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The Independent NYPL bound volume 1st issue vol 1 no 1Dec 7 1848 weekly 201 Wm st S Benedict pub. Big paper, 8 column wide. 4 pages. $2.50 a year. religious motto not as we were allowed of god to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak, not as pleasing men, but god, which trieth our hearts.

Dec 7 1848 editors to the public: Leonard Bacon Jos P Thompson RS Storrs jr. have an experienced assistant editor. Congregationalist newsp, but not resp to any sect or church. anti-slavery. Name associates us with those who have " been trampled upon themselves by the power of a Hierarchy". mean to speak freely. Happy to have big cheap press, unique to the US. has illus of a printing press. Andrews and Boyle are reporters for Trib. David Hale a sympathizer, had planned to invest in Indep. Big Trib ad, Wiley ad, Am Phreno J ad. Regular missionary column.

            14 don't like Magoon's style of writing, too much imagery. JT Headley letters fr Italy fr Trib, writes fr heart, with impulse and glow, lots of exagg, have mixed feelings. Object to Unitarians tho will be respectful.Park Theatera  moral nuisance, C&E shouldn't approve of it if pretends to respectability.

            28 lots onBrooklyn, the new england soc there, ministers. also lots on slave trade in DC. Eliz Ellet on women of revolution, admires its vividness, she is a true woan. RH Stoddard's poems when he tries to mount pegasus, fails, dexcriptive pieces eg portraits are ok, but odes to love and freedom etc no epics


Jan 11 p. 23 free acad engraved, very gothic! C Wolcott Gibbs teaches chemistry there. Duggan teaches drawing. supports Am AU, art makes you less worldly, voyage of life e.g.  And excerpt poem fr Lit World. Pro-sabbatarian.18 excerpt fr Phreno J on Washington Allston. Like Knickerbocker. Unlike Albion, endorse Webster's dictionary spellings.

Feb 1 L Bacon writes to Rev Hughes, symp to Young Ireland and Young Italy. Excerpt J of Commerce. 8 Sidney E Morse back as editor of NY Observer, hope he's changed his position on slavery of doing nothing; people want free labor on free soil. Day Book supports pope agst Roman mob. Continue to quarrel with Unitarians. Long adoring review of Whittier. 15 2200 subscribers.15 carp at Stephen Tyng, tho basically like him. Dixon's Scalpel too materialist. 22 Knickerbocker mocks religion too much, negro preacher's exhortations vulgar taste of penny a liner for a Sunday paper

March lots on the inauguration. 15 dont agree with RH Dana's views on modern society, no disgrace to genius to turn to practical matters 22 Intl AU, regret lottery system p62, I dont see an ad.. 29 Ef Ellet contrib. Xtian Inquirer is $2. Like Putnam's Geoffrey Crayon

April 5 support free schools. 12 attack Sunday journals, condemn Trib for endorsing them esp perhaps Picton's p74. Wiley who advertises publishes Tupper 19 p80 lady corresp writes in praising Am Au, not a lottery, but Intl AU has voluptuous pics; editors think Am AU is a lottery, policy of managers to offer large prizes which  may be converted into money

May 3 ought to aid Roman Republic. Like Willis' Rural Letters 17 editorial on the Astor Place riot, feeling of horror gives way at once to awe and admiration at the dread majesty of the law here vindicated, protecting property and life 24 Trifles slight in themselves, are most impt, familiar voices, true politeness p.100 Magoon's metaphors fatiguing. NT Rosseter has poem on Hagar in the wilderness 31 Robt Walsh's book on France, violently anti-revolutionary, will be writtten as of the olden time

June 21 David Copperfield a little too vulgar

July 5 letter fr LP, lady corresp who supports AU, p.121. Love Longfellow.12 critical of Cass in Rome for not recog Roman republic 19 seems to have no problem with fashionable ice cream saloon on Broadway, modest sisters of the proprietors, caught cholera 19 p130 Ruskin's 7 lamps, loves it, Typee is spirited and revised edtion gets rid of offense to missionaries. Knick has port of editor. 26 disapproves of secret societies, inclu Odd fellows and Maons

aug 2 p138 Casali who replied to Hughes in Trib is starting the European American $3 year, a scholar, devotee of freedom, 7 spruce st, approve, his English is good 9 disapproves Fourierism. Admire Mazzini 23 their "cant of criticism" is re Prot Churchman's  texts 30 more anti-Fourier p154 lots by T on the White MTns

Sept 27 like Frelinghuysen

Oct 11 p178 Vicious Reform literature, mischievous vermin, EZC Judson rightly convicted, wrote sleazy flimsy tales, edited Ned Buntline's Own, feigned virtuous reformer, describe vicious men and vice under pretence of attackang them, blackmail. City infested with class of indep newsp which have heart of vice under guise of virtue, pretend more courage than relig press, pub items of scandal in detail, sewers of every city, lives are written who should not be, criminal courts, nothing is permitted to be obscure, secrets blazed abroad, Police Gazette, Scorpion. Useful papers daily do it too, their satire does no good, have no symp for right (signed *). Geo H Calvert poem. 18 acknowl * is Beecher. Like Tupper. Punch is agent of reform party. 25 Lucy Larcom.

November 1 dislike Chas Lyell.8 p194 really like the Duss Gall, esp the genre ptgs, coloring rich and clear, bears closest inspection, nature such fdelity diff to realize its pictures 29 medium review of Francis L Hawks monuments of Egypt as witness to the bible, Putnam did it well, has voyae up the nile *Curtis?) bound with it, like Gliddon's pano

Dec 6 Am AU advertising 27 defends pilgrims' character again 27 p222 Newspaper personalities: once one runs forpolit office, as with Webb, can call him a pardoned convict and dissect his character as Willis did in Home J.p. 229 Sun improved under younger Beach. Walter Janes starting new daily paper the News.


