckinck taken over Holdens Dollar mag for April. Mar 29 Noah’s death, only knew him as ed of Sunday Times

Apr 12 p 177 Tuckerman correct, but not inspired as a poet, NAD opens, bountiful supper, toasts betw Durand and Cozzens and Sturges, Bellows and Bethune, former sensible and truthful, art depressed due to materialism and prosperity, love of vulgar displays, artists self sacrificing spirit to support NAD unlike rich who don’t give to charity, only buy gaudy. Bethune a popular orator, fervid, but devoid of point, Am Rev’s absorbing char a reason for slow prog of Arts, doesn’t seem plausible, nor does idea that Art is appreciated and paid best in NY, rec’d like wet blanket.


Apr 19 p189 NAD review: 1st gall: Church’s Deluge, bold concept, some able, tiger and mom and child effective tho not best exec or orig. Rothermel on Murray, great merit, stop Prots fr attacking Catholics. Air of dissembler stamped on Murray, great distinction on artist, brutal vulgarity of Lindsay to craftiness of wary Prior, quiet Queen.  Cropsey Cove want of atmosphere, but tree trunk vigorous, true to nature. Kellogg’s Genl Scott, city of NY a fine memento, wish Genl more soberly dressed. Muller’s Niagara, admirable, water alive, but not accurate in spts. Rossiter Ideals of Beauty, rare in alleg convey meaning directly, Moral cld be Religion, not fanatical, Reason to her left made most attractive, wanton nymph least happy, highly colored. Wish wld quit alleg for hist ptg. Heine mediocre, too well hung handling ineffective, all the same. Vanderlyn port of President Taylor, feeble, and feeble minded. Huntington cavern well conceived but no atmospheric effect. J Williamson delicious going to school, everlasting Spring green. Hurlstone masterly Macbeth. Durand Clove not his happiest, stiff and mechancial. Hicks Aztec princess, head force orig, characteristic of him. Chappel Hermit nice. Cropsey Southern Italy, too imitative of a poor master, lots of eulogies by ptrs and journalists, but no one in public agrees, Cropsey sterling talent but this v poor ptg, evoid of aerial persp, muddy unnatural and un Italian. pratt, Kensett sweet lscapes, much feeling. Rossiter port of Darley gd likeness of foremost artists. Lazarus tokens of promise. 2nd Gallery: Elliott best of several of his heads, widely acknowl. Talbot Essex, boughs of trees stuck on rocks. Gignoux clever ice piece in hacknied subj. Durand pretty pleasing pastoral. Kensett holiday delightful. Rossiter Ital lscape, worth a look. hays Newfoundland dog jsust out of water, wet coat clever. Durand generally pleasing, few new ideas or audacity. Elliott beaut. Kensett Indian rendesvoux fine. Ranney retreat, spirit and action, reluctant mule, horses faulty. Cropsey Eagle cliff close observ of nature, jumbled for want of due arrang and aerial persp, could be a master, forget Cole. 3rd gall: Casilear successful, resemble Durand and Kensett. Hicks Rome, broad, pwerful. Geo W Flagg port of John Brougham, also did Mrs, spirt and effect. kensett no superior in gray rock. Ranney Scouting party ambitious, beyond his powers. Edmonds young lassie prob will be popular, simple tale. Jewett clever, lifelike. Maclise a copy? Joshua Shaw sketchy but pleasing. Duggan Eagles crag, fit for office of prof. ED Palmer charming bust. 4th Gall: overelab ship port, a model not a pic, Carlin, Colyer, other British artists inclu Sidney Cooper truth and close copying, Stanfield marine. Jared Flagg gd. 6th gallery, Muller, Koekkoek, CP Cranch clouds that float, transp atmosph in sunset in wilderness, JT Peele Mtn maid v pretty, JB Stearns Tecumseh and Harrison, successful in aboriginal race 233

            Boucicault total plagiarizer, but often succeeds.

            stopped there out of time


June 1851 Carl Benson writing for them

July 5 1851 New Books, likes Loomis, Griswold and Co's new Parthenon, with spirited ballad by Duganne, and verses by W ross Wallace. CJ Rosenberg's Jenny lind in America, tho we were not charmed by her, protest libellous portrait printed in it, has a few lively sketches


Oct 4 1851 p475 Healy Mr Webster in US Senate, private view at NAD, unpromising subject, adroitly made unmanageable more pictque whol than expected, clever grouping, chiarascuro, distances, on extreme left is Speaker's chair with Calhoun, elevated, Webster on floor confronts, variety of Senators mostly seated, gallery mostly ladies, not stiff and formal, 130 portraits, very little coloring as style is sketchy and toned down even Webster's sky blue coat and butterup waistcoat, may seem a feeble tone, but dissipates idea of row of portraits, men and women look real in groups, not perfect likenesses of indiv, Webster tho curiously devoid of expression, has lacklustre air not freedom and breath of others. Calhoun an ngry pedagogue, Webster a stolid boy. But as a whole skilful and pleasing.

Oct 11 1851 p489 Fine ARts Am AU, lots from NAD, commented on them last April, Spencer's News Boy, Rossiter, Peele, Elliotte, Edmonds, Kensett, Hicks, Church, Rothermel, Muller. Works haven't mentioned before include Woodville's Game of Chess, clever, no grace, consid character, old Cavalier deserves study. Mrs Lilly M Spencer Hamlet and Ophelia, capable, few of her pics destitute of merit, but models fr a poor school, vulgarised portrait of rose and glass of fashion, common fig and coarse head, some portions tho well handled. E JOhnson's peasants charming, also likes Lewis prairie, Waterston very English and pleasing, Runge admirable, Hinckley elab finished rabbit hunting, a Hicks a study we admire. Prefer managers buy such throwings off fr able in place of too liberal patronage of alluring tea-tray prettinesses seen in shop windows. like G Curtis 192 of tomb of Mary queen of Scots, Mrs Spencer's Jolly Washerwoman cant be passed if reader likes close imitation of inanimate objects and can enjoy an honest laugh, good soul Mrs Soapsuds does so evidently relish a joke, that the funis really catching, certain sort of praise is cheerfully awarded, remind clever lady artist that great Dutch elevated homeliest by tone and treatment, turned mind to art not subj, the reverse of what happens here. Gifford truthful. Leutze Amazon fine, but defective in lack of expression, his lscape commonplace. Cropsey one of his best, Kellogg sweet, Hamilton fine, Schwartze full of talent, Oddie not copying nature, Bingham's boatmen rustics and cattle have strong family likeness. Glass not improved. Helff and Wengler spirited, as is Wandesforde, Church NE Scenery poetical, curious clouds. Page Holy Family avoids glare and glitter of modern styles, lacks relig feeling, common everyday faces, leathery. Ranney moved forward. Managers done a good job.


