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The Rake

The Rake, 1842, P Henry, on Ann St, three cents, sold by newsboy  Attacks the Sun.  TW Meighan, ed.

The Weekly Rake, Jul 30, 1842, TW Meighan, ed and proprietor, 164 Nassau st

            p.1 critical of their own engraving,a  shingle cut with a jack knife

uses phrase small potatoes

Notes Tom Nichols’ paper is to be published by Elton, former ed of Aurora and Arena, now the Pictorial Wag, 20 engravings per number, designs from JH Manning, best comic artist.  Horace Greeley attacks Nichols and the Wag; Evening Post gave them a puff.  Bennett is getting very moral, story abt Hobbes, a church member pornographer, whose daughter colors his pictures

Rake Sept 3 1842, attacks Moses Beach and Brother Jonathan, the latter whose publisher put out the Tempter and the Tempted, which involves adultery, and the Sun for its assault on private character

Sept 24 1842, P Henry now in charge

Oct 22 1842 p.1 Amer Cruickshank, Mr Manning, interior of the Pewter Mug--pictures on the wall?? or maps? smoke regalias.  diff porter shops of diff ranks, 6 cent punch ones are generally decorated with pictures of a certain style, to advance trade of certain females, frequented by fancy men, converse of the drama.  highest grade like Pewter Mug favored by English and the NY Press, aldermen, Greeley and Levi Slamm but not Bennett

AAS racy reel 

Strong is their engraver.  Have a Saml Woodworth poem.