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The Anglo-American

The Anglo American, a Journal of Literature, News, Politics, the Drama, Fine Arts, etc. editor AD Paterson. Weekly? At True Sun office.

April 29, 1843, first issue, $3/yr in advance, EL Garvin pub, 6 Ann st, latin motto audi alterae parten, shield and flag with sunrise behind, lion and eagle. P.20 Our Objects and Plan: Hear both sides, reinforce gd rlns betw Brit and Am, our cry is measures, not men. Will never outrage moral feeling.


May 6, 1843, p. 37 reproduces Demo Rev’s review of Crawford’s Orpheus, glowing account of all his doings.

  1. 44 Fine Arts: NAD Annual Exhib. 400 works, in advance in goodness. Cry is alw too many portraits, of unknown persons, this must alw be the case, artists must live, will predominate except in coll of rich, tasteful and curious. Portraits increase Acad admissions. Fine lscapes, poetical compos.

3 Mtn Pass Switz, M Livingston, finely softened, sufficiently enlivened, well executed. 69 Valley of Evesham, from James’ novel, beaut and warm as sunny Italy, but since it’s an English view it is utterly false, no such high lands nor castles, Appenine scenery.

9 Hooker of Poughkeepsie, WH Powell, dignified expression denotes discrim skilful artist

27 Farm yard on Hudson, Durand, angular regularity of our farm bldgs. Take away fr pictque effect, but beaut warm and expr lscape. Figs give life, excellent foliage, softening of tints into grey backgrd masterly.

31 Ital Peasaant Girl at Prayer, JE Freeman, kneeling attitude v gd, costume tolerably gd, expr of features not suffic devotional, nor countenance suffic olive, backgd slurred over

32 Lake scene sunset, Durand, really charming, warm rich glow

38 Alpine scene sunset T Doughty, bold foregrd, other effects happily, enlivened by passengers, skilful mist on mtns, genl persp kept.

48 Lady, J Whitehorn, cleverly given front and profile thru mirror, hands and fingers too long and skinny

54 Mt Etna, T Cole, fine artist, subje one of best of Euro scenes

55 Willowwemock Creek Sullivan Cty, M Livingston, foliage atmosph effect true to char of situation, genl scenery natural and forcible, compos air of solitude and gloom nothwithstanding cattle and raft, but true idea of effect on mind in solitudes of Am forests

61 lady, Ingham, forte female port, finishings nice even to enameling, soft and delicate shades, fidelity and correctness, no naturally robust or strongly passionate char in his hands, would have too much of Angelica Kauffman for nervous parts

67 Daniel in lion’s den, TF Hoppins, animals gd but not orig, Dan out of proportion, body a Goliath, picture won’t do.

68late Rev Dr Channing, Ingham, male port suits him, mild xtian expr, contemplative mind, clear eye, thin lip and sunk cheek a man who communed with himself.

83 WC Bryant, DG Thomson, capital likeness, happily exec, mild thoughtful poet with caustic severity of politician, excellently done

87 Gamester, E Rousseau, splendid but here, design beyond his grasp, turned terrifically grand subj into ridiculous, mixes mod costume and ignoble figs (servant in scarlet) with preternatural agents carries no poetical assoc, glaring eyes out of anatomical pos and out of size, whole affair monstrous. No study of harmony or contrast of colors, just the inkling of a design.

90 Queen Eliz, JG Chapman, incident too moving to be justly expressed in so small a pic; spirit but can’t give Eliz a tythe of passion it ought, grief, remores, indignation. Excellent design tho.

92 Family groups, unfinished (!) SB Waugh, without commenting on merits, remonstrate admission.

93 English Harriers, JW Audbubon, lively expression, recumbent, full face beaut not unworthy of Landseer, profile v char of breed.

99 View of Oberweisel on Rhine, Durand, reveling in romantic scenery of Euro, poetry in every touch, subj one of much repose, correct eye for pictque, great skill

100 Return of Columbus in Chains, E Leutze, an object of curiosity, subje for artist of imag, fill canvas with majesty and firmness, but not here in degree wished, tho design of principals exhib invention and execution in creditable measure. 3 noble prisoners dignified demeanor, elevated char, disgraced by chains, insolence of custodians, ea expressed differently, no small beauty, and passions and feelings of people on shore also interesting. Too crowded, not enough sky to permit story freely wrought out, too much like a pic cut down.

Prodigy in art is Thom Crawford, noble daring, Dem Rev expresses regret for his obscurity etc, but it is true for all who have attained hi eminence


May 13, 1843, p. 70 Fine Arts: NAD annual exhib, contd.

101 Allegheny scenery, Gignoux, splendid, eminence, mists v tastefully thrown in, forcible, well filled and Indians tasteful and peculiar effect as an incident. 165 View of NY fr steam boat, Gignoux, drwg v correct, water finely put in, grouping lively, but coloring of city faulty, sky clouds like flying apple dumplings. Sketch fr Nature, not remarkable subject, but object has great peculiarity, ea touch of brush finishesthe part, one touch suffices, intimacy with colors and effect, see also 270, 273, 290,291, 292, 293, 294

102 Scenery  on Canoe Crk, VG Audubon, excellent souvenirs, has had a latitude for his ideas ptg on spot would not allow, remembering vividly peculiar foliage can safely resort to elegant imag and improve on nature. Fine tho small.

107 Kerschedt, CG Thompson, capital, v spirited

116 Morning near Sing Sing, R Havell, happily chosen rich romantic view, not sublime, fr eminence, fine distance, well kept persp, to make story of pic interesting gathering in apples groups well disposed

117 Lscape, Winter, T Cole, little expected to make exception, but parts do not harmonise. Genl warmth of tone ill agrees with deep snows that occupy labors of groups introd; parts v gd but no right to present assoc. 164 Agrigentuna, admirable, warm glowing color, tints soften, atmosph clear and pure. 216 Lscape in Simmenthal, v tasteful positions of grand view, Mt Blanc, green and lofty, highly pictque and romantic.

132 Gman, W Page, air of verisimilitude hi value, thoughtful expr not exagg or extrav, chiaroscuro  v finely preserved. 200 Gman, few won’t recognize Prof JJ Mapes, peculiar expr of features, his real self, without exagg or modification of usual aspect, we stand ready to receive practical info or listen to bursts of humor, immortal praise for spirited and faithful likeness. 211 style deserves gem, brightness and brilliancy altogeth peculiar, hair of reddish auburn actually glitters, yet nothing to startle the judgment. People return to singular ptg.

144 T Sully, compos bold and sketchy, masterly, female is warm voluptuous esp mouth, thought.

154 Alston’s sketch for large pic of St Peter, earliest ideas, attitude and expr of Peter happily and affectingly given, irons tell story, grace dignity of angel, bold touches of artist

159 Susten Pass, Switz, Durand, Grand applicable, in all his lscapes this yr, pure and exalted taste, ubiq Mt Blanc contrasts w/warmer tints of rest

163 WH Seward, E mooney, striking in mild and thoughtful expr peculiar to him, nothing gaudy or glaring

172 Retreat to Ft Necessity, 1754, JG Chapman, incident forcibly handled, as lscape too obscure, dull green prevails too greatly.

199 Col WR Johnson, H Inman, excellent port, plates engr largely dissem thru Spirit of the Times, all know it

218 Magdalen, Whitehorne, good compos, countenance tender contempl, hair yellow as conventional, usual anachronism of crucifix, helps tell story.

226, 251, 76, 173, 184, 219, W Wilson, v promising, not hi merit ports, but elements of elevated posit


  1. 58 Napoleon Museum in London, collected by Sainsbury, everything Napoleon, most remarkable man ever lived


April 29 1843 excerpts Howard’s lectures on color at RA. Later does lectures from England on painting perspective,

GC is Parisian corresp. Notices Am Inst Fair. Loves Eliza Cook, as does O’Sullivan.

June 3, 1843 p. 132 takes poem The Sculptor in his Studio fr Demo Rev, on Orpheus, by J Crawford; p. 137 fr Knickerbocker takes Mr Kneeland’s Equestrian Statue of Washington, entire success

July 1, 1843, p.232 A National Painting, minister at Berne put all illus men of Switzerland together

Sept 16, 1843 p. 1 Editor’s Vindication—Prospectus mentioned he’d worked for Albion, on April 8, Albion described  him doing dramatic, book and concert notices and such other matters of minor detail, occasionally wrote political articles. Paterson explains he was principal of St Luke’s School on Hudson st when Dr. Bartlett who had justpurchased subscription list of The Old Countryman, a weekly newspaper of Ultra Radical principles, intending to join it to the Emigrant, a weekly of rather a Tory character, and wanted Paterson to write as editor, til 1836, when asked by Bartlett to do the notices for the Albion for Drama, Music and Fine Arts, thru 1838. 1839 contract dissolved, then resumed in 1840-41. Emigrant and Old Countryman became a kind of adjunct of the more prosperous Albion. Bartlett and Paterson shared a house for awhile. Willis a friend of Bartlett. Views on politics differ.

Oct 7 1843 p. 576 Fine Arts: Embark of Pilgr, Robt W Weir, splendid gallery ptg, a national pic, in north peculiarly hallowed and venerated, familiar history, visitors approach reverence in his aspect, but compos gd in itself even without these associations, summons reflection and contemplation, not more animated feelings. Expresses in group and individ, devotion, resignation, hope, relig confide, no rapture, conquest, indig suffering, just repose and variety in variety of types. Not monotonously frontal. Sad colored costumes not too cold, warm tints over all their heads, public rushing to see it at NAD


July 5, 1845, p. 261,Painting: NY Art Union. Some new valuable introductions:

            Three Maries, Schwartz, set and formal drwg gives whole air of hardness, but well designed artistical manner, diff in age/char well disting without making peculiarities prominent, hands too large for pictque not fact, historic truth in costume, purchased.