Mar 6 1852 Perugino Potts in Italy

Trial of O'Sullivan ended in hung jury, over participation in Cuban expedition


Apr 24 1852 p201 NAD: inordinate proportion of trash worse than inanities, hung by upholsterers whose regard is to frames not pictures. White De Soto, on shore of Mississippi, monks and warriors, rotchlight, impressive, has profited fr Duss. Huntington port of Simeon Draper, has 14 pics in exhib, this is nice, mild if not masculine, like his women better. Rossiter portrait, may be a portrait of the dress, or sofa, or mantel piece, or wallpaper. Much brilliance otherwise, other pics good. Leutze Raleigh lackadaisical, queen unqueenly. Healy portraits have power in heads, effect more truthful and artistic than Rossiter, ladylike air. Luther Terry jacob's dream, parts of figure among best in coll, angels transparent. Muller puts blue in his shadows, no local coloring, disagreeable. Inness Gleam of Sunshine, orig and talent, depth and force like old masters. Lang fair penitent taste and skill, as are his 101 beggar woman. Cropsey Spirit of War: Landseer recently did trashy common place Allegories with similar titles, extolled by sycophants, room for Cropseyfeudal castle, lurid sky, mtns, grand conception, vigor and felicity, Dantesque. Regret tame crude unfinished look of foregrd, blank deadness of green slope, like baize, often his work marred by wan of care. Spirit of Peace also fince conception, but feeble raw foregrd and scattering of isolated objects.


May 1 1852 p213 NAD no 2: return to Cropsey's smaller works, souvenir of italy, unfortunate green, brilliant copy of an uncommonly ugly tree in Oct afternoon, but hand of a master ill applied. River of the Water of Life dissonance of microscope and spyglass, 279 Italy a study is most complete and satisfactoyr, quiet bends its head, man of genius, Hicks port of Ex Gov Fish, living semblance, cynosure of neighboring eyes, comples admiration by its bold pretence, scandalizes at liberty with conventional ideas, he looks like a mortal man, force and freedom, versus Salter just paints man's outer habiliments in 68. Gov stands with hand on engrossed copy of Homestead Exemption Bill, books connected with history of this state, it will be as Aaron's rod in the Council Chamber. Likes his 170 too. Gray portraits of children better than gaudy glitter, refinement of aristocracy. Blgle good. Tate reprimandbetter at still life? Ranney clever, agreeable. Peele girl and rabbits, know what his rural juvenile life is like. Prince Albert bought his Babes in theWood. wandesforde Vesperssuggestive. Gifford great sweetness if not strength.


May 8 1852 p225 NAD no 3. Durand's gog, usually does soft rural scenery, surprise at higher grade of subj and treated with so much power, invites study, multitude of figs, ought to be on a larger scale, atmospheric effect, skill at extending hosts into retreating distance, expression in action of animals, crawling and bounding, sense of movement of whole herd gives  vitality, coloring harmonious, best hist ptg in coll, none to rival it, too easily dismissed as not in his line, perhaps stimualted by younger artists, his other lscapes mmore than ordinarily excellent. Kensett Franconia mtns alw a favorite, correct and close, no trickery, familiar, comprehensible, he sees what you does, v diff than Cropsey, who he surpasses in completeness and harmony as he falls below in originality and power. 173 sweet, Church's wreck, exquis lscape at AU gall, doesn't live up to his usual, but striking. Gignoux october in America, hi polish, smooth, tea tray quality, but has truth and feeling. John Williamson talent. Gel Baker good, esp Going to School, natural cheerful childlike and summer hours is pretty and cunning. Landseer a poor specimen. Elliott 53 port lady, none superior to this, 449 of gman one of his finest.


May 15, 1852, Fine Arts NAD no 4: E Terry, Casilear extremely pleasing, Schwartz clever, CP Cranch great success, FW Edmonds speculator certain amount of cleverness, too slick an air for the figs, don't know what work is. Joshua Shaw merit. Fagnani, Parsons, V Colyer pretty. LM Spencer A Future President, don't know to be pleased or vexed at facsimile of chuckling, crowing, slobbering baby, such gd draweing and copying of nature, skilul touch, but not the beauty and graces of infancy that appeal to our better figs. Comic subj enuf such as young negro boy smoking cigar in 338, power of fashion, she should limit herself to such as these. ought to be something sacred in naked newborn child, don't know if her deficiency in good taste may be remedied, her lively fancy shld restrict itself to portraits of umbrella handles with gmen attached, as in no 12, or to subjects legitimately droll. Hinsdale White Slave, clever, illus Hood's Song of the Shirt. WJ Hays bulldog, truthful. Green. Cappelen Norwegian forests, great picture, gloomy, solitude, love it, fashion to sneer at Duss school, but should imitate its patient study, lofty excellence, hear a lot sd of suggestiveness and poetry, as if honest representation of Nature is secondary affair. Shegogue so pretentious offends eye, smirk, gaudy trashy style, disapprove of him managing NAD. Herring feeble, Decamp dashing but not a pic, Rogers busttries to clothe alleg symb with every day face, incongruous but not successful, Palmer portraits better. List donors to Brown's and Greenough's bronze statue.


July 17 1852  from Herald has corresp betw Willis and john Van Buren, re Willis challenging him to duel inBermuda and Baltimore, copied into nY Times and city papers, letters prove it's not true, defended Forrest in action of assault against him, Judge Oakley discharged the jury. His assault case tried again March 1851, got a verdict of $2500 under appeal. Van Buren defends dueling. Willis March 1852 letter complains of VB's treatment during divorce trial. willis and he were in college together, Willis says respects Martin Van Buren


Nov 6 1852 Fine Arts Bryan Gall 3rd notice, have little symp with admirers of old masters who go into ecstacies over PRe Raph but hold Delaroche an upstart. goes into some detail, including Christ reasoning by Gentileschi, a female artist with a masculine breadth of manner and noble simplicity of treatment, Results of Williams and Stevens sale last week, Prime bought a Wandesforde, Dr Gardiner a big buyer, Holmes buys an Inness


Feb 26 1853 hostile to Mazzini and Kossuth

Mar 19 1853 p141 Washington exhib 2nd article: long admiring account of Cole. Florence fr San Miniato loses effect/unity, need pov that elevated Duomo. Can't do Ital atmosph, like his Am scenes better. Durand Old Oak, little to say in favor of this, form of large tree is good, nothing else, but his lscape Compos is one of his finest, if a defect it is large maple tree, lacks strength so prominent an obj should have. Peace and War b Cropsey noticed earlier, Kensett good water in Niagara, better his lscape compos. Church Twilight one of most orig, peculiar effect. Doughty agreeable and nothing more. Gignoux four seasons, better at winter. Inman clumsy in lscape, didn't look at nature, good portraits in Trout stream. Saal best.


June 4 1853 (from London Times) can admire Stowe as a novelist, but can't agree with her politics re abolition of slavery, think only thing to do is to ameliorate gradually condition of slaves, extend rights of humanity, separation of slave couples and children, and protection agst excessive punishment

June 11 1853 p285 Fine Arts: equestrian statue of gen Jackson, when famous statue set up, abstained fr copying any of extravagant eulogiums, had our misgivings, waited til we could obtain fair crit, which came fr British who sd more of a mechanical than artistic triummph. Amer corresp of Harper's says same, metal is too flashy a tint, lacks mellowness of tone of vases purchased in Paris by late lamented Downing; has air of child's toy, mechanical triumph of balance, what about appreciation of his ideal power, the expression of his sculpture, think it the worst feature (calls himself a simple mail-contractor fr up north) shifts too much emphasis on horse away fr fiery spirit of old General

Aug 27 1853 reviews Tuckerman's Greenough, but disagrees with his evaluations, the Bunker Hill monument is worthy a bricklayer, the idea of an equestrian statue of Washington in which the national tendency to progress and devt was to be symbolized by the fast trotting action of the horse, an idea typ of a 'gent' who does his 2.50 on 3rd ave., yet between ugly and inapprop, is sublime sitting statue, think future Americans will be proud. Don't agree with Everett that superior to all else, but incomparably above Greek Slaves and Fisher boys. His own writing commented on puritanical intolerance of nudity, while tolerate harlot dancers

            also gives Cornelius Mathews' pen and ink pano of NYC a pretty gd review, one of the sketches of which appeared orig in this journal


