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The Critic

 The Critic, Dec 13, 1838, 3 cents, sold at Elton’s.  Likes Celeste and Josephine Clifton, doesn’t care for Mdme Vestris and her husband.  Americans have fire, originality, energy, genius, raciness, vs English actors are namby pamby, drawling, fastidiously ultra refined, due to old orders of society repressing energy and originality.  a man of energy or original thinking there is vulgar, these leaders give tone to fine arts etc decide what shall be patronized.  Prefer the French.  Publishes a poem to Fanny by Halleck advertised in Polyanthos.  blames practices of adultery etc as European customs.  Have no party bonds.  Expose only the powerful, not the little.  Pub by GW Dixon? becomes Polyanthos

GW Dixon does the Polyanthos, Sept 18, 1841, sixpece.  Lots of illustrations on first page:  The Harlot (rather twisting pose), correct port of Mr A Crommelin, officious friend of late Mary C Roger, and likeness of the old lady.  exaggeratedly tall, bowing.  Ports of duelists Belmont and Heyward

            hostile to England, anti abolitionist, notes Brother Jonathan Jack all alias the Tattler ed by little Fussy Weld, compares to organ grinder, mad that he didn’t believe what Clay and Webster said about Dixon’s singing.  Likes Thom Nichols

AAS racy reel