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The Path-finder (New York Path-finder)

The Pathfinder—Library of Congress bound volume

Holbrook & Bartlett, publisher, devoted to Rrds, Steamers, Expresses, Stages, Omnibuses, Packets, Advertisements, News, Etc Etc., 123 Fulton st, 2 cents, $2 yr. 1000 copies given free to travelers coming to the city by diff rrds and steamboats. Semi-weekly. 

Home Journal ed by Morris and Willis advertises; NY Democrat 77 Chatham advertises; theaters advertise; Holden’s dollar mag is noticed, as are Fowler and Wells. Z Taylor portraits; opposed to Compromise bill, no extension of slavery into territories.

Volume starts with July 27, 1848. 31 Banvard’s.

August 7 1848 Dismal swamp is scary. Admires Lamartine. 10 likes the Sunday Mercury’s independence. 14 Notices GP Quackenbos’s Literary American approvingly. Praises Banvard’s pano, and Hannington’s Genesis and Deluge. 31 has a sort of odd paragraph, cites a’City Paper’ that Greeley is selling his share fo the Trib to Richelieu Robinson and settling in DC, says it is part of a picayune little paper’s attack on Greeley and the Irish cause, others are being attacked by this newspaper wrongly, Banvard and Hannington as victims of declarations of humbug, because they won’t advertise. (they do here of course)

Sept 25 think police shld put a stop to Model Artists, advertise thru handbills Oct 2 favors enlarging Battery 12 big cut for Fair of Am Inst, with extensive coverage. 19 no symp for Herald and its reporters

Nov 2 dio of Mexico Nov 9 no flogging in Navy. Washington Monument: agree with Sun it shld go on Battery 16 pano of Mex Nov 20 editors of Sunday press, zeal of amiable neighbor trying to whitewash char of a notorious divine damned by public as a profligate while another Sunday paper promises to give public a correct history of hell. Praise Lit American and The People’s Own by Theo Foster. Publishes squib fr Mirror that as artists have done all our great rivers, only one left, Salt River with its disting residents; Pathfinder says politicians of every shade so well acquainted with its classic locality wouldn’t patronize it and Robinson has already done their portraits in most accurate manner

Dec 4 on Fry’s side of Ital Opera agst Herald, covers Beach dinner notes Bangs of Daily Globe was there also CC Childs of NY Globe and Major Denman of Truth Teller, Kettell of Demo Rev, Burns of Dsipatch, Meighan of Age, Whitney of the News, Burkhardt of Schnellpost.

Trib has big ad  11 seem to like Polk’s msg, support Taylor, Gainsborough pic anecdote re criticism  14 shuns Bennett 25 Landing of the Pilgrims dinner


January 3 anecdote of artist’s revenge in France agst a lady who wouldn’t pay. Long account of Banvard’s reception in England Jan 11 p. 2 notices NY City Gleaner weekly by Genl Wm H Moseley, $2.

            Art and Artists: surprised so little atten by govt and indivs to foster art, imp to welfare of a nation apparent to enlightened, hopeful re popular sentiment will properly appreciate and art and esteem artists, ennobling study, touch heart of beholder, no institution but Am AU to encourage talents. But the Am AU offers but small indcuements for any considerable number of our deserving artists to bear up agst advesities…But few comparatively great historical ptgs find a market fr the managers of this institution, ostensibly founded to greatly encourage the “art immortal” and we find many of our most talented men resort to port and other small pics. Unless have a fortune like allston can’t afford exclusive time to this branch, devote to trifling instead.

            But pleased to acquaint with gman who devotes time to hist works of art, spent 11 yrs in Euro, visiting various Academies, nobler works than less fortunate artists, JK Fisher, 179 Broadway, one of best artists in our country, blush that fame has so ill-requited his labors. Copies of some of most celeb works, St Jerome by Correggio, Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto, can’t conceive surpassed by the originals.

            Bangs writes the Items of the Globe. BH Romaine’s American Spectator advertises.

Jan 15 p. 2 Critics: amongst the professed critics of the newspaper press, many who totally disregard any and every standard of moral goodness, often opponents to ea other. Morally honest critics won’t disagree so much. Merits pro and con become incomprehensibly discussed, contrary decisions.