Oct 29 1853 commends Wms and Stevens annual sale, at NAD rooms. Diff page cites Ruskin in vindication of Gothic architecture

Sept 3 1853 defends wearing livery fr Trib

Sept 17 1853 Fine Arts, glad Trib agrees that JSC Abbott's contemptible toadying to present emperor in his Life of Napoleon in Harper's Mag

Setp 24 1853 Lounges thru the Cryst Pal p463 (prob Young): no 1, the Statuary, finest mod exhib assembled, no mediocre as in modern galleries. Marochetti's GW has neither dignity nor command nor expression, could be Geo III. Carew's Danl Webster not happy, lacks verisimilitude. But Thorwaldsen matchless beauty, Columbus noble, tho pained aspect, Powers sculptures given good lighting, position and prestige (wrote about them Oct 13, 1849), doesn't stack up to Thorwaldsen because look too much like present day women. But like Virginian Galt v charming spiritual.Ball clever.


Dec 10 1853 Wms Stevens and Wms auction unsuccessful in prices, AU exhib to go under hammer, attractive names include Cropsey, Cranch, Durand, Inness, Lang and Mrs Spencer


Jan 28 1854 judges for Cryst Pal fine arts were SFB Morse, Henry Ulke, H Sebron, AB Durand, Felix Foresti, CA Dana, WW Corcoran, HK Brown, CL Elliot, Wm Young of Albion office. Gave a medal to Magni for marble industrious child, Kiss' Amazon, Thomas Ball's Webster, Crawford bust, Kneeland bust, JW Orr wood engravings, Hiram Powers ofr his works, Van Schendal, Hasenclever, hubner, Pagani. No ptgs got silver or bronze, and Powers only hon mention

Mar 4 1854 Delaroche great, Leutze's Battle of Monmouth just done, mocks pre Raph


April 8, 1854 p.9 NAD: opens critically, not advancing in art as in other elements of national greatness, few debutants, estab faves just ok, lots of daubs and outrageous ones. Stagnating. First to catch eye is half naked life size lusty fellow, Hercules in repose, turns out to be the Good Samaritan, a threadbare subj, should not be in place of honor, just has correct outlines and harmoniuos coloring, hasn't told the story, endowed with relig feeling. Port of Quaker of Public Schools, clearly identified, by Hicks, after fashion of Gov Fish, which was bold and successful but not improved here--ugly red brick bldg behind him and costume not picturesque, and Hicks delights in exaggerating them, a prim attitude to prim dress. We usually like his powere, but disagreeable here. If intended to show that art can dispense with conventionalities, and YOung America is to found a school of its own of utilitarian literalness, it will fail like the PReRaphs whose standard is natural literalness. Art can't be vulgarized, tho taste can. Prefer his Beecher, air of truth, so what is vulgar must be in the subj. Head of intell force, pugnacity and self-complacency. Hands too painty, Beecher's clenched fist make one think of a strong arm ont he smithy anvil. His no. 11 is dirty. Coast of Genoa by Cropsey can't be overlooked, it's not winning, b almy or delicate, but cold and wintry, bleak breeze, but compels examinatino of its moving parts and aerieal effect, close imitation of nature. Too good to be popular, can fancy certain eyes being offended by  hilling reality and taking refuge in Gignoux's gay colors cut fr same material.

            TA Richards Indian Paradise is his best, Turnerish effects tho flat; Geo Baker group agreeable, Hicks Gipsey spirited, Ehninger Dead Page clever, 21 Elliott port of lady is characteristic excellence, JT Peele very spirit of childhood, melancholy tinge, pensive. Durand strawberrying, prefer another one, peculiar arrangement, eyes exit frame. Kensett pleasant faithful firm, uniformly acceptable.


Fine Arts: NAD April 15, 1854, 2nd notice, second gallery, assume satiated with Uncle Tom, attracted by James Hart lscape, stormy unity of effect, also Church's lovable Country House, exquisite, close study, complete, atmospheric influences affect everything, harmony not sameness, gets better and better, approve they are local and American, even his shanty, previously had adhered too closely to familiar objects ill suited for literal rendering and so vulgarized his pics not eelvated the common place. Like Hall's still life better than figs. EH May Cardinal Mazarin worth study, skill and judgment. Gray, must give sweeping condemnation on all his works, public approval of such works as he has put forth misdirects mind of country, leading it to false and worthless, he is called Am Titian, shows don't know Titian. Gray studies pics emasculated of color, so his pics are unlike Nature and her artistic followers, his false and shallow aim is to reproduce faded old master, as 316 port of eminent lawyer. Wm Hart Peace and Plenty is English, agreeable, too detailed, WJ Hays mechanical excellence. EDE Greene graceful, don't imitate Gray. Dallas sketches, JW Glass honorable mention, compos good, moonlight effects please the millions. Can't believe that Bryant by Elliott, glassy eyes inexpressive smirk, fails. Schwartze, Frank Howland's student has merit, Boddington powerful, 322 Port of an Infant by Mrs Spencer, v clever but disagreeable and vulgar. Good points are correct drwg and essential vitality, almost expect to hear little urchin crowing or see it come tumbling head foremost out of the frame, objectionable for glaring tawdry colors of accessaries and the coarse closeness with which Nature is imitated. This is not art, it is skillful copying. Elliott does better with portraits of exMayor Kingsland and Caleb Lyon. Durand's best is not Primeval Forest but June Shower, lurid foliage, very fine and complete. Ea artist has his own circle of friends and admirers, so doesn't advance.


July 1854 don't like Fanny Fern


Dec 2 1854 p573 Mr Derby and His Advertisements, letter fr JC Derby, re clever tho not complimentary crit of Newsboy in Albion of Nov 25th, you expose how bookd are publicized by publishers, inclu press releases, denies ever doing it, sends copies of the book to leading papers, no pay included, points out that critics differ in opinion, Comm Adv, Mirror, Trib, Express, Times and Day Book praised it. Albion called him the George Robins (a London auctioneer) of American publishers akin to Vendors of quack medicines, because of extensive advertising--don't see why ads are disreputable as long as they are honest. Not humbug or quack publisher. Albion says won't reply to it. (in Aug 26 also gave another of her books a bad review, and disagreed with her feminist book in 1851)


Nov 25 1854 p561 New Books: time effort to stop flood of pseudo philanthropic lit overflowing land, expose unseemly methods by which worst and most pretentious portion foisted into popularity, given the best sale, like Hot Corn, or Newsboy, discreditable to taste and moral perceptions. Philanthropic dodge pays best, sights of misery, sentimental symp for poor easily excited, how the poor are benefitted is unclear. When took over in 1848, the largest pub house in the city at this time sent books with ready written notices, and practice still in journals where quack publishers advertise. Re book some talent of romantic order, but labored intensity, re life he knows nothing about, Real and Ideal so botched in his mind, better if author talked less of the great heart of the boy. Too many improbabilities.

            like Saml Osgood's autobio.


Jan 13 1855 quarreling with both Trib and Times over anti-English coverage of Crimean war, Trib foreign corresp is Francis Pulszky (APC)


Mar 17 1855 NAD p129, opened in former Duss rooms, tho ads ignore it, perhaps to avoid reminding the public of the existence of such a gallery.