            Duggan’s copy of Rebecca fr Delaroche, just conception, v promising, illus of oriental countries

            Study fr Nature, Wotherspoon, powerful vigorous masterly hand, foregrd hi relief a hi tree and retiring foliage, artistically kept persp, freshness abt genl design actually fascinating, delighted by his specimens at NAD exhib


November 18, 1843, Death of Col John Trumbull, p. 92, gives bio fr J of Commerce; p. 95 notice of engraving of portrait of Washington after Stuart, later cites praise of it fr Demo Review whose editor is known for his scholarship and taste, Brooklyn Eagle concurs that their version is much better than the one from the Albion, which lacks likeness, reminding one of a fat English rector. Also later cites praise of it fr Genl Jackson, Van Buren, Gov Bouck, JK Paulding and Knickerbocker

Nov 25 1843 p. 105 has a satire of Young America et al, titled Young Scotland, by Bon Gaultier,

Young America is incarnate in the Editor of The New York Screamer. Regenerators of the various countries of Europe.

Dec 2 1843 Winckelmann p. 138 anecdote of his assassination

Dec 16 Fine Arts: praises Dick the engraver, his view of monument to Scott

Dec 23, 1843 p. 214 Fine Arts: Cole’s Pics at NAD, perfect revel of delight, have dilated on merits in Albion before, Voyage of Life rational gratification, mutabilities of human affairs, Past and Present too, humble parish church only survivor

Dec 30 p. 236 An Am Sculpt, Trollope on Powers in Cinti with Dorfeuille; p. 238 Fine Arts G Harvey’s ptgs and Drwgs 232 Broadway, 40 views fr Am nature, capital style, atmospheric effects of time of day, weather and peculiar localities, native of England, shows rise and progress of country fr earliest clearings to mills etc.

            Second notice, Cole’s Coll of pictures, Temptation of Christ, embodiment of a sublime conception simply happily magnificently carried out, charming, heavenly composure in Christ, devotion in angels. Mt Etna, elevated spot, others all good in their way


1844 Anglo American

Feb 17, p. 395 Mrs Jameson on Washington Allston, also singles out West, Newton, Greenough, Cole, Inman, Leslie. P. 407 notices G Harvey’s views agn, endorsed by Durand, Allston, Sully


Notices death of Biddle, Willis Gaylord clark. Poems to portraits.

May 18 1844 Thorvaldsen bio; p. 93 Fine Arts, NAD nothing superior to last year, nothing so bad as the worst of last year, more tendency to equality generally. Lots of portraits, of interest to eye and judgment of an amateur but not the multitude unless strikingly beaut. Rare to have works entirely of imag and not of transcendent merit.

May 25, 1844, p. 116 Fine Arts: NAD. Miserably rare works of imag, charity to excuse it on demand, requires genius.

            Many gd ports, not only likenesses but masterly ptgs, 33, 37, 40, spirited, 44 artistical but much blue in coloring, 55 lifelike but too ruddy, 66 masterly and viewed thru a tube becomes instinct with life, 67 admirable living likeness, abudnace of character in 72, where a sarcastic smile plays abt the mouth, 80 chaste in execution, fine contempl expression, 92 admirable and finely finished as are all by him, 113 by same lively of bro artist, 130 a cold unmeaning pic, tho tolerable likeness so bedizened with finery it caricatures the inexpressive face, 153 Sonora de Goni expressive likeness, 176 Mrs Leder, charming vocalist, in artist’s finished style, 199 one who has endeavored to distort his own countenance by cramming mouth with tobacco, 286 a fairly exec mini.

            Lscape 5 by Livingstone, gd, mist finely exec; 24 by Cropsey  Little Falls on Passaic, foam and spray admirable, brown sober tints. 36 Solitary Oak, Durand, admirable, sheep and cattle enliven,S  Oak stands in broad and prominent relief. This is a fine design. 56 White Mtns by Talbot, rich effect, sober and subdued. 180 Lane by Powers, foliage natural arch, Team in hi relief, effect striking. 237 Squall by Audubon, fine compos, dark waves relieved by lighthouse, half obscured moon enlivening tints. 314 Lscape by Inman, beaut bit, figures v effective.

            In imag compos, worthy of admiration: 104 Ladye with Mask, Inman, fine playful espieglerie in countenance; 105 Beggar’s Petition by Edmonds, a happy design but intended arare wants that char in countenance, and beggar woman in backgrd too stern and repulsive. 156 Thomson’s Lavinia, by Flagg, elegant design, chaste, conveys feminine loveliness grace. 159 Girl’s Frolic by Flagg, wants delicacy of idea in the former. 167 Girl fr Brazil, Shegogue, plumage eleg, but lacks animation suitable to young girl. 174 Compositor setting types, Weir, drwg color genl effect to very life.

            Says continued but I don’t see it.


Sept 14, 1844, p. 491 Wellington and the Ptr of Napoleon, Wellington went to get portrait ptd, David refused.

Sept 21, 1844, p. 524, Fine Arts: The End of the World, F Anelli,  23 foot gallery pic, true repres of a sublime idea, splendid compos, praise him for deviating fr hacknied road of port ptg. Describes pic, approves relig character heavenly tranquil, seducer and victim least effective as positions awkward, woman rarely ungraceful unless thru vulgarity. Countenances speak the language intended intelligibly, very effective. Greatest faults are fee, somewhat clumsy and too large. Lots of visitors.

Oct 12, Monument to Commod Hull, Struthers of Philaflag eagle

Oct 19 p. 617 Fine Arts: Exhib of NY Gall of FA, sincere pleasure, nucleus of Nat Gall, good and orig pics by native, foreign, and valuable copies, Reed, plus ones added by Durand, Cole and Ingham. Ptgs by M Leclerc at NAD peculiar interest, shows Hudson, truly fine compos, spirited battle, etc equal to Dubufe


November 16, p. 90 Powers, The Am Sculptor, in October Graham’s mag a handsome tribute fr Headly to Powers, but incorrect that Dupre formerly unknown wood engraver will exceed him, if his second sculp is such a failure



January 11 1845 p.282 Rubens bio

Jan 25 p.331 demand of subscribers, adding a Dept of FA, but editor already working on American Journal of Fine Arts, and it is being incorporated in this journal, will be written by experienced artists, scholars and critics. Editor will give passing reports and brief crits, edit others.

  1. 331 Lectures on Ptg and Design by BR Haydon, p. 332 Sculpture, Bust of Wash, copy of Houdon, finely exec

Feb 1, 1845 p. 355 Dept of Fine Arts: Ptg. Commens on reproach current that Am ptrs don’t do imag design, must sell. Names as gd Inman Shegogue, Sully Durand, Ingham, Durand, Cole, Weir Huntington Harvey. Main fault in Am port ptg is deficiency in harmony or contrast of color, consequently coarseness of effect, often a somber reflection, heaviness, incompatibility of parts with parts in same design. Some portion of blame on subjects, who are self willed re costumes, may suit drwg rm, not pict frame. Then anecdotes of Murillo. P. 356 On Decorative Ptg for emb of oru dwellings, shouldn’t judge prog of civ by fine arts, instead works of convenience andutility, requires great knowledge. Domestic condition tells of civilization, taste and eleg in homes, Hay’s book gives principles

Feb 8 Haydon continues, more addresses on improving taste

Feb 18 more on ptg, chromos, casting bronzes, Gillespie’s Home as seen by a New Yorker who talks about Italy, esp Crawford, classical mind and accurate hand. Gillespie mentions Leutze, Huntington, JE Freeman, L Terry, long thing on Crawford, friends of Henry Clay

Feb 22 1845 p. 427  Philo Humanitas writes on Cui Bono of Fine Arts, what use is it, in demo must give multitude elevated motive of action, critical of city for denying use of Rotunda for a nat gall; Geo W Newcombe mini ptr, assoc NAD, bio as recently died written by Chapman; Jameson on sacred art, and more fr other journals

March 1, 1845 p.452 article on sculpture, Paganism alone offers possibility of perfection and pop success

March 8, tricks of Venetian pic dealers, more on sculp inRome

March 15, 1845, p. 500 Ptg, New Gall of Fine Arts will be in the rotunda, yay. Upcoming NAD exhib, minimum of excellence for exhib hitherto too low, no more copies of originals. So many mere paltry duabs that effect on entering is of irrepressible disgust, like nausea of sea sickness, it taints wholesome food of real merit. NY Art Union: excellent assoc adds 2 pics by highly promising Matteson, Spirit of 76 and Sugaring Off. Former tells story most clearly, and except one or two misplaced circumstances, does so most forcibly, young married man whose patriotism inspires him to join army, it is to story of father and mother we object, time of Spartan heroism and restraint of maternal feelings gone by, barbarous and unnatural. Incitement to act shld have emanated fr old father not mom, mom ought to express solicitude not stern exhortation, as if she’d been brought up in senate house and popular meeting, camp. Faults in the compos, but indiv figs gd, drwg coloring grouping natural etc.

            Sugaring off more peaceful, charming idea, intelligible and interesting, main fault of carelessness not ignorance, one woman squints and another has cast, air of espieglerie without much distorting her beauty. Congrats on hi rep as ptr of orig designs.

            Sculpture in Royal Exchange.


