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The Century.

The Century NYPL mfilm, starts Dec 25 1858 vol 1 no 1, a national nwspaper of politics, commerce, lit finance sci and art. Impartial, will instruct popular mind in electoral. $2.50 year, 5 cents a copy. 37 Park Row. Thom McElrath. Generous eye open to all devts, day of imitation passing away,era of Am Genius coming in, wondrous storehouse of nature an life on our continent, shape new creations, disting true fr false Nationality in Lit,organ of that higher element of our Nat life conscious of Am Destiny, Xtian philanthropy separated fr debasing licentiousness, practical gd.


p3 has Fine arts column and Art Items column. v hard to read, seems to be a profile of Crawford

p4 North and South, northern law wants to make for free white artisan an enclosed home, which barbarisms and tyrannies of Euro can't invade vs southern prejudice wants unintellig slave labor. Critical of extremists. Surprisingly critical of the Republican party, ot philanthropic but industrial interests looking for protection agst foreign competition, seems to want minority in north to unite with minority in south to oppose all disunionists



Jan 1 Fine Arts: Ranney Exhib at NAD, successful, did western outdoor life, his Marion has same rough and ready character. Some similar to Deas, some verge on melodramatic. Some stump speaking pics humorous, if stiff. Elliott contrib  Van Corlear, Edmonds another bit of genuine humor, Gignoux glorious, kensett truthful, Church rich, Durand a study, Hall tempting Colyer smiling, Hays rabbits, Baker v pretty.

            In England gives triumphs of new Gothic architecture

            Art Items: Gen John A Dix son ptd fine marine views; Rossiter a group of Discoverers, HP Gray doing Irving, romance and reality admirably suggested, Horatio Stone of Wash Art Assoc mentioned. So Carolina doing a huge monument, Church according to Post is going to Europe with Palmer. Summary of foreign lit and art.


Jan 8 Fine Arts p3 Studio bldg opened gallery to public, describes archit. Mostly lscapes, Gifford, Osgood an American Venus, Hays council of rabbits, capital stries, Staunton of Henry Clay, perhaps too much nervous vitality, Brevoort and McEntee. Likes the first Artists' Reception at Dodworths, 700 people, but not a public gathering just lovers of arts and letters and artists, Ehninger and lists others

            TB Read's Spirit of the Waterfall at Wms and Stevens, delicate, except for line of back, just describes it.

            Art Items: Stillman formerly of Crayon is ptg Longfellow in Boston, Huntington back in Appleton's fr Euro, Blauvelt in Tenth st bldg genuine humor of Examining Counterfeit bill, Lang doing  Pic Nic, hay ride. Rossiter and Mignot.


Disapproves of filibusterism, annexing Cuba, better to buy mulatto slaves in border states, cuba has a feeble creole population. Admire Jackson. Ledger a triumph of advertising, its literature of milky softness but not impure, population of 4th rate novel readers should be all alike, they are then, the "masses." at a certain level the individ disappears and men are a mass, a mere stratum. Think the Ledger's techniques would work for a presidential candidate, enable a popular mediocrity to override all others

Jan 15

LIke Oliv W Holmes. p. 3 Cooper Institute founded by Mrs Jonathan Sturges, Mrs Geo Curtis, Miss Mary Hamilton. TA Richards teaching, kknown for his illus in mag articles in Harper's and elsewhere, well qualified and devoted.

            American Scenery: Ferdinand Richards exhib of Amer Scenery in NAD rooms in Tenth st, had been known for his Niagaras, also has Mammoth Cave, etc. Have doubts about his manner, has no standing in court of Aesthetics, realism so conscientious shrinks fr creating rather than copying, want something more suggestive than correct forms. Ought to paint less and have more ideas in order for viewers to experience emotion.