Mar 24 1855 NAD: predictable what you will see, same every year. so will be brief. Casilear autumn lscape has his gd points, agreeable compositions, genl faithfulness, sober tint. Cropsey Mediterranean Sea Coast, more genius than any of his fellow Academicians, daring, orig and skilfully treated, solemn and poetical atmosphere, decidedly emotional. Mt Washington in storm has power, mind. Church successful in tropics, likes all of them, but thinks he can't paint water. 85 Boddington hard, bronzy, too elab of minute details, Hubbard or Gifford looks like English climate, like Hubbard's artistic handling. Durand conspic gd, summer afternoon tender, tho more pretentious Int he Woods 113 draws more spectators, upright, complete, mechanical excellence but space and atmosphere. Kensett White mtns charming as alw, same as every year, grey spectacles as others wear green


Mar 31 1855 p.153 NAD 2nd notice: Portraits a bore except to loungers with friends among them, better if ltd them to men who have acquired eminence and beautiful. Prefer Hicks lady to Geo Baker's LM Hoffman, seem to disapprove of backgrd of whaves and shipping, like sweet females better. Hicks large Portrait elicits many comments, lookers on betoken great embarassment, but melodramatic air of lady and stiff attitude, but side with admirers, fine dashing unconventional, orig in toning her down and strong light on accessories. Don't like his Lucretia MOtt, muddy and forbidding. drwg of Parke Godwin gd. HP Gray too colorless. Huntington has character. Mooney gd of Peter Cooper, Cafferty 77 merit, Elliott nothing to equal his of two or three years since. Laurence's NP Willis best we have seen, inner man, full of expression, as is his Geo Bancroft.

            Hasenclever Politicians inimitable, humor, Huntington Magdalen academic in style and devoid of all expression, Germ Emigrant by Blauvelt unfinished and unpleasing. Oertel Country connoisseurs, various expressions capital, harmony, his Captive Soul not as good. Rothermel virtuoso clever. Darley capital, pictque,f ertile fancy.

            wish Am artists emerge fr habit of mutual admiration and cease to copy ea other.


April 14 1855 Fine Arts: don't like Maclise's Noah at Goupil. The Gammon of criticism, interest but disappointed in course of Crayon, treats NAD so gingerly, but weekly bedaubs one partic artist with praise, toadying not plain spoken. Just general discussions of char of artists, can't learn merits of works exhibited. Pitch into English lscape, vs an Amer neighbor, gammon--false distinctions betw Hubbard and Boddington.English artist doesn't have mind, desire to tell truth, cold, no social aims, just virtuosity, facile--no better symp of want of genuine feeling than free careless slapdash sort of confident work. 90 quiet, humble, sincere, manly, awkward in compos because true, true before being attractive,don't often learn in Art or Life.

            Albion didn't praise Boddington 85 much either, just don't want Crayon to babble or make people laugh by naming humility as an Amer characteristic


Sept 8 1855 p429 takes fr US Review article on Walt Whitman and his Poems, smart satire on tendency of authors to run into transcendentalism, implication of a man reviewing his own work not of much importance


Mar 22 1856 p141 Louvre writes Fine Arts NAD, compares NAD to Acad of Music, spring opening foretaste of nature in Summer. There are beings who don't care about nature or color, don't care if Autumn shld turn Republican and KnowNothing, make his appeearance with retinue of Quaker bonnets rather than goldenrods and Cardinals.

            last year artists thrust pics in dreary garret, Duss gall rooms better, occupied in days when fash belief that Duss was a man, and of unexampled industry. Not many pics, under 300, happy only a third are portraits. Don't count landscapes as portraits (104 of them). hist pics 2, genre pics 93. Shame and sorrow, can have too many lscapes and portraits, tendencies of English School which has exerted strong influ on Art in America, as strongly realistic as ever Holland was, pelted with Studies of Nature. Almost long for impossible gods of Boucher. Man is not a ruminating animal, pastures are pleasant, but if no figs or gods, drowses into a common boor. Hope photo will divert artists fr downward path of Ruskin's evangelical enthus command. Photo has made Turner ridiculous, not long til farewell Academies and Academicians. But highest aim of art not repro of Nature, creation of forms of beauty, visions of the mind. Why Claude is still great, his sentimental vision, still interesting even if not natural. And still must ascend from lscape to Titian and Raphael, fr pastoral and bucolic to tragic.

            Artists don't handle greatly lscapes or portraits, a cant of the pencil as of the pen and pulpit, disagreeable impressions fr this year's exhibition, air of the conventicle, tho exceptions.


Mar 29 1856 p153 NAD second notice, won't be scientific in our arrangement, but peripatetic, as we came upon them, lounge with us, leave cane at door and don't poke them. Mocks Powell, dwells on distinctiveness of Yankee type, utilitarian, mechanical, inventive, merchant, salesman, looking for a profit, can cheat jews, but won't be bought, progenitor of Barnum but heir of Pym and the Covenanter, won't turn his coat. Darley's Spirit of 76. Like his Indians, not sentimental. Ruskin's 246 anatomical drawing of some interior reality in the human system, or monster fruit in section, don't want to put a rock into a frame, not a pic. Laurence capital. Prefer female artist's 259 to ex Gov Hunt, new hat, new overcoat, redlined sleeves, fr a grand political dinner, walking down fine stairway, but not a gd pic, doesn't interest mind, just a platitude. Ehninger better too, Sword a poem, English civil war, sad and serious. Eastman Johnson great, card players, admirable easy natural true simple genuine feeling and fidelity, has been to Duss. Dont like Gray's child, meaningless paltry, but portrait 51  warm and true and rich reality and glow. Tait qualis excellent, grass not gd, nor his trees. Sugaring off 49 has spirit, but misnomer, a scne of ladies and gmen with kettles in a cage.


Love Darley.

April 5 1856 p105 NAD signed Louvre, concluding notice: hanging committees alw abused, but have done some cruel unjustices, 194 will be overlooked, poor young Savoyard, graceful firm warm eye lives limbs strong don't despair, our friend of the Card Players, genuine promise, less of Duss mannerism, Ehninger poem of Sword also fared ill in hanging, his gamblers just around corner fr JOhnson loses power, handling Frenchy, dont like his sketchy intensity, but coloring natural forcibilile, energy, death holds winning cards in game. Rustic girl, shabby dress dropping off shoulders, not lovely, forlorn, but great modeling lights and color, if sky leaden, Couture's fave, Wm Hunt, Marguerite, also Fortune Teller scaped gray sky and morbid flesh but full of imag and design, a wan old woman for a sibyl, most remarkable pic in gallery, oppressive power. Hicks' Morning in Damascus, most amiable of adventurous travellers, don't recommend his sitting posture. Like his drawing of Rosetta Post even better. best port in coll is 154 by Elliott, red, but detail so true eye recurs again and again, despite his preposterous pic of a Gov on same wall. His Falstaff good too, redolent of fun and wickedness. Contrasts to friend Kensett, Franconia mtn, a good foregrd, but not perfectly successful, lacks atmosphere. But Kensett has pictque pov, unlike Lake Nemi, crudely conceived, or of any of Hart's, just paints what lies before him, alw like studies. Casilear lovely. Cropsey Chenango falls, foregrd slurred, awk cows, careless. Church overcareful, but Tropical Morning delicious, admirable. White good thought, Shattuck and Colman full of sentiment, don't like his dusty trees, bad enough to see them on the road.  Greene's port delicately felt.

            glad to leave smirking young ladies, meadows of mashed peas, quizzical trees, impossible waters, grotesque skies, and for good, happy farewell. Hope US will someday have a pub gallery.