Lots always on Napoleon. March 22 More on Manchester school of design. Like Gothic for churches, Crabb on Dec Art. Connexion of Lit and Art, children are the greatest artists, creative, genial, romancer, true artist is a child all life. March 29 p. 549, LP Clover Jr, on Influence and utility of Fine Arts, how we learn to invent

April 19, 1845, Influ of FA upon Cond of Soc, p. 617, by X. Nothing in nature however mean not susceptible of elevation by the genius of Poetry. Creates a niceness of discrim and a delicacy of feeling; anyone can do it who is sensible to nature, gazing on beauties of nature passions calmed, heart soothed, can acquire a taste in Art, they affect the mind similarly, humanizing. To satisfy this appetite of the soul the Artist must not alarm our feelings by excess of aim, such as nature never uses, must rise above the coarseness of gaudy colouring and the vulgar elab of matter of fact representation into the higher regions of the ideal, true and elevated Nature, graceful modesty. Hence charm of Doughty’s quiet placid views, from whom the impure taste of the age turned, to stare at the crude gaudiness of loud-puffed mediocrity, but who has competed with highest talent in Europe. Hence we love Claude, our mood harmonizing with the scene. Artist must not have ambition for praise of the hour or limit pursuits to petty sphere of artificial feelings of soc.  The Arts must again instruct the public taste as during the Renaissance, since then they have fallen because public taste has taken upon itself to instruct Art, the judgment of the multitude and the ignorant of criticism means art is misunderstood andArtists consider it only as pencils, palettes and pigments. Those few like Alston find patronage alighting on doers of gaudy wonders or merely mechanical copiers of a face


April 26, 1845, p. 1 NAD—20th  Annual Exhib.

V great improvement over every other. Several indiff, but none so determinedly bad as to be a disgrace, and if but few strikingly beaut or magnify original, many approach or show noble emulation, future promise. Hardly any matter of astonishment or lively admiration, much gives pleasure and satisf, scarecely anthing really contemptible.

            Of 369 only 157 portraits, principally by Ingham, Shegogue, Inman Frothingham, Whitehorne, Blondel, Joscelyn, Boyle, Blondel, Swain, Mapes, Wenzler, Curtis, Elliot, Black etc, and Cummings, Shumway, Miss Froth in mini, Kneeland in sculp. Principals in lscape and lscape compos are Cole, Durand, Weir, Shegogue, Inman, Cranch, Cropsey, Talbot, Gignoux, Doughty, Huntington, Selous, Cafferty, Wotherspoon, Bolton, Bayley, Kensett, Catherwood, Richards, Livingston, Audubon, and in Compos and Design, Edmonds, chapman, Clover, Rossoto, Rothermel, Freeman, Ranney, Miller, Cole, Matteson, Huntington, Alvan Fisher, Mount, Shegogue, Bellin, Duggan etc. Will go in alphab order.

            Audubon, OG, 366 remains of a block house, well exec cattle, not well drawn vessel carrying too much sail, fine harmony of color, genl effect artistic, fine.

            Wm Bayley, 148 194, amateur gman great taste and industry, gracefully imag, compositions, excellent persp and tasteful exec of foliage, happy liquid expr of water; greatest defect is stiffness angularity of bldgs which injure the pictque of his designs.

            Saml Bellin, 285, 330, 335 London engraver, hi degree merit, beautiful and affecting incident highly effective, orig ptg by Miss Satchel.

            Thom Birch, Phila, 170, 350,or 358 marines, exceedingly clever, well reflected heavy sky

            LP Clover, Baltimore, 3 Discovery, lady in her study contempl mini of someone other than her lover who discovers her,  drwg gd but countenances deficient in expression and hi arched eybrows somewhat destroy intellectuality of figs

            JH Cafferty, 117 Long Island, quiet but pleasing, repose and nature not overdone.

            F Catherwood, 15 subjects, mostly drwgs fr Central America or his Oriental tours, or Archit designs

            JG Chapman, 191, 211, clever, celebrated Rachel envied her Sister so greatly coveted at late drwg of Prizes in NY AU, have spoken on this ptg, deserving of warm admiration.

            Thom Cole, 48, 88, 97, 178, alw anticpate pleasure and satisfy, and with one exception, confirmed. 49 View of Mtn house, morning, singularly romantic, lakes near summit, white vapour here and there, well express elevation of mtn house, but loses some beauty fr quantity of wood which monopolises the canvass, however not the artist’s fault. 88 Frenchman’s bay, tells its tale clearly and rationally, one of gems of exhib.. 97 Elijah at the entrance of the Cave is a failure, but every artist would fail, must be imperfect, height of sublime is invisible except to heart, can’t be ptd only felt. Nor did artist choose well with respect to physics of the description for they were successive and not in collision. Nothing suggested to the mind, a sublimely intellectual subj that can’t be placed before the optical vision. 178 The Mill Sunset warm bright sunny repose but replete with life, warm tints harmonise. Hung near another compos fr similar masterspirit of design, treated same idea, Durand, handled distinctly f rea other and yet just to nature. Difficult to decide on relative merits, diff tastes and associations determine.


April 26 1845 p.21 NY AU

Valuable Institu, recently added, P Harry of Boston Head Waters of Penobscot, delicately exec minute touches, free fr cumbrous details or feebleness of expr, veil of grey, shaded with tasteful and natural effect, warmed part artistically done, bright and warm tints.

            Gignoux Bay of Naples, one of his best, pov well chosen.

            Miller, Baltimore, Mtd Indians in pursuit of Stag, finely limbed and spirited animals, expr of horse and rider eagerness and spirit, dashing in chase,d etails true, accessorial pts well put in.

            C Deas of St Louis Indian Guide, port of a remarkable and well known half breed, Indian lineaments strongly expr, strong vicious looking devil of a horse, skewball color, muscle, seat as if horse and man one and same in gallop.

            Niagara Falls, view the best we’ve seen, entire sweep, vivid tints.

            JD Peele, Boy blowing Bubbles, quite young demo promising, lounging boy negligently allows soapsuds to spill on him, feet naked and in rags, seems amused, face shows abandon, has forgotten his errand, transparency and colors of bubbles well ptd


Apr 26 1845 p. 23 Duty On Ptgs, from an American, a while since any large ptgs of great value and merit exhib, amateur artist sd that duty was 20%, so a ptg that cost $5000 in Euro could not afford to pay $1000 for duty. England charges 25 cents per sq ft, Euro mostly admits them free. Bad idea to put duty that deprives us of fine works of art.

            Also excerpts fr J of Commerce on tricks of pic dealers to give appearance of age, craqueleur


May 3, 1845, p. 44

NAD contd.

Boyle, Ferdinand, 54, 104, promising young artist, ports finely finished.

            CP Cranch 325, five ptgs, this the only one with striking beauties, View fr Palisades, happy in water and distance effects, merit.

            Thom G Crawford 265, Immortality teaching Love to Hope, fine specimen, details superior to outline, Immortality faulty proportions toolong fr shoulder to hip.

            TS Cummings master worthy of all commendation, 249-251, described earlier.

            FOC Darley Phila 312, 357, outlines, illus Duggan, worthy of Fuseli and Canova.

            Thom Doughty, 71 Land Storm, fine ptg, tells story well, see and feel rage, fine keeping

            PP Duggan 296 369, Jael and Sisera well handled tho not peculiarly forcible and sculp of Antediluvian or fossil man v clever.

            Durand, 39 171 175 223, among the best, touching Old Man’s Reminiscences, fine and rich, charming effect, pastoral poetry and peace, coloring warm bright without gaudiness. 171 is Close of A Sultry Day, referred to in Cole’s review, 175 similar and The Bride warmly admire costumery, unfortunate cast to eyes destroys pleasing expr.

            FW Edmonds 114, 227, gman keep delicate sense of humor, comic but not broad subj, laughable feeling in spectator increases upon contemplation. Facing the Enemy, red nose, just taken the pledge, New Scholar pet of doting mom,  shrinks back, accessories v appropriate, dog shares misgivings, 2 fine ptgs.

            CL Elliot, 112+ 8 portraits, chief char is lifelike and artistical, breathe spirit of animation and intellig, best are 119 Capt Ericsson and 220 Kneeland.

            Alvan Fisher, 72 Dogs and Game happy exec, placid expr of dog in repose, 157 Lscape with figs fr Irving, bold abrupt hazy but v pictque, Indians grp gd, colors judiciously chosen.

            JE Freeman, 45, 64, Cupid and Psyche, expression poetical, Psyche’s upper left arm too short, and right too long, but prettily executed; Italian Beggar Children natural, suited to poverty and hunger, melancholy, but idea taken fr Murillo. Sleeping fig is but so so, doesn’t help story.

            Frothingham J 29 Port of Jos Sprague Mayor Brooklyn, spirited gd

            Gignoux-7 landscapes, all credible, not v striking interest in subj or handling, except 145, capital winter scene. Drwgs in w/c we don’t like.

            JT Harris 188 Port Rev Lot Jones, v fave spec

Hicks, Thom, 108.199,204 yet but few attempts at grand compos, and those few not eminently successful. His St John in Wilderness drwg is bad, limbs too slight, countenance too cadaverous and fair, and wilderness means desert. His self port well done with bold hand, and 204 animals all look too long in the back.

            Robt Havell 303, 320, lscape with a town in foregrd is necessarily (Tarrytown, on Hudson) spotty and broken in details, but this is pretty well avoided,f oliage defective in the working in. Falls of Niagara well done.

            Bacchante bust in marble by HK Brown in rome, v beaut, highlypoetical in idea, generally just in anatomy, countenance decidedly Grecian, eyes moderately large, general expr rather intellectual than voluptuous, luxuriant tresses, almo faultless but for toothick a neck.


NY AU keeps adding:

            Cole’s remains of a villa, if not an actual view,s keptical it’s Roman, a circular tower at foothills. Mtn scenery and details finely put in, fine warm glowing atmosph. Catskill mtns, evening, gorgeous colors, elab wrought, exquis finished, gems.