Jan 24 Police chief report on youthful depravity vice and crime; gman at Astor hse accosted by boy on steps of hotel having books, pamphlets and pics for sale, indecent. Sweep fr streets, send to distant reform school. 24 Chapman's drawing bk splendid., so is Willis and Griswold and Lowell's Poe. excerpt Home J. 31 think Lester's Gallery of Illus Amer won't be commercially successful

Feb 14 critical of Clay's compromise. 21 * writes re compromise that will abide by the Union, though storm beat stout oak and rake thru twisted branches, returning sun shall find the noble tree unwrecked and fast rooted, our Oak planted in soil of Freedom, its trunk and its mightiest branches will abide, beneath its shadow the poor and oppressed shall find shelter. Rev Alden joining NY Observer fr Williams college, hope it won't continue dead to slavery

March 14 current Board of Erie rrd is great. Disappointed in Webster's speech in Congress.p 41 Huntington gallery, loves it

April 4 very hostile to Emerson. like Port of Webster in Lester, like Lamartine's protest agst atheistic socialism. Admire RH Dana. 11 like White Jacket Melville. 18 crit of J of Commerce stance on slavery, only see it in rln to commerce or politics, not morals, they denounce us as politics from the pulpit, they are morally dead. p64 notes Hawthorne and Bulletin of Am AU enlarged. review of Huntington exhib rather severe on his anatomy, also has notice of Duss school, and on Fra Angelo etc well conducted journal, will diffuse correct taste, sorry it's subservient to lottery system. Extract fr Xtian examiner. 24 Beecher defends politics in pulpit. Trib now in inconvenient quarto.

May 2 Hale not responsible for editorials in J of Commerce pro war with Mexico and pro slavery. Water cure jour adv. 16 have corresp fr Haiti. Dana on Allston. GG Foster on Lind, puffing 23 p88 have regretted that Holden's Dollar Mag has reprehensible impure material, but it is changed and elevated, guaranteed by its conductors more elevating 30 moved to 24 Beekman st near other relig presses. note sepulchral gloom of Bryant's Thanatopsis, typ of philos without Christ. Brother Jonathan advertises. 20 hostile to Greeley's support of trade associations.

June 20 Fremont

July 4 p110 revolutionary pics in Duss, when ptr poet and preacher are all astir, day of judg is nigh. lots on all the tract societies, review Goodrich's history of all nations, have called attn to it, readable d=and graphic 11 death of Taylor a calamity.Beecher to Europe. 18 p120 has had contrib fr LG Clark, now takes fr Lester's Fly Leaf of Art and Criticism attached to covers of gall of illus Am, Chas L Elliott, reprodcues it

Sept 5 Leonard Bacon also abroad. love Jacob Abbott. 12 Beecher back. Joshua Leavitt is Assistant editor. 19 quote fr Griswold's version of Poe's literati attacking Headley 26 Beecher quarrel with Cunards. love Harper's Mag, Raymond of Courier doing it, excellent lit taste and xtian morality (have a big ad)

Oct 10 Sunday Atlas has personal attack on ed of Indep, agrees with Beecher on Fugitive Slave law, but condemns old school presbyt under influ of J of Commerce, Thompson also an ed of Indep, denies any influ. 17 p172 praises Griswold's bio of Poe, a thoroughly selfish man. 31 circ is 6000

Nov 7 like EB Browning 14 recommend seeing Dunlap's Death on the pale horse at Stoppani's and Pano of Pilgrim's Progress 598 Broadway, beaut and unique. Boston corresp on old masters at Athenaeum. Admires R Storrs Willis. Sunday School Union pub on Pilgrim's Prog. 21 p185 attack fr Opino on ptg and sculp as lowest form of genius, suspicious in a minister's study p190 editorial response defending it as high. Approve Schoolcraft and Intl miscellany.

Dec 5 p198 Pilg Prog pano, loves it. notes Lit World. 19 GPR James to Merc Lib on Americans inheriting Anglo-Saxon. Leavitt former ed of Emancipator, also NY Evangelist

1851 new bound volume

Jan 2 Storrs basically retiring Cheever coming onboard as contrib, also esteemed contrib "Church". Christian parlor mag ad. Likes Am J of Science and Arts, Silliman with Gibbs contrib. Intl Monthly Mag is profane and violates relig sentiment, needs to fix. Phreno J valuable even to nonbelievers 16 Coming Age: a grand feature of our times is that all is Progress, xtianity shall subjugate the world p14 martyrdom of Huss, same page on the importance of the Crucible 23 notices whitney's Republic, with a contrib by Lester; also Harned's caricature No Higher Law. Ok with Knick satire of Bunkum Flagstaff. like Ik Marvel. 30 Bayard's Weekly Globe is tool of slaveowner, Courier better when Raymond has control as Webb is pro Compromise. Like Solon Robinson at Am Agriculturist.

Feb 27 p 24 HWB on Louvre and Luxembourg, admires Couture decadence, Delaroche, Turks vs Greeks; would rather not have nudity, continues next week

Mar 13 HWB dislikes Turner. Dollar mag now with Duyckincks, regret loss of Fowler as an editor but hope will become a minister, his pulpit sketches much better than earlier ones who did editors of Indep. 20 Genl View of Fine Arts by a lady, pub Putnam's with intro by D Huntington, comprehensive etc

Apr 3 JT in Washington likes new monument; had earlier puffed the Ormsby engr of GW 10 poem to Tupper 24 Wiley is Ruskin's Amer publisher. Abbott does Franconia book.

May 15 Erie opening. Sun has good morals.

June 19 ed disapproves of skepticism 26 have taken over Elihu Burritt's subscription list

Jul 3 notes Leutze 17 editor Thompson close to (Charles I think) Brace, impris in Austria

Aug 14 defender of Comte writes in, Church the reviewer replies he is an atheist and it does matter to his mathematics 21 subscriptions 10,000 28 GD Butler (rrd and business), and a son of Hallock as well as Richard Hale now assoc with senior editor of the paper. 28 Knick not good.

Sept 11 ode to Greek Slave in Phila by Mary Irving on p152 shaming America as home of slavery on exhib in London 25 likes Cath Hayes, diff style than Lind. HWB denies swearing in the pulpit, Raymond's Times great for the family, hope he won't capsize fr too much polit trimming. Frances Gage.

Oct 2 p162 Healy's Webster, Webster and Calhoun will die, sentiments of liberty and union live 23 puffs Franzoni's busts of Kossuth, was designing monument of liberty for Roman republic when driven into exile, has also done Mazini p174 says at Union Safety committee mtg, of 50 there, 8 were Demos

Nov 6 Il Proscritto a repub Ital newspaper is good. puffs Healy 13. Times circ is at 15,000. 20 Moby Dick, funny title like silly passengers at an antic pic in a ptr's shop, that will not look at a judicious piece. Wish he didn't have primitive formation of profanity and indecency, can't commend entirely, B.

Dec 4 CL Brace has been their pedestrian correspondent. Likes Barnum's pano of Cryst Pal. Hughes thinks Kossuth a humbug. Putnam's Handbook of Lit and Fine arts is Geo Ripley and Bayard Taylor, Parke Godwin also editing a handbook of bio and is wrong in imputing to Cromwell hypocrisy and machiavellian, also 11 like his Home Book of Pictque and Kirkland's Home book of beauty. love Kossuth. 25 Aztec children real.