Notices Century Club's Twelfrth Night, described last year by Verplanck, all in gd taste


Jan 22 p3 Niagara by Moonlight: Gignoux, effect extremely beaut, as warm of tone as could be, for choice coll of Belmont. Artists' Reception, Studio bldg, ARt Items notes Couture dismissed fr govt project. Think should have compensated emancipation.

            newspapers profile everyone nowadays. summarizes lectures and sermons, HW Beecher, Bethune, Chapin


Jan 29: symp to Macready.p3 more on Century Club 12th night, splendid collection there of Grand Armory and other salons, LH has long poem describing festivities, no names. Has serial fiction.


Feb 5: Frodsham, who did French and Engl exhibs last winter, 599 Broadway, Chas Lucy's Departure of Pilgrims for America, pupil of Delaroche, treats them with symp, noble men and fair women, not soured and dried phantasms of partisan hate.

            Items: Brooklyn Art Assoc, Hicks doing Kane.

Sad re Prescott's dath

Feb 12 p3 Audubon's birds being repub by J W AUdubon, describes litho process. NO more territorial expansion.  Feb 19, admire Douglas Jerrold, a reformer. Like RG White in Atlantic MOnthly Feb 26 p3 Fine Arts: The Washington pictures at Hope Chapel, 24 org pts of Rev War, mostly battle pieces, last one of Wash approaching NY is extremely gay, John M'Neven, did Crimean war. NOw only 2 parties, a northern and a southern one.


March 5 p4 The Indian in Art, JQA Ward statuette of hunter, crouches and hurries, unconscious varmint not sentimental savage. Has stepped into hi art with Grecian limbs and classical drawing rm features, as in Greenough's group at Capitol, Stevenson dying with propriety, Crawford for pediment a Caius Marius dejected figure, no grasp on phys or moral character. Palmer in Indian Girl leaves woods behind too, a city white girl, given her flabbiness, Caucasian skull, sentiment unindian, less truth of character than form. In galleries of Indian portraits, see natural ugliness by no phys vigor. Stoic. Brown's Indian striking apanther, unrivalled for form, more vigor than most Amer sculptors, alive with dogged fierceness, WArd's even more faithful, dull sagacity of dog. Art should not eliminate the brute. Simon Kenton western too.

            v crit of Sickles.

Mar 12 notices Jarves' collection as being of v great merit. p. 4 Webster statue: Bostonians say a  failure, unlike him in form and feature, character and moral effect. New age of being willing to criticize sculptors, used to be you stood before it not to crit but be exalted. marg Fuller on orig Webster bust says an ideal of him at a great moment, an Amer Jupiter in eagle calmness of conscious power, but Bostonians now discover no orator but respectable State street merchant with air of a countinr room or library not Forum.

            Powers alw remarkable for likeness in his busts, but a v liberal transcript of forms, unrelenting copy of material man, so gained Am rep for portraits; vigorous and manly excellence in fidelity to form. Not Art but dilettantism which softens straightens smooths refines and dilutes heroic countenance. But Webster in rest can't convey Webster in action, fiery energy. Powers never knew him, not fit for this work. Excellent statuette by Ball. Clevenger's not mountainous enough. Hard to do it majestic enough. But Webster has made the Franklin statue less ridiculous. regret to learln that barbarians, mere sojourners, we will suppose, in our Yankee Athens have threatened the nost of the great "defender." Let it be preserved with decorations of our national Capitol, the Jackson of Mills, the copper Washington ino our city last year, and the red freestone Wash in the Park, a grotesque mythology does honor to our unhesitatiing faith.

            More perception required for portraits of such men than for a regiment of Venuses, whatever their name.


March 19 p3 Aspinwall gallery:  has built a gallery, open to the public, 2 rooms, one for old and one for modern, post of honor for Murillo exhib last winter, fine work tho not in his first line, but exuberant children v gd.