            Cropsey sale, inclu his Coast of Genoa, his masterpiece


June 21 1856 p294 Buchanan embodies the Demo principle in its worst aspect, filibustering foreign policy of Saunders Soule, Rynders at home and Forney as manager. Despite Ostend, did a good job in England, would wish him success if thought he would get rid of all the above mentioned, but will be the Pierce dynasty over again, filled with Anglo phobia. Fillmore and Donelson haven't followed up on municipal success of Native American or Know Nothing party, more conservative foreign policy than Demo propagandists thrusting nostrums on all mankind, but ill will to immigrants is annoying. Fremont selected by other anti Demos as a Republican, mostly antislavery men, denounce Ostend, adventurous but inexperienced. Split opposition means Buchanan will win.


Oct 18 1856 praise neighbor the Sunday Dispatch (likes Hawthorne, and Melville, but not Pierre)

Sept 13 1856 notes split of Spirit of the Times, and that Park Benjamin is editor of Frank Leslie's

Dec 6 1856 New Books, loved Curtis since he first appeared, grave error for him to plunge into politics


Jan 10 1857 Trib too symp with Russia


June 20 1857, The Acad Exhib p. 297, Signed Louvre. 3rd Notice: exhib closes, may see again when some of the pics take place on walls of Nat Gall we will build one of these find days to astonish ourselves, some will be reproduced, Hunt has already lithod his own Bouquetiere, one of best works of the year, captures delicacy of tone. Worst pics may stare for awhile in windows of second rate print shops, but our great ones will disappear, meaning the portraits. A great port is a great work of art, wish a single tolerably great one worthy to be ranked with Church's Andes of Ecuador or Hunt's Belated Kid is to be seen, but it isn't. critical of Walker enthusiasts, compares them to garroters. Healy makes 14,000 by conferring bluire and carnation on the affluent in Chicago, but no fame on himself. 480 by him is hastily ptd, skilled but uncaring, hard, poorly modelled, facility in accessories but raw and inartistic. Unlucky with femlae faces. EDE Greene I praised a year ago, and do again, careful 271 and 55. Elliott by contrast 60 melancholy, capital a subj and ptr and weak blotchy bad drwg. Hicks alw hitting on new theory of art, has photo backgrd for a stereoscopic fig, port of hero of rifles and relig, Beecher, singular and striking, effect is odd and vexatious tho striking. Like looking at him thru convex glass, too clean, obtrusively so. And Pope's clergyman is too dirty, Beecher unwashed. Huntington paints respectable portraits, his of Verplanck his best this year, v gd, probably Century club wishes they had it. Saml Lawrence unlucky with females, not well this year, but 344 capital likeness, his Van Buren not, rest are unsatisfactory. Staigg charming esp of Mignot, Saintin graceful. If count Page's mother and child among the ports, despite its insufferable demonization of color is one of truly artistic works in coll, portrait ptrs praised for contrib to best Exhib ever.


Oct 31 1857 Brit Exhib: Horsley colossal, fine if theatrical, go past Danby and avoid a Monarch Oak by Anthony not planted by Nature, marvel at flat Cross, like Frank Stone, Maclise complex, very Irish, spirited. Pre Raphaelites hung near ea other, Madox Brown's King Lear, has irresistible appeal to immaterial sense, speaks in minutest particulars, work of rare merit. Holman Hunt Light of the World exquis finished, dislike alleg and relig alleg, but conscientious and reverential, minuteness does not usurp a place not entitled to. Material means work to a spiritual end, but we are not converts to idea that art must go back instead of forward, Barwell's Day Dream is why school is a laughing stock, absurdity, offensive, plants as impt as people. Anthony's Wood Yard is better than his Oak.

Nov 7 1857 Brit exhib cont: long list

Nov 14 1857 Hosmer's Beatrice Cenci, orig conception and details, worthy successor to Crawford. Brit Am exhib review concluded: Armitage crude, Leighton, GH Thomas Garibaldi at Rome in 1849 has stirring spirit, Oakes too flat, millpool doesn't suit our taste, Cooper bull is a bull, likes Ruskin's drawing of gneiss but don't expect many to agree, admire his conscientiousness, women painters, some rubbush here but Brit school has more individuality than any other nation, freest fr conventionalism, even among preRaphs

Nov 21 1857 French school exhib, very charming, Bonheur, Brion, Frere, Couture admired by many here but unpleasant. Think Dubufe's Eugenie shows he's been bought by the Legitimists or Orleanists. Scheffer Troyon Vernet

Dec 26 1857 Belmont coll at NAD, several masterpieces, several by artists of highest rank, choicest are Gallait Duke at Tribunal of Blood, episode during great relig persecution, Bonheur gathering for the Hunt, Leys a pre Raphaelite but good, Achenbach a genius in lscape, Girodet



Jan 2 joins Eve post in being happy Richmond isn't going to alter Crawford's orig plan for Richmond

Jan 16 1858 notices Murillo Conception of Aspinwall, might have thought it an Ascension, angelic boys exquisite, enjoy but not for crit

Feb 6 1858 Trib hard on Brit in Spain and India and Crimea

Mar 6 1858 Knoedler had Murillo Holy Family fine sample, tho not pretending to be an Assumption or conception or mystical relig, within range of human symp. Went to enjoy final half hour at Belmont, hope artists will profit by powerful specimens. Gives Everett onCrawford fr Richmond. regularly praises Artists Receptions at Tenth st, Dodworths, and goes to private views. Alw a lot on Ruskin fr Brit papers.

Mar 13 1858 brief notice of Nye's collection of copies and originals, not gd nor bad enuf to invite special crit


April 24 1858 Fine Arts NAD: art emerging fr entangling mannerism, fresh inspiration. Thom Hicks lscape fine, as is his HAlleck and CH Ward. John A Hows unpretending, tasteful, James Hart commendable, Gifford yellowish but charming. rough artist GA Baker, well ptd, Ingham characteristic exquisite, sentimental, pink and white. WJ Hays terrier, Carter mom and child fondling toe and looking comic, infantile protrait of a noted Comedian. A Bellows good, Perkins devoted to pre Raph, Geo Boughton orig and complete, vs Gignoux more cheerful winter. Tait at home, deers, nice. Rossiter pleasant genre First Lesson with cats learning alphabet, nurse, S Lawrence entire success, JH Hill prosaic Gotham given atmospheric effect. 10 by 6 foot Lucerne Bierstadt exceeding merit, but failed in effect at conveying Alps. S Coleman trying for similar. Mrs Spencer, come down fr the heights and have an honest laugh, she wants taste and composition to achieve fame, has symp admirers, fun she evokes is catching. Fi Fo Fum is better as more compact and complete than her Gossip, lacks connection betw the parts, urge her to study Calix pics fr Gil Blas as cream of Exhib. Wenzler Lady magnified miniature, but conveys expression, his NE Dwelling house luminous light, not painful like preRaphs.


