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The Bee

The Bee. Volume 1, number 1, Feb 17, 1836, Devoted to Up-Town Interests. Masthead in addition to beehive has spirit of liberty with cap and indian plumes and what looks like a loom/spindle with another figure armed resting on it, designed by editor and drawn by Morss of Butler & Morss 1 cent, $3 yr. 127 Nassau St Clinton Hall, J Lemuel Kingsley, ed. Support Van Buren and Richd M Johnson for Pres.

            Supports the Herald. In prospectus states that our politics will be of the Jeffersonian Democratic stamp, in favor of Freedom of the Press, shall review literature and amuseuments, fond of fun and intennd to have our share, shall use as much fairness in our critiques as the object of attraction shall deserve.

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