Jan 8 Leutze p8 M poem to a Picture 22 front page excerpts Ruskin attack on conventionalism p15 defends Art Union, notes 30 artists signed testimonial to counter the "many artists" publishing letters 29 p18 C "too late" describes a pic of family of travelers missing stagecoach, all running and shouting, droll, then pity. never too late for God. Talbot's encampment in the desert, also by C (Geo b Cheever)

Feb 26 Webster at NYHS v gd, made bid for support for Kossuth. Leutze sold for $10,000.

Mar 4 notes Mansfield's bio of Scott for campaign 11 p3 covers Talbot's lecture on art

April 1 p54 American Sculpture, HK Brown. Boker's old masters to be sold. 8 on Brace 15 love Uncle Tom 22 controversy between Cheever and Brace at a close, they don't hate each other despite strong words.

May 6 acknowledge that they believe in free trade (and soil, and schools, speech etc) 20 HB Stowe going to be reg contributor 27 Oakes Smith book noted. Howadji like Barnum's panorama, pageantry of Nile without fatigue, prices or distances.

June 3 Trib quarreling, Jesse Talbot new studio adjoining Grace Church, 805 Broadway. Alice Carey i=has no fire, just sentiment smoothly flowing, wealth of affection, no power of expression, too studied effort to seem profound 17 notices Vermont marble used for Brackett's shipwrecked mother 24 predicts Pierce will be elected, will acquire more terriotry, for the purpose of new market for the slave trade, there will need to be a new compromise and adjustment under claims of Union and disunionists who oppose it. p3 Stowe vs. Joel Parker.

July 1 CL Brace now writing about prostitution. Admire Humboldt's Cosmos (Harper's). Admire Willis. Theaters evil. 16 willis again, hawthorne. 29 JHL gives positive account of visit to No Amer phalanx in NJ, bloomers, women do all domestic work

Aug 12 notices Lotus Eating by Curtis 26 Metrop hotel great.

Sept 2 Beecher admires Chapin even if he is a Unitarian 23 aid for seamstresses 30 likes new ed of Bunyan

Oct 7 more on Stowe Parker (NY Observer) dispute, includes BF Butler who seems to have sided with Parker. Not enthus re KNick. 21 Welch's port of Wash. engr. 28 p2 used to love Danl Webster, our idol, had smitten Hayne etc, wanted him to be PResident, met him at Marshfield, was broken on the rock of Northern conscience. Signed S.(Storrs)  Notices Whig Review. Abbott is in Harper's. Likes Charles W March's book on Webster.

Nov 4 actual editor of NY Observer is Saml Irenaeus Prime, the Morses haven't touched it for a year or more. Notices Art Union decision. 11 Musical World which they like praises Wm Fry's elctures on music 25 p1 publishes Times defense of Beecher agst Parker. Demo REview has bad picture of Pierce and Louis Napoleon. Thomas Foster starting US Review, will be Whig and Republican in Clay, WEbster Webb school, and Demo (Jof Commerce). Art Union auction

Dec 9 Lanman's style in his Webster bk is crude. Bryant going to Europe. WH Herbert book. Kirkland's new bk advert. 16 seem to love Thackeray. Banvard's Holy land pano. 30 female artists. Art Union sale alm realized price pd (couldn't find earlier woman artists article)

NYPL Bound volume 1854. 8 pages, enlarged, $2 a year. Joseph Ladd is publisher, contributors in addition to regular editors are Minnie Myrtle (who first wrote for the Times), Beecher, Cheever (Church of the Puritans), CL Brace, Stowe.

I skipped to Jan 26 as the first pages of the volume were fragile. p.2 panoramic swindle, law provides that anyone who breaks lottery law shall give the profits to the alms houses. Josiah Perham exhibitor of the Seven-Mile Mirror has been offering a lottery, Edw C West of Board of Ten requested it be forfeited. v hostile to Bedini, critical of Cass of the old file democracy, Douglas of Young America, and Everett, the effete Websterian dynasty, for welcoming him--they will alienate political refugees here in their bid for Catholic votes, and will also alienate Native Americans. Agree that bible shouldn't be in public schools if Catholics object, true to relig liberty. Don't care for Trinity, but don't want graveyard disturbed by greed for money.

Feb 2 quarrel with John Mitchel and Citizen over his support for slavery. Richard Storrs Willis writing for them. p37 Fine Arts: have made arrangements with highly competent person to furnish us with weekly column, intimately acquainted wiht arts in all capitals of Euro. NY Quarterly has CL Brace and Dr Osgood.

Feb 9 v critical of Clay, for turning principles of anti-slavery into policy decisions (compromise). Warn agst Hot Corn stories, will initiate children into vice, supposedly favors temperance and virtue, but immoral tendency, grossly vicious, like Ned Buntline Eugene Sue Alexander Dumas and other corruptersof lit and morals, teaches vice's arts and makes its atmosphere glow with sensual passion, appeals to base, pollutions of vile experience and imagination. Courier and Enquirer backtracking its approval; Pease must separate himself fr it. No mock heroism thrown around a life at Five Points, avoid as at Barnum's seeing low life dramatized and themselves presented as heroes and heroines. p48 new paper the anti-pope. Columbia question before trustees causing a great deal of feeling, opposition to GW Gibbs as a Unitarian, Trib and Eve Post speak of trustees bigory but Herald defends rejection of Gibbs.

Feb 16 Beecher attacks Hot Corn, even if things in it are true, should not have vulgarities roll thick and turbid streeams in the dismal swamps of society, only professionals should know such truths, not the eneral public, not fit. Writer too easily in sympathy with evil, gives it vitality, make goodness flat.

Feb 16 Cause of Woman, we don't favor women in politics or public speaking, despite sharing this opinion with persons whose sentiments on other subjects is not v attractive. But educ and business opps should be more open.p56 likes Chas Kingsley. Approves Epes Sargeant's ed of Thomas Campbell,

Feb 23 notices Fowler and Wells new Illus Hydropathic Quarterly Review

Mar 2 Cheever really wants Bible kept in pub schools (but editors disagree). Cites Putnam's on need for indep crit. p. 70 women have their own sphere, divinely appointed.