  1. 4 Think religions have polit tendencies, despotism and Cathol, and demo and Protestantism

            Finish in art: Bostonians propose to melt new satue of Webster, but one writer pronounces it a highly finished work, old cliche. Want essential traits, ot trifles. Can't compete with Nature in detail, need to divert fr texture to moral meaning. Better natural roughness than polish. Mechanical niceness is the doll babyism of Art, need to leave attn free for sentiment and soul. No French slovenly neglect of details, also attracts attn to itself. Brown's Washington does it right, character and heroism primary, manly force and grace. Our stone dolls are all surface, no joints or vigor. Human form shld suggest motion.

            Abandoned monuments: Griswold called for one to Cooper, some money raised, sent to Cooperstown, a loss to art.


Mar 26 p3 Halleck poem. Aspinwall gallery: has Ruisdael and Remb lscape, v pure and pretty head by Greuze of that young girl he paints so often. A Frere genre scene is favorite. Am ptgs are choice, Church a brilliant sunset, Gignoux two companion seasons, Huntington a pretty head young girl, Woodville wonderful portrait. Janitor at studio bldg Tenth st Mr Wilson will give tickets.

            Sale of largest and best oil coll by Leeds at NAD, crowded rooms before hand mostly ladies with catalog and pencil, Euro and Am. Sale room inconvenient, lowered the prices.

  1. 4 Nature the Standard in Art: Since Boston has thrown off authority, we feel disposed to proclaim a Republic, every man his own judge of beauty, no more newsp and magazine dicta, or infallible tradition. Ruskin to the contrary, we are all delighted by our eyes, we love life, even in cities, beauty in even homeliest features. My esthetic friend who has made the grand tour says Art rests on Ideal and must be judged by another standard.


April 2 p4 Varieties of Aim and Excellence: fixed standard of excellence in art is given to no man. Nature, but who shall stand or speak for her?  Picts and statues are like men and women, no one is good, no one is bad. Artists like preachers disagree on beatuy as they do on theology. Dishonorable to lump the Greek slave, the Cenci, the equestrian Washington and the Indian Girl together, need to show various paths, nor can critic stand a know-nothing betw North and South, sensuousness and significance, better and worse. Greenough seemed like he woudl introduce a new era, but wasn't able to realize his conceptions.

            Bryant's travel letters good.


April 9 p4 southerners think free trade means slave trade, Buchanan works for south. hope in Century to represent views of unrepresented white majority in the south. Indecorous to report Sickles trial. Lenox collection of Nineveh sculptures given to NYHS, obtained fr Layard

            p4 clever poem on artists receptions, spirit and humor, country readers remember occasional articless on it, poem is on p 1, That Last Reception


April 16 p. 4 NAD: more than ever before, miscellaneous but lots of variety, as gd as usual,no dominant single work, only 3 or 4 with poetic aim or human motive. 296 Lambdin recalls  Romeo and Juliet of English exhib, Gray in Pride of the Village, May in 635 terror and grief predominate and result is simply sickening. Lambdin has repose but lacks force, literal and prosaic, theatrical. Hicks' kane badly ptd, lacks vitality, sign ptg, constrained, no heroism or suffering, extinguish hopes for hicks' future. May's 635 has rude animal vigor but too melodramatic, superficial, like a climax at the Bowery, characters coarse, the action strained, no faith, hope.

            Gray pleasing show pictures. His pride of the village has feeling of yous and sorrows of life, but unequal, hand of Titian on him. Oertel conventional. E JOhnson excellent, capital study of negro life, negro in every feature, interest scattered but looseness characteristic of colored folks. Huntington pleasing, no character, his portrait of Durand lacks vigor. Read's fairy pics bloodless, weak sentimentality. Hall unhappy in character.

            Durand and Kensett, latter 679 his best, Church a burning sky of great value, flamy clouds well suggested, Gifford advances in sentiment, Church more intellectual. Stillman better, intellectual, lack sunshine, his Adirondack camp figs small and excite curiosity, but hard to see likeness, not well done. Hubbard uniform earnest.