Likes Lit World by Duyckinck, anecdote of envy in tyring to throw down a statue

Jan 25 Charles S Todd’s name appears now as editor.

p. 2 notes Death of Hale, senior ed of J of Commerce. City Reform party seems dubious, tho reform is needed, haven’t selected right men and indep parties don’t work.

            The Fine Arts: to liberally support every project whose end is elevation of works of art in our country is of interest and honor so at request of talented artist of city publish following plan to facilitate production of large historical and other ptgs:

            To Artists and Amateurs: artists form an Assoc for exhib works for their own benefit, need rooms, subscription of a thous dollars, invite come and see the plans for gd studios, committee of distinterested would divide any profits, plan different from any other institutions, no unfriendly feeling. JK Fisher 179 Broadway

Feb 1 1849 p. 2 For the NY Path-Finder, Artists’ National Association, have long been complaints fr artists not only those at a distance but residents that no permanent and covnenient mode avail for placing works before public and disposing of them in a legit an dindep manner. Large numbers of inferior foreign copies imported and sold, while studios here crowded with works of merit. Artists consider their long expensive studies result in ideal tablezux, selected beauties of nature, or living manners as they rise, entitled to value, idea of begging commissions, fawning to patrons or pandering to vanities is behind the age and at variance with progressive spirit of free and indep country.

            Desire to place pics before public, abide their fiat, no alusion to any partic institution, consider ourselves able to direct our own professional affairs, become exhibitors and disposers of their own works, subj to no invisible rejecting committee, or insolent officials, but such remuneration as the public gives. So proposed to form such an Assoc, with acting comm of three elected fr city members, permanet exhib rm to dispose of pics by drwg or other pop methods, only Artists manage, Professional artists in whole continent be invited to send pics on consignment, and start doing it now with a collection of pics and subscriptions with small percent charged to raise fund to carry out scheme.

By Dan F Ames, 181 Broadway, Secretary pro tem, gmen of the press solicited for a favorable notice.

Feb 5 disapproves of prizefighting lithos, stripped for fight, spirit of ruffianism

Feb 8 notices Daily Bee and Perley’s Pic Nic, Benjamin Perley Poor; That illustrated criticism in the Trib of Thursday of engravings of positions of Emerson the popular lecturer, on the moon, a comet, a rainbow, among the stars, but Trib lang is worse than Emerson’s. Unite with new City Reform party. (National Land Reformers disrupting them)

22 disapproves of capital punishment 26 Fanny Osgood’s poem on Labor

March 12 1849 pano of Hudson

March 25 disapproves of Houston’s attack on Calhoun; RH Collyer notorious indivd, solemnly righteous disposition of those with selfish motives, ha a signed affidavit in front of Wm F Havemeyer complaining of the exhib by Richard Williams at the Classic Museum, lewd and immoral positions by females

March 29 Gallery of the Old Masters: Among the many truly fine ptgs in our city which claim study of those after beauty truth and love as revealed when nature has passed thru alembic of human mind on canvas, none will compare with two mentioned by Evening Mirror, Martyrdom of St Lawrence nd Lot and His Daughters, gives paragraphs. Don’t see an ad 

April 5

Vagrant children, need legislation and charity, compel education. Hang old Hunkers. Work of Art worth Seeing: Townsend and Orr’s Pano of Hudson riv, Hilliard painter, see Irving’s mansion. Advertises.

April 12 sorry pano of Hudson didn’t get patronage, better than all the others. Glad Woodhull whig mayor. 16 praise Arcularius and Scoville’s NY Examiner 19 Big advert pic of Chinese museum

30 The Nation, devoted to interest of the People, and Home J, to the cultivation of the particular few of the latest foreign fashions

May 7 1849 p. 2 American Art-Union: to notice aim and objects deemed superfluous by many, so as city is thronged with strangers, urge benefit and pride in subscribing to institution to protect home artists fr evil that blocked cultivation of their genius, and cultivate a taste for art. AU renders smoother path to fame, but self interest to place sum and get full equivalent in works of art. Softening influ in uncultivated heart, impartial and liberal institution. Direct footsteps into this Free Gallery of art in Broadway, and such as have conceived a false idea of the morality of the management will be convinced of absurdity, happy to gaze on majestic creations, AU has caused slumbering talents of many young artists to be rescued fr shades of mental imbecility. Pictured beauties of our native land, need seek no land of moulding temples and massive piles, here alone Nature displays herself in her own just proportions, or recognize striking similarity to dear friend or kin. AU has a big ad.