            Also 3 lscapes fr Havell.


May 10, 1845 p. 69 Dept of Fine Arts, NAD cont

John W Hill, 252, 305, w/c woodlands, beautifully exec.

Hillyard, Henry 130 perceived with pain that far greater portion of visitors at this exhib turn with dissatisfaction fr this specimen simply fr taking a wrong view of its purpose, not a pic in oils but a design to be executed in marble or bronze, gorgeous tints around it are to put stronger relief. Admire it greatly, dignified posture,grand height.

            GW Holmes, 256, w/c view, object to not artistical practice of using body-colors for working out the whites, savors of quackery inArt.

            R Hoskin 394 Cottage comforts, not bad, but design not slightest degree o f poetry or imag, simply a view.

            D Huntington, 78, 139, 154,232, long a fave in Rome, Tuscan lscape too cold but parts well wrought. Sleeping fig looks as if child must inevitably fall forward and bruise its face. Swiss lscape chapel carelessly drwn, abt to fall into nearby chasm. Penitents admire compos and drwg greatly.

            Chas Ingham, 13, 67, 118, 169, 184, hi finish ewll known, correctness as ports, hi finish sometimes at expense of artistical vigour. Port of CH Marshall somewhat too short fr eyes to mouth, too long fr mouth to chin, too florid and young.  Female port charming delicate enamel exquis changeable silk expression.

            Inman, H, 161, 172, Rydal Water despite comparative coldness of atmosph is happily and accurately catching expr of Cumberland lakes, beaut exceedingly, repose, soft, grey, quiet happiness, Wordsworth’s poetry, air remote fr trivial cares. Port of Jacob Barker inbold vigorous masterly style.

            Innes, Geo, 243, Lscape compos, v chastely imagined, atmosph clear and cold, not overburthened with accessorial matter

            WS Jewett 21 has 4 pics, plus joint one with Waldo, no hi praise to any but 21, large and interesting Lscape, all parts pleasing to eye and judgment, detail elab with all his skill. Waldo & Jewett more like trade than art, can’t underst individ skill of either, don’t have distinct depts..

            N Jocelyn, 59, 99, 239, all ports, excellent likenesses and pics, breadth in style, skill and exp.

            John F Kensett, 125, 133 etc, 4 pics, best are forest scenery, minutely but not ? elab foliage, finely given persp, relieved by sportsman and dog and waterfall.

            M Kellogg, 149, Straw Braider happily designed, warm sunny complexion, expr pensive,drwg v correct

            Horace Kneeland 368, model bust of Jams J Mapes, to life, highly intellectual

            LeClear, T 73 Newsboy’s Lament a gd compos but not carried out v vigorously, perhaps a smaller pic better expressed idea.

            Leutze, C 126, Parting of Edwy and Elgiva, well-conceived and chastely exec, gives main story and group, expressions good

            M Livingston, 5 pics, all merit, best 65 and 350, well exec Mt Blanc in backgd, 350 Strom on Hudson, beaut exec, some whites seem laidon with a trowel rather than a brush

            McDougall, JA, 345 348 minis neatly exec

            WE McMaster 69 96 245 all Ports, nothing peculiarly striking, but parts well put in, artistical, commendable breadeth, air of vraisemblance


A Splendid Ptg, Venus fr the Bath, proprietor asserts it’s a copy by Titian of the onein Florence, fr coll of Sir Thom Lawrence,  our impression it is genuine, but so mere an abstraction that can’t be objectionable except to grossly vitiated and corrupt imag. Bowing to fastidiousness which prevails too far engages female attendants for Wednesdays, lady visitors only, sorry ministers to a diseased notion of propriety, but will do well to continue it.

            Chef D’ouevre, splendid by Ward, Greenwich Fair, bull baiting animals drwn with anatomical precision and vigor, graphic action and expression, owners of powerful dogs waiting to or attacking, pugnacious dogs, enraged bull, Hogarthian humor,boys falling fr trees, cold atmosphere, Morland group of figs, ptg nearly 50 years old.


May 17 1845 Dept of Fine Arts, Ptg, NAD cont. p. 93

Marsh, F, 192 326 marine views,first is  beaut, well wrought, relieved, graceful, latter a miserable contrast.

            TH Matteson, 107 162, 218, first and last notedin Art Union, 162 is Lost Glove, joke is it’s on his head, design gd, expr well depicted, anatomy of principal fig monstrously out of drwg

            EH May 68 70 230 Gd Ports, easy, w/o apparent embarrassment or stiffness

            Mayr, C, 1, 14, 234, 300, 307, 341, of all them just 234 we can praise, gives limbs of one, body of another, and head of a third to same fig as in 1 Death of Abel, which is a complete monstrosity with not a gd pt except dog, which has no business there. 234 a heart rending story and but for defective anatomy wld be a moving pic, Waiting the Arrival ofmy Counsin who promised a good situation in town, victim to lawless sensuality but unconscious of it, rough shaggy dog with head in lap, wistful, hands and feet bad but face tells story.

            AG Miller 92 Olivia and Sophia in Vicar Wakefield, prettily told; 302 Boaz and Ruth, hands of B too fine and small, neck of R too long, becoming gravity in man’s countour, scene too hilly and mansion too modern

            SA Mount 106 359 Irish subjects ptr delineated v masterly

            SS Osgood, 138 210 Girlhood, ingenous, andport in gd style

            RA  Powers 168 exquis Scene in Fulton Cty, gorgeousness of colors, well elab

            Rannie, W 56 Radish Girl pretty idea well carried out, wretched poverty in gd keeping, his 205 Attack on Gen Washington group is think and men and horses deficient in vigor of action

            T Rossiter, 10, design furnished by Boccaccio, warm sunny v charming Italy in olden time

            PF Rothermel 240 Surrender of Guatemozin, with every disposition to do so can’t surrender to prevailing notion thi is a great pic. A gorgeous one, but does not tell tale in interesting manner, no poetry in compos, nor dignity in any figs except captive prince and his conqueror. Countenances of rest in same unmeaning mould, Amer race as well as invaders. Lots of red andyellow, dense black smoke caused by we knownot what.

            HC Selous, 111, 134 215, Hampstead Engl, charming, cool tints, mottled sky, subdued expr, neatly wrought foliage, repose broken by woman in red. 134 Coast of Boulogne with gd groups of fishermen boys etc, clever. Pass of St Gothard, aerial persp v gd, elab.

            JH Shegogue, deservedly fave artist 7 pics, Portraits better than compositions, A Gentleman 61 spirited and lifelike, 123 Lady with crimson velvet cushion, beat face drapery, hands too large. 187 Sadi Eddrehi we truly admire, sallow paleness of Oriental complexion, effective. 228 lady riding dress whip gd taste. Compos are 28 Evening, barrenness of middle and backgrds do not harmonize with rich lscape of meadow foregrd, needs relief of figures. 241 Country Pedlar, know by pack it’s a pedlar, but devoid of interest and obscurity in details.

            Shumway HC minis351 353 too florid, but 352 delicate

Smillie J 346 mezzotint charming fr Bunyan

            Stearns, Junior, 77, Strangers visiting their birth place, Indians looking at civilize,skil correct well combined

            Talbot, J, 60 v beaut Falls of Passaic, fine warm smooth and glassy artistical water in a style of his own, delicate spray, one of the gems. 185 and 205 lscapes of an approved order of execution

            Terry, Luther, all commendable gd sketches, don’t contain anything to be described

            Ths Thompson, happy in shipping, liquid, well foreshortened occasionally chiefly cold colors

            Wallin, Saml, sketches with great spirit highly effective

            CE Weir 260 264 delicate compos of young connoisseur and Blind man listening, may have ports. 295 Fruit Piece colors too gorgeous

            RW Weir, Col Thayer 23, pantaloons refuse to fall into folds

            AH Wenzler 7 173 180 238, the most popular feature of the exhib, 7 ¾ port Lady, fine specimen gazed at by crowds, expression of countenance so diff fr set style of a port, air of utter unconsciousness in it, completely ingenous young beauty, drapery inexpressibly fine, glossy richness elasticity lightness, worsted, fine style of exec. His others accurate ports done too warmly.

            WJ Wilgus 8 Red Jacket’s descendants, anat complex and features and expr happily

            W Winner, 23 David and fair Shunamite, gorgeous well grouped but badly placed

            WW Wotherspoon 153 160 306 all lscapes in orig chaste style, refreshing haze, pictque points, variety, gd shadows, appro figs. Harmony and effect.


  1. 94 Hiram Powers, the Sculptor—fr Boston Atlas, extract fr letter, describing new marble statues, Eve v pretty, funny style of describing it, Grk Slave too. Then an extract fr Life of Wilkie on too great smoothness in a pic being unpleasing, obj varied by innumerable lights, reflections and broken tints, thus Rembrandt


May 24, 1845, p. 116

Dept of FA Ptg AU of NY: Geo L Brown of Boston rising into great distinction, a number of Amateurs present when box at Cutters & Phelps opened, one for sale went at $500 immed, can be seen at AU. Describes them, Bay of Naples, summer sunet, rich tings, happily put in groups with romance of appearance, softened, warm. Florence, gorgeous rich varied crowded but not disordered mass of cultivated scenery, palace of Grand Duke and ftn in foregrd gardens, tasteful grp of figs, rich repose warm hues voluptuous lux. Fest of St John (June) most splendidly executed, filling in and grouping most artistical, crowded river without confusion, rich and moving, all parts abundantly chastely filled up. Castella with fishermen in foregrd, demonstrates he moves castle around the Bay. EM Sawtell and C Tiffany of Balt.