  1. 5 letter to editor from WCL describes visit to Humboldt. Profile by Sidney of Newburyport, of Augustus Hoppin, illus Putnam's starting spring 1857, also did Potiphar Papers, Nothing to Wear, Arabian Days, Autocrat. Met the Hoppin boys while prepping for Brown, where he enrolled with Gifford. Tom Hoppin was a ma of fashion, studied with Delaroche, did Trinity windows and noble bronze St Bernard dog in old Art Union and Crystal Palace. Younger brothers Washington and Augustus also at Brown. Gus became lawyer, went to Euro. Howadji Curtis knew him fr a boy, asked HOppin to draw portraits of his characters foor his book. Then worked for Young America, an indig Punch, fr Strong, the getter up of Yankee Notions still sold. Strong noble hearted, benevolent, encouraged Thomas. Gus talent for fash life, as in NOthing to Wear, Putnam's article on Frippery, Life at Newport, Finishing school, ball room, new year's reception, women are feminine, perspective is not his forte. Designed title cover for merger of Putnam's and Emerson's exuberant with comical cupides. Illus Lowell, Effect of Annex ofCuba, lovers of art felt he did not do justice to OW Holmes. Only abt age 25. May rival Darley some day. Wm J Hoppin his older brother, Governor Hoppin of RI a cousin. Courtland HOppin also an artist.


Apr 23: really likes Downing on lscape. critical of popular sovereignty as a form of mob rule.  p. 4 NAD: Lawrence weak, loves lscapes of Bristol. p. 5 continues, Coleman weak, Shattuck cold. J Hart unequal, Innes 405 his best, David Johnson pleasing, Bellows poetic. Stillman a fragment, leaves us uneasy and disturbed. Tait wooden, as is Hyas. Beard's animals electric. Cranch and Cropsey crude painty confused and cold. Bierstadt has extraord power, but exaggerated alm caricature, 757, needs more symp with Ital life, effect not genuine feeling. Van Schendall light accurate, no sentiment, just pictorial motive. Thom coarse caricature. Dix merit. Richards 410 recalls pre Raph, hard and confused. [error last week, should say our question not one question, and year instead of Jew, also foreign artists for younger, and tragic for magic. Showy likenesses shld read strong likenesses--men, color, form etc., instead of mere color, etc.


Apr 30 moderate praise of Seba Smith, satire useful in its time p. 5 descr of Phila Acad FA.  NAD: Rossiter discoverers of America feeble in action and character, his conception of heroism and drwg unequal, his 383 better despite meretricious ornament. Elliott's ports flayed appearance, only exagg phys qualities, lack of sensibility, Ryder's 354 better. Greene not as strong, vague, lack reality, not actual humanity. Huntington does better ideals, Loop gd, agrees with Ruskin, more refined than Elliott and Hicks. Carpenter valuable portraits. Baker well founded rep. Healy 588 vulgar sentiment, earthy. 203 port of Hoppin the artist has flashy or fast expression, have only moderate estimate of Hoppin's works, flippanyt, not sympathy, satire returned on himself in this likeness, no serious illus. Healy's Tyler extravagant, galvanic, no moral elevation. Elliott's head of Bryant, Hicks B Taylor and Beecher, and all of Healy fall below their subjects. Darby's Calhoun has fire. Webster emasculated i 336. 235 by elder Lambdin tolerable port Humboldt. Carter mediocre. Lang too weak. Schlegel sentimentality revolting in 630. Richards lscapes failures for intellig and power, also bad Sontag, Weber and J Thompson, cold indistinct no reality. Mignot literal, facts of no value. 779 echoes grassy futilities of Coleman, , think Coleman will emerge fr false prettiness. Brevoort correct if not vigrous, like Shattuck. Casilear conventional.