May 14 covers riot at opera house, innocent men and women shot down 17 praises mayor’s reluctance to order to shoot; critical of Express for wishing more killing, tory principles, bloodthirsty. Sunday morning news account better.

June (4?)1849 prints 100,000 copies of special issue covering Chinese Museum, big cuts. June 7 cut of Odd Fellows Hall, with its Gothic, Egyptian, Elizabethan, Doric, Persian, Corinthian and Rotunda rooms June 11 Trib v estimable but does the most puffing, for anyone who will pay. Agree with Sun re free Academy. June 14 Thoreau no hermit as Trib says, but an aristocrat, in his preferences of society and as protégé of refined Emerson, purse open to him. Like Max Maretzek, critical of Benton, likes Scraps’ illustrations. Pro temperance. Hostile to Bishop Hughes.

July 12, 1849 p. 2

            Perhaps the most conspic ornament in pic gall of AM AU is disting Leutze Storming of Teocallie, 8 x 7, powerfully exec. Bulletin says was admired in Dusseldorf and in Bremen. Scene is described by Prescott in second vol of Conquest of Mexico. Huge misshapen idol at v top, grim old warrior gains height, hurls infant, terrified women and children, battle raging furiously, Spaniards deeply set eyes and dark lines of bronzed countenances, unconquerable valor, Aztecs desperate determination, emeralds and brilliant feathers, interest principally concentrated in combatants most conspic group. Demon like Mex priest, human bones, red with blood, human sacrifice, Spanish steals gold. Exec v effective, tho subj is one for which much dislike will be felt, few will fail to be interested with the masterly manner in which the artist has dispklayed his genius upon it.

July 23 Capt C Donnavan will assist James Horn in The Inveterate, regular support for Home for the Friendless

August 16 Lit Am supports capital punishment. Bulletin of Am AU much necessary info, gallery to be enlarged.  Aug 20 p. 1 has ecerpt fr sermon on Court of Death (cholera). Notices Casali’s Euro American. 27 Bishop Doane poem

Sept 6 1849

Anti-popery, not republican. Pictoe of the Era. Critical of omnibuses refusing rides to black people. Sept 17 jurors in Astor rioters trial are being kicked off if symp with the people. Sept 20 regret missing opening of new Am AU pic gallery, lively interest to friends of Fine Arts, new works, many disting Foreign and Am gmen, Wetmore et al, Poussin French minister etc. Free admission and works worthy earnest attn of every heart susceptible of humanizing influences of art, ignorant and enlightened. Don’t see an ad.

Oct 4 1849 The Spirit of the Press

p.2 with a few honorable exceptions, no such thing as an independent press in NY, they are miserably corrupt and depraved, if mission of a public journal is to comment impartially, fairly and honestly, spread intelligence and truth of passing events, not lend itself to deceit, falsehood and misrepresentation. Admit that in politics, relig or other matters, diff of opinion and controversy tolerated and common, excuse of partizanship and sectarian feeling. But a citizen who takes a city paper expects to find truth in respect to matters of genl interest, knows to expect humbug in advertising columns, but let him seek a fair criticism upon some matter of local interest, and will find editorial “We” which in 9 of ten cases covers some servile puff, paid for. Is an honest opinion in any of our morning papers as to the merit of some actor, or singer—some public exhibition or work of art sought in these? Heaven save the mark! Black mail, voluntary contribs, free list, champagne suppers, perquisites affect judgment of the critic.

Oct 11 praise Am Inst Fair, sad re poverty of Poe, curse of genius

Oct 18 p.2 Art Unions: re controversy betw Am AU and Intl AU of Goupil, French Printsellers, our opinion is, plainly, the friends of the Am AU are to say the least indiscreet to a degree, the more they write, the better they please Goupil etc whos aim is notoriety and object is money.