Mar 9 Trib is critical of Geo Cheever on bible in public schools, he cites Judge Story as backing him Mar 16 Brace on newsboys and plan for lodging house in Sun bldg Mar 23 praise Eve Post Mar 30 Express has been so wrong about slavery for so long, surprised to find it right in opposing Nebraska bill, it is driving foes together. Chas Mackay poem. Praises Putnam's Cryst pal catalog, ed Silliman and CR Goodrich p. 100 support public acquis of Abbott's Egyptian coll, Cooper has offered to house it p104 effort for a new Art Union, ajoint stock company with capital of $200,000, to have a free exhib of ptgs, not sanguine of its success

April 6 p112 notices HK Brown's Wash, personifies a great idea, expressed with simple grandeur, Wash after victory sheathing his sword for ever, calling attn to duties to country. Geo Law has sold his USM Steamship co interest to MO Robertts, Moses Taylr and Chas R Hecksher. Apr 26 review life of Benj Haydon, his ambition was ahead of his knowl and pictorial ability, volcanic and selfish, weary to ead but will arouse sympathies of many, life has a moral. Apr 27 disagree with complaints about Astor library, it's for scholars, not laboring men

May 4 p139 La Verdad, El Cubano, El Filibustero, all want indep for Cuba (and annexation to US), oppose abolit of slavery as weakening that cause; El Mulato disagrees. Times and Trib show barbarities of slavery. May 18 p158 Leutze's Monmouth admired in Berlin. Mike Walsh, Hiram Walbridge, Wm Tweed, Wm a Walker, voted for Nebraska bill, as did David T Disney in Ohio. May 25 p164 slams Nott and Gliddon's Types of Mankind, esp Gliddon, exconsul of Egypt, having abandoned vocation of unrolling panoramas, charlatan as a scholar. A third of their readers are homeopathists.

Jun 15 p188 promote Merc Lib Assoc in new bldg. June 22 had supported Barnum's Cryst Pal, but felt betrayed by him having a Sunday concert

July 13 p217 Trib nominates Beecher for president. Letters on Art no 1, CC. Attacks Powell's de soto, that no respectable journal approves it shows advance of fine arts; but praises purchase of Greek Slave in Cinti, sale of Eastlake's books. Shop windows our only valuable public galleries (mentions Stewart and Genin) p. 22 promotes ruskin's lectures on architecture, tho think romanesque better than gothic for a Congreg church, he offers fundamental principles of beauty in art, lecture on Turner also exquis. July 20 endorses NY Quarterly, which loves Willis, has endorsements from John W Francis, Francis L Hawks, Bryant, Irving Saml Osgood, Geo Cheever. No Am Review improved, has Natural Theology of Art by HW Parker pastor in Brooklyn

Jul 27 p234 Letters on Art no 2, CC. Americans ought to visit studios of artists at home (Hicks Church Hall Elliott) not just when abroad, tho studios lack art atmosphere. Hall just back fr Italy, in Dodworth's, copies of antique--only 3 originals here. Mrs MOneypenny (same name as Mathews uses) turns up her nose at Kensett and Church, only wants Michaelangelo, urges buy copies rather than fake originals. Wm Page has admirable copies too. A gd engr preferable to a second rate ptg. Hall pic at Williams and Stevens, Ital peasants at theater, fine Ital face of sunset luxurious indolence summer. His Mephistophiles in NAD not a pleasant subj, but marvel of color, fr Goethe, truth. His Benedick and Beatrice not as pleasing tho careful and conscientious, but too affected. Hall thinks too well of Beatrice.

Aug 3 p242 Letters on Art no 3 CC: he's an anglophile, they're great, united and beautiful, Americans are a hubbub of conflicting interests states counties districts North and South Prot Catholic semi Prot Whig Demo Abolit Free soil Know Nothing Do Nothing, no surprise Cryst Pal failed. Cites Clark Mills statue as example of indiff to good art, don't care abt proportions.Wash monument as terrible. Putnam's pub cat with info and indiff woodcuts, but likely not successful. Management was bad, unpunctual, opened when fashionable were at Newport. Barnum's acceptance of the presidency was a death stab, his name is fatal, better it fail than be assoc with low ideas. Pic gall was poor, no Americans, no Kensett Hicks Hall Baker Page, just 3rd and 4th rate Germ and Fr, statuary little better. Modern statues a dead art. Exterior ptd to imitate bronze, a falsehood, looked dingy.

p. 244 mock ephemerality of slavery's symbol of runner. Praise KNow Nothings, reaction to excessive Erinization, glad of its successes, necessary to curb foreign and Catholic, but not possible to systematically exclude it. Foreigners must amalgamate, free polit and relig temper Romanism, and its people be allowed to mix in polit equality, no irremovable disabilities.

Aug 17 Leavitt doesn't write leading articles, but collects news, corresp, essays, adds commentary. An Engl corresp has been giving a series of articles on the Sydenham Cryst Pal. Aug 24 Brace back in England. Aug 31 p276 Demo Rev attacks Know Nothing as mix of abolit, Whig, how is it that foreign nationalities continually exhib in so offensive a way before the Am people (military companies), where should only be Americans. Indep objects to secret societies, inclu masons etc.

Sept 7 p281 Letters on Art no 4 CC:  from Gloucester where he grew up, in praise of Lane, best marine painter in the country, and lives in a stone house, early work hard and practical and literal, but has more recently more spirit/imag. p.282-3 loves Putnam's (and Harper's) esp its editorial on politics and parties. RH Dana is anti-slavery. Willis too? p.285 no street preaching, too much hubbub in the parks. Trib reduced because of hard times.

Sept 11 p289 Letters on Art no 5 CC: calls Fern Leaves like Hot Corn a very bad book! bad bldgs worse than ptgs or statues in private hands because more influential, teach people to sacrifice truth to outside show, such are Grace Church, Church of the Puritans, Prescott House. Time condemns those without principle. Upjohn's Trinity and Mould's Unitarian are good, stone is stone, no pretence, sincerity. Collins gave Miss Dix free transp on his line in return for her services. Like Azariah Flagg.

Sept 21 p301 Remb Lockwood item in their city column. TW Higginson poem. Ann Stephens fashion and famine v bad, vicious. Sept 28 p312 love Willis. Disagree with CC about Fern Leaves, don't fancy her affectations of style and sentiment, but not impure like Hot Corn. Times circ is 35,000.

Oct 12 Rev Maurice of England writing for them. p.324 opera and theater bad, go see Leutze's Monmouth instead, Wash terrible in anger. Lots and lots on sunsets. Oct 19 more on KNow NOthings: they are opposed to Seward because of his perceived symp to Catholics (over schools issue years ago), but Seward is the champion of anti slavery. Know Nothings won't back a Maine law.  Need to elect Myron H Clark (nominee of Whig, anti slavery and temperance) instead for Governor to get prohibition, as the Demos are united agst it. A vote for KN is a vote for Demos. Praise Prof Gajani. p334 CC on Trinity chapel, urges person who designed carved work is young, fine feeling for his art, beg him to not repeat the same thought in his details p339 endorses city's reform ticket, with J of Commerce, Wilson G Hunt, Danl Tiemann, and A Oakey Hall. Have had a money column for a long time. p.344 crit of Benj Lossing's pictorial hist of US for being pro Compromise, partisan.