            [errors: for last week re Coleman instead of comely truth read homely truth. Plainness, common sense, must be broad basis of ideal excellence, only body in which soul of Art can inhabit]


May 7 p4-5 NAD: little merely conventional work. Ital peasant girls by Johnson and Augero more than lay figures. Oertel in rut of tradition, but some laborious merit. A few pieces of female boarding school ideality. Silent re Schlegel's imitation of Holman Hunt 630 in which Satan and prettiness jumbled. Lambdin has Tennyson with stae effect. Lang tried to represent scenes of genuine interest, just lacks energy, as does Perry and Hall, like Kane failures from weakness not intent and better than alleg symbolism or commonplace takes place of honest representation, in which whings stand for spirituality. May fairly ptd disagreeable banditti. Johnson noble crayons. In 151 is history of liberal effor in modern Europe, and for signif and feeling stands alone in the gallery. Interest of exhib mainly pictorial, not human, little of the differences betw man and man which fasinate us, but no lack of pleasure in Gray and Huntington boy with boat 547.

            Regret Church Heart of Andes exhib by itself, material force is great, tho feeling less, many will prefer others. Durand quiet pastoral cheerfulness, sometimes sentiment, sometimes commonplace, eclipsed by Gifford, Kensett and Hart, Bierstadt, Bristol and Dix. grassy school dying out. Pre Raph done us little harm, our painters are not theorists, don't get drowned in details. Stillman and Richards entangled in smallest and nearest truth, but dirty and slovenly French, mechanical heavy Duss, gangrened Titianesqueness of Page we are largely free, will surely be a free country by and by, when we say what we think and feel, there is an Am art.

            Bierstadt unequal, but has key vigor. Inness 667 a world of paint, others Shattuck Tait Juliana Oakley can e better than Lambdin, show artists are experimenting. Gray admirable portrait 612, carpenter of Beecher lacks force but studies peculiarities.


May 14 p4 North is responsible for slavery too, not just south. p. 5 Happiness over Sickles trial is disgusting, wrong idea of honor. Puff's Church Heart of the Andes. May 21 love IRving's Washington p. 4 Heart of the Andes, strength of characterization makes it understood in every part, wonderful water and space, fault of pic indulg in detail increases its popularity, greater in parts than in the whole. Church in danger by his facility, combo of objects, prefer Gifford despite inferiority of execution but has strong single impression, (later compares him to Bristol again), rather a carping crit--he's too ambitious

            has Wash irving on GW


May 28 reviews Adam Badeau's Vagabond, lively, not alw that knowledgeable, as in the case of remarks on Dr Hawks, doesn't praise him enough, don't like the freedom with which he treats Chapin and other clergymen either p. 4 NAD ...Carpenter his best is Storrs. Hicks, Read, Gray, Huntington, lambdin, Coleman, Kensett, Gifford, Stone, Darley, Shattuck, pre Raph, Elliott, Rowse, Beard


June 4 praises Crayon. Have had a chess column. Note Raymond departed fr city last week, as did EDEN Southworth and Zadock Pratt. p188 editorial on NY Herald. Has unique ability to create an effect with its articles opposite to their apparent object. Has a lot of tact, shrewdness, effrontery, caters to readers. Editorials audacious, slangy, easy, etc, ridicule. attacks clergy, itis too skeptical, it follows atheistic relativism/cynicism, follows interest not principle, so don't get people to act. An essentially local paper.

            The Art Commission: act of simple justice, arrested cheap traditional tawdry Euro decorative ptrs. Commisisons obtained by favor there, old brazen statue of JEfferson by Houdon only respectable sculpture. Mills' Jackson monument of reckless Am audacity which rushes fr farm or workbench into legislation. Greenough little vigor or truth. Wash a copy of the antique, his backwoodsman has absence of mind, no deadly struggle, stage Indian, impotent Greek, commonplace, Persico bombastic, Indian girl ready to hit him. Rotunda best is Tri,bi;; sogmomg. worst is Powell man millinery in gala day costume to naked enticing Indian women. Weir well designed and careful. Healy's Franklin has no power. Most panels are laborious commonplace, not valuable.