            Am AU shld be above such a contest, principles too diff fr its rival, to fail of appreciation of its merits. Nor can all the Namby Pamby writers who Goupil employ to puff their estab into superior excellence or pervert the taste of our community to a meretricious French taste for highly colored, nude female figs such as they publish, but which in lang of Trib will not be found on walls or windows for obvious reason it wld invite visit of the police.

            Friends of Am Au shld drop controversy unless assailed by more respectable sources than Herald

Oct 22 p.2 Bubble new funny paper, 73 Nassau, illus questionable tho wit in writing, Cushmania exhibits spleen, Taylor and his Cabinet hacknied; Sunday News wrong to like Cushmania

            Am AU: beaut pics exhib now. Don’t see ad.

Oct 25 p. 2 notice that editor has been ill, JW Bryce subbing.

            Infirmities of genius a humbug, no more depraved or low than any other group of men

Nov 15 Duganne in Iron Man wrong about Poe. Nov 29 Evers’ pano of NY

Dec 10 disapproves of Vandenhoff’s readings of Shakespeare 17 notice prospectus for Daily News, Janes proprietor

New substitute editor seems rather warlike, ready to go get the Indians in Florida, the British, etc

1850 volume

January 1850,  Charles S Todd, editor.

3 agree with Gov Hamilton Fish, Wilmot Proviso mischievous, Sunday News, the best of Sunday press, is right to say Congress hasn’t power to establish slavery in new territories. Publishes big prospectus ad for NY Trib, lots of daguerreotype ads.

7 likes Cass, critical of Eve Post on slavery. 10 likes Mayor’s msg,Cushman. 15 Pano of the Nile. Give Kossuth asylum. 17 pro Intl Copyright. Mocks belief in relig miracles by Catholics, but not sure about knockings. 24 Taylor’s msg on Wilmot Proviso won’t give satisfaction, will be seen as too pro South. 31 likes Mathews’ Yankee Blade.

Feb 4 Identifies himself with Party of the Union, Clay, Webster, Cass, Houston, Crittenden. 11  Wm Ross Wallace and John J Bailey publishing The Two Worlds, 459 Broadway, Lockwood & Co, Wm Wallace had been known before without his middle name. 14 promotes Gallery of Illus Americans, Brady and Lester. Holden’s advertises, as does Saturday Evening Mirror, the weekly of the Mirror. Has Irving and Knick stories 21 praise Greeley on Labor 28 notes Chanfrau’s popularity as Mose. Critical of mass mtg at Castle Garden want to give the south too much

March 7 supports Whitney’s rrd scheme. Very critical of Calhoun.  11 “The poor frozen north” facetious Wash corresp of Herald condoles with free states if South should leave the North in its nakedness, to freeze and shiver and die, God help the poor frozen North if the South leaves them! 14 glad to see rational interpretation of Scripture not poetic reveries of Milton et al; pro giving land to settlers and homestead exemption, The Good Time Coming fr the Sun, revolution of the moral world will be consummated, mankind become one common family. 21 disappointed in Webster’s speech, slaves who escape here are free, not fugitve.

25 new editor, William G Parkhurst

28 p. 1 copy fr Gallery of Illus Am a bio notice of Freeman Hunt, presumably fr accomplished pen of C Edwards Lester. Beecher also opposes the land monopoly.

April 1 notice Bulletin of Am AU 4 have noticed Bayne’s pano, advert; notes meetings of Coach Painters United Association, and Journeymen Upholsterers, later notice other labor movements, poems support working men. Had a Swedenborg blurb. Praise Trib, enlarging to 8 pages, likes Mrs Swisshelm’s letters in it. 25 offices moved to 138 Fulton. Our duty to ameliorate the suffering of those in bonds.

May 13 praises Saml Ward, Fred Douglass, Hutchinson family. 16 sad re death of Fanny Osgood. 23 praises Geo Lippard, our Eugene Sue. 27 reviews Thom L Nichol water cure critically; Evening Mirror is faithful reflection of Southern sentiments, slavery not wrong morally or politically  (don’t see their ad anymore). Port of Taylor advertised

June 3 wants Free schools, admires mottos of Garrison in Liberator, and puffs Pano of Italy. Notices American hotel. Phreno journal noticed.