November 2 p345 Cheever's notice of Jesse Talbot, gospel being introd into Greece, this one of Japhet is only one completed. idea came straight from Mosaic narrative. p347 Eve post sees South as child and North as nurse unwisely giving in to its tantrums p348 Herald is organ of liquor sellers, backs Gov Seymour who will veto maine law. Temperance vote seems unfortunately to be going to the Know nothings not the city reformers. p352 Appletons are connected with Episcopal church. RG White's Shakespeare successful. Bryant great.

Nov 9 p353 CC on Leutze's Monmouth: in advance of his Delaware, tho that is the nobler of the two, themes should stir the soul, he has imbibed spirit that moved the puritans, but subj of this ptg not teach great moral lesson, Lee is a shame not a hero, indebted to Sparks and Stuart for washed out Washington of soap, so this scene makes him more interesting. Treatment mostly admirable despite Dusseldorfishness, has power, living men, but GW clumsy. Rare merit. p. 358 C has poem on Voyage of Life, boat in a storm p360 whigs and reformers voted for Barker, the know nothing aand temperance candidate, to defeat the rummies. In state, silver grey whigs, hardshell demos and temperance men and anti Nebraska men voted for Ullmann to try to defeat Seymour.

Nov 16 C p361 has fable of Silver Gray and his valet Elastic as they learn that where human law supercedes higher law, you get Mormon polygamy etc. SS Howland gave port of De Witt Clinton to nYHS. Nov 23 notices AM J of sci and arts. p. 376 like SG Goodrich. Fine Arts column now signed Clarquo and I don't see Cook on masthead: Leeds auction in former Duss rooms, miss great pics used to be there, affair like most auctions is a humbug. A few tolerable specimens in crowd of things not to be endured, a few pics so bad one can't characterize them, like Louis Lang's and Mrs Spencer's, that might have been palmed off if hadn't been seen amid buzz of subdued pop laughter and truth-telling gas light. Grievous to see Page pic wholly ugly and unnatural, Hicks with two outrageous daubs despite his great Mrs McDaniels in last Acad, Cropsey Boutelle and Cafferty shortcomings

Nov 30 Fine Arts p 377  Clarquo on Landseer at Williams and STevens, praise their gallery, free public window, ragged elbows as well as broadcloth look. Rubens animals are animals, Landseer's enlist our sympathies, gives them moral expression. Doesn't care for Hinckley, our best animal ptr, too much Duss influ on our ptrs. Why can't Page Hall or Gray our American modern ptrs be put on exhib in pub gall? owner of the Patrie newspaper in Paris doing this. p38r praise Stillman and Durand weekly journal, true morality of art, love of beautiful (they advertise)

Dec 7 p384 Clarence Cook writes fr Boston abt Goupil, Scheffer and Delaroche, Scheffer a weak painter with great sentiment, false teaching of Catholic church p388 editorial on Scheffer, fine conception, tho Satan not tempting enuf p390 Dean on Landseer, describes fat matron and fashionable miss, only interested in a famous name, two dandies who think such pics can be had at auction, but a pretty young mom appreciated its sentiments, sanctimonious minister only wants biblical animals. only gift of god to give heart to feel and eyes to see. p392 loves Griswold's Republican court

Dec 14 Beecher points out that Jefferson was a French infidel, if a good writer. Critical of NYHS, New England Society, etc that serve wine.p400 Bayard Taylor vastly superior in moral tone to more brilliant and poetic Howadji, chapters a reproach, stimulate evil passions, Taylor occasionally can't tell diff betw Biblical principles and driveling superstition (Koran). Charming, adds no new knowledge, crude observations on unity of the race, but not infidel or sceptic, just shallow in his observations. But love him.

Dec 21 p 401 Beecher puffs Griswold's republican court. Hawks did a chapter. Clarence Cook on Hosmer etc., still in Boston, not orig concept or treatment but still remarkable (Medusa). To be great she must do the present, not the past. Powers' Proserpine his best. p404 don't read Barnum's pernicious autobio. Like Thomas H Benton.

Dec 28 p 409 Clarence Cook on Rogers, still in Boston? also loves Geo Hall's ptg April Showers at Williams and Stevens, much better than dead NAD. p412 identifies Dean as a woman, will be a regular contrib. Like Saml Osgood.


Jan 4 p1 CCook writing fr Newburgh, wishes a place to buy good plaster casts of sculpture, not just Websters and Clays, asked an Italian sculptor, his Dancing Faun turned into a black man. p2 dislike Soule and Pierce's other firebrands. p4 promotes Cook as a lecturer p8 symp to Eve Mirror in Shelton's libel case.

Jan 11 p9 Cook on the Belgian gallery, have no nationality, copy French or Dutch, lack power; he loves a Teniers in the Bryan gall, tho not its knavish subject (incantation). Prefers Inman to de Keyser's flesh and bloodness, Germans minute conscientious knowledgeable

Jan 18 p17 Cook on the Crayon, our people care nothing about art, so it is not a social influence, have had too much technical crit, don't ask if there is good in the art. Or they are puffed. Am AU broken up by mean spirited and malicious men, its Bulletin genial liveral clever just. West fawned on king. Allston, Inman, Cole had employment here, as did Copley and Malbone. Govt is given to base pursuits, can't pursue the beaut. Hope editors know we need nationality in our Lit and Art, every Amer must be an American. unenthus re NY Quarterly. Merc Lib promoted.

Jan 25 p22 Cook column, must care abt trifling, defends Puritans, look at how good New England is; fortress of bigotry and Old Fogyism will be sapped. Grandgrind may ask if everything is beaut in our environment, but it's a q worth asking. Crit of Trib for symp with Russia agst England. p31 give Tennyson's Charge of Light Brigade and Tupper's Waterloo Revenged (France helped England) p32 in hard times, Willis advises pitying the rich; J of Commerce advises lowering wages and shipping out 100,000 immig and laborers

Feb 1 p33 Cook on masc dress, more flowing, inspired by Kossuth, wants picturesque, not monotony of American sameness, all lutes no banjos p40 promotes Mundy's crayon drwgs in Brooklyn Feb 8 Gurowski sides with the Russians, Trib likes him. p48 prefer Seba Smith to gaudy and depraving Fashion and Famine or knavery of Barnum. Puffs Epes Sargeant again. City column recommends Cook take up Mapes's idea of evolution as shown in horses on Parthenon frieze. Disapprove of Magoon writing on xtian art.