May 1 1858 p213 NAD 2nd notice: last time we polished a little pair of boots in 597, have since observed several respectable dabs of mud. CT Dix devoted to maritime subj, fair start, eschew black in sea, promising. Kensett also doing marines, commented on, Sunset at Newport, simplest of subjects, rare gift of feeling links ideal and accurate, his Newport also cunning, sharper, atmospehric effect pervades the whole, original; 613 solemn and majestic march of waves, but others are monotonous and too large, disturbing in foregrd. Pope's excellent likeness of Julia Dean Hayne, Healy clever female 193, but fig flat and pose uneasy, better in 377 and 450, air of Fashion preserved but rendered subservient. No labor and not much thought. Peele earnest simple genuine sentiment, deservedly popular. WH Beard good in its way, Lang's Twelfth Night Procession for Century Club with portraits. Edmonds at home withWindmill, G Baker pleasing. Mignot Cordilleras elab highly finished extremes of tropics, one of best. Clever W Hart, James Hart too green, but fresh. Inness small Twilight a bit of truth and boldness. Tait dogs have spirit, Saintin able, ought not to labor on distressing subj of ragpicker in Poor but Virtuous 415, nor does localizing creature help. Craig not conventional. Ought to have excluded about 336 imbecile pics.


May 8 1858 NAD 3rd and concluding notice p225: Baltimore News Vender by Wood a novelty, clever and well toned, Rossiter repetitive but sweet, Casilear and Gignoux at home in Lake and Dismal Swamp, EH May really clever Zouave, Ehninger pleasant secret of studio with pretty duaghters of old gmen patrons, right to set it in middle ages as it could not occur in modern atelier!  Gray retrogressive theory of art, but acquiring fame of martyrdom, his Roman women sensiblely free of affectation. Lambdin eminent. Hays true to nature, Tait successful, Edmonds Bargaining has traveler selling plucked goose to old woman in spectacles, arrests attn, Hicks' Portfolio gd, Mdme Bassle, Stearns Elliott and his Friends has constant group of spectators, all familiar, sporting, on slippery bit of rock, mellow, Stearns grim pleasantry in spirit renders scene disagreeable. Thorndike capital, Darley foremost, Saintin capital, Lawrence fine esp his Gov Marcy, Staigg and Wandesforde, W Beard sketches of animals please vastly, fables, one mastelry hit of a skeleton and living tiger. John McLenan inimitable Pen and Ink sketches masterly. Durand, Elliott, Huntington contribute same as always.


June 5 1858 dislikes the notorious Col Kinney filibuster. NY School of Design for Women has good aims. NY Artists have an NAD, two coexist, but artists ought to help more, Cummings won't let them draw fr collection, ladies point out he has a private school.

            different page unahppy with Trib's crits of British army at Lucknow, publishes letter about it written to Eve post


reports on Britain's fine arts commission. promotes water color.

Oct 16 1858 Church's Niagara better than ever, TJ Barker English artist Corso, able.(advertise)

excerpts on Ruskin, on JL David

Nov 13 1858 Ruskin v the public, his antagonist in the sphere of art is alw the public, alw the victim of absurd prej or maliciously blind to self evident truths. Wet hink public not amiss, try to understand art by great traditional judgments, under authority

Nov 20 1858 Empress Eugenie, fair readers may see without pretence to familiarity with high art or affecting peculiar interest in subjects proper to the masculine gender, Winterhalter at Knoedler, striking and v clever, large, with her 8 muses, court artist has given them all long noses to minimze Eugenie's, slightly demo tone in not making her too prominent. Commend it and absence of men, Emperor has not good breeding, nor do his court.

promotes Ritchie again.


1859—there’s a review of Church’s Heart of the Andes that comments on the frame (dislikes)

Jan 1 1859 like Durand's port of Bryant, highlighting his imag and intellectual, gentler humanities beneath stern and cold aspect, for Century club. LIke TB Aldrich and Doesticks

Feb 5 1859 mixed review of Gignoux's niagara, too tranquil

Feb 12 1859 Trib's Wash corresp is former secretary of Prescott

Mar 26 1859 promises longer description of Heart of the Andes, magnificent, Humboldt would like it

Apr 30 1859 Fine Arts: An Innovation, new claimant for admission to sisterhood of FA, Muse of Cabinet Making. Not long since we noticed Church's magnificent Heart of the Andes, unquestionable beauty and merits will sustain his rep. But protest agst novelty of frame.  We were invited to a private view at the Lyric Hall, didn't have gas, bad to look in artificial light anyways, so setting or apparatus or arrangement stood out, dark unpolished walnut intended to represent embrasure of a window, broad and deep enough to convey this optical illusion to the eye at proper distance, aided by lines and paneling that produce artificial perspective. As furniture, in v gd taste. As accessory, Barnumesque and objectionable, we don't like inevitable gilding and ormolu, but windwo frame is cumbersome and savors of sham, plus size of objects in foregrd prevents realization of the effect. If measured by the frame, plants and foliage get out of proportion. The ideal is perfect, the real spoils it. No showman's device, Artifice does not fraternize with Art.  (pic moving to Tenth st studio)

Apr 16 promotes Intl Art Inst yet again

May 7 1859 p225 NAD 1st notice: difficult to define genre pics, human element is impt, not as a likeness, not grand, have come to prominence this year. E Johnson's Negro Life at the South gathers group of admirers careful not to commit themselves by expressed admiration. truthful and artistic glance at dolce far niente, no work during day, dilapidated house, types, all idle and insouciant, only contrast is adjoining house, trim and spruce and young lady, could have omitted these superficity. But capital as are his other pics. Ladin good. Yewell Parisian gamin, pupil of Couture, good not smears of paint like An Unpleasant Meeting by Delessard next to it, spirited but lazy brushwork, not masterly handling, but slur on art. Blauvelt rising, News Boy and Doubtful Bill obvious merits, not minuteness of Dutch school, in genre attn to trifles a merit. G Hall namby pamby in his females, his genre pic ok, Van Schendall's Fruit Market v gd, Lang blind woman tasteful, JC Thom gd, TW Wood chiffoniere drawbacks, Craig gloomy, W Browne curious, EW Perry stiff suspicious odor of PRe Raphaelitism unpleasant. Boughton xmas wreath pretty, Newell deserving, inharmonious J Oakley, Dana spirited, Gray flesh gd, doesn't make works look old any more, Archof Octavius should be closely studied, Bierstadt, adroitly grouped and drawn, finished, craves long examination, tho colors not harmonious

May 14 1859 NAD 2nd notice lscape, ought to have refused 2-300 pics. Beaulieu, promising, Bristol, CT Dix shipwreck usual black cloud, but has transparency in water, great merit, Shayer Englishy agreeable, Copestick pretentious, Jerome Thompson Haymakers not felicitous, J Williamson pleasing, Mignot unpretending, can't understand why nations quarrel over Guatemala's lounging natives. S Colman and James Hart good, Kensett charming tho flat, Gifford shakes off yellow fever for Sunset in wilderness, fine feeling. Some one ought to write an essay on tea tray style,showing why it is so easily recognized as fake, Wm Hart Sunday Morning a case in point. Likes Bellows foliage, Geo Inness Delaware Water Gap etc.Staigg clever, Church Twilight will be admired by those who know and those who don't, Boughton not as good as last year, Suydam improved does fog, Durrie, James Hart truthful, Bierstadt's Alps downright bad, Casilear popular and graceful but not successes, Tilton can't tell what he's doing. Shattuck, Dana gd. Cropsey we rarely know how to deal with him, evidence of genius, conceptions fine, but execution lags, sea coast of England is notEnglish, lurid, murkiness, seems like a poem, black cloud with glimpse of rainbow, prefer his rought originality to correct and nicely ptd, violent distortion of nature compels admiration. Like Haseltine badly hung also has poetry like Cropsey, Italian pine forest. Durand annual display of mossy gnarled tree trunks, have alw admired them. Bierstadt can't paint mtns, but his Capri we like, tho one could carp, it is labored.

