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The Republic (monthly)

1849 Dispatch says West, former ed at Atlas, now with Col Whitney in Sunday News

Path Finder Thomas R Whitney of Sunday News starting The Republic, a monthly, a thorough American

Daybook: Praises TR Whitney’s The Republic, 100 Nassau st tho too severe on immigrants

Photo AJ: May 1852 blurb praises Thomas R Whitney’s Republic, only truly Am mag 

Dollar Magazine August 1851 Illustrated News neighbor of Sun, ed Chas D Stuart and publishes his poetry, senior ed there is Fairman, they like Stuart; Wm Walcutt artist-poet publishing in July Republic, ed by Col Whitney, excellent pub.

google’s Republic 1-2 1851

Jan 1851

has a C Edwards Lester account. Prospectus is in interest of mechanics, working men and women, engraving of frontispiece by Wm Holland, descendant of Pilgrims. Notice Photog A J, Snelling well qualified


p. 87 will try to appeal to lady readers, not be partisan

Am AU Bulletin, desire to amend union, an association with names of Vanderlyn, Flagg, Walcutt, Boutelle, Haight, Inness and some thirty others, feel assured they will come up with a new plan, approve it if American in character, encourage subj of our hist lscape and poetry. Our Artists: pictures ground out in France and Germ by young students in those schools, sold for 3 to 5 francs, avalanche of them, mostly copies, sent here to Am market, they are then framed, puffs paid, catalogs, open free, great sale announced, auctioneer explains frames cost $6, but bidding is for pic, but glare of lights mean rich harvest, this is the real taste of Americans, in Art, and thus are Am Artists driven to penury. Likes E Anthony’s Senate Chamber, designed by J Whitehorne, 70 Senators


wants free schools. Lossing their engraver.



has sketch of Cortez by Robert P Greeley; J Barker writes for them. Thom Whitney writes Love in a Studio, hero is Arlington the artist. Admired M Noah. p232 Nat Acad, free fr all mercenary excrescences, gall of gems in new rms, went to annual supper, exquis fr Durand, Ranney, Cummings Mount and others. Ought to buy, editor used to be a student there.

            critical of having a world’s fair in NYC. Tupper proved a fool.

June 1851

p259-262 CD Stuart on Am Fine Art and Artists, aware how fashionable it is to worship Old Masters, for art students to voyage to Italy to study great painters glorified by poets and Art critics, the Fuselis and Hazlitts, and patronage of kings. Have gotten little fr this but detestable habits of imitation and mannerism. Haydon a foe to academies, disciplies will paint after their masters, reproducing old forms and colors, governing young Art-ambition, never relying on Nature, the one eternal guide to tue Art, most perfect when artifice of reproducing it is most concealed. nothing stops artist fr greatness but obstinate homage to the old, sets up a standard less than nature, nature thru another’s soul, and hopes by imitating it, to rival nature herself. Fails because follows prejudice and errors of a fellow; no equals to Raphael while Raphael’s pictures are studied not Nature. we argue the steady prog of the humanm race, must abandon Academies andArt-standards. Lscape ptrs of NY ahead of others, Art too classic in prejudices to look to aboriginal lore and legend. But Am has nature. So Am artists excel all except perhaps English school, exceeds others in scope, freedom and truth: Cole, Durand, Cropsey, Richards, Kensett, Church, Talbot, Innes, Boutelle, Gignoux, Cranch and half a doz others. Every lscape has a spirt, whose expression is essential,objects of lscape must be rendered according to that expression

            need a city library. recommend Alderman Cozzens hotel at West Point

Volume 2 July 1851

Walcutt poem. Critical of Willis, foreign influence.