Feb 15 Puritans were totally good. Feb 22 p64 City Column describes Miles Greenwood steam fire engine competing agst company 42, and winning; in place of Cook recommends pics for home have no pain, eg crucifixions, nor Dying Camel.

March 8 Cook indisposed, will notice Vernet's Brethren of Joseph, delight at his skill, fidelity, truthfulness (sounds like an anti-semitic painting). Brace has diatribe agst fashionable extravagance even among new englanders. Justice complains that the City Columns attacks brokers as thieves unfairly. Webster and Fillmore admin to blame for Mormons, made BYoung gov., Douglas's popular sovereignty will admit a filthy state p80 City Column praises Mayor Wood, notes NAD open, small rooms so fewer meaningless canvases

March 22 p 89 Cook on Vernet at Goupil, truthful to materials, plants, anatomy, but not untruthfulness of Duss school March 29 p97 Cook on NAD, disapproves of Palmer's contrib being sent back to him. small room has few good pics, W Hart superior to all our lscape ptrs; Hall and Coleman too deserved better light, laymen ought to be involved in selection or hanging, as long as don't know artists' names, or made impartial, absurd partiality of present committee. Ought to lower entry fee. a Dead institution. p99 praises Crayon. Ok with EDEN Southworth. Love Jacob Abbott.

Apr 5 Cook on NAD: think galleries should group works by artist together; starts with Geo Hall, dislikes that they are badly hung, likes his color and composition, lots of praise, crowded out by academicians, critics should have noticed him before. Cropsey finest ever, vigor and life, but not a colorist, raw harsh foregrd cuts eye, his other pics don't come anywhere near his Mt Wash, Mediterranean is in his melodramati style, fatal tendency to sacrifice truth for mere effect. Gignoux: sunrise inwinter no partic merit, subj at fault. p107 Putnam's has new proprietor, Putnam says will have principles, not party. Side with Wood agst Albany leg. Praise Albion engr of Niagara, $6 subscription. Bishop Doane's shameful bankruptcy, his wife had been married to late James Perkins of Boston, lawsuit entailed on her funds

Apr 12 p113 Cook on NAD: Darby promising, has life reality, individuality, wants vigor, should have given boy a collar, looks slovenly. Geo Baker ports all excellent, of Wm Hart remarkable, bold, his LM Hoffman best full length ever, no glaring errors if not a colorist, a certain thinness, rapid ptr, excels at women gives air of eleg and unaffected grace, animation. Casilear attract attn as neat and clean, careful and pleasing, but lack freedom and nature and open air study, have a bandboxy look, trees brittle, river stopped runnning, excellent drwg but no life nor power. Gray: well known manner which is not an imitation of Titian, but monotonous and wholly false, woolly trees not in nature, feeble, but soul of beaut child, spiritual. Elliott changing his style, used to be finished, polished dainty school, now more vigorous and free and detail unsatisfactory, portraits have life but also an air of self consciousness. Elliott too literal and careless, no idealiz, one attitude and expression, doesn't seize the most happy and characteristic, seems accidental choice, backgrds slovenly, affectation and mannerism, mistakes want of thought for originality, carelessness for boldness. Gifford, Hubbard, Durand of nearly equal merit, Durand influ v great, might be mistaken for his, Gifford not so painstaking or as gd at trees, Gifford and Hubbard on wrong road, have study and feeling esp Gifford but smothered by borrowed unnatural manner, no color, but both can draw and if despise convention and paint what they see will do well. Durand weakest of our lscape ptrs, most monotonous, best at tree trunks (our lscape ptrs are Allston, Cole, Raphael Boyle owned by AJ Downing, Cropsey, Durand, Church, Kensett, Wm Hart, S Coleman), Durand's foliage wants character as In the Woods shows, ltd ability, the divinity of a certain class, no genius or progress, same old facts in same old way, ought to have stayed an engraver. p120 Bishop Hughes back home, preaching on new doctrine of Immac Concep of Mary

Apr 19 p121 Cook on NAD: Coleman promising, careful minute conscientious, albroious exactness, literal truth, required for eminence, as in Vernet versus most NAD pics.Need schools, and NAD not doing it. Hicks best contrib is crayon of Parke Godwin, next to Lawrence's Bancroft, deserves admiration, spirited, living; but either he never had the genius his friends said, or he has been spoiled by flattery and become indolent, has no reference to truth. Lucretia Mott lifeless, staring and careless, wretched, unnatural. Full length of  alady meretricious, detail ordinary in arrangement, attitude unmeaning, ungloved hand bad, distorted, green glove bad color etc. Wm Hart had only 1 of 8 pics hung on line in small room, only man who paints a blue sky, exquisite fresh pearly airy. His Scotland solemn suggestive powerful tho small sketch, grandeur; larger pics not of equal value, small pics better, Cook values sketch's unity of expression. Hs trees scratchy. None of Huntington's commendable, portrait is the best. humdrum, worships at altar of convention. Church: so Am views novel, faithful, progress, needs life giving imagination, but not as soulless as Duss lscape.

Apr 26 p129 Cook on NAD: Wm O Stone portraits, gd feeling, well drawn, will improve. Geo Inness, academician, unredeemed by a single gd quality, worst lscapes in the exhib, disgraceful, no mind, no right to be an academician like others like him. Wm S Mount: worse than Inness, at best, Inness only tolerable, but Mount has done excellent things worthy of Wilkie for turthful humor if not beauty of color. But Webster among the People and Walking out can't be taken seriously, steeped in essence of absurdity in conception and arrangement; Webster in center addressing imaginary audience, gesture of emphasis, platform with absurd inscription, behind him an ugly Irish boy waving an Amer flag, at left is a committee man in supposed Bowery costume, at right is Mount in similar costume taking a likeness, don't know why has a view of Latting Observatory. Contrasts it to depth of expression in early Italian ptg, versus Mount which is as stiff and simple as earliest Byzantine ptr, saint in middle, blessing the people, commissioner on the left (Mr Hallett?), artist, irish cherub with banner, Observatory as spire of church for the political altarpiece, but tho has ugliness and conventionality of early pics, lacks truth and beauty, is absurd, disgraceful caricature, Academy morally bound to refuse these things, injure people who see them, no pranks exhib in front of people that violate every rule of common sense and every law of beauty. request he stop ptg.