            likes all the artists, maybe Brown best, his Washington is great, strength and function, if a little stiff, altogether masculine

June 11 reviews Dana's anti-annexation Cuba, Bayard Taylor's Mercury letters valuable addition and step upward in management of that paper. Lots of satires of Tennyson fr Eve Post. p196 INtl Art Exposition, German artists exhib recently opened, didn't see any of familiar names of masters except Becker and Hbner, Oswald not his brocher Achenbach. Lscapes fall short of Church, lackenwitz do no credit to our own Hays nor Lily Spencer (animal ptgs). Genre pics the best, Hicks should study the portraits for character, and Elliott to unlearn his coarseness. Best sales gallery in the city, but we already have too many mediocre pics. 1847 Belgian coll, French and English colls in 1857 failures as money ventures because proprietors tried to market a vast amount of trash, discerning pic buyers ignored them, had to go to auction

            (Rev Joseph P Thompson  Pres of Amer Geog Society memorial to Humboldt


June 18 reviews Swinton, Kossuth on war in Italy, Oliver Bunce is sentimental, talkative p204 profile of Garibaldi.Lanman's dictionary of value.


June 25 1859 p4 What is High Art? may remember a Leutze in which the picturesque drowned the moral, so it became furniture painting. devotion to character, if step away, it's haberdashery. In sculpture, delicious contours may be animated by common sentimentality, or as in the Greek Slave, exhibit a spirit so elevated it makes no report thru the body, or as in Brackett, unmitigated death. . Nature and great artist do not want pretty dolls, want beauty of expression, when motions are vital, of the soul. Artist must subord trifles to manhood and womanhood, revolutionize our early conceptions of beauty, i is plain, direct often homely,but genre or literal object ptg does not stand alone in opposition to hi art. There is a counterfeit of ideality, which relies on assoication, as hypocrites trade ona holy tone., a religious and mythological dodge in art,  claptrap. Sensuality also bad. There are men who fall short, or artistic infidels, distinction betw hi and lo or betw hi and genre ptg rests not on subj, but on motive and manner. Venus of Titian is not hi, Pestal of Johnson is a poem.

            (also disgusting exhibitions, on wax legs with bunions


July 2 long review of Kingsley. July 9 notices English essay on Finish in Art in the Crayon, disting fr minuteness, cites Browning who is also on the first page of the century. Cozzens wine press starting 6th year. Holmes has written on True Dandyism, only thing wrong with h=it is commences with externals. No counter check here as in England against parvenu spirit of youthful rushing things, no discipline at school, no manly sports like Rugby.


July 16 crit of No Am Rev p4 NY Times (notes that the Daily News is too partisan to be as successful as the other 3): created for those who did not like Herald's lack of principle or Trib's principles. rode into public esteem on Kossuth furore, those who objected could only blame Times for excess of generosity and sympathy, and its faithfulness to the popular idol versus the HErald's brutal iconoclasm looked good. Puts itself on generous and patriotic side of public question, if not penalty other than warmheartedness. Aimed to be entertaining, the family paper among the dailies, others appeal to virile standard of some sort. Times had a magazine character, shirt button and tea cuppy editorials, moderate tone its speciality, genteel and safe. Condemned all isms, genteelly objecting to warmth ofmore fervent papers, dealt in compromises, not principles.

            pimped itself to supposedly national prejudices like manifest destiny, MOnroe doctrine, expansion of territory, filibusterism, annex of Mexico, Cuba, all favorably regarded, not brutally like Herald, but like Mr Pecksniff; it justified Mitchel's vitriolic articles to win Irish, questioned veracity of Uncle Tom's Cabin, praised Mrs Tyler, had corresp travel thru the south writing fair letters, published antidotes in the shape of Southern views (its reviewing has now dwindled to puffs).

            not in favor of protection, opposed Intl copyright, had troubled conscience there, vanquished Herald's venality re stockjobbing. Thimble rigged the liquor law, ridiculed woman's rights movement because it was safe ignoring great social problem behind it, to tickle respectable fogyism, supported absolutism (Wood) in civic affairs. Hostile to Louis Napoleon who it now idolizes, ok to be prodigal with sympathies for foreigners when don't have to do anything. If it was popular to favor despotism, Times was anti British in Russian war. It was mildly Whiggish, it favored and now fiercely opposes Buchanan. It is perpetually on the fence.