            More fr Jameson


May 31, 1845 p. 123 A Sketching Party by a Cosmopolitan (fr Blackwood’s maybe)

  1. 140 James Miller (a Brit surgeon?) on study of anatomy compatible with Reynolds; p. 141 on picture cleaning by Renovatus (also Brit)


June 7 p. 165 notices Brady and Plumbe. June 14 on Picture Auctions and Dealings, fr London AU, describes all picture dealing (auctions) as dealing in forgeries of one sort or another, explaining how the frauds work. June 21 article on destruction of Acad of Fa in Phila by fire, lists injured art. P. 210 puffs Alfred Jones (engr of Nooning and Sparking for AU) beaut engr ofCapitol at DC, makes it into a charming lscape. June 28 p. 237 The Greek Slave-Hyam Power, excerpted fr Polytechnic Review on Pall Mall exhib, finest work by any artist of the age. Chain nothistorically true. Back and loins of exquis roundness. Expr disgust and shame worthy Michaelangelo.


July 5 1845 26o Brit Nat Sculp, greatest deficiency is in design, objects to alleg figs, hieroglyphics. Also dislikes nudity, death scenes, and not being larger than life size, also fr Polytechnic Rev.  Then Wilkie’s last ptg of kids in school. P. 261 NY AU, notices additions, writing seems familiar from  previously? Three Maries by Schwartz, set and formal drwg gives whole air of hardness, but well designed and details artistical, diff char, symmetry, expr of age and condition, hands perhaps a little too large for the picque, historic truth. Rebcca at theWell copy by Duggan fr Dlaroche, beaut and spirited. Study fr Nature Wotherspoon beaut vigorous masterly sketch, high relief hi tree, figs complete foregrd, rich and mag


Jul 19 Anecdote Teniers in love; lecture by JB Pyne on Chiaroscuro. Jul 26 1845 British Reinagle on lscape, Constable so opposed to manner he hated the dutch, used palette knife inst of brush. Also fr the French of Francois-Xavier de Burtin on Knowl necessary to amateurs in pics, nature not enough, men of the world and connoisseurs can rise to unprej and liberal contemp of true beauty, whereas artists become slave to a school, tie to mechanic.

August 2 1845—plate is Scott in his Studyl article on more tricks of the fine art trade, Reinagle cont. Aug 30 Govt school for Design in Engl helpful to women’s employment


Sept 6 1845 p. 474 Pics by Mr Deas at A-U: Death Struggle and Winona (first born). Trappers, rough adventurous beings, have perished in wilderness with no clue to their fate, this pic illus dangers of that life, white man or French engage and Teton indian over Beaver, doom sealed. Well drawn, colored, gd keeping, much individ, happiest efforts. Winona commits suicide rather than marry another man, fig expr has too much of the maniac, and features not as interesting as those of a more beaut female, fullness in breasts alm too great for a maiden, while feet not those of young Indian beauties we’ve usu seen, but same bold effect and gd color as other works of Deas. Death Struggle bought by Geo W Austen, gman of superior taste.


Sept 13, memoirs of John Constable, pungent (ie anti-semitic)  anecdote of Rothschild and Vernet p. 500 Fine Arts Drawing Master—lamentable that condition of taste among us incipient only, v low prices fr easels of v best living artists, disappointment of speculator and sale of daubs at auctions, educated and refined foreigners perceive in homes otherwise substantial and elegant contemptible pics chiefly vulgar  and coarse copies fr Euro expressly made for the American Market. Not enuf gd art teachers for young.


Oct 4, 1845 p. 571 Fine Arts AU added pics: TH Matteson young v promising ptd Spirit of 76 and Sugaring Off, lately purchased, Redeeming Forfeits v creditable and improvmenet on previous, some awk figs tho may be found in real life are far fr pictque.Does he use models?

            11 GR Bonfield of Phila marine, no one does better water. 56 Little Florists, WE Winner, Phila, pretty little bright colored pleasing, AU have purchased companion previously sent

            Boutelle View nr Troy and Gignoux View in Switz great improvement in both.

            Escape of King Philip the Indian Chief so monstrous wonder how admitted. If a little more flesh color on horse, animal wld have had all the appearance of a skinned rabbit, such muscular anat never yet seen. Philip despite diabolical scowl anything but grand, body of a giant and limbs of a dwarf. Horrible w/o being exciting, recommend withdraw.

            Puffs friend Cumming, as good as Malbone, approp for Annuals vignette

  1. 571 Sculpture, Sortie du Bain, great difficulties in over-fastidious community to cri nude work, for unless called great moral or relig illus considered unfit for general inspection. Hyperbolica delicacy, moral sentiments can’t exist with innate purity. Charming naïve simplicity lessens the diff, tact and delicacy, innocent abandon in disposal of her limbs, beaut roundness, sufficient degree of fullness, modesty, plays with pet tortoise. Eyebrows lifted up so greatly as to partially destroy the intellectuality. Duplicate by De Kuyper’s own hand of work in palace. Haight brought it here to sell.


Oct 11: Constable, Wellington bronze equest statue

Oct 18 p. 616 more new additions to Art Union: love Bonfield. Cole, Return fr the chase, deservedly fave artist, partly a compos, great merit as ptg, but object to mix of fact and fiction in historical art. More on gignoux’s view in Switz, clever artist, mist and snow clad mtn. Cafferty View in New Jersey, simple cottage, nothing strikingly grand, exec excellent, finest point a noble tree left foregrd finely elab, coup d’oeil is rural.

Oct 25, blind sculptor


Nov 8 1845 p. 67 Fine Arts long piece on George Harvey, eleg and tasteful, now taking pupils. NAD showed their statuary and casts, immense number of visitors, not seen at annual exhibs, but should be, nudity ok

Nov 22, p. 105 Peter Paul Palette describes the Picture Collector, gullible, anti-semitic. P.110 American Artists in Rome fr Eve Post, Leutze to Lang


Dec 6 1845 p. 165 Louis Philippe’s pic gallery fr Athenaeum on Victoria’s visit, portraits and pics chosen for her by Winterhalter. P. 163 gives list of AU pics to be distrib. P. 213 notices Cummings offering a school for art, advertises. Dec 27 puffs Dick’s Last Supper again



Jan 10 notices Lewis P Clover jr prof of Fine Arts in St James Coll Maryland; article on Raphael’s Vatican tapestries; story of Artist’s daughter wanted to be an artist; debts etc, he is unsymp and bad.

Jan 24 death of Inman,pics, all emanations of genius, member of Oddfellows tho had let his payments lapse. Adds just seen a Wenzler portrait, artist who did exquis  9 in last Acad exhib.

Jan 31 Ed Hoffman  of Excelsior did a summary of Inman v gd, benefit exhibition. Latter days embittered by legislature re national pic., notes Huntington has come to rescue, Eve Post describes his offer

Feb 14 p. 402 describes the Inman gall, mostly literary compositions fr Scott or Irving, notices News Boy a most happy delineation of a char seen daily in city, Mumble the Peg, one has air of intellig and gentility and other is vanity and vulgarity, boyhood of Gw; portraits inclu Van Buren, Justice Marshall, Wordsworth, British celeb, Sully, James J Mapes, Col Webb, WT Porter, Chas F Hoffman, Henry Eckford, Audubon, Jarvis, Halleck, John Inman, Mdlle Augusta.


April 18 p. 614 To Those Who Visit Pic Galleries, by FGA , many go to show taste not indulge it, to select a ptr to laud, to meet attractive people? Seen a vast number with catalog in hand go round rooms looking at every pic in rotation, not stopping to well on excellencies in a rare pic, but looking just long enough to identify subj and ptr, then on to next. Vain employment, but gives prettiest little budget of sm talk in their circle of friends. Fashionable well off visitors, but don’t buy.

            Others go to see a raree-show, ecstacies at naturalness ofa  cap string or gloss on a muff, to be pitited not blamed. Another numerous class go to gossip, don’t care for pics just for fash company there, these purchase a season ticket and attend every eve.

            A few go to enjoy, pay homage, pleasure, others to crit, to learn connoissance, others motiveless. To fash, real taste is a room with well chosen pics more than mirrors and candelabra, scenes rove in fancy and imag while surrounded by brick and business, speak of art’s merits.

            To curious class, who go to be amused, Art refines and exalts, not merely end in imitation of things, it is the means not the end, pic can be well ptd and still a v contemptible performance unless affects heart by pathos reason by truth or imag by beauty. To gossipers, you hurt the feelings of Artists (not portrait painters) who see works treated as gew gaws and toys, indifferently, don’t talk and laugh so loud. To those who go to enjoy, you are morally superior.

            Critics! One and all, be tender, or you’ll make them cry, show mercy. To aspiring connoisseur, everybody knows a vast deal of cant in pic crit, seek to be pleased, look for few that are congenial to your feelings, not ones that give occasion for remark. By contempl their excellencies, will learn.

            Those with no motive, go anyways.

  1. 616 NAD, one of greater genl interest than any precedeing, ports as a mass worse than usual with few brilliant exceptions, but design and lscape many fine. Take into consid circumstances of artists in crit.


April 25 1846 p. 9 An Artists’ Masked Ball fr an artist studying in Munich

  1. 22 NAD-21st Annual exhib. Rossiter’s Tasso, rich warm, Tasso pale and interesting, cardinal a beaut contrast, v pleasing subj well eec

River Scene NHampshire, TA Richards, cool, refreshing, pleasing, romantic

JT Harris Lady, white and light blue in drapery not happy, killed the effect.