            JA Oertel Country Connoisseurs, expressions of three of men v truthful and show feeling for humor, best is fig with whip, carter in the blue frock is a caricature and incident of dog frightened at plaster head of Apollo is wholly false. Pic badly ptd, crude, inharmonious and ragged, detil incorrect, casts not drawn with truth. Captive Soul: large alleg woman naked to waist on chained rock, , stretches upward, no partic expression. Looks more like Andromeda, but entirely devoid of meaning in itself and like all alleg is nothing without an explanation, and not much with one. Kensett's Oct day one of few really fine things, foregrd mannered and falst, but tint on distance, pal[pitating outline of horizon. Newport studies seem unworthy of him, Kensett ought to remember that Am skies sometimes blue, despite Durand, and more than one sort of rock in nature.

            Wm Powell: had not planned to notice, as work by men from whom nothing gd can be hoped, but Mrs Amy Doolittle compels notice; he is devoid of gifts, can't design draw color, accomplishes anything by phys force, looks machine made, without spirit. Lifeless, awkward, stiff, beard too prominent, unpleasant, ungainly, crude as result of ignorance, 32 repuslive, Doolittle worst he has ptd, bad taste of costume, waist grossly unnatural, hideously ugly perversion fr nature, no ptr is obliged to paint such things, arms not same size don't grow out of shoulders, expression of wax doll, brittle. Irredeemably bad but draws the eye, spectators like flies, who agree it is insufferably vulgar, tho there was a time when such things were admired.

May 3 Cheever thinks people of NY need straight jacket of the Maine law, they are lunatics

May 10 p 145 Cook on NAD: AW Warren, inconsistent, mill in ruins a daguerreotype of clapboards but nature around it unreal, no sentiment, wants purpose and feeling, ptg for sake of truth insufficient, a faithful portrait of a lamppost equally valuable as human face if that were true, and Warren, Stillman, and Coleman all would have same rank. But Coleman is best, true in form and arrangement of beaut natural objects, while Stilllman truthful of tree trunks, but they seem dead, hemlock dispirited, unpleasingly grouped assemblage of unpleasing objects. Warren unpleasing artificial object unpleasingly arranged. Stillman not selecting worthy things to paint, puts spectator in position of despising truth. EDE Greene port of Greek gman, care and simplicity and earnestness, should have better position. Darley beaut and clever as usual. TA Richards never looks at nature, paints in his studio, feeble unmeaning brown and pink trees blur rocks like in window shades and panels of omnibusses, ptd after certain conventional models, private interests secure his good placement. Duggan excellent. Lawrence crayons of Willis and Geo Bancroft bold effective and orig. Thorn clever, as is Vautier, latter beware of Dusseldorf. Ehninger badly influ by Couture, vicious mannerism, woolly haze disagreeable, needs to go to Nature. Rothermel Virtuoso, critic in Trib censures artist for calling this gman in black who is studying prints, because term is only for music, that is a mistake, ptg is clever, shows ability, wants color, detail is meager, but head of virtuoso lacks true spirit, more like ull clergymen. Ruskin and other Brit artists shabbily served by paltry scrawls, he is not a ptr. Editors support Erastus Brooks agst Bishop Hughes. Kossuth is going to be their foreign corresp., but he will continue writing for the Times on politics

May 17 p153 Cook on a permanent exhib of modern ptgs: notes Duss Gall in former Art Union rms better located than NAD and Bryan coll, which is valuable even if entirely copies. crowds thronged lamented Art Union, go to windows of Williams and Goupil and printseller, demand is there. Want a public gall, will probably end up with a private one for sale, but must not be exclusive based on artist rep., even admit all who come if need be. Don't restrict to Americans, no smutch of Know Nothingism in the arts even if we must have it in the general grime of our politics, keep Art a Republic. Need it and Central Park to combat social exclusiveness. Free or  one cent. Artists in Dodworth's bldg doing something like a salesroom but not as accessible.

May 24 p161 Cook disagrees with Crayon, newspaper crit of the arts is important. Crayon had cited the Trib and the Times as culprits, vague opinions unsupported by reason, art is notin their province. Critiism on criticism, esp when personal is tedious even when clever. But principle that newspapers ought not to crit is wrong; glad they are not indiff even if ignorant.  Whole field of human interests is province of newspaper, not just politics and gossip. Principles of art not abtruse, firmly established, and ignorant may not discuss it well, but doesn't require peculiar study nor is ltd for chosen few. So long as crit is ltd to High Priests, it will be of no interest to great body of people, art will be a corpse that reflects only a dead past. Art must be brought into daily living.

            V crit of Louis Napoleon, destroyed repub of France and Rome. Puff Merc Lib.. Goupil adv. Swezey a sculp adv.

Jun 7 p177 Cook on support for the crafts for well bred, esp women, every trade ought to be a fine art, every man should rebel agst tyrannies of society, do what one is born to do. No class barriers to following a trade. "Hard Words" NY corresp of Boston Xtian Inquirer  praises truth and courage of Cook's comments, says what we wish to have seen said, , like his idea that obj of art is faithful portraiture of some select reality. Indep editor continues that in his unbiased views he has criticized the Puritans' influence on taste, fr some quarters a personal snarl at him in columns of one relig journal, imputations on his patriotism and piety, compared to a notorious vile bird, harsh and ungenerous attacks.

 p184 praises Beecher's star papers, not him in role of agitator and reformer, but poet of nature, beaut, critic of art, free born soul in communion with nature and god, not aristo narrowness. A little too materialist when it comes to pictures, confuses devotional with aesthetic sentiment

Jun 14 excerpt fr Ruskin in praise of Utopianism and romance

Jun 21 p193 Cook on anyone shld crit art. Idea that I know what I like is an evasion. only need earnestness, open mind, observation. Power and Truth make themselves felt to unlearned. Art is a divine impulse, not tied to knowl of craft. Too often people bullied, look at art as mechanical contrivances of workmanship, incomprehensible like the steam engine. p 195 happy to join Putnam's crit of Saml Prime (of NY Observer) defense of slavery in his Travels book. p198 poem by Dean in Brooklyn. Ruskin on Turner.

July 5 p209 Cook on permanent art gallery again, one thing to have Maine law, need to substitute something for drink; think of crowd in Art Union rooms, a duty of govt, akin to library. Bryant poem fr Putnam's, also a poem fr the Crayon. Putnam's and crayon both adv.

July 12 p217 more by Cook on free art gallery, Art Union alw crowded, so are Goupils and Wms and Stevens July 19 Cheever praises Scott's notes on Bunyan July 26 CLB advocates for women to be teachers, I think p238 Confessions of an Idler, by a woman who wants meaningful work, cites Clarence Cook to this effect. Wants to teach.