July 8 miss seeing the Literary American. Like Rev EH Chapin. 11 Small black borders for death of Taylor NYPL misc NY Path-finder, devoted to rrds, steamers, expresses stages, omnibuses, packets, advertisements, news, etc. July 11, 1850, A Franklin Bartlett. V sad abt Taylor.

18 Harriet Martineau poem 29 obit for former editor Charles S Todd, of Maine, 24 yrs old, consumption, some of his poetry has appeared in this paper without his name.

Aug 1 sad re Marg Fuller, her account of Italy impt

Whittier and Longfellow. Get into arguments with Merchants’ Day Book. 22 Praises Oliver Byrne’s Am Artizan, has poem on The Spirit of Progress, onward, upward. C Mackay poems too

Sept 9 supports Alfred Carson’s report re fire dept

Oct 14 John F Whitney now publisher and proprietor, with editor Justin Andrews. N Orr, a regular advertiser of wood engravings, has sent us ports of Thomas Cole and Lyman Beecher, highest style, faithful copies, young artist of much promise, port of Dr Beecher best we’ve seen

Oct 21 shld help despised vagrant. Notices Am Inst fair. 28 puff Harper’s

Skips to Nov 25, critical of double standard toward women, likes Celio

Dec –now a weekly, I think. 9 Likes Fillmore’s msg. 16 takes from Day Book a puff of Home J.

Jumps to Dec 30, last issue in volume. Likes The Republic, a new monthly ed Thomas R Whitney of Sunday News, a thoro American, also notices Parker’s Journal, weekly, S Wallace Cone a coeditor

Lib Congress bound volume 1851-2

Jan 6 1851 1st issue, issues missing

Feb 3 story on Brady’s photography, from Lester’s article in Photographic Art J. 10 publish EB Browning’s poem on Hiram Powers’ Greek Slave. 17 Pano of Conn Riv.

March 3 E Oakes Smith poem 24 notices a new Mason’s journal

Skips to April 14 1851, anecdote of John Martin refusing to sell. May 12 has Orr (on Nassau st) do an engr for them of archit

Skips fr May 26 to June 9, 30 Barnum’s Happy Family. Sojourner Truth

Lots missing, Sept ends with the 8th, jumps to Oct 7, where agrees with City Items man of Trib that gangs are bad, likes Ik Marvel in Daily Times. Oct 20 cover has big cut of Castle Garden, Am Inst Fair, banner Encourage the Arts, and 2 page review of exhibits.

Pro-Kossuth. Nov 17 office moves to  107 Fulton st

Dec 4 Barnum’s pano. 25 last issue.

Jan 1 1852

Satirize transcendental obfuscations of language, note portraits destroyed in fire at the Capitol, including Stuart’s, an orig of Columbus, Bolivar, Cortez, medals of the Vattemare exxchange, a statue of Jefferson, an Apollo in bronze by Mills, a bust of Genl Taylor by an Ital artist, a bust of Lafayette by David. 8 approve of Mayor Kingsland’s concern for street children. 22 supports a World’s Fair in NY; artist Turner left money for relief of decayed artists. 29 Defends HW Beecher, another long thing on Brady from Trib.

Feb 26 likes Emerson’s talk at Hope Chapel

March 11 office moved again to 68 Fulton st. Like new papers The Pick, the Metropolitan. And on the 25th they enlarge.

May 20 Our Principles—sort of joking, all entitled to pursuit of happiness, as long as they have money.

June 10 notices non partisanly Pierce is nominee for Pres; critical of Astor Pl Opera Hse management. Jun 17 praises Thomas Picton’s new weekly Sachem

July 8 subscription at Merchants Exchange for monument to Clay

Sept 13 covers women’s suffrage without much satire, Oct 11 same big cut for Am Inst fair and long review. N Swezey designer and sculptor of monuments advertises.

Nov 1 front page has Richardson and Cox engraving of NY Crystal Palace, with extended description; Funeral of Webster

Lots of issues missing, Dec 20 last one in volume.