May 21 has fr London journal praise of Mozier

May 28 1859 NAD 3rd and last notice p261: won't bore reader long with portraits, Healy has best ones, except for ex Pres Tyler which may be gd enouf for Congress but is conventional, but his others have merit of seeming paintless. Elliott who we passed curtly last season is himself once more, fraught with individuality and highly colored, esp ex Gov Throop. Huntington women too, preferable to Wenzler. Hicks late Gerard Stuyvesant and Prof Youmans, but Kane disappointing, inexpressive despite skilful composition. Ingham children are porcelain, Rossiter Twelfth Night Queen belongs to Century club, has puzzled many, royal crown surmountubg frame. G Baker, A Fisher, Gray, Loop, Shumway, Bogle, W Stone, TB Read sketchy but v pleasing. Love Saml Lawrence. Saintin, Darley, Carter. Vibert no good. Small sketches by T Nast have knowl, freedom of taste, female Louise Wagner has nature and expression. W Beard hung too high, Rossiter sweet, G Hall good still life, also WT Richards tho blackberry bush not worth it, Tait. French school has poultry. EH May of that school, his Dying Brigandscene of blood and death, rife with expression, touch of genius. WJ Hays capital, bought by Belmont.


Jun 25 1859 reviews Louvre exhib, earlier had Ruskin on Millais at RA

Jul 9 1859 praises Intl Art Institution, German and Duss ptgs, like Achenbach, Hubner

Takes fr Home J on Rogers' doors for Capitol; more excerpts in July and August on Church and Page fr Brit papers

Sept 17 Bonheur Troyon (also Hubner's Emigrants farewell at Schaus popular and admirable, no cheap and commonplace pathos but manly and dignified) and 24 1859 loves French and Eng ptgs at NAD, Breton, Couture, Frere

Aug 13 1859 excerpts Engl reviews of Page's Venus

Oct 8 1859 p489: Page's Venus, 2 months ago pub some Eng crit on this that favored it vaguely, excerpt today on Church's Heart of the Andes fr last Sat Review is more specific and so better. Page at Duss is striking and admirable. Quotes again fr London paper? That Page's Venus ismdoest, not like the one he showed in Boston. Color admirable, drwg bad, head too large, neck unnatural poor, shoulders too large, breasts hard and wooden and slid down, waist too small and compressed, anatomical errors, proportions wrong.

Love Bonheur. Lots on Photo.

Nov 5 1859 Sonntag's Dream of Italy replaced Page's Venus, ambitious and large, but not worth special notice

Nov 19 1859 Palmer's White Captive, favorable to his Marbles, at Schaus new full length pits himself agst Powers, but we won't do it. face expresses liveliest shame and horror, only upper body in action. Too youthful for fullness of passion. Reveals genius, intensity and truth of expression, type not Grecian or conventional, but our own race, not distorted by agony, yet ideal, appeal of skin of infantine busts. Body more weak and literal, a rigid unmeaning smoothness common to modern statues even in thorwaldsen, deadening, typ of our feeble modern school that don't do men. go see it.

Nov 26 1859 Rossiter and Mignot Home of Wash will be popular, has intrinsic merit, charming Lafayette, negro nurse on green sward with mistress, made it pictque

Dec 2 1859  Akers' Dead Pearl Diver at Dusseldorf, fine fig, natural grace of position, anat correct but surface finish and modeling leaves much to be desired, has neither emotional expression of modern school nor fullness of life of antiquity


[WYOung seems to leave for Europe in late Oct 1859 and doesn't return until Sept 1860]


Jan 28 1860 Editorial loungings, WY Rome: artists still hang out Cafe Greco, doesn't really like St peter's, tho parts magnif. Disapproves of people who feel as guidebook tells them to, ready made feelings, prefer those who are honest that they care nothing about art. Stagnant and dormant city, but studios of living artists worth seeing, Miss Stebboms statuettes will be admired, industrial energies of US, doubt whether youths so jaunty trim graceful and poetical actually in diggings of Sacramento  or sailing coast, but might be some if good time that is coming comes, more than can be said of nude fantasies presented as likenesses. Story, son of famous jurist, a Cleopatra of exceeding promise, not Egypt's queen as Euro beauty, nor Guido, but time and place, brooding. Am ptr who debuted in NY did not lead me to believ much talent, but Tilton, tho hung badly at NAD exhibs recently, but is destined to eminence, absolutely great, studies Venetian color and  layeringhues, much patronised by English amateurs, success is assured. Mrs Browning better health.


Love Darley doing Cooper

Gives London AJ on mod taste for small, light pics, patricians don't patronize modern art, but bourgeois do

Apr 14 1860 WY still does editorial loungings fr Italy

Apr 21 1860 what is purpose of Private view of NAD, too crowded, don't pay attn to pics, the people are the Exhibition, social purposes of poorest and shallowest kind, same throng of people at Artists Receptions, fifty diff sets in NY and Brooklyn, never see anyone else. Swells laugh at the guys, and vice versa, Flora McFlimsy calls them elegants and dowdy. Dont cultivate a taste for pictures, as invitations too promiscuous, prefer at NAD where competent tribunal form an opinion that influences final verdict, but NAD have lost their distinction. Nor are pics fresh, have seen them at the receptions, and Church Kensett Page and Gray absent, Durand unimpt, White a sketch. liked Oertel, Leighton is striking if not very attractive, Staigg, WJ Hennessy humorous, Heade v powerful Approaching Thunder, Huntington lady charming, his Counterfeit Note which attracted attn, Johnson Marguerite, O Stone, Haas. Pics hung badly, Elliott cut one of his best out, provoked but unjustifiable, everyone can't do it.


Like Holman Hunt.

May 26 1860 NAD, wrote article 3 weeks ago, have gone back and made notes, editor is writing them, collection is poor, lacks interest, not even Courrier has written about it more than once in general terms, even E Johnson dwindled tho eminent. Quotes a friendly critic, himself a painter ane exhibitor, that there are fewer infamous pics that hsould not be exhib at all, but that is it. Mostly all mediocre.

Jun 9 1860 Church Twilight in Wilderness at Goupil, one of his v best. gives review of NA in London fr a London Athenaeum

Give Athenaeum review of Ruskin

Aug 4 1860 GH Lewis fr Schiller on Vulgar and Mean in Art, vulgar don't speak to mind, merely sensuous, treats accidents and contingent as carefully as the necessary and essential, develops trivial and insignif. Mean is worse, coarse, plebeian, doesn't respect laws of society, artist draws attn to pov which gd taste would conceal, or selects mean actions and expressions. Mean can excite a laugh, drunk man of rank bad, but drunk sailor makes us laugh

Aug 18 1860 still in Europe


Oct 13 1860, Brown's View of NY at sunrise, doesn't italianize local features, exhib at Crayon art gallery, atmosphere of NY as seen fr Elysian fields of Hoboken, v gd. Letter by editor last year fr Rome re Stebbins Miner Sailor Labor Commerce, now at Goupil's, praised it then, still good, represents men as they really are, Gibson would not  undertake at any price the fig of a gman in his clothes of 1859. Not sure poetical young men in diggings of Sacramento, but might be, if good time comes, more than can be said of nude fantasies of the chisel usually presented to us. Also likes her bust of Charlotte Cushman.