Gignoux Peekskill, rich warm romantic cattle worthy of Cuyp

GW Flagg boy easy graceful

            E Latilla, Judas, style of Rembrandt, charming, not distinctive of Judas

W Rannie Jack, springer dog, freshest and most spirited

A Picnic Party T Coleabated Summer heat, fine groups, most pleasing, exponent of Am semi-clearing

Elliott of Rev Dr Taylor, spirited

            CC Ingham boy charmingly and delicately in his style

J Talbot, Recoll of Adirondack, magnificent, sublime, pity it’s recollections instead of accuracy. Lake Champlain glorious, richly clad, still clear and distinct, evening to meditate.

Alms Giving Huntington, fine design, compassionate giver, respectful gratitude, genl tone and color masterly, but face of recipient too stern. His Master and Pupils a charming companion, same classic raciness of expression and coloring. Huntington’s Italy shows benefit of his visit, breathes air of classic land, mellowness of genius of Ital art, outstrips garishnesss of brighter more gaudy coloring.

Durand, Lscape Compos, if not Pres cld praise with less scruple, warm fine indistinct a gem. Companion is The Old Man’s lesson, of warmer char, remains of storm, cattle foreshortened, and not simply a group thrown in on foregrd.

Bradish faithful and artistical likeness copied fr pop engraving

Rannie Dead Courser clever young artist, genius and judgment, jackal and vultures enjoying dead white horse, immense battle field, rider dead farther back

Naomi and Ruth, L Terry, diff to be orig, but v happy expression, respectful tenderness versus maternal kindness

  1. 23 Paris Salon huge, encourages art.


May 2, 1846 p. 45 NAD cont.

W Page, gman fine expr countenance discharged of every passion, exquis hands, but execrable blue with which he bedaubs every one of his pics completely spoils the effect. 147—Ah! That blue!

82 Landing of Northmen, Leutze, much crit wasted on this pic and the book, not improbably they discovered No Am, but grapes a figment. Otherwise historically correct, we like entire details and coloring, every accessory imag and true.

SB Waugh Self Port, diff work in able manner, betw two artificial lights, loose and easy.

Killin, Scotland, VG Audubon, cold temp so not exciting, but artistically exec details, carries spec faithfully into district, quiet resort. Not striking at first sight, but improves.

103 No Carolina Emigrants, one of a series of pics representing Poor White Folks, JH Beard, emphat a striking pic, squalid poverty and hunter too faithfully written on countenances. Son a noble subj, bears up well, dog a living skeleton, melancyoly grop, back scenery gd but nothing remarkable. Wants warmth.

107 Lscape! WM Oddie, view of sea beaut, fine persp, happiness and composure, colors perhaps too gay

Spring Flowers G Harvey, selects wellsets off, skill and taste, little gem

Rustic Gallantry JG Chapman, v charming little pic, boy helping friend cross bridge in dense forest, limpid, childish fear not overdone. Rebecca andEleazer, agreeable, rich oasis, vigorous benev old age, young woman modest freedom elegant elastic motion, story by jewels and finger, somewhat awk straining in position of his feet, warm atmosph, peculiar foliage, fine incidents, anat faultless

The Crusader, JE Freeman, fine romantic story returns to beloved’s tomb, languor and pallor of hero, may read in countenance mighty conflict of feelings, yet canvas too crowded, needs space for idea.

WS Mount Recollections of Early Days (me eel spearing). Warm atmosph, spec may perspire, doubtless accurate, well done, by no means pictque

Mom and Child HP Gray, v artistical, rich flow of hair, can’t see mom’s face

Lscape Compos Burford, rich warm summer, cattle

Lscape Pic Nic Party CP Cranch foliage finely exec, but in all other respects far too much apparente NEWNESS in the subj, as if all were got up for the purpose, made for the nonce as if to order and we can’t realize it as  a ‘bit of nature.’

Am Summ afternoon, G Innes, wants striking points, may be seen 20 times a day, but exceed well drawn, foliage of great tree in mid foregrd seldom surpassed, sheep of a bad breed or a  failure


May 9, 1846, p. 69  Fine Arts NAD_21st Ann Ex contd

152 Valley of Winoski, J Talbot, spolendid peak very centre, translucent, orange harmonizing, repose, small cottage, moderately warm, nothing glittering or garish, but eye delighted to dwell. 155 Fruit Piece by Talbot, apples and grapes, excellent.

154 View on rd fr Clifton Hse, W Bayley, chiefly admire skill managed to give idea of Niagara’s immense volume of waters, huge stream, immense spray, really a v clever pic

159 Noon day, Cropsey, v fragmentary and not pictque, yet artistically executed. 259 Nameless River, Cropsey, fr AM Ide, jr, Same fault and in higher degree than his 159.

167 Ld Glenallan and Elspeth Macklebackit, FW Edmonds, Scott’s Antiquary, in his forte and exceedingly well done except that Glenallan looks more like the guilty person than the woman confessing. Her stern countenance air of dogged resolution are admirable.

170 Ital Sunset, Cole, rich and warm, browns a la Cole, scenry abrupt yet sufficiently pictque, but dancing fig in foregrd too grotesque. 180 View of Nemi, companion, diff atmosphere, female at her devotions relieves foregrd.

175 Rachel bewailing, F Boyle, Rachel finely foreshortened, drapery v great judgment, dignity in fig standing over her, but without title shld have supposed subj Elisha raising the widow’s son.

178 Sacred Lesson, D Huntington, beaut, venerable teacher, interesting female pupil with eyes respectfully upturned, listens. Coloring and genl tone same as 42, 47.

179 Lady, Ingham, proverbial minute care delicacy, expr and foreshortening exquis, excellent lace

202 Angels bearing St Cath, C Blaas, gem of exhib, angels float gracefully, pity and benef, wings beaut, only fault outline too strongly marked and sharp for lofty figs. Coloring of finely contrasted and combined draperies might have been lighter, but killed livid paleness of saint’s face hands feet, beaut placed and delicately drawn. Whole group has too much the appearance of density otherwise perfect.

206 and 207 ports of eminent musicians, Sig Rapetti by FR Spencer, and Geo Loder by JH Cafferty, happy in catching expr of subjects in typical mood.

212 and 215 masterly ports by Elliott, classicality about his work that will cause him to rise.

219 The Seamstress, JT Peele, fr Song of the Shirt, beaut and diff subj grappled with successfully by v young artist, pallid countenance, inflamed eyes with tear, listless and despairing, poverty stricken room, air of patient helplessness, not only paints but feels his subj.

235 Gman, J Frothingham, gd pic, face stands well  out yet outline not hard, the veritable orig as alive and in action

237 Still life, Gignoux, dead birds v delicately exec plumage.

255 Return of Jeptha, GW Flagg, v fine grp, but by no means telling story of Jeptha and his daughter

263 Cattle, TH Hinckley, v beaut Flemish schl compos


May 16, p. 87, Artist’s Revenge fr Courrier des Etats Unis on vain sitter, misogynist.  Seems supportive of Polk. May 23, Eastlake essay on ptg decorations for public bldgs.. June 6, bio of Murillo. July 18, p. 302, reviews Modern Painters, disagrees that art has power to create higher order of aspirations in mind; ptg of Crucifixion can only show a dying man, not divinity, defies pencil. Aug 8 Portrait Alfred Crowquill, port magically comes to life and tells story of girlish sitter. Aug 15 gives Haydon’s lectures on ptg and design; also ptg on lava and Aug 22 gives account of Haydon’s death because no taste in country for hi art, also notices large mezzotint of Senate in full debate by J Doney, faces are portraits by dag

  1. 94 Fine Arts: NAD concluded

15 Cornish Coast Scene, G Harvey, magnify in reality, too many detached objects for a pic, cuts it into patchwork, persp and coloring gd, foliage in foregrd exceedingly stiff

36 RA Clarke, Fisherman’s Requiem, excellent compos if howling dog not immed before dead man, at present dog is like a leg thrown upwards. The failure is in the pictque and the coloring

86 Lesson on Immortality, L Terry, thru usu medium of butterfly, youth intellig expr, but fair teacher not expr, v happy colors and hands well exec

94 Timon of Athens, HP Gray, an utter failure as regards the subj, impossible even with imag to find anything apropos to the celebrated misanthrope

103 Lady, by an amateur, lady visitor are in raptures with figured silk drapery, but subj looks astonished to find herself there.

113 Capt Glen claiming prisoners, TH Matteson, artist has not succeeded in making his subj interesting, tho there are portions painful enough. 2 or 3 groups graphic, but whole is confusion without the story given, drwgs are in manner described in Art union review

125 Scene on Hudson, Jas Hamilton, cool coloring and tone of Scottish lscape, greys sober green rolling clouds rarely seen on Hudson, refreshing contrast to hot atmosphere usu chosen for Am lscape.

132 Sappho HP Gray, A failure. Upper part too much in shade, left out of drwg as is left hand

144 Mandolin, SS Osgood, gd face, fig and instrument skilfully foreshortened, but fingers v bad. Costume greek, Complexion Saxon

156 Lady, AH Wenzler, hardly a worthy successor to Lady with the Muff of last yr, too stiff, set , a vstudied sitting, stands too much out of the canvas. Drapery and colors well, but pic wants repose. Too formal.

164 Cross in Wilderness (fr poem by Hemans) T Cole, foliage too spotty, but effect of declining sun in center of circular canvas is happy

173 Dogs and Ducks, JW Ormstead, animal excitement, gd persp

187 Lscape Amateur warm summer tints principal charm, bright green grey yellow broad relief all excellent keeping without garishness

188 Cromwell and daughter, Leutze, arms and hands of “daughter” are monstrous, all else is gd.

192 Match Boy, W Ranney, v clever compos, well drawn, well colored, telling story admirably

222 Sleepy Student, Edmonds, quite in style of domestic compos peculiar to admirable artist

228 Lscape TH Hinckley cattle throut and foliage admirable, persp artistically

235 Gman, Frothingham, lifelike port of wellknown and highly respected bibliopolist of city

260 284 Still life by Gignoux, excellent, dog’s head, deal graining well exec

2286 Summer Shower, CP Cranch, capital storm indeed

293 Lscape T Doughty a perfect gem, exquis finish, haze, mist all charmingly, may stand by any other

304 332 Crossing Ferry and Friendship in Adversity, W Ranney, both clever, but why insist so much on red horses?