Aug 2 Cook reviews Wheeler's homes for the people, ornament purchased by the yard, clapboardy and unsubstantial; JK Fisher writes in to approve Cook's schemes, relig men and newspaper feel obliged to work for gd of mankind. p244 notices Ritchie's Great natl pic of Wash and his generals, Heroes of the Am Revolution Aug 23 Cook on free pic gall, need in wake of Maine law, a park, library, gallery. NY Gall of FA wasn't free, this proposal wouldn't have a static coll. Grey their contrib is Charles Beecher.

Sept 6 p288 reviews memoirs of JG Bennett, editor didn't write it, hagiography, blame him for abuse of personalities and praise reaction agst it, impersonality of Trib Sept 13 p289 Beecher defends phrenology. 27 crit of Know Nothingism.

Oct 11 p321 Cook praises Scheffer's expressiveness (same patron as Crawford's Beethoven), bodies cold and corpse like, but he is great thinker, reverent. Oct 18 p329 Cook long praise of Bonheur, not artificial, or superficial, admirable private rlns too p331 notices US Magazine pub by Emerson, has defense of Astor library agst exclusiveness

Nov 1 p344 Cook on summer activities of artists, hope will revive paralyzed Am art, Hicks, Hall, Coleman, Durand, Stillman ill and Crayon suffered, it lacks earnestness and is going down the wrong road anyways, Cropsey Baker W Hart HP Gray Kensett (Cropsey, Hall,Baker and Wm Hart his faves) Nov 29 circ is 21,000 Dec 20 Wash DC corresp is Putnam; Italy corresp has been LP Dec 27 p414 editors approve of Hammatt Billings' design for MOnument to Pilgrims, with alleg of Morality, education, Law, Liberty and Faith, colossal buttresses, reliefs os historical scenes. Better way to remember them than Oliver W Holmes, who proves negroes inferior and attacks temperance.p416 Dean story.

1856 NYHS bound volume


3 p1 * HW Beecher on the engravings of Cole's Voyage of Life, they also get noticed on p.3. It's Gorham Abbott of Spingler who got them from the Art Union. 10 disagree with Trib about offering classical ed to girls and boys in free schools, but agree need to teach 'common things' too. support Pease. 17 MM (Minnie Myrtle?) denies that Indep is a secular paper, praises Trib and Times for alw speaking of relig with respect. Whittier poet of freedom. Crayon.  24 notices Duss Ga.., 497 Broadway. 31 Dean has poem to port of  Spanish Girl in an artist's studio, has holy air

Feb 7 notice that JC Derby has associated Edwin Jackson as an active partner, Derby honorable distinction 14 Dean has lots more on Cole's Voyage of life. Eb Browning poem. 21 dismissive of JT Headley 28 Dean on Pictures and Omnibuses, stops at Appletons, Duss Gall, Williams and Stevens and Goupil's, recommends Landseer, relig blended with the earth, also likes Faed and Scheffer's frame.

March 6 unpleasant toward Jews. theater is bad. defend Scott fr abuse as panegyrist of Napoleon, don't agree with him, but he has zeal of the partizan. But no minister should hold up Webster as a model of xtian character, hurts public morals. Trib and others are unjust in abusing him. Knick too many yankeeisms. Putnams Crayon fine. March 13 more notices of the Cole prints. love Bayard Taylor. March 27 p97 Clarence Cook on NAD, needs to reform, doesn't serve either the public (as a free public gallery would) or the artists, who have no hi aim. Inside, 3rd page aso has notice of Theo Kaufman Galileo and Luther

April 3 Charles Beecher disting betw Humanity and Cant in religion, latter supports despots, rides in carriages and princely robes 10 HW Beecher praises Whittier's panorama, ok for poets to have polit views, Longfellow and Bryant too, poet is a teacher, not a luxury or for pleasure. 24 p130 Cook on NAD. Lscape ptrs doing Am scenery, Durand's example thrown on this side and side of arduous study. Inefficient as president, faithful artist, not a great ptr, but his influ alw elevating one, and movement to study of Am scenery owes to him. new hope for art lovers in America, tho not in Durand, Cropsey, Kensett or Huntington. Durand given an elab artificial composition, impossibility oppresses us. Cropsey's large pic heaps vagary on vagary. Kensett beyond his strength. Huntington weak version of old song.

            coleman, Shattuck, Suydam have done the best, all small pics, as are best by Gray and Huntington. domestic editor likes Cropsey

May 1856

1 Cook on NAD prefers figures to lscapes, only notable ones are by Hunt, E Johnson and Spencer. Has technical excellence with still life and expression, weaker on persp and proportions, but vulgar ideas, vulgarly expressed. Think she can do better. Johnson extraord, needs to turn fr Savoyard to our streets. Hunt v gd, will shake Couture's vicious mannerism. p142 Theo Tilton poem, stories on the little news girl and match boy May 8 critical of Harper's for publishing demoralizing marriage stories p168 John Brougham sparkles 29 front page Cook on Delaroche's Marie Antoinette, loves it, pity. Praises Webb's manly letter on ruffianism re attack on Sumner.p174 excerpt Ruskin


5 praises Sparrowgrass papers, from Putnam's, as letters fr Idlewild once chief attraction of Knick? 12 some hope Buchanan will be conservative, repress marauding Young America portion of Demo part, baffle radicals, but he wants to annex hemisphere, extend slavery. Need to nominate someone without strong party ties to oppose him. Prefer Chase, but like Fremont. More Whittier. Polite re Simms. 19 Staats Zeitung supports Pierce.

July 17 dirt throwers 3rd page Pilg PRog applied to J of Commerce 24 Swedenborg not too diff than xtianity

Aug 7 HW Beecher's dog noble 28 engr of pope greg abol slave trade w/kneeling black man

Sept 4 p282 the first conservative I take it was the devil p286 Granite has poem to Mt Washington, free speech, press, men and mtns; editor is in white mtns 25 Raymond vs Brooks


Oct 2 p313 Letters on Art by B, intro, newsp are our profs p318 Everett on Galileo.

Letters on art cont 9, on repose, heroic, nature and art saturated with moral law. 23 letter on art, now signed BB, on reverence, good critic is a poet, but judgment founded on absolute standard, you may not understand artist right away. Brace continues stuff on newsboys, lodging house, Pease etc 30 bb on art? (letter 5?)  (BB is Brownlee Brown)

stopped before November.


The Independent Clarquo (author) “The Fine Arts” Nov. 23, 1854  6:312, p. 376

            attacks Louis Lang’s and Mrs. Spencer’s

            Page had an ugly unnatural picture, Hicks did daubs

            Cropsey and Cafferty had many shortcomings

            it’s really a review of an auction, which he feels is a humbug, artists do poor work for them and get poor prices