Brady's new gallery.

Nov 10 1860 Wertmuller's Danae admired.


Nov 17 1860 Jarves Art Hints genuine love for Art, thouht him free of prejudice. Here now with his old masters, in enw and tasteful bldg across fr Keene's, Institute of FA. Marvel that pics with no more merit than Japanese or Chinese work can have spiritual impression, or seeungraceful naturalism superseding uncouth but earnest idealism, glimpse power of art. Dislike debased Byzantine style, amusing crudities and oddities, good art starts with Masaccio and persp. Urge lounger visit valuable and interesting coll.


Dec 1 1860 French and Flemish pics, 3rd annual at Goupils, urge visit, Troyon immense cattle piece, good fr distance only, lose symp as get closer. Love Knaus humble home, no vulgarity or caricature. Like Leys, but Gerome technically good but Gladiators doesn't meet expectations emotionally. Breton spiritual peasants, relief fr lewd lorettes in others, Frere poeticizes humble life. Many pics in show just sketches, not pics, no finish, cant stand close examination. Theo Rousseau overrated by worshippers of fashion, his animals also bad.

Dec 15 1860 Artists Fund Society.


Jan 5 1861 Intl Art Institution has German art for sale, 4th and Broadway, inclu admirable Leutze Fred the Great, pompous monarch, others


running Jarves on Michelangelo


Jan 12 1861 Miss Stebbins Lotus Eater, went in prepossessed of its favor, indulgence, did not require, modern genius lays aside rococo mythology of antiquity, statue asserts feminine parity better than Marg Fuller. Conveys purposeless repose, anatomical truth, will disarm critics of her earlier statuettes. face shadowed with regret


Mar 9 1861 Artists Recpetion at Studio bldg, W Hays, Suydam, Gifford, throng of fashionable and dilettanti loungers


April 6 1861 NAD p165. usual average merit. warn reader not tot rust any crit, all can recognize best and worst, but debate about the rest. let spectator judge, eschewing dogma that Art should be systematized, need lectures, don't agree. Art and Nature capricious, many modes. Wilton excellence, oval frame vulgarizes. Darley v clever. Like PB Wight's mixed style for design for bldg. Saintin portraits best. Lots of marines, Plageman, Haas Bradford Jewett, etc Wandesforde saxon maid, Tilton tone too low for prevalent taste of day. Disapprove of pigment being visible, dash or daubs fr palette, rapid critics eulogize rapidly turned off pics that caricature luminous effects, Tilton truthful. Infant Bacchus by Page, have seen pretntious lauded works by Page, like this better, asleep on panther skin, no paint or sharp outlines, drowsy sentiment. Hunt gets deserved attn for portraits.


April 13 1861 Waldo, Geo Baker, Gray examples of his singular merits and knowl of profounder resources, WO Stone sweet, Huntington fine, Ritchie full of expression (seem partial to Ritchie), Furness, a Leutze of Cozzens? like both, Wenzler waxen blonde, miniature magnified, Durand grand group of trees 181 Genesee oaks, his larger lscape admired, wish would vary his peculiar hue of green. Gifford Twilight in Catskills best in room, no flat sky, glowing, poem because of atmosphere, may be exaggerated Nature but union of effect of grandeur, high Art even if heresty to Academic Lecturers. Heade, Thorndike both good, salty, not much Ideality yet make sterile subjects speak eloquently. Salute Tait. EDE Greene and T Le Clear, two white and two colored boys play cards inFancy, where no Vigilance Comm can misinterpret the association. E Johnson Papers, portraits, man reads journal, idle lad, careless revery of youth. His Husking also has a moral, age youth and infancy but as a whole doesn't commend itself to our taste, tho like Culprit as artistic as Freres over which Town goes into raptures. Huntington Cromwell gd, Bristol improbable, Lambdin, JT Peele pleasanter than usual, RW Hubbard, haseltine, Mignot. Likes W Beard's Astornomer comic vein and even more in Bears on a Bender. yewell, Tait Gray Hagar, Church Star in the East, worth notice. Farrer, Am pre Raph, infinite entertainment, Gone--Gone, doesn't allude to figurative coon, ptgs are worse in the academy, hope Barnum will purchase it as sample of how progressive people return to first principles


Apr 20 1861 NAD final notice: place of honor injudiciously given to Huntington's lifesize port of a well known fashionable lady, hadn't done justice, thrust 402 on us, his Mrs Hasbrouchk better tho mudcolored drapery. Carpenter, Bowers' Jervis McEntee, Seymour Guy 410, Ehninger 413, lscapes better than portraits tho. Approve of Shattuck, RW Hubbard, Haseltine coming storm, Rossiter villa life picturesque, JR Brevoort sketchy Evening, JB Stearns queer subj, acrobats, chance customer or amateur fisherman in comic situation, heads well treated but wants animation, prefer his hacknied Adoption of Fed constitution. Other genre Shirlaw, JG Brown, JA Hows ducks tho needs more ducks for harmony. Bradford marine, imitate Atlantic steamers run v fast into fog, done well by Bonheur in Belmont's coll as per litho in Century Club, but mostly not effect is done to avoid water. Kensett good, also Suydam, WM Brown, Wm Hart, vigorous but Dusseldorfian, Bierstadt Capri has preposterous frame, gingerbread in service of art. Edw White Huguenots and Leutze Mdme Lafayette, after manner of all White's works, largeness of conception, freedom, nothing theatrical or namby pamby, serious, but don't like the grouping with unsupported preacher. Leutze provoking, ill expressed, lugubrious, despairing, not agreeable. Page hi rep, publicly assumes to be an authority on Art, discreditable on walls, large and pretentious, Dolce far Niente good in color, tints dont have paintiness of modern rapid strokes, but lacks modeling, want of variety in textures, all is earthy. Atlantic MOnthly had unintelligble transcendental flattering article on him in Feb, wrong. Whittredge has abject human fig, yet atmospheric. Howland gems for the market, rich bold harmony, better than loud effects with startling pigments, but faces defective, tried to avoid academic insipidity, but distorted. Staigg reading the illustrated news worth attn, also Blauvelt's poor woman May Day, Glass' Lost and Found 531. McEntee doing fog, but well, like Baron Trobriand who also has admirable criticisms in Courrier. West, Hamilton, Bristol, Bogle, Carpenter. still life hung low.


1861 May 4 Church among the Icebergs, pub copious extracts fr Noble's book, ptg of the North at Goupil's, his Heart of the Andes pop with public not severe artists, think the reverse will be true for this, unconventional theme, appreciate technical difficulties, while ordinary observers have more symp with haystack than solitary grandeur. No trace of human assoc, no living creature even a wreck, to link them to canvas, abnegation of extrinsic interest, color fascinating not gorgeous, needs earnest study


1861 May 11 admires clever pic of GL Brown of NY presented to Prince of Wales, to be engr by AH Ritchie


June 1861 the Voices of the Tribune and Times, surprised Trib is correct on UK, has alw been antagonistic as during Irish rebellion and Crimean war, but happy they approve of our govt's neutrality, gratifying conrast to HErald's blatant bullyings and Times' misrepresentations. On 25th showed Times false, imitating Herald in misrepresenting in order to inflame passions of its readers; Eve Post bad too