July 23, 30 Richards and HOppin illus in Knick. Critical of Bellows. Aug 20 front page Resurgam by BSC. corresp thinks anti-clericalism brought down Doane. 27 reviews Col Fuller's book as Belle Brittan inEurope, fresh piquant, Bulwer Leigh Hunt, hackneyed at times. very anti slavewry. praise Repub party circular. corresp crit of Century giving publicity to Bellows' skepticism.

Sept 3 Francis Gage. Pct 1 big ad p324 for Rosa Bonheur's Horse Fair engr for subscribers, Emerson and co publishers, US Journal also ad for Beecher's sermons in Indep. p325 long description of Roslyn, Bryant's home, Godwin's cottage on grounds too. oct 15 Leupp obit fr Eve Post. Like Bayard Taylor on Humboldt. 22 love Stowe Nov 12 John Brown prob insane. No peaceful separation of states. 26 Swineherd painter. critical of Wood.

Dec 3 like NP Willis relig poems p395 Fine Arts, puffs Bowers, Tenth st studio center of art. p396-7 Remarkable work of Art, Hardinge, Wages of Sin is death by WM Hay, voluptuous female, ghastly skull, strictly a homily Allegory, Palmer's White Captive second notice, perhaps the finest of Am chisel, faithful to nature, not feminine enuf for perfect type of womanhood, Greek Slave experiment too many in incompatible emotions of symp with terror and anguish, prefer  efface expression of pain and fear, look of seclusion in the forest Dec 10 like RG White's shakespeare 17 puffs Colton's Court of Death colored litho, curious and valuable work of art, description $1


Jan 21 p35 Fine ARts Lang just finished last supper of Mary Queen of scots, on dais, misguided, impressive and grand, bold and impressive, his best effort. p36 Artists reception Dodworth's Shattuk's gems, Edw White fine antiquary, rigor of French training, this fault drove Page's venus out of the exhib, not delicacy. Gifford glowing, Huntington Gray Coleman Harts Wenzler literal and conscientious, Green small maiden caressing a dove, charm of coming grace. 28 praise Am Inst. Humboldt's genius

Feb 11 p58 Fine Arts Gifford Sept afternoon, good to sit with him, true poet. Jerome Thompson fine conscientious tranquil. Artists' reception. 18 symp mtg for Italy inclu HW Beecher, Rev Hawk Belmont, Rev Saml Osgood, Wm Appleton, John A Dix, Genl Scott, Wm Bryant, Wm A Butler, Havemeyer M Grinnell, some are practical disunionists for their own govt. Ok with Jews


March 10 p 92 NAD Leutze princess Elizabeth, Gignoux spring, Gifford wilderness fr white mtns with squaw, shattuck doing marines, Boughton genre with kite, Haseltine Bierstadt rocky mtn scenery highest peaks, Century Club exhib by members, Lang's queen eliz, assasin in cross dress, Suydam Mignot Haseltine more Lang and Darley. Art Matters: reception at Dodworth's, Eastman Johnson Mt Vernon truthful, Shattuck Boughton, Gifford, J Thompson, Dix, Ehninger Gignoux icebergs, G Hall exquis, Warren, Huntington portraits of Irving Webster and Bryant

Mar 17 last issue on reel. p100 Art commission recommendations. p101 Athenaeum club just incorporated by leg, Van Beest, Delissard, Rondel, Gel L Brown, Inness