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The People

The People 5 cents/$2, 5 Spruce St, Thomas Devin Reilly, John McLanahan, WE Robinson (the Richelieu of the Tribune) editors; poems on Jan 13 1849 (vol 1 no 1) include Tasistro, John Savage and CD Stuart. 8 pages, weekly, cover Amer, France Germ Eng and Ireland. One question: monarchy or Republicanism, Euro oligarchy or Amer Democracy. Believe demo nations should discharge their debt to the struggling, no happiness fo rman until crowns swept off the earth, inhab of every land owners of their soil and rulers of their destiny. To make peasant a Man, need common end (repub), to aid in hastening republicanism over the earth, foster good will betw Emigrant and Native, Emigrant's best friend. Defend liberal sentiments and public ed. Not partisan or factional. Greeley will address papers to Emigrants, and Seward also will write a letter.

            hostility to monarchy of England a ticket to popularity in US, have a long article quite critical of Bancroft and Buchanan as too seduced by aristo/Palmerston. Praise Truth Teller and Nation. Puffs Dubufe's Adam and Eve, Stringer and Townsend. Don't accept theory of inferiority of race or creed for IRish degradation. Notice the Nineteenth Century (ed by Barr), praise article by Greeley in it on the Pilgrimage of Manhood, also CD Stuart on Shelley the Democrat which apologizes for his relig sentiment, poets ok. Praise Hughes, reported in Trib, on Pius.

Jan 20 Alice Carey and Thomas L Harris and TF Meagher poems. Critical of Emerson's anglophilia. Printer's festival fr Trib, lists people, inclu John G Clayton of Comm Adv.

Jan 27 have Marg Fuller letter on Italy fr Trib, Macauley on Puritans, also on Bunyan, praises latter. Reviews Putnam's Fable for Critics, fr another paper, wretched coll of weak jibes and poor sneers, made up to hurt Cornelius Mathews. Harbinger (of NY) thinks they are too hard on Bancroft and Buchanan.

Feb 3 article on Demo in Europe, opens with bourgeoisie. circulation is 5000. Michael Doheny contributing regularly 10 p6 Clarence C Cook poem fr Cambridge on Abram and Zimri 17 Since second issue, McClenahan has not been connected with Editorial, was opposed to Bancroft and Robinson remarks, Reilly alone responsible. Fanny Osgood poem 24 Seward a whig, but a true Repub and friend of man, and naturalized citizens, and Ireland. running a series of lectures on Don quixote.

March 3 wish Sun would endorse more Euro intervention 10 OW Holmes poem. 10 p4 notices opening of the Art Union exhib. Redfield on physiog. 17 crit of Lamartine's Raphael, too sentimental. True Sun is a valued contemporary, but they disagree. Robinson writing from Washington, admires Taylor. Greeley supports land reform. Gives a Clay letter on emancipation.

April 14 Lowell a friend of the people, writes fr his heart, praises his witty Fable for Critics, ultra reformer, handsome 21 excerpt Demo Rev on Italians. Praises Coleman's window for having portraits of revolutionaries, Greene the importing agent there. Appleton's ad. 28 notices Am Inst

May 5 describes exhib of Congress of Toadies, St Geo society, sermonized in Trinity church, Albion the official organ of Toadydom, Fessenden teh rep of New England there, John A King also, both toadies. NOtices Forrest at Broadway. 12 mostly Irish poetry. JOhn Mitchel writing. p4 outrage on Macready at Astor place beneath dignity of Republic, Macready an Irishman, strong defense of him. Likes Brougham at Burton's. 19 defends actions of city guard, military 26 Casali's National Italian song transl by Bryant. mentions GG Foster, whose pen touched with brilliancy of a rainbow, writing novel of city life for weekly Metropolis, Park Benjamin editor, will be good. Gives election results of NAD. more Casali, and Dana fr Trib on Poland.

June 2 like Felix Foresti, also a repub 9 front page covers Odd Fellows celebration, C Edw Lester of Atlantic lodge spoke. Gives a Brisbane lecture. 16 front page defends Cornelius Mathews, I think. Went to Erie rrd opening with James Brooks, Col Fuller, West of Comm Adv, Simonton of C&E etc, Shepherd Knapp of the rrd, Dana of Trib, Vance of Sun, Lyon of Lit American, WE Robinson 23 satire continues, The Inconsolable Duck, a romance of the American Wilderness. Notices Genin. ex Gov John Young in Custom house in place of ex Gov Bouck

July 7 Beranger. Last number of the People by current editors and proprietors. Subscribers won't pay, can't work for free, put in $1500 of our own money. Reilly sick not written for a month