Sept 19 p. 524 Fine Arts:AU—bought 31 subj inclu works met withpublic admiration, Huntington, Durand, Hinckley, Gignoux, Cranch, Boutelle, Ranney etc, by approved Artists. Sorry to perceive that the Algerine Subjects ptd by Le Clere and The Angel’s Whisper by Peele are not yet sold, we cannot with conscience recommend those ptgs as worthy the gallery of any person of taste. (never spotted his promised follow up article)


Oct 10 591 English Crit and Germ Art, shouldn’t judge by same standard of one’s own school of art. Excerpt Headley on Napoleon too; cover cricket regularly. Oct 17 more on 16th c Germ art. Oct 31 anecdotes of Haydon


Nov 14, 1846 p. 93 Fine Arts, AAU 322 Broadway

Disagree with those sticklers who see it as species of gambling, lead to great improvements in FA in this country since establishment.

7 The Reprimand, T LeClear tells its own story, drwg remarkably gd, female on left exceedingly clever, coloring wants depth

14 Boatmen on Missouri Geo Bingham v pretty little cabinet pic, graphic and full of life

34 JL Williams Lscape sweet little gem, full of warmth and tone

48 My Big Brother JW Beard well designed, coloring crude, but expression v natural

209 Rev W Channing, Ingham, highly finished

            GL Brown several v clever pics, 3 or 4 sunrise and moonlight Ital scenes. A dashing colorist partic happy in above style, reminds of Danby, depth of color, persp, genl tone warm and pleasing. St John like least, tho compos in parts is highly commendable and on a grand scale, don’t like Saviour andother figs lack decision and energy.

            The pic is 238, Iconoclast Puritans, Leutze, admirable pic, congrat James Robb of New Orleans on having it. Expr and grouping admirable, in every way hi order of merit, subj loftly and ably realized, genius do honor to Arts. Coloring like MaClise and like him a little chalky.

            Vanderlyn’s Landing of Columb in Athenaeum Broadway, well deserving honorable destination. Colossal, great labor. No subj more approp and interest to American. Based on Irving, natives in a perfect state of nature, lost in astonishment, seen flying abt in all directions.

            As a work of art has decided merit, drwg and design vigorous and gd, grouping poetical, expr of Columbus full of thought, piety, faith and energy, idea of bold Genoese is ably and efficiently realized. Told C was richly attired, but his leggings savor a little too much of the drawing-rm. Fine tone thruought, figs full of life, expr truthful. Foregrd able handlyed except cap Columbus cast off, has more appearanceof a watermellong than anything else. The persp and coloring of the sea in backgrd is also objectionable, but pic deserves hi praise.

            Also has clever copies after old Masters.


November 21, ptg in churches, and p.111 Fine Arts, Brown’s Statuary, fr C&E.

            Shld visit, works result fr labors in Rome. Ruth most prominent and beaut, life size, simplicity and grace. Faultless face, sweet melanch, tenderness, mind wanders with her. Rebecca unfinished, more freedom in management of drapery, and more artistical skill. Not illus any partic pt. in her life, perhaps meditating why servant gave her a bracelet.

            Adonis nude, repose, remarkably expressive, not finished as highly as Ruth. Describes Boy and Dog, play ful and full of spirit, Ariadne fr exhib of NAD two years ago, classic beauty, Grazia famous Roman model, head of Grecian goddess.

            Most pleasing in whole are 4 Bas reliefs of Seasons, conception and exec classic, majestic spirit sweeping over the earth, everything has a meaning, nothing added for effect.

            Have all been sold but Adonis to New Yorkers.


Feb 6 1847 p. 381 Fine Arts

Am AU—only a few, Janetta Falls NJ by Cropey, large upright,single figure with pencil in hand, greater breadth of touch thanusu in C and more free handling; masses of rock so well relieved cld alm creep under them. Moss a little too raw, tho genl harmony of color excellent. Best pic he’s ptd; his Nameless Riv tho a gd pic in many respects, we don’t like so well, too spotty, and reflex much too strong. Leaving for Euro.

            Greek Lovers HP Gray, half length, classical, sweet expr in face of heroine, improvement in his color, lscape v inferior, reminds us strongly of some of the orig of the Old Masters sometimes to be found at Levy’s. Owned by AM Cozzens.

            Seasons, Gignoux, greater degree of finish than usu, truth and pleasing compos, admittedly his best pics, prop of E Dechaux.

            Capt Walker’s Encounter with the Ranchero, Chas Deas, force boldness freedom of drwg, color char of this artist, tho subj may not be desirable for a perm coll, doubtless find a ready purchaser. He’s a candidate for the vacant panel in the Capitol, proposes Genl Clarke and the Shawnees. A friend says his design has every essential for a great hist’l work, antother says subj such surpassing excellence, and essentials of expression, action, costume, etc is fr literal facts. Deas a young man of gd family and education, modest and assuming, gratifying to west shld he be selected.

            Eagle’s Nest by promising young Wm Ranney, remarkable ofr its originality. Rock on which nest is too artificial, but a gd exhib pic,much talent. Must mature his subjects well, greater depth of color and strength of touch. HisWashington on mission to Indians promises.

            Geo L Brown copies fr Flo of Rosa.


Feb 13 1847 p405 Merl Moore, Fine Arts, likes Edmonds clever Facing the enemy, gives long description of AU engraving of charming subj, carpenter's work shop, he has taken the pledge, looks at brandy bottle. AU giving Durand, Cole and Huntington commissions for $500 for pics for distrib, as is Brown the sculptor, a worthy and deserving artist, hope artists will greet idea with liberal spirit. Notes promising ives, Leutze Anne Boleyn. Powell Rossiter and others deserving of place in Rotunda.


March 6 1847 parody of song of the shirt. Fine Arts (Merl Moore): Leutze on Henry 8, describes ptg, exquis finished, king's jester capital, light effects well, rich and harmonious correct drwg, inferior in sentiment and grouping to his Columbus. For Leavitt merchant of city. AU giving him a commission for $1000, and Cropsey for two $300.


April 10 1847 John Carroll Brent on usefulness of polite arts, including later in the series about a gallery at the Smithsonian for them, orig pub in Natl Intelligencer

April 24 1847 Fine Arts NAD 22nd annual exhib, best ever seen, 375 subjects, smaller proportion than usual ports of unknown persons, great many designs both ingenious and well exec. We are not so bigoted (pro-Am)  ourselves as to assert that it is a v clever whole, but very large advance on the past.

            1 Cortes, PF Rothermel, placed well, on whole a gd pic, haggard stern faces gd, Indian female, faitnting state of Euro female v prettily expr, but countenance of Cortes v bad expresses conceit rather than concern

            2 Ital lscape and Beauty in Solitude, GC Mason pretty warm but too much ruin, extrav composed, will leave a gd effect in minds of mixed visitors

            6 Cromwell Exhorting, JW Glass, v gd expr of features and expr of principal, piety and zeal, hi credit, center of attraction

            10 Gman, SA Mount, gd likeness, gd pic artistically

            12 Trading Horses, A Ballard, ptr seems to know the trick of horse trading, and has a keen sense of the humor of it. Whittling with stolidity, pretends to not care.

            16 Capt Gov Morris, Edw H May, spirited, gd pic, fine, hi place

            17 Kantaskile Water, JA Richards, well exec hill in back, tolerable foliage, v liquid water, masterly foregrd, castile in forest takes off the otherwise dullness of the scene

            19 Shepherd Boy, Shegogue, profited fr Euro, rich shiny mellowness in countenance, like Span Flower Girl by Murillo in Dulwich, realized the poet’s lines for the design

            20 Calhoun, by Bogle, compare with others of him in exhib, all much alike as to expression, v happy in catching the notion he intended, a gd pic (if not a gd likeness)

            24, 29, 78, Compos in Lscape, Durand, full specimen of his skill and manner, in the last too prominent, one method of doing his foliage, warm sunny effects, one use of his yellow. But 25 forenoon effect and blues and greys v excellent.


May 1 1847 p. 45 Fine Arts NAD 22nd

            25 Lady, SA Mount, right hand drapery v artistically done, gd.

            31 Gman, Bogle, all by him gd and natural, sleepy expression

            32 Gman, JH Lazarus, know this is a gd likeness, know not who is the orig, but we meet him almost every day.

            40 Lady, J Linen, position v stiff, drapery and hand well done

            42, 89 Lscapes WW Wetherspoon, alw admired his sketches, but not so much here his finished pics, too warm, scenery too close, backgrd not thrown far enuf back, but foliage masterly

            43 ExMayor Morris, FR Spencer, striking likeness, last yr praised most of his works

            46 Sentinel, JG Chapman, v fine, enervated abandon of sleeping boy, still life, beaut vigilance of dog, suspect portraits

            47 Christian and the Cross, Jesse Talbot, noticed it at AU. Bad taste to let work be seen in more than one public exhib.


May 8, 1847, p. 69 Fine Arts

            Notes widow of an artist needs to sell ptgs, Mrs Weindel, Chamber st, copies by other artists and Weindel’s miniatures of Calhoun and Marshall plus his copies of old masters too.