CDS likes Mazzini. Editorial, 81-82 Anti gambling law being promoted by reformers won’t be successful, just passed by our legislature, ought to reach wall street, private saloons of our money aristocracy, club houses of town, but wont

American Patriot a new Scott paper


CDS praises Beach re Cuba


Walcutt’s reminiscences begin. villainous white abolitionist fanatics. Times will be a free soil paper. Catherine Hayes just ok. Love Forrest.


praises Whitehurst’s dags, GL Haight’s penmanship. Eliz Oakes Smith doesn’t like feminists either


CDS poem to Henry Clay, essay on The Age

google’s Republic volumes 3-4 1852, started 1851

The Republic: a monthly magazine of Amer Lit Politics and Art, Patria nostra et libertas, e pluribus unum, kneeling Indian and revolutionary soldier point to view of city of enw york with flag draped overhead, eagle perched on globe. columns of state are mostly founding fathers. Engr by SC Howland

January 1852: hostile to Kossuth and intervention, red Republicanism. doesn’t think Catholics can become citizens. An odd-fellow?

p. 38 Art-Union, not surprised about the crisis, for years charged with equivocal proceedings, elected and re elected a notorious public defaulter, but a great collection, hope it will be distrib.

believes in Aztec children

p.40 can’t send colored people back to Africa, they are patriotic and natives, those who suggest it wouldn’t do it to the Irish, Sambo more intellig than most immig and will make a better soldier, first blood shed in revolution is his, give him educ and trade and will take care ofhimself, without troubling Tribune or humane, no right to remove them

p.42 Am Artists Assoc, will take up thread of popular favor dropped by Art Union, judgment of professional men better than self-constituted committee of merchants and shopkeepers, address by artist and poet Wm Walcutt

p50 Order of United Americans, draw attn to subj of foreign influ 

has CD Stuart poems and stories


Anna L Snelling story, also has Reveries of an old bachelor. Likes the Lantern. N Orr doing their story illustrations, genre picture types


CD Stuart argument in favor of colonization. Likes Dispatch, Times and Messenger. M Fillmore.


p. 185 “American Fine Arts” on Lockwood’s Last Judgment, Newark artist, vicissitudes, size and grandeur, in foregrd are diff reaces of men, Caucasian, Mongolian, Ethiopian, American and Malyan, together for judgment, slavery a female fig rising, supported by an angel, Wash as embodiment of Liberty, rises superior in mental power, other celebrities representing human virtues too (available on google)

p. 211 Chit-Chat with our Readers, Uriah H Judah, a contrib tells story about bachelor friend painter-poet, contributes to Republic, to Knickerbocker

May 1852

p. 261 note opening of NAD

266 praise the Order of United Americans’ proposed Washington monument, by Minard Lafever, Egyptian, has engraving, sort of a tower 


editorial denies they are old Native American party, they go much farther, no suffrage ever. Walcutt’s contributions are his grandfather’s reminiscences of his revolutionary war experience, plus some poetry

weekly America’s Own is pro Scott. hostile to Judge Edmonds and Swedenborg

vol 4 July 1852

prefer Whig to Demo presidential platform, pro Sabbatarianism

p. 43-4 Walcutt about to depart for Euro, to do large hist ptg, 18 months. Hate Meagher, don’t trust Scott. p. 47 story on Hoboken p. 48 on Labree’s Rebels and Tories at the National Likes Thomas Picton’s Sachem, thoroughly American, published at same address, 100 Nassau st


p04 Artists and the Small Pox, making the rounds, Lang, Dallas, Kyle, Darley, George Fuller, Henry Panton, all have full beards, signed W

Webster ought to be Pres


critical of Freeman’s j for accusing Danl Webster of idol worship for portraits at Faneuil

v hostile to Scott

October dislike women’s suffrage. bio on Fillmore, Webster last great statesman, Crittenden their preference. 267 croakers complain abt Am Inst, but performs public service 271 Forrest the most accomplished actor of the day, intellectually as well as physically, Macready too overpolished. Gurney’s dags. Has list of delegates and officers to Order of United Americans, p.277, includes JW Blauvelt, Piermont

December, going to become a weekly next year