52 H Tuckerman, SA May, approvable that pic is expressive, has lines of thought in it, char head, gives an idea of the man’s mind

            56 Lady, James Kyle, portr apt to flatter, but not this, too cold, old, thin, has not done justice

            59 Lady, J Whitehouse, seems to have adopted Page’s caprice, too much blue

            62 Teaching Immortality, HP Gray, pretty, but no story, even with title

            70 Mercy fainting, Hungtindon, like last pretty even gd ptg, no story, nor illus the alleg

            76 Last of Red Man, JH Beard, retreat in alarm offamily, too much alarm and apprehension on faces and action of group, female too little of correct drwg of her form

            82 Lady Jane Gray, Huntington, gd expr, also tells tale well, masterly compos, beaut expr at devotions, friars come to torment her, ptg well done, colors well chosen

            83 Greek Lovers noticed it AU

            88 Wash on mission to Indians, W Rannie, v excellent work, whenever he shall give more body to his pics, will rank among head compos ptrs.

            95 Children of the Country, JT Peele, drapery accessorial gd, many times praised him. 65 self port.

Statuary generally gd, 102 by Mosier, 107 Flora by Ives v gd indeed, Pleaiades in basso relieve by HK Brown gd but his plaster casts of the seasons too coarse

            110 Lscape Chas Deas, spectators startled by colors ve peculiar inthis pg, may be correct in West

            118 Florence, Shegogue, artistically done scene, but too hard of expr too light and too clear

            121 Age’s Reverie, Edwin White, v gd story and moral well told, joyous youth of port and melancholy old age, v interesting pic


May 15, 1847 p. 94 NAD

139, 154, Louis Lang, supplements to ea other, interesting, well drawn, grpd, colored and paired.

147 Flower Girl, Ingham, subj too fair for a Flower Girl, but prob port, and prettily done flowers a perfect load, finished to very excess like enamel but wants vig touch

            145 Florentine Girl, JP Rossiter, happy in giving this a char, olive complex and expressively sighted up black eyes v well done indeed

            165 Head of a Dog, L Purdy, well done where there I frequently a great crouch, grave quietude

            170 AM Cozzens, Elliott, some likeness, but it ismuch more like the pianoforte player De Meyer

            178 Court of Henry 8, Leutze already noticed at AU

            179 MtnFord, Thom Cole, not the usual proportion of Cole’s mannerism, not so patchy in foliage and dark grds

            187 Orphan’s Funeral, JW Edmonds, only one by him, alw tells interesting tale, child unconsc of melancholy by mom, his pencil sure to have gd feeling, design and workmanship

            191 Gman, Mooney, gd like and pic

198 late H Inman, Elliot, gd likeness, sufficiency of blue

            207, 214, N Joselyn, don’t like expr in countenance of either, former somewhat vulgar and shrewish, latter self-conceit

            211 Lady, JH Lazarus, chevlure v gd, face expr

            213 James Harper, F Frothingham, great likeness, happily caught usu expr of features in transacting business

            217 Child, Shegogue, gd limbs and head, too much mind in countenance

            222 Pity and Folly, Huntington, gd story told, old man reading, one sober woman, other leering


May 22 Sculpt of Bruges

May 29, 1847 p. 140 FA:NAD

7 works by J McFarren w/c peculiar excellence, strong rec for a drwg master, bold pencil, like Inman every touch with an evident and effective design.

254 Old Mortality, WJ Hubbard, fair illus, Galloway ought to have a pair of his branks on

255 Kyle, fine flautist, Jas Kyle

271 View on Bean Crk, G Grunawald, greys are gd, rapids and forest  v well done

271 English Gamekeepers, Wm Brown, v happily seized incident and time tells habits of gamekeepers well, have abundance

            257 Greenwood Lake, JC Chapman, pretty thing but coloring too gaudy and fog too strong to make really effective

290 Capt Stringham, Huntington, v spirited

294 Gale in Gulf Stream, Jas Cleveland, too much sea for a gd pic, wave makes subj too buoyant, surf gd

304 Gignoux Table Rock, beaut handled, frozen spray, increase of congelation

            309 Trout, James Brennan, trout gd but not lscape

311 Trout etc CW Tice v gd pleasing

333 Miniature F Office, v fair, more merit in expression of fact than orig ever had

369 Spirit of 76 HS Todd engr fr Matteson, did not admire orig compos, which in one principal char was not ture to nature, fault here too

            375 Bust of Audubon, v gd

Regret so little of a grand nature done by artists, afraid won’t be patronized. Profits of Acad go to NA widows.

            NY Gall of Fa even tenor, Rossiter’s Ruth and Naomi there, as are Mounts’ Swopping the Horse and Boys in a Barn, alone worth seeing.

            AAU: freq changes of pics renders it novel to public, free popular, among recent a fine large lscape by Durand we like composition, solitary Indian in devotion to setting sun, richness of foliage, altogether pleasing

            Also a pic by Frankenstein of Cinti, Christ Mocked, don’t like so well. Undoubtedly consid merit in color and anatomy, but flat and savors of Ruben’s so numerous in this country. Face of Savior reminds us of a certain Broadway dandy, v careful not to draw blood in putting on the throns. Attempt at hi art which every would be connoisseur chatters about now and not v successful

            Hubbard creditable Madge Wildfire taking Jeannie Deans. Bingham of St Louis Listening to a yarn and Raftsmen playing Cards, both capital, latter in partic improves in color, drwg of human fig faultless and close observer of human nature. Stoney Brook must look for his laurels. Committee shows much discrim in purchase of Raftmen, will be v pop. Other belongs to Yeatman of St Louis.

            Last Shot and Mtn Pass by Deas also judiciously purchased. Doughty in town. Geo L Brown expected.


June 5, 1847 sketch of Eugene Sue.

  1. 164 Fine Arts, notice Chapman’s Drawing book, published by JL Redfield of Clinton Hall, recommends it, likes motto.

NAD: Capt Geo Morris, 16, Ed H May, fine artistically done, noble forehead expr of command

211 Lady JH Lazarus, fur, hair, drapery v well

            183 Horse Fair, Wm Brown, understands gd points of a horse, well done expressions of buyers and sellers

  1. Hinchelwood, india ink, Edimburgh, soft, faithful expressive; 373 DH Arnot, persp for Smithsonian, v pretty and imposing


June 19 1847 line eng by Chas Burt is masterly, Leutze’s Sir Walter Raleigh, for AU, will be undervalued and unappreciated even condemned as a woodcut. Should be prized by Virginians.

July 3 British piece on excellence of stage scenery  ptg

July 10 TS Cummings school is prospering. Has been very interested in Taylor portraits.

Aug 28, anecdotes of Thorvaldsen, and p. 453 Fine arts, invited to visit celebrated Grk Slave, of all figs yet examined, never met with any other that so rapidly and completely took the attn., credit to heart and intellect of artist. Most lively idea of a completely formed (well developed not youthful) female in state of slavery, without slightest impression of grossness or sensuality. Mind of mortality, says more for the slave than her master.


Sep 4 1847 Novelty in Sculp fr London spectator,amazing veil of marble

  1. 476 Powers Statue of Grk Slave: but one opinion on it, imaginative person might weave a thousand stories, an unholy thought never has a chance of crossing the mind, more pure longer contemplated, yet she is beaut in feminine loveliness. Position and face assure she is recently a slave, but that her mind and soul cannot be manacled, thoughts flee fr her present degraded condition, proudly submissive but something noble within nothing can enslave.

            Must grant this to underst hhow features genl anatomy contour expr and grand disregard shown on her exposed and humiliated condition possible, hardly case if long enslaved, forcibly of Powers’s taste genius feeling principle and tact in combining. Anatomy faultless, spirituality of design.     Compares it to Murillo’ Span Flower Girl as growing on soul, Catholic cult objects, impress on heart.


In past has had fair amount on harems etc.

Oct 2 notices v fine full length port of new Pope, Pius 9, on exhib, fine specimen of Ital school, remember Dubufe’s Don Juan and ptr got called upholsterer of art, contrasts and harmonies of color, better here managing all varieties of red material and whites, mild yet fine elderly man, Pietro Gagliardi artist, liberal measures and action


Oct 9 1847 p. 595 Fine Arts: AU fine new gallery, good sense and taste. Spirit of ’76, when ptg first seen in NY, our opinion that the subj was not well handled, still of that, but as a pic, does credit. Notices Sadd’s mezzoting, a great favorite of the public, but posit and face of mom too solemn and Spartan.

            Dr Collyer’s Model Artists, very Man personification deserving of public attn.


Oct 16 his obit

Nov 6 account of Banvard. P. 68 Fine Arts: Model Artists: J of Commerce and even C and E have exclaimed agst their immorality, and Powers’ statue even has not escaped this anathema. Much exagg in this pleading in favor of modesty. No crime in visiting galleries in Italy, beaut statue or pic representing men or women in natural beauty, only unchaste thoughts in minds of libertine and debauchee. Collyer’s are chaste tho living representation of the beautiful. We abhor and denounce the deformed in thought or in form. Recommend Collyer at Palmo’s to artists, a history of art course.

            Art Union: cattle piece and dogs by Hinckley, log cabin by Cole, and lscape by Durand, all strike even in a rapid inspection



AD Paterson's American Journal of Fine Arts, 1844, just one issue (at NYPL), lots of English material. Admired Anelli's End of the World, notices Inman, the LeClerc collection



The Anglo-American 4-26-1845 “Dept of FA” review of NAD:  mentions Cafferty with a view of Long Island, praises JG Chapman


AAU in 1846 buys a Cafferty “Preparing to Fish”;  also buys View near Rockland Landing as of April 14, 1849 advert in Literary World


Anglo American May 25 1844 NAD includes Durand’s Oak, fine design, Talbot rich eve effect, Inman beaut lscape, Lady with a mask fine playful. Continues